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The Season is Over

And soon there will nothing but hopeless bleak despair. Until then, it's playoff time! On Saturday afternoon, I snagged a $9.99 rack box of the new 2015 Topps Heritage High Series. Almost every card save for the inserts was a duplicate...Show More Summary

2015 Topps Heritage High Number set

Though I haven't kept up with most baseball releases, I picked up a 2015 Topps Heritage High hand-collated 200-card non-SP set as a tease - there may not be the cheap thrills gained by pulling assorted inserts and short prints in blaster and/or loose pack breaks, but at least I can go through have all the regular cards in the set. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Yogi

For my birthday last month, I received a $30 gift card from my mother in law. With some money to spend on myself, of course I thought of cards! I didn't have anything in particular in mind, but a couple of weeks later while browsing around on eBay I found a card that I knew was perfect. Show More Summary

Good Luck Ducks, Week 5: Now What?

How will the Ducks respond to a historic loss? At some point during last Saturday's debacle, I told my girlfriend that there was a good chance that this game marked the end of an era of Ducks football, as in the last time the school's football program would be relevant to the national sports discussion. Show More Summary

Before They Were Stars

I've been on a bit of a minor league baseball card kick of late, and a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a seller on Sportlots with quite a few that I was interested in. Some were new additions to my Red Sox collection. Others, like the Bartolo Colon above, I just found interesting because I like the player. Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 1990 Topps Traded #13T

Three days left in the season. Time to be geeked! Who is he? Glenn Braggs was an outfielder who came up with the Milwaukee Brewers back in their American League days. Braggs was a second round pick in 1983 and showed flashes of power in his years with the Brew Crew, though he never broke out as a star player. Show More Summary

They're Saying Bru-URNS, Bru-URNS

The Darryl Kile collection takes it up a notch. I'm almost caught up on the ol' trade posts. I'm going to show off a few cards I received in a trade package less than two months ago, which is quite recent in Cards on Cards terms. Bru...Show More Summary

When Quality Meets Quantity - Part I

This hobby is full of very friendly people. In the nearly 8 years I've been writing this blog now I've been introduced to, and received cards from, dozens and dozens of other collectors. Some of my favorite cards in my entire collection have been sent to me in trade, or just out of the blue. Show More Summary

Waino is Back? Waino is Back!

The ace returns. What would devastate most normal humans and what usually sidelines athletes of excellence for a calendar year has apparently only shelved Adam Wainwright for five months. Wainwright was activated from the DL and will be available out of the bullpen for tomorrow's doubleheader. Show More Summary

Postseason play may still be in the cards

I'd given up on the Angels after the team finished August with the 10-19 record, but with David Murphy's game-winning hit Monday night - the Angels have kept pace with the Astros for the second wild card spot in the American League, just a 1/2 game out.

Heritage High Blaster Break

No Cardinals were harmed in the breaking of this box. It's been a long time since I've done a box break, let alone a blaster break, here at Cards on Cards. After tinkering the past couple of years with an online-exclusive factory set-only...Show More Summary

The Angels, In Order mail call

I want to say thank you to Tom at The Angels, In Order blog for a 16-card 'boost' to my frankenset - maybe the project has actually slowed down as I figure out where I'm at, so it's nice to knock out some of the miscellaneous cards I didn't want try too hard to seek out at the moment. Show More Summary

Just Cards, No Bubble Gum

Today's trade post highlights a brand new trading partner, Jeff of Wish They Still Came with Bubble Gum. Jeff loves all things Braves, so I packed him up a bubble mailer with as many Atlanta (and some Milwaukee) cards as I could get my hands on. Show More Summary

Good Luck Ducks, Week 4: Bring on the Pac

Ready or not, here comes conference play. First, from the Cards on Cards Dept. of Corrections: I mistakenly mentioned last week that Georgia State was an FCS team. They are not. They actually play in the Sun Belt Conference, one of the lowest regarded conferences at college football's top level (FBS). Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Carlos Martinez

I picked up this autograph of the Cardinals pitcher who has had a breakout season as a starter - unfortunately Martinez was pulled after throwing only seven pitches in his last start and his status maybe up in the air.

COMC6 - Flyin' Pedroia, Mother's Cookies, and a Borderline HOFer?

Probably 2-3 times a year I ship myself the cards I've purchased on COMC over the few months prior. When they show up, they just go into the box with the rest of the COMC cards. On days when I don't have time for a longer or more creative post, I grab half a dozen at random and go from there... Show More Summary

HSCA '59s

Today's trade post is yet another example of the generosity that exists in this hobby of ours. A while ago, my buddy Brian from Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary noticed that I mentioned I was pursuing a beat up '59 Topps set. Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 2015 Topps #384

A season of disappointment in the Emerald City. Who is he? Justin Ruggiano is a journeyman outfielder who, mostly as a reserve, has spent parts of 7 seasons in the majors with 5 different teams. Ruggiano was drafted by the Dodgers but broke into the bigs with Tampa Bay. Show More Summary

1965 Topps Combo Card: Dynamic Duo

One more custom combo card to round out the week. Perhaps a few more next week...

Are You Ready for the Playoffs?

What do you say, guys? Sure am! But I've been getting roughed a little bit in September and I'm afraid Mike will chain me to the radiator again like he did last playoffs. I am! But, ah, my thumb... maybe not so much. Absolutely! By the way, don't tell anyone, but I just cut someone's brake line. Show More Summary

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