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MantaDroid is an underwater Manta ray shaped robot. Developed by researchers Chew Chee Meng and Yeo Khoon Seng from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Mechanical Engineering, the robot is driven by flexible pectoral fins. The robot can swim for at 0.7m … Continue reading ?

DIY Perimeter Wire Generator and Sensor

This tutorial explains in an easy and intuitive way to help you understand the theory, design and implementation to make your own generator and sensor for a perimeter wire. The files (Schematics, Eagle Files, Gerbers, 3D Files and Arduino Sample Code) are also available for download. Show More Summary

Why Intelligent Optimism Is Crucial to Human Progress

There is nothing to be gained from blind optimism. But an optimistic mindset can be grounded in rationality and evidence. It may be hard to believe, but we are living in the most exciting time in human history. Despite all of our ongoing global challenges, humanity has never been better off. Not only are we […]

History Suggests the Hyperloop Is an Uncertain Promise for Future Cities

Proponents of Hyperloop have repeatedly suggested that their transportation technology will create new “mega-regions,” essentially reshaping the scope of cities. Multiple startups are now striving to defy critics and connect different dots on maps. Show More Summary

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through December 9)

ROBOTICS New Robots Can See Into Their Future Brett Israel | Berkeley News “Using this technology, called visual foresight, the robots can predict what their cameras will see if they perform a particular sequence of movements. These robotic imaginations are still relatively simple for now—predictions made only several seconds into the future—but they are enough for […]

Ultrafast 3D Printing Alternative Makes Complete 3D Objects in Seconds

3D printing allows engineers to custom build intricate structures impossible with traditional manufacturing, but the layer-by-layer approach can be slow and limits the shapes that can be built. A new technique can now fabricate entire 3D shapes in seconds using holographic light fields. Show More Summary

Black Holes Are Simpler Than Forests and Science Has Its Limits

Albert Einstein said that the “most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” He was right to be astonished. Human brains evolved to be adaptable, but our underlying neural architecture has barely changed since our ancestors roamed the savannah and coped with the challenges that life on it presented. It’s surely remarkable […]

Review: Ohmni, a Telepresence Robot for the Rest of Your Family

Is a relatively affordable telepresence robot a worthwhile investment for keeping in touch with people you love?

Why Humanoid Robots Are Still So Hard to Make Useful

Picture a robot. In all likelihood, you just pictured a sleek metallic or chrome-white humanoid. Yet the vast majority of robots in the world around us are nothing like this; instead, they’re specialized for specific tasks. Our cultural conception of what robots are dates back to the coining of the term robots in the Czech […]

These Bacteria Use New DNA Bases to Make a Protein Not Found in Nature

All of nature’s bewildering complexity can be reduced to a four letter code—DNA’s four bases: A, T, C, and G. But now scientists have shown the language at the heart of life is not set in stone by getting bacteria to build proteins that don’t exist in nature using two unnatural bases. The blueprint for […]

What's the hottest area in robotics? Platforms that can help chip away at Amazon's lead

Big funding news for a small robotics company leading the way in autonomous mobile robots

Neuroscience Could Bring Us Eternal Bliss, But Is That a Good Thing?

What if the secret to eternal happiness is a brain implant? If you’re thinking that sounds like the premise of a Black Mirror episode, you’re not alone. Yet at the Society for Neuroscience annual conference earlier this month, two teams demonstrated parts of a new technology that may one day take us there. Picture this: […]

Would you have sex with a robot?

Cause chances are that you will in the future. Indeed, the development of sexbots is accelerating since we asked “Yes or No to SexBots” in December 2014 and, as Rachel Kaser put it for TheNextWeb, “It’s time to stop freaking out about humans fcking robots“. Just a couple of weeks ago, [...]Show More Summary

Hamlet iCub and Other Humanoid Robots in Photos

Enjoy these inspiring and funny photos of humanoid robots in different poses and places

Workers don't fear automation (because they don't understand it)

A new survey reveals job seekers may not be taking automation into account when looking for their next gig

Robotic Materials Will Distribute Intelligence All Over a Robot’s Body

The classical view of a robot as a mechanical body with a central “brain” that controls its behavior could soon be on its way out. The authors of a recent article in Science Robotics argue that future robots will have intelligence distributed throughout their bodies. The concept, and the emerging discipline behind it, are variously […]

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