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Summer to-do list

I’m at the point with my current sweater in progress and plain socks (for handbag knitting, of course) that I am so close to being done with both of them that there is really not much reason for either of … Continue reading ?

I just need an itinerary

This week is going to be a little fancy.  I see that now. We have family friends in from out of town,  and Mum and I will be giving them a little tour of the best of Toronto (sadly, I … Continue reading ?

School’s Out! EEEEEEE!

Half day of school on Friday! I’ve really gotten my $$ worth for this chalkboard. Ellie had a some friends over to celebrate with make-your-own ice cream sundaes and water squirt things. Squirters because I thought the kids would get … Continue reading ?

Back Right Up

On Thursday, I was on my computer, when suddenly, my computer went black. Just died. The power light still glowed dimly, but other than that meagre sign of life, there was nothing. I shut it off, I tried to start … Continue reading ...

Where We Are Now

Last Thursday was another Board of Education meeting with the “work session” scheduled to happen immediately before the voting session (it’s usually the week before). Hang on, let me back up a second. About a week before that meeting, the … Continue reading ?

Before summer gets too cozy

It’s that time of year, dear knitters! Or at least for those of us in more northern climes – the time when we remember what it feels like to not wear socks all the time, when it’s about to get … Continue reading ?

an empty bed

I can't even begin to thank you for all of your kind words, thoughts and prayers. I am completely grateful. I truly have hung onto every word and every bit of hope for Trouble's safe return. I also would like to apologize for not getting here sooner. Show More Summary

Thing the First

Well, there had to be something to sparkle up the knitting of a great big white thing, and here we are, right out of the gate with the first glitch.  I wound the first skein of the yarn, and something … Continue reading ?

Dear Prince

Dear Prince, Thanks so much for last night. I’ve written before about you. I wrote about the time that we first were breathing the same air, when I was just sixteen, and you were twenty-six. You’re ten years older than … Continue reading ?

Island time

My lace cardigan, the partner to the pullover I finished a few weeks ago, is taking shape and I’m pleased to report that I’ve reached the sleeves portion of it. As much as I am enjoying the colour and the … Continue reading ?

Field Trip

Today is Field Trip Day. I brought the camp chairs. It’s nice in the shade. Three more days to go, y’all.

Widdle Shoesies

Ahh, baby things. I love to knit baby things. I know there’s all kinds of ideas and superstitions about not getting things for the baby before the baby, but I don’t truck with any of that. I feel like the … Continue reading ?

Field Day

Field Day was moved from last Friday to yesterday (the weather was supposed to be bad). So that’s done at last. I’ve got no photographic evidence since I sold snacks the entire time. Today is Ellie’s class’s End of the … Continue reading ?

You know what’s nice? Fridays

Oh Knitters, oh wow. Thank you from the bottom of my woolly little heart for the response to our knitterly efforts for the Rally this year. I’ve read all the comments and been just so amazed by the kindness and … Continue reading ?


I don’t know if I’ve confessed this to you, blog, or if I’ve just not confessed it lately, but in the vast world of knitting skills, one thing I have still not been able to drill down into my neurons … Continue reading ?

our sweet trouble

We had some new furniture delivered yesterday. I can only imagine that when Trouble saw those french doors wide open, with delivery men coming in and out, how her heart started to race. Space. Wide, open space. It's too bad that I wasn't home. Show More Summary


This morning I got up early – so early it was still dark, and I made coffee, and while it was brewing, I put on my biking stuff – including the incredibly flattering and esteem boosting spandex. Then I came … Continue reading ?

Speed is relative

Last week a few of you asked me how I managed to fit so much knitting into my life. While I can’t say that I try to speed knit a sweater every week (or every month), I do managed to … Continue reading ?

And a dandilion bouquet

Ah, Mother’s Day.  As my friend Amanda observed, it’s a loaded holiday, isn’t it? I’m sure I’ve written before about my tenuous relationship with the day.  When I was a younger mum, I was so often guilty of using it … Continue readi...

mudders day, 2015

This may have been my favorite Mother's day, yet. A jeep ride to the nursery with Steve and two of the kids. (Andrew was playing in a golf tournament.) The vegetables were purchased for the vegetable garden. Look at all that lettuce! Dandelion love was spotted in the grass. Show More Summary

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