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New AI Mental Health Tools Beat Human Doctors at Assessing Patients

About 20 percent of youth in the United States live with a mental health condition, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. That’s the bad news. The good news is that mental health professionals have smarter tools thanShow More Summary

Is Radical Life Extension Good for Society?

From time to time, the Singularity Hub editorial team unearths a gem from the archives and wants to share it all over again. It's usually a piece that was popular back then and we think is still relevant now. This is one of those articles. Show More Summary

This Solar Fabric Could Let You Charge Your Phone With Your Shirt

Solar energy is becoming ever more widespread, with panels going up not only on houses and office buildings, but on cars, buses, and road signs. The latest advancement in solar technology will put solar energy on another new and somewhat unexpected surface: people. Show More Summary

WASEDA University’s Rubble Walking Robot

WASEDA University in Tokyo Japan has unveiled a 4 legged robot called WAREC-1. The robot is able to climb over rubble to assist in search and rescue operations. Sporting four limbs with seven degrees of freedom each, WAREC-1 weighs 150 kg … Continue reading ?

Will VR Disrupt the Airline Industry? Sci-Fi Show Meets Press Virtually Instead of Flying

A proposed benefit of virtual reality is that it could one day eliminate the need to move our fleshy bodies around the world for business meetings and work engagements. Instead, we’ll be meeting up with colleagues and associates in virtual spaces. Show More Summary

Win a Hatchimal Facebook Contest Winners are Announced

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Black Friday contest to win a Hatchimal. We know how much these creatures are wanted for Christmas and we were happy to give 10 away that we had reserved for Black Friday.            Related...Show More Summary

Robot Gift Guide 2016

A dozen robots that we promise will make fantastic holiday gifts

MIT's new AI: So smart it can predict what happens next from a still image

This deep-learning system can look at an image and show you what it thinks will happen in the next second.

Black Friday Treasure Hunt Sale 2016 – Free Products Results!

Congratulations to all the customers that found a free product hidden in our product catalog during our Black Friday Treasure Hunt Sale! Again this year, our Black Friday Treasure Hunt Sale was a hit. In all this frenzy, we hope you enjoyed the hunt and left with a free product. Show More Summary

New Brain-Like Chip Uses Light to Go Blazingly Fast

Deep learning is having a serious moment right now in the world of AI. And for good reason. Loosely based on the brain’s computing architecture, artificial neural networks have vastly outperformed their predecessors in a variety of tasks that had previously stumped our silicon-minded comrades. Show More Summary

The Robot Revolution Comes to Synthetic Biology

Automation allows thousands of possibilities when building weird new organisms

Fear of the Dark: Why Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ Is Great Science Fiction

Legendary science fiction author Isaac Asimov once said, “The core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all.” With its aim to predict and explore possible futures, science fiction is a powerful genre. Show More Summary

Bioprinting Is One Step Closer to Making a Human Kidney

Bioprinting has been all over the news in the past several years with headline-worthy breakthroughs like printed human skin, synthetic bones, and even a fully functional mouse thyroid gland. 3D printing paved the way for bioprintingShow More Summary

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through November 26)

A new computer-brain interface is allowing "locked-in" woman to communicate from her home, Silicon Valley tech giants are reorganizing to embed AI throughout their companies, and Thanksgiving is looking increasingly futuristic with test-tube...Show More Summary

Why the US Is Losing Ground on the Next Generation of Powerful Supercomputers

“I feel the need — the need for speed.” The tagline from the 1980s movie Top Gun could be seen as the mantra for the high-performance computing system world these days. The next milestone in the endless race to build faster and faster machines has become embodied in standing up the first exascale supercomputer. Show More Summary

Top Hatchimals Alternatives

Hatchimals no longer available in stores? RobotShop understand your grief. Here are the top alternatives to Hatchimals: Wonder Workshop Dash Robot • Interactive educational and customizable robot • Able to sense its environment and wirelessly programmable • Moves, glows, makes sounds and interact with each other • Fully assembled and ready to play • Ages: [...]Show More Summary

Quantum Computers Could Crush Today’s Top Encryption in 15 Years

Quantum computers could bring about a quantum leap in processing power, with countless benefits for fields like data science and AI. But there’s also a dark side: this extra power will make it simple to crack the encryption keeping everything from our emails to our online banking secure. Show More Summary

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