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spring break is finally here

Well, in about 1 hour we are headed to the airport. London here we come! We have plenty of things on our list. I'm a little overwhelmed that I won't get to do half of what I want us to do and see. (And then there is my own separate list which includes Liberty London and Wool and the Gang!) I made Libby and Andrew a little journal this morning. Show More Summary

Randomly on what I swear I thought was Wednesday

1. Without a word of a lie, I just about fell off my chair 10 minutes ago (that’s right, at the end of the work day) when I found out it was Thursday. What the hell happened to Wednesday? I … Continue reading ?

Insane in Texas

Let me tell you a little story. This past weekend I was in Texas. I love Texas. I’ve never had a bad time there, in any city, and I admit a particular fondness for the DFW Knitters Guild, and the … Continue reading ?

Changing it up

Greetings knitter friends, on this second day of spring that may or may not be colder than the first day of winter we had back in December. And if I still have sweater knitting weather in my future you can … Continue reading ?

the perfect love

It truly is a match made in heaven. And this cookie may be one of our new favorites. I had Andrew search for our cookie this week. And this is what he came up with. I read the reviews and followed some of the comments to freeze the peanut butter balls before assembling. Show More Summary

Is it procrastination if I call it research?

Here I am poppets, writing to you from the lounge at the airport in Toronto, getting ready to head off to Texas for the DFW Fiber Fest.  I’m mostly writing to you to procrastinate on something that I really, really … Continue readin...

Pi to the Fourth Power

My fourth Pi shawl is done, I’m pleased to report, and it even made it just under the wire for Pi Day on Saturday. I cast off around lunchtime and laid it out for blocking that afternoon, and I am … Continue reading ?


Yesterday was a special day. It passed with no fanfare, and nobody remembered and nobody sent flowers or congratulated me and there was not a party. I thought about telling someone what day it was, but I thought they might … Continue reading ?


I think that was one of the fastest weeks I ever had. With absolutely no time to bake. However, knitting happened. I'm starting to see some progress on my Princess Fiona. The front and back are joined and the lace pattern is started....Show More Summary

The Dress

My knitter friends who live in the internet, I’m pleased to report back with full real photos of The Knitted Dress. And that I am in fact still wearing it now and it is so comfortable that while I won’t … Continue reading ?

Seriously, English is way too hard

In our family, when people say goodbye at the door, it’s “See you later alligator” and back comes the reply “In a while, crocodile.” It’s always been this way. I don’t know why, and I can’t remember when it started.  … Continue reading ?

Maybe I lied a little

It would appear that my celebratory BOOM DONE, might have been a little premature yesterday. This morning I got up and sat at my desk, and promptly realized that there’s a whole stealth project for River City Yarns that I … Continue reading ?


And with that, she was caught up. Two projects, blocking (sort of) on the table. Now, I can knit anything I want.  

The long tea time of the soul

The Pi Shawl has started to be more or less an annual knit for me. I finished my first one four years ago, and now I’m nearing the end of my fourth one. Eventually I’ll have to start giving them … Continue reading ?

Finding my groove

3 weeks agoHobbies / Knitting : Indigirl

As the mother of a (newly) six month old, I’ll be honest. As wonderful as it is, and as much fun as we have, I’m still struggling to find a groove in our days. Awake time is filled with nursing, diaper changes, meals (we’re doing BLW), and play. And there are naps too. Carly is […]

I guess I deserved that

Sorry for radio silence pets, but man, did the last few days ever get on top of me. I got home Tuesday night – no, that’s inaccurate. I left Mexico on Tuesday night, but thanks to an ice storm here … Continue reading ?

fig newtons

I have been waiting to make these cookies. But something was always happening to the ingredients. First, I accidentally grabbed dates at the store instead of figs. Then, someone (Andrew) drank the apple juice. Hey, who ate the orange!Homemade Fig Newtons. Show More Summary

Almost as good as hitting the mall

I’m pleased to report, knitter friends, that the knitted dress is finished! As per usual, once I actually sat down and worked on the seaming, it got done pretty quickly (as compared to just looking at the finished pieces and … Continue reading ?


I’m having too much fun to possibly tell you all of it, and besides, I’ve only got about 24 more hours before I leave this lovely place, and there’s still so much to do. The beach beckons, and I’ve only … Continue reading ?

You get there eventually

Just about every conversation I’ve had this week has included some version of, “February, am I right?” It’s the shortest month on the calendar but feels like the longest, especially if you happen to be experiencing one of the coldest … Continue reading ?

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