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Hurricanes send a Message

After enduring widespread destruction from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, North Americans and residents of the Caribbean now face Hurricane Maria, churning toward the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Just upgraded to a category 5 storm,Show More Summary

Apache Jumping Spiders

Sitting on a railroad tie along one of our flower beds, I looked down to see a small group of jumping spiders in the dry, weedy grass. Yellow-orange patches on their cephalothorax and abdomen indicated that they were female Apache jumping...Show More Summary

Borrowing Genes

All life forms on this planet, from fruit flies to humans, borrow genes that determine their physical and behavioral traits. Having received half of their genome from each parent via sexual reproduction (or all of it in lower forms that are asexual), the genes are a blueprint for our structure and the biochemical processes that sustain life. Show More Summary

Engaging North Korea

Despite the saber-rattling and bombastic threats from the two narcissistic leaders, neither North Korea nor the United States has anything to gain from a military confrontation. Though some war hawks in Congress are pushing for a tough...Show More Summary

Seal rescued after becoming trapped in beach toy

last weekHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

The mammal had to become trapped in a toy which had been carelessly disguarded.

7 nature stories that happened this week

last weekHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Keeping you up to date with this week's important nature and wildlife stories.

The Second Coming of Man

Earth formed about 4.6 billion years ago, some 9 billion years after the Big Bang. Life would appear on our planet a billion years later but would not emerge from the sea until 440 million years ago. Primates evolved about 60 million...Show More Summary

Irma's Fury becomes Personal

As I write this post, Hurricane Irma is still meandering WNW along the northern coast of Cuba. The most recent computer models suggest that it will soon turn north, slamming the Florida Keys, hugging the west coast of Florida and sparing Metro Miami. Show More Summary

Mexico's Subduction Quake

While the attention of most North Americans has been focused on Hurricane Irma, about to unleash her fury on Florida, a strong earthquake struck off the Pacific Coast of southern Mexico yesterday. The magnitude 8.2 quake occurred along...Show More Summary

Map reveals surprising number of names for a very common garden species

2 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Twitter users have been surprsisd by the sheer number of names for woodlice, what do you call them?

7 nature stories that happened this week

2 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Catch up with the week's stories around British wildlife.

A Record-Setting Hurricane

Hurricane Irma, churning its way toward Florida, has pulverized a few Caribbean islands along the way. Since it formed, in the tropical Atlantic, this storm has maintained a symmetrical structure and has not encountered obstacles to its development (wind shear, dry air, cold water or mountain ranges). Show More Summary

A Pumpkin Moon

Over the last few days, as the waxing moon approached its full stage, our lone natural satellite has taken on an orange hue here in Metro Denver. Looking like a giant pumpkin, it has hovered over the Eastern Plains in early evening and loomed above the Front Range peaks at sunrise.The cause for its beautiful yet mysterious appearance is simple. Show More Summary

7 signs that autumn is well and truly on its way

2 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Crisp leaves, cosy nights and visitors from abroad? Safe to say autumn is amazing

Scrub Jay visits the Farm

Woodhouse's scrub jays are common, permanent residents of the Mountain West, from Nevada to Mexico. Here along the Colorado Front Range, they are primarily found on the shrublands of the lower foothills and, until yesterday, I had not...Show More Summary

Laborers in America

American laborers generally come from the lower and middle classes; their income is but a small fraction of those in the upper class. Many laborers have more than one job and few can afford to have their spouse stay home with the kids. Show More Summary

September Heat

By September, the longer nights bring chilly mornings to the Front Range cities and, in most years, afternoon highs drop into the 70s F. In fact, the first snow of the season often dusts the urban corridor before September ends. This...Show More Summary

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