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1953 Topps Project - Clyde Vollmer

As we prepare for a monster snowstorm here in the Northeast, I've got another addition to my 1953 Topps set. Hopefully I can ride out this storm without losing power, but the snow's already coming down here so if Clyde Vollmer ends up atop the blog for a few days you know the reason... Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Ernie Banks 1931-2015

I got him to sign a reprint of his rookie card years ago - the last time I saw him was at the All-Star break in 2010; he seemed kind of spacey and had a drink in his hand. I'm pretty sure I tried asking him to sign something but he was evasive and as he was getting into a vehicle he was driving - he tried to give the empty glass to me.

My Favorite Catcher Card

I don't have any autographed cards scanned and ready to go for Signature Sundays this week. To make up for it, I've got one of my absolute favorite vintage cards to show today. It's probably my favorite catcher card in my entire collection, one I've been meaning to post for a while now. Show More Summary

Package of Prizm (and More) from Jason!

Back when I posted the first few packs of my 2013-14 Panini Prizm retail box, reader Jason left a comment. He had purchased a couple of blasters of the product on discount at Wal-Mart, and wasn't interested in hanging onto the cards....Show More Summary

Coins Galore.

Originally posted on Digging History:Greetings my friends. The gusting wind was so disruptive the other night that many obstacles, mostly broken branches and wheely bins, were scattered across lawns and pavements and needed careful avoidance, as I took out my little dog Sam, for his early morning walk. The wind was still very strong…

One Card Post - Bobby Robins!

What: 2014-15 Upper Deck #205 - Bobby Robins Young Guns RC SPWhere: eBayHow Much?: $3.75 (free shipping)Why?: Saw this card posted on Coast to Posts a while ago, and knew I wanted a copy. I'm sure getting an officially licensed Upper Deck hockey card meant more to Bobby Robins than it does a lot of players in this year's set. Show More Summary

Smithsonian now able to digitize 400 numismatic objects per hour

An article by Max Kutner in Smithsonian Magazine discusses efforts to digitize 250,000 bank notes, tax stamps, and war bonds from the National Numismatic Collection. Twenty people are able to digitize 3500 items per day, suggesting the whole project will take 72 business days. Show More Summary

More Packs of Panini Prizm

Time to crack into four more packs of 2013-14 Panini Prizm hockey. I opened the first 4 packs of my 24-pack box a few weeks ago, time for the next four... Just four cards per pack, so this should go by pretty quickly... Short-print rookie in the first pack. Show More Summary

Hall of Fame - Macho Man Randy Savage

I don't really do wresting cards for the most part but what the heck...SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!!!!!!1 Randy "Macho Man" Savage (AKA Randy Mario Poffo) is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame so he deserves to get in on the Hall of Fame posts this month. Show More Summary

One Card Post - Marquee Mel

What: 2011 Topps Marquee #62 - Mel Ott Where: COMCHow Much?: $.39Why?: The photo.Other: Really all about the photograph. I happily paid $.39 to add it to my collection. It's fantastic.

2014 Panini Extra Edition pack breaks

I don't know I paid nearly $6 a pack for this product - I suppose it's easier to pull autographs compared to a Bowman Draft box, but from what I've read, any particular EEE auto is never as good as BDP auto; it also means there are more filler guys who end up signing for this product. Show More Summary

A New Year is (Almost) Upon Us

Let's put 2014 Topps to bed. Even though I'm unusually excited (no more white borders!) about the soon-to-be-unleashed 2015 Topps set, I haven't looked at the checklist yet. It went live today, and I'm sure that the Cardinals were at least adequately represented. Show More Summary

2014 Bowman Draft

I picked up a few packs of these Bowman Draft cards on the miraculous trip I made to my local card shop the weekend before last.Let's tear in.Top to Bottom:DP111 Troy StokesDP20 Cole TuckerDP130 Jared WalkerCTP-82 Mac WilliamsonCTP-29...Show More Summary

1953 Topps Project - Frank Campos

Now that we're a good three weeks into the new year, it's high time I got to posting my first 1953 Topps card. 2014 wasn't super successful in terms of this lifelong set-building goal. I went into the year with 61 cards profiled, and finished it with 72. Show More Summary

Junk Wax Battle 2.0 - Players Needed!

If you're a longtime reader of this blog, you know that I'm all about innovation in this wonderful hobby of ours. Not so much innovating the cards themselves, but how we as collectors approach and make sense of them, and their meaning...Show More Summary

Catching Up With Trade Posts

Shiny Cardinal cards from a Red Sox fan. Last month, my stash of Topps Chipz was the impetus for a Red Sox-for-Cardinals trade, this time with Catching Up With Collecting. It was my first time trading with CUWC, and it did not disappoint. Show More Summary

Hall of Fame - John Smoltz

Smoltzie gets four cards instead of three because I do what I want. He's an announcer now, but Smoltz has always liked to talk. Topps Tek is the new (old) hotness but for my money 1997 Skybox EX2000 is the best looking weird-ass high-end plastic stock set of the '90s. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Matt Joyce

Was digging around for this one to add to my all-time Angels collection once Joyce plays a game with the Halos this season - instead of one of these bums the Angels sign off the street, Joyce gives the Angels a capable platoon [he sucks against lefties] bat who be a semi-regular in case someone gets hurt or doesn't feel like playing on a whim.

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