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Freddie Money & 8 Companions from Delaware

Today I've got the contents of yet another PWE from my friend Mark Kaz at This Way to the Clubhouse... Mark certainly didn't disappoint with this latest entry in our ongoing game of PWE ping pong. Staring me right in the face when I opened up the envelope was my very first Freddie Money card! He may never have made it to the Majors, but what a name. Show More Summary

Turning EEG Data and a Raspberry Pi into Brainwave Games

It'll primarily describe the wearer's attention, but that translates nicely into a game, in which two players compete to focus their attention and achieve a goal Read more on MAKE The post Turning EEG Data and a Raspberry Pi into Brainwave Games appeared first on Make:.

Hoist Your Bow with the New Bow and Gear Hoist from Hunter Safety System

DANVILLE, Ala. (May 4, 2015) – With the introduction of the new Bow and Gear Hoist, HSS has addressed the issue of how to safely, silently and quickly get a bow or other gear into a treestand. The Bow and Gear Hoist is lightweight, easy-to-use...Show More Summary

Daniel Defense Launches Guns & Gear Sweepstakes

Black Creek, GA- May 4, 2015– Daniel Defense announced today it will give away a Guns & Gear Prize Package valued over $3400 to one lucky grand prize winner. The second annual “Guns & Gear Sweepstakes” is open for entries today, 5/4/2015 at 5 p.m. Show More Summary

Rifle Paternity Test: Pinning Down The M1 Garand’s Influence On The AK

What rifle influenced Kalashnikov’s famous carbine design more, the Garand’s M1, or the Haenel MP 43? This question was broached by vlogger Jeff of TwistRate in a video posted to the Full30 gun video hosting website recently. Readers can follow the link to watch that video before reading my discussion of this question below. Show More Summary

Survival Video: How to Make Your Own Wild Game Jerky Please enable Javascript to watch this video The deer you’ve hunted and the game you’ve trapped can be some of the most satisfying meat you’ll ever eat. At each meal you remember the place you were, and time you spent. Show More Summary

The Cormorants of New Croton Dam

The reservoir is huge. As we stood atop New Croton Dam, the calm water  stretched endlessly in front of us,...

Archery Practice: Go Point Blank on Bales for Better Form Please enable Javascript to watch this video Whether you shoot a compound or traditional bow, probably the most under rated practice methods is the blank orShow More Summary

World's Largest Swarm of Miniature Robot Submarines

A fleet of little robot submarines is learning to cooperatively perform tasks underwater

‘Pigman’ Exclusive in June BOWHUNTING

HARRISBURG, Pa. (May 5, 2015) – On Dec. 26, 2014, popular hunting personality and Sportsman Channel host Brian “Pigman” Quaca nearly died in a horrific automobile accident. The violent crash left Quaca critically injured, with devastating injuries that included 11 skull fractures, bleeding on the brain, cracked ribs and blood in his lungs. Show More Summary

Selecter Versatile Defensive Weapon

Bryan S. sent me these pics of an odd defensive weapon. G-L Industries, in New Jersey, made this semi-automatic pistol for defense purposes. It is sort of predecessor to the paintball gun. It uses a CO2 cartridge for propulsion and is loaded by a 5 rd box magazine. Show More Summary

Robin crafts! Hello spring!

yesterdayHobbies / Crafts : Craftster

A robin has nested in my window box. My bedroom window box. Four feet from where my head is when I sleep. There are three eggs. The good news is that they are probably only going to be in the nest for about two weeks. The bad news is… did I mention the four feet? […]

Tennessee Third Grader Sets Silver Carp State Record

Last March, when Conner Edwards of Cedar Hill, Tennessee told his third-grade classmates he set a new record for the biggest silver carp in the state, they thought he was embellishing how big his fish really was. But when he was able...Show More Summary

Tim Ferriss and the Secrets of Accelerated Learning

Five days to learn a new skill, no experience coming in, and some very high stakes—welcome to the Tim Ferriss Experiment. Over the past year, bestselling author, angel investor, and... read more

How To Get Your Fly Out Of A Tree

Seems logical. Might work. It would only take a few times of it not working, however, for me to resort to my usual method: Cussing, flailing, and snapping leaders.  "Getting a Fly Out of a Tree" with Kurt Thomas from Leafbranch Studios on Vimeo.

The King of Tadpoles

Cole, who is 8, is not having an easy time of it in school. He won’t sit still. He refuses to color within the lines. He’s easily distracted, defies authority, and doesn’t see the point of much of what he is asked to do in school. He’s...Show More Summary

Bass Fishing: 4 Ways to Rig the Versatile Senko

Happy Senko de Mayo, all. Relax spellcheckers, that’s no typo. Actually, this clever (okay, corny) play on words leverages today’s Mexican holiday to draw attention to a bait that has probably benefited more bass tournament co-anglers...Show More Summary

Cuddeback Partners with Winchester Deadly Passion

MINNETONKA, Minn.; (May 4, 2015) — Winchester Deadly Passion with Melissa Bachman is proud to announce that Cuddeback renewed as a full sponsor through 2015 continuing a long-term partnership. Winchester Deadly Passion currently airs on Sportsman Channel Sundays at 11:30 a.m. Show More Summary

Burgess Folding Pump Shotgun

Ian of Forgotten Weapons and RIA shows us a rather rare shotgun by Andrew Burgess. It is a 12Ga shotgun that folds for concealment. On top of that he designed it to be a pump action. Due to patents on existing pump actions, Burgess designed his pump action around the grip of the gun. Show More Summary

Automation in Cars: A $100 Billion Market by 2030

Report says the driver assist market will increase by a factor of fifty over the next two decades

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