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ATEi Roland Special Package for your GLOCK 19 | SHOT 2017

30 minutes agoHobbies / Hunting : The Firearm Blog

If you know what the Roland Special is than you know that it is considered the ultimate handgun for gunfighters in some circles. No one offers a Roland Special to the general public, if you really want one you must put together a package...Show More Summary

New Ear Pro from Howard Leight | SHOT 2017

30 minutes agoHobbies / Hunting : The Firearm Blog

Howard Leight had several new models of hearing protection at the SHOT Show for people to try out. One is called the Synch while the other is an updated version of the Impact Sport. SYNCH The Synch is an over the ear muff that provides 25 dB of noise attenuation. Show More Summary

Ten-X Tactical Frangible Ammo | SHOT 2017

44 minutes agoHobbies / Hunting : The Firearm Blog

PolyFrang Ammunition Ten-X ammunition has introduced a line of frangible ammunition under the PolyFrang product name. Ten-X is most famous for their Cowboy Action loads, but in recent years they have been aggressively expanding into more “specialty” lines of ammunition as well. Show More Summary

FLIR’s Newest Products Revealed | SHOT 2017

45 minutes agoHobbies / Hunting : The Firearm Blog

At the FLIR party, they brought along some of their latest products. One of them was a quad copter drone fitted with a FLIR thermal camera about the size of a GoPro.   The coolest thing was the Thermo-Sight RL rifle scope. it features...Show More Summary

Diamondhead Hole Shot BUIS | SHOT 2017

New for Shot Show 2017 is the Diamondhead USA Hole Shot. It is a new rear sight design. They eliminated the lock out button so you just flip them up to deploy them. Just like their diamond shaped rear sights, the aperture can be folded down for quick CQC sight alignment. Show More Summary

Battle Arms Development Cali-legal AR-15 Mag Catch | SHOT 2017

The mad geniuses at Battle Arms Development are hard at it again this year with a product for SHOT Show 2017 that is entirely relevant to the AR-15 shooter stuck with California’s new firearms laws. Battle Arms Development have designed a rather clever new way for AR-15 owners to deal with California’s new guns laws. Show More Summary

Geissele’s New Abraham & Moses Knife | SHOT 2017

Bill Geissele has started a new company called Abraham & Moses. You can see the company name engraved into the side of the billet aluminum CNC sheath.   Here is the Sheath as it starts off as a block of aluminum then gets machined and finally coated and assembled. Show More Summary

9mm Battle Comp And Comp For California Glocks | SHOT 2017

Due to the surging popularity of pistol caliber carbines, Alan Normandy of Battle Comp is coming with a 9mm version of his Battle Comp. They will be available in 1/2×28, 1/2×36 and 13.5LH. They will retail for $165 like his other comps. Show More Summary

Breaking: Mossberg Patent Lawsuit Over| Patent Declared Invalidated

For many months TFB has been following and covering the lawsuit Mossberg filed against numerous trigger manufacturers for allegedly violating the trigger patent Mossberg holds. For those not familiar with the past months proceedings Mossberg acquired a patent from Mc Cormick for the single unit AR trigger secured with two pins. Show More Summary

Kel-Tec Has the Coolest Gun at SHOT?: The RDB Survival Model and the KSG-25 | SHOT 2017

In this SHOT coverage piece, James discusses two of Kel-Tec’s newest guns. First, the RDB Survival Rifle – perhaps James’ favorite gun from SHOT this year – is a new and extremely compact, NON-NFA 5.56mm/.223 survival-style rifle, designed to be stowed away in a pack or small carrying case. Show More Summary

Vintage, Oddballs, Ticket Stubs and Buybacks - Another Great PWE from Dimebox Nick

A few weeks ago now I was the recipient of another jam-packed PWE from my good buddy Nick, king of the dime boxes. It's always an exciting feeling getting a package from Nick, because you truly never know what you'll find inside. With...Show More Summary

Public Land Roundup: Zinke Confirmation Hearing, Congress Makes it Easier for Public Land Transfer, and RMEF Takes a Stand

Open Country Ryan Zinke, a Congressman from Montana, took the hot seat in Senate confirmation hearings this week. Topics covered everything from climate change to the functioning of…

Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast- Episode 48 with Jenna Meek

The Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast brings you real news of armed civilian defense. Episode 48 features firearms instructor Jenna Meek. Were these gun owners lucky.. or were they prepared? This post Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast- Episode 48 with Jenna Meek appeared first on Shooting Sports News.

Faxon Firearms Releases NEW BCGs | SHOT 2017

Faxon Firearms has been busy getting ready for SHOT Show like all of us. They introduced new SLIMLINE barrels and muzzle attachments as well as new bolt-carrier groups (BCG). The two newest ones are for.308 Win/7.62 NATO and 9mm. The...Show More Summary

Jotto Gear Home Defense Cabinet | SHOT 2017

Jotto Gear has a clever gun cabinet that combines concealment and security. The NRA Home Defense Cabinet conceals a two-gun (one pistol and one rifle or shotgun) storage cabinet within a home wall behind a sliding mirror. This keepsShow More Summary

ArmaLaser | SHOT 2017

ArmaLaser laser units deliver the targeting aid that shooters have grown to expect, but the activation will surprise. A simple touch, automatic when drawing and holding the gun, activates the laser. All Armalaser models turn on by human touch, not by a mechanical switch or button. Show More Summary

Kalashnikov’s New 9mm and 12 Gauge AK-47s | SHOT 2017

Obviously keying in on the newest trends in tactical sporting rifles and carbines, Kalashnikov is releasing 9mm AK47s that will use proprietary magazines (inexpensive at $30), obviously to compete with the MPX, CZ Scorpion, and the host of 9mm AR15s that have sprung up over the past few years. Show More Summary

UTAS 15 Shotgun Overview | SHOT 2017

While the UTAS shotgun is not a brand new product, the UTAS booth is always popular at SHOT because the bullpup pump shotguns are literal show-stoppers. With that in mind, James pays his friends at UTAS a visit to get a rundown of this...Show More Summary

Leupold LTO Tracker Hand Held Thermal Monocular | SHOT 2017

After seeing the article by Adam on the Leupold LTO, I was immediately thinking it would be great on a gun. I have read some people say it is not rated for firearm recoil. On the Press sheet it says “NOT INTENDED FOR MOUNTING ON A FIREARM”. Show More Summary

The Hudson H9 Pistol: Why the Hype is Real

Hudson Manufacturing has developed a truly unique pistol that lives up to all the excitement preceding SHOT Show. This post The Hudson H9 Pistol: Why the Hype is Real appeared first on Shooting Sports News.

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