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A Simple Recipe for Planked Halibut with Roasted Baby Bok Choy

My dad was a portly German fellow and a helluva fisherman. He taught me how tie a snell knot, hook a squirming leech, and fillet a walleye. Among his favorite fish to eat was Alaskan halibut. Spring marks the start of halibut season, and it’s time to clean the grill and fire it up. Show More Summary

13-Year-Old Breaks Florida Flathead Record

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recently announced that a 13-year-old Alabama boy has shattered the state’s flathead catfish record by more than 8 pounds. The young fisherman landed the 63.8-pound monster on the...Show More Summary

4 Wilderness Fishing Adventures to Try This Summer

Did you celebrate Back to the Future day? On October 21, 2015, popular culturists ruminated on the varied technological innovations predicted in the Michael J. Fox films. Personal drones, wearable technology, and video phones are but a few of the movies’ inventions that have made their way into our lives. Show More Summary

Air Gun Test: 13 Standard Caliber, Big-Bore, and Spring-Piston Rifles Reviewed

Most Americans of my generation have a common experience with airguns—a BB gun introduced us to the basics of shooting, followed by a multi-pump pellet rifle on our way to a “real” gun. Once we got those rimfires and shotguns, that was it for the airguns. Show More Summary

Scientists Unearth Key Evolutionary Link in Proteins

Researchers recently made an important discovery in protein science that will advance our understanding of the inner workings of cells. In an article published in Scientific Reports, the team said they found a critical evolutionary link between a protein’s structure and its function. Show More Summary

It’s just a Verdin

The Verdin, Auriparus flaviceps is a small often over looked little resident of the dry desert scrub brush. For myself,...

V7 Introduces Ultra-Light Lithium Aluminum Alloy Lower Recevier

V7 Weapon Systems, known for the plethora of ultra-light and titanium parts, has released their latest ultra-light part for the AR-15, a lower receiver. The new receiver features a relatively new alloy, 2055, which features a relatively high lithium content. Show More Summary

How to Find a Lost Hunting Dog

I bet you know the feeling. First, you hold your breath, listening for a faint huff, crackle of broken twig, tinkle of collar tag. But only the whisper of breeze interrupts the eerie silence. Then the doubt starts eating at you. When...Show More Summary

First Look: 2016 Nissan Titan

There was a time when Japanese trucks were characterized by five-speed manual transmissions and peppy four-cylinder engines. Their performance and fuel economy helped the manufacturers—mainly Toyota and Nissan—establish a foothold in the U.S. Show More Summary

Road Trip: The South’s Best Catfish Waters and BBQ Joints

Want to enjoy your best summer ever? Then load up your car with tackle and camping gear for an unforgettable fishing road trip. We’ve dreamed up seven D.I.Y. trips—all packed with amazing country, great food, and out-of-this-world fishing. Show More Summary

Rifles: Safety Conscious

I was asked what is the best safety for a rifle. My answer is the safety found on the M-1 and M-14. It’s a great big hunk of metal which, when pulled inside the trigger guard, puts the rifle on safe, and when pushed forward out of the trigger guard, puts it on fire. Show More Summary

FireLine for Stinger Loops

Our guides are in the process of turning out a whole bunch of flies for the upcoming season. We use a lot of stinger style fly patterns at our lodges – Flies tied to incorporate a trailing hook positioned at the back of the fly. They offer a number of advantages over flies tied on […]

Silencer Blast Baffle Pictorial

In a silencer, the blast baffle (the first baffle the bullet passes through after leaving the barrel) takes the brunt of the heat and pressure released by the deflagration of gunpowder. I use the term ‘deflagration’ rather than ‘explosion’...Show More Summary

BREAKING: Obama Removes Arms Embargo in Vietnam, Opening Way for Civilian Imports

President Obama has lifted the arms embargo on Vietnam that dates back to the Vietnam war. In 2014 the ban was partially lifted by Secretary of State John Kerry, allowing only maritime security-related defense equipment to be exported to Vietnam but continuing to ban imports. Show More Summary

Ducks Unlimited recognizes DU Varsity All-Stars

Fast Facts: The Ducks Unlimited Varsity All-Stars is DU’s top ten high school chapters, based on total event income. The baseline to The post Ducks Unlimited recognizes DU Varsity All-Stars appeared first on Hunting and Conservation News.


Columbia, MO – The MidwayUSA Foundation has matched over $157,348 in donations to youth shooting teams for the month of April. This The post MIDWAYUSA FOUNDATION MATCHES OVER $150,000 IN APRIL DONATIONS appeared first on Hunting and Conservation News.

Ducks Unlimited announces top university chapters

Fast Facts: Ducks Unlimited announces its Sweet 16 list of top university chapters, considered the best of the best for fundraising and The post Ducks Unlimited announces top university chapters appeared first on Hunting and Conservation News.

National Fishing and Boating Week Kicks Off with Nationwide Events

Fishing experts in 1,000 Walmart stores to provide tips and tricks, giveaways for families Alexandria, Va. (May 24, 2016)– The Recreational Boating The post National Fishing and Boating Week Kicks Off with Nationwide Events appeared first on Hunting and Conservation News.

Canyon Coolers Invites Visitors to Explore Newly Designed Website

New Site Provides Sense of Community in Addition to a Superior User-Friendly Experience with Improved Navigation and Functionality Canyon Coolers®, the pioneer The post Canyon Coolers Invites Visitors to Explore Newly Designed Website appeared first on Hunting and Conservation News.

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