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Identify these four models?

Hello All, I need your help to identify the creators of these four models: Butterfly I’ve taught this model previously, but I have no idea what it’s origins are. I think it’s a modification of Yoshizawa’s flat butterfly model… any idea who the creator is?   Origami Dress Any idea who’s design this is? I’ve [...]

Origami-Inspired Furniture by Zhang & Thonsgaard

I love seeing designers take origami concepts to make furniture bc folding wood and steel is just a tad bit harder than folding paper. In this post, you’ll see repeating shapes that folds up into some quirky styled furniture. By Berlin+Beijing designers Zhang & Thonsgaard.

Molecules by Aqua Creations and Ilan Garibi

Elaborate origami sculptures diffuse the light from these lamps by Tel Aviv studio Aqua Creations and origami artist Ilan Garibi. via Dezeen

Origami Thanksgiving

Loved the geeky article over at Wired about Thanksgiving at MIT – origami style. That’s how they roll.

Good Tippers Give the Gift of Origami

I never know if the tip I leave at a restaurant goes to my server, the entire group of servers or the restaurant. If I’m able to correctly follow the tricks from the Dollar Origami book, the origami model might entice my server to stealthily keep the tip, which will ensuring the tip I leave [...]

The Glow Technique for Origami Bonsai

If you’re after “the glow”, consider Origami Bonsai by Ben Coleman. It might not be the skin glow technique, but the origami glow technique might be just as promising. What exactly is the glow-fold technique? They’re diagrams that include glow-fold overlays, which make them much easier understand. The glow-fold technique will be a valuable aid to [...]

Fluffy: Cute new cat how-to video

To continue the origami how-to video fun, here’s a new one from my partner Ioana Stoian showing how to fold a cute origami cat designed by Roberto Gretter and Ioana during the Polish origami convention earlier this year. What a fun little cat! And it’s based on 60 degree angles, which for geometers like me [...]

Pleated Koi

Just beautiful. Love the pleats depicting the koi’s scale! via Colossal

Origami Masks and Tessellations by Joel Cooper

Paper artist Joel Cooper folds these astounding masks and tessellations from single pieces of paper. Given the right conditions I might be expected to fold a piece of paper in half, and on a good day even into fourths, but I simply can’t fathom the patience and understanding required to transform paper into three-dimensional objects [...]

Portrait Mash-Ups Made From Money

The Seven Mercenaries, by French artist Philippe Pétremant, is a series of portraits cobbled together from international banknotes. The 36-year-old Pétremant uses complicated origami folds and humble paper clips to keep the tiny sculptures in place, then photographs them for posterity. The large-format prints are on view this month at the Festival Circulation(s) in Paris. On [...]

Closed Head---Open Mind

Some Thoughts on the Reception Today of Yoshizawa Origami can be done as a doodle—you pick up a scrap of paper, say the receipt from your recent shopping expedition, and play with it absent-mindedly at the outdoor cafe, bending it this...Show More Summary

Geometry in Porcelain – short video

I saw this fantastic little 4:30 minute documentary on Bobby Jaber, a retired chemistry teacher who has spent the last 20 years working with porcelain to represent geometric shapes and solids. It’s beautiful artwork and well worth seeing. It reminds me a lot of Shuzo Fujimoto, a Japanese chemistry teacher who decided to fold paper [...]

Origami Crumpling Instructions

Here’s another instructional video, covering the simplest of the Vincent Floderer-style crumpling techniques. If you’re unaware of this style of folding, it was brought to the awareness of the global origami community via Paul Jackson, a British origamist and designer. Vincent Floderer learned this technique and really developed it to new heights, and has been [...]

Origami Hyperbolic Paraboloid Instructions

Here’s a short video I knocked together on how to fold a hyperbolic paraboloid, which is a folding exercise from the Bauhaus school (notably from Josef Albers). I learned about this model ages ago, but the great research work of Erik and Marty Demaine clued me in to the real history behind this piece, as [...]

Origami for All Giveaway

Sara Adams, prolific origami video creator and teacher, is running an origami giveaway – deadline July 13th. The prize: a free copy of our new book, Origami for All! Sara has been a big supporter of our new book and we’re very grateful for her kind words and enthusiasm. Please check out her contest and [...]

Two recent things worth seeing

I saw the following two items on Flickr recently and they’re both stunning, in very different ways. This fantastic portrait from Aldo Tolino: And this 3D metal structure, a deformed Resch tessellation made real, by Tomohiro Tachi:   Both amazing in completely different ways. I am intrigued!

Origami for All – new book available!

I’m happy to announce that my partner Ioana Stoian‘s new book, Origami for All: Elegant Designs from Simple Folds, has been published and is now available for purchase! This book was a joint project between the two of us — Ioana developed 16 simple, elegant models, and I did all the diagramming and book layout [...]

porcelain origami by hitomi igarashi

Hitomi Igarashi used folded origami paper to cast the porcelain mold which  resulted in these beauties. read more via designboom: LEXUS design award 2012 – porcelain origami by hitomi igarashi

Autumn Winter 2013 collection by Jaimee McKenna

Layers of blue fabric pleated into origami-like patterns bounced down the catwalk at Central Saint Martins graduate Jaimee McKenna’s Autumn Winter 2013 show. (more…) via Dezeen

Origami Fan Diagrams

      Hello All, Here are some newly created diagrams for perhaps my only “easy” origami model, a simple fan made from an A4-sized sheet of paper. I’m quite fond of this little fan, it uses a unique method of radial pleating to create a very useable result! As with all of my diagrams, these [...]

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