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Listen to the Sounds of Monarch Butterfly Wings in the Cerro Pelon Reserve in Mexico!

I just learned of a project that allows you to hear sounds in various locations around the world. Called Locus Sonus, it is a French-based research network that focuses on the relationship between sound and space. It had its beginnings...Show More Summary

January Thaw

What a delightful weekend we are having. The first warmth of the new year is upon us. The January thaw. The labyrinth is emerging. We had our first of the year Chipping Sparrow in our garden. Does this mean winter is over? No but when the Song Sparrow gives a few chords of it's song you know it won't be as long as it has been. Show More Summary

How the Lifesaver Plant Got Its Name

Winter is a time when most of my houseplants get the most love they're ever going to get. That's because if I want to keep these plants - mostly tropicals - they have to live in the house with us during the winter and I generally pay more attention to those things that share my living space. Show More Summary

Return to Mexico and the Monarchs

I haven't yet blogged in detail about my visit to the monarch sanctuaries in Mexico last March, and I promise I will, VERY soon. That was a trip I will never ever forget, and not just because of what I saw, but because of what I felt. Show More Summary

Possible Trump Bump for HGTV by Susan Harris

A Twitter-following friend alerted me to the hashtag “WatchHGTVinstead” started by a David Hoffman. The purpose is to deny Trump high ratings for his State of the Union performance in the most effective way possible – by tuning in to another channel, especially one in particular. Responders argued over how ratings work but Hoffman set them […]

On a “Modern Mission” in Garden Design magazine

4 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

It may be cold and gray outside, but that means it’s a perfect time of year to curl up with the new Winter 2018 issue of Garden Design magazine. I got my copy today and am excited to tell you about my article “Modern Mission,” which appears on page 54. Show More Summary

Year of the Bird by Elizabeth Licata

Hell, yeah. As a rule, I’m not really a fan of designated days, weeks, and months. According to incoming press releases, every month seems to be devoted to some kind of disease, which is kind of depressing (though if it brings in money, fine). And it’s pretty easy—frighteningly so—to get an elected official to dedicate […]

Diamonds in the snow and Annie

5 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Greenbow

It is this cold, 7°F (-14°C), this morning and we were all stove up with cabin fever. So it was to save our sanity we got out for a walk. The sun was shining and since I had on all my cold weather gear it wasn't bad at all. No wind to speak of. Show More Summary

Basic Mac ‘n Cheese

Scrumptious mac ‘n cheese Recently I made some classic mac ‘n cheese and posted a pic on Facebook. A discussion ensued that included a dear friend in the UK who apparently was not a fan. What? “You’d love mine!” I assured her. This led to various comments and my ultimately, as I am wont to […]

Grassy scrims and yucca color for Foliage Follow-Up

As I write this, an icy wind is flinging plastic pots and flapping draped sheets that are supposed to be sheltering certain freeze-tender plants in my garden. All I will say about that is that this is not the winter I signed up for.Show More Summary

Climate Change Gardening by Thomas Christopher

One of the virtues of gardening is that it brings its practitioners into intimate contact with natural systems.  As I discovered as a young gardener many years ago, and a practitioner of the “better living through chemistry” school of my craft, you cannot long ignore and abuse the living aspects of your soil without causing […]

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