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IEEE Global Initiative Aims to Advance Ethical Design of AI and Autonomous Systems

AI and robots have to work in a way that is beneficial to people beyond reaching functional goals and addressing technical problems

Google Chases General Intelligence With New AI That Has a Memory

For a mind to be capable of tackling anything, it has to have a memory. Humans are exceptionally good at transferring old skills to new problems. Machines, despite all their recent wins against humans, aren’t. This is partly due to how they’re trained: artificial neural networks like Google’s DeepMind learn to master a singular task […]

?Worried that robots will take your job? You should be, as they've already cut your pay

Multi-skilled robots are coming and if you're worried about that, know that the ones here now have already reduced your wages, taken jobs and boosted inequality.

How to Feed 9.7 Billion People? CRISPR Gene Editing For Crops

It’s no secret that we’re going to struggle to feed the rapidly expanding global population. New genome editing technologies could hold the answer, according to scientists. The number of humans on this planet is expected to hit 9.7 billion by 2050, and crop demand is predicted to increase by 100 to 110 percent of 2005 levels […]

These 6 Trends Are Retooling Manufacturing as We Know It

Let’s be honest — sometimes manufacturing gets a bad rap. The industry can be seen as a behemoth — stuck in the past and slow to innovate, the victim of outsourcing and the purveyor of consumerism. Thankfully, in 2017 these stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. Global organizations like GE and Caterpillar are investing […]

Log and Plot Weight Data with PhidgetBridge

An easy tutorial to show you how to log and plot weight measurements from a Load Cell using the PhidgetBridge and the corresponding FlowBotics App.            Related Stories Arduino Load Cell & LCD Arduino Tutorials – How to Stack Wheatstone Bridge Shields FlowBotics Studio App Contest 2015  

Rebates and Chance to Win an Arduino Based Robot Kit on Arduino Day 2017 at RobotShop

Ready for Arduino Day 2017? A worldwide event bringing together Arduino People and projects. This 24 hours-long event is organized directly by the community or by the Arduino team, where people interested in Arduino get together, share their experiences, and learn about Arduino and robotics. Show More Summary

Why the Rise of AI Makes Human Intelligence More Valuable Than Ever

In the popular TV show Sherlock, visual depictions of our hero’s deductive reasoning often look like machine algorithms. And probably not by accident, given that this version of Conan Doyle’s detective processes tremendous amounts of observed data—the sort of minutiae that the average person tends to pass over or forget—more like a computer than a […]

This mini industrial robot costs less than $1k

Niryo One is powered by Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and the same ROS software as the latest cobots, but at one tenth of the price.

The Rise of a New Species of Human Being

Today, what survives on Earth can be determined entirely by human beings. We can alter the genetics of almost any life form and potentially design entirely new ones. According to renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, “In the future, a new generation of artists will be writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses.” In […]

Automation Could End Meaningless Jobs—And None Too Soon

What makes your work valuable? Does it fulfill you? Allow you to connect with or help people? Contribute to a greater good? Or does its value come from your income, which allows you to do other meaningful things? You probably know someone who has a bullshit job. Maybe you have one yourself. Anthropologist David Graeber […]

Distill: An online visual machine learning journal

This past week, a number of heavy hitters in the machine learning community launched the first online, interactive and peer reviewed machine learning journal with a focus on publishing original research and expository papers with an emphasis on clear explanations of the core ideas. The new journal is called Distill. The steering committee consists of… Read More »

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through March 25)

ROBOTICS NASA's Origami Robots Can Squeeze Into Places Rovers Can't Mariella Moon | Engadget “Imagine a Martian rover that can send small robotic minions to crawl into crevices or climb steep slopes—everywhere a full-sized vehicle can't go to. That's the scenario a team from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory hopes to achieve by developing small origami-inspired […]

How to Make a Drone / UAV – Lesson 8: Airplanes

The use of small unmanned aircraft for FPV and autonomous mapping is becoming increasingly popular, especially given the surge in popularity of multirotors for FPV and the increasing availability of parts. This article includes some considerations if you are looking to create or purchase an airplane for use as a drone. Show More Summary

The Weird World of Cyborg Animals Is Here

Roboticists frequently turn to nature for inspiration for their inventions, reverse engineering the traits that evolution has developed over millennia. Others are taking a shortcut by simply integrating modern technology with living animals. The idea may seem crazy, but animals and machines are not so different. Just as a network of wires carry electrical signals […]

FAA anticipates 1.6 million commercial drones by 2021

Hobbyist and commercial drone fleets are both expected to grow rapidly over the next four years. Complications are inevitable.

Arianna Huffington’s 10 Ways to Make a Big Impact and Stay Sane While You Do

How do top CEOs lead during this exponential age? How do you manage the explosion of information and onslaught of increasing competition? How do you prevent yourself from getting burned out? How do you maintain agility during today’s tsunami of change? Today’s post is the third of three parts deriving insights and advice from three […]

Is the Brain More Powerful Than We Thought? Here Comes the Science

If you’ve ever played around with an old music amplifier, you probably know what a firing neuron sounds like. A sudden burst of static? Check. A rapid string of pops, like hundreds of bursting balloons? Check. A rough, scratchy bzzzz that unexpectedly assaults your ears? Check again. Neuroscientists have long used an impressive library of […]

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