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I was almost there

After the Big White (details forthcoming, when Meg gets her pictures from the photographer) I felt a sort of knitting ennui. It’s not that I didn’t want to knit, it was more that I had a kind of knitting hangover. … Continue reading...

I’m going to Rally

Well, after that mild panic session on Friday, I got it together – or at least I started to.  I Saturday I took myself for a training ride. I planned at least 90km, but it ended up being a few … Continue reading ?

some days...

5:10pm 5:28pm I can't blame the critters. This was the result of human error.

I wouldn’t exactly say it was a mistake

There is nothing that I regret about the last few weeks of my life.  That my time went to my girl and her wedding, that my energy went in that direction? A good choice, my knitters. A good choice. The … Continue reading ?

i guess we all love yarn

Hey Friends! I just came back from a super relaxing time visiting my mom. Just me. No kids. No husband. No plans except for knitting and relaxing with my mom by my side. On the airplane, I thought... This is so great! I bet I can finish this sweater. Show More Summary

Oh Man, have we been reading this blog for a long time

That was my favourite comment out of all that you left on my last post, and trust me, I loved and read them all. Yes. Man, have you been reading this blog for a long time.  The first time I … Continue reading ?

The Day Of

I was up early today,  sitting in a quiet house, waiting for the house to explode around me. The ladies all slept here at home last night, and stayed up long after I went to bed, laughing and talking in … Continue reading ?

To-do List 3a

When I wrote “see to-do list 3a” on a spreadsheet this morning, I knew that things were getting intense, wedding wise. We’re just a few days out (I refuse to calculate how many hours away Monday is) and things are … Continue reading...

summer '16

Well, the beginning of summer is kickin' my butt in true beginning of summer form. The last day of school was last Friday. Of course, I made them jump. Every year since the last day of school '08. It just cracks me up that Andrew's form pretty much hasn't changed. Show More Summary

A day off

Today is my birthday, and I plan to spend it doing things that I like, with people I love, and as is the sometimes tradition around here, someone else wrote the blog for me today.  I found this amazing thing … Continue reading ?

In the broadest sense

By now, most of you will have heard about the tragic deaths at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, and by now, most of us have heard that this attack was directed at the GLBTQ community. Tonight I’ll attend a vigil … Continue reading ?

Karma and You

The Big White continues apace, and even though this week has been nothing short of a train wreck time wise, I’m still on track, though my ability to stay that way feels fragile. Row 39 accomplished, seven rows (and that … Continue reading ?


Wait for it… Want to try it? You’ll need: a Mini M&Ms canister – cut the lid off the body a little bit of clay or gum Alka-Seltzer tablets – break into quarters water decorations if you want them (washi tape, stickers, Sharpie markers, foil for a shiny nose cone) Decorate your canister (I didn’t […]

While I was on the back porch reading…

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class of 2 0 1 6

Did I mention that Libby was graduating from high school this year? Like in 5 days? Like from High School? Like will be headed to college in the fall? Like in August? Like in 2 months? (Insert that thrown back face emoji where it's sort of screaming in silence. Show More Summary

Would you, Could you, on a plane?

Whoosh. I wrote most of this post on Friday – and then I really have absolutely no idea what happened to the weekend. There was a knitting retreat, there were lots of nice people, the days were full and beautiful … Continue reading ...

changing it up

I decided to switch projects and see if I could finish Elen before working anymore on Pink Memories. This one requires a little more concentration which was holding me back. Time to forge on! We tried a new Snickerdoodle recipe and it was a huge hit. Show More Summary

my CSA

It's that time of year. My most favorite time. But then again, the season we are in is my favorite time. But seriously, moving outside for dinner and extra daylight is such a treat. I still have that same great feeling when I'm dining alone. Show More Summary

The Great White yet again

I have a feeling that the blog is going to have titles like that for a little while. (I keep wanting to title it “Call me Ishmael” but I worry I’m the only one who’s going to get the joke.) … Continue reading ?

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