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the bella pattern

I just wanted to let you know that I finally wrote up the Bella pattern in a pdf to make it easier for you to print. It's over in the sidebar for now. (I'm trying to get all of the patterns on one page.) Megan in New Zealand (Hi Megan!) told me she found the pattern written up here. Show More Summary


Have a super, Happy Fourth, Friends!xx,leslie

Blankie Status: 4

Blanket: Unfinished Katie: Still Pregnant- but I think we can all agree that’s not going to to on much longer. Number of stitches on the needle: Approximately 280, but that, my friends, is nothing but an educated guess.  I’m not … Continue reading ?

princess fiona

Well, I finished this sweater a couple of weeks ago. Just getting the photos on here now. I must say, I am really happy with how it turned out. It has an a-line shape, so there is a little bit of swing, which I love. The yarn I used worked pretty well, however, I could see using something else that would give it a little more drape. Show More Summary

Some walking-around cables

Now that it’s July and the unofficial start of summer, I’m reminding myself of my summer knitting goals that I was making for myself back in May when summer seemed forever away and like it will stretch out with lots … Continue readi...

Oh, Canada

Happy Canada Day, and welcome to the somewhat traditional Canada Day Post!  It’s almost traditional for me to write a post about the amazing country I live in on this day, and I say almost, because since I began blogging, … Continue reading ?

it's july!

Thank you all SO much for all of your kind comments about finding our sweet Trouble. I honestly can't tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of them. We are unbelievably grateful that she is home. I took her for a weight check yesterday and she has gained 3 lbs! So proud of her! The last two weeks have been crazy, busy fun. Show More Summary

Outline Shawl : Progress

My latest project: Outline Shawl, designed by Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibres. In spite of my legendary short attention span, this project is nearly complete. I’ve rushed downstairs every morning to squeeze in some knitting time before work. Those minutes have added up — only about a foot more to go. Color sequence is Villain, Teacup, Whisper, Cinder, and […]

Summer Reading

I’m sure y’all remember the Summer Reading Program at your public library? Kids compete to see who can read the most books during the month of June. It can get pretty heated. Ellie set herself a goal of 100 books and completed it in a week and a half. So we did some math, factored […]

Travel Time

Last week was an out of town week. Ellie and I visited my parents and sister in Peachtree City. I made a Hippo. Then we came home, I washed a bunch of clothes, re-packed, and we went to spend the night at Mary Esther. I finished that Elephant. And knit a longer tail for the […]

Almost a year later . . .

Almost a year later, and every single day, you think about how much you miss blogging here in your little space. And yet. You haven’t carved out the time for it, which is what you do when there’s something you miss. But. Deep breath. Turn it around and think of all that you managed to […]

Blankie Status: 3

Blanket: Unfinished Katie: Still pregnant. Barely.  I’m pretty damned sure I’m going to be robbed of some expected knitting time. I’m pretty sure this thrills Kate. I am trying to be supportive. Number of stitches on the needle: Approximately 500. … Continue reading ?

Status 2: Blankie

Status: Unfinished Katie: Still Pregnant, and hopefully fixing to stay that way. Number of stitches on the needle: Approximately 850. I’m not counting those wee bastards again. Number of skeins so far: 5 and 3/4 Number of skeins remaining: A … Continue reading ?

Good job being boring, everyone

For the last week or two my knitting has been a mix of pre-knitting work, for design thoughts and big projects that I’m not ready to actually start yet (swatching, planning, figuring out yarns), and the plain old ‘just getting … Continue reading ?

Status: Blankie

Status: Unfinished Katie: Still pregnant. Number of stitches on the needle: 806. Skeins of yarn used so far: 5 Number of rounds to knit before I start the edging: 10 Number of stitches being added every second round: 8 Attitude … Continue reading ?

Surprise, No Surprise

No Surprise: Thanks so much for the tremendous amount of experience, advice and support for the trouble with my foot.  I appreciate the advice to: listen to the doctor, ignore the doctor, see a PT, see a chiropractor, put ice … Continue reading ?

Hypnotic Circular Knitting Machine Weaves Yarn Like Magic

Knitting is a popular needlecraft, but it can get tiring knitting larger pieces. Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet came up with a clever way to automate the process with this open source, open design, 3D printed circular knitting machine called the Circular Knitic. Show More Summary

Father’s Day

This year’s mug was created by Susan Altenau Pottery. Michael says that the lip is especially nice. Ellie likes the cat. I just noticed that she has a listing for a Cat Portrait Mug!

The Game is A Foot

Ah, knitters. Here I sit, with an ice pack on my foot, thinking about how I’ve always said that I thought I would sort of enjoy a minor injury that necessitated sitting around, resting and knitting.  It turns out that … Continue reading ?

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