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Tippets: Bonefish Body Language, Targeting Winter Redfish

54 minutes agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

Being able to anticipate the next movement of a fish can help increase your rate of success on the water. In this article Owen Plair writes about how to read the body language of bonefish. “A few simple movements to look … more ?

A Little Heads Up For Bass Pundit Readers

Major League Fishing gives away the juice. And when I say they give away the juice, I'm talking waypoints, lures used, size of fish and time of day for each anglers catch all on Google Maps/Earth. I was unable to locate the dock that Evers caught his 5lber off of on Pokegama. Maybe you will have better luck than me at finding it.

Indifly and Anaa Atoll

I’ve taken a liking to Indifly after hearing about them from a couple different folks. The idea is… well… I’ll leave it up to them to tell you… Indifly was founded to protect fisheries and provide sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples. Our mission is accomplished through the development of community owned fly fishing ecotourism operations […]

Great white shark caught from pier is under investigation; disturbing video

A disturbing video of a juvenile great white shark being hauled up onto the Huntington Beach Pier and an equally disturbing photo of the fishermen posing with the catch has created an uproar on social media. The video posted on Facebook...Show More Summary

Spey TV Episode 8: The Step and Slide

The boys from Spey TV are back with another great video featuring spey casting and fishing tips from some of the best in the business. Their latest video features Deneki pal, Charles St. Pierre, on the fundamentals of efficiently working down a run while swinging flies, and you can watch it right this second by […]

Video Hatch: “A Smith River Story”

22 hours agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This short film from The North 40 Fly Shop features a float trip on Montana’s legendary Smith River.

Tippets: Fly Rod & Reel Angler of the Year, Casting on the Flats

Brian Chan, “British Columbia’s soft-spoken and affable stillwater magician,” has been announced as Fly Rod & Reel’s 2016 Angler of the Year. Read more about Chan in this profile by Dana Sturn. Based on his own experience as a beginner … more ?

How to Tie Ken’s Crystal Worm

Tim Flagler ties Ken Walrath’s Crystal Worm in this week’s featured tying video. “I think it’s the little bit of mottling and shimmer that together make this pattern look so lifelike,” notes Flagler.

Tippets: Communicating in the Backcountry, Shadows and Sunlight

2 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

Having a communication device in remote locations can save your life. From cell phones to emergency beacons, Joe Jackson outlines some of the best on the market in this recent article via Outside Online. We can’t always choose the optimal … more ?

The show goes on

I always like going to one of the Fly Fishing Shows. Today I managed to steal a couple hours to hit the show in Pleasanton, which I think is the last of the US shows. It is a chance to see some old friends and have some good conversations. I also managed to cast a […]

Tippets: Taimen Fundraiser, Expert Tips Roundup

2 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

An auction and raffle event, Taimen: A Party and a Cause, will be held Febraruary 17, 2017, at Harper Studios in Seattle, WA. The event will feature food and drinks, and music by South Sound Tug and Barge. All proceeds … more ?

American Potcake

Those who have joined us for any length of time on South Andros have undoubtedly noticed the friendly family of potcake puppies who call our grounds home. As many of you know, over the years, a few of those pooches have become a part of our little family here at Andros South – a small part of […]

Windy Day? Keep Your Line Under Your Toe

There are many, many ways to blow a shot at a bonefish. Trust us, we’ve blown our share.. But arguably the most frustrating way of all is by accidentally standing on your line while attempting to present the fly. We could explain the scenario in excruciating detail, but we have a feeling many of you know exactly […]

Video Hatch: “Winter…”

4 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This beautiful short film features fishing for grayling on the River Test, Hampshire UK. Via Matt Dunkinson.

I've Added A Livewell for 2017

After trying to get it done the wrong way for 15 minutes I finally figured out what I was doing. Click on the Livewell 2017 link under the header at the top of the blog to see my best catches so far this year..

Tippets: A Steelhead Guide on Saltwater, Understanding Indicators

4 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

In a three-part series, steelhead guide Travis De Boer writes about his first saltwater fly fishing trip. Read his preconceived notions and they played out on the water for bonefish, tarpon, and permit. Via Silver Bow Fly Shop. From yarn … more ?

Skunked at the Grumpy Old Man Hole

The GOMH when the swans arrived 4:30-5:00PM GOMH both sidesConditions: 44?, Mostly Cloudy, Windy NW, water level lowWhen I arrived at he Grumpy Old Man Hole the wind had come up and it was cloudy. I'm surprised I didn't get rained on. Show More Summary

Video Hatch: “Gold Fever-Fly-Fishing California’s Gold Country”

4 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

Tucked deep in a remote canyon, a ribbon of crystal clear water holds a robust population of wild rainbows and a few trophy brown trout that have seldom seen a hook. This short film from Mikey Wier features the journey …

Tippets: Anglers for a Common Cause, Learning the Water Haul Cast

4 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

Anglers can make a difference when they join together on a common cause and speak with one voice on conservation issues. “It’s much easier to gawk at fish porn, or drool over the latest epic fishing destination, or whine about … mor...

Unfulfilled Promises

The Bahamas are full of unfulfilled, if not outright broken, promises. An arial view of almost any island will confirm as much. So many folks have blown through and made grand promises of economic security and revolution. Every paved road in a fantasy real estate development tells the tale. I have to wonder if the […]

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