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Return of the Solitaire

On this sunny, warm October day, our resident solitaire has returned from the mountains. While it may not be the same individual who winters on the farm each year, it is usually a single Townsend's solitaire, mingling with robins and...Show More Summary

Vole Control

Early this afternoon, while watching songbirds at the feeding area on our Littleton farm, I noticed several meadow voles, scurrying between a rocky border and the seed-covered ground. More than willing to share the handouts with ourShow More Summary

Humans to the Rescue

Driving into Metro Denver last week, I heard on a radio program that most wildlife rescue centers have closed along the Front Range. Lack of funding, an overwhelming influx of wildlife "victims" and conflicts with rules established by...Show More Summary

First Juncos

The first dark-eyed juncos of the season arrived on our Littleton, Colorado, farm this morning. These small songbirds breed across northern latitudes or in mountainous areas, descending to lower elevations or more southern climes during...Show More Summary

Season of the Hunter

Before dawn this morning, the waning Hunter's Moon glowed just to the west of Orion, The Hunter. Later in the morning, that large moon hovered above the Front Range, soon to disappear behind the lofty peaks.By contrast, down at South Platte Park the avian hunters were noticeably absent, represented only by a lone sharp-shinned hawk. Show More Summary

BTO Migration Blog - Part Two

6 days agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

The high-pressure system has been stuck over Scandinavia for well over two weeks now and the resultant easterly winds across the North Sea have provided ideal conditions for the arrival of birds.

October at South Platte Park

On this bright, crisp October morning, I returned to South Platte Park in southwest Metro Denver. Though the weather was glorious, the birding was fair at best; no doubt, the recent warm weather in the West has, once again, slowed the...Show More Summary

Watching for Cranes

Heading back to Colorado today, I watched for migrant sandhill cranes in western Kansas. Most of the western flock of sandhills, which breed across the Arctic of Alaska and Canada, funnel southward across the High Plains, headed for wintering areas in New Mexico, West Texas and Mexico. Show More Summary

Pelicans, Ibis and a Peregrine

After encountering a series of foggy mornings at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, I was greeted today by sunshine and cool autumn air. Within minutes of entering the refuge, I could see flocks of American white pelicans in the distance,...Show More Summary

Integrity & Politics

Integrity is the willingness of an individual to stand by their moral convictions regardless of the consequences that he/she might have to endure. This week, in response to the release of Donald Trump's vulgar tape describing his abuse...Show More Summary

Fog, Birding & Life

When I arrived at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area this morning, dense fog covered the Missouri River floodplain. Chilly October air had settled in the valley overnight, interacting with the warm, moist ground to produce saturated air at the surface. Show More Summary

Limited Gene Pool Theory

My wife has long been familiar with my "limited gene pool theory," a concept that I bring up repeatedly. Spawned by my experience that many (if not most) humans have a close resemblance to others on the planet and by the knowledge that...Show More Summary

BTO Migration Blog - Part One

2 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

BTO Migration Blog - Part One: Look to the East

Hooting at the Thunder

When I arrived at Eagle Bluffs this morning, the Missouri River floodplain was shrouded by a dense overcast; showers moved across the valley and lightning flashed to the southwest. A striped skunk ambled along the entry road, not yet...Show More Summary

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