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Arborvitae – Dry Roots

Q: Could you tell me what is going on with our Green Giant arborvitae trees? We watered them until they went dormant in winter. A: These plants look like the roots have gotten dry. They might have stopped growing in cold weather but the needles still need water in winter. Try this last ditch remedy: […]

Oleander Seed Pod

Q: I am hoping to find out what this growth is on my oleander plant. A: I had never seen the seedpod of an oleander until yours! That’s what you have though. The fuzzy seeds are dispersed by wind when the pod opens up in the fall.

Clover Cover Crop – Mow Before Tilling?

Q: Last fall we planted red clover in our raised beds. This is the first time we have planted a cover crop. Your web page recommends mowing the clover in spring. It will be impossible to mow since it’s a raised bed. Can we just till in the whole plant or do I need to […]

Nematodes – Sampling and Control

Q: How do I sample for root-knot nematodes before planting a fig? A: Nematodes are tiny worms in the soil. Some species, like root knot nematode, harm plants by parasitizing roots. It is difficult to sample for nematodes before you plant. They will not be present in great numbers until a susceptible plant has grown […]

First Week of March

The first week of March has been up and down weather wise. I am not complaining though because there are flashes of color in the garden now. I just have to get out to look at it. The hellebores have been happy with the turbulent weather. Show More Summary

Decorating with Houseplants for a Special Breakfast

Houseplants bring life to any room, especially during these cold, dreary days of winter. I love container plants, and whenever I entertain, I like to decorate my home [&hellip...

Pruning and Tying My Climbing Roses

With spring just around the corner, whenever we get a break from the cold winter weather it's always a good time to work in the garden beds to [&hellip...

Ellsworth Kelly’s “Austin” brightens University of Texas campus

Resembling squares of lime, cherry, berry blue, and grape Jell-O, the glass-block windows of artist Ellsworth Kelly’s new artwork, Austin, are colorful, playful, and flat-out fun. You kind of want to slurp them up, or stick your finger in them to see if they jiggle. Show More Summary

Fringeflower benefits

Just when I’d begun to stomp around, impatient for a little spring color in my shady garden (no daffodils, no quince, no plums, darn it!), Chinese fringeflower (Loropetalum chinense) burst into fuchsia bloom and saved the day. Hallelujah!...Show More Summary

Mounting Staghorn Ferns

Here in the northeast, a big cleanup is underway after a nor’easter ripped through the area with strong winds and lots of rain and snow. If you follow [&hellip...

Spring Snowdrops

Spring doesn’t officially begin for another three weeks, but at my Bedford, New York farm, signs of the coming season are emerging more every day. Among the first [&hellip...

Loropetalum color bomb

2 weeks agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

‘Sizzling Pink’ loropetalum is still sizzling in the lower garden and knocking my socks off every time I look at it. Yesterday the sun was lighting up those fuchsia blooms like a stained-glass window. The fringey flowers look like the pom-poms of a thousand cheerleaders. Show More Summary

Snake in the garden: Danger noodle or welcome predator?

2 weeks agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

Am I the only one who finds snakes rather fascinating, even charming, particularly if the scaly visitor is small and harmless? For every gardener who goes pale over a slithery shape in the grass, surely there are plenty of us whose eyes light up and who lean in for a closer (albeit respectful) look. Show More Summary

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