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Universal Gear Tip – Rinse Your Zippers

Fact: One of the most forgotten items by our anglers at Andros South is a rain jacket. Regardless of where you’re fishing, whether in the North Country or the Tropics, being wet means being cold, and having quality rain gear handy is critical for staying comfortable on the water in adverse conditions. However, when fishing in […]

Tippets: Trout Fishing & Toxic Waters, Financial Assessment of Pebble Deposit, B.C. Steelhead, Proposed Paradise Valley Mine

6 hours agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

President Trump recently signed a bill nullifying the Office of Surface Mining’s Stream Protection Rule, which was designed to further protect waterways from coal mining waste. “There is, of course, a public health element to this, too,” writes Monte Burke. … more ?

Went Fishing With Pete, I Got Skunked

6 hours agoHobbies / Fishing : Bass Pundit

Looking SW 4:00-6:30PM Sullivan Lake West AccessConditions: 48-40?, Mostly cloudy, Wind SSW, Fished from 7' to 42' We were not fishing very close to that point at all Pete decided to stay another night and go fishing, lucky me. So I didn't go to the Grumpy Old Man Hole like I planned. Show More Summary

Iguana Tracks

For those who have yet to experience it, the sheer vastness of our flats system on South Andros can be overwhelming. It’s not uncommon for our guests to never run into another soul throughout the course of a day’s fishing – something that, like most anglers, we really, really appreciate. However, regardless of how expansive our […]

Video Hatch: “Wadertales”

This film features friends and fish of the waters of Jämtland, Sweden. Via Wyeld Fly Fishing.

Tippets: Tight Ling Nymphing, Designate a Tying Desk

In this recent article Domenick Swentosky thoroughly outlines techniques and rigging options for tight line nymphing with an indicator. “Tight line nymphing is my default approach on most rivers. I like the control, the contact and the immediacy of strike detection. … more ?

More on Bill Curtis

The Jackson Hole News and Guide came out with a really great story about long-time/monumental guide Bill Curtis, who passed away last year. Good read. I never met Bill Curtis. Wish I did. Sounds like he was a really interesting guy. And… because Florida… someone stole Bill Curtis’s ashes from a pick-up truck. Oh Florida… […]

Finding Fontinalis – Full Feature Release

Last spring, the good folks at Patagonia, along with generous sponsors (Far Bank Enterprises, YETI, and Costa Del Mar), presented the fly fishing world with a condensed cut of their film, Finding Fontinalis, for the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour. The film told the story of one of the oldest recorded fishing world records in history, a […]

Tippets: What’s In Your Pack, Unusual Tying Materials

2 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

What do you carry in your pack on the water? Ben Duchesney writes about what he chooses for his fishing bag, and why he’s “a firm believer of keeping it simple and straightforward with my gear selection, which makes my … more ?

“Finding Fontinalis” Feature Release

2 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

“Finding Fontinalis,” a feature-length film by Travis Lowe, explores how the search for a new world record brook trout in Argentina ultimately leads the anglers to conservation. The film is produced by Patagonia and co-sponsors Far Bank Enterprises, Yeti and …

Janell Fannin Announced as DUN Magazine’s Managing Editor

2 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

DUN Magazine has announced Janell Fannin will join their team as managing editor. This coincides with the online publication’s growth into the print market as well. Read more in the press release below. Janell Fannin Announced as DUN Magazine’s Managing … more ?

How to Tie Peter Koga’s Hula Charlie

3 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

Peter Koga’s Hula Charlie, tied by Koga himself, is the featured pattern in Tim Flagler’s instructional tying video this week.  The Hula Charlie borrows some elements from Lester Matsumoto’s Magic Charlie but stays true to one of the great classics in …

Tippets: Tips for Fly Design, BTT Symposium

3 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

From texture and color, to legs and wings, Louis Cahill outlines eight elements of design for imitating trout food sources. “The order of the elements that I will talk about in no way ranks the importance of the elements,” writes … more ?

Spread for Trolling Lures

Here’s a good summary of how we set up our spread when we’re trolling lures for tuna. The post Spread for Trolling Lures appeared first on Big Daddy's Fishing Blog.

Three Good Articles

Another month’s gone by which means its time for our mid-monthly edition of three good articles, where we share some of our favorite articles from other fly fishing websites with you. Enjoy! Three Good Articles Bonefish Body Language. Deneki pal, Owen Plair, with some bonefishing wisdom learned on our stomping grounds at Andros South, via Gink […]

Video Hatch: “The Kingdom’s Last Stand”

4 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This short film from Joe Cummings of Drive On Media is a dirge for disappearing wild salmon populations, and the pledge to fight for their survival.

How Bow Dah!

19.75" VMC Fly w/Maki Jamei (purple) 4:00-7:30PM Rock Lake My Spot Conditions: 56-40?, Mostly Sunny, Light SW wind, 16' mostly the waypoint holes. I drilled a total of 4 sets of holes with the one's at the waypoint being triples, instead of my usual double, so I could put the new Aqua-Vu Micro 5c down. Show More Summary

Tippets: Interview with Andrew Grillos, Sage Wisdom

4 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

From his start fly fishing on Colorado’s Front Range and steelhead fishing in the Pacific Northwest, to advice for guides and his creative process for designing innovative fly patterns, Andrew Grillos covers a lot of territory in a great interview … more ?

Video: Redington VICE Fly Rods

5 days agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

“Easy casting, fast action” is how Josh Prestin describes the new 4-piece VICE fly rod series from Redington. The VICE is priced at $199.95, carries a lifetime warranty, and comes in 15 different models.

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