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Flooding in Appalachia

Yesterday afternoon and evening, a line of strong thunderstorms stretched across the Appalachians, from the Ohio River Valley to south-central Virginia. Aligned along a stationary front and steered by the jet stream, the storms "trained"...Show More Summary

Chat Alley

At South Platte Park, in southwest Metro Denver, a trail meanders along a low ridge on the west side of Eaglewatch Lake. Winding through a landscape of shrubby meadows, lakeside woodlands and groves of cottonwoods, this trail is oneShow More Summary

An Incessant Songster

Working on our Littleton farm this morning, I was serenaded by the calls and songs of many avian residents and visitors. Dominating this background noise was the incessant song of a male lesser goldfinch, delivered from prominent perches...Show More Summary

A Mulberry Bonanza

It's a good year for mulberries along the Colorado Front Range. Indeed, the mulberry trees on our Littleton farm are loaded with fruit, attracting a wide variety of wildlife.American robins and house finches are the primary consumers,...Show More Summary

Cool Down in Denver

After two weeks of hot, humid weather in Missouri, I returned to Colorado today and was greeted by a cold front. As I approached Metro Denver, a thick band of clouds was moving south toward the city and the Front Range peaks were obscured by an upslope haze. Show More Summary

Life & Energy

Life, whether in a single-celled organism or a human being, might be defined as the capacity to harness energy for the purposes of constructing and maintaining vital tissues and sustaining metabolic processes. From the moment of conception...Show More Summary

Social Dysfunction & Mass Murder

Once again, as details emerge about the tragedy at the Orlando nightclub, we learn that the killer had a troubled childhood and that he was expelled from college and fired from jobs due to violent behavior or threats. It also appears...Show More Summary


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Antares is one of the brightest stars in the summer sky. A component of the Constellation Scorpio, it shines from the southern sky; in mid June, it's reddish image can be seen to the SSE at...Show More Summary

Summer Pelicans at Eagle Bluffs

American white pelicans breed on lakes across the Northern Plains and Great Basin of North America. Come autumn, they migrate southward, often using staging areas along the way. Pelicans that breed east of the Rockies generally winter...Show More Summary

Within the Dome

A massive atmospheric ridge of high pressure extends across much of the U.S., stretching from Southern California to the Mississippi Valley. Within this dome, air is sinking, causing it to heat up and dry out; as a consequence, cloud...Show More Summary

Lark Sparrows

Lark sparrows are summer residents of the American Midwest, Great Plains and Great Basin; found primarily west of the Mississippi River, their range extends into southern Canada, across eastern portions of the Pacific Northwest and throughout lower elevations of California. Show More Summary

Chigger Season

To the dismay of farmers, gardeners, campers, hikers and music festival attendees, chigger season is underway across the American Heartland. Chiggers are the larval forms of a mite that favors pastures, fields, grasslands and lawns, especially in warm, humid areas; the female mite lays her eggs on vegetation which hatch to release the larvae. Show More Summary

A Stranded Duckling

Over the past two decades, I have made hundreds of visits to Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, in Central Missouri, and have never failed to be inspired by its beautiful landscape and superb diversity of wildlife. But nature offers both...Show More Summary

How do we film a golden eagle nest?

2 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Cameraman Jim Manthorpe talks about how he manages to film such spectacular shots of our golden eagle nest.

Excusing Racism

It is both sad and deeply disturbing that most prominent Republicans continue to back the candidacy of Donald Trump despite his overt racism. Suggesting that Trump, flawed as he may be, is a better choice than either the Democratic or...Show More Summary

The Other Oriole

On this cool, sunny morning, an excellent variety of birds were moving about Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, on the Missouri River floodplain; within 2 hours, I had observed 43 species. Among these were a fair number of orchard orioles,...Show More Summary

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