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From Denver to Dallas

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Over the next two days, I will be traveling from Denver to Dallas. Though plans can and do change due to unforeseen complications or opportunities, I currently expect to take the following route.From Metro Denver, I will climb southward...Show More Summary

The Strangest, Most Amazing Lactation Methods Ever Seen in Mammals

My wife has amazing breasts. I should explain that I’m talking about her mammary glands, in particular. (All mammals have mammary glands, though not all mammals have breasts. Some of them don’t even have nipples. But we’ll get to that.) A few weeks ago, my wife and I welcomed our second child into the world—a wee little squeaker named June. Show More Summary

Too Nice to Leave

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Our Littleton farm sits on the west wall of the South Platte Valley, less than a mile from the scenic floodplain and several miles from rugged canyons of the Front Range foothills; within an hour's drive, we can explore mountain forests and alpine tundra. Show More Summary

Little Brown Bats

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Marcia Bonta

Before white-nose syndrome, we could sit out on our unscreened veranda even after dark and rarely see or hear a mosquito. A few male little brown bats roosted in our barn and in openings under our roof and the guesthouse portico roo...

Why Elephants Don't Get Cancer

Being an elephant is risky business. I'm not talking about poaching, habitat loss, or fighting with males in musth—I'm talking about the simple fact of living. Every time elephant an cell divides, it runs the risk of going haywire and developing into an out-of-control tumor. Show More Summary

Human Imagination

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Endowed with a large brain, we humans have long been governed by our imagination, for better and for worse. Early man, exploring his environment, imagined powerful beings that ruled the forces of nature; such mysticism, ingrained inShow More Summary

Hazy Sunshine in the Valley

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Cool air and hazy sunshine enveloped the South Platte Valley this morning. Both were products of an upslope flow, triggered by a center of low pressure as it creeped eastward along the Colorado-New Mexico border; counterclockwise winds...Show More Summary

Goodbye, Arizona!

Scarlet globe mallow, a flower I know from the prairie grasslands.Its color is a little lost here in the red painted desert. A pair of rufous-crowned sparrows came up to see me. This is a bird I've actively sought and eventually found in the Bisbee and Portal areas. Show More Summary

Ferrets Reintroduced in Denver

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Returning to Colorado today, I learned that my arrival coincided with the introduction of 30 black-footed ferrets at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, in northeast Denver. Renowned as the most endangered mammal in North America, black-footed...Show More Summary

October Songbirds

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Early October is a great time to observe backyard songbirds in the American Heartland. Autumn migrants such as warblers, vireos and flycatchers are still passing through on their journey to the south and most summer residents (gray catbirds,...Show More Summary

Eating Prickly Pear. Ow!

So this amazing thing happened to me on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, unbidden and unexpected, as are most amazing things. I've written my column, "True Nature," for the Nov/Dec. issue of Bird Watcher's Digest, which actually comes out in mid-October, all about it. Show More Summary

East Coast Flooding

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Heavy rain and flooding are occurring along the East Coast of the U.S., primarily from South Carolina to the Mid-Atlantic States; this deluge, expected to persist for the next two days, is triggered by three atmospheric factors.First...Show More Summary

Pelican Pool at Eagle Bluffs

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

On this bright, crisp morning, I headed down to Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area on the Missouri River floodplain. Near the entrance, a barred owl sat on a powerline, a potential omen that birding would be productive at the refuge.Alas,...Show More Summary

There Aren’t Enough Male Squirrels to Mate With All the Females

Do you ever look in the mirror and think there’s something wrong with you? That maybe your tail isn’t bushy enough, your pelt’s lost its luster, or you’ve eaten a few too many acorns lately? Well, cut it out! I’m here to tell you that it isn’t you—it’s them. Show More Summary

A Gift for Don Alvaro

When we arrived, Don Alvaro had just hosted a school group that morning. The macaws were already full of peanuts! He hosts as many as four groups per week now. He said there had been a sudden jump in requests for visits, and he's not sure why. Show More Summary

Catbirds in the Pokeweed

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

We have a large "crop" of pokeweed on our Missouri property this year and, over the past few days, gray catbirds have emerged from their woodland retreats to feed on the purple-black berries. Usually seen alone or in pairs, at leastShow More Summary

Papal Hoopla

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

During our recent travels, I would check in with the Celebrity News Network (that is what the initials stand for, isn't it?) to catch up on world news. Almost without exception, the reports were focused on Pope Francis and his visitShow More Summary

BTO Migration Diary - Part 3: Migration from Fair Isle

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

The BTO's Paul Stancliffe witnesses bird migration to the UK from Fair Isle.

From Huron to Door County

2 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

U.S. 2, from St. Ignace to Rapid River, Michigan, is a beautiful highway. Paralleling the north shore of Lake Michigan, it offers spectacular views of the lake (often from convenient pull-offs and roadside parks) and passes through scenic woodlands and wetlands. Show More Summary

Macaw Rescue: Don Alvaro's Story

We were here on a mission of sorts. Before I left for Costa Rica in the third week of February, 2015, I put out an appeal to you, my dear and faithful readers, for donations to help Don Alvaro and his work with macaws (and people). Having...Show More Summary

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