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Weather for Ducks

Having returned to Missouri, I made plans to visit Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area southwest of Columbia, my favorite birding location in the State. Fortunately, a fellow birdwatcher was available; unfortunately, the weather was not as...Show More Summary

The Anti-Environment President

Though he calls himself an environmentalist, President Trump has demonstrated a disregard for the health of our environment with almost every major decision he has made to date. Today, his Administration added to that dismal record,Show More Summary

The End is Near

For more than a month, a ridge of high pressure has been sitting over the Four Corners Region and the Southern High Plains, deflecting Pacific storms and their cold fronts to the north. As a result, the Front Range urban corridor has...Show More Summary

Battle of the Goldfinches

As I have reported throughout the winter, a flock of lesser goldfinches stayed on our Littleton farm, declining to head for the Desert Southwest as had been their long-established tradition. During those months, which were generallyShow More Summary

Memories of Jim & Rudy

Now and then, when I'm wandering through a nature preserve, I catch sight of something startling or unusual and I am reminded of NatureScene, a program produced by South Carolina Educational TV. Initially broadcast to viewers in that...Show More Summary

Warfare trumps Human Care

The Trump Administration rolled out its first budget proposal this week, indicating its intention to significantly increase the bloated Defense Budget; this at a time when the U.S. already spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined. Show More Summary

First Summer Resident

In the lingo of Ornithology, a summer resident is a bird that breeds in your home region but leaves for warmer latitudes or lower elevations during the colder months of the year. Generally speaking, the summer resident arrives in spring,...Show More Summary

Glorious Weather spells Trouble

To date, March as been sunny, dry and exceptionally warm along the Colorado Front range. While periods of mild weather are not unusual here (during any season of the year), March and April typically bring most of our annual moisture, dumped on the urban corridor by upslope snowstorms. Show More Summary

Apricots in Bloom

The apricot trees on out Littleton farm are in bloom this week, attracting large numbers of honeybees. Among the earliest fruit trees to bloom in the spring, they rarely produce fruit on our property since heavy frosts and sub-freezing nights are common here in March and April. Show More Summary

Frisky Juncos

A large number of dark-eyed juncos winter on our Littleton, Colorado, farm, including members of the slate-gray, Oregon and gray-headed races. Hanging out with house finches, black-capped chickadees, bushtits and, this year, lesser goldfinches, the juncos are relatively inconspicuous through most of the winter, feeding beneath shrubs and thickets. Show More Summary

Clear Creek of the Front Range

Clear Creek rises along the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass, just south of the Eisenhower Tunnel. It then tumbles eastward, paralleling Interstate 70 until it is east of Idaho Springs; there it curves northward, away from the highway,...Show More Summary

EPA Chief ignores Climate Science

Scott Pruitt, the former Attorney General of oil-rich Oklahoma (see A Seismic Shift in Oklahoma), was confirmed as Chief of the Environmental Protection Agency in the Trump Administration. Long a climate change denier, Mr. Pruitt declared...Show More Summary

Regal Visitors

While reading outside this morning, my attention was diverted by a loud, repetitive call that I initially presumed to be coming from a northern flicker. To my surprise, the sound arose from an adult northern goshawk, perched in a large cottonwood tree. Show More Summary

Mistaken Identity

As one who has been an avid birder for more than 40 years, I have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of bald eagles, primarily during my years in Missouri. It was thus easy for me to identify an immature bald eagle as it flapped its way...Show More Summary

Monte Vista NWR

Upon entering the San Luis Valley (see previous post), I headed for the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge, in the southwest portion of that vast basin. It is there that most of the sandhill cranes tend to congregate, resting and feeding...Show More Summary

Valley of the Cranes

Since researching my book, Colorado's Year, over 20 years ago, I have not returned to the San Luis Valley, in south-central Colorado. Tomorrow's journey to that beautiful and fascinating landscape, the largest of the State's intermountain...Show More Summary

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