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A Ruddy Morning

Participating in the January waterfowl count at South Platte Park this morning, I was fortunate to be placed in the Reservoir group, offering me another opportunity to observe the yellow-billed loon that has been wintering in Littleton. Show More Summary

Heat before the Snow

22 hours agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

As Pacific storm systems move west to east across the U.S., a southerly flow develops ahead of the cold front. In the central and eastern States, this flow draws warm, humid air up from the Gulf of Mexico, fueling rain and/or snow as...Show More Summary

The Taiga Shrike

This morning, while wandering through South Platte Park, I encountered a northern shrike, hunting from a barren tree in a lakeside meadow. A native of the taiga across Alaska and Northern Canada, this hunter spreads south to the northern and western U.S. Show More Summary

Winterwatch is coming - this is what to expect

3 days agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Although the weather has taken a colder turn today, the Winterwatch production is building up quite a head of steam as we approach the live shows, which are suddenly only 12 days away.

Everything you need to know about Winterwatch 2018

5 days agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Winterwatch is back on our screens from the end of January 2018, here's everything you need to know.

Nature in Winter

We humans, native to the Tropics, tend to prefer warm, sunny weather. Indeed, a significant portion of our population shuns winter altogether, venturing outdoors only to get the mail, walk the dog or fill the bird feeders.Such disdain...Show More Summary

Yellow-billed Loon visits Littleton

A yellow-billed loon is visiting South Platte Reservoir, in Littleton, attracting flocks of Front Range birders to the site. Present for a week or so, the loon may hang around as long as it finds enough food or until spring arrives.Natives of Arctic Canada and Alaska, yellow-billed loons are the largest members of their family. Show More Summary

Who's been visiting your garden this winter?

last weekHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

With a recent blast of chilly weather, some of have reported some new visitors in your gardens and on your feeders.

Killers on the Highway

Heading back to Colorado, I drove from Columbia, Missouri, to Hays, Kansas, today. The weather on the Great Plains was sunny and mild, a welcome change from the recent Arctic plunge. Raptors seemed to appreciate the change as well, perching...Show More Summary

Evolution of Male Baldness

While male baldness has become stylish in recent decades, it has long been a source of anxiety in men, especially when it develops at a young age. Just look at the trouble our President goes to in order to hide his balding pate.The evolutionary benefit (if any) of male pattern baldness has long been the subject of debate. Show More Summary

Trump and our Natural Heritage

Many Americans could offer a variety of reasons why President Trump should be removed from office but those of us who care about the health and welfare of Earth's natural ecosystems are especially alarmed by the actions of his Administration. Show More Summary

The Ancestry Craze

One can hardly watch television, surf the internet or peruse a magazine without encountering ads for companies that want to research our ancestry. Since DNA analysis has become less expensive and more widely available, it is only natural...Show More Summary

North to a Frozen Landscape

Leaving Longboat Key early on New Years Day, we were enveloped in relatively cool pre-dawn air (61 degrees F) as we headed north. By the time we reached Tampa, light mist was coating the windshield and bands of showers continued to fall...Show More Summary

Our Noisy World

2 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Marcia Bonta

I used to fear the wind, especially when it roared on top of Sapsucker Ridge. But ever since Interstate 99 was opened, directly beneath the ridge, the wind has been my friend because it masks the traffic noise. During the winter, without the leaves on the trees to absorb some of the clamor, the interstate […]

Aesthetic Evolution: Not Convinced

Since I have been a birder for more than forty years and have long had an interest in natural history, my son gave me a copy of The Evolution of Beauty, How Darwin's Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World--and Us, by Richard O. Show More Summary

The Politics of Ignorance

As his first year as President draws to a close, Donald Trump is once again ridiculing the science of climate change and peppering his tweets with a series of lies. While embellishing his own achievements and belittling his predecessors,...Show More Summary

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