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#255: Learning about Legged Locomotion from Birds, with Monica Daley

Monica Daley on how birds run and what lessons we can apply to legged robots.

Crawling Robot

Using snakelike skin, this robot from Harvard researcher Ahmad Rafsanjani, has the ability to crawl. Using a technique similar to origami called kirigami, the skin is created using cutting as well as folding. The cut out skin is wrapped around … Continue reading ?

This Sensor Lets Scientists See Neuron-Level Brain Activity in Real Time

Picture this: you’re at a boisterous party, trying to listen in on a group conversation. People are talking over each other and going a mile a minute, but you can only pick up snippets from one person at a time. Confusing? Sure! Frustrating? Absolutely! Yet this is how neuroscientists eavesdrop on all the electrical chatter […]

New Malicious AI Report Outlines Biggest Threats of the Next 5 Years

Everyone’s talking about deep fakes: audio-visual imitations of people, generated by increasingly powerful neural networks, that will soon be indistinguishable from the real thing. Politicians are regularly laid low by scandals that arise from audio-visual recordings. Show More Summary

Hyperloop and Flying Cars Are Battling It Out for the Future of Transportation

Tech titans are eager to reimagine how we will travel in the coming decades, but whose vision will win out? Last week Elon Musk and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi got in a back-and-forth on Twitter over whether flying cars will be the next big thing in transportation. Musk was responding to Khosrowshahi’s reported claim that […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through March 3)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Inside the Alexa Prize James Vlahos | Wired “The fevered quest for conversational AI has pitted Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft in a battle for two vital resources. The first is finite: top-shelf PhDs in computer science, who, owing to their scarcity, now command starting salaries well into the six figures. The […]

How Blockchain Is Helping Democratize Access to Credit

Inclusive and sustainable economic growth is goal 8 on the UN’s list of 17 sustainable development goals to be accomplished by 2030. Goal 8’s description emphasizes job creation, but acknowledges the fact that there’s a lot more to escaping poverty than simply being employed. Lack of financial inclusiveness is a part of this—say you’re making […]

With Loomo, Segway takes robotics far from the home

Building off its hoverboard-like MiniPro, the company's first robot for a broad market is packed with sensors but light on applications.

New 3D-printing method gives soft robots sense of touch

This research represents a foundational advance in emerging field of soft robotics.

Robots could replace human crop pickers in the UK

The GummiArm soft robot could be the solution to the lack of laborers in the United Kingdom.

Can the U.S. Military Combat the Coming Swarm of Weaponized Drones?

The U.S. Army will have to dramatically change its timeframes to deal with drones, study says

Research Proves Drones Sound Like Bees, Which Is Good News for Elephants

There isn't much that scares an elephant, but drones designed to sound like bees could help save them

Are ‘You’ Just Inside Your Skin or Is Your Smartphone Part of You?

In November 2017, a gunman entered a church in Sutherland Springs in Texas, where he killed 26 people and wounded 20 others. He escaped in his car, with police and residents in hot pursuit, before losing control of the vehicle and flipping it into a ditch. When the police got to the car, he was […]

In the Future, There Will Be No Limit to What AI Can Accomplish in Science

New planets found in distant corners of the galaxy. Climate models that may improve our understanding of sea level rise. The emergence of new antimalarial drugs. These scientific advances and discoveries have been in the news in recent months. While representing wildly divergent disciplines, from astronomy to biotechnology, they all have one thing in common: […]

Not Just Gene Editing—CRISPR Toolkit Expands With Trio of New Tricks

CRISPR, the superhero of gene editing, just got a little more super. In a trio of studies released last week in Science, leading CRISPR labs around the world unveiled some ultra-creative additions to the technique, transforming the hotshot editor into a virus detective or a sharp-eyed historian jotting down a cell’s entire history into DNA. […]

A floating AI assistant will join astronauts on the International Space Station

Siri cracked under pressure and Google doesn't have the right stuff, but CIMON should be mission ready by June.

Researchers are developing a camera that can see through skin

The technology could change the way a number of health conditions are diagnosed.

Numbers tell the story: A new record for automation technologies

"What I find most telling about these results is not simply that the automation market continues to grow, but that it is growing in such a wide variety of industries."

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