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Welcome to the New Singularity Hub

Around these parts we know the future comes at you fast. Welcome to the new Singularity Hub. Whether you’re looking at us on a desktop or mobile device, you’ve probably already noticed things look different. We’ve shifted to a more fluid user interface that not only loads faster but is far more robust. Not long […]

Can Virtual Reality Sidestep the Paradox of Time Travel?

Most physicists agree that time travel into the past is impossible, but what if virtual reality (VR) could provide a workaround? Doron Friedman is the director of the Advanced Virtuality Lab (AVL) at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel. His group researches a host of topics related to virtual, mixed and augmented reality as well […]

MIT's Modular Robotic Chain Is Whatever You Want It To Be

A strip of robot modules can be resized and reshaped to form all kinds of different devices and interfaces

This One Equation May Be the Root of Intelligence

How does intelligence work? According to Dr. Joe Tsien, a leading neuroscientist at Augusta University in Georgia, the key lies in one simple, unassuming equation: N = 2i–1. At its core, Tsien’s theory of connectivity describes how our...Show More Summary

UC Berkeley's Salto Is the Most Agile Jumping Robot Ever

The secret to agile animals is their ability to make repetitive very high jumps, and Salto is the first robot that can do the same

This edible food drone could offer aid in disaster zones

Light weight technology is intended to be carried in by aircraft before deploying food, water and medicine.

What If a Social Score Determined Your Success? China’s About to Find Out

In an episode of the Netflix dystopian drama Black Mirror, characters live in a future where they have a ‘social score’ that dictates the terms of pretty much every aspect of their lives: who their friends are, where they live, how they’re treated by strangers, and even how much they pay in rent. Show More Summary

The Brain Tech to Merge Humans and AI Is Already Being Developed

Are you scared of artificial intelligence (AI)? Do you believe the warnings from folks like Prof. Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and others? Is AI the greatest tool humanity will ever create, or are we “summoning the demon”? To quote the...Show More Summary


Dobot is a robotic arm currently up on Kickstarter.  While this doesn’t sound like much at first, keep in mind that Dobot can 3D print, laser engrave, solder as well as move objects around quickly. There is also a mobility platform … Continue reading ?

Evolution’s Brutally Simple Rules Can Make Machines More Creative

Despite nature’s bewildering complexity, the driving force behind it is incredibly simple. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is an uncomplicated but brutally effective optimization strategy that has allowed life to solve complex problems, like vision and flight, and colonize the harshest of environments. Show More Summary

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through December 3rd)

A biomedical engineer is building a brain implant to serve as a memory prosthesis. The UK's new Investigatory Powers Act may cause problems at Apple. And Google's AI songsmith is writing catchy tunes. Meanwhile, others question whether robots should have rights, and a father-son duo cuts open two Furbies to see what's inside. Show More Summary

New AI Mental Health Tools Beat Human Doctors at Assessing Patients

About 20 percent of youth in the United States live with a mental health condition, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. That’s the bad news. The good news is that mental health professionals have smarter tools thanShow More Summary

Is Radical Life Extension Good for Society?

From time to time, the Singularity Hub editorial team unearths a gem from the archives and wants to share it all over again. It's usually a piece that was popular back then and we think is still relevant now. This is one of those articles. Show More Summary

This Solar Fabric Could Let You Charge Your Phone With Your Shirt

Solar energy is becoming ever more widespread, with panels going up not only on houses and office buildings, but on cars, buses, and road signs. The latest advancement in solar technology will put solar energy on another new and somewhat unexpected surface: people. Show More Summary

WASEDA University’s Rubble Walking Robot

WASEDA University in Tokyo Japan has unveiled a 4 legged robot called WAREC-1. The robot is able to climb over rubble to assist in search and rescue operations. Sporting four limbs with seven degrees of freedom each, WAREC-1 weighs 150 kg … Continue reading ?

Will VR Disrupt the Airline Industry? Sci-Fi Show Meets Press Virtually Instead of Flying

A proposed benefit of virtual reality is that it could one day eliminate the need to move our fleshy bodies around the world for business meetings and work engagements. Instead, we’ll be meeting up with colleagues and associates in virtual spaces. Show More Summary

Win a Hatchimal Facebook Contest Winners are Announced

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Black Friday contest to win a Hatchimal. We know how much these creatures are wanted for Christmas and we were happy to give 10 away that we had reserved for Black Friday.            Related...Show More Summary

Robot Gift Guide 2016

A dozen robots that we promise will make fantastic holiday gifts

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