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Hoofing It the Longest Distance

Scientists have just discovered Africa’s longest terrestrial wildlife migration—and it’s not in the Serengeti. It’s the annual movement of thousands of zebra traveling 500 kilometers (more than 300 miles) round-trip between Namibia...Show More Summary

House Finch Disease: Treating Wild Birds

I've said it before. The social media world is a weird, weird world. I say that as someone who's up to her neck in it and part of the problem, for sure. One reason I hang out on Facebook is to keep sending life support to my blog. IShow More Summary

Dissecting the Hidden Language of Dogs at Play

Watching unfamiliar dogs interact in parks, it may seem like their movements are spontaneous and carefree. But years of research dissected in a new book shows that coded within the playful biting and tackling, there may be signs of human-like empathy, compassion, fairness, and morality. Show More Summary

Bloodroot and Spicebush Wildflowers

I noticed Bloodroot blooming for the first time on Wednesday, not an April Fool's joke (hate them anyway!). Bloodroot April 1, 2015 The flower usually appears before the leaves as in this photo. Sometimes the petals look a little different but I count 8 petals each time. Show More Summary

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