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Hanging on through summer’s end: August Foliage Follow-Up

By mid-August this Texas gardener is looking for any shred of hope that summer’s heat will be waning soon. But even though I’m barely hanging on — along with this shed cicada skin — many of my plants are soldiering through, including yellow-striped ‘Color Guard’ yucca. Show More Summary

Maker Spotlight: Shujan Bertrand

Shujan Bertrand first became an entrepreneur at 10. She started àplat to deliver meaningful experiences in food, wine, and gardening. Read more on MAKE The post Maker Spotlight: Shujan Bertrand appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Dog Days of Summer

5 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Greenbow

Yes, the garden is going to the dogs, literally. We are dog sitting for my Sister's dogs, Sonny and Cher. The ever present Annie keeps an eye on the little rascals. One never knows where they might get off to and what they might do in the garden. Show More Summary

Rose Shimmer a perfect blend of elegance and durability

Rose Shimmer is another very pretty, large, greenhouse rose with the hint of the garden rose look and fascinating blend of colours. Its flowers come in a pink-peachy colour with a hint of yellow in the centre. Such colour combination produces glow like effect, almost as if the rose shines with a soft tremulous light. Show More Summary

Corner Makeover: Before and One Year Later by Susan Harris

Readers may have noticed I’m an obsessive-compulsive garden-maker, not happy with making and tending just the townhouse garden I now own.  I showed you one example recently – the town center garden I adopted in May of this year. Boy, did it need some love. Next up, another highly visible bit of city-owned land that looked even […]

An annual philosophy by Elizabeth Licata

Certain plants exude a message of “Don’t worry, be happy.” Others continually whine, “Maintain me!” In my garden, the easiest plants I grow are the tropical or semitropicals. They require virtually nothing, much like their brethren in my office. Once in a while, I’ll cut down a dead leaf from one of the colocasia or […]

Datura’s morning glow

6 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

The datura (Datura wrightii) I planted in the front garden a few years ago has petered out and needs replacing. But this volunteer that self-seeded in the back garden is growing beautifully. Moreover, it asks nothing from me except an occasional pinching back of stems that threaten to overpower nearby plants. Show More Summary

Perennially Yours: Steve Still by Allen Bush

Garden Rant contributor Bob Hill came to my 60th surprise birthday party some years ago. After a few glasses of wine, he said, “Look around. All of these friends will be at your funeral.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or pray. I have thought about Bob’s prophetic words since the day of my party. […]

A Botanical Translator by Thomas Christopher

Botanists speak a special language, one that is frequently unintelligible to outsiders like me.  This has frustrated me at times, for instance when I’ve tried to use a botanical key or field manual to identify an unfamiliar plant.  Now, though, I’ve got expert help. A week ago I picked up a book published last year, […]

Tomato – Cracks on Top

Q: Last year and again this year our tomatoes have this “wood grain” look on the top of the fruit. What can we do to correct this? A: This distinctive look is caused by alternate wet and dry days. After a rain, the roots absorb water and send it to the tomato. But during the […]

Holly Shrubs – Produce Different Leaves

Q: I have a row of holly bushes along my front porch. There are two different types of leaves on these bushes. Most are the smaller one you see in my photo. The larger grows faster but I prefer the smaller. Why are there these differences in the same row of bushes? A: The rounded […]

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