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Neonicotinoids in South Dakota

This article talks about research on honeybees in South Dakota and the levels of neonicotinoids. Neonic's are a pesticide applied to seeds of many plants such as corn and soybeans.Neonic's in South Dakota honeybee study

Featured autograph - Kevin Mitchell

I picked up the 1994 Topps Gold for my 'inking it up' mini-collection and go figure, ended up getting the card signed at the 2016 MLB All-Star Fan Fest - the focus of my 'image based' mini-collections is on the cards and I like the keep the cards unsigned because when a card is autographed, it usually obscures the image on the card. Show More Summary

Two FWS Employees Plead Guilty in Colorado Poaching Case

Photo by Colorado Parks and Wildlife Thad Bingham, a USFWS employee, with the bull elk he illegally killed in 2014. Two U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees are among four Colorado men who have pleaded guilty to poaching a trophy...Show More Summary

POTD: Larry Vickers New Book of the AR15 Serial 00001 Shown

James R. who takes the photos for Larry Vickers books sent me this photo of the Armalite AR15 serial number 00001. Many people thought this AR had been destroyed years ago but guess what it turned up. This is the first hi definition photo of this AR as far as I know. Show More Summary

libby's bake shop

What do you do when your kids want to bake cookies (or they want you to bake them cookies!) and you haven't been to the grocery store AND you are out of sugar AND only have one stick of butter? (Say it isn't so!... That reminds me of one of my favorite memories. Show More Summary

The FN SCAR 16s: Is It Worth The Money?

The FN SCAR 16s is the civilian semi-automatic version of the select-fire SCAR 16 rifle. Chambered in 5.56x45mm, it has to compete with AR15 rifles that do the same thing for 1/3rd the cost. While the SCAR certainly has a few uniqueShow More Summary

Cosmo by Yeti

Well… I love this little video more than is reasonable. This is the sort of thing I may only see in video and in fever dreams, but I’ll take it. Yeti brings us this short all about Cosmoledo Atoll and one of the guides who works the...

Amazon to Test Delivery Drone Autonomy in the U.K.

It's not working yet in the United States, so why not move autonomous delivery to the U.K. and hope for better luck?

Lightning Review: IWI X95 Pistol Grip

Having used the IWI Tavor X95 for a while, one of the issues I had was the lack of a trigger guard. Like the Tavor SAR, the X95 has a cutlass style hand guard that acts as a giant trigger guard. The IDF use this hand guard as a point of contact when shooting off […] Read More … The post Lightning Review: IWI X95 Pistol Grip appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

Tute Tuesday: Making Pom Poms

2 days agoHobbies / Crafts : Craftster

Feeling the need to use up those scraps of yarn you have from your last project? Why not try your hand at making pom poms. These fuzzy little balls aren’t just for roller skates; you can make all sorts of fun creatures, cat toys or toppers for pens. Craftster member Crafty Little Monkey shares her […]

Kalashnikov is building UAVs | The AK Of Drones?

Our fearless leader, Steve, sent me an email that he learned the mother of all AK companies, Kalashnikov Concern, appears to be building unmanned aerial vehicles under the Zala Areo brand. A bit of back story on Kalashnikov, not only...Show More Summary

Moab Master Plan Shows Sportsmen’s Protection Efforts Paying Off

Photo by BLM/Bob Wick/Flickr The BLM’s Moab Master Leasing Plan will protect wildlife such as pronghorn. Sportsmen take notice: Your efforts on the part of protecting fish and wildlife habitat— and your future— are having positive results. That’s...Show More Summary

Summer Sizzle at Eagle Bluffs

Arriving later than usual this morning, I found Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area lit by bright sunshine and enveloped in hot, humid air. As a consequence, most of the songbirds had escaped to their shady retreats and sightings were somewhat...Show More Summary

Apocalypse Hardware Store Pistol Build

Remember the YouTube channel Royal Nonesuch with the homemade gun guy who posts all those do not try this at home type videos? Like the one where he shoots a.50BMG out of a homemade 12g shotgun. Well he posted a video earlier this year...Show More Summary

POTD: BOPE Trains For Rio Olympics

Big thanks to Ronaldo Olive for sending this picture in to us. the attached photo taken last week at the famous Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro, site of the equally famous Christ, the Redeemer statue in the course of a pre-Olympic...Show More Summary

Beware of Tiger

Photo by Mathias Appel A Siberian tiger Don’t visit a wildlife park angry. That’s the takeaway from the mauling of two women—one of them fatally—by a Siberian tiger at Badaling Wildlife World in China. Apparently, a married couple and the woman’s mother were driving slowly through the park when an argument began. Show More Summary

Step Aside VELOCITOR, the New Rimfire Velocity King is COPPER-22

CCI’s Velocitor.22 long rifle ammunition has been extremely popular since its inception, but CCI may have outdone themselves with their new Copper-22. With Velocitor pushing an impressive 1,435 Feet/Second (FPS), the new Copper-22 moves...Show More Summary

What is the National Bird of Venezuela?

I remember the very first time I saw the national bird of Venezuela. Out of the corner of my eye,...

The Future of Robotic Surgery: Snake-Like Bots That Glide Into Orifices

But don't expect these robots to steer themselves through the body any time soon

Colorado Angler Reels In Pipe Bomb

You know that feeling when you snag up, but the snag gives and sort of veers to the left or right a little? For that brief second, you think maybe it's a fish, not a stick. I would imagine that's what the angler in this news clip from...Show More Summary

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