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Teen Shoots Burglar In Leg With Shotgun

Under Oregon law, if someone commits a burglary in your home and you fear for your life, you can use deadly physical force. This post Teen Shoots Burglar In Leg With Shotgun appeared first on Shooting Sports News.

We’re Living During the Most Extraordinary Time Ever in History

Peter Diamandis just kicked off Singularity University’s first ever Global Summit here in tech capital, San Francisco. The energy is pulsing (what else would you expect in Silicon Valley?), and so is Diamandis' presence on stage as he...Show More Summary

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I'll be away. Away till September. Take care.

Quiet and cool at South Platte Park

On this cool, cloudy morning along the Colorado Front Range, I returned to South Platte Park in southwest Metro Denver. Except for the friendly chatter of chickadees and the distant calls of belted kingfishers, the refuge was noticeably quiet as I walked north along the river and then turned west above the north shore of Eaglewatch Lake. Show More Summary

All about Dental Implants

yesterdayHobbies / Crafts : Thimble

You might be wondering what getting a dental implant involves. The first step in this process is developing a customized plan regarding the treatment, which should adequately address your specific requirements. Your teeth will neverShow More Summary

Vintage Dymo label maker

Anyone can look for fashion in a boutique or history in a museum. The creative explorer looks for history in a hardware store and fashion in an airport. Robert Wieder I thrifted a turquoise Vintage Dymo label maker, and oh … Continue reading ? The post Vintage Dymo label maker appeared first on iHanna's Blog written by Hanna Andersson.

How to get started drone racing

So you want to get into drone racing? While the pros are generally making custom-built drones, it’s easy to get started with ready to fly drones (including those first-person-view FPV goggles) for under $500 before you commit to your own build. Show More Summary

‘Gun Lobby’ Maintains Deliberate Silence on Hillary’s Immigration Threat to RKBA

A lawmaker's policies can't produce the same results as Hillary's and still buy him an "A" rating. This post ‘Gun Lobby’ Maintains Deliberate Silence on Hillary’s Immigration Threat to RKBA appeared first on Shooting Sports News.


After five prior losses to one player on in five games, I won our game this morning. Of more interest than the game, however, is the choice that I faced in a familiar position. After his eleventh move, we reached a position that I have had multiple times, including in the game featured in "Beating a National Master". Show More Summary

The Kite Run

To say that my birding has been limited this year is an understatement. My spring and early summer were sucked...

Singularity University Comes Home: Global Summit Kicks off Today in San Francisco

Singularity University’s inaugural Global Summit is kicking off today in tech capital San Francisco and running through August 30th. The Singularity Hub team will be on the ground, covering some of the best speakers, and bringing you live Facebook interviews to give you a taste of the magic too. Show More Summary

Praying Mantis – Eating a Fly

Q: I was working in the yard with my helper and we spotted this praying mantis eating a fly!  A: Nature at its finest! You might also spot egg sacs on twigs in winter. I recommend you leave it in place. Mantises are beneficial insects and do no harm to people. Little mantids will hatch from […]

Fescue – Bulldog 51 Variety

Q: Have you had any experience with Bulldog 51 fescue? A: I have not but UGA turf expert Clint Waltz says it came out of the UGA turfgrass breeding program fifteen years ago. It’s an improved tall fescue cultivar that handles our climate and soil conditions well but its lawn characteristics (e.g. color, overall quality, […]

Winners of 2016 OWAA Excellence in Craft Contests

MISSOULA, Mont. – The Outdoor Writers Association of America is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Excellence in Craft Contests. First, second and third-place winners were chosen in nine contests. Entries were from work created in 2015. Show More Summary


Well the first acorn hit the deck around 5 AM. Pushed by a squirrel really. They've begun preparations. Is it possible we are here already? An acorn then. I'll add one here. On this cloth. To express the move through...

Langi Crossing birding part two

Following on from last week’s post about Langi Crossing and some of the larger birds species that you can expect...

Get Cutting with the Best Game Shears

As most hunters know, field dressing? and cleaning can sometimes be a huge pain, especially on those freezing cold days. Whether it’s a deer you’re dealing with or something a bit more manageable like birds, squirrel, other small game...Show More Summary

How to Tie a Cinnamon Flying Ant

Tim Flagler shows how to tie a hi-vis Cinnamon Flying Ant in this week’s featured tying video.   Terrestrials are a great choice during the waning hatches of late summer and early fall.  This pattern is fun to both tie …

The Philosophic Connection of Fishing and Science

Dartmouth astrophysicist Marcelo Gleiser has written a new book, The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected: A Natural Philosopher’s Quest for Trout and the Meaning of Everything, arguing that angling and science are connected by their imaginative possibilities and the unknown. … more ?

Technique of the Week – Season 2- Week 5- Deco Foil

Sometimes a product is so awesome, you can’t wait to show it to everyone!  And that’s how I feel about Deco Foil!  It’s super fun, and it’s SO SO EASY.  Check out this week’s video: So as I said in the video, I have used this before in an issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, so...

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