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Springwatch Series Producer reflects on a fantastic year

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Springwatch Series Producer Adam White reflects on the 2016 Springwatch journey

The Nature of Derechos

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Derechos are long-lived wind events that begin as a cluster of thunderstorms. When such clusters develop in a favorable wind environment (where surface and upper level winds are moving in the same direction), they often develop a "bow...Show More Summary

Juno & The Ark

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Today, the Juno probe began to orbit Jupiter. After traveling 1.8 billion miles over five years, the probe will spend the next two years studying our solar system's largest planet, beaming information back to Earth, some 500 million miles away. Show More Summary

Living with Bears Redux

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Marcia Bonta

Most summer evenings after the heat of the day has faded, I walk Butterfly Loop. This trail encircles a portion of our 37-acre meadow we call First Field. Often I’m treated to a stunning sunset, and always I hear and see songbirds that prefer a meadow of forbs or the edge of a wooded ridge. […]

Spiderwort and Jefferson

Spiderwort Tradescantia virginiana A friend gave me some spiderwort plants last year so I planted them or more honestly just stuck them into the ground at the edge of a flower garden. This spring I noticed bluish-green leaves and almost pulled them up but then remembered that I had planted something. Show More Summary

Algal Sludge in Southeast Florida

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Over the past few weeks, a thick layer of putrid algae has been accumulating along canals and estuaries in Southeast Florida, centered near Stuart. This unnatural scourge is threatening both the local economy and the welfare of regional...Show More Summary

North of the Dome

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Over the past week, a subtropical dome of high pressure has been developing across eastern Mexico and the northern Gulf Coast. Pushing into the Southern Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley, it is both shunting Pacific storm systems to...Show More Summary

In Search of Grosbeaks

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Having learned that blue grosbeaks were recently sighted at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, a friend and I searched for them on our morning visit to that fabulous floodplain refuge. As is often the case in nature, we failed to locate...Show More Summary

Wild Grape Vines

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Today I engaged in my semiannual attempt to control wild grape vines throughout the wood border of our Columbia, Missouri, property. While the fruit of this fast growing vine is an important food source for many songbirds and mammals,...Show More Summary

Looking after a wild weasel

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature UK

Wildlife artist Robert Fuller writes about his life with an adopted weasel that was found abandoned in York.

Symphony at Dusk

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Drier air, a gentle breeze and cooler temperatures drew me outside this evening for a late-day survey of our property. Since the trees are in full leaf and the daylight was fading, there was far more to hear than to see.A rising background...Show More Summary

The Rise of Nationalism

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

As evidenced by the Brexit vote in England and the success (hopefully transient) of Donald Trump's Candidacy, nationalism is on the rise across the globe, especially in developed Western countries. This movement seems to have its roots in the inequalities of globalization and the fear of immigration (especially in light of recent terrorist attacks). Show More Summary

Fish Crow at Eagle Bluffs

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

While surveying a large pool at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area this morning, I heard a familiar call that echoed from over my left shoulder. Turning to locate its source, I saw a crow flying across an open marsh, being chased by a trio of red-winged blackbirds.The crow's call reminded me of lazy afternoons on the seawall at Longboat Key, Florida. Show More Summary

Flooding in Appalachia

4 months agoHobbies / Nature : Nature's Blog

Yesterday afternoon and evening, a line of strong thunderstorms stretched across the Appalachians, from the Ohio River Valley to south-central Virginia. Aligned along a stationary front and steered by the jet stream, the storms "trained"...Show More Summary

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