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Featured autograph - Vida Blue

I wanted at least one certified autograph card of Blue to represent one of the two MLB awards he won in 1971 - this $3 card goes into my MVP collection, while I have a 2002 Topps Archives card [a reprint of his 1971 Topps card] for my Cy Young Award collection. Show More Summary

Airbrushed Classics: Ray Sadecki

'Tis the season for some reruns. Take a look back at the late Ray Sadecki, who won a World Series ring with the Cardinals. This is also a reminder that there's a contest lurking on the near horizon.

Quarter Box Quartet - Long Day of Travel Edition

Commuted close to 300 miles today round trip for work. Not much time and pretty exhausted, so here's a quick quartet of cards from the quarter boxes at my local hobby shop... I've wanted a copy of flamethrower Randy Johnson's final Topps flagship card for some time now. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Steve Stone

I picked up a 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber Lumber Cuts Stone for $3 - I've known him mostly as the long time TV color guy with the Chicago Cubs and also the Chicago White Sox, not really as a MLB pitcher who was awarded the 1980 American League Cy Young as a Baltimore Orioles pitcher. Show More Summary

A New Trading Partner, and Expo Goods from an Old Friend

Tonight's double dip trade post actually gets me caught up on incoming trade material for what feels like the first time in months. There's a little bit of everything here, but let's start with some 2015 Topps. I've yet to complete Series 1, Series 2 or Update so far this year though I hope to eventually finish all three. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Andrelton Simmons

I was looking to add a Simmons autograph for my all-time Angels collection since the team traded for him last month - I picked up this certified autograph along with about 21 other miscellaneous cards during a Black Friday promotion at my current 'LCS' in Redmond, Washington. Show More Summary

Tracking Down the Fredericton Express

At a card show a while back I saw a hockey card that really interested me. When I inquired about it, the vendor told me it was "probably the only card that's not for sale". I'm not sure why you would pay hard-earned money to rent a table at a show, only to display cards that aren't for sale. Show More Summary

Only a Dodger Fan Could Have Unearthed This

A new entry into the Cardinal binders. I must confess that, unless I'm even more forgetful than I feared, I never knew that Scott Radinsky had a stint wearing the Birds on the Bat. Dodgers fan GCRL has mothballed his blog (for now!) but he's still active in swapping cards for cards. Show More Summary

Best binder page - my starting nine

My best binder page represents nine cards that stick out in my collection - for better or for worse. 2001 Fleer Tradition Albert Pujols #451 - ever since he made his MLB debut in 2001, he has always been a guy to universally collect though the Pujols the Angels have is just not the same guy that played for the St. Show More Summary

More Black Friday Card Show Loot!

For the past couple of weeks I've been making a concerted effort to catch up on trade posts and thanking all of the wonderful folks that have sent me stuff. Since I'm nearly caught up on that front, today's post is all about some cards I picked out for myself at the last card show I made it to on Black Friday. Show More Summary

Batch o' Sox from Tim B!

Anyone who says Yankees and Red Sox fans don't get along is just plain wrong. In fact, one of my favorite trading partners, Tim B from "I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning", just so happens to root for the Bronx Bombers. I don't...Show More Summary

Black Friday COMC Binge

I bought stuff. I was a fairly late adopter of the COMC website for buying (and occasionally selling) cards, but the over the past few years I've made some purchases here and there. As many are aware, they offer some of their best deals (and free shipping!) around the spreading plague that is Black Friday. Show More Summary

The Most Addicting Hobby Site Around

For me personally, the most fun that can be had in this hobby for $20 or less is on COMC. Sure, blasters are nice. You can get some pretty nice vintage cards for a $20 as well. Every collector is different, but as far as I'm concerned...Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 1970 Topps #277

Trying not to stare at the sun. Who is he? Paul Doyle was a lefty reliever who played in parts of three seasons with three franchises. It turns out that there are several notable Paul Doyles out there in the world, and he's one of them. Show More Summary

Shiny Sox from Sportlots

I've got about five minutes to devote to the blog today, so how about some nice shiny cards I picked up from Sportlots a while back? I love me some Topps Chrome parallels, and this particular seller had a bunch of Red Sox for less than a buck a piece. Show More Summary

Pardon Our Dust

Renovations in progress. I'm finally starting to move away from the more or less default template that Blogger offered me when I started this thing in 2008. Things won't look a whole lot different around here, but my primary goal is to eventually provide a better mobile site that will include easy-to-access want lists. Show More Summary

Card Detective - Kyle Okposo

I've always enjoyed card blogs where the author, through keen observation and good old fashioned detective work, is able to determine exactly what moment in time the photograph on the card is showing. Never took a crack at one myself,...Show More Summary

I Traded Anything

I was happy to see that Bill over at Thorzul Will Rule was once again hosting his annual "Trade Me Anything" series this year. If you're not familiar with Thorzul's blog, he basically busts a box of Topps Update and offers up all the cards he has no interest in keeping. Show More Summary

Onward, Rose City!

With the Timbers advancing to the MLS Cup final, a timely envelope arrives. Thorzul's annual Trade Me Anything affair is always a good time, and this year was no exception. I was able to snag a low numbered parallel and an unnumbered parallel from this year's Topps Update set in exchange for some goodies that I had cooked up. Show More Summary

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