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Leamon Tree – Losing Leaves and Flowers

Q: I have a Meyer Lemon tree in a whiskey barrel planter. Every year when I bring it outdoors it drops its leaves and loses its flowers. A: I think it’s possible the lemon leaves are getting sunburned. Light levels outdoors are typically more than 10,000 foot-candles. Even in a bright sunroom there are less […]

Raspberries – Dark Purple Berries

Q: I planted raspberry canes a few years ago. The berries turn dark purple when they ripen. Are they black raspberries? A: There are several varieties of deep purple/black raspberry. They are best suited for gardens in the West and Midwest, not the Southeast. They seem to get viruses more readily than red raspberries. Red […]

Peaches – Picking Your Own

Q: My family and I will be in Georgia at the end of June. Are there any farms where were can pick peaches? A: There are several pick-your-own farms within the greater metro Atlanta area. Most offer bathrooms, containers, and sidelights, like miniature goats or pigs, to pet. Wear light clothing, a hat and sunglasses […]

Carlos Torre Memorial 2014

The 26th Torneo Internacional Carlos Torre Repetto In Memoriam is taking place from 18-22nd December at the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya Calle in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.The event consists of seven sections:- Magistral, open to all players,...Show More Summary

Mums – Post Winter Care

Q: We planted several mums last fall for late season color. Most survived the winter and the plants are about a foot tall. How should we care for them? A: They will look better in fall if you remove the top 2? of each stem now, making the cut just above a leaf. New sprouts […]

Zoysia – Not As Green As Expected

Q: I have six thousand square feet of Zeon zoysia in my front yard installed 2011. My lawn has been the envy of the neighborhood. Usually by now my lawn is in the 95% greened-up. But, so far it’s only 50% green at best. A: Lots of zoysia lawns in metro Atlanta were zapped by […]

Dogwood – Wilted and Losing Leaves

Q: We have lived in our home for twenty-seven years. For the first time our dogwood trees seem to be in trouble, looking wilted and losing their leaves. What can we do? A: They may be goners. Some tree species are more susceptible to environmental stress than others. In my observation, dogwoods have a typical […]

Photo: Rare Albino Raccoon Trapped in Indiana

Have you ever seen an albino raccoon? This strange-looking creature was recently trapped in northeastern Indiana's District 2. According to officials with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, it appears to be a true albino. // Post by Indian...

Perennials – Use At The Cemetery

Q: What would be good plants to use in front of a cemetery headstone where there is no water service? The space is 3.5 feet long and 16 inches wide. A: Assuming the site is in full sun, I think your best bet is to go with tough perennials that can fend for themselves under […]

Fish Water – Use With Plants

Q: I have a koi pond. I replace about 10 percent of the water weekly. Can this water be used safely on lawns? A: Your lawn will love it! Lots of gardeners have experimented with aquaponic systems where “fish water” is used to fertilize vegetables. I foresee no problems using the pond water on your […]

Corn Gluten Meal – Poor Weed Control

Q: I think I did a bad thing. I spread corn gluten meal all over my veggie garden to help control weeds and give the soil a boost. Can I now plant other seeds in this garden or will the gluten kill them too? A: In my experience, corn gluten meal gives poor weed control […]

Mulch – Hay and Pinestraw

Q: Can I use wet, moldy hay for mulch in my vegetable garden? What about pine straw? A: I think both materials could be used. I’d break up the moldy hay and spread it a few inches from the stems of vegetable plants. Contrary to rumor, pine straw does not acidify the soil but could […]

Landscape Companies – Finding One For You

Q: I have been charged with finding a landscape maintenance company for our subdivision’s common areas. Can you help with my endeavor? A: The Georgia Urban Ag Council is an organization of landscape professionals which meets regularly to hear topical speakers and share information about the landscaping business. They provide an online list of members […]

Sweet Chestnut – Planting In America

Q: We were in Munich in April and were greeted by thousands of blooming chestnut trees. They looked exactly like the horsechestnut trees I remember from New York. What is preventing these trees from flourishing in the USA? A: The trees you saw were probably sweet chestnut, Castanea sativa. American chestnut, of which few remain, […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Hostess Gift

yesterdayHobbies / Crafts : Craftster

If you are anything like me, you have a few gifts set aside for those “just in case” moments. You know, just in case someone stops by, just in case you got invited to the party of the century or just in case you are meeting his parents for the first time and want to […]

M&P Pistols Shotgunning Ammo

Chris Costa posted this on his Facebook page. The past few handgun classes I’ve taught I’ve seen a quality issue with Smith an Wesson M&P handguns. This is the 3rd gun in 9mm I’ve seen shotgun the target at 7 yards. Barrels are breaking apart at the crown an numerous malfunctions. Show More Summary

Tomatoes – Mulching With Sawdust

Q: My tomatoes are ready for the cages to be put around them. I live near a saw mill. Can I use their sawdust to mulch around the tomatoes? A: A light mulch of the sawdust, no more than an inch thick, should be fine for your plants. However, make sure the sawmill is not […]

Lantana – Did It Survive

Q: I was wondering when I should give up and accept that my Chapel Hill lantana did not survive the winter? Should it have started growth by now? A: I think it’s a goner. ‘Chapel Hill Yellow’ was discovered by plantsman Michael Dirr, who theorizes it is a cross between winter-hardy ‘Miss Huff’ and wide-spreading, […]

Tomatoes – Forgot To Add Lime

Q: I have already placed wheat straw around my tomatoes but I failed to add any lime to prevent blossom end rot. What can I do at this point? A: Blossom end rot is caused by a lack of calcium in immature fruit. Go to a big box hardware store and look for broken pieces […]

Crapemyrtle – No New Growth

Q: We have twenty-five crapemyrtles our property. We cut them back severely last November. Now they have no new growth at all, except some stems at the base. A: I think the cause lies with the November pruning. It is well-known that pruning woody plants before cold weather initiates dormancy will make them susceptible to […]

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