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Anaconda37, Are You Out There?

Last month's first place contest prize remains unclaimed! If you participated in the annual bowl pick 'em contest and you used a name like Anaconda37, please contact me as soon as possible. I need to know where to send your stuff! If...Show More Summary

1950 Bowman - Post #7 - Ken Heintzelman

Last year I officially decided to chase the 1950 Bowman baseball set, as sort of a life-long goal. The first vintage card I ever got my hands on as a kid was the Maurice McDermott from this release, a gift from my Dad from an antiques store near our house. Show More Summary

This Week in Plain White Envelopes

Single card joy from @ SafeAtHomeShop @pksteinberg and @thedimwit to peruse. I'm still starting to get settled into the groove of the week, so it's time for a quick blast about a few cards received recently in individually wrapped packages. Show More Summary

One Card Post - A Partner for Plante

What: 1957-58 Parkhurst #7 - Ron StewartWhere: eBayHow Much?: $10.00Why?: I was drawn to this one because I love vintage hockey cards, and because I thought it would pair nicely with the beautiful Jacques Plante I landed from this set last year. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Stiff Competition

Tonight's buyback franken-set post really shows just how difficult it's beginning to get to make the binder as I approach 1,000 total buybacks here. The first couple of cards in particular drew some match-ups that were just brutal......Show More Summary

Trout fishing - reeling in some catches

As primarily an Angels team collector, I don't always end up focusing on Mike Trout since everyone else does - though I know I can't really afford to pick up his high end cards, I still feel like any particular 'non-rookie, non autograph, non limited' Trout singles are kind of just afterthoughts that I would not want to pay a premium for. Show More Summary

One Card Post - Dufex Burt

What: 1994-95 Pinnacle Rink Collection Parallel #356 - Adam Burt Where: COMCHow Much?: $.97Why?: Picked this one up all the way back in 2015, but just plucked it from my card chest for posting last night. Perfect timing, as it's been a while since I showed a nice Whalers card here on the blog. Show More Summary

Team Set Special

Panini's blister pack NBA team sets contain a special bonus this year. During the second half of the Blazers recent overtime victory over the Charlotte Hornets, Erin disappeared for a bit to the team shop and picked up a 2017-18 NBA Hoops Blazers team set for me. Show More Summary

Huge Progress with 1971-72 Topps

Having completed the run of 1980s Topps hockey sets, I'm really making an effort in 2018 here to work towards that same goal with the '70s run. I've already completed three Topps sets from the decade in 1973-74, 1974-75 and the iconic 1979-80 release, leaving me with seven to go. Show More Summary

Some 2018 Cardinals

And former Cardinals. Thanks to @pksteinberg of Baseball Every Night, I now have roughly 55% of the brand new Topps Series 1 set. Unfortunately, there are only a paltry 11 Cardinals cards in the entire series. I know that this has long been a problem for certain teams, and now we've reached the point where St. Show More Summary

Featured autograph: Shohei Ohtani

This was once an unsigned card given to me by my buddy featuring Hiromi Oka and a more prominent teammate named Shohei Ohtani - Oka has been a modest performing outfielder with the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters while Ohtani looks to play in his MLB season as a pitcher who can throw 100 MPH and a hitter capable of blasting tape measure home runs. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Mistaken Identity

Just one buyback today, one I hand-picked recently off of eBay. Check it out! 1985 Topps #497 - Gary Pettis Yup, the "infamous" 1985 Gary Pettis card! This one's looked upon fondly by collectors due to the fact that Gary's younger brother is actually pictured. Show More Summary

A Double Dose of Shlabotnik Sox & Soccer

Today seems as good a day as any to start the process of catching up with all the great folks who've sent me cards over the last month or two. It's pouring rain out, and I actually had a free hour to scan, so here are the contents of a great PWE that I received a few weeks back from Joe Shlabotnik, proprietor of The Shlabotnik Report... Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Big Hurt

Tonight's buyback franken-set post starts off with some "star power" in the form of a HOF slugger. Let's get down to it... 1996 Topps #229 - Frank Thomas Star Power Coming out of the gate strong with The Big Hurt! Frank Thomas was easily...Show More Summary

1986 Donruss Fred McGriff RC #28

This may not be a significant purchase because there are too many of them - but for my Top 50 common PC, I wanted a rookie of McGriff to group with two certified autograph cards I've picked up over the years. Here is Sports Illustrated's...Show More Summary

1990 and 1991 Upper Deck set pick ups

From an out of town card shop, I grabbed these sets for $5 each to have some stuff to go through when I'm bored - it’s kind of ironic that even though the junk wax era may have been the absolute worst time to be collecting cards, that was when I first really got into it. Show More Summary


2008 was nothing special, at least for the Cardinals. Nearly ten years ago, Upper Deck tried something that'd never been done before, and hasn't been attempted since. They put together a set that included two cards for each game played in the long MLB season, one for each participating team. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays (On a Tuesday) - Cam the Canuck!

Tonight I've got one of my favorite hockey pick-ups so far in 2018 to share with you. I intended to get this post together and published on Sunday but never found the time, so instead you're getting a 'Signature Sundays' post on a Tuesday. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Donnie Moore

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and while a tragic figure, I wanted Moore's autograph for my Angels all-time collection - I settled for a larger sized autograph card [sold by Kruk Cards] since it stood out more than a regular sized card. Show More Summary

Nick Foles: Super Bowl MVP

Congrats to the Eagles, and Philadelphia - if there's anything left of you. Stunning! I don't even know what to say.

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