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The way it goes

Crap. My computer died. Or something like that. Seems that way this morning. I can post from my phone, like this, but it's a hassle. I will blog/post pics at Instagram, to fill the gaps, for a bit, until I...

Something finished

14 hours agoHobbies / Needlework : Muppin

Doesn’t it feel good to get something done?  I finally finished this class sample from a class I took with the amazing Karlee Porter.  She is an excellent teacher!  Of course, I had to put a skull on it. Her book is excellent, if you haven’t gotten a copy yet.    

mrs. donato's nut horns

Growing up, we had a neighbor who absolutely loved her job of being a homemaker. Her home was extremely tidy. Not a thing out of place. Her kitchen small, efficient and wonderfully cozy. Her living room was like a showroom to me. The furniture was perfectly placed. Show More Summary

Randomly on a Thursday

1. This morning Joe and I got up at 6am and got our scene together, and went to the airport. We have a coffee maker where you pour the beans into it, and then it makes one cup of coffee … Continue reading ?

Watch: Designing a One-of-a-Kind Patch as a Contest Prize

When we decided to run a fun holiday contest, I jumped at the opportunity to grow my skills and volunteered to make a patch for the winner. Read more on MAKE The post Watch: Designing a One-of-a-Kind Patch as a Contest Prize appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Blurry and then Not

5:30 AM. a diary day. I slept hard. You know, right through. Mostly that doesn't happen. I wake often. And Soul-o wakes me. To talk, to eat. To go out, to... just to wake me. Last night he slept. Up...

Even I miss a day

Yesterday was both crazy and awesome. And by the end of the day I realized I had missed posting to my blog. Oops.  Today was a close second. I’m posting from my phone…that’s how close I’m cutting it.  Here’s the progress on the restoration quilt.  Some of the border fabric “tops” are here and I...

The sweaters are small

I know it seems really unlikely, but I think things are okay over here.  I think this even though my yarn hasn’t arrived (it’s okay, I have lots to knit) and even though there’s not a lot of finished anything … Continue reading ?

Cleaning up for Winter aka Not Sewing

It rained all night. Before the rain came I cleared the last of the leaves from the garden and areas close to the house. The hydrangea usually gets trimmed but it's been fading so slowly, it is just beautiful. No...

It works if you work it

You know what, I’m just going to say it.  I forgot to order yarn for Christmas presents.  There. It’s out, and I feel so much better. I’d toyed with telling you something else, just adding a few projects in a … Continue reading ?

WIP - Milkyway French Cancan

My main knitting project these days is a secret sweater that I'm knitting for Chris for Christmas. It's actually not so secret, he knows that he's getting a sweater and he sees me working away on it in the evenings, but I'm going to try and keep some of the details from him until the very end. Show More Summary

Thoughts as a Circle

11 PM. Goodnight. 7:25AM Good Morning then. Sleepy heads. Probably as I move around here, Suns Moons and Stars will be good where the center meets the ring of cats. Strays. I knew the story would continue. There is simple...

Gruß vom Krampus!! It’s Krampusnacht!

3 days agoHobbies / Needlework : Muppin

I’m a big fan of the resurgence of The Krampus, the creature that is one of the many companions to St Nicholas.  He punishes the naughty children by clanging his chains and threatening to carry them away in his basket and beat them with switches.  Merry Christmas to you, kids! I made this Krampus mini quilt...

What about the early worm

This time of year fills me with a sort of general, vague panic.  Just the creeping feeling, omnipresent and pervasive, that I have forgotten something, fallen behind on something or am about to light the holidays on fire (metaphorically speaking.) … Continue reading ?

picking 3

Hey Friends!For those interested, giving away 3 sets (4/set) Chalk Lots over on Chalk Lots Instagram Account. Head on over if you want to enter!xx, leslie

One and sun

Numbering just to keep track. Why not? In a way I am measuring time. So I marked this one 1. I do remember starting here. The old cloth has writing woven right in. But it is hard to see what...

Starting a new project

4 days agoHobbies / Needlework : Muppin

I’m not in the quilt restoration business, but a long time friend sent me this picture and asked me if I could help. Linda is a tremendous animal lover and very active in rescue for dogs in Memphis, where she lives.  I’ve known her since we both lived in Maryland.  When she sent me this...


The sun is out. Old sea, she greets me each morning. Soul-o likes it better ON the table. I did not record the making of this one. Not like I do now. Long ago, I found a roll of old...

Winter Prep

5 days agoHobbies / Needlework : Muppin

Winter is a good time for sewing, but I have been so busy this fall that I accomplished precisely ZERO winter prep.  I understand it’s supposed to snow here in Chicago tomorrow, so I had to hurry and get my outdoor prep all finished today. Things like cutting down my beloved peonies, and raking leaves,...

Also the server didn’t work

I  know someone who used to say that in their family, if you did something twice, it was a tradition.  This used to be a sort of a joke, where you’d do something that the family or your friends enjoyed, … Continue reading ?

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