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Hu Design Studio Makes Origami Inspired Head Figures

Designed for special event of the “Grand magasin Printemps de Paris” (18/02/2014 – 18/03/2014) The original idea is about “gardian”, and some ancient creatures’ figures in front of Chinese traditional gates, such as lions, dragons, Kylins, etc. They represent gardian and … Continue reading ?

Twin Peaks Opening Sequence Rendered as Paper Animation

Watch the opening sequence of the cult classic television series Twin Peaks rendered entirely as a paper animation. Read more on MAKE The post Twin Peaks Opening Sequence Rendered as Paper Animation appeared first on Make:.


Added 14 March, 2012. All of you thousands of sudden visitors to my site, who came here today via the "Google doodle" or by Google-imaging "Akira Yoshizawa"---I am immensely flattered, but am just a humble student of the late great master.If...Show More Summary


macaques allogrooming I once suggested in jest that the reason origami is so successful in calming people and bringing out conciliatory instincts is that humans are basically primates, and a calming activity that used to take up a lot of time in our social life--allogrooming--disappeared without a trace once we lost our body hair. Show More Summary


Down pending revisions (may be a while). For now, enjoy this oldie


If the Internet hasn't completely frazzled your brain and fragmented your attention-span, there’s a 100-page book, written about 100 years ago, that I’d like you to read.It is Emanuel Loewy’s “The Rendering of Nature in Early Greek Art”. Show More Summary

Pajaro para Román

In honor of his new book.-------------------------------Another version. [Added December 15:]And---here's a set of images that no origami designer can fail to be inspired and humbled by:

New Project: Make a Box Set for Your Favorite Series

In this project, I am going to show you a simple method for creating custom box sets of whatever kind of media you are collecting. Read more on MAKE The post Make a Box Set for Your Favorite Series appeared first on Make:.

The QR Code Bug

This is a QR code bug. It is really just a waterbomb with legs, skinny bug-like legs. What makes it interesting is that it has two ways of reproducing itself. The first is the ordinary way most origami models use to reproduce — folders share them, either by teaching in person or through diagrams and […]

Assemble an Avengers: Age of Ultron Logo Cardboard Shelf

The inner comic book geek within my nerd exterior is about to go into overload! On May 1st of this year, a movie millions of us have been eagerly anticipating will finally debut and personally, I am STOKED! Naturally, I am referring...Show More Summary

New Project: Turn Used Coffee Filters Into Beautiful Flowers

What do you do with coffee filters after you brew your coffee? Like most people you probably toss them in the trash. Well, now you can turn those oldcoffee filters into beautiful flowers. Just follow the steps below. Read more on MAKE The post Turn Used Coffee Filters Into Beautiful Flowers appeared first on Make:.

Download This Papercraft Left Shark: Make Your Own MVP

“Left Shark,” the goofy dancing shark that stole Katy Perry’s half-time show has been exploding all over the web this week. There are devoted Left Shark fans, fan clubs, and memes popping up everywhere. We can’t deny that the...Show More Summary

Unclutter With This Sturdy Cardboard Shoe Rack

Between shipments for DIY-related work and the ease of online shopping, cardboard is a pretty abundant resource in my home, so I always delight in finding new project ideas that save a box or two from the recycle bin. And, like manyShow More Summary

Cardboard Chuckwagon: DIY Food Truck For Kids

When I was a kid, a giant cardboard box was just about the best toy ever. My friends and I built forts, castles, and storefronts. We used them as sleds, cars, and rockets, and we even got inside them and rolled down hills. (In retrospect, the latter was probably a […] Read more on MAKE The post Cardboard Chuckwagon: DIY Food Truck For Kids appeared first on Make:.

Book Review: Japanese Paper Crafting

If you’ve always been curious about washi paper, you’re in luck because this book is for you! Japanese Paper Crafting by Michael LaFosse will teach you how to create washi paper as well as uses for it! You can use wash … Continue reading ?

Folded Jersey

The fabric and the inner interface, which defines the edges, are cut out with a laser cutter. For more drool worthy photos, click on over to The-Shirt Issue

Book Review: Origami Animal Sculpture

(FYI This book is for advanced origami enthusiasts, aka teenagers and adults!) Origami Animal Sculpture, by John Szinger is a wonderful advanced origami book for ones who want to create lifelike and expressive origami models inspired by nature. Individuals who are detail … Continue reading ?

Book Review: Origami Ikebana

If you liked Origami Flowers, you’ll like Origami Ikebana by Benjamin John Coleman. Ikenbana is the long beloved flower arranging technique that honors nature and creates beauty through harmony and balance. For those who don’t have a green thumb, like … Continue reading ?

Morana Kranjec’s Folded Dresses

Croation-born Morana Kranjec’s presented her creations at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition during London Fashion Week. Despite the delicate nature, intricacies and separate pieces, the origami was stable enough to envelop the body. (via Trendhunter)

Yuki Hagino

                          Inspired by fashion and architecture, Yuki Hagino’s graduation show culminated a lovely collection of sculptural gowns that details origami pleats. It’s no surprise that after the show, the compliments quickly … Continue reading ?

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