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DroneBase Projects 700% Revenue Growth This Year

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : UAV Coach

Recently we wrote about DroneBase, the startup that crowdsources aerial photography and videography. DroneBase has a new pilot program that allows UAV pilots to find local work and get paid incredibly easily, and it’s taking off like wildfire. Show More Summary

GoPro Offers Free Camera to Karma Drone Buyers

8 hours agoHobbies / Drones : UAV Coach

Back in September we were excited to announce the launch of the Karma, GoPro’s very first foray into the drone market. It was foldable, and featured a detachable stabilizer that could be used to make non-aerial, handheld shots more steady, along with a rugged, outdoor-ready travel case. Show More Summary

Sky Viper Drones Review: Nano, Stunt, and Video Models

yesterdayHobbies / Drones : UAV Coach

Other drone manufactures that specialize in beginner / training quadcopter models, watch out. I’m looking at you, Hubsan and UDI. Sky Viper drone models have soared into the market, and my gut tells me that this relatively young drone brand will see more exposure as the UAV industry continues to blossom. Show More Summary

Wireless Power Solution for Drones

Our team of world-class engineers continues working on wireless power technology, and we aim to deliver industrial solution next year – to provide safe and efficient high-power long distance wireless power transmission, and deploy wireless power networks for drones in cities across the globe. We are glad to present new video of the drone…

Can AeroVironment Compete in the Commercial Drone Market?

AeroVironment’s new drone and cloud-based analytics platform squarely targets the commercial sector, but are they targeting the wrong vertical, too late in the game? THE FACTS: Earlier this month, the military and tactical unmanned aircraft systems…

The Most Comprehensive Study on Drones in Humanitarian Action

In August 2015, the Swiss humanitarian organization FSD kindly hired me as a consultant to work on the EU-ECHO funded Drones in Humanitarian Action program. I had the pleasure of working closely with FSD and team during the past 16 months. Show More Summary

SOLO Mapper production Batch

Hello guys, You probably know that we’ve developed the Mapper version of the SOLO which includes a Sony Qx1 (APS-C sensor, 20 Megapixels) and an automatic geotagging feature. Designed for technical work and compatible with mission planner / Tower (video below) Our next production starts on december 19 (two weeks left) so we wanted to share this information…

How Drones Can Help in Humanitarian Emergencies

Few technologies have undergone as radical a change as drones. Where five years ago, drones were mainly seen as an instrument of war, today they are far more likely to be flown by a wedding photographer than an airman. Earlier this year, the Consumer Technology Association estimated that globally 9.4 million civilian drones will be

Event 38 starts Reach RTK equipped mapping drones delivery

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

I've just seen cool tests from Jeff Taylor and his Event 38. They integrated Emlid's Reach in E384/E386 mapping drones and verified processed data accuracy using data from Trimble R6 Model4.  With the Emlid Reach RTK GPS Receivers now available, we’ve been conducting tests to determine their accuracy and working on the integration into the E384 and…

Pozxy ultrawideband positioning support from ArduCopter

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Great news from Randy and the ArduCopter team: Over the past month or so a few of us have been experimenting with using the …

Skywalker EVE-2000 Madien Flight Video sharing

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

    Today, I will share skywalker EVE-2000 Madien Flight Video to you. It is really good for hand casting, some hobbists are fond of installing landing gear. That looks really great, which protects propeller from damaging. However, he choose propeller is not good, because it is too narrow. Show More Summary

The Making of Walt Disney World’s First Drones Show

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : Drone Blog

Watch how the Imagineers and Walt Disney World Creative Entertainment worked with the experts at Intel to bring this experience to Disney Springs this holiday season. Learn more about the holidays at Disney Springs –

The Ultimate Drone Selfie in Cape Town

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : Drone Blog

Drones have become one of the most coveted film tools ever to exist. As content creators, they allow us to expand our creative boundaries in ways previously thought impossible. We’re constantly finding new and interesting ways to use them. The inspiration for this video stemmed from wanting to combine the abilities of a drone with

Tools of the Trade: How drones are changing the movie industry

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : Drone Blog

The film industry has always been one that embraces and runs with new technology, so it’s no surprise that the explosion of the drone industry is making waves in the way movies are made. Before the FAA approved the use of UAVs (drones) for filmmaking, aerial shots could only be achieved with the use of

DJI Mavic Pro review: everything a perfect drone should be

I must make a confession: I don’t fly drones nearly as often as someone nicknamed “The Drone Girl” should. Here’s the reason why: they are just too obtrusive to incorporate into daily life. Want to take it on vacation? That’s an extra suitcase you’ll have to pack. Show More Summary

Visualizing autopilot behavior with Flight Gear

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Great post from Curtis Olson, the lead developer of FlightGear and a long-time autopilot developer, on using simulators to do sophisticated autopilot analysis. Blending real video with synthetic data yields a…

Indoor drone localization with HTC Vive Lighthouse

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Very cool hack, as reported by Hackaday: The HTC Vive’s Lighthouse localization system is one of the cleverest things we’ve seen in a while. It uses a synchronization flash followed by a swept beam to tell any device that can see the lights…

A Pocket for Everything and Everything in its Pocket

3 days agoHobbies / Drones : Drone Blog

Let’s be honest: drone people are gear people. With each drone we drool over and eventually buy comes a host of little odds and ends that need to be carried around every time we go out and fly. There are lots of backpacks and cases that are great for transporting the serious gear, protecting the

Which RC Drone to Buy as a Recreational Photographer or Videographer?

3 days agoHobbies / Drones : Drone Blog

As a professional pilot, your options are pretty clear: Do I want to go with DJI, Yuneec, or one of the other top brands? But what if you’re a recreational photographer or videographer? You don’t need all of those bells and whistles, yet you still want to get quality shots. In this article, I’m going

Forced to publish 2016 ESNC contest entry: Stratos Shuttle – looking for sponsors or investors

3 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Hi All, Being very experienced avionics designer with significant operational drone experience including stratospheric airdrop, I have tried to contact Polish space3ac fund asking for funding. I was blocked on facebook march 2016 after asking the first question by coordinator who knew me as being whistleblower. You can find entire entry under the link describing the idea:…

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