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Spaced Out

Yes spaced out. But aligned. Heart at the center of it. Room to let things move through me. Even if it is just wind. Standing. I updated the NewsLetter (always up top, but been lazy about it). Thinking about a...


“I have also decided to stick with love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.- This is actually a tiny fractured bit of the whole speech (“Where Do We Go From Here?”) given at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1967. You can read the full transcript here.

Building by Just Going

Building. That's the way we transform. Self. Sense of self. I wanted to do a bit of video before I got this far. But it was a beast of a day. With things to do. The kind of doing that...

Rainbow Boy

Right now, Luis’ favourite book at our house is The Rainbow Bear. My girls loved it too, and I took it out from the book bin just before Christmas because I though that Lou was ready for the sad story … Continue reading ?

a few things

Oh dear. My head is spinning with projects and things I want to make. Complete A.D.D. It's okay. I am in touch with how this usually happens to me at the beginning of a new year. Over the next week or two, I'm going to try to organize it in this space. Show More Summary

A again

Later, A for A little more snow... time spent Balancing BlockHead. (previous post) A little Design Mending, which will be found under D. Eventually. Posting again today, because I won't be here tomorrow.

To build a better Snowman

Here I am, not so in between today. Resolute in a way, about going, not just going, but almost marching. I did a bit of Snowman Storming. Not on paper. But with bits of cloth. here are 9 of them....

Looking in January

Yesterday was a warmer than January day and there was walking. Sunken meadow park, a few miles from here. Where sea and sand met lingering snow. I did not stitch much yesterday, to speak of. The snowman reminded me of...

her second sock

Well, my Libby will be headed back to Boulder for her second semester on Saturday. Oh, how I loved this winter break. It truly is such a joy to see your children grow. I finished her second sock and am so grateful that she loves them so much. Show More Summary


Still Spaced Out, but not lost. This one. One of the many playgrounds, leftover from SunMoonStars. Hanging on the wall here for so long the edges of the not basted but pinned pieces beginning to curl. I liked it the...


The Christmas is coming off the house. The tree is down, an epic struggle to gather up all the needles begun. I keep finding them all over the house. I’ll vacuum, sweep, and heave a sigh of relief that it’s … Continue reading ?

Alpine Trail Hat

Pattern: Alpine Trail by Jill Zielinski Yarn: TFA PureWash Chunky in Natural. The pompom is a recycled fur pompom kit by Harricana. Ravelry project pages here. I've loved this hat since the very first time I laid eyes on it last year. Show More Summary

How things don't happen but need to...

There were a few more stitches to be taken. On Path. Remembering where I was, not that I forgot but Paths diverge. I'm a multi path person. I took a few more stitches. Which seem like steps. Walking stitches. You...

Just knit faster

For a few days, I’ve been knitting the second to last pair of socks that I owe Christmas. (So there, you have it. I didn’t finish on time – by a lot.) One pair is for someone I haven’t seen … Continue reading ?

New Quilting at the Rheged Centre

A new exhibition at Rheged, Cumbria’s foremost arts centre, supported by Arts Council England, will challenge perceptions of quilt making this spring, revealing a strong and vibrant contemporary craft form. New Quilting, an exclusive...Show More Summary

Lost in Space

In Between I remain. It has been easier for me just to continue. Continue some small journeys past, rather then start something new. I am feeling better now, now realizing how not well I was for the past weeks. And...

TFA Tuesday - Maya-Elizabeth's Cordova

Maya-Elizabeth's Cordova. Ravelry project page here. Knit in TFA Orange Label in Chris Grey. This sweater is so good! Clearly I'm a big fan of the pattern since I knitted it in man-sized for Chris. Maya's version is stunning knit in our super lux Orange Label cashmere/silk worsted weight yarn in my favourite light blue/grey shade Chris Grey. Show More Summary

Like she says

I have a young friend, she’s pretty little, and we have heart to heart conversations from time to time, and when things are extra meaningful to her, when she really wants you to understand that what’s she’s saying is important, … Continue reading ?

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