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Three Hours in the Woods

Granted beautiful weather and a free afternoon, I headed over to the Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary, on the west side of town, yesterday. Lying adjacent to and connected with the Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary, this refuge is characterized...Show More Summary

Glacial Lake Iroquois

When the last Pleistocene Glacier (the Wisconsin) plowed southward, it scoured out the Great Lakes from a network of ancient river valleys. As the Ice Sheet melted back to the north, beginning about 15,000 years ago, massive amounts of meltwater collected in those lake basins, spreading onto the surrounding Lake Plains. Show More Summary

Mystery at Eagle Bluffs

Arriving just before dawn at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, my friend and I were greeted by a flock of greater white-fronted geese, traveling northward through the Missouri River Valley. Within the refuge itself, mallards dominated the scene, occupying every lake, pond and slough of the floodplain. Show More Summary

When Truth is Personalized

Buoyed by his own pompous personality, by the subdued reaction of Party loyalists and by the zeal of his uneducated worshipers, President Trump defines truth as that which places himself in a positive light. Everything else is "false...Show More Summary

Return to Goose Alley

For a birder or naturalist, there may be no better month to visit Missouri than February. Though its fickle weather can pose a challenge, late winter is a great time to observe migrant geese (snows and greater white-fronts), American white pelicans and a good diversity of wintering waterfowl. Show More Summary

eBirding the Interstate

On my regular trips between Colorado and Missouri, I rely on wildlife viewing to limit my boredom as I drive across the overly-familiar landscape. Since I joined eBird last March, I thought it might be interesting to compile a list of...Show More Summary

A Carcass in the Grass

This morning, winter had returned to the Colorado Front Range. Down at South Platte Park, a low, gray overcast shrouded the refuge, broken only by the smudge of the rising sun, and light flurries swept through the valley.Hiking along the river, I spotted a feathered carcass in the tall, dry grass. Show More Summary

A Surge of Hormones

On this cool, sunny morning along the Colorado Front Range, spring was in the air. While the afternoon temperature will be at least 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, the birds and mammals on our Littleton farm were responding to theShow More Summary

A Dramatic Change in Weather

As the New England snowstorm developed today, many TV meteorologists couldn't stop talking about how dramatically the conditions had changed in 24 hours. Indeed, on the day before the storm, dozens of Northeast cities had set recordShow More Summary

Typical February Weather

This week's weather highlights might suggest that our planet is undergoing catastrophic change: more heavy rain and snow in the Pacific Northwest, excessive warmth along the Colorado Front Range, tornadoes along the Gulf Coast and aShow More Summary

Effective Opposition

When an Administration comes to power and threatens both human rights and the health of our environment, it triggers a strong reaction in those of us who are committed to those issues. Solutions are sought and a wide range of actions...Show More Summary

Greater Scaup at South Platte Park

On this spring-like morning in early February, I headed to South Platte Park, in Littleton. Though I enjoyed the bright sunshine and crystal-clear air, a strong south wind produced a bit of a chill and kept the waterfowl in sheltered coves.An exception was a flock of greater scaup, bobbing in waves along the retreating ice. Show More Summary

Mauritius: A Hybrid Island

Like many volcanic islands across the globe, Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, was thought to have formed above a hotspot. In such cases, a mantle plume pushes upward into the oceanic crust, igniting volcanism and the formation of land that gradually emerges from the sea. Show More Summary

Chinooks in the Night

After several days of cold, cloudy weather, a warm front pushed across Colorado overnight. Indeed, at about 12:30 am, the windows rattled on our Littleton farmhouse as a brief period of strong winds raked the Front Range.This morning, it is 46 degrees F in Littleton, a couple degrees warmer than it is in Phoenix, Arizona. Show More Summary

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