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Crocosmia crush

When I visited my friend Melody’s lovely San Antonio garden last fall, she gave me a division of a crocosmia. I was surprised to learn that crocosmia grows in central Texas, having seen it thriving in cool-summer gardens in Portland and Seattle. Show More Summary

The Local Gardening Show I Covet – “Central Texas Gardener” by Susan Harris

While in Toronto for the Blogger Fling I arranged for the most interesting bus-mates I could find for our day-long rides to gardens and events, and one was someone I barely knew but quickly became soulmates with – Linda Lehmusvirta, writer/producer of the Austin-based PBS show Central Texas Gardener.  After I got home I watched some […]

Happy 4th of July Weekend and Happy Harvesting

Here at my farm, it's just about time to start harvesting those small, fragrant, and refreshingly sweet raspberries - one of the most popular berries in the United [&hellip...

Digging receives two Garden Writers Association awards!

2 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

I’m really excited to announce that I’ve received two Silver Awards of Achievement for garden writing in the 2015 Garden Writers Association Media Awards Program. One award is for the category Blog-Writing. The judges, in making their...Show More Summary

Harvesting Gooseberries

Berry picking is in full swing at my Bedford farm. Yesterday, all available hands were picking away at the gooseberry bushes. Gooseberries are one of summer’s delights. These [&hellip...

Fling wrap-up at Toronto Botanical Garden: Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling

2 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Wherever I travel, I enjoy visiting local botanical gardens. So I was happy to see that Toronto Botanical Garden would be our final stop — including a catered dinner — on the recent Garden Bloggers Fling in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Show More Summary

Lessons from a Portland Hellstrip by Evelyn Hadden

Garden touring season has given way to what I’m learning to treat as a second dormant period here in the high desert: the extreme heat of midsummer. And how convenient that is, since now there will be time to mull over the many photos of gardens that I’ve accumulated during the last couple of months, […]

A Special Garden Tour at My Bedford Farm

As many of you know, every spring and summer, I open my gardens for a small number of selected tours around the farm, to see what is blooming [&hellip...

Wildlife garden with an artful touch: Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling

3 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

On our last day of the Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling in early June, we visited a private garden described as a wildlife garden. I didn’t end up taking photos of its wildlife-attracting features, however. Instead I was drawn to the artful touches found throughout, many of them composed of natural materials. Show More Summary

Evergreen Brick Works community greenspace: Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling

4 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

For nearly 100 years, Don Valley Brick Works supplied Toronto with masonry bricks and helped the city rebuild and grow after a devastating fire. By 1984, however, the kilns were closed down, and the factory buildings languished. Urban explorers and partying teens found their way in, and graffiti soon covered the brick walls. Show More Summary

Gardener’s Guide to the National Mall by Susan Harris

Here’s a blog post I wrote for two general-interest blogs, in which I review a fabulous new way to see the sights around the National Mall and illustrate with images of the gardens and landscape memorials along the way. It’s a garden tour with tips from a local gardenblogger’s perspective. As digital content, a story […]

Picking Currants at the Farm

It’s berry picking season at the farm! This week, everyone at the farm is helping to pick currants - those bright red, white, and black juicy, tart fruits. [&hellip...

I Saved a Life Today

I was mulching this afternoon, in a fine mist, thankful that we weren't getting a downpour of rain AGAIN. We've already set a new record for the most rainfall in a single month ever. (We're currently at just under 12" for the month.) There's still one more day left and it's supposed to...wait for it...RAIN. Show More Summary

Small Plant in Big Container

Q: It did not take long to figure out why a Leyland that I planted last year died so quickly this year. I sure did not see this below the surface container that evidently prevented proper root propagation. A: Wow, what damning photos! It’s common for a nursery to “move up” small plants from a […]

Cabbagetown garden art and Hugh Garner Co-Op Green Roof: Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling

5 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

The teeny tiny gardens of Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighborhood of Victorian homes kicked off our final day of Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling in early June. Due to the tight quarters, pictures of artful vignettes were easier to take than overview photos, and I’m sharing my favorites here. Show More Summary

Colors of equality by Elizabeth Licata

Those lanterns weren’t nearly gay enough. In celebration of Friday’s SCOTUS marriage equality decision, and in solidarity with all of my friends and colleagues who have already availed themselves of this freedom or who are now able to, here is some rainbow/garden imagery I found on Shutterstock. Like Susan, I am not at all sure […]

Planting Beans at the Farm

Whether you are new to gardening and just planted your first vegetable crop this season, or have years of gardening experience behind you, growing beans should always be [&hellip...

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