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MIT develops drone swarms that can drive

MIT's CSAIL team created a swarm of eight quadcopter drones that can fly and drive through a city-like setting.

Is the Brain Augmentation Hype Justified? Here’s an Expert’s Take

Despite bold predictions from several tech firms about the future of neural interfaces, the science of brain augmentation is still in the early days. So, what do academics think of all the hype coming out of Silicon Valley? Mikhail Lebedev, a neuroscientist who works on brain-machine interfaces (BMI) at Duke University, recently won a $100,000 […]

China’s Big Tech Advantage Is Speed, Not Cost

HAX’s Ben Joffe takes a look at what’s going on in China’s startup sector

UC Berkeley Releases Massive Dex-Net 2.0 Dataset

A dataset of 6.7 million robust point clouds and grasps can train your neural network to reliably pick up objects

Anki's Code Lab Brings Sophisticated Graphical Programming to Cozmo Robot

With an easy-to-use interface based on MIT's Scratch, you can command Cozmo to do complex tasks without any programming experience

Could apple-picking robots signal the end of a human hand in agriculture?

A shortage of labour and a huge increase in demand to feed an exploding global population means that the kind of bot that can effortlessly and accurately pick an apple will eventually be an inextricable part of farm life.

Is Universal Basic Income a Solution to Tech Unemployment?

This spring, the Canadian province of Ontario announced that about 4,000 of its citizens will receive money as part of their “no strings attached” basic income experiment. The goal is to explore how universal basic income can improve both the lives of the individuals receiving it and the nation at large. This isn’t the first […]

6 Things Quantum Computers Will Be Incredibly Useful For

Computers don’t exist in a vacuum. They serve to solve problems, and the type of problems they can solve are influenced by their hardware. Graphics processors are specialized for rendering images; artificial intelligence processors for AI; and quantum computers designed for…what? While the power of quantum computing is impressive, it does not mean that existing […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through June 24)

SPACE NASA Finds Evidence of 10 New Earth-Sized Planets in Our Corner of the Galaxy Sean O’Kane | The Verge “A total of 2,335 of those have been verified as exoplanets, 21 of which are Earth-sized and orbit in their star’s habitable zone. Earth-sized planets are of particular interest because they can teach us about […]

How I Built an AI to Sort 2 Tons of Lego Pieces

A GPU-based neural network was the only way to handle a garage full of Lego

New Virtual World Sansar Is Ready to Pick Up Where Second Life Left Off

On its 14th birthday, a reflection on Linden Lab’s groundbreaking Second Life, and how their next project Sansar hopes to go even further. In May 2006, Bloomberg’s Businessweek ran a cover story detailing the business empire of real estate millionaire Anshe Chung. What caught the world’s attention, however, is that Anshe Chung wasn’t a real […]

Ray Kurzweil: Here’s What Will Happen When We Connect Our Brains to the Cloud

Ray Kurzweil is an inventor, thinker, and futurist famous for forecasting the pace of technology and predicting the world of tomorrow. In this video, Kurzweil looks ahead to a time in the not-too-distant future when we’ll be able to connect our brains to computers in the cloud. Individual computers and mobile devices are already billions […]

Why Do We Need Robots : Survival

This is the last part of three in our series “Why Do We Need Robots?”. The goal is to highlight the major reasons why robotics will be part of our future, and an essential one, by looking a bit further. While the democratization of robots is rendering them more and more [...]Show More Summary

Are Telepresence Robots the Best Way to Explore Other Worlds?

The most efficient way to exploring other planets may be sending humans to orbit, and letting robots do everything else

This Tech Could Charge Electric Cars While They Drive

The global auto industry is worth $2 trillion, but electric and hybrid cars currently make up less than one percent of that figure. However, experts are predicting an explosion in electric car adoption. Financial services company UBS predicted demand for electric cars will reach an inflection point in 2018 as their cost shrinks to equal […]

Drone “Fireworks,” 5G communications, and Streaming VR Coming to Olympic Games

Intel says its new Olympics sponsorship is about “changing the experience” for the digital generation

Watch This Robot Navigate Like a Rat

Specialized neurons in a rat’s brain may be the key to autonomous robot navigation

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