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Rekkr Custom Kydex Holsters——“The Constitution”

A few weeks ago I was searching the Internet for new holster designs made from Kydex. As much as new designs I was looking for quality. Since the popularity of Kydex as a holster material the number of companies making Kydex holsters has skyrocketed and not always with the best quality. Show More Summary

Canadian Rangers Retire Lee Enfield, Switch to Custom Tikka CTR

Since their inception in 1942 the Canadian Rangers have been carrying the Lee Enfield No. 4 rifle into the wilderness of Northern Canada. In a place where your methods of transport are primarily snowshoe or snowmobile, and winter temperatures regularly hit –31°C (–24°F) the polymer 5.56 guns just never caught on. Show More Summary

Pest control: The Black Powder solution

A reader sent this in to TFB when they stumbled across an odd patent for a type of “Vermin Control”, patented in 1882 by a certain James A Williams. It uses a lever that a rodent would feasibly step on and would be connected to a trigger, which would set it off. Show More Summary

Oklahoma Highway Patrol turns to SIG 320

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has selected the SIG Sauer P320 full size in 9mm as their new duty gun. I’m not sure what they had before, but from an overview of media pictures it appears that they formally had Glock 17s as standard issue with some officers with M&Ps probably personally bought. Show More Summary

POTD: Kick-Ass 1942 Mosin Nagant “Obrez” Pistol Conversion

Cory purchased a chopped barrel Mosin and turned it into a beautiful Obrez-style Mosin Nagant. “Obrez” in English literally means sawn-off or cut-off.  These sawn-off Mosins were apparently a popular side-arm in Russia at least as early as the Russian Civil War. Cory writes … 1942 Mosin Nagant “Obrez”. Show More Summary

Kalashnikov USA products released

Kalashnikov USA has come out with a press release stating their new products are ready for sale/shipping in the United States, under the new banner “Russian Heritage/ American Innovation”. The company is not directly connected with Kalashnikov Concern (more about that below). Show More Summary

Ruger Announces SR-556 Takedown Oprod AR-15

Ruger has announced a new takedown addition to their operating rod actuated SR-556 rifle line. From the press release: Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is pleased to introduce the new Ruger® SR-556® Takedown autoloading rifle, an innovative twist on an already innovative rifle. Show More Summary

The Science Behind the 100-Yard Bow Shot

Photo by Michael R. Shea   You can’t seem to make it through a deer season anymore without hearing of some outdoor TV or YouTube hotshot shooting a big critter with a bow at 100-plus yards. Some guys are indeed skilled enough to consistently hit a 100-yard target. Show More Summary

Gun Stories of the Week: Obama Sanctions Spur ‘Made in USA’ AK-47s

20 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Big Buck Zone

TOP STORY Ironic twist for iconic firearm: Obama sanctions spur ‘Made in USA’ AK-47s The Obama Administration’s economic sanctions designed to punish Russia for sponsoring upheaval in Ukraine and elsewhere in Eastern Europe has produced...Show More Summary

DIY Elk Hunt: Aggressive Bowhunting Tactics and Gear Tips

21 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Big Buck Zone

It certainly can be hard to think about chasing September’s bugling bulls when the calendar reads early July and temps are soaring into the sweltering 90s, but turning up the heat just may be the key to success for an upcoming elk bowhunt. To...Show More Summary

Suppressors: Time to Save Your Hearing and Quiet the Naysayers

If you invented a product that made jackhammers quieter, everyone would say, “Wonderful!” If you created a medical device that saved people’s ears from high-decibel hearing loss, you might win a Nobel. So why is it that the masses and...Show More Summary

Kayak Evolution: The ‘Ultimate Fishing Machine’

21 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Hunting Life

Today’s Kayak Anglers Push the Boundaries of How To Catch Fish With An Amazing New Boat OLD TOWN, ME (July 2, 2015) – You’ve probably heard the adage that 90 percent of the fish live in 10 percent of the water. Spend enough time studying...Show More Summary

Developments from Azerbaijan

At the recent IDEF Istanbul exhibition held this past May, Azerbaijan had some interesting developments of various small arms on display. Interestingly there wasn’t any demonstration of their service rifle, the Tavor (similarly, it appears most of the military still has 74s while the Tavor is making its appearance in parades). Show More Summary

Video: 3-2-1 Ribs with Hot Peach Glaze Please enable Javascript to watch this video To guarantee perfectly tender ribs every time, just remember 3-2-1, as in three hours under heavy smoke, two hours wrapped in foil and one hour of cooking time. Show More Summary

Gunfight Friday: .308 Semiauto vs. .308 Bolt Action

Today’s gunfight is a.308 showdown. The.308, developed in 1952, is hugely popular, both as a sporting and military cartridge. It’s accurate, recoils reasonably, and goes well with short-action and semiautomatic rifles. We have one of...Show More Summary

Dinosaur Hunting – the Guns of Jurassic World

Reviving over 20 years of nostalgia, Jurassic World came out of the gate with a record setting opening weekend. Watching the movie, I know I couldn’t be the only one considering the ages old debate: What gun would you take dinosaur hunting? This article will be as light as possible on spoilers. Show More Summary

Friday Morning Mashup 7/3/15

23 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Wired To Hunt

By Mark Kenyon Happy 4th of July weekend! While I’m sure most of you have big plans for the next couple days, make sure to find a little time to check out the deer hunting reading we’ve collected for you...

How to throw a tomahawk or knife

Andrew at GY6vids demonstrates how to throw knives and tomahawks just in time for us to head to Wal-Mart, buy an Axe, and spend the 4th of July living out our Mel-Gibson-in-the-Patriot fantasies. He explains the basics clearly and also throws in some extra tips such as how to setup an ideal knife target for training. Show More Summary

Shooting The Star Spangled Banner with Musical Targets

Who’s ready for the 4th of July weekend? Celebrate our nation’s independence by watching me shoot the Star Spangled Banner with an integrally suppressed Ruger 10/22. Song requests? Hit the comments section for song+gun combos. The post Shooting The Star Spangled Banner with Musical Targets appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

Charter Arms Redesigning 9mm Pitbull

Charter Arms announced on Facebook that the company is redesigning the 9mm Pitbull revolver. The Pitbull is the company’s “rimless revolver” that is designed to shoot traditional auto cartridges without the need for moon clips. According to the company, the new design will reduce capacity from six rounds to only five. Show More Summary

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