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That whole house is sticky now

When my girls were little (and when they were bigger too) we always had a Gingerbread Party.  It used to be that we’d fill up the house with people, and food, and music, and I’d bake a couple hundred gingerbread … Continue reading ?

Maybe you need to lower your standards

All is well here, although only because I’ve given up, in the most relaxed way possible.  I’m still trying to get everything done by the 20th, but I understand that’s tomorrow and that  I live in a world of dreams.  … Continue readi...

Another Freakin’ Column

Without a word of a lie, I swear in the name of all things woolly that today was going to be easy.  Yesterday’s shopping mission went off without a hitch. I left, I shopped, I returned, and I even got … Continue reading ?

At least it’s not snowing

Today’s the day.  I’ve been trying to avoid it, I’ve done all I can to make it unnecessary, and yet, it has come. I am going to the mall. I made one last ditch attempt yesterday to shop in my … Continue reading ?

Another column on the spreadsheet maybe

You know, there’s one thing you can say about the universe, and that’s that it has a sense of humour.  After explaining yesterday how I was a total paragon of organization (at least when it comes to Christmas, let’s not … Continue reading ?

The Spreadsheet of Joy

There’s been lots of questions about “the spreadsheet” and how I use it to keep track of Christmas, and get the whole thing off the ground.  I wrote about why I use a spreadsheet here, and you don’t have to … Continue reading ?

Right Down To Business

What’s Luis Hanging today? You know who’s a good boy? Luis is a good boy, because despite asking (again) if he could hang Santa, and being told (again) that it’s not time for Santa, Luis went ahead and picked something … Continue reading ?


Yesterday started with a phone call from my mother that you can never be prepared for. My sweet father passed away in the night. My heart broke in a hundred million pieces and feels as though someone is stepping on it. This was the man that unconditionally shared his heart and love with us. Show More Summary

Let’s not think about the cookies

Today’s a knitting day, my pretties, or – as close to a knitting day as one may be permitted, if there’s still a hundred other things to do. It’s actually going pretty well here, if you keep the parameters loose, … Continue reading ...

Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear

I gotta tell you.  Up until today, I thought things were going pretty well.  I mean, yeah, there’s a lot to do, but it’s all simple and straightforward and everything is going to be fine as long as I stay … Continue reading ?

winter skies

Don't you just love when the skies take your breath away?

Snow Day

We woke up this morning to a white and snowy day – perfect snow too – not too cold, not too blowy, it’s sticking to everything in the prettiest way, except that there is rather a lot of it. There’s … Continue reading ?


I work a couple of days a week in a beautiful clothing boutique. 24 really cute cowls arrived and sold out in two days which inspired me to try to make one of my own. It didn't turn out exactly like the one in the shop, however, I was pretty pleased with the results. Show More Summary

Maybe little nails would work

Lookout world, because here I come.  Actually, it’s more like lookout living room, here I come, but today is the day that I pull this house the hell together.  (The little lights above the door fell off again. I need … Continue reading ?

we're ready

Grateful to have a fireplace that burns real wood. And a man that builds unbelievable fires.

Something that went right

You know that thing when you’re cleaning a closet or a drawer, where things get much worse before they get way better? I think my pre-holiday life is like that right now.  There’s lists and post-its and presents and wrapping … Continue reading ?

in the kitchen

I love the window. It's a great venue for bird watching.

Only Three Hundred Tea Lights

Just a quick one from me, since the bulk  of my day was taken up by an epic trip to Ikea, in which Joe and I tried (and failed) to buy stuff there without falling victim to the siren call … Continue reading ?

still no tree but...

We went a few years without making houses. It feels so good to have a couple back in the house.

It just got real

Yup, even on a Sunday, here I am, posting so I don’t fall behind on Luis and Gifts.  I took a little break from freaking out about yarn and how I somehow don’t have any of it that I need … Continue reading ?

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