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An Icy Morning in Columbia

Following heavy rains yesterday, an overnight freeze placed a coat of ice on the vegetation of central Missouri. Nevertheless, after thawing out our VW Beetle, I headed over to the Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary, on the west sideShow More Summary

On the Atmospheric Fence

Here in central Missouri, we are temporarily caught between a deep atmospheric trough in the West and an atmospheric ridge in the East. The former has brought cold, wintry weather to the western half of the country and the latter has...Show More Summary

Thoughts and Prayers

Another week and another mass shooting in America. As usual, Conservative Republicans will offer their thoughts and prayers but nothing else. They blame the problem on disturbed young men and suggest that mental health services are inadequate. Show More Summary

The Wings of Spring

Anyone who does not believe that spring begins in February should have been at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area on this balmy morning in central Missouri. The pools and channels of the refuge, mostly ice free, were clogged with migrant...Show More Summary

American Tree Sparrows

On this mild, breezy afternoon, my wife and I took a walk around Perry Phillips Lake, south of Columbia, Missouri. Two pair of red-tailed hawks cavorted in the wind but the lake remained frozen and no waterfowl were observed. However,...Show More Summary

Under Snowless Skies

Returning to Missouri today, we traveled across the Great Plains under sunny skies and enveloped in mild air. Snow cover gradually diminished as we drove eastward and a south wind had placed the wind turbines in a steady spin. Rough-legged...Show More Summary

The Korean Peninsula

In light of the ongoing Olympics, I thought I might take a look at the geography of the Korean Peninsula. Extending southward from northeastern China and extreme southeastern Russia, the Korean Peninsula separates the Sea of Japan, to its east, from the Yellow Sea, to its west. Show More Summary

Conservatives and Science

Conservatives, including many industrialists, politicians and farmers, are selective in their appreciation of science. While they rely on scientific progress for the development of jet fighters, satellite technology, modern transportation,...Show More Summary

The Nature of Patriotism

Yesterday, Our Dear Leader, Donald Trump, indicated that he wants our country to hold an annual Military Parade, similar to those held in France (and in Russia and North Korea); this, he believes would demonstrate our patriotism, like...Show More Summary

Grape Hyacinths

Natives of the Mediterranean region, grape hyacinths are bulb plants that are represented by a variety of species. Having colonized most Temperate regions of the globe, they are among the first flowers to appear in the spring and some...Show More Summary

Subtle Signs of Spring

Once the weather warms, the greenery appears and the flowers bloom, everyone knows it is spring. But those who pay close attention to nature notice signs of spring well in advance of the full blown season.This morning, at South Platte Park, the ponds and lakes were mostly ice covered and the brown vegetation offered no hint of spring. Show More Summary

Weird Winter

3 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Marcia Bonta

The weird winter of 2017 had thaws longer and warmer than freezes. Our white nights of bright moonlight shining on snow were scarce. It was an old person’s winter lacking the usual ice and snow that often makes for hazardous walking. Since I am an old person, I should have been grateful but I wasn’t […]

A future without hedgehogs

3 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

It may have been crowned as Britain's National Species in a BBC Wildlife Magazine poll, but the humble hedgehog may disappear from Britain's countryside and gardens all together.

Winterwatch? Feels more like spring!

3 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

For the last three months, the Woodland Trust has received an influx of reports that suggest spring events are happening earlier than expected. This data, sent in by members of the public, is a reminder of how native species are struggling to keep up with a changing climate.

On the Cusp of Spring

This morning, it is cloudy, cold and trying to snow along the Colorado Front Range. Nevertheless, we have entered the First Month of Spring, when crocuses and hyacinths often make their appearance across central latitudes of North America.Sap...Show More Summary

Helping Eagles Soar

3 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

White-tailed eagles; the centenary of their extinction in the UK and subsequent return – a conservation success! Author: Dave Sexton RSPB Scotland Mull Officer

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