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three years ago

Today marks three years without the only father I ever knew. I would love to say that time heals all wounds. I think as individuals we are able to move on. But the feeling of loss is there. When you let yourself dig deep, and let yourself feel again, those feeling come bubbling to the surface. Show More Summary

We’re On National TV!

Oh, Alabama. I am so proud of you right now. Don’t ever let anybody tell you your vote doesn’t count.

A Word From The President…

1 hour agoHobbies / Needlework : Muppin

Of the Quilt Guild I mean! Yup, I’m still serving my second term of being the President of the Riverwalk Quilters Guild in Naperville IL. Tonight’s speaker was Mickey Depre! I think it’s important to serve and give back to your community, and this also has the side benefit of getting me out of the...

toast with purls

Meet toast with purls. I think of these arm warmers as being a slightly dressier version of toast. (My mind suddenly goes to making toast and wearing pearls.)???? The pattern is over on ravelry and you can download your free copy using the code "merryandbright". Show More Summary

The Holidays…

Ah yes, that time of year is here.  You know, some people LOVE this time of year, and some people have a difficult time with it.  I’m a little in between.  I love the traditions, the coziness, and the warmth.  But my traditions have had to have some major changes in the past couple of...

A new pen wouldn’t hurt either

For years and years, I’ve run a very tight Christmas ship.  Very tight. Spreadsheet kinda tight, and it’s really worked for me. It’s prevented a hysterical sort of feeling in my tummy and made it possible for me to get … Continue reading ?

our tree

This was only the second year we have ever cut down our Christmas year. We thought it would be really great to drive to the farm to get a fresh tree. We found our favorite tree almost instantly. Perfectly shaped and perfectly full. It even came with it's very own birds nest. Show More Summary


2 days agoHobbies / Needlework : Muppin

I’m in a secret business mastermind group locally and we had our meeting today. The great thing about meeting in person is that you can exchange gifts for the holidays. These are thoughtful gifts! The notepads are personalized and they are so cool with the comic book theme. The zipper pouch and stuff all came...

A Look at The Numbers – Houston Market/Festival

3 days agoHobbies / Needlework : Muppin

I haven’t shied away from sharing what it takes to make it in this business.  I think the truth of running a business in this industry helps everyone.  I broke down my 2016 expenses here.  And I talked about my 2015 income here. Now, I use miles to fly to Houston from Chicago, but even if...

soon to be...

My yarn arrived for my next project; humulus. SO looking forward to casting on, but must wait until I finish a few small Christmas gifts. It took me quite a while to decide on a yarn choice and color combo. I'm going to be using the lovely Quince yarn in Lark.


It was the first time I made a peppermint cake. I figured it was that time of year, and this year I am feeling particularly festive. It wasn't that pretty, but it sure was delicious.

Just stuff that laundry behind the piano

When I was a young mother, and the girls were all little, I was part of a mothers group. I was a La Leche League Leader back then and a Wednesday morning playgroup sprang out of that. We’d all get … Continue reading ?

Lunch with Friends

4 days agoHobbies / Needlework : Muppin

Sometimes you just need to hang out with a few people to get out of the house and out of your head. I’d been stuck inside for days getting a project done, so a lunch invitation was just the thing. One of the things we did was ask what our 2018 plans were. I had...

Read a Needle Turn Applique Tutorial by Me!

4 days agoHobbies / Needlework : Muppin

Over on the Modern Quilts Unlimited Blog, I have a needle turn applique tutorial that will get you started in the awesome world of hand turned applique, but I promise you it’s EASY and FUN.  Do I look like I do stuff that’s hard? NOPE. Anyway, give it a look-see over here!   

music man

My music man, Charlie. While my children were growing, I was always playing music. I mean, always. All sorts of different genre's. I just love music. George Winston was played in the house and on long car trips. Driving, getting lost in my thoughts, feeling it to the core. Show More Summary

happy decorating

Guys! I'm not the first to do this... but it was my first time doing this. I grabbed the greens from the discard pile at Home Depot. Along with the discarded trunks. And, voila! Instant, inexpensive (free!) center piece. That is happy decorating!

100 x simple

This was by far one of my favorite pieces to knit. It's mindless which is absolutely perfect when you need to concentrate on a conversation. Or a book. Or the TV. Or while having a glass of wine. Or in the movies. Or just when you want to totally space out. Show More Summary

Official Announcement

This is the official announcement of my write-in campaign for Alabama’s Senate Seat. Write me in! I got 8 votes against Jo Bonner one of those times he was running unopposed. Y’all, I got an A in civics, memorized the Bill of Rights in 6th grade, have a general understanding of the Constitution, and can […]

It’s Krampusnacht! Gruß vom Krampus!

It’s not often you have the right quilt for a pretty obscure holiday, but I love my little Cartoony version of the Krampus.  Not familiar with who the Krampus is? According to Wikipedia, in folklore, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure described as “half-goat, half-demon”, who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved,...

rent to own

Ha. So, remember when we decided to Rent the Chickens?! Well, we loved it so much we decided to Adopt the Chickens. The chicken experience was just too great. And fresh eggs daily? It's a dream! Meet Scarlett, Violett, Gray and Luci...

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