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Two Feet Meyer Lemon And Key Lime Tree In Same Pot – Should I Separate Now?

Q: I have a Meyer lemon and a Key lime tree in a three gallon pot. They’re about two feet tall. I intended on separating them into different containers but they have started blooming. Should I go ahead and separate the two plants so they have more room to grow?  A: I think the plants […]

Can I Fertilize Newly Planted Trees And Shrubs In Late December?

Q: I’ll be out of town January thru April next year. Can I fertilize my newly planted trees and shrubs in late December?  A: Some fertilizers, like 10-10-10, are dissolved into the soil with the first rain. That’s obviously not what you want. There are various ways to make fertilizer products release nutrients slowly. Some […]

Angel Trumpet – How Will The Cold Affect It?

Q: I have a special angel trumpet I planted this year and I don’t want to lose it. How will the cold affect it?  A: Angel trumpet can sometimes be killed by Atlanta winters. Wait until Thanksgiving to cut the main stem down to six inches in height. Put a gallon pot over it and […]

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - December 2017

16 hours agoHobbies / Gardening : Greenbow

Since we have had a mostly mild December so far I actually have an outdoor bloom to show today. This is the first in a few years that I have had an outdoor bloom. Hmmmm on closer inspection maybe I should call these buds. They formed after a cold spell when temps went above normal. Show More Summary

Fall color and grassy plumes for December Foliage Follow-Up

18 hours agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Despite our one-day snow last week, it still looks pretty autumnal in my garden this Foliage Follow-Up. The Japanese maple stubbornly refuses to acknowledge fall until December, when the Christmas lights go up on the house and red balls go up on the agave by the door. Show More Summary

Progress at Good Gardening Videos by Garden Rant

I seem to be passionate about turning people on to gardening and teaching them to succeed at it – whether it’s through writing, individualized coaching, or local activism. To that end, this past year I’ve had a new and exciting focus – curating gardening videos on YouTube for accuracy and quality and helping people find […]

The landscaping potential of snow by Elizabeth Licata

It’s not 12/21 yet, but winter has officially begun in Western New York; I had gotten my final bulbs in just a few days before the season’s first major snowfall hit on 12/10 (making for a really bizarre football game that day). For the most part snowstorms are no big deal. You can survey a […]

New Central Library – “Austin’s front porch” – boasts rooftop garden and more

Austin is head over heels in love with our new Central Library, a marvelous civic structure by Lake|Flato that is much more than a library. It’s a community space for all of Austin in a prime location on Cesar Chavez Street near Austin City Hall and across from Lady Bird Lake. Show More Summary

Soil Conditioner Was Not Mixed Properly In Fescue Sod – Will Sod Root Through Conditioner?

Q: I hired a company to install fescue sod. I asked them to mix soil conditioner into the soil as they prepared. They raked the soil conditioner over the soil but didn’t really mix it in. Is the sod going to root through the layer of soil conditioner? A: In general, plant roots find it […]

Do I Plant Ryegrass Every Year Or Once?

Q: I have a well established bermuda lawn and am thinking of overseeding with rye. Do I plant rye every year or is it a one time deal?  A: You’ll have to plant the ryegrass every year, usually in September. Make sure your lawn is in good health first. The ryegrass will look great in […]

Are Green Giant Arborvitae Safe To Plant Now?

Q: My landscaper is installing some Green Giant arborvitae. Is it safe to plant them now?  A: I think they would be fine to plant now through December. Quiz the installer to make sure he is giving the Green Giants a wide area in which to spread their roots, not a small hole slightly bigger […]

Gardenias Are In Decline – Should I Prune And Fertilize Now?

Q: My gardenias once had large flowers. They have declined and now have small leaves, small flowers and lichens on the stems. Should I prune and fertilize them now to help them regain their beauty?  A: My feeling is you should wait until mid-February and prune them severely then, perhaps as low as 18? high. […]

Used Gas On Yellow Jacket Holes – Why Are They Now Flying Over Area?

Q: We used gas on three different yellowjacket holes. There are now dozens of yellowjackets flying over this area during the day. Is it possible these insects were not in the nest when it was destroyed and are trying to find it?  A: I think it’s very possible the yellowjackets you’re seeing are the ones […]

Hemlock Tree Is Brown On One Side – Can I Still Stimulate Growth?

Q: I have a large hemlock but over the years other trees and shrubs have encroached on one side of it. I recently removed the trees and now 1/3 of the hemlock has dead branches. Is there any way to stimulate growth on the brown side of the tree?  A: If the hemlock branches are […]

UGA Soil Test Says To Incorporate 34-0-0 – Would Aerating Be Enough?

Q: I had a UGA soil test done and it recommended: “For establishment, incorporate 3 pounds of 34-0-0 per 1000 square feet into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil prior to seeding.” I just wanted to know if aerating would be enough to accomplish that, or do I have to till? A: Local […]

Deer Ate Japanese Maple Leaves – Will It Survive Winter Inside?

Q: Deer ate all the leaves off of my four-foot-tall Japanese maple. Will it survive if I bring it into our sunroom this winter?  A: I think there’s a good chance your Japanese maple will sprout leaves next year without much problem. It has completed much of the photosynthesis it needed during the growing season […]

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