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The Best Biologist on Twitter

Social media has been billed as a way to start conversations with anyone, but most people only speak with people just like themselves. It’s great for connecting those who like or think the same things, but not so good for exposing people to new perspectives. Show More Summary

Chimps Hate Drones, Too

Not long ago, drones were having a moment—a good one. Now it’s hard to see them as anything other than what they are: At best the harmless-but-annoying whirring toys of amateur cinematographers, and at worst, well, ruthlessly efficient...Show More Summary

A Trilling Reception

11 hours agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

We returned to Columbia last evening, arriving just after the latest spring storm. Stepping from my pickup, I realized that a full blown orgy enveloped our neighborhood.Male American toads had staked out every pond, pool and transient wetland in the suburb, ready to mate with anything that moved in their small piece of heaven. Show More Summary

South Africa Overdrive!

Under the heading of: It's All Good, there has been a lot of interest in my South Africa trip September 25-October 07, 2016 with optional pre-extension Sept 17-26 to the fabulously diverse Cape Region. Red-billed oxpecker on impala So...Show More Summary

Saving Starlings: Part 2

We're standing in a parking lot at the Applebee's in Marietta, Ohio, dithering, on a hot Saturday in May. Two more baby starlings lay sprawled on the black mulch, under a shrub. Oh man. Cynthia's baby, which she'd stayed up all night to check on, was still at her house, about 10 minutes away. Show More Summary

Save our species

2 days agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Simple tips to help garden wildlife - some of our most cherished species are under threat in the UK. Follow these simple tips to help sparrows, hedgehogs and others.

Texas: Land of Drought & Flood

Texas, second only to Alaska in size, lies in the south-central U.S. To its west are the dry landscapes of Mexico and the Desert Southwest while, to its east, is the Gulf of Mexico. Stagnant weather patterns, common across the Continental...Show More Summary

A Prodigal Sun

After weeks of cloudy, cool, wet weather, an intense morning sun lit the Front Range today. Lasting through mid afternoon, the brilliant sunshine bathed the soggy landscape, lavishing its heat and light on a grateful assortment of plants...Show More Summary

Remembrance & Apologies

On this Memorial Day, Americans attend parades, visit cemeteries and enjoy picnics while honoring the men and women who served, or currently serve, in the U.S. Military. Many of those soldiers now lie in graves while many more carryShow More Summary

Saving Starlings

A lot of people hate starlings. They're messy, sometimes obnoxious, and more than that they're nonnative, the ultimate condemnation if you're a birdwatcher or a natural history purist. Why would anyone help a starling? It's complicated. Show More Summary

Blue Canaries

On an early May morning, I step outside and hear a warble of clear, bright, musical notes. The indigo buntings have returned. Also known as “blue canaries” because of their color and song, I’ve never been able to describe indigo bunting song to others except to say that I know it when I hear it.

Avian Sunshine

After almost a month of cloudy, cool, rainy weather along the Colorado Front Range, packets of avian sunshine arrived on our Littleton farm this afternoon. Over a week late, these brightly colored birds generally stop by in mid May,Show More Summary

Elk Country Outing

As soon as we saw a sign telling us we were in Elk Country, five pairs of eyes scanned the landscape for a glimpse of the elusive elk.

A Lesson In Memorial Day Weekend Enjoyment from Luna and Mari

Sea otters live life as if on a never-ending vacation. The majority of their days are spent floating along in their trademark (and thoroughly relaxed-looking) reclined position, and the aquatic mammals eat, sleep, and mate in the water. Show More Summary

My New Pet Box Turtle

A friend emailed to tell me her son had found a box turtle crossing Pike Street, midmorning, in the middle of Marietta's busiest street.This is what happens when we kidnap box turtles off the roads and out of the woods they know andShow More Summary

Geologic History of Cuba

As the Atlantic Ocean began to open, some 160 million years ago (MYA), the North and South American Plates were forced westward, a tectonic process that continues today. In concert, the Caribbean Plate was shoved between them.The geology of Cuba, which lies along the southern edge of the North American Plate, is complex. Show More Summary

Stressed Swallows

The recent chilly, damp weather in Colorado has curbed the activity of flying insects and has stressed those birds that feed on them. Swallows are among our most abundant aerial insectivores and their behavior has clearly been altered...Show More Summary

The Nature of Trust

Trust is the sense that another person or human organization has integrity and will act in our best interest. It is distinct from love and friendship; we place our trust in many who we do not love or befriend and, through the courseShow More Summary

The Chicken Dance

One morning last March, I stood alone on a roadside in Utah and watched some chickens dance. I had come a long way to find them, and the birds did not disappoint. They spun and strutted and chased each other around in a field. They snapped...Show More Summary

A Relentless Upslope

Over the past two weeks, a series of Pacific storm systems has produced a nearly continuous period of upslope flow along the Colorado Front Range. Counterclockwise winds generated by low pressure centers and clockwise flow within atmospheric...Show More Summary

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