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Silicon Valley Is Winning the Race to Build the First Driverless Cars

Henry Ford didn’t invent the motor car. The late 1800s saw a flurry of innovation by hundreds of companies battling to deliver on the promise of fast, efficient and reasonably-priced mechanical transportation. Ford later came to dominate the industry thanks to the development of the moving assembly line. Today, the sector is poised for another […]

?Autonomous buses, cars, drones: Norway's Telenor readies its big 5G pilot

When Telenor's 5G pilot begins near Oslo later this year, it will be putting a string of applications to real-life testing.

Robot-assisted knee replacement surgery is coming

The acquisition of Orthotaxy by Johnson & Johnson signals next trend in robotic surgery

New WALK-MAN Robot Is Slimmer, Quicker, Better at Quenching Your Flames

A lighter and more efficient redesign of IIT's disaster robot can fight industrial fires

How ‘Cultural Evolution’ Can Give Us the Tools to Build Global-Scale Resilience

There’s an unsettling premise at the heart of Joe Brewer’s life’s work. Brewer is a change strategist dedicated to ensuring a thriving global civilization exists  100 years from now—and he believes this is becoming less likely every year. There’s rising instability in our fragile and rapidly changing biosphere, he says, and society is unlikely to […]

The Quest to Transform End-of-Life Medical Care Into a More Human Experience

In an interview at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine in San Diego, Shoshana Ungerleider spoke about the taboo topic we all eventually confront—death. Ungerleider is an expert in the field of end-of-life care and is working to overhaul patient treatment at this life stage. She practices internal medicine at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco […]

Miso Robotics scores some cheddar for its burger-flipping robot

Food service is the next industry to be turned on its head by automation

Pizza Robots

Who doesn’t like pizza?  Well a company in California called Zume is adding robots into the mix. They have a robot called Doughbot that spreads the dough into a circle in only 9 seconds. A second robot spreads the sauce … Continue reading ?

Artificial Snakeskin Helps Robots Get Their Slither On

Harvard researchers are developing robots with deformable scaly skin that can move like snakes

Stethee reinvents the stethoscope to build a cardiac data cloud

An FDA-approved digital stethoscope opens the door to better diagnoses by an increasing number of healthcare providers, supplying artificial intelligence with data about the world's heartbeats.

Cancer Vaccines May Overhaul Cancer Therapy in the Next Decade

The term “silver bullet” gets tossed around a lot, but cancer vaccines are just that. Unlike the flu vaccines that we’re familiar with, cancer vaccines are slightly different in that they don’t just seek to prevent cancers from forming. In many cases, these vaccines also treat tumors already within the body. What unites cancer vaccines […]

Self-driving cars: This robot driver cruises through snow and ice

Finnish researchers have been testing a winter-proof autonomous car on public roads.

Robots are already here, but there's a race underway to build better software for them

The robot software market is booming thanks to astounding adoption across industries

New CRISPR Method Takes on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

The advance of CRISPR gene editing technology, which uses an RNA strand to guide an enzyme called Cas9 to cut a specific portion of DNA, has raised concerns and sparked debate as people envision a not-so-distant future populated by bioengineered super-crops, genetically flawless pets, and customized babies. While the method could be used for these […]

The Democratization of AI Is Putting Powerful Tools in the Hands of Non-Experts

The shortage of qualified data scientists is often highlighted as one of the major handbrakes on the adoption of big data and AI. But a growing number of tools are putting these capabilities in the hands of non-experts, for better and for worse. There’s been an explosion in the breadth and quality of self-service analytics […]

What Roboticists Are Learning From Early Generations of Lifelike Humanoid Robots

You might not have heard of Hanson Robotics, but if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen their work. They were the company behind Sophia, the lifelike humanoid avatar that’s made dozens of high-profile media appearances. Before that, they were the company behind that strange-looking robot that seemed a bit like Asimo with Albert Einstein’s head—or […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through February 17)

BIOTECH In the Future We Won’t Edit Genomes—We’ll Just Print Out New Ones Bryan Walsh | MIT Technology Review “’Over the next 10 years synthetic biology is going to be producing all kinds of compounds and materials with microorganisms,’ says Boeke. ‘We hope that our yeast is going to play a big role in that.’…One […]

Influenza: The Search for a Universal Vaccine

The current 2017-18 flu season is a bad one. Hospitalization rates are now higher than in recent years at the same point, and infection rates are still rising. The best line of defense is the seasonal influenza vaccine. But H3N2 viruses, like the one that’s infecting many people this year, are particularly hard to defend […]

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