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elen progress

It's one of those chilly spring days where drinking hot tea and knitting all day sounds like a dream. I've been working on Elen in hopes of finishing at the end of this month. However, I'm 100% positive that won't be happening. Short rows were worked in order to achieve that scooped bottom. Show More Summary


16 hours agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

There’s a bird nest in the fern on the front porch. We’ll be using the side door for a while. Other signs of spring:

This then that

19 hours agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Harlot

I love babies. I know I’ve told you that before – I think everything around them is brilliant.  First you have a woman, then a bigger woman and then she unbelievably becomes two people, and then one of those people … Continue readin...

In my house

In my house there is: 1. A lot of laundry. Most of it clean, since my charming husband uncharacteristically and delightfully hauled off and did a whack of it. (Thanks buddy, you’re a team player.) 2. A pair of finished … Continue reading ?

Nesting Instinct

Last year, a bird built her nest inside my bike helmet. This year I’ve been storing my (new) bike helmet upside down in my basket. She started a nest under my helmet instead. I can’t win. Happy Earth Day!


Does this look like you just want to take a big bite of this? I know! That's what happened when I saw The Pioneer Woman make a batch of these spreads on her Snapchat. I immediately went to the kitchen and starting baking. I can't believe I didn't see this recipe back in 2009 when she first published it. Show More Summary

happy feet

These are most definitely the happiest socks I have ever made. They truly make me smile. It took me about 10 tries to get the cast on just right so that the stripes added up. But finally... It worked. Oh, did I mention it took me a couple of months to get this yarn because of how quickly they sell out. Show More Summary

While the sun shines

This morning when I got up and looked upon my domain, I realized that I was screwed, and started in on the hopeless list of things I can’t possibly accomplish in one day. I began with Item #1. Drink Coffee.  … Continue reading ?


Hello Pets, and sorry for the absence. Life fight now has a strange feel – all chaos and disorder, and to be completely honest, it’s my least favourite kind of chaos and disorder – which is to say that it’s … Continue reading ?

my weekend

I never fail to throw the picnic blanket in the car when heading out on a road trip. You just never know when the urge might hit to throw a little pizza party on a Big Oval Lawn and knit a few rows! And last weekend, Libby and I headed to OSU to visit Charlie. Show More Summary

Bespoke Kitty

For art and crafts this week, Ellie wanted to sew something with the machine. Really she wanted to sew a dress for herself, but I convinced her that was a big project and we should wait for summer when there was more time. We made this instead. She embroidered the face and pinned everything up […]

our white robes

My sweet mother took my sisters and me on a quick, little getaway this week. It was lovely. Too bad we packed clothes, as we lived in our robes. In between our pampering, I knit, and finished the trailing clouds, mind the gap, socks....Show More Summary

Admitting Defeat

Sometimes it’s OK to admit defeat and let things go. You win today, kitties. At least until you get up for lunch. [ viagra price list | buying viagra without perscription | viagra sales canada | brand viagra professional | mexico viagra | viagra from mexico | viagra pill splitter | citrate salt of sildenafil […]

Monkey’s Paw

It’s 7:30am and everyone else is still asleep. In the case of the cats, they are back asleep. I’m going to have another cup of coffee and keep working on this little blue monkey.

More on Making the Bed

Some days have more obstructions than others. Happy National Pet Day!

Making the Bed

Sometimes it’s easier to work around an obstruction than to try and remove it.

Animal Classification

For the purposes of Grade 2 science, animals are classified as: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods. I also mentioned cephalopods because octopuses are amazing. I deeply regret not having any plastic protozoa. No one seems to make them.


Remember when I mentioned the mouse in my car? Well, I'm so grateful that little fellow came for a visit. You see, this project was stored in my car all winter. For those times waiting. But since I didn't want that mouse to make a nest out of my knitting, I rescued this project into the house. Show More Summary

Randomly, on a Thursday

1. I got home on Monday night from Knitting in the Heartland. 2. I am writing this to you from the airport again because I’m leaving for the Strung Along Retreat. 3. Knitting in the Heartland was terrific.  Like so … Continue readin...

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