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This AirVuz drone racing video contest comes with a $1,000 prize

17 hours agoHobbies / Drones : The Drone Girl

There’s no shortage of drone photo and video contests for those images of stunning landscapes and unique angles. But what about those sweet FPV racing and freestyle videos? There’s a contest for those too. Even better, the best FPV Video comes with an $1,000 prize. Show More Summary

DIY Drones now at 86,000 users

17 hours agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

It's customary and traditional that we celebrate the addition of every 1,000 new members here and share the traffic stats. We've now passed 86,000 members! We're also more than ten years old! Rather than simply give the usual monthly traffic snapshot, I thought I'd give the data…

Drawing Colored Trajectories in the Sky

Hi! I'd like to share something i did about a year ago as a part of my master thesis about aerial construction. This quick experiment used a Leica MS60 Total Station - an instrument often used for positioning machines on a construction site, to guide a quadrotor along a pre planned trajectory, drawn in a CAD…

The one quality every successful drone delivery service must have

The key to a successful drone delivery service isn’t necessarily using the fanciest, most expensive drone. It’s not necessarily the ability to fly hundreds of miles on a single battery. It’s also not necessarily the ability to carry tons of weight. Show More Summary

DIY: How to assemble a drone from everyday's material

Have you ever dreamed of assembling a drone with your own hands? Now you have such an opportunity. Like all writers on PaperHelps, we love to fantasize. And soon we are going to build on the drones in order to arrange a…

Connecting the Sky Viper v2450 GPS to Mission Planner

I am sure most folks here would know how to do this, the more I play with the Sky Viper the more impressed I am with its potential as a lead into the world of Ardupilot and yesterday even UTM's The official hacking thread is here.…

30X EO/IR drone zoom camera with object tracking and geotagging

Eagle Eye-30IE is a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal with EO(electro-optical) and IR(infrared) sensors for drone inspection,surveillance,search and rescue applications.The SONY 30X zoom camera provides 1080P 60FPS full HD video streaming and up to 360X zoom capability,which enable you to see every detail you need in the air even you are…

DJI is opening a drone arena in Tokyo, Japan

Calling all drone pilots in Tokyo, Japan! DJI will open its first DJI Area in Tokyo this Saturday. The 5,759-square food arena will go by the name “DJI Arena By JDRONE Tokyo,” and will include a flying arena, retail store and technical support space. Show More Summary

There’s a drone scholarship for high school students. Here’s how you can win it

High school students who love drones — here’s a drone scholarship you need to take advantage of. Pssst! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to get $50 off any Drone Pilot Ground School course! Drone Pilot Ground School launched the...Show More Summary

6S4P 22.2V 17Ah 60A Panasonic NCR20700B - CMEC battery pack for UAV

4 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Design, dimensions and technical specifications. Cell count: 24 (same rank cells)…

Open source underwater glider

6 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

I thought people here might be interested in a project that I’ve been working on for a while. There are no affordable extended duration underwater exploration projects and I’ve developed a hardware platform to provide this capability. The glider uses a mixture of 3D…

Boeing will pay you $2 million if you can build a human-carrying drone or jetpack

Know how to build a human-carrying drone or jetpack? Boeing will pay you $2 million to make it happen. Boeing is the primary sponsor in GoFly, a two-year, international contest to build a “personal flying device” capable of Vertical Takeoff and Landing that can fly twenty miles and carry a person. Show More Summary

Stop flying drones over the California fires. It’s probably illegal

Stop flying your drones over the California fires and subsequent devastation. Why? Here’s the short answer: the U.S. government says so. If you fly, we can’t! Drones near wildfires are not safe. #WildfireSafety...Show More Summary

Generator on the drone, kickstarter project, test flight and new sketch of the gas generator

Okay, there is so much stuff in the title so let's start with the generator on the prototype  This is the prototype, the generator is only for demonstration purpose because the generator at the moment is made from a nitro engine with all the connected problems (vibration and fuel consumption). A good thing…

What is the key to designing a High-Performance UAV?

Which is the key to designing a High-Performance UAV? Answer: Extreme customization of the battery pack with high-energy density cylindrical cells! We can maximize the performance through engineering a very custom battery pack. This is the key to develop a…


  Today, I’ll tell you more about the 18000mah 6s, which is the updated version of our TATTU Pluse. Tattu pluse 2.0 smart battery. It’s specially made for agriculture spraying, aerial photography survey drones and some others. Because...Show More Summary

Drone community to Donald Trump: give more power to local governments to develop drone operation policies

The drone community has a message for President Donald Trump: give more power to state and local governments to experiment with ways of integrating drones, but don’t compromise the FAA’s sovereignty of the national airspace. More than...Show More Summary

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