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Read This: Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture

35 minutes agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

When the Death Star really starts blazing during the summer, we gardeners in the South and Southwest put down our shovels and trowels, do a little weeding or watering in the early morning hours, and mainly try to stay in the shade or a swimming hole until October. Show More Summary

Calling long range forecasting on its BS by Elizabeth Licata

He had me at “silly on weather.” A retired, Buffalo-based, 30-year broadcaster and longtime meteorologist,  Don Paul still contributes occasionally to the local paper with smart articles like this one. Reading them is so much more interesting than looking at some guy (or gal) standing in front of an animated map. There simply isn’t time […]

Picking Raspberries

Here at my farm, it's time to harvest those small, fragrant, and refreshingly sweet raspberries - one of the most popular berries in the United States. I grow [&hellip...

It Was an Actual Cherry HARVEST!

Back in 2011, while attending a regional GWA (Garden Writers Association) meeting in Chicago, I received a couple of small seedlings of a dwarf sour cherry shrub - 'Carmine Jewel'. Gurney's supplied them to us as part of the swag that we usually get when we attend such meetings.I brought them home and planted them back near our apple trees. Show More Summary

Watermelon and Squash – Do Not Cross-pollinate

Q: I think I have a watermelon/squash hybrid in my garden. This came up this year where I planted squash. I didn’t plant watermelons this year but had planted watermelons in the spot last year. A: It’s probably not what you think. Although many members of the Cucurbit family interchange pollen to create hybrids, watermelons […]

Meadow views and fantasy treehouses at Longwood Gardens

2 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Contrasting with the many formal and traditional gardens at Longwood Gardens (a Philadelphia-area estate garden I visited earlier this month), the 2-year-old Meadow Garden presents an appearance of wild nature. The meadow’s 86 rolling...Show More Summary

Raised Bed – Filling With Bagged Products

Q: I’ve built my raised beds but I don’t have a lot of soil to fill them. What should I use? A: I have had good success with Big Yellow Bag,  Scotts Premium Topsoil, Kellogg Raised Bed Mix,  Nature’s Care Organic Raised Bed Soil, and Dr. Earth Mother Land Planting Mix. I have had poor […]

Those who play in glass houses: Conservatory and Indoor Children’s Garden at Longwood Gardens

3 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Maybe Southerners don’t need conservatories because our winters are pretty green. Growing up in the South, I don’t recall ever visiting a conservatory until I started garden traveling to northern states. (We don’t have a culture of spring...Show More Summary

A June Garden Tour at Cantitoe Corners

There is so much growing and blooming at the farm - it's a perfect time for a garden tour. As many of you know, every now and then, I [&hellip...

Pollen Analysis – From Honey

Q: I am interested in matching pollen granules that my honeybees collect with the plant of origin. A: The best help I can find is from a professor at Texas A&M University in Austin. Although Austin is a bit warmer than Atlanta, I think flowering plants there are about the same as here. Here’s what […]

A Trip to East Hampton and Montauk

My work schedule is very busy, but I always enjoy traveling and attending innovative conferences. Recently, I was invited to speak at the annual Greycroft Summit in Montauk, New [&hellip...

Celebrating National Pollinator Week: Food For Thought

It's no secret the pollinators are in trouble. Oh sure, you see plenty of butterflies, bees, flies, and other insects out there and even bats (yes, they're pollinators), so really, what's the big deal, right? Consider this: One out of every three bites of food we eat relies on pollinators. Show More Summary

Videographer Teams up with Horticulturist Neighbor by Susan Harris

Connecticut-based videographer Patrick Volk emailed me recently, having discovered my blog posts about videos. It seems that this son of a landscape architect teamed up with neighbor Eric Larson, long-time director of Yale’s Marsh Botanic Garden, to create dozens of (outstanding, imho) gardening videos. Show More Summary

Rambler roses and dancing water: Formal gardens at Longwood Gardens

6 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Classically formal gardens aren’t my favorite style of garden, and that’s doubly true if roses are involved (they so often look leggy and lonely unsoftened by companion plants). But Longwood Gardens, a Philadelphia-area estate garden I visited with Diana/Sharing Nature’s Garden earlier this month, surprised me on this score. Show More Summary

The Greatest of All Time and the Meadow by Allen Bush

  Muhammad Ali was laid to rest in my hometown on June 10th. Tens of thousands lined the city streets for a 19-mile motorcade processional that led from his childhood home on Grand Avenue to Louisville’s Cave Hill Cemetery. 20,000 filled the Yum Center for a memorial service that followed. Louisville WDRB Sports Journalist Eric […]

Fawning over our new garden resident

There’s a baby boom happening in our northwest Austin neighborhood. Yep, it’s fawn season. This one’s mom has been leaving him in the front garden, in a raised bed along the driveway, tucked into soft Berkeley sedge or silvery woolly stemodia, while she goes off to forage. Show More Summary

Thanks for the memories! by Elizabeth Licata

Ah, the early days of garden blogging. I started in 2005. Facebook was about a year old; Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest were yet to be born. The reason I started is that I had been forced to sign up with Blogger in order to participate in a class as a guest lecturer ( it made […]

Garden marries home at destination nursery/garden shop Terrain

Anthropologie meets Flora Grubb Gardens? Yes, please! While in the Brandywine Valley outside of Philadelphia earlier this month, I was eager to visit Terrain, a nursery, home and garden shop, and restaurant located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Show More Summary

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