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Watering tools I love, and why I hate the others by Susan Harris

In honor of a day that doesn’t deserve it (the horrid Black Friday), here are some gift suggestions for the gardener on your list or your own list of wants. All my favorite gardening tools seem to be watering-related, and here are three that I recommend to anyone who’ll listen. Watering Cans For me there […]

Thank You, Garden World, For All You Give Me! by Ivette Soler

  I admit to being a little bitchy. Susan Harris put it kindly when she said, introducing me as a new writer for the site back when I started opening by big mouth around these parts, that I love to RANT. Because I really, really do. I love calling things out, I am happiest when […]

Gratitude, like gardening, is good for you by Elizabeth Licata

As I just heard on an NPR report yesterday, being thankful is not just the thing to do at this time of year, gratitude actually has real health benefits, including reducing the possibility of heart disease. Well, I’m all for that! So here goes: I’m thankful that I live in one the most garden-obsessed cities […]

A Taste For the Exotic: A Holiday Giveaway with Longfield Gardens

From my earliest days as an honest-to-goodness gardener, I've been fascinated with unusual bulbs. Tulips and daffodils are nice, of course, but those quirky ones that you can't find just anywhere always grab my attention.I've grown quite a few tropical bulbs over the years, in summer and winter, depending on availability, including Scilla peruviana. Show More Summary

Looking Up at Laguna Gloria and Austin City Hall

3 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Last Saturday, a chilly, blustery day under a brilliant cobalt-blue sky, my dad and I attended two docent-led tours about the landscape architecture at cultural sites in Austin: one at Laguna Gloria, the other at Austin City Hall. Led...Show More Summary

Gathering Natural Offerings for a Holiday Wreathe

Happy Thanksgiving Week, dearest readers! Yes, the temperatures have dropped, and we have entered the holiday season! I decided that this week I’m choosing to create for myself a gratitude meditation, being mindful of giving thanks for the very many blessings that grace our lives. This sunny Sunday afternoon set the tone. And as I […]

A Business Trip to Spain, Part 3

More from my trip to the picturesque regions of Spain. By midweek, we traveled to Pazo de Rubianes in Pontevedra, which includes an historic manor house, a garden [&hellip...

A Business Trip to Spain, Part 2

The Kingdom of Spain is rich in art, design, food, and travel - things I find so interesting and inspiring. During my recent excursion hosted by US Ambassador [&hellip...

Modern courtyard garden at South Congress Hotel

6 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Last weekend I met a friend for drinks at the beautiful new South Congress Hotel bar. (A word of advice: never, ever order the Pink Flamingo, which tasted exactly like a burning tire. After a few grimace-inducing sips, I deemed it undrinkable — my friend agreed — and asked the server to take it away. Show More Summary

A Business Trip to Spain

Sometimes, business trips take me to beautiful countries filled with history and culture. Last month, I had the pleasure of spending several days in Spain. The US Ambassador [&hellip...

Anti-Leaf-Blowers get Blowback by Susan Harris

Continuing our seasonal leaf theme here on GardenRant, it’s time for some anti-leaf-blower ranting! Actually we’ve done that, so how about some rants against anti-leaf-blowers, coz those ranters know how to have fun. But we start with the anti-leaf-blower, in this case a famous one – James Fallows, Atlantic magazine writer and former presidential speechwriter. […]

Drive-By Gardens: A new lawn-gone garden in my neighborhood

Bravo to my neighbors, who’ve ripped out their front lawn and replaced it with native groundcovers woolly stemodia (Stemodia lanata) and sedge (probably Carex texensis), accented with xeric specimen plants like Agave parryi var. truncata,...Show More Summary

Fall and Rebirth by Thomas Christopher

Autumn is a sad yet beautiful season in my garden.  It brackets the anniversaries of my son’s life:  his birth in late fall and his death at age 18 at fall’s beginning.   I think of him often at this time of year but especially in the garden, which is full of reminders.  There are the […]

November - 2015

I have been quite busy here this November. The Autumn weather has held off for the most part. A few frosts so far. Just enough to bring the flowering plants to a halt. We always a few hangers on. This lamium is still sporting a few blooms. Show More Summary

Blowsy autumn beauty at Rollingwood Waterwise Garden

Last Saturday, a drizzly, cool day, I returned to the West Austin neighborhood of Rollingwood to see how the waterwise garden at city hall had fared over the summer. Designed by Scott Ogden and Lauren Springer Ogden, the garden was installed two years ago. Show More Summary

Six Ways to Use Fallen Leaves in Your Garden by Evelyn Hadden

Got leaves? Use them to boost your garden’s soil and plant health, facilitate the design and creation of new planting beds, turn problem areas into productive ones, and save yourself labor and money, all while doing the green thing. Here are six rewarding, practical alternatives to raking leaves into bags and hauling them off your […]

Planting Tulip Bulbs

My farm is buzzing with activity this fall - dinner gatherings, magazine shoots, and lots of autumn chores being done in preparation for the cold days ahead. My [&hellip...

Gardening in the dark times by Elizabeth Licata

For years, I’ve been using gardening to ease the transition from the long, light days of spring, summer, and early fall to weeks when I leave the house before dawn and drive home at sunset. The idea is to stay in touch with growing things no matter what. I can still plant no matter what […]

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