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Working Lego Books

OK, so, they only have five leaves each, and the actual stuff on the pages is not made of Lego elements, but c'mon: Among challenging subjects to model in Lego, surely a functional book is near the top of the list. But then, we've pretty much come to to expect that sort of thing from artist Guy Himber, whose masterful MOCs we've featured here many times before.

Bicycle Wheel Animations

My friend Karen Nazor send me a link to this video of animations being created, phenakistoscope/persistence of vision-style, on bicycle wheels, using paper cut-outs in the spokes. Really nifty.

"Eyeball" series

I figured out how to do eyes properly from origami, and now am going crazy putting eyes on everything. Note the magnets--the lozenge-shaped thingies. I use those in places where clips can't reach, to hold surfaces together as the misted paper dries (the paper is pre-treated with methyl cellulose and a light ink rub, so it stiffens up nicely). Show More Summary

Solder Stencils via Electronic Craft Cutter

Spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool, some interesting process shots from user Shigeru Kanemoto, who's used a Craft ROBO brand paper-cutting robot to prepare a stencil for applying solder paste to a PCB in preparation for SMT assembly. Uppermost, the stencil freshly cut; immediately above, solder paste applied. Cool idea, with a few more shots in Shigeru-san's photostream.

Cardboard Periscope – Sylvia’s Mini Maker Show

Today we’re diving deep for an easy build you can do in an afternoon: your very own cardboard periscope. Let’s go!

How-To: 35mm Stickers

Actually, it's pretty easy: Shoot the film, have it developed (not mounted), cut out the exposures, and feed them to a craft-store sticker maker. And it's always a pleasure to see what the inventive photo-hackers at Photojojo will come up with next.

Core77?s Crayon Mold Design Trophy

Clever, clever idea from NY design studio Rich Brilliant Willing (a play on the three founders’ names, FYI), on contract for design blog Core77, which is giving these away to winners of its inaugural Design Awards this year.

How-To: Paper Iris Glasses

This is actually really convenient, because I've been needing a pair of these. I just didn't realize it until I saw them. Thanks, Instructables user art.makes!

Rubberized Origami

Neat off-the-wall idea from Instructables user blightdesign, who’s been experimenting with preserving folded paper by rubberizing it with Plasti-Dip. More pics in B. Light Design’s Flickr set.

The Blues of Joy

Origami isn’t only an art form, practiced by thousands worldwide, it’s also an Australian jazz trio. And they have an album coming out. This album comes in two forms: the now traditional digital download and as a physical CD with an origami CD cover. A rather attractive model, we think, one that may be familiar [...]

MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

Leading off our Flickr pool round-up this week is a hot little red-headed astromech from Atlanta Mini Maker Faire, photographed by Chris Palmer. Other highlights include wooden gears, a homemade high-polish "dishing hammer," and some more workshop pr0n. Check it out!

New Paper Heads

A few heads showing off some of the latest technology. All are from uncut paper rectangles (Canson or Fabriano), pretreated with methyl cellulose and a light ink wash. The beard-nose-mouth uses a folding concept mostly worked out six months ago; the eyebrows and "wheat-sheath" motif I came up with in the last few weeks. Show More Summary

Papercraft Firefly Gun

Leo Firebrand wrote in with his papercraft Mal’s gun from the TV show Firefly. The first challenge was the wood grips both in painting and building. To achieve the curve shape of the wood I first carved the grip shape from floral foam and then stretched some lightly wetted paper over the form. Once the [...]

2nd Latin American Origami Congress

I’m heading out to Santiago, Chile in a few days for the 2nd Latin American Origami Congress on August 25th – 27th, where I am one of the invited presenters. It is being held at the Universidad de Las Américas, who are kindly sponsoring the [...]

Horse Heads

I doodled something along these lines 6 or 7 years ago, then discovered that the broader theme of Animal Heads in origami was being extensively studied by the South Americans-- Daniel Naranjo and (I think) Fabean Correa in Colombia, and Roman Diaz in Uruguay. Show More Summary

Papercraft Nyan Cat Automata

Rachel @ CRAFT points to this print-at-home papercraft Nyan Cat automata. This project combines so many meme types, I think I just blew a circuit.

Free Download: Hackerspace Passport

Another wonderful idea from Mitch Altman: Here is a 14-page download-and-print hackerspace passport you can carry on your travels to commemorate and advertise all the cool community workspaces you've visited.

Cairo Tessellation

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Ramin Razani at his house in Florence. An architect, he has a large collection of books- including a set in Farsi on zillij, the patterns and methods used to construct the geometries of traditional Islamic architectural tilings [...]

Origami Crane Flaps its Wings With Memory Alloy

This crane uses HT Flexinol actuator wire to flap (or more accurately, curl) its wings when the circuit is closed. Created by Jie Qi of MIT’s Hi-Low Tech group. Electronic Origami Flapping Crane via openMaterials.

stars and leaves

stars and leaves, originally uploaded by Imagirom. Saw this beautiful piece by Imagirom, a newcomer to our Origami Tessellations group on Flickr. He’s been folding some great things lately, and this one really struck me. I like the way it’s … Continue reading ?

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