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HD Bank 2015

Full field: Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar

My Favorite Gun: Remington 700 Mountain Rifle

Andy Moore of Lanark, Ontario, sent us this account of his favorite gun. To share your own, email us at or submit them to our Facebook page. We want to know the story of your favorite gun, and what makes it special to you. Show More Summary

First Lady of Guns: Q&A with Ashley Hlebinsky of the Cody Firearms Museum

  When she’s not shooting, Hlebinsky likes to hike, camp, and fish. Photographs of Hlebinsky Courtesy of Michael Ives Outdoor Life: How did your interest in firearms begin? Ashley Hlebinsky: It was a circuitous route. I didn’t grow up around firearms. Show More Summary

The Most Beautiful Words Ever Written On Shed Hunting

By Mark Kenyon When it comes to written works on shed hunting, there’s typically not a whole lot of literary value. Pull up a random shed hunting article and you’re usually going to see some kind of “how-to” piece, a few...

Lightning Review: Martin Designs “Hammer”

After finding and posting up on the Martin Designs‘ Hammer before Christmas, Mr. Martin contacted TFB himself to say thank you and offered a Hammer for our review. Not one to turn down drinking accoutrements, I happily accepted the offer and relished to opportunity to “test” the Hammer in real-world conditions. Show More Summary

Outfitter Report – Africa was good to this hunter

Got Hunts? We do. - Representing Hunters with Proven Hunting Outfitters Outfitter Report - Africa was good to this German hunter It has been a good start to our season. We just dropped off our first hunter, who was from Germany at the airport. Show More Summary

eBird Thises and Thats

Forced inside due to various work obligations and a heckuva lot of snow (and the attending unplanned childcare responsibilities that...

TIE Fighter Drone Mod is Coolest Since Millenium Falcon

2 days agoHobbies / Crafts : Makezine

Oliver, the maker of the incredible Millenium Falcon quadcopter we shared recently, is back with yet another impressive creation. This time he has tackled the iconic Tie Fighter Interceptor. Much like the Millenium Falcon build, he’s using foam to loosely represent the shape. When flying around, the illusion is quite […] Read more on MAKE

Thinify Your Project Enclosure Using Layers of PCB

2 days agoHobbies / Crafts : Makezine

Enclosure design can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, it is a task that nearly every project will require. A forum user at the EEVblog has taken a very elegant approach to his enclosure design by constructing the entire thing from PCB. One possible benefit from this design is that getting […] Read more on MAKE

Court denies stay in Mance v. Holder

Story here. This is the case that struck down the GCA ban on interstate handgun sales by licensed dealers. The government asked for a sixty-day stay so it could consider whether to appeal. We all know it's going to appeal,...

Why we should all be thrilled about the FDA starting to embrace innovation

On Feb. 19, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration took a huge step towards patient-centric medicine when it approved the marketing of genetics testing company 23andMe’s carrier test for Bloom... read more

Whitetail Deer: Bucks and Coyotes Navigate Deep Snow in Northeast

After we published two blog posts by Craig Dougherty recently here on BBZ—Will Winter Wipe Out Your Deer Herd? and Feeding Deer? The Ugly Winter of 2015—Dougherty received this note and the below photographs from a hunting buddy in Rochester, N.Y. Show More Summary

Manual of Chess Combinations

2 days agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

In January, a young woman showed up at a youth chess tournament that I was running with an interesting book of chess combinations. She told me that this book had been recommended by her coach, who is a Russian master. She also said that...Show More Summary

How Many Water Balloons To Stop A .44 Mag?

National Geographic tested this question. How many balloons do you think it takes to stop a.44 magnum?   The post How Many Water Balloons To Stop A.44 Mag? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

ARmA 15 Wall Mount

ARmA 15 has made a lockable wall mount for a standard AR15 rifle. The gun is inserted into the ARmA15 wall mount and using a padlock, the gun is secured. Even if someone were to rip the wall mount off the wall, the gun stays secured. The only downside is that the gun cannot be […] Read More … The post ARmA 15 Wall Mount appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

X-Carve: Inventables Launches New Line of Workshop CNC Machines

2 days agoHobbies / Crafts : Makezine

Inventables is known for the open-source, easily-modded Shapeoko 2 CNC machine. Today, they break ways with that brand as they launch their own machine, dubbed X-Carve, and with it bring a number of upgrades and new features to the DIY subtractive-manufacturing community. The Shapeoko line began with Edward Ford’s $300 CNC machine […] Read more on MAKE

Passalong plant from Rancho Reubidoux

2 days agoHobbies / Gardening : Digging

The mailman delivered a much-anticipated package yesterday. What is this, a big green pickle? A freakishly large chrysalis? Oh, it’s better than that! This prickly baby is a piece of a sky-blue Pilosocereus pachycladus (syn. P. azureus) from Reuben Muñoz’s garden in Riverside, CA, near Los Angeles. Show More Summary

Photo: Bald Eagle Fights Coyote over Deer Carcass, Raven Wins

What is the most epic picture you've ever pulled from a trail cam? Did it involve four different species, a life or death battle, and perhaps the most stunningly clear case of opportunism caught in the wild? There's a lot going on in this picture, but...

National Firearms Law Symposium

It'll be at the NRA annual meeting in Nashville, on April 11. And how often can you satisfy your CLE requirement while watching Massad Ayoob share the stage with Instapundit? I've read some of Massad's advice to defense attorneys, and...

Kalashnikov Concern, Tula, TsNIITochMash at IDEX

TFB’s IDEX 2015 coverage is courtesy of Giorgio, who traveled to Abu Dhabi for the show, and provided all photos and information. Kalashnikov Concern, whose products are now forbidden fruit in the USA, was also present at IDEX, exhibiting a mix of old products and new. Show More Summary

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