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My Inability to Focus

If you check in here frequently (and my thanks if you do!), you might be under the impression that all I collect is buybacks. For better than a year now I've been somewhat obsessed with them as I work to complete a 792-card franken-set.In truth though, my collecting interests are all over the map. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Angus Goes Shopping - Part I

Angus, who blogs over at Dawg Day Cards, has got to be one of the most generous folks in our online community. Recently he did a little shopping on my behalf when he was traveling the Southwest United States. Out of the blue I got an awesome bubbler stuffed full of cards, including plenty of buybacks. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Cesar Puello

Puello was picked up as AAA depth by the Angels earlier in the year and made his MLB debut Wednesday afternoon - going 1-for-4 with two stolen bases and RBI in the Angels 5-1 win against the Baltimore Orioles. I was able to get a few...Show More Summary

Mixed Feelings

I had a very different post planned for this evening. It was to begin with the astrocity you see above. I mean... why?! does?! this?! exist?! This card was going to be featured, too. But I looked up and something amazing has happened. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Ten Randoms

Today's buybacks come courtesy of a large lot of 100+ that I won a few months back on eBay. I just blindly reached into the box and pulled ten individual cards, let's see how they fare as far as the franken-set goes... 1973 Topps #250 - Manny Sanguillen Today's round gets off to a nice start with this '73 Topps Manny Sanguillen. Show More Summary

Tony Gwynn Has a Beer

And it is good. There are some things in life I enjoy more than baseball cards, and one of them is definitely beer. Craft beer, specifically. I was delighted to merge a couple of my big interests recently when I spotted this imperial (i.e. Show More Summary

Chrome is Back to Save Us All

Shiny and new. The Topps baseball release schedule is really crazy, with new products hitting the shelves seemingly every week this summer. My local store appears to have skipped right over Stadium Club and Allen & Ginter (more on that later this week), and headed right to Chrome Town. Show More Summary

For Me, Stadium Club is Top(p)s

There haven't been many new releases so far in 2017 that have interested me. Not that I mind, it's made this year an easy one for me in terms of resisting the temptation of retail and using my hobby funds in a more "targeted" manner.The one set that interests me most every year, at least for these past few years since it returned, is Stadium Club. Show More Summary

A PWE of Firsts

Still trying to get back on top here after vacation and a new dog. Finally starting to make some progress as I featured a package from Gavin last week and already returned fire. Next up is Joe Shlabotnik, who writes the awesome blog The Shlabotnik Report. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Hideki Irabu

I got Irabu to sign this card during his stint with an independent league baseball team back in 2009 - as much as I'd like to say he was this import from Japan who turned into an ace quality MLB pitcher, his professional baseball career in the United States became a sore disappointment, if not an outright joke. Show More Summary

Basketball Cards for You (and Me)

Time to renew your free membership for free cards. It's been awhile since I've taken a look at the list of Guilt-Free Basketball Card Club members. I have scores and scores of cards to send out to people and am planning on a pretty serious purge of any unclaimed teams or players in the near future. Show More Summary


Putting to bed a set I started collecting (in my head) ever since I was a child. With the help of a generous blogger and trading partner, Dennis of Too Many Verlanders/Manninghams, I finally am able to put down a set I've admired since I could barely grasp what baseball cards were. Show More Summary

Unintended Consequences

Three years ago, coin collector and hobby advocate Scott Barman posted on his blog an insightful article about the nature of what others have described as ideologically inspired bureaucratic overreach. He named the post "An Ancient Dilemma" and discussed the issue of unintended consequences in an era of "hyper-partisanship". Show More Summary

TTM autograph received: Charlie Puleo

Puleo signed my cards in about a month and answered a couple of questions - it's a nice bonus when I write a former MLB player and get any sort of personal response. About his preference between being a starting pitcher or a reliever...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: An Amazing Buyback or a Defacement of Vintage?

About this time last summer, a buyback surfaced on eBay that had me absolutely drooling. The player featured is probably one of the most prominently collected baseball players out there, and I knew demand would be high. Accordingly, I stepped up my game with a bid that was higher than I'd normally spend on a single card, and certainly on a buyback. Show More Summary

2017 Topps Stadium Club blaster recap II

I was glad to pull an Aaron Judge rookie card in my first blaster since this was a more pedestrian second box - I'm probably 'fake collecting' this set where the goal is cherry pick cards with unique images that pop. Pack one#218 Ozzie...Show More Summary

Gavin's Big Fun Game

Last month I was one of 15 lucky individuals to be included in the "Big Fun Game" hosted by Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown. These games seem to be pretty popular around the blogs lately, though this was my first time participating in one. Show More Summary

Minis for Days

So... many... minis... The master of minis himself, Night Owl Cards, unloaded a huge lot of minis (and more!) on this unsuspecting part time blogger last month. I do seem to recall reading a post awhile back (possibly this one?) where Night Owl detailed the need to offload a bunch of these cards. Show More Summary

TTM autograph received: Scott Kingery

The Philadelphia Phillies prospect sign my cards in about three weeks c/o his minor league team - after hitting a combined 8 home runs in parts of two minor league seasons, the second baseman has slugged over 20 home runs between AA/AAA this year.

Buyback Franken-set: 1990 Topps Gets Slaughtered

Between the trip to Portugal and my new friend Leo, I haven't managed a single buyback franken-set post in over three weeks. I still haven't managed to find any time for scanning, but thankfully I have one last batch of ten sitting in my drafts folder from before I left for vacation. Show More Summary

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