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Mark Twain Cave

Yesterday, facing another afternoon near 100 degrees F, we opted to take our grandsons to Mark Twain Cave in the Mississippi River Valley, just south of Hannibal, Missouri. Renowned for its part in Mark Twain's novels and for its role...Show More Summary

Birding in the Cicada Din

On these hot, summer days, many of us prefer to bird during the evening hours when at least a touch of coolness is in the air. Hampered by a dense woodland canopy to which songbirds often retreat, we rely on their songs or calls to zero...Show More Summary

Eagle Bluffs on Simmer

Persistent, oppressive heat, an ongoing drought and diminished flow from the Missouri River has left Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area simmering in the midst of a Midwestern summer. Many of the pools are either dry or coated with algaeShow More Summary

Back in the Soup

Back in central Missouri for a couple of weeks, I have returned to the hot, humid air of a Midwestern summer. Unable to cool off, even in the shade, I must retreat at intervals to our air-conditioned home and primarily limit my outdoor...Show More Summary

A Family Massacre

Early this morning, as I was headed east from Denver, I encountered a tragedy on Interstate 70. A mother raccoon and her four kits lie splattered across the highway, likely nocturnal victims of a tractor trailer.Raccoons can be a nuisance to homeowners but even the most hard-hearted suburbanite would be moved by this sight. Show More Summary

Trumpet Vine

The orange-red flowers of trumpet vine have been blooming on our Littleton farm over the past few weeks. Among the most recognizable of plants, this species is native to the Southeastern U.S. but has been widely cultivated and is now...Show More Summary

Fishermen and Litter

With all due respect to the large number fishermen (especially fly-fishermen) who respect the environment and clean up after their activities, a significant percentage of their colleagues seem to be oblivious of the mess that they create...Show More Summary

The un-bee-lievable work to count our bees

last weekHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

We asked, you provided and there's some great news to share.

Monsoon Preview

While the peak of the Southwest Monsoon is likely several weeks away, a preview has arrived this evening. Patchy showers are moving northeastward across the Front Range urban corridor and a sizable zone of precipitation zeroed in onShow More Summary

50 wild things to do this summer

2 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Ideas to get you out and experiencing wildlife this summer.

Cottontail Forms

As I reported two years ago (see Our Cottontail Colony), the cottontail population on our Littleton farm has exploded since red fox and coyotes stopped denning on the property. No doubt, visiting predators (including owls, hawks, fox...Show More Summary

Rattlesnake Alert

This afternoon, just after the latest thunderstorm failed to deliver its nourishing rains to our parched, Littleton farm, I was called to the backyard to see a rattlesnake. My five year-old grandson wanted me to pick it up so he could...Show More Summary

A Plant-Based Diet

My sister recently recommended that I watch Forks Over Knives, a documentary available on Netflix and elsewhere on the internet. The film makes a convincing case for adhering to a plant-based diet, especially in relation to the prevention and treatment of disease but also as a means of reducing our impact on the environment. Show More Summary

This is what you should be doing to help wildlife in your garden in hot weather

2 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

We've had one of the hottest months on record - what should you be doing for wildlife right now?

Everything you need to know about forest bathing

2 weeks agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Another Japanese export that's changing the way we think about our world...

Bees in the Basswood

The large basswood tree on our Littleton farm is now full of fragrant, yellow flowers, attracting hordes of honeybees. Also known as lindens or lime trees, these trees are represented by at least thirty species across North America and...Show More Summary

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