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Airbrushed Fridays: 2013 Topps #406

Who wants to get hit in the head by a line drive? Who is he? Brandon McCarthy has been a starting pitcher in the bigs for the last 11 seasons, but he's best known for being smacked by a line drive late in the 2012 season. The shot to the head fractured his skull and caused injuries to his brain. Show More Summary

Youth Movement

Filled with excitement/dread. I'm getting close to wrapping up the Spring Cleaning trade posts, although there are plenty of teams still available for all you latecomers and slacker types. Royal Phil of Royal Card Review sent over most...Show More Summary

1995 Pinnacle Jose Valentin #127

I may have been browsing a dealer's listings on eBay when I discovered this Valentin card with what looks to be a Roberto Alomar cameo - while it's not for my Angels frankenset, I picked up the 'nicer' Museum Collection parallel for my 'bonus babies' mini-collection, consisting of star players' cameos on common players' cards.

Lefty Grove and the Diamond Stars

I'm taking a break from the constant string of trade posts tonight to showcase a new highlight of my Red Sox collection, my first true vintage Lefty Grove card! I've talked about these National Chicle Diamond Stars cards numerous times now. Show More Summary

2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Nolan Ryan #UH232

I picked up this nearly seven-year old base card variation for $3 and change - the image of the Hall of Famer looks like it might have been originally black and white, then colorized on Photoshop to make it stand out on a trading ca...

A Multi-Sport Bo-nanza

Behold, the beauty that is Flair. Bo Rosny's Baseball Cards Come to Life! is another blog that has seemingly been around forever. Bo is out there grabbing interviews, profiling players, and generally making the rest of us blogging chumps look lazy and... Show More Summary

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen blaster recap

Pack one#230 Howie Kendrick#82 Mookie Wilson#147 Jarrod Parker #72 Carlos Martinez - Gold mini parallel serial #'d 1/99#47 Ozzie Smith#218 Jake PeavyPack two#41 Ivan Rodriguez#164 Tony Gwynn#176 Yasiel Puig#26 Freddie Freeman - miniShow More Summary

Nachos Pequeno (Just Two Cards)

I like buybacks. There...I said it. I know, they're stupid. Gimmicks. Pointless. I've heard it all. With only one exception that comes to mind, I've basically seen them universally panned on the card blogs. I can't explain why I like them, but I do. Show More Summary

Still At It

The cards keep accumulating. Night Owl Cards has been around almost as long as this place has, and has certainly been more prolific in all aspects of the blog game. (Is there such thing as a blog game?) Countless numbers of padded envelopes have been exchanged, and back in May yet another one of these transactions occurred. Show More Summary

Shlabotnik Report Delivers! '81 Fleer, Sticky Francis Rookie, and Other Goodies

I was recently the recipient of my second PWE from Joe Shlabotnik, proprietor of The Shlabotnik Report. Let's tear in... Leading off strong with a pair of 1981 Fleer cards that get me oh so close to a complete team set. Dwight Evans......and Garry Hancock. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - The Grim Reaper

Trying to get back into the swing of things with these weekly Signature Sundays posts, highlighting autographs from my collection that have never seen the light of day on the blog here. Let's switch over to hockey this week... This Notable...Show More Summary

Quarter Box Quartet - Saturday Night No Time Edition

A quarter box and a dollar in my pocket; a match made in heaven... This one was all about the mask, brown leg pads and wooden VIC stick. Can't leave a T206 Wagner behind in a quarter box. This is the closest I'll ever getting to owning an original. Show More Summary

2015 Topps Archives blaster recap

I impulsively picked up a couple of blaster boxes [the other was 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen] even though I'd already put them back on the shelves once as I went to the check out counter - I had figured with other things going on, none of...Show More Summary

Comic Books, Rock 'n' Roll, Cereal Boxes & More

Tonight I've got the content of the latest excellent trade package that I received from Tim B of I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning.Before I get to the new cards Tim sent along, a couple of housekeeping items. I had two cards that Tim sent in his last package that I never thanked him for simply because I couldn't identify them at the time. Show More Summary

J.T. Snow finds for the frankenset

1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection #215 - like the Eduardo Perez card from this post, the image caught my eye and I had to add this particular card. Regardless of what the Rawlings Gold Glove meant 20 years ago and what it means now [with...Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 1975 Topps #514

Back in vintage territory. Who is he? Jose Cruz was a two-time All-Star outfielder. Cruz hailed from Puerto Rico, and was one of the territory's biggest stars of his day. His son, Jose Jr., was also an outfielder and had a long but nomadic big league career of his own. Show More Summary

Tempted by '75

Collecting anything this old is rather intimidating. I've been pondering the idea of collecting the set that came out the year I was born - 1975 - for some time now. I have no connection to the cards or most of the players, since I never opened a pack of 1975 Topps as a kid or even witnessed someone open one. Show More Summary

Some '53s from '91

Today for your viewing pleasure I have the latest PWE to arrive from Brian over at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary. Once again, Brian provided a nice boost to my Red Sox collection with 10 new cards. Half of the PWE was comprised of these 1991 Topps '53 Archives cards. Show More Summary

Quarter Box Quartet - Satchel & Friends

My favorite thing to do on the rare (especially recently) trips I manage to make to my local card shop is to peruse the quarter boxes. The cards I've plucked from the boxes have been building up and I've got a nice, healthy stack of them just waiting to be scanned. Show More Summary

Fritsch One Year Winners Angels

Card #143 in the 1979 One Year Winners set, Botz appeared in 35 games for the 1962 Angels and pitched 63 innings as a reliever. I was vaguely aware of these cards [apparently consisting of three series released in 1977, 1979 and 1983]...Show More Summary

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