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Oh, Internets, How I Missed You

Look what we did while we were cut off from civilization! We’ve got these things here called “thunderstorms.” Maybe you’ve heard of them? On Tuesday morning, lightening came in through the phone line and took out the internet (and the … Continue reading ?

Rockstar Robots: Festo’s SmartBird

Rockstar Robots make up the cream of the crop in the world of robotics. These are the bots that will turn heads with just their name being uttered. Even those who don’t stay on top of who’s making what should recognize a famous robot or two when they see it. […] Read more on MAKE The post Rockstar Robots: Festo’s SmartBird appeared first on Make:.

Early Bolt-Actions: The Chassepot And Dreyse At RIA

Today, we tend to take the metallic cartridge and the guns that fire them for granted, but before the invention and perfection of the metallic cartridge case, arms designers faced stiff challenges in realizing the breechloading military rifle. Show More Summary

Mite Test Kit

We are now selling the Mite Test Kit from the Bee Squad. $20.00 Kit contains:Measuring cup for bee samplePlastic Jar with screen for shaking mites off beesWater bottlePowdered SugarInstruction pamphlet explaining testing procedurePail for mite counting

How to Tie a Mercer’s Missing Link

Matt Grobert ties a Mercer’s Missing Link on a size 14 TMC 100 dry fly hook in this week’s featuring fly tying video.  Originally designed as a crippled caddisly pattern, the Missing Link can be tied in many colors and sizes and use...

Birding Broome to Derby

On our last visit to Derby in December last year it was the Wet Season and very hot and with the risk...

The Wizard of Bamboo

“If you really want to go deep,” writes James Joiner, “why wouldn’t you go to one of the wizards.” And so he does, visiting Marc Aroner at his rodmaking shop, Spinoza Fly Rods, in Greenfield, Mass. Aroner speaks of his … more ?

Weekend Photo: One Old Rifle, One New Rifle

ProdigalSon wrote … The AR is a BCM upper on a PSA lower, with Magpul furniture. It’s my first build and I’m pretty happy with it. The sling on that gun is a Riflecraft RS-2, and for those of us who still shoot sling-supported, it’s great, if a little bit bulky. Show More Summary

Weekend Photo: EDC with custom S&W M&P9

Rich sent us a photo of his Every Day Carry that includes … -Smith & Wesson M&P9, Apex Tactical carry kit, bobbed beaver tail and custom grip shaping/stippling by Alpha Epsilon Systems -Blade Tech Nano IWB holster, worn small of theShow More Summary

On Starlings, Compassion, and the Why of Wildlife Rehab

It's May 25 as I write, and this ought to be fledging day for the three baby starlings Cynthia and I saved from almost certain death on the black mulch of an Applebee's. Far as I know, they're plying the skies over Marietta now, voicing harsh churring calls, having soundly beaten the odds, with a lot of help from their friends. Show More Summary

Fishing with Otters in Bangladesh

Otter Fishing has been a long-standing tradition in Bangladesh. For centuries, fishermen have been using trained otters to lure fish into their nets – a unique technique passed on from father to son that has long died out in other parts of Asia. Show More Summary

Snatcher Bay Lake Quick Report

Sunrise Wigwam Bay Mille Lacs Lake May 30th It was downright cold in the morning out in the wind where we were fishing. Good thing I thought to bring my stocking cap and wore plenty of layers. Fishing was OK, my boater and I both had 10lb limits. Show More Summary

Bullet Tactics

Pattern Recognition Combinations that win material can be recognized in an instant when they are comprised of well-known patterns. The pattern in the combination in this position comes from some of Greco's illustrative games and contains elements found in Legall's pseudo-sacrifice. Show More Summary

North Carolina Bill to Allow Sunday Gun Hunting Passes Senate

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in North Carolina. The air is clear and you feel a strong desire to be outside in nature. You work long hours all week, maybe even on Saturdays, that prevent you from being able to enjoy one of your favorite recreational activities: hunting. Show More Summary

A Package from My Favorite Yankees Fan

Recently I received another great batch of cards from my favorite Yankees fan, Tim B. of I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning. I sent him a small batch of Yankees I had rounded up, but I have no idea what I did to deserve a group of cards like the one Tim sent me in return. Show More Summary

A draw I gave away

It was a second round in the Monday’s club and I got my nemesis – the guy I lost to quite a few times. Is it psychological or his style of play or openings that I didn’t master yet – probably all of it. Unexpectedly I got Black again, so Queen’s Indian. What I am […]

Fawning over this garden visitor

2 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

For two mornings in a row this tiny fawn lay curled in the shaggy sedge lawn, its back against a tree, waiting for its mother to return from grazing somewhere down the street. I walked right by it the first day, oblivious, and stopped to pull weeds and check on a new vine just feet away from its hiding place. Show More Summary

A Stockholm Must See: Spring in Kungsan

Is it just me, or have spring been unusually beautiful this year? And long, stretching for weeks with blossoms in every tree top… At least I’ve been walking like in a haze, looking up at the tree tops most of … Continue reading ?

How to Build a Summertime Campfire

2 days agoHobbies / Camping : Go Camping

Boy, do I have a story for you.  Ok, just picture this.  You get up in the morning and it is 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  You plan to do some hiking Read more

Replicate Some Robots with these 3D Printing Projects

Thingiverse is a robot lover’s dream with its wonderful collection of both decorative but also functional mechanical masterpieces. I have collected a few of my favorites to help you round out your Robot month. Some of these little guys...Show More Summary

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