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Crochet Your Own Climate Change Data Visualization Blanket

Create your own blanket that reflects the rising temperatures of our planet. Despite the grim picture, the design is very artistic. Read more on MAKE The post Crochet Your Own Climate Change Data Visualization Blanket appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.


To remind myself how simply image is created. Whether it is digital or physical or simple imagined. It's all about layers. And the time taken to look past/through things. Many yesterdays + today = tomorrow. It's a sandwich and I...

Fibre in your diet

Socktober is still a thing over here. I had a brief dalliance with the beginnings of a shawl at Knit City, but it didn’t quite take hold, though it might have stood a chance but for Megan. My mum loved … Continue reading ?

Follow the Sun

Yesterday, this photo was posted to Instagram. Folks like it a lot and I think that is because it has joy. A lot of something is always surprising. I made 5. Maybe to share in the shop. But then not....

Living Dots

There were no walnuts where they usually gather. But I walked a few miles more and there were many. I guess the old tree was tired. It's not staying cold enough here to keep fires burning. I hate to waste...

Just Saying

Things Boys Could Learn in Girl Scouts NYT article Also I spent today singing songs with Girl Scouts in a park. It was pretty great.

Tall Cloth

Continued from yesterday. (oh ha, how unnecessary it is to say that.) A longer house. Inspired by grace's Dream. Note to self: Home is a journey. I quilted this path already. Even though it was a loose component. A fragment....

How one thing became another.

I finished playing with the little magic dot path fragment. (which made me think of islands in the stream) And as it happened, one thing led to another. The original magic dots are applique. With a magic thread border. Or...


You know how my Facebook page (wall? whatevs) is typically barren and filled with the sound of crickets? I started feeling kind of bad about that in spite of my working theory: social media ruins everything. So I made an instagram account that cross posts to Facebook. Just me doing my part to make the […]

Lifetime Member

Girl Scouts make the world a better place. We will change the world, not our purpose.

Milk Infant Top

Pattern: Milk Infant Top by Pixiepurls. Yarn: TFA PureWash Fingering in Luna Peach (ooak) and Pink Grapefruit. Ravelry Project page here. This sweater is so adorable and wee and precious and makes me smile. As the name would suggest, this sweater is meant for tiny infant babies. Show More Summary

Magic Dots

The morning is very pink. I wrote an article once. About dots. And how they might be a place to begin. And this morning I wrote this. You might have to click. I liked this photo how it turned into...


Yesterday evening, I put this here... This morning, this... Seems we are on the path to a more familiar October. I often refer to the long cloth format as PathWork. I think it will be a good month for that....

Vegetables are important

Thanksgiving came and went this weekend, and we all magically got through it. Our first holiday without her, and there were moments that were just fine, and moments that were awful and we missed mum so much our hearts were … Continue reading ?

These Sock Blank Socks Are Glorious!

Pattern: simple toe up socks. My "recipe" can be found here. Yarn: Blue Label Fingering weight yarn from a double knit sock blank. Ravelry Project page here. A few months ago I decided that it was time that we experiment with dyeingShow More Summary


I haven't knit many shawls in my life. Actually, maybe only a handful. But, wow. I can see why so many knitters love to knit them. SO much versatility when you wear a shawl. And it truly fits anyone. This was a pattern that was in the March KNITCRATE. Show More Summary


Psst; do you want to know a secret? First, you'll have to tell us yours! According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the average person keeps a whopping 13 secrets and five secrets that they have never told to another...Show More Summary

such winners

Super excited to share my latest finished knit with you guys. I truly am in love with it. The Gradient Poncho soaking up a little Vitamin D. But first... the winner of the Seed stitch K1 P1. The random number generator chose #67. Emjay...Show More Summary

I think I joined up

You know, unless they’re darned fancy, I never really think of socks as a “project.” I mean, they’re sort of peripherally always there, and I work on them when I’m walking, talking, waiting, flying, taking the bus, waiting for the … Continue reading ?

And lo, such a thing exists

As much as I thought it might not, time is starting to assume its normal course.  The days are starting to be the length that I expect them to be, not stretching out in front of me like a desert … Continue reading ?

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