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Home Improvements

Gran and Pop (my parents) were down this way last weekend so that Pop could help me with some Back to School projects. School starts in two weeks and we’re trying to get our school space in good shape. Pop and his bigger-than-the-Blueberry vehicle helped haul away the second bed in the schoolroom. This caused […]

Artist Crochets Crazy Creepy Creatures

Caitlin McCormack creates detailed crochet skeletal creatures and then uses glue to give them shape. Her creations are creepy and beautiful. Read more on MAKE The post Artist Crochets Crazy Creepy Creatures appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

With Gratitude

Every year when we’re done packing, and everything is on the trucks, and there’s nothing to do but have dinner, and a big sleep, and check my bike for a the hundredth time, I always get a little sappy.  I … Continue reading ?


Trying to blog from my phone.     See sweet baby Frankie feet? 

Ready, steady.

You know what? I think I have a grip on this.  I hate to say it, in case I remember something huge I’ve forgotten to do, but after a few days of dashing around, I think I’m almost ready – … Continue reading ?

What was that noise?

Yesterday went by in a big whoosh. I got up and poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat there drinking it while I pulled together all my to-do lists into one big master list. Camping stuff to pull together, … Continue reading ?

What F is For

With all the lightning strikes (followed by internet and power outages) and water spills lately, I’ve not had a chance to show y’all what I’m working on. A little bit more of a traditional doll head this time – the Girl’s noggin and this one are interchangeable in case anyone likes one or the other […]

Resting with (Big) Plans

Thanks so much for the well wishes guys, and for the understanding about the challenging weekend. Things are looking up today. I feel cheerful, and sort of confident – at least when I remember that being a few days from … Continue reading ?


This last weekend was a challenge.  I’m trying to call it that – instead of a crapfest, because I think a good attitude is important and really, it was more challenging than anything and I really think it helps to … Continue reading...

All Better

Look here, y’all! I was never so surprised. There was so much water when I shook her out that I thought Claire was a goner for sure. Yay! Only one question remains: What do I do with 8 pounds of used rice?

Not quite done yet

So, about a week ago I finished the Charlotte St. Cowl I was working on, a larger version of my original pattern. Or at least I thought I was finished. It looks lovely and after blocking it’s turned out light … Continue reading ?

friend to friend

I made a friend of mine, who recently had a baby girl, a baby sweater. My mom wrote the pattern years ago. It has been an all time favorite of ours. All three of my babies wore them. The boys each wore blue. Libby had several. Pink, yellow, peach. Show More Summary

Dear Frankie

Dear Frankie, As I mentioned to you when we met, I am your Tia Effie. I’m the one who keeps taking your clothes off.  (That lady who keeps putting them back on is your Auntie Kelly.)  I don’t know if … Continue reading ?

Blankie Status: 7

Blanket: FINISHED. Katie: Not pregnant any longer, but I think we can agree that having your baby 3 weeks early is a curve ball no knitter could have managed to hit. Number of stitches on the needle: NONE Number of … Continue readin...


Betty spilt water on the kitchen table. My laptop was on the table. Perhaps you’d all take a moment to hope for the best while I go to Winn Dixie for more rice?

Blankie Status: 6

It’s going to be a squeaker. That will be all.

We are go for blanket

For the last month or so I’ve been working away on smaller accessory projects – my larger Charlotte St. cowl is even finished now and happily drying on the blocking board as we speak, my Rocaille socks are patiently getting … Continue reading ?

Hacked Machine Knits Custom Mathematical Scarves

Fabienne Serriere has created an knitting machine that turns algorithmically-generated patterns into unique scarves and wraps. Read more on MAKE The post Hacked Machine Knits Custom Mathematical Scarves appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

Life, properly interrupted

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blankie update to bring you an update of a much less boring sort. Katie and Carlos’ second son arrived last week, just about three weeks early, but perfect, tiny and delightful.  I did the only … Continue reading ?

Upsized Ginger Cat

I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t take a picture of the finished Great Big Cat! Not even with my phone! Argh! Just imagine his arms and legs.

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