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ABM Ammo Releases New 185gr Juggernaut .308 Winchester Ammunition

ABM Ammunition has released two new loads for the.308 Winchester, utilizing parent company Berger’s 185gr Juggernaut bullet, an OTM designed for both tactical and target use. The two new loads are likewise each optimized for tactical and benchrest purposes, with one loaded outside the OAL restriction necessary to fit in.308 Winchester magazines. Show More Summary

Watch Your Favorite Song Transform into a 3D Model

If you’ve used a desktop music application, you’ve probably discovered some type of hypnotic visualization feature that renders patterns and colors that are synchronized to your tunes. But how many of those visualizations create a 3D model viable for 3D printing? My bet is probably zero. Show More Summary

Bull-Headed: A Run-in with an Elephant’s Trunkless End

Illustration by Michael Byers One evening, at a barbecue in the African bush, dangerous game animals—and our foolhardy encounters with them—arose as a campfire conversation. Good red wine was flowing, each story was funnier than the last, and one chap was describing a rhino that had been ridden rodeo-style. Show More Summary

Super Flies: Deer Hair Bass Bugging is Back

Fishing is inexorably connected   to moments in time. Anglers are expert at living in the moment—both mind and body completely immersed in the situation at hand without a care given to future obligations or responsibilities. We are motivated...Show More Summary

Bonefishing – Point Your Rod

When fishing for bonefish from a boat, it’s really important to be on the same page as your guide. After all, being situated on an elevated platform, odds are they’re going to be the first one to spot the fish. Time is of the essence, and when your guide does spot a fish, you want […]

Colors of equality by Elizabeth Licata

Those lanterns weren’t nearly gay enough. In celebration of Friday’s SCOTUS marriage equality decision, and in solidarity with all of my friends and colleagues who have already availed themselves of this freedom or who are now able to, here is some rainbow/garden imagery I found on Shutterstock. Like Susan, I am not at all sure […]

New Project: Skill Builder: The Best Ways to Cut, Drill, and Glue PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is a versatile material that finds its way into all manner of projects. Whether you’re building furniture, making art, or even just plumbing your sink, here are a few techniques that will ensure that your project is a success. Show More Summary

New Project: Open Source Full-Sized BB-8 Robot

A team of engineers and artists methodically creates a BB-8 that looks, moves, and sounds like the real thing. Read more on MAKE The post Open Source Full-Sized BB-8 Robot appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

7 New Changes to the TFB Ammo Feed (v0.3 Update)

We made tons of changes to the TFB Ammo Feed this past week in response to YOUR feedback.  We are actively looking at the surveys and updating the feed based on what you are telling us (and things you are asking for). Changes In This...Show More Summary

Russian Special Forces Using HK417, AI AW In Dagestan

Russian special forces were spotted recently in the Russian republic of Dagestan, which has been experiencing an insurgency recently. The commandos were equipped with at least two foreign weapons, an HK417 7.62x51mm rifle with an impressively...Show More Summary

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Eating Fiddler Crabs at the Marine Nature Study Area

The Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside is one of the premiere places in New York to get great looks...

What being helpful looks like

The Abaco Fly Fishing Guides Association steps it up and brings some really good recommendations to the table. I’m re-printing the whole thing. Well done folks. This is gold and I hope it is recognized as such.   Department of Marine Resources Michael T. Braynen, Director Nassau, Bahamas   Dear Director Braynen, I am writing […]

Video Hatch: “New Places – Italian Diaries”

This film short features beautiful footage of small stream fishing in Italy. Via Brothers On The Fly.

Tippets: Fishing Poet on the Keys, Catch & Release Practices, Backcountry Tenkara

Matt Smythe elegantly writes about a recent fly fishing trip to the Florida Keys. “We push forward unable to tell the difference between what is below & what is above the impossible horizon.” Read more via Fishing Poet. While catch … more ?

Printable: Pineapple Origami Paper

This weeks origami print was inspired by Hawaiian Style Origami by Jodi Fukumoto.  There was a cute model for an aloha shirt in the book so I designed this pineapple paper to compliment it. Click here to get the free printable.  The copyright stamp will not show up on the actual print.

SCOTTeVEST Takes Newest Fleece Product to IndieGoGo

SCOTTeVEST, known for their (over)zealous inclusion of pockets into jackets and every-day carry projects has put its latest project on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site. The project centers around a jacket using fleece, which the press release touts as “The Ultimate Pocket Fleece”, which is coincidentally its name. Show More Summary

Taliban Fighters In Kunduz, Afghanistan, Spotted Using SCARs and HMMWVs

The Taliban have been on the move recently, capturing an Afghanistan National Army District Headquarters in a recent battle. Footage of the battle show a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs, or Humvees) and FN SCAR-Heavy rifle in use by the fighters, captured from earlier ANA forces during an earlier engagement. Show More Summary

Lodge Owner on Bahamas Fishing Legislation

Nevin Knowles, owner and operator of the Long Island Bonefishing Lodge, has a strong critique of the recently proposed legislation for fishing in Bahamian waters. “If this legislation goes through,” says Knowles, “you will kiss the fly fishing industry in … more ?

Magpul M-LOK Tripod Adapter

Magpul just released their M-LOK Tripod Adapter mounts that work with any metal M-LOK compatible rail, it allows you to mount your rifle onto tripod heads using the Manfrotto RC2/Q2 interface. It’s machined from aluminum with an anodized finish and weighs in at just 1.2 ounces. Show More Summary

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