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Swingin' in the Rain...a shift. Especially involving scraps of self.

Fly Away Home Debut

Autumn weather hit us full on this week. Hurray! I love autumn! After one of the driest summers on record (preceded by one of the wettest winters on record), the rains have returned. Our garden is a testament to just how dry it has been.  I love autumn so much!  I can’t wait for the […]


Just wanted to share a couple of things I have been putting on my skin. This exfoliating coconut scrub is so nice. Exfoliating, moisturizing and refreshing. It can be made with or without the lemon oil. No essential oils? Fresh lemon juice would be totally great, too. Show More Summary

Too Busy

I very much don’t like having too much to do. I also think my threshold for that is lower than a lot of people’s. I’m trying to figure out what activity from which to extricate myself – sadly, it can’t be litter boxes.

Suddenly a Welcome Mat

Storm watch today, so I'm typing because I'm on my way out the door for some last minute stuff. Not that worried but just in case. We are on the shore where flooding is expected but we sit on high...

Etsy Update! Wednesday, September 20th at 12pm (noon) ET

We’ve got an Etsy Update coming at ya this Wednesday, September 20th at 12pm ET! You can find the Etsy shop right here and here's a link to a handy time zone converter in case you don't live in my time zone. At precisely 12pm on Wednesday...Show More Summary


(the above LOVE written with a touchscreen with the tip of my finger. And of course this with a keyboard. Maybe the wing here has just to do with the way I feel.)

september knitcrate

So, I did a little Facebook live for Knitcrate. Oy. Nerve-racking to say the least. And can you believe my phone tipped over twice while doing it?! All I could think of the entire time was that it was going to fall again. I don't think I got the point across that there was a giveaway for two of the September Knitcrates. Show More Summary

Well that’s just unfair

Yesterday I finally shook my head clear of the fog it’s been in, and decided that it was time to get myself in gear.  I went to the grocery store. I planned a good dinner. I cooked that dinner, and … Continue reading ?


It’s the rainy mornings when I appreciate homeschooling the most. Not having to get out and suffer the car rider line is a personal blessing. If you are also lingering over your coffee (because your child is still in bed), here’s a lol for you: A Glossary of School Terms for Homeschoolers

Needle Threading Tip – Back to School Blog Hop 2017

When I teach classes on Heirloom sewing or eTextiles, I always come across the one person who HATES hand sewing because they can’t seem to thread the needle.  Even automatic needle threaders have difficulty with thick threads, and don’t work properly.  Well, friends, I have the MAGIC TRICK to threading a needle EVERY TIME that...


Three weeks ago today, I went over to my mother’s house after physiotherapy, with the intention of running her over to the doctor because she had a virus. She’d been feeling crappy for about a week. We ended up at … Continue reading...

Why I Opened Up About Infertility

Yesterday Chris and I published episode 6 of the TFA Podcast. We hadn't filmed an episode in 3 months and it felt good to get back to chatting about TFA in front of the camera. The good/bad thing about the way that we approach the podcasts...Show More Summary

Crystal Rhilea

Pattern: Rhilea by Suvi Simola Yarn: TFA PureWash DK Weight in "Not-Quite-Crystal" Ravelry Project page here. I cannot say enough good things about this sweater pattern. The construction was clever and interesting and the instructions were clear and very detailed - not overly complex, just completely thought out. Show More Summary

Using Them

Stuff accumulates. But little cloth things are useful. Use them I said. Ok I said. These. Leftovers. They seemed to be sitting there wishing for a home. Now, on the edge of Endless Wishing. Which probably won't be the edge...

Yesterday and Today Overlap and then Integrate

Good Morning. So, way back when, in 2012, Spirit Cloth Diaries, I had continued... There are many things in process that I would like to get back to. And I will, but today I am just playing with a new...

A Little Change

Into Moth. Suddenly a Moth. And celebrating the sense of something.

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