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The Rut Has Peaked Out West Please enable Javascript to watch this video The pinnacle of the rut has been reached in virtually all Western regions and a lot of mature bucks have been paying the ultimate price. Show More Summary

FDA Approves Genetically Modified Salmon; Costco and Target Refuse to Carry It

Photograph:  AquaBounty Technologies Earlier this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made waves by approving the production of genetically modified salmon as a “drug” and declaring it safe for human consumption—a decision...Show More Summary

Gift Guide 2015: What to Buy Hunters for the Holidays

9.stormy.png If you have a hard-core hunter on your gift list, I’m betting you’re feeling a little bit of despair right now. What do you get someone who already has everything he or she wants? No worries. The world of hunting gear is as diverse as the people who participate in it. Show More Summary

70 Instagram Accounts All Hunters Should Be Following

By Mark Kenyon Millions and millions of Americans are at this very minute sitting in the elevator, bathroom or office scrolling through their Instagram feed and living vicariously through the far-flung adventures showcased in the photos on their screen. And to...

863 meter shot with stock Mosin Nagant, vapor trails

Or 944 yards in ‘Merican” if that is how you roll. This video came out in April last year, and for some reason we haven’t covered it yet on TFB. But news aside, with a completely stock, surplus Mosin Nagant, this guy makes a couple of successful shots at an extreme range. Show More Summary

3 Old-Time Survival Tricks That Still Can't Be Beat

It’s easy to fall for the lure of new things. A new vehicle has that great smell. A new relationship has everybody on their best behavior. And a new piece of outdoor gear, well – it’s just begging you to take it outdoors. But let’s not forget that sometimes you can’t carve the wheel any rounder. Show More Summary

TacticalWalls Lights the Way With New Tactical Lamp

TacticalWalls has announced the release of the Tactical Lamp – a discreet new home storage solution for firearms, every day carry items The post TacticalWalls Lights the Way With New Tactical Lamp appeared first on Hunting and Conservation News.

3D Printed Revolver

3D printed firearms have faced much stigma since designers and engineers have began dabbling with different design concepts, and halfway 3D firearms in the case of 3D printed AR15 lowers. However from various conversations with law enforcement,...Show More Summary

POTD: Flintlock Weaponlight

I saw this on Instagram and it was also posted on It is a flintlock with an integrated lantern. It is an early weapon mounted light. The design is interesting. The grip has changed to a vertical grip and the flintlock is below the grip and below the light. Show More Summary

Video: Giant Muley in Bow Range; Best Action Still to Come for Texas Brush Country Hunters Please enable Javascript to watch this video Overall Activity: After two months of monitoring a big 12-point mule deer, almost exclusively through nighttimeShow More Summary

Why Deer Hunters Should Never Wear Blue Jeans, and Other Important Facts About Deer Vision

You’re sitting in a treestand watching the perfect buck walk into range, and he ducks behind a tree. As you lean to the side to get a better view, you hear a crinkle in your pocket from a food wrapper. The buck’s head pops up to look around. Show More Summary

Sig Sauer’s Kilo 2000 Rangefinder

I found a little treasure in the pile of press releases that slide across my desk each morning. We haven’t seen much of the optics line since Sig Sauer’s awesomely aggressive “we make it all” multi-line launch at Shot Show 2015. We will...Show More Summary

Rescue Center Wants Donated Deer to Feed its Lions, Tigers, and Jaguars

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Indiana, wants hunters’ deer. Home to about 200 rescued big cats, the center feeds 3,000-4,000 pounds of meat a day to its hungry residents. ““They start feeding at 8:30 in the morning and they’re not done until anywhere between 4:00 and 6:00 at night,” center director Joe Taft told WTHI. Show More Summary

Seven Tips for Campsite Chefs

Have you ever tried to cook for 25 Scouts on a petite, junky folding stove or a high output fish fryer? Ty Measom has and he can tell you, it’s not easy or fun. “Those were the only things available 25 years ago and they just didn’t work,” said Measom. Show More Summary

Gun Stories of the Week: Washingtonians Told They Don’t Need Guns to ‘Take Out’ Terrorists

TOP STORY Obama Thanksgiving menu: Dyspeptic delusion Hopefully, as you passed the cranberry sauce and slathered gravy on your stuffing, you were a good American this Thanksgiving and regaled family and friends with your views on gun control. It’s okay. Show More Summary

3 Pieces of Cold-Weather Hunting Gear to Get You Through the Late Season

A bowhunter’s gear choices are never more critical than in the frigid, unforgiving late season. Choose the wrong huntwear system, for example, and your hunt is essentially over before it begins. If any part of your arsenal is letting...Show More Summary

A Holiday Party Appetizer Recipe for Wild Turkey Cheese Balls

10 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Big Buck Zone

If you’re a turkey hunter, prepare to strut into your next holiday get-together like the boss. Just bring a wild turkey cheese ball. This recipe will allow you to utilize those “tough” turkey legs that are constantly glaring at you from the back corner of your freezer. Show More Summary

The Pros and Cons of Salvaging Road Kill for Consumption (Plus a Few Tips)

10 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Big Buck Zone

Road kill is a depressing by-product of our modern high speed travel. But it doesn’t have to mean that every animal died in vain. I’m not alone in my collection and use of vehicle killed game. It’s a common practice to collect road kill...Show More Summary

The Walch Revolver With Forgotten Weapons

Revolvers got their start in 1835 thanks to Samuel Colt, and in the years to follow there were quite a few designs and innovations – and, yes, failures – in the gun world. It was 1856 when Smith and Wesson began manufacturing cartridge revolvers, and others would soon follow suit. Show More Summary

A Recipe for Venison and Slaw Sliders

10 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Big Buck Zone

My last two posts highlighted a succulent, butter-tender venison steak (the deer it came from was taken by my brother Randy with a.308 Browning and a single 150-grain bullet). (See Maple Marinade for Venison and the Ultimate VenisonShow More Summary

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