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Solving city management problems with UAV data and Sputnik software.

23 hours agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Solving urban problems requires timely information about every aspect of the city functioning. Today using UAV's is a great way for local governments to get precise data as 3D models, orthophotos and digital elevation models. However,...Show More Summary

ZTW Spider Series electronic speed control(ESC) For Racing Drones?Built in BLheli FirmWare

ZTW Spider Series For Raceing Drones ?Built in BLheli FirmWare The ZTW Spider series of ESCs are a great choice for any size of multi-rotor. Designed from the ground up for simple installation and easy setup and pre-flashed with SimonK OneShot 125 firmware to give a fast, super-smooth,…

OpenCV Installation and Camera Calibration

A few years ago I struggled a lot to study and understand OpenCV, especially the calibration process.  Now that I have just a little bit more the hang of it, I thought It might be helpful for people that are going to approach this incredible computer vision library starting from…

Nano Hyperespectral sensor now supported for Aeromapper 300

Aeromao Inc, has delivered an Aeromapper 300 customized and ready for the Nano-Hyperespectral camera from Headwell Photonics to the University of Brasilia, in Brazil. Since the initial approval was granted the custom integration wasShow More Summary

The Fat Shark FPV drone kit could be the key to bringing drone racing to the masses

Drone racing has an adoption problem. It looks glamorous on ESPN, but for an average person who is inspired by a drone race they just saw, the barrier to entry is often to hard. It’s difficult to find a drone racing kit that is easy to set up and fly. Show More Summary

30X EO/IR drone zoom camera with 360 degree rotation,tracking and geotagging

2 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Eagle Eye-30IE-360 is the new version of Eagle Eye-30IE,there are 2 features for this new 30X EO/IR zoom camera:the first one is its 360 degree rotation,that means  the gimbal has…

Meet Lana Axelrod, Chief Strategy Officer at Drone Pilot Ground School

Lana Axelrod is the Chief Strategy Officer at Drone Pilot Ground School, an online training course designed to help you study for the Part 107 test. All drone pilots who wish to operate commercially must have a Remote Pilot’s License via the Federal Aviation Administration, and passing the test is one of the steps toward getting that license. Show More Summary

A big DJI product launch is coming on Tuesday

If you’ve been hankering for something new from DJI, you’re in luck. The dronemaker that sprung to fame with its Phantom line of drones has another product launch coming on Tuesday. The Chinese dronemaker revealed a video promoting a...Show More Summary

L1/L2 GNSS RTK Kit for Drone DIY

5 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Get the centimeter-accurate multi-GNSS L1/L2 GNSS kit for your drone DIY projects. Standard 433/915 MHz and high-end radio versions are available. Standard radio versions are 915 MHz (US) and 433 MHz (Europe). The two radio transmitters in an RTK system need to be able to pass RTCM data…

ZTW Flash 30A OPTO For Multirotor

5 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Specification: Brand Name: ZTW Item Name: ZTW Flash Series 30A BLHeli OPTO ESC 2-4S Model: Flash 30A Input Voltage: 2-4S…

ZTW Agricultural Drones electronic speed control(ESC) for your Agricultural Drones

5 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

ZTW Agricultural Drones electronic speed control(ESC) for your Agricultural Drones More info:…

ComNav Technology K726 dual antenna GNSS RTK board for UAV autopilot

5 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

ComNav Technology had released K726 dual antenna RTK&Heading GNSS OEM board half years in domestic market, had got successful cooperation with some UAV manufacturers during this period. This video is showing the K726 using in spray UAV for agriculture, test the performance for the hovering in "L" shelter environment.…

The Drone Market Environment Map – These companies will disrupt 2018

5 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

The changes and developments we saw throughout the   drone industry   in 2017 were incredible and deserve a proper examination. For the most   part, the hype that drove so much misunderstanding and frustration in this space is gone and that’s a good thing. Show More Summary

This SkyUp Drone Girl shirt is totally adorable

I love hearing from fans, and I REALLY love when I hear from them in the form of art! The shirt was designed by a fan named Nicole who runs the site SkyUp Drones, which has an adorable collection of drone-related t-shirts. So I was totally...Show More Summary

Pacific Drone Challenge

6 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

The Pacific Drone Challenge, inspired by the Xprize, has the goal of pushing the boundaries of what is possible with civilian drones. You have to do it for your name in the history books as there is no financial prize. Could…

Biomechanical simulation of Artificial Aquatic & Marine Animals (2)

6 days agoHobbies / Drones : DIY Drones

Task 2.8 : Biomechanical simulation of Butterfly swimming (Improved version) The biomechanical mechanism of butterfly swimming technology is very difficult and it is still necessary to continue the research. I could not be satisfied with my first achievement in this year and I rebuilt it over and…

Join me in San Francisco for my 2nd “Girls Who Drone” event featuring Intel’s light show team!

Ever wondered the science behind how Intel puts on those incredible drone light shows? You know, like the ones at Coachella, the Super Bowl, at Walt Disney World,  in honor of Wonder Woman, and most recently over the Fountains of Bellagio...Show More Summary

Lily drone maker Mota wants to create blockchain for drones

This is an excerpt of a piece originally written for Read the entire piece here. Not even the drone industry is immune to the blockchain craze. Mota, the company that purchased the rights to manufacture the Lily drone, says it has been experimenting with blockchain technology for drones. Show More Summary

Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 100C HV LiPo Review: Extra Boost for your Racing Drone

When I review niche products like this Tattu R-Line 4s HV LiPo battery, it is very hard to find an exciting introduction. I already rewrote the first sentence three times and still didn’t find something satisfying… In nutshell, LiHV batteries are like nitro for racing cars. Show More Summary

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