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Clumps of pickerelweed, an emergent perennial, are found along the shallows of Sandy Lake, in northeast Ohio. Identified by their rich green leaves (heart to lance shaped) and purple flower spikes, these plants are native to easternShow More Summary

Fresh Pond Native Plant Party

Red Admiral, Sweet William and Queen Anne—all the celebs are making the scene at Fresh Pond Reservation this morning! It’s a quietly riotous party. The robust shuttlecocks of purple coneflower ought to be festooned with butterflies by now. Show More Summary

Sandy Lake from a Kayak

Though there is a pleasant, graveled trail that loops around Sandy Lake, one cannot truly appreciate this ecosystem without getting out on the water. Fortunately, we have access to two kayaks and I spent yesterday morning exploring the...Show More Summary

Chautauqua Gorge…

… it’s just so beautiful. I said to my sister, “I sort of want to take my camera out, but I have so many pictures of this place already.” I couldn’t resist. First I practiced with slow shutter speeds on a water fall: Then I just had to capture this 1970s color palette!

Fresh Pond Reservation: Native Wildflower Showcase

Handy by Cambridge in Arlington, MA lies Fresh Pond Reservation, a reservoir of drinking water ringed by a tonsure of forest and flowers. This is just one of myriad places that has changed immensely for the better since I left in 1981. Show More Summary

Martin Mania

Behind our cottage on Sandy Lake, in northeast Ohio, two purple martin structures tower above the end of a dock, each harboring a dozen nest cavities. There are no vacancies this summer and the vocal residents put on a noisy show throughout...Show More Summary

North through Appalachia

Leaving Athens, Ohio, this morning, we headed northeast through the Sunday Creek Valley, a tributary of the Hocking River. As is typical across the unglaciated Appalachian Plateau, the road (Route 13) snakes through a maze of ridgesShow More Summary

Black Widows' Bizarre Mating Rituals

Pickup artists, those supposed masters of seduction, could learn a few tricks from the male black widow spider: Target single virgins. Communicate that you’re interested. Help yourself to any snacks she has lying around. And—most importantly—tear...Show More Summary

Heading for the Hills

Invited to attend a wedding in southeastern Ohio, we left Columbia this morning and drove east on Interstate 70. For most of our trip, we crossed the Glaciated Plain of the American Midwest, a relatively flat landscape quilted with farms...Show More Summary

Summer Dusk

It is in mid summer that we most appreciate dusk, a welcome reprieve from the late afternoon heat. Venturing outdoors, we often enjoy a soft, cool breeze as evening shadows stretch across the landscape.Here in central Missouri, damselflies...Show More Summary

Athens’ Zoo Animals Are at Risk of Starvation

Dolphins do not usually have to worry about financial crises. But Greece’s current economic troubles may soon have a deadly impact on the dolphins, penguins, lemurs, and other animals in Attica Park, Athens’ only zoo. Many of the zoo’s...Show More Summary

Mid Summer Relief

After more than a week of hot, humid weather, a cold front has dropped into central Missouri. Igniting thunderstorms early this morning, with periods of heavy rain, the front has brought welcome relief from the oppressive summer heat. Show More Summary

Phoebe at 19: A Look Back

I remember when Phoebe's baseball fixation emerged: at a Pirates vs. Indians game in Cleveland. She just absorbed it like a little sponge, and she wanted more. It was something about seeing baseball live, in a stadium with lots of cheering fans, at night, with the lights. Show More Summary

The Trump Phenomenon

Donald Trump knows America. He understands that racism and intolerance pervade our society, that many Americans fear "foreigners" and that a sizable contingent of American citizens are convinced that the Federal Government is out toShow More Summary

Akeley Swamp: (Butterflies and) Wildflowers!

Our first attempt to see butterflies at Akeley Swamp was a washout.  We kinda knew it would be, which is why we didn’t bother with cameras.  But the wildflowers were riotous and the potential was great, so we planned to return in a couple of days when the forecast was more promising. My car thermometer […]

Legions of Legumes

Yesterday morning, before the heat of the day, I removed tree seedlings from our flower beds. While some were oaks or maples, the great majority were redbuds and mimosas, members of the legume family.Legume trees are highly prolific species, producing numerous seed pods while also spreading via suckers. Show More Summary

Coming Soon: Audubon Days at Panama Rocks!

I recently wrote this article for our local papers: Coming Soon: Audubon Days at Panama Rocks by Jennifer Schlick OK, I’ll be honest: I don’t often go hiking places where I can’t take my dog. That’s why Panama Rocks fell off my radar. And then for Christmas, I received a season pass. So, on Mother’s […]

Another Egregious Dog PhotoBomb

I was going down the side steps to take in laundry when I notice that all the rain this summer has created an explosion of color in the plantings on the stone steps. These steps, created with hand-hewn native Ohio sandstone from theShow More Summary

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