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Rebecca Gieseking

I’ve been very interested in this work from artist Rebecca Giesieking, particularly this latest piece, “Spiral Bowl”. Explorations of curved folds and organic structures are quite exciting to see. I look forward to her next work! -Eric   Spiral Bowl   Lidded Bowl Experiment with Diagonal Gores Octagonal Experiment Bowl

some recent photographs

Here are some items which I have photographed over the last few days. An old design of mine, folded from a sheet of my bio-paper. the diagram for this work is available in this PDF. A Voronoi tessellation, folded from random points. Generated with pen drops to create the initial state. The reverse of my [...]

Protein Folding

I went to a talk last week on protein folding, given by one of the College’s chemistry profs. I was delighted to find that there is a mechanism for correcting folding sequences that go wrong. Any folder will recognize this situation immediately: you get almost to the end and see flaps sticking out in all [...]

Ten-Sided Yin-Yang Globe

This is a ten-sided yin-yang globe, a modular kirigami model I designed for a friend to use in a gift exchange for the 10th Gathering for Gardner. Martin Gardner wrote the Mathematical Games section in Scientific American magazine for many years and had a big influence on a lot of folks, paperfolders not excepted. My [...]

Equine Sculpture Exhibition

I'm writing this post on the occasion of the huge equestrian trade fair going on this weekend in Birmingham, the UK. I have a few Horse-Heads on display there, very much like these: "Horse Heads", by Saadya. Each is made from a single uncut rectangle of Canson watercolor paper, pre-inked on one side and folded while wet. Show More Summary

Moorish Stars Crease Pattern

I’ve had this pattern in my head for a long time now, and only recently was I able to realize it in a way that was satisfactory to me. It uses a combination of the hinged-pleat flagstone style and the traditional straight-pleat style that origami folders are used to. It’s based on a traditional Islamic [...]

A visit with Vincent Floderer

Last November, we had a chance to meet up with French artist Vincent Floderer, at his home and studio in southwestern France. I had always wanted to meet Vincent – his crumpling techniques and artistic style are unique, and extremely appealing to me in their wonderful organic style. I found him to be even more [...]

How-To: Fold-Up Fresnel Reflector

Uwe Oehler has written a simple program that prints out fold-up paper templates for the conic sections that make up the reflective surface of a Fresnel mirror. Cut the templates out of cardboard, cover the cardboard with aluminum tape, fold up the sections, and apply them to a flat backing. Show More Summary

Butterfly bookmark and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

What I’ve done recently and a link to a very simple butterfly bookmark.   Pdf Diagrams Simple Butterfly Bookmark:  img003-1 creative commons applies as usual.  

Enormous Cardboard Banana

Starting with a photo of a flattened banana peel, Cologne Institute for Architectural Design students Marc Over and Moritz Winkler created an enormous cardboard banana using Rhino for drafting and a Leica cutting plotter. When they finished...Show More Summary

Gift Singular: The Event Horizon

We hope you enjoyed our gift guide coverage this year and our Kit-A-Day Giveaway. We had some 20,000 comments/entries all total and well over 3000 social media reposts. We gave away 28 days worth of kits, including five MakerBots. Congrats to all of the winners.


the first chameleon I've ever seen in the wild in Beersheva, I saw this morning climbing the Etrog tree in my garden a healthy specimen--- naturally I confronted him with an unfair comparison he was utterly speechless

Teleporting Yourself to Dinner

Maybe we finally DO live in the future. I had to call my mother-in-law a few days ago to deliver the bad news that we wouldn't be able to make it up to New York/New Jersey for our annual post-Christmas dinner. "Hey, maybe you could send 3D print-outs of your heads," she responded

Paper Arduino Leonardo

This Arduino Leonardo clone by Inigo Zuluaga is the latest example of PaperDuino, where an Arduino is created using a paper printout as a wiring diagram, bill of materials, and construction pattern. [Via Dangerous Prototypes]

Make: Live Holiday Giveaway 12/14/11 (video)

Make: Live's holiday episode features some fun project ideas for this festive time of year! See a skirt light up when you dance, a brass rocking horse ornament,and connect your Christmas decorations to the internet. Above, Ben Light demonstrates his technique for these mini paper stars, which fit onto your Christmas lights to create a strand of festive glowing stars.

Origami DNA

This picture is from an entry by Instructables user General Eggs in their ongoing Hot for Teacher Contest. Eggs shows you how to lay out the template manually using a pen and a ruler, before folding. In point of fact, this is a common...Show More Summary

Working Lego Books

OK, so, they only have five leaves each, and the actual stuff on the pages is not made of Lego elements, but c'mon: Among challenging subjects to model in Lego, surely a functional book is near the top of the list. But then, we've pretty much come to to expect that sort of thing from artist Guy Himber, whose masterful MOCs we've featured here many times before.

Bicycle Wheel Animations

My friend Karen Nazor send me a link to this video of animations being created, phenakistoscope/persistence of vision-style, on bicycle wheels, using paper cut-outs in the spokes. Really nifty.

"Eyeball" series

I figured out how to do eyes properly from origami, and now am going crazy putting eyes on everything. Note the magnets--the lozenge-shaped thingies. I use those in places where clips can't reach, to hold surfaces together as the misted paper dries (the paper is pre-treated with methyl cellulose and a light ink rub, so it stiffens up nicely). Show More Summary

Solder Stencils via Electronic Craft Cutter

Spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool, some interesting process shots from user Shigeru Kanemoto, who's used a Craft ROBO brand paper-cutting robot to prepare a stencil for applying solder paste to a PCB in preparation for SMT assembly. Uppermost, the stencil freshly cut; immediately above, solder paste applied. Cool idea, with a few more shots in Shigeru-san's photostream.

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