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Video Hatch: “Little Shasta, Big Heart”

This short film highlights the long-term project of The Nature Conservancy and California Trout to bring salmon back to a section of stream where they have long since disappeared due to irrigation diversions and water obstructions. Via EcoLogic Films. Little …

Video Hatch: “Natural Highs: Part Two”

This short film from Rainbros Fishing features great footage of trout fishing in Scotland, on Loch Leven and the Lake of Menteith, as well as salmon fishing on the River Spey. Natural Highs | Part Two from Rainbros Fishing on …

Popper Fishing for Silvers – Video

We’ve posted an awful lot in the past about popper fishing for our ridiculous run of silver salmon at Alaska West. After all, big bright salmon inhaling surface flies, over and over again, is hard to keep entirely to ourselves.. That said, without seeing it for yourself, we don’t think reading about it does it […]

Video Hatch: “Moments”

2 weeks agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This short film features beautiful footage from a fly fishing trip in northern Sweden. Via Spotified.

Tippets: McCormick at the National Casting Championships, Fishing Small Streams

4 weeks agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

At 13, Maxine McCormick is taking the fly casting world by storm. At the National Casting Championships held in San Jose, CA McCormick beat her teacher, Hall of Famer Chris Korich, in flycasting-accuracy combination events. “Regardless of age or gender, Maxine … more ?

Tippets: Lahontan Cutthroat Migration, Smallmouth in the Yellowstone, Sea Lions & Steelhead

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This year’s high snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas provided water flows that have enabled the Pilot Peak strain of Lahontan cutthroat trout “to migrate further into Nevada’s Truckee River waters than the fish has been able to do on its … more ?

Video Hatch: “A day in the Swiss mountains.”

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This short film features some fantastic aerial shots of fly fishing in the Swiss alps. Via Luc Malbois.

Tippets: Orvis Nippers Review, Following Salmon on Horseback

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

In this video, Hank Patterson offers a unique review of the new made-in-USA nippers from Orvis. These nippers recently won IFTD Best of Show Accessories for 2017 and Fly Fusion Editor’s Choice Accessory for 2017. Kat Cannell, MJ Wright, and … more ?

Video Hatch: “Grayling”

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This short film from Joonas Vinnari features fly fishing in the northern part of Finland.

Video Hatch: “Mental Baby Poons”

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This short film from RepYourWater highlights how healthy habitats create great days on the water. Via LIVITFILMS.  

Tippets: Flies for Guyana, Tenkara Techniques

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

In this video, Oliver White and Shun Alvin talk about the different types of flies they use when fishing the rivers in the jungles of Guyana. Learn about the patterns and their design elements via Outside Magazine. From the difference … more ?

Keep ‘Em Wet with Slow Motion Release Shots (Video)

Photography has become a big part of the fly fishing culture over the years, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t understand the importance of capturing the moment with that special fish. That said, we also believe that fish destined to be released should always be treated with the utmost respect, held close […]

Tippets: Changes in Plans, Fishing Hoppers

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

From delayed flights to changes in weather, in this article Patrick Straub writes about what to do when your fly fishing trip doesn’t go as planned. “Fly-fishing travel, whether to saltwater destinations or mountain trout streams, often feels like high stakes … more ?

Video Hatch: “One Man’s Trash”

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This short film from Winged Reel features fly fishing in the remote areas of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

Tippets: Rigging Dry-Droppers, Fishing Gyeonji in South Korea

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

In a new instructional video from Anglers All fly shop, Doug Garvey demonstrates how to easily add a dropper fly to a dry-dropper rig or double nymph rig. “This is essentially a clinch knot on the bend of the hook, however … more ?

Spey Fishing – Pulsing the Swing (Video)

The “tug” might be the “drug,” but most anglers would agree that a tug that stays attached is ideal. Unfortunately, when swinging flies for salmon and steelhead, that’s not always the case. Quick strikes, followed by an unanswered swing, are common when spey fishing, and can be frustrating at the very least. So what do […]

Video Hatch: “The Big Eat”

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This film from Capt. Jack Productions features incredible aerial footage of fly fishing for taimen.

Timeless Tip Tuesday: 3 Ways to Cast Further

Casting a long ways is not anywhere close to the most important skill in fly fishing.  We’d actually tell you that casting too far is one of the leading causes of not catching fish…but that’s a topic for another day! Bombing long casts is fun, and every once in a while, you need to cast […]

Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing with Ann”

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This beautifully shot film highlights a fishless day. “Guess that’s why they call it fishing and not catching,” says filmmaker Nicholas Anderson.

Classic Bass Champions Tour 2017 Mille Lacs Bass Fishing Tournament Recap – June 10, 2017

Sorry, this blog is about a month overdue.  First off, the inaugural Classic Bass Champions Tour event was AMAZING!  Classic Bass put on a great event and fishing an MLF (Major League Fishing) style tournament is a completely different kind of pressure over traditional 5 best bass style tournaments. Show More Summary

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