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Antique Photos/85 Year Old Footage

I know I haven't posted a heck of a lot lately but I just had to post this.  An artist took 85 year old photos and added animations and motion to them.  The effect is just fantastic, especially for the trains.  Check it out: I'd recommend going "full screen" for this as the effect of the movement and the pictures really pops with a larger screen (not on a phone). Marc

Happy 2016!

Happy 2016 everyone!  2015 was not a great year for trains (at least for me).  I've tried to sell off quite a bit of my collection, I think because I had way too much and I watched the show "hoarders" just once too often.  My friend in Switzerland Michel sent me some wonderful pics in 2015 and I have been sorely remiss posting them.... Show More Summary

Start 2015 w/some Bing goodness....

Michel sent me this link to some Bing goodness.  Not every amazing tinplate work of art is Lionel or Flyer or Ives.  These are just awesome... Marc

Merry Christmas from Switzerland....

My friend Michel sent me this wonderful Christmas card!  I hope he knows how wonderful I think it is!! Check out this little set -

Happy 2015!

I am trying to start out the new year in an old way.... Went and hung out at Roadside America in PA this week...  This place is just one of the best throwbacks ever....

Brugger Modelleisenbahn-Club/Switzerland

My friend in Switzerland Michel sent me this really cool link to BMC.  We'll stay with BMC (it stands for Brugger Modelleisenbahn-Club).  As you can see from the pics I downloaded, this club has a way cool layout.  Here's the link to the club here. Show More Summary

The One That Keeps Getting Away

There are few items in standard gauge that I "must have".  At this point in my life, I'm glad to just get time with the friends I've made and to see their amazing collections.  But here is one car or item I wish would get made. I'm not sure who made it but I think it is way cool. Show More Summary

Leipzig Station Youttube

Check out this Youtube from MTH on the Leipzig Station! By the way, I guess you can tell I have curtailed most of my toy train procurement.  It has gotten too expensive and money is tight.  However items like the above may be a rare exception to my rules. Show More Summary

My new favorite Ice Cream Place!

Fun little caboose near Niagara Falls re purposed for ice cream! Marc

The Boucher/Bassett-Lowke Connection

Boucher was not strictly a toy company. They produced models: industrial models for exhibition; yacht models for racing; live steam boilers, engines and fittings for model steamships; and the old Voltamp line of trains which at the time was the most realistic toy trains in the country. Show More Summary

Toy Trains at Disneyland....

I was hanging out in Anaheim, CA last week and I spent a few minutes (or hours/days) at Disneyland.  Disney California Adventure has some really cool train stuff, check out the windows in the stores with both prewar O Gauge and Standard Gauge. Show More Summary

PCC in Sa Francisco

Absolute ton of gorgeous PCCs running in San Francisco today.  Would love one in the right gauge!! (Standard of course!)

MTH Leipziger Train Station

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, MTH pulls out all of the stops! I have yet to see this product in person, however my friend in Switzerland saw it (and Mike Wolf) in Europe and was impressed.  There is much to be said for prewarShow More Summary

That's what I'm talking about!

Well MTH just moved into the "most impressive innovator" in toy train history books.  Yes, I know they've done a tremendous amount for the hobby both in O gauge, Tinplate and so on.  Yes, I know they have a fantastic control system called DCS. I was a little disheartened by the Ives Catalog. Show More Summary

MTH Ives Catalog Re-think - Opinion

I've had some time to ponder this catalog and really look it over.  It's all stuff MTH has done before.  And it is two pages. So now I have a couple of questions.  Is this really a product offering or just a pamphlet to see if any customers will bite on twice redone Tinplate sets?  I'm really hoping this isn't the wave of the future for MTH. Show More Summary

2014 Uncataloged Ives Catalog Released - MTH

2014 Uncataloged Ives Catalog Released So, I'm hoping this isn't the April York Tinplate catalog.  While not a bad offering, it isn't exactly exciting either.  All rehashed stuff from prior catalogs.... Marc

More European Tinplate Goodness

It doesn't matter where the tinplate is from, as long as it is tinplate!  Michel sent me another wonderful video of European Tinplate making the rounds... Marc

New MTH RTR Catalog - Meh

"Meh" is a new word brought to us by the internet.  It means "Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care."  As much as I like MTH, the new RTR is meh. The tinplate sets are a rehash of a rehash.  I'm hoping that this isn't what we have to look forward to in the next tinplate catalog. Show More Summary

Rare Set on eBay

Ya, I know.  There are tons of rare sets around.  They float in and out of eBay all the time.  These standard gauge Railchief cars are really cool in person though.  If you have a 400E and you want to replicate the Lionel O gauge set, check out these cars. Show More Summary

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