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TEDxGalápagos tells the story of Galapagos’ humans

There aren’t many places on earth more mythical than the Galápagos Islands, the archipelago that sparked Charles Darwin to form his theory of evolution almost two centuries ago. Protected as a World Heritage Site, they’re bursting with life, from ancient tortoises to Darwin’s finches to bright sea creatures. But as a place for people to [ … ]

Winter Weary!

We have had snow on the ground since Valentine's Day. I hadn't taken much in the way of photos--winter is not my favorite time of year but I decided I better get out and take a couple of photos before it melts. Castle Rock, Pembroke, VA Last week, I photographed a few of my favorite places in Giles County. Show More Summary

The March of Winter

March may be the first calendar month of spring but winter still grips most of the U.S. Here in northeastern Ohio, the latest bout of snow began last night and is expected to persist through this evening. While the afternoon high may...Show More Summary

The Unseen

On a visit to the Great Lakes Science Center, in Cleveland, we watched an Omni-Max production of National Geographic's Mysteries of the Unseen, which focused on phenomena that we humans cannot observe without the aid of technology. In addition to radiation that has wavelengths outside the range of our vision (i.e. Show More Summary

Forensics in the Snow

On another walk around the frozen suburban lake, we came across the carcass of a ring-billed gull. Recognizable only by a wing and head, much of the victim was scattered along and near the snowy trail. Since there was no blood on the...Show More Summary

Swans on the Little Miami

On a short walk along the Little Miami River yesterday, I was surprised to encounter five swans, mingling with a flock of Canada geese; the birds were just upstream from the Loveland bridge in northeast Metro Cincinnati. Unfortunately,...Show More Summary

Crunch Time

On this sunny, cold day in southwestern Ohio, my wife and I opted for a hike around a suburban lake. Due to recent snows and frigid nights, the trail was snow-packed, marked only by the boot prints of humans and the paw prints of their...Show More Summary

Morning Snows in Missouri

We left for Ohio this morning under clear, frigid skies; the temperature in Columbia was 5 degrees F. Prepared for an unexciting journey across snowy, familiar terrain, my spirits were suddenly lifted about ten miles east of town.There, a massive flock of snow geese swirled above the Interstate, having spent the night on adjacent farm fields. Show More Summary

The Dead Sea Transform

The Dead Sea Transform marks the western edge of the Arabian Plate, extending from the East Anatolian Fault (in southeastern Turkey) to the northern portion of the Red Sea. Much of the Transform is occupied by the Jordan River Valley; 220 miles long, the Jordan River rises on the slopes of Mt. Show More Summary

The Giuliani Syndrome

Hailed as "America's Mayor" after demonstrating calm and decisive leadership following the tragic events of 9-11, Rudy Giuliani has since experienced the humbling effects of running for national office, including the exposure of his personal failures before and after the peak of his glory. Show More Summary

Our Window of Freedom

It seems to me that a window of freedom is vital in our lives, a period during which we are independent of others and have no one dependent on us. Unfortunately, many individuals with a limited education and a low income do not enjoy...Show More Summary

Into Raptor Country

Stepping outside yesterday morning, I was greeted by a snowy landscape, bright sunshine and, to my good fortune, the sight of a golden eagle soaring above our Littleton farm. Motivated by that encounter, I decided to visit a large swath...Show More Summary

Gull Flocks at Dawn

Our Littleton, Colorado, farm sits on the west wall of the South Platte Valley, commanding a broad view to the east and southeast. As a result, we enjoy spectacular sunrises, the multi-colored cloud banks catching the first rays of the...Show More Summary

Northeast Blizzard, Western Heat

As residents of the Northeast urban corridor brace for blizzard conditions tonight, those living along the Front Range or across the High Plains are basking in summer-like warmth; the afternoon high in Denver today was in the low 70s...Show More Summary

Early Snows over Kansas

Driving back to Missouri over the past two days, I encountered the usual mix of winter wildlife, including rough-legged and red-tailed hawks, scattered flocks of Canada geese and roadside flocks of Lapland longspurs. But the highlight...Show More Summary

Southwest Monsoon in January

The Southwest Monsoon, bringing welcome rains to the Desert Southwest, occurs in summer each year, though its intensity and extent often varies. The nourishing rains and thunderstorms develop as moist air is swept in from the Sea ofShow More Summary

Bird Listening

Though I have been an avid birdwatcher for 40 years, I have always been deficient when it comes to identifying birds by their song. Now and then, I attempt to practice that craft, listening for birds as I walk through the neighborhood or hike at a nature preserve. On this sunny but cool winter day, I decided another practice session was in order. Show More Summary

Geologic History of Trinidad & Tobago

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago lie offshore the coast of northeastern Venezuela, at the southern end of the Lesser Antilles chain. Unlike the latter, which formed by subduction volcanism along the leading (eastern) edge of the Caribbean...Show More Summary

February Snow

Here in central Missouri, February dawned with a thin coat of wet snow on the lawns and trees. By mid morning, a light drizzle was falling, sculpting the white glaze; since the temperature hovered in the low 30s (F) and a gray overcast...Show More Summary

Lessons from Groundhog Day

While I have never been enamored with the spectacle of Groundhog Day, an annual rite giving credence to the forecasting ability of a hibernating rodent, the movie based on that silly tradition has a lot to say about human nature. Indeed,...Show More Summary

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