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Rescue on the High Seas and a Lobster Reward

Boating is one of my favorite activities… During my recent stay in Maine, a group of us, including my daughter, grandchildren, and Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and his family, [&hellip...

The Gardener of Good and Evil makes my garden look good

19 hours agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Water visually cools Pam’s back garden. Photo by Lori Daul. Although she claims both a halo and a pitchfork in her blog name, Lori Daul of The Gardener of Good and Evil is purely a force for good — or at least that’s what I believe after seeing how beautifully she photographed my garden. Show More Summary

Inside the White House Rose Garden “Memory Book” by Susan Harris

For the first time ever, the public is able to see a private scrapbook about the Kennedy Rose Garden created by Jackie Kennedy herself in 1966 as a gift to her old friend Bunny Mellon, who helped design the garden. The scrapbook has been scanned, and the 150 or so pages are the highlight of […]

Wordless Wednesday: Make Love, Not War

Morning Glory Ipomoea nil 'Tie Dye' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why do plants do this (have variegated blooms)? Here's one explanation:"The Japanese morning glory has an extensive history of genetic studies. Many mutants in the colors and shapes...Show More Summary

Propagating Snapdragons from Stem Cuttings

I always enjoy growing my own plants, but there’s something even more exciting and gratifying about propagating them - producing plants by dividing, grafting, or taking the cuttings [&hellip...

My Hot and Spicy Adventures, or She’s On Fire! by Ivette Soler

I HAVE A HEAT TOOTH!!! Not a sweet tooth, a HEAT TOOTH! I love hot peppers. I have been honing my tolerance for heat for a few years now, and at this point I can take a bite out of a habañero and not pass out or vomit. It hurts, and I have to breathe […]

Come see my garden on the Inside Austin Gardens Tour

4 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

The Inside Austin Gardens Tour is coming up soon, in a little less than two months, and my garden will be on it. This will be my first time on a public tour, and I hope that you’ll come and say hi. I love the slogan for this tour — For Gardeners, By Gardeners — because it speaks to the accessibility of the 6 private gardens on tour. Show More Summary

The wild side by Elizabeth Licata

At this time of year, I often prefer hiking to gardening. Late summer is my favorite time for the plants that grow wild in the parks and the preserves of Western New York, and the more common they are, the better I like them.  They don’t even have to be native. I enjoy the fact […]

Of Starfish and Monarchs

One day, an old man was walking along a beach that was littered with thousands of starfish that had been washed ashore by the high tide. As he walked, he came upon a young boy who was eagerly throwing the starfish back into the ocean, one by one.Puzzled, the man looked at the boy and asked what he was doing. Show More Summary

Flowering Cherry – Limb Rot

Q: My Kwanzan cherry tree has splitting bark then the limb dies. No visible pests. What is your opinion? A: I see two smoking guns. In the first picture there is a hole that looks like it was formed from a stub being left when a limb was pruned from the tree. The tree could […]

The Face of a Rose

Not one for keeping records of my garden, but rather a woman who relishes the treasures and surprises each day and season offers, I’d be hard-pressed to say if this particular garden ever once displayed the abundance of roses it currently does, but I’d say, “No. Nearly September? Hardly.” And yet here it is. And […]

Maple Tree – Planted Too Deep

Q: Near the ground on a young maple tree trunk there is an amorphous black shape. It looks like soot. This tree is one of a pair and is not as green or as large as the other that was planted at the same time about 2 years ago. A: Sadly, the tree was planted […]

Dogwood – Repairing Damage

Q: After heavy rain a huge limb fell from a pecan tree on top of a small dogwood splitting it. What do I do now? A: Wow – this is tough to decide. I doubt very much if the split-away limb could be bolted back in place and graft itself to the limb from which […]

Mellow mallow on Monday

5 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Mmmmm, I do love Indian mallow (Abutilon palmeri). Those velvety, lime-green leaves and stems! Those Creamsicle-orange cupped blossoms! Its soft-orange flowers pop against cobalt blue. Its pettable green leaves soften the blue stucco wall in the back garden, unfazed by blasting sun and heat. Show More Summary

Stained-glass leaves and Crazy Eyes snake

Even a dark-green, fibrous leaf, like that of cast-iron plant (Aspidistra elatior), glows like a stained-glass window when backlit by the setting sun. In the lowest, shadiest part of my garden, it fringes a native Mexican buckeye (Ungnadia speciosa), which is also aglow. Show More Summary

Super-Duper Chanticleer Book and Contest by Susan Harris

The Book, available next month from Timber Press, is the story of the garden from its very own gardeners. And Chanticleer Garden is a garden that’s designed and managed, not just cared for by gardeners, so they reveal more than pretty images – though Rob Cardillo’s are amazing.  It’s called The Art of Gardening – Design […]

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