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This is not the way I expected it to be. I feel like this is pretty much what should be written on the tee shirt I’ve been wearing for the last while.  Finding a way to restructure the family, figuring … Continue reading ?

Deep Fog

After days of meltdown Thunderstorms and fog. A bit dark for sewing today. My thumb arthritis has flared up anyway. I'm going to clean up the old loom. She is very dusty. She comes with me. I might make her...

W is for Winter and Wool

Yesterday, before I drove home from up north, Jen and I drank a pot of coffee while conducting surveillance for the wild turkeys we were lucky enough to see one morning, and congratulated ourselves on a near perfect weekend. In … Continue reading ?

journals and mugs

Hiya! I am headed out of town, but wanted to mention that I have been working on a few "a friend to knit with" items. Because, we all have a friend to knit with! And if you are a knitter, than you ARE a friend to knit with! The journals/project logs are in the shop. Show More Summary

The Idea

It's just tacked to the wall for the moment. To reinforce the idea of a more invisible holding. Quilted yes, some of it, but looking head on, without shadow, not apparent. Because I am using a sympathetic coloring book quilting...


I'm headed out of town (Los Angeles and Cabo) for a little winter vacation. The first thing I always pack is my knitting. What project to take? My humulus will take up too much space. Plus, I need to take wooden needles because the only time I have ever had my knitting needles confiscated was in Mexico. Show More Summary

How a day moved through

Wood stacked. There was even sweeping! And I managed to expand the silk lining. Now I can begin "walking" around the center. The stitch in the center is settling in. As it does. Eventually the ripple ripens. As the layers...


Well before Christmas, Jen and I were on the phone, and we were talking about Jen’s latest placement. She’s in her third year midwifery, and one of her student placements is up north. (Not that far north, the Near North. … Continue reading ?

gluten free snow days

I'm not gluten intolerant. But over the years, I have tried to eat less and less gluten. Mostly for my eczema. I read somewhere that people with eczema could have an allergy to gluten. So, I do try and when someone shares a great recipe,...Show More Summary

Early Quiet

Cold. Waiting for a wood dump which will take up most of the day. Stacking. Thinking mostly about how what I stitch (make)(do) catches thought without having to say so. Thinking how what we do simply reflects how things move...


The cold moved in once again. Lots of rain and then a bit of snow and then a deep freeze. We are left with a coating of ice crystals. Some solid ice on paths and roads. There is more than...

some thing.

I've nothing much today. Except this accidental photo... which is interesting as a composition. Cloth and clay(the floor) and wood. When we move I would like to play with clay. Some things just stay in the back of your mind....

A wolf in the hand

Just a quickie from me today – I’ve got a little free time here at the end of the day, and in this ocean of a busy week, tonight’s got knitting written all over it – I’m on a roll … Continue reading ?

I just continue

The other side of Holding Pattern is being lined (as mentioned here...) with this cloth and then hand dyed vintage silk, patching as I go. Patching, quilting, patching. Rocking. Silk stitched closely and carefully to cotton. They come together as...

chunky knit beanie, 2018 edition

January 2009 If you would have told me that I would have been trying to recreate this photo in 2018, I would have thought that would be FOREVER in the future. Yet, looking at this photo, I think it seems like only yesterday we went outside to take it. Show More Summary


I'm quilting the center panel on the Holding Pattern cloth. I quilt with intention. The intention of holding. And not being limited by that. Intention must not be static. I'm gathering memories and I am remembering this. (Q is for.....

How it seems to continue...

Sometimes. What we want need needs rethinking. Confusion continues as we rethink so many things here. Mostly triggered by aging and what that might mean in terms of comfort and challenge. We speak to each other about how being two.....

2018: Words Matter

Ellie and I have settled on our one little word for 2018. This year will be about about enthusiasm, showing up with a joyful spirit, and cultivating an attitude of celebration. Yay.

Like Magic

Poof. The snow disappeared. Another morning, near 60 degrees. By this evening, another deep freeze. It's amazing that sometimes science is used as a near antonym for magic. To me they are nearly the same. More about that another day...

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