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TTM autograph received: Wayne Causey

I don’t remember when I bought his 1967 Topps card, but unfortunately the adhesive on the lip of a team set bag got briefly stuck to the card and caused paper loss - I sent it out just to get some ink on it and it was signed nicely in blue ink in about a week or so. Show More Summary

A Kitchen Sink Trade

As in, everything but the... Long time reader and Tribe supporter Tim and I exchanged some cards this past month, and my end of the deal netted me stuff from all corners of my collection. It's not always easy finding Ozzie Smith cards that I need (at least not outrageously expensive ones), but good people like Tim seem to keep doing it. Show More Summary

2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Retail

Repack box pack time.Let's tear in.Top to Bottom:141 Colin Rea144 Matt HollidayBL-11 Ted Williams Baseball Legends142 Jake Arrieta Mini310 Patrick Corbin (SP)196 Josh ReddickA short print, a full-size insert, and a mini. Not bad for my first pack of this stuff from last year.

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 28

"A favorite relic/manufactured relic card." 2001 Upper Deck SPX Ken Griffey Jr. #KG1 jersey bat relic - when memorabilia cards were still kind of a thing, the concept of having one card featuring pieces from a players' game 'worn' or 'used' material appealed to me. Show More Summary

The Low-End Theory

Also, it's Mike Zunino Appreciation Night. Some blogs have a theme and some just slap some Cardinals up there and call it good. While I'd like to be the former, what I do here never really comes close to the things that long-time blogger...Show More Summary

2017 Topps Archives blaster recap 2 of 2

Box two Bonus pack of Baseball Coins #C-22 Clayton Kershaw #C-24 Max Scherzer Pack one #65 Stephen Strasburg #28 Evan Longoria #14 Marcell Ozuna #280 Robin Roberts #219 Jim Bunning #183 Anthony Rendon #130 Robinson Cano #200 Kris Bryant...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Gold Okajima

It's been a full week since I took a crack at the ol' buyback franken-set, so let's get to it. Today's batch of ten happen to all be gold foil 2017 Topps "Rediscover" buybacks... 1989 Topps #791 - Jim Lindeman Jim Lindeman was a first round draft pick of the St. Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 27

"A favorite oddball card from the 1990 or later." 1996 Denny's Holograms Cal Ripken Jr. #2 - I don't remember if the verbiage was actually used in promotional materials, but I remember something about these cards having '3.5 secondsShow More Summary

2017 Topps Archives blaster recap 1 of 2

I jumped at a chance to pick up two of these when I saw these on the shelves at a Target - this isn't a product I anticipate coming out each year, but something I take a look at through a blaster box purchase or maybe through some loose packs at the LCS [if available]. Show More Summary

From the Archives

Blaster results, skewed heavily towards the Cardinals. It's been about a week, and I'm still impressed with 2017 Topps Archives. Since this stuff wasn't available at the local stores last time I checked, I went ahead and ordered a blaster online. Show More Summary

One Card Post - Sticky Langway

What: 1985-86 Topps Sticker Inserts #10 - Rod LangwayWhere: COMCHow Much?: $.70Why?: I completed the 1985-86 Topps hockey set years ago, but when I was working on that project I only ended up with 9 of the 33 sticker inserts. I decided a while back to finish those off so that I could include them with my set in the binder. Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 26

"A favorite oddball card from the 1980s." 1988 P and L Promotions Cape Cod Prospects Frank Thomas #126 - though my collecting prime was when Thomas was neck and neck with Ken Griffey Jr. as hobby kings back in the 1990s, this card was kind of unfamiliar to me until the last 15 years. Show More Summary

Cards in a Can

At some point in your life, you have to do this. Like many a card collector before me who went into an extended hiatus through the bulk of the '90s, I was fascinated by the ridiculous idea of cards-in-a-can and knew that someday I would get my own can of cards to open. Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 25

"A favorite oddball card from the 1970s." 1978 Family Fun Centers San Diego Padres Ozzie Smith #29 - this card came out before Smith's 1979 Topps rookie, so while it's a regional issue, it has some significance attached to it. I've gone...Show More Summary

Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary Hanger Box

About a week ago now I found myself in my local Target grabbing a shower gift as a favor for my wife, and decided to reward myself with a little retail cardboard. It had been some time since I scratched the itch and busted a pack ofShow More Summary

COMC Blaster - Shiny & See-Through

It's been a while now since I did one of these COMC virtual "blasters", but as a kind of reward to myself for completing a 5-mile run this morning before the heat hit, I decided to raid my re-purposed sewing needle chest where I keep my COMC backlog to pull and scan until I reached $20. Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 24

"A favorite oddball card from the 1960s." 1964 Topps Giants Roberto Clemente #11 - even though these cards apparently have never been hard to find, I like them because they feature bold images of players like Clemente on a larger sized card. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Stepping Up My Game

To mix things up for a change, today I have ten hand-selected buybacks. Instead of coming from a lot, these are ten cards that I individually picked out over time on either COMC or Sportlots. Not that there's anything wrong with commons when you're trying to build a 792-card franken-set, but these should make the binder a little more interesting... Show More Summary

Tim Salmon Bowman buyback purchase

I’m over buybacks in Topps products, but even the concept is literally the same thing [stamping commons with a buyback stamp so there are a cache of cards ready to fill out unopened product with] - it maybe a novelty to find buyback cards in Bowman. Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 23

"A favorite oddball card from the 1950s." 1952-55 Dormand postcards Mickey Mantle #111 - since it’s not actually a trading card, the postcard may not have the same lore attached to it as the more conventional sized Mantle cards of the era. Show More Summary

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