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Video: Paddleboarder Catches 7-Foot Goliath Grouper

11 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Big Buck Zone

No doubt the dude in this video clip is having a blast, sitting on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and going mano a mano with a goliath grouper. This fish is a member of the largest of the grouper species, which can exceed weights of over...Show More Summary

Understanding Safety Certifications for ATV Helmets

11 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Big Buck Zone

You might have heard a version of this saying: “A $50 helmet belongs on a $50 head.”  Buying a cheap helmet or a novelty helmet with no documented certification could leave you on the bad side of what could have been a not-so-bad accident. Show More Summary

America’s Great Trout Road Trip

11 hours agoHobbies / Hunting : Big Buck Zone

Northeastern Wyoming's Sand Creek offers a prolific population of trout, with plenty of public access. Photograph by Jeff Erickson As you blast across the arid grasslands of central South Dakota on I-90, the prospect of encountering trout amid the shimmering heat waves might seem dim. Show More Summary

Idaho Cyclist Answers Nature’s Call, Starts Wildfire

Photograph via Boise Fire Department/Twitter A 73-acre fire in the Boise Foothills of Idaho ignited last week when a cyclist relieved himself then burned his toilet paper, a fairly common practice in the backcountry. According to CBS...Show More Summary

Chronic Wasting Disease Spreads in Ohio

Photography via CWD Alliance and Wyoming Game and Fish Department There’s a problem in Holmes County, Ohio,  and the state's Division of Wildlife (ODW) is going door-to-door to solve it: Nineteen confirmed cases of Chronic Wasting Disease...Show More Summary

New Hook Shots: Vermont's Ditch Pickle Classic

You know, truth be told, I've never been much into tournament fishing. It's just never really been my bag. But over the winter, my good buddy Joe Demalderis caught wind of a catch-photo-release fly-only tourney on Lake Champlain in Vermont call the Ditch Pickle Classic. Show More Summary

Coast Guard Expands Search for Missing Florida Teens

Photograph via ABC News/Twitter The Coast Guard has expanded its search for two Florida boys that went missing at sea last Friday, extending the efforts to comprises more than 400 miles, from Jupiter, Fla., to Charleston, S.C, as CNN notes.  ABC News reports that Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, both 14, were last seen at 1:30 P.M. Show More Summary

Do You Carry a Pistol While Bowhunting?

The times are changing. So many states that once poo-pooed the carrying of personal defense firearms while hunting (especially bowhunting) now have wording in fish and wildlife regs explicitly allowing you to carry. Many of today's hunters take full advantage of that—me included. Show More Summary

An Unmowed Lawn Leads to Social Chaos

I’ve long maintained that the American lawn is one of the greatest mass brainwashings of all time. How we all voluntarily signed up to spend untold hours growing and cutting a nonnative monoculture of green which we lace with poisons to kill plants and insects never ceases to amaze. Show More Summary

Is There a Chassis Stock in Your Future?

Sturm, Ruger & Company is the latest manufacturer to offer a chassis-stocked rifle as part of its line, a competition/tactical bolt action called the Ruger Precision Rifle. Like most of its brethren (Savage makes one, and Bergara, and...Show More Summary

Best Boot: Cabela’s Silent Stalk Sneakers

It’s a strange trend, but in recent years it seems like more and more outdoor companies—including those that don’t make footwear—are peddling a new lightweight hunting boot. And they are eager to get them onto the feet of outdoor writers and editors. Show More Summary

GY6 DP-12 Double Barrel Shotgun Video Review

GY6 got his hands on a DP-12 and does a full review in this video.   At the beginning of the video, he compares the DP-12 to the KSG.   GY6 runs across a couple of malfunctions and discovers a glaring issue where the DP-12 will not feed if pumped vertically. Show More Summary

New Tactical Thumbhole Rifle Stock From Hogue

If you own a 10/22 and you’re looking for tactically appealing aftermarket components, take a look at the latest offering from Hogue. New from Hogue is a tactical thumbhole rifle stock specifically designed for 10/22s. It’s manufactured...Show More Summary

Load 8 & Shoot 8 Shotgun Challenge

Keith Garcia posted this video on July 21. He is practicing with his Benelli M2 which has been modified by Taran Tactical. He loads 8 and shoots 8 shots in 4.92 secs. I just received a new Benelli M2 from Taran Butler at TTI. He did his quad load package on it and it’s a […] Read More … The post Load 8 & Shoot 8 Shotgun Challenge appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

TFBTV: Hands-On Review of the Mossberg Blaze-47 AK-style .22 Rifle

In this episode of TFBTV, James performs a hands-on review of Mossberg’s new Blaze-47, AK-style.22 rifle.  Mossberg claims that the Blaze-47 “offers the look and feel of an AK-47 in the easy-handling affordable.22 LR platform” – is that actually the case, though? Check out this episode of TFBTV to find out. Show More Summary

Suarez International Releases “Flat & Straight” Trigger for Glocks

Suarez International has released a flat trigger for the Glock handgun platform. While not the first flat trigger to the market (that honor belongs to Salient Arms), the trigger is a solid offering starting at $150 retail and includes...Show More Summary

Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots The Double Barrel 1911

Kirsten Joy Weiss is a competitive Olympic style rifle shooter. She managed to get her hands on the Arsenal double barrel 1911 and fire a couple of rounds. She says comments that the double barrel 1911 is akin to shooting a S&W 500. The post Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots The Double Barrel 1911 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

SIG 556 + SIG 556R + Galil Mags = SIGalil

Some people want something different. Some people don’t worry about the should I? and only care about the can I?. One of those people – who blogs by the name “The Hebrew Hammer” – created the SIGalil, the product of two happy coincidences. Show More Summary

Canadian Rangers, optional to keep Lee Enfields

In yet another saga of the Canadian Ranger rifle ordeal, a good twist has come out in a recent story by the Ottawa Citizen, in that the Rangers themselves might actually be able to hold on to their issued rifles, in a personal capacity though (through either gifting or discounted purchase). Show More Summary

POTD: Turn 21, Buy A Gun, Break It, Build A Better One

Rick sent us photos of his awesome 1911 build that has a long backstory. Rick wrote … This is what started as a Colt 1991A1 purchased the day I turned 21. It’s been my favorite gun among many. A couple years ago, the gun fell out ofShow More Summary

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