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Armadillo Alert

Long time Pine Haven resident, Mama Armadillo, was seen in the pre-dawn hours yesterday morning leading this year’s four babies in a parade across the front porch. This afternoon the babies were spotted near the drive way snuffling and rustling … Continue reading ?

Yarn Thing Podcast!

Just a quick post to let you know that I'll be on Marly Bird's Yarn Thing Podcast this Thursday, May 7th at 10am Mountain Time (that's noon here on the East Coast). The broadcast is live, and Marly welcomes listeners...

New Project: Crochet a Mermaid Lap-ghan

This one’s for all the mermaid lovers out there who always wanted their own tail. The top part is a “lapghan” (small afghan) blanket and the bottom cocoons around your feet. I tried buying a pattern for a mermaid tail but it was just awful. So I came up with […] Read more on MAKE The post Crochet a Mermaid Lap-ghan appeared first on Make:.

Teensy Kitty

She (torties are girls) wouldn’t get in the teensy trap we found at Lowe’s this afternoon, but she did manage to make it into the garage. We’ve been leaving the garage door cracked for Tyler, resident mostly-feral, but right now … Continue reading ?

I can be taught (slowly)

This time I think I’ve got the hang of it. The other day I posted a quick little thing about the Strung Along June Retreat, and my inbox filled up with questions, which is exactly what happened the last time … Continue reading ?

Cat Mat

Like my new doormats? It was time for a change. It’s impossible not to smile out the way out the door! Washington (I’m sure he’ll get a new name) is over at a good friend’s house auditioning for the role … Continue reading ?

About the Mold

It was Book Fair Week at school. I’m worn out. But it does mean that the end of the school year is near – just two more events and then summer! I’m ashamed to tell you how many books we … Continue reading ?

after school spread

No one liked the dough. I almost didn't bake them. However, I didn't like the thought of wasting the ingredients so decided to give it a go. A little less sugar for my lovelies and they never knew it. They were a hit! Ever since I traveled to Greece I have been a big fan of Tzatziki. Show More Summary

Second Verse, Same as the First

Today I’m packing. I’m delighted to say that I won’t be typing that sentence for a little while after this weekend – this last month has left me thinking that as a species, we need to be focusing on teleportation … Continue reading ...

Right on schedule

Spring is upon us around these parts, so much so that we might be firmly into patio-sitting weather this coming weekend. In fact, I’ve considered that I could probably take the pair of emergency fingerless mitts out of my handbag … Continue reading ?

a different thumb for toasty

Have you ever been somewhere when your pattern calls for you to place live stitches on a holder and you don't have the correct materials to do so? Ya, me too. And that is pretty much why I did this thumb and have grown to like it. Not that I won't sometimes go back to the other thumb. Show More Summary

Don’t get too comfortable

I’m almost at the end of this mad sprint, this thing where I’m teaching/travelling for so many days, almost in a row, and the end is in sight.  I’m stopped in here at home just long enough to wash my … Continue reading ?

our favorite pant

Well, that was a quick but lovely trip to Florida. We refilled our tanks with quality family time. I feel completely blessed. Whenever my sisters and mom and I get together, we pack "party favors". It's fun and exciting. Most of the time my sisters give better gifts than me. Show More Summary

Giving Me Lip

Ellie is out in the office visiting Washington with her mini. She keeps texting me videos. Washington was up in a tree by the mailbox Saturday before last. I talked him into coming down but he ran away before I … Continue reading ?

A three week sweater for sure, though

Well dear knitter friends, after two weeks of knitting I am pleased to report that I have… …most of a sweater. The lion’s share of it is done – I have the body and two sleeves, and I’m now joined … Continue reading ?

Fire Code

As of Thursday afternoon sometime, our school was taken off fire watch. One more step towards accomplishing the primary goal of “Immediate Safety.” Secondary goals include: undeniably prove the pattern of neglect and make sure this neglect never happens again … Continue reading ?

Vestry Street

I love the photos of Vestry Street that Gale took for the book. A friend of Gale's kindly lent us her colorful front porch -- the salmon-colored shingles and mint green trim just melted my heart when I saw them....

Maybe I evened out

Point: Last night I got my knitting together for this trip. I’m starting a new shawl with the Catterpillargreen yarn (or rather, some of it) that I got on my last trip.  It’s the shawl striping in “Olive Branch” (the … Continue reading ?

Nine Years

It is hard to believe that it has been nine years (as of yesterday) since my first Through the Loops blog post. My kids were 12, 12, and 14 at the time: I was much younger too: And we lived...

No, I won’t make you a pair for $10

I’ve taken the clothes out of my suitcase, washed them, and put them back in, and I’m almost ready to go back out the door tomorrow. I’m starting to feel wildly spoiled, like I’ve pulled off the most amazing trick, … Continue readin...

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