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Randomly on a Tuesday

41 minutes agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Harlot

1. I am leaving for Madrona tomorrow.  After a wicked sprint this last weekend, everything for the workshops and classes and (almost) the Teacher Talent Show for Charity (You’re coming, right?) I am pretty much packed and ready. 2. That’s … Continue reading ?

Maybe Not

I swear, on every scrap of yarn in this house, that I thought the baby sweater I’m working on would be finished today.  I really did. It was sheer delusion. I see that now.  I thought that I was going … Continue reading ?

madge for libby

Okay friends. When your daughter see's you making a new sweater and asks if it's for her, you immediately respond, YES! (Even though you had yours eyes on it.) I have not made a sweater for Libby for quite some time. Not for lack of not wanting to. Show More Summary

What is the past tense of Fleeting?

Whatever knit-a-palooza I was off on has clearly ground to a halt.  Maybe I shouldn’t have blogged about it or been happy about it, but all the knitting in this house looks almost exactly the same as it did yesterday. … Continue reading ?

conscious cleanse review

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the cleanse I had started. I've had some requests for a review, so thought I would mention it while it is fresh in my mind. It's a two week cleanse that basically omits dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, caffeine and alcohol. Show More Summary

Everything has an upside

I was just sitting here (coughing) and reflecting on my weekend, which I spent mostly coughing.  I’m at that annoying phase of getting over chest things that involves feeling mostly better, but still coughing in a way that makes everyone … Continue reading ?

Decisions, decisions

After a few weeks of letting them lie dormant, I pulled out the ever-present granny squares project over the weekend and hit a solid benchmark of 180 complete squares. I’ve been working on these in 2 parallel stages – first completing the main 2-colour section, 2 squares at a time with the colour combination swapped, […]

Well. That was lucky

Last night I was knitting merrily along on Siren Song, and I was thinking about what I’d write today about it.  I was having the hardest time thinking of anything even remotely interesting.  Projects like this aren’t exactly scintillating Blog … Continue reading ?

Getting it done

My knitter friends, just in case you were ever under the assumption that experienced knitters have reached that level because they do everything perfectly all the time, never procrastinate, and make no shortcuts or bad habits at any time during the knitting process, let me divest you of that assumption right now. I’m here to […]

weekend plans

I'm working on the second sleeve of Madge. Trying hard not to get second sleeve syndrome. If all goes planned this should be finished over the weekend. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Get thee behind me

I took a picture of Siren Song today, and I had the post all planned out. I was going to tell you how I feel about the fact that no matter how much I knit on this thing, nothing changes. … Continue reading ?

Either very behind or very ahead

Knitter friends, how is your post-New Year knitting world taking shape? Have you been filled with the start-itis impulse to cast on everything you were holding off on before gift-knitting season took over? Or perhaps you are in the doldrums of the dark and cold of January and are just plain looking for something new […]

Randomly on a Wednesday

1. Thank you, thank you, for your lovely response to our blogiversary. We’ve been together such a long time now, but Blog, you made the day chock full of magic. I loved the idea of charities being inundated with $12 … Continue readi...

a new project

So, I'm over here still working on Madge. (Soon to start the second sleeve. Yippee!) But just couldn't help myself and had to cast on a We Are Knitters kit; the Folie Vest. I am C R A Z Y about this stitch. It's called the Loop Stitch. Show More Summary


This morning I got up, grabbed a coffee, and sat myself down at my desk to write this post. Well, it wasn’t this post, I was going to write a different one, but I took a minute to check my … Continue reading ?

B is for better

And Boring. Boring, boring, boring.  This week has had few charms, my pets, and worst of it is the horrible monotony of being sick. I do feel better today (much, actually) and tomorrow there’s things I have to do, but … Continue reading ?


You know I love Toast. Really the easiest, most useful little project. I just love to wear them. Inside or outside. It's just that little extra warmth I need most winter days. The pattern is always above under the "simple knitting patterns" tab. Show More Summary

The ginger didn’t really help

Well, I should have known. There were a bunch of little signs, like that on Monday I couldn’t get warm, no matter how hard I tried, or that in the morning I didn’t want coffee, and that in the evening … Continue reading ?

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