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Tropical cottage style in Diane and Tom Peace’s garden

Diane and Tom Peace of Lockhart, 30 miles south of Austin, live and garden in two very different regions: south-central Texas from winter through early spring, and Denver, Colorado, from late spring through fall. Tom, a grower and nurseryman,...Show More Summary

Best Watering Wands 2017 Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide

The post Best Watering Wands 2017 Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide appeared first on Lawn Care Pal. Making a dream like garden in front of your home isn’t an easy task. Well, everyone can plant some trees but growing flower from these trees need a lot of dedication. Show More Summary

The Wrong Way to Teach Eco-Friendly Gardening by Susan Harris

I recently attended a “Green Yards and Gardens” talk in my town. The intern giving the talk was more knowledgeable than I expected, but the topics covered were no surprise: native plants, composting, water conservation, and organic pest control, the usual bullet points. Afterwards I asked some attendees I knew how they liked the talk […]

Pollen, Politics and Doomsday Prep by Allen Bush

I’ve been a careless victim of too many late nights in my past, but knocking back shots of Bourbon into the wee hours did not redden my eyes this spring. Pollen is the culprit. The warm late winter and early spring brought flowers into bloom earlier than usual. And of course that meant pollen— lots […]

High-key photography or lighter photos are key to Instagram success.

Instagram has more than 600 million active users – this is double the U.S. population, yet, only a few manage to look Instagramable. So how can you improve your photography and get a more photogenic feed on Instagram? The secret is simple, start taking lighter and cleaner photos with High-key photography. Show More Summary

Garden variety hellebores are still the best by Elizabeth Licata

Like many shade gardeners, I am in love with hellebores. They start flowering in March (or earlier) and some stay in bloom right into May. Deer, though not a problem for me, hate them; it’s easy to figure out why—just grab a handful of the plant’s sharp, raspy foliage. After bloom, the foliage provides lush […]

Edible Innovations: Compact Planter Boxes Bring Greenery to Urban Life

For James Hunt, a Maker Pro operating out of Oakland, living in an urban or industrial city should not mean being devoid of nature. Read more on MAKE The post Edible Innovations: Compact Planter Boxes Bring Greenery to Urban Life appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Canna Leaf Roller (larger)

Q: What is biting my canna leaves? A: It’s a canna leaf roller, specifically the larger canna leaf roller, as opposed to the lesser canna leaf roller. A moth, called the Brazilian skipper, lays her eggs on the canna leaves. When the pests hatch, they stitch the edges of the young leaves together, making a perfect […]

Starting from Seed by Thomas Christopher

Real gardeners, compulsive gardeners, are up to their elbows in seedlings this time of year.  We (I qualify at least as compulsive) have a number of rationales for starting from seed. To begin with, it’s economical, the only way we can afford all the plants we want.  For the price of a packet of a […]

Turning a neighborhood median strip into a garden

5 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

A few years ago I toured Colleen Jamison’s beautiful garden in central-west Austin, and a few days ago I had the pleasure of a revisit. It is still wonderful! But here’s what wowed me before I even stepped foot in her garden: a median...Show More Summary

Garden Photographer of the Year Winners by Susan Harris

A local photography friend sent me a link to the International Garden Photographer of the Year, which bills itself as “the world’s premier competition and exhibition specialising in garden, plant, flower and botanical photography,” now in its 10th year. The competition works with Kew Gardens and the winners are displayed there and on tour throughout […]

Weeping Mulberry – Pruning

Q: On one of my weeping mulberries I have thinned out some dead bark and on a second I have not. They are both about 8 feet tall. How should I prune these? There is a lot a dead, “knotty wood. Should I thin/cut out the dead wood or should I consider topping them off […]

Pine – Galls, Yellow Powder

Q: This morning we saw a pine tree with five of these knots on it. When I touched it with a twig, a powdery pollen-like substance puffed from it. A: The galls are caused by Eastern gall rust. This fungus is common on pines. It weakens the infected trunk or limb. There’s no chemical control. […]

Grass Spider – Identification

Q: I only see these webs in the early mornings. Once the sun shines on them they disappear. A: It’s the web of a grass spider. You can easily guess why it’s called that. The spiders roam through your lawn eating whatever insect prey they can find. Morning dew makes the webs stand out but […]

Easter Sunday Foliage Follow-Up

I’m imagining my blog feed filling up with pictures of pastel Easter eggs and white lilies. But here at Digging, in spite of a flurry of kitchen activity (I’m making Tex-Mex deviled eggs and a lemon cake), it’s still Foliage Follow-Up. Show More Summary

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 2017

This April Gardeners Bloom Day is the most prolific April Bloom Day I can remember. I have looked back at several years of posting. many of which I didn't bother to post, and this does reinforce my thought. I can't find an April that...Show More Summary

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