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Best Pole Saw Reviews 2017 With Buying Guide

Best Pole Saw Reviews: Our Top Picks 2017 This is the first type of pole saw I will look into. Its power is measured in volts and the higher the volts, the more powerful it is. Battery powered pole saws are the smallest and the weakest class of pole saws but also perfect for light cutting [...]

The Obamas’ New Yard by Susan Harris

Part 2 of my Garden-Related Thoughts on Inauguration Day is a look-see the Obamas’ home and garden for at least two years while Sasha finishes high school. Enjoy the whole slide show on Cafe Mom, titled: “It’s no White House but Obama’s new $5.3M Mansion is Still Pretty Freakin’ Impressive”. You’ll want to see the […]

Key West garden style: My profile of Craig Reynolds in Garden Design

2 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Bold, contemporary design or lush, jungly Old Florida style? Key West landscape architect Craig Reynolds shared his insights and design tips about both garden styles with me for a profile in the current issue of Garden Design magazine (Winter 2017, pgs 118-129). Show More Summary

Canada, o Canada by Susan Harris

This is part 1 of my garden-related thoughts on Inauguration Day. If, like millions, you’ve been pining for Trudeau-led Canada, picture this. It’s my friend Linda’s new home on Salt Spring Island near Vancouver, and a view from her deck. She moved there last summer (prescient!) after a two-year legal process after decades in D.C. in […]

Farmers Dance. Why not Gardeners? by Susan Harris

A farmer dancing in his barn is a recent sensation on Youtube and no wonder – he invokes the Let’s Move campaign and his dancing is very cool to watch. But as a kindred spirit and a gardener, my immediate reaction is – Where are the “Dancing Gardeners” on Youtube? Though there are several dancing […]

The Heart and Sole(s) of Horticulture by Allen Bush

Over 10,000 nursery folks, greenhouse growers, retailers, landscapers, gardeners, designers, plant brokers, teachers, students, writers and gawkers showed up last week at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS), held annually in Baltimore. Show More Summary

Best Garden Carts 2017 With Buying Guide

Having a garden at home gives your compound a very attractive look. You need to ensure that you keep your garden well maintained by removing all dirt and weeds that compromise its appearance. With the help of a garden cart, you can give your garden the best look. Working with the right garden cart not [...]Show More Summary

Rainy-day winter garden

5 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

The weather may be dreary, but I like it. Cool (but not freezing) temps and a gentle rain give me a reason to get stuff done indoors while the quiet garden just soaks it all in. The Moby spawn — Agave ovatifolia babies — are looking good. Show More Summary

Mockingbird – Controlling

Q: Every spring mockingbirds live in big holly bushes near our home. The birds attack the cat and this causes a huge problem. How can we prevent the birds from nesting in the bushes? A: This is a tricky question to answer. Mockingbirds are protected by both state and Federal law. Therefore I can’t tell […]

A trendy wish list for 2017 by Elizabeth Licata

Not having even looked at any of the usual predictions or surveys regarding general gardening behavior, here is my wishful thinking for the coming year: More six-packs, fewer pricy branded pots I am lucky enough to be able to order interesting new cultivars from the yearly sale our botanical gardens has—and they actually come in […]

Best Dump Carts 2017 With Buying Guide

If you own property, you will find yourself with some hauling tasks such carrying grass cut from your lawn, moving soil or transporting heavy aggregates. Doing such kind of work requires a reliable tool that will help you with all sorts of hauling activities. This is why you need to own the best dump cart [...]Show More Summary

Hello, winter — you’ve zapped my garden

Hello, winter! We’re not used to seeing you here in Central Texas. Despite predictions of a mild winter, with the warming influence of a La Niña, we’ve already had two multi-day stretches of hard freezes, with a couple of nights dropping into the upper teens. Show More Summary

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