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Now we ride

Today was a wild thing. I thought yesterday was wild, with picking things up and dropping things off and trying to find other things, and I can’t tell you what a massive case of the screamin’ heebies it gives me … Continue reading ?

Yeah, that’s done too

22 hours agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Harlot

The theme for today is “finished” – or at least I’m trying really hard to make that be the theme.  I’m just now finished with today – my bags are packed and tomorrow I’ll take them to packing day – … Continue reading ?

fressko giveaway

Have you seen the really cool flasks from Fressko? A double walled glass container for either infusing fruit into your drinks or brewing tea. It will hold coffee, too! I love the bamboo lid and quite honestly the entire look of it. AND that it will be a wonderful companion to my knitting! I've been using it to make natural flavored water. Show More Summary

movin on

So, I'm thinking I haven't even mention where Libby will be headed in the fall. The University of Colorado. It's so hard for me to believe that when I started writing this blog, Libby was 8 years old and in second grade. To all the young young mamas out there... Show More Summary

a few things

A few things around here are making me ridiculously happy. My new "a friend to knit with" notepad! It's just downright fun. My CSA box that I picked up on Tuesday. I'm trying not to make a grocery run this week. Eating fish and vegetables. Show More Summary

I have no idea where the tent pegs went

Today is the day, I told myself, as I woke up to begin a wildly busy week. I realized last night as I lay there, planning, mentally organizing, writing internal post-it notes – that I have crammed a lot into … Continue reading ?

Experience Level

Current events are discouraging, disheartening, frustrating. I’ve turned to fiction for happy endings and characters with empathy. I’ve added that one to Ellie’s future reading list. I’ve been pre-reading loads of “middle grade” fiction...Show More Summary

All gifts, all the time

Thanks so very much for your warm words and thoughts for Erin, and especially for the donations – It’s cheered all of us a lot to see the “For Erin” messages pop up on my fundraising page. We both feel … Continue reading ?

Erin isn’t riding a bike

Often, when I meet people, they ask me what it’s like to have a life that’s so public. They’ll ask me if it’s weird to have you know so much about it. Usually I smile and say the same thing. … Continue reading ?


Hi Friends! I can't believe it is the middle of July! Can you? Wow. And I have been home from Alaska for almost a week and this is my first time here. I just felt a little overwhelmed and behind the 8 ball so needed to play catch up....Show More Summary

You know, Alpacas live in the mountains

I finished my Zuzu’s Petals. Actually, I finished it twice. Despite being really sure that I wasn’t going to have enough yarn, I had more than enough, and ended up embiggenning the pattern pretty substantially. When I realized that there … Continue reading ?


Last night, Joe and I were watching some dumb thing on TV, and I was so irritated and he was bugging me (not his fault, though I was sure it was at the time) and my knitting was annoying me, … Continue reading ?

Spinning, all sorts

Ah, long weekends, and this one was longer than most. I started in on Friday, Canada Day here, and got in the first half of my back-to-backs. Back-to-backs are a training benchmark on the Rally, at some point before (technically … Continue reading ?

Knitting (What’s Missing)

Just in case it’s starting to look like I don’t actually knit anymore…

Still Obsessed

April had them make tornado jars for meteorology day.

Everything is Neat Again

I’ve only got three tabs open in my browser. I can see the top of the table in my office for the first time in months. Science camp is over. We made one last contraption in the living room before I put the rest of the stuff in its place (Physics was Friday). Take 3 […]

Randomly, on Canada Day

Ah, another fine Canada Day, and who would I be if I didn’t take a minute to write something about the fine country I’m so proud to live in. This is tradition, of course – I’ve done it almost every … Continue reading ?

here we go

Hey Friends!We've packed the bags and most of the kids, and are headed to Alaska! Airplane knitting here I come!I'm going to try to post pics, daily, on Instagram if I can find WiFi. (Except for the painful 24 hours I told the kids they...Show More Summary

they scream summer

I returned last night from taking Andrew to a golf tournament in Hershey, Pa. You know, home of Milton S. Hershey. That incredible founder of the one and only Hershey Chocolate. And, I don't care what Andrew says, the chocolate is most definitely fresher than that of which you buy in the store. Show More Summary

I was almost there

After the Big White (details forthcoming, when Meg gets her pictures from the photographer) I felt a sort of knitting ennui. It’s not that I didn’t want to knit, it was more that I had a kind of knitting hangover. … Continue reading...

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