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The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 18

"A card of a player who became manager of your favorite team." 1993 Upper Deck Mike Scioscia #688 - this card is sort of unique because presumably the image used was from a spring training game, yet Scioscia didn't make the San Diego Padres' Opening Day roster in 1993. Show More Summary

1950 Bowman - Post #1 - Maurice McDermott (The Beginning)

Recently I've been in a bit of a hobby funk. My buyback franken-set has kept my interest, but I have hundreds of buybacks already in hand just waiting to be processed for that particular project so there's not much need to seek out others,...Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 17

"A card from the first set you put together hand collated." 2016 Topps Heritage Minors Cody Bellinger #47 - this challenge reminds me of Day 3 and I had a hard time coming up with something since it really hasn't been a focus to complete a card set just for the sake of having all the cards in one hand. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Mel & Davey

Let's lead off today's buyback post with a name from the '60s that I think most baseball fans are familiar with... 1967 Topps #225 - Mel Stottlemyre Mel Stottlemyre was a key piece of the rotation for the Yankees from the mid '60s through the mid '70s. Show More Summary

Fairfield 250 card cube recap Part 2

1991 Topps Glossy Rookies Mike Harkey #11 of 331991 Topps Glossy Rookies John Olerud #24 of 331991 Topps Glossy Rookies Pat Combs #7 of 331991 Topps Glossy Rookies Marquis Grissom #10 of 331991 Topps Glossy Rookies Scott Radinsky #25...Show More Summary

Fairfield 250 card cube recap Part 1

I was really looking for 2017 Bowman Mega Box [latest retail gimmick] - but they weren’t on the shelves at the Target I stopped at. I was going to get a 24-card pack of 2017 Topps Bunt and a 30-card pack of 2017 Donruss - but this changed my mind on the Donruss and for $5 more, I impulsively grabbed one of these repack cubes instead. Show More Summary

Collection Cornerstones - Trout!

I'm not exactly sure why this is, but for whatever reason I seem to neglect showing off some of my absolute best cards here on the blog for many months after acquiring them, if not longer. My best guess is that I have a "save the best...Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 16

"A card of a player whom you appreciate but don't like." Kershaw lives a charmed life as the best pitcher in baseball, but aside from what he does in front of the cameras, I feel like he gives off a vibe where he's just too good forShow More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Bright Blue Phillies

Time has not been on my side lately to say the least, but after a few days away from the blog let's return with another ten buybacks to be evaluated for my franken-set... 1982 Topps #478 - Ray Searage Ray Searage was a relief pitcher who debuted in 1981 with the Mets. Show More Summary

Something for Everybody

But mostly some things for me. Brian of the Twins-centric Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary was kind enough to hit me up with a package (we'll call them Red Dilly) recently, and it was sure enough not to disappoint. (I can't...Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 15

"One of your favorite cards from the 2010s." 2010 Topps Pro Debut Mike Trout #181 - as an Angels fan, a favorite card from this decade needed to picture the best player in the game, six years running.

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 14

"One of your favorite cards from the 2000s." 2001 Upper Deck Darin Erstad #46 - this was one of those cards that gave a snapshot of what a player was like. Erstad, the No. 1 overall pick in 1995, had a reputation as a gamer - his batting...Show More Summary

Floating Heads

I received my latest COMC order in the mail yesterday, which was quite a surprise as I wasn't expecting it for another week or so. Many of the cards will populate my card chest, to be pulled and posted about at some point in the future. Show More Summary

One Card Post - Pistol Pete!

What: 1980-81 Topps #38 - Pete MaravichWhere: COMCHow Much?: $.88Why?: I'm not a big basketball guy, but when I found out recently that Pete Maravich had a card from his final NBA season with the Celtics I was intrigued. As basketball collectors know, the '80-81 set actually had three mini cards per full-size card. Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 13

"One of your favorite cards from the 1990s." 1993 Upper Deck SP Ken Griffey Jr. #4 - the card holds some allure because it seemed natural to associate Griffey Jr. with the baseball card company that had a part in introducing the phenom to the hobby in 1989. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Sheff & Covington

Getting back to my buyback franken-set on this sunny Friday, let's check out another ten cards and see how they fare... 1990 Topps #718 - Gary Sheffield A great start today with a Topps All-Star Rookie Cup card from one of my favorite sets. Show More Summary

TTM autographs received: Cris Carpenter

Carpenter signed my cards in about two weeks c/o the high school he teaches at in Georgia - because he played in the junk wax era, I was superficially aware of him as a relief pitcher who spent most of his 8-year big league career with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Might Want to Check That Twitter Name, Topps

Aledmys Diaz's 2017 @Topps card is forever linked to a random fan's Twitter. Of my many gripes with this year's Topps set, the addition of player's Twitter names on the back wasn't actually one of them. It might look funny a decade or...Show More Summary

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 12

"One of your favorite cards from the 1980s." 1987 Classic Update Yellow Travel Edition Andre Dawson #124 - I like how the intense, scary image of Dawson beaned by a baseball was re-used from a Sports Illustrated cover the same year the card was printed. Show More Summary


The recent decline of Zistle has left my collection in somewhat of an unorganized, cluttered state. In fact, as the months roll by I'm starting to realize that having my collection digitally organized was a big part of what was making it enjoyable for me. Show More Summary

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