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Split Tree – Can It Be Saved

Q: Due to Hurricane Irma, one of our dogwoods split and came down. Will the rest of the remaining tree now get insect or other damage? Should we just take it down? A: You are right to be concerned. It’s very likely that the hole in both tree trunks originated from a limb that broke […]

Foliage Follow Up - September 2017

6 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Greenbow

Pam at Digging always has a Foliage Follow up after Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I have what I think is a very interesting foliage to share with you. It is a small area right by my front porch that is covered with 'Silver Falls' Dichondra. Show More Summary

Evergreen combos (mostly) for Austin

A local reader asked me about evergreen plants that grow well here in central Texas, and as I was putting together today’s Foliage Follow-Up post, I realized it’s a good opportunity to share some of my faves. I use a lot of evergreen...Show More Summary

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - September 2017

This month you can clearly see who is not paying any attention to the lack of rain in the garden. The major thugs are battling out for territory along the gravel path in this corner of the garden. The bees and bugs are seemingly cheering on the Golden rod 'Fireworks' with their buzzing and swirling around each golden bloom. Show More Summary

Gardening Podcast Update by Susan Harris

I’m thrilled to report that since 2010, when I complained about there being only two gardening podcasts on my little iPod, there are now many more and their quality is amazing! Here’s what I’m listening to now. Cultivating Place by Jennifer Jewell originates on National Public Radio, so its high production values are no surprise. That’s […]

In Praise of a Plant That Needs Your Love by Allen Bush

  Diarrhena americana. The Latin name doesn’t inspire lustful desire does it? What a pity. It’s better than its name. I remember the moment I first came across this native grass. I had no idea what its name was when I was introduced. But Rick Lewandowski knew the name right off the bat. Diarrhena must […]

From green to brown in the Caribbean by Elizabeth Licata

If you want to get a dramatic sense of hurricane Irma’s worst devastation, visit this site, which offers before/after satellite images of the Caribbean islands that were in her path. It’s not just the debris, flattened infrastructure, and—most terrible—deaths. These islands seem to have lost the lush green landscapes that provide a reason why many […]

Oxblood lilies trumpet summer’s end

Whoo-hoo, we made it through another summer here in Texas! For almost a week, lower temperatures (80s and low 90s) with even lower humidity, combined with recent rains, have rejuvenated my gardening spirit. The plants are feeling it too, perking up and starting to bloom again. Show More Summary

Japanese Maple – Sprouts at Graft

Q: I have a twenty-two-year-old Japanese maple with a bulge on the lower trunk. The tree is lovely, but it continuously puts out suckers in this bulging area. Is there any way to stop the suckers? A: You are exactly right. The bulge is the original graft union on your maple. A twig with attractive […]

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