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On building a team frankenset - the Angels

I really need something to sink my teeth into as far as dealing with my cards - a collecting project I'm trying off the ground somehow is a frankenset of sorts [basically an assortment of cards from different brands sorted in numerical order to represent one set of cards]. Show More Summary

Dime Box Red Sox!

I think most people who read card blogs are more than familiar with the great work of Nick over at Dime Boxes. I really enjoy his writing, and his style of collecting, and recently was lucky enough to exchange some cards with him for the very first time. Show More Summary

A Brick of Heritage

Where do unwanted doubles go? To me, that's where. The Topps Baseball Fanatic is one of those people as crazy as me that goes out and collects all of the Heritage every year. The thing is, for the past several years I've ended up with his (and others') hand-me-downs because I'm usually pretty slow out of the gate in collecting these sets. Show More Summary

Twin PWEs - Bruins and Whalers

In recent weeks I've received a couple of hockey-themed PWEs that I thought I'd combine into one post in an effort to get caught up on my trade packages... First up, I got a nice envelope of Bruins from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes. If I recall, I asked for them when Jeff said he had a bunch of extra hockey cards he was willing to mail out by team. Show More Summary

This "Blaster" Brought To You By COMC

COMC is possibly the most addicting hobby site out there, at least in my humble opinion. If you're a collector and you haven't shopped on there yet, I'm not sure what you're waiting for. As an experiment, let's see how far $20 went on the site recently. Show More Summary

A First Base Problem

It's bigger than life. Despite having a comfortable lead in their division, the best record overall in MLB and little friction to speak of, the Cardinals aren't completely steady. 1B is a power bat position in this league and it hasShow More Summary

The Numbers Don't Add Up

After writing last night's post I did a quick calculation and realized I have waaaaay more than my professed 10,000-card ceiling. Here's how it breaks down:1956 Topps set (342)1965 Topps set (598) + Embossed set (72) + other random '65-inspired...Show More Summary

Jeff S Completes Two Sets!

I'm still sorting through my last gigantic delivery of cards from my friend Jeff S. There were so many great, random cards inside the package (like the Antony Rizzo Pro Debut I featured a few days ago), but Jeff hit on some very targeted needs of mine as well. Show More Summary

The Magic Number

Ten thousand is a big number. And 10,000 of something is quite a lot. Unless, of course, we're talking about sports cards. Then it doesn't seem like so many.It's here that I find myself these days, butting up against the 10,000-card ceiling, the amount my non-collector wife and I have decided should be the maximum number of cards in our apartment. Show More Summary

Buncha Lotta Ginter Cards

Now that the marketing push has moved to Chromey Chrome Cards I can show off a rack pack of Geentarz I picked up a while back. Wasn't as good as that blaster I ripped last year but it was nice. Short review of 2015 Ginter: Really dig the understated line art border that kinda looks like an ornamental door hinge. Show More Summary

Overseas Stamps are the Best

Any time I receive a package of cards from overseas, it seems to be so much more interesting in terms of postage than what I typically get from here in the States. I mean, just look at the stamps on this latest one! We've got airplanes, fauna, astrology, Christmas carols and more. Show More Summary

1956 Topps Harvey Haddix #77

I picked this up because Haddix is shown as a baserunner and it's a vintage addition to my pitchers hitting 'catch all' mini-collection - which include cards showing pitchers at-bat, running the bases, wearing a batting helmet, goofing around with a bat and doing things a batter is associated with. Show More Summary

Collection Cornerstones - Yogi!

Another month without a car payment, another cornerstone card added to my collection. This time, it's Yogi! Classic set, legendary name, legendary face. Throw in some pretty great centering for a card that's nearing 60 years old andShow More Summary

1994 Fleer Update Alex Rodriguez #U86

A-Rod has always been a player to universally collect and I've found myself morbidly fascinated about how he did even when the luster has long since faded - I picked up his 1994 Fleer Update rookie card because it's a nice, clean looking card picturing a young A-Rod swinging through in presumably a spring training at-bat. Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 2015 Bowman #141

I don't pick on Bowman often because the whole thing is one big Photoshop canvas. Who is he? Nick Tropeano is a right handed starting pitcher that came up through the Astros system. He was Houston's 5th round pick in 2011. Last season was his rookie season, and he looked to be on track to be another piece of the dangerous Astros future. Show More Summary

Heartbreaking Trade

I think I've used this title before, but I'm just going to go with it. Longtime blogger, APTBNL founder and podcaster (what is?) Matt F showed off a card that I didn't even know that I needed, which became the starting point for a trade this past spring. Show More Summary

Can I Get Some Mint Jelly with that PWE?

I recently received the latest PWE in my ongoing back-and-forth with Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse. As usual, all of the cards were great, and were needed for my Red Sox collection, but there was one that stood head and shoulders...Show More Summary

1955 Bowman Eddie Waitkus #4

I've wanted a copy of this card after I saw it on a random Funny Baseball Cards post and finally found one at my LCS for $2 - the story of Waitkus was the apparent inspiration for the book, The Natural, which was eventually made into a movie starring Robert Redford.

Ginter Thoughts (or, Things I Learned While Opening a Blaster)

These cards seem weird... off... are they thinner? Every year it seems I'm less and less excited about the prospects of a new set of Topps Allen & Ginter World's Champions (sometimes known as Allen & Ginter's World's Champions). This...Show More Summary

One Card Post - Red Sox Rizzo

What: 2011 Topps Pro Debut #233 - Anthony Rizzo Where: Jeff SHow Much?: Free (and by surprise!)Why?: Because Jeff S is just awesome. I had no idea this card was even coming in the most recent trade package he sent my way. Remember when Anthony Rizzo was a top prospect in Boston's farm system? No? Don't blame you. Show More Summary

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