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Science Camp

17 hours agoHobbies / Knitting : Yarn Miracle

My friend April and I are hosting a science camp at the end of June (through our local education enrichment coalition). I’m researching my half (chemistry and electricity) and trying to make the experiments and concepts flow. Because you know how I like it when things match. I feel like a segue from a discussion […]

it's friday!

I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't share this cookie recipe. If you like lemons, SO GOOD! Happy Weekend! I'll be back soon to announce the winner of the MOODmatcher lipsticks.xx

Full Day

School may be out but this is another entirely too busy week. Today: Story time at the library! The Children’s Librarian is out of town and asked if Ellie and I would host while she was gone. Ellie read the last book and planned a craft for the kids. It was also our last girl […]

Big. White. More beads.

The big white thing (with more beads) has really started to get to me – and I’m sure it’s starting to get to you… I have here photographed it in different place than I did all of last week to … Continue reading ?

Finger Puppets

It all started with the corner of a fruit snack wrapper.

moodmatcher giveaway

Libby and I have recently fallen in love with these MOODmatcher Lipsticks. And more specifically, the MOODmatcher LUXE Twist Stick. They come in a sleek, slim, and modern case, which offers customized control as well as a personalized lip color. Show More Summary

Oak Meadow Grade 2 (the handy stuff)

Emily’s Hot Tips for Oak Meadow Grade 2 Go ahead and get both a big wall map and a globe. They are equally important to an understanding of geography. If you don’t like to be outside or if nature makes you feel creepy, Oak Meadow Grade 2 is not for you. An enormous chunk of […]

Welcome to Summer Vacation

Oak Meadow Grade 2 is a wrap. We had 172 school days and nine billion happy memories. The first event of summer? Brownie Hiking Badge! She made GORP, researched hiking gear (visit to the Bass Pro camping and hiking section), practiced her observation skills (counted bugs), picked a route, and kept track on the map. […]

Maybe if there was a pony

I can see now that in terms of blog material, this shawl is going to be a problem. There’s precious little I can do to make it interesting, short of it catching fire or me making a huge mistake (both … Continue reading ?


Hello there!Gosh... I don't know where the time has gone. But I do know that we have been busy. This time of year always has me behind the eight ball. Even when I try not to be! Life is full. What a beautiful thing. I have some fun giveaways coming up. Have a wonderful weekend. See you next week!

Second to Last

It’s the second to last day of Grade 2. For fun, Ellie took the front wheel off a very, very old bike. And built a tent. It’s pretty much summer already. [ | | | | ]

It’s on again

We had a thunderstorm last week, and our internet went down – Our box was struck by lightning. (Just ours. It was a pretty personal move by mother nature.)  I’ve been reduced to working in coffeeshops and pubs with wifi, … Continue reading ?

I thought I would last longer

Oh Blog, thank you so much for the warm reception to Megan and Alex’s engagement. The wedding is soon – very soon, and you’re all right, the froth of white wool and beads is indeed for Megan’s wedding shawl and … Continue reading ?

For Immediate Release

Daughter to Marry – Parents Get Grip May 9th, 2016, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Following nothing short of a near miss in the raving insanity department, the parents of Megan would like to announce her engagement to Alex. From all reports, … Continue reading ?

It’s all so sunny right now

Yup, on the move. This big project (I’ll tell you what it is next week, let me sort a thing or two first) is marching along. It’s big, it’s bold and as such, I am taking no chances. I have … Continue reading ?

pink memories

I just couldn't help myself. I cast on for Pink Memories... the yarn is so yummy. Even more than these snickerdoodle bars which says A LOT. Cause they are our favorite. Especially Charlie's. And I sort of made them for him. He is home from OSU. Yippeeeeee! (It always amazes me how early the Colleges let out for the summer.)

May the Fourth Be With You

Unexpected Homeschool Perk #504: Today is a holiday.

Fits and Starts

Last Thursday I had an ill fated trip to Romni Wools for white laceweight. I spent forever in the shop ripping up the shelves and by the end of it, I had a few other people in on the madness.  … Continue reading ?

chalk lots mothers day sale

Hey friends! I forgot to mention that the Chalk Lots are on sale to celebrate MOM'S DAY! Available in either Graham Cracker or... Licorice. I have the most wonderful memories with my kids gathered around the table with Chalk Lots. Drawing, doing homework, playing games and leaving funny notes. Show More Summary

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