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One Card Post - Billy Smith RC

What: 1973-74 Topps #162 - Billy Smith RC Where: Central Sports Cards - Pawtucket, RIHow Much?: $5.00Why?: Thanks to the two great packages of '73-74 Topps hockey I received recently from Mark Hoyle, I decided to finally put some effort into finishing this set. Show More Summary

Random LCS minutia

I was looking for 2015 Topps Heritage but the product was not yet in when I went into the card shop - I've tried to ween myself off being a slave to buying new cards, but I want to check things out, see if I can have a crack at new product on a whim. Show More Summary

Heritage is Live

Unlike the 2015 Braves' playoff chances AMIRITEclick here to spends yo moneyIn other news...There's also Scratch 'n Sniff parallel cards in 2015 Heritage. Boy I sure hope I pull this one...

2014 Panini Elite Extra Edition blaster recap

2014 Donruss Elite Extra Edition blaster box [$29.99 each at Target]Pack one #9 Brandon Downes#6 Dermis Garcia#7 Aaron Nola - Status die-cut serial #'d 030/150#42 Ross Kivett#76 Dalton PompeyPack two#86 Jose Trevino#13 Jonathan Holder#9...Show More Summary

What a Package from Alaska!

When I posted my final mini box of 2014 Topps Stadium Club, I received a comment from a gentleman with the screen name "David in the North" indicating that he'd be interested in trading for the autograph (a James Jones #'d /50). "David...Show More Summary

Old School Like That

Old stuff. I don't show off vintage cards here nearly enough, so I thought I'd focus this post on the elder statesmen of the cards that Night Owl Cards most recently sent me. I have slowly been working on my want list behind the scenes...Show More Summary

Card shop trip

I had some time to stop at this particular shop I don't get out to, but perhaps only a few times a given year - I guess this card shop has a deeper selection of cards to dig through because the owner basically rents out display space...Show More Summary

Highly Subjective and Completely Awesome

I'm not typically one to put up "in memoriam" posts here on the blog. I figured today it was okay to make an exception though, given that I just received this great Minnie Minoso card in the mail on Friday. It came from Brian at Highly...Show More Summary

So yeah, Topps just made this totally inapproriate Relic card.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's been a while. Most of my action has moved over to BaseballCardPedia and Twitter. If you haven't already, I'd appreciate a follow.I just wanted to post this card -- and yes, this is a REAL card that sold on eBay...Show More Summary

Box Break and Review: 2014 Donruss Series 2

My thoughts on 2014 Donruss Series 2... 1) The base set violates The First Commandment of Baseball Card Product Development.(In case your wondering, Our Lord and Savior, Jefferson Burdick, was given these Commandments by God Himself one day while he was out on a stroll on the banks of Lake Onondonga. Show More Summary

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

Tonight I've got my latest really old Red Sox acquisition to share with you... If I ever get around to ranking my favorite pre-war card sets, which I doubt I'll ever do, 1914/1915 Cracker Jack would be right at the top of the list. The cards are just beautiful. Show More Summary

My wallet card - Joe checking out the Charlie Foxtrot

I spent just several days in Arizona when pitcher and catchers reported for spring training and was able to get just a couple of things signed at Dodgers camp - by manager Don Mattingly and Yasiel Puig.

2015 Topps Series I pack breaks

When it comes to loose packs, I'm more inclined to pick them up at my card shop, since there is peace of mind that the packs haven't been searched - even if the box isn't entirely 'new' and there have been multiple packs pulled already, I'll take my chances as opposed to a gravity feed at Target and/or Walmart. Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 2008 Topps #433

Spring Training begins! Who is he? Carlos Silva had a 9 year major league career, more than most of us, including 7 seasons as a starter. He finished with a.500 W-L record and fairly pedestrian numbers, his best season coming in 2005 with the Twins where he walked just 9 batters all season. Show More Summary

Another Mark Kaz PWE

This is getting to be a regular feature here, but it's time for the latest PWE from my buddy Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse. As is the case with our usual back and forth envelopes, I found 9 brand new Red Sox cards inside... I'm among the many who are digging the 2015 Topps flagship set. Show More Summary

My 2015 Topps Progress

Here's what I've accomplished so far. I've polished off the Cardinals base team set for Series One. This is probably the earliest that I've ever managed this, but I also have the fact that there were only something like 10 Cardinals cards (including multi-player cards) in the whole series. Show More Summary

The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Pants On: The 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention

The National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC) is like a Wesley Willis album. You've heard one song, you've (literally) heard them all. But that doesn't mean they all don't rock.The NSCC is the same way. Year in and year out, you buy your NSCC ticket and know exactly what you're going to get: The World's Greatest Card Show. Show More Summary

Video Box Break: Four Six-Pack Hanger Boxes of 2014 Panini World Cup Prizm

Ever since it "streeted" I've been wanting to get my hands on a box or two of 2014 Panini World Cup Prizm. Little did I know that they made a retail version. For the last month I've been trolling the Walmarts and Targets of the Mid-Atlantic region on a quest for the four-pack Hanger Boxes the retail edition was distributed in. Show More Summary

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