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Robots Podcast #226: Robots Podcast #226: Toru robots, with Dr. Moritz Tenorth, with Dr. Moritz Tenorth

In this episode, Ron Vanderkley will be talking to Dr Moritz Tenorth he is head of software development at Magazino, a Munich-based startup developing mobile pick-and-place robots for item-specific logistics. We will be discussing his work on the Toru robot … Continue reading ?

Robots Podcast #220: Teach Xemo to Move, with Jeff Sprenger

In this episode, Abate De Mey interviews Jeff Sprenger, founder of the startup Xemory in Vermont, USA. At Xemory they are developing a robot simulation game called Xemo, where players learn to animate virtual robots. This game tackles the common challenge of roboticists to develop lifelike motions for their physical robots. Continue reading ?

Robots Podcast #218: RSS 2016 Posters, with Gangyuan Jing, Rico Jonschkowski, Matthew Gombolay and Dorsa Sadigh

Modular robotics, last year’s Amazon picking challenge, software to help nurses coordinate, and autonomous cars at RSS. Continue reading ?

Robots Podcast #217: LunaRoo, with Jürgen Leitner

Jürgen Leitner on a jumping robot to help navigation on the Moon for the Google Lunar XPrize. Continue reading ?

Robots Podcast #216: ExoAtlet: Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation, with Ekaterina Bereziy

Ekaterina Bereziy on an exoskeleton that can help people with full or partial lower body paralysis go up and down stairs. Continue reading ?

Robots Podcast #215: Human 2.0: Exoskeletons and Orthoses, with Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr on the amputation of both of his legs below the knee, orthoses and exoskeletons, and the future of bionic technology. Continue reading ?

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