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Score Wantlist - 1988-1998

1988 Score 2 12 14 16 18 22 26 46 54 55 59 78 96 129 1 30 131 154 174 202 206 246 331 345 350 384 454 470 494 500 516 526 541 546 549 602 638 641 651 659 72 75 103 104 105 1989 Score 3 27 28 30 35 39 50 66 68 70 72 75 84 88 92 93 94Show More Summary

One Card Post - Black & White

What: 1953 Bowman Black & White #9 - Walt MastersonWhere: COMCHow Much?: $1.25Why?: My first '53 Bowman Black & White for a buck and a quarter? Don't mind if I do! Those interesting glasses are just a bonus, as are the Washington Senators pinstripes.

Loose card finds - Opening Day collection

To feel like I'm making progress with my Opening Day collection, I got 20 different common Angels cards from some quarter boxes - maybe the cards I picked up on a scavenger hunt of sorts were redundant, but it gave me some peace of mind to knock out these players' cards. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Nolan and the Gang Push Me Past 100

If you've been reading along in recent weeks then you know the drill at this point, let's take a look at another ten buybacks and see if they make the cut for my newly formed franken-set. I'm still getting through the large lot on IShow More Summary

Allen & Ginter: Surprisingly Good

Topps redeems itself with one of its best efforts in years. I've been bored with Topps at best this year, and at worst... well, I'll save the grumbling for another night. The latest edition of Allen & Ginter (the more favored moniker...Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Jett Bandy

I got Bandy's autograph when he was in the minor leagues - he was a 31st round pick by the Angels 2011 and at 26 is only getting his first prolonged experience playing in the big leagues. As is, he is a catcher and they take a little...Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Jefry Marte

I give myself a part on the back whenever I've gotten some random player's autograph and he is picked up and appearance at some point for the Angels - I got Marte to sign this card back when he was a prospect in the New York Mets organization. Show More Summary

Dog Days of the Timbers

An impulse buy nets me an official team set of last year's MLS Cup champions. In hindsight, this was probably an overpay by a few dollars, but for $4.99 I picked up a current year Topps Portland Timbers team set. I was expecting, foolishly,...Show More Summary

Shlabotnik Medley

I'd have to say that the latest PWE to arrive at Shoebox Legends headquarters from Joe at The Shlabotnik Report was his most creative assortment yet. In one little envelope I found oddballs, prospects, junk wax, game cards, parallels and more. Show More Summary

Thank You Gavin (and Coco Crisp!)

A while back I participated in a contest held by Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown. To enter, you simply had to leave a comment, which it turns out around 50 people did. Those 50 people each got a random number 1-50 assigned (I was 19). Show More Summary

Mark Starts Me Towards 7,000

Having crossed the 6,000 unique Red Sox cards threshold, I guess the next logical thing to do is strive for 7,000, right? Well, thanks to another envelope that arrived recently from my most frequent trading partner, Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse, I'm well on my way... Show More Summary

Some miscellaneous Angels finds

I picked up a small lot of Angels cards for about $3 - primarily for the 2016 Topps Stadium Club cards of Mike Trout [#280], Albert Pujols [#152], Nolan Ryan [#80], C.J. Wilson [#93], Huston Street [#2] and Garrett Richards [#80]. There...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set - Closing in on 100

Happy Saturday everyone! It's been a long week for sure, let's kick off the weekend here on the blog with a look at another ten buybacks that could potentially be inducted into my buyback franken-set... #379 - 1975 Bernie Carbo All ten of the cards queued up for today are from the large buyback lot that I picked up to kick-start this project. Show More Summary

One Card Post - Bright Bogaerts

What: 2014 Topps #133 - Xander Bogaerts RC (Yellow Retail Parallel)Where: COMCHow Much?: $2.00Why?: I'd been after one of these for some time for my Bogaerts/Red Sox collection, but the yellow parallels seem to be some of the toughest from the 2014 set for me to find at a reasonable price. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Prince Fielder

Longevity seemed like it was always going to be an issue with Prince's body type and while an iron man of sorts for the bulk of his career, he'd already been in decline - his slugging percentage had dropped from 2011-2013 while he was limited to 42 games in 2014. Show More Summary

Topps Chrome Makes Me a Hypocrite

Last winter's bad ideas become this summer's shiny wonders. I was harshly critical of this year's Topps flagship set, to the point where I made sure I wouldn't buy a single pack of the stuff. I still don't like it. I have to admit, sadly, that it looks really good in a Chromium suit. Show More Summary

I Got the Blues, and I Can't Be Satisfied

It's not quite hockey season just yet. Longtime trade partner and hockey enthusiast Sportscards From The Dollar Store reacted to something I said on the internet during the NHL Playoffs about supporting the Blues by sending a starter collection that way. Show More Summary

6,000 Sox!

Recently I received a great little care package from Commishbob, whose work on The Five Tool Collector is on my daily reading list. A few weeks back I read a post on the '59 Topps All-Stars-inspired Topps Throwback Thursday set. This...Show More Summary

A Whalers Bump from Marc

With my vacation and "weekend of Pearl Jam" now in the rear-view mirror (pun intended), it's been all about adjusting back to the daily grind here at Shoebox Legends. A rough travel week for work last week made this more challenging than usual, but this week is a fresh start. Show More Summary

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