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American Buffalo 2015 One Ounce Gold Proof Coin

West Point •W• The American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Proof Coin is an elegant and treasured American artifact for your collection. Containing one ounce of.9999 fine 24-karat gold, these lustrous coins are among the world’s purest gold coins. It is the first 24-karat gold proof coin ever struck by the U.S. Mint and is […]

The Wizard on a Wrapper

Wonders never cease. I am not typically a fan of the Gypsy Queen line, but while on vacation last week I saw a familiar face on the cover of the pack wrappers of the latest Topps issue. I don't recall ever seeing Ozzie get the center...Show More Summary

Collection Cornerstones - Another Cracker Jack!

I've decided that, for as long as I can hold out with my car loan paid off, I'm going to save 2/3 of the money I was using for this monthly towards my next car. The other 1/3 will hopefully be used to add a significant new card to my collection. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Carlos Rodon

While established Major League Baseball stars are a proven commodity, there is always hype for the next great players to come up - in the less than a week, there has been three 'stud' prospects called up in Kris Bryant, Addison Russell and then Rodon. Show More Summary

The Spring Cleaning Sort Has Begun

Back to your regularly scheduled programming. I've been off touring the various airports of America, but now I'm back and ready to talk (and sort) cards. If you missed out on my exhaustively promoted and endlessly discussed Spring Cleaning trade-a-thon, please don't fret - there are a whole bunch of teams left. Show More Summary

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential 2015 One Dollar Coin

Multi •D•P• Now available in rolls, bags and boxes! Each contains coins with a circulating finish that have never been placed into circulation. The design features a likeness of Eisenhower on the obverse (heads) and has a common reverse (tails) design featuring a striking rendition of the Statue of Liberty.  •Shop Now• Image/Copy:  U.S. Mint

8-Spot from Mark Kaz!

Mark Kaz has to be one of the quickest mailers in the hobby. Every time I send him a PWE and get comfortable thinking I temporarily have a leg up in our back and forth mailings, he fires right back! At least this time I'm getting around to posting the cards a little quicker, as this latest PWE arrived in my mailbox late last week. Show More Summary

Claude Julien...with Hair!

Boston Bruins fans, and casual hockey fans alike, undoubtedly recognize the round, bald dome of current head coach Claude Julien. We've cheered as he led the team to their only Stanley Cup championship of this era back in 2011. We've...Show More Summary

A Pair of Zistle Swaps

Recently I completed another pair of trades courtesy of Zistle. In the first exchange, I received a nice chunk of 2015 Topps from olerud363. I didn't realize until after accepting the trade that he lives up in Canada, so this one cost me about $7 at the post office. Show More Summary

2015 Topps Museum pack break

If I was running a MLB team, I'd probably make it more like the Oakland A's than the Los Angeles Dodgers or the New York Yankees - however I have an interest in cards and while I may prefer dumpster diving at the place where I get my fix, at times I do something completely foreign and impulsive like picking up a pack of cards for $50. Show More Summary

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen box topper pack

Gypsy Queen is out and I grabbed a box topper of minis even though I like the regular sized trading cards - without picking up a full hobby box, I thought I might pull something mildly interesting. #29 Chris Sale #161 Lorenzo Cain#91 Javier Baez#90 Carlos Santana #152 Rod Carew #163 Willie McCovey#97 Anthony Rizzo #157 Rusney Castillo #122 Ken Griffey Jr.#187 Xander Bogaerts

Now THAT was a Card Show - Part 5 - Batman & Count Carrigan!

I didn't set any official goals or bring any want lists to last weekend's card show. I get to them so infrequently that I just wanted to soak it all in and browse around. Heading to the show, one of the things I knew I did want to look for was something oddball or out of left field. Show More Summary

Upper Deck Wantlists

1989 Upper Deck5 9 13 16 17 19 22 24 27 32 43 44 48 5051 54 55 57 60 61 62 63 64 65 68 70 72 75 76 77 80 81 90 92 93 94 95 98 99100 115 140 145 148 149 150 154 155 156 187 190 191 192 194 196 198 200 201 203 205 206 209 210 211 212 213...Show More Summary

Upper Deck Legends sets Wantlist

I was sorting through a bunch of old junk and I discovered I really like all these old UD Legends type sets. Thanks, MLB for murdering these all off with your licensing nonsense. Oh well, wantlist, dime box, etc. 1994 Upper Deck Oldy...Show More Summary

Topps Rack Pack All-Star Inserts wantlist

I might add the Rookies Fat Pack inserts to this wantlist some day but not today. 19841 Harvey Kuenn Manager2 Rod Carew 9 Ted Simmons 15 Mike Schmidt 18 Andre Dawson 22 Johnny Bench Captain 198516 Cal Ripken, Jr. 19865 Cal Ripken, Jr. Show More Summary

2014 Topps Wantlist

Found some hanger boxes of this stuff on clearance so I bought them and thought 'hey I'm probably pretty close to completing the first series' so I put together a wantlist and I still need 100+ cards lol1 2 7 8 10 11 12 20 24 26 28 30...Show More Summary

2008 Topps Wantlist

I'm so close to this set (yet so far) that I'm putting the wantlist up in the off chance I find a dime box with some commons some day. 2008 Topps Series 2369 Luis Castillo385 Troy Tulowitzki393 Michael Cuddyer414 Andrew Miller426 Franklin...Show More Summary

Now THAT was a Card Show - Part 4 - Quarter Box Gretzkys & 100-Year-Old Cardboard

Time for the penultimate post covering last weekend's major card show. As I was stumbling through the quarter box that I found some of the cards from yesterday's post in, I came upon an entire section of Wayne Gretzky cards. The Great...Show More Summary

Now THAT was a Card Show - Part 3 - Cheap Cards and Another '52

Very quick post today covering some more pick-ups from this past weekend's card show. This is another picture I snapped while roaming the floor to give you an idea of the size of the show. Took this one not long after opening so it looks a little quiet, but you get the idea. Show More Summary

One Card Post - Morgan's Missing Lid

What: 2011 Topps Marquee #40 - Joe Morgan Where: COMCHow Much?: $.42Why?: Quite frankly, I need more time to scan and crop my haul from this past weekend's show. Today was a brutal day, so this is about all I have time for. I don't mean to sell this card short though, it's got just the kind of amazing photograph I've come to expect from the 2011 Marquee set...

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