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Girl with 3D-printed robotic hand to throw first pitch at World Series game

Mom couldn't find a company to create a robotic hand for her daughter, so she came up with a novel solution

Online Dating Pioneer: Algorithmic Insights Can Help Us Become Better People

In an interview at Singularity University’s Global Summit in San Francisco, J. Galen Buckwalter said the quantitative study of personality is finding new tech applications. Buckwalter developed the matching algorithm at eHarmony and is now chief technology officer at psyML. Show More Summary

These Robots Can Merge and Split Their Brains to Form New Modular Bots

Researchers are developing splittable, mergeable nervous systems for truly modular robots

How to enable or disable auto-centering on a remote

You might find yourself one day with an RC remote control with the auto-centering of a joystick enabled and wanting to enable or disable it. This is a very easy thing to change as you’ll see here. To illustrate this post, we used a Spektrum DX E remote, but the [...]Show More Summary

Machines Are Getting Smarter—Now They Should Explain Themselves

Neural networks’ powers of prediction have fueled the recent AI boom, but it can be hard to explain how they reach their decisions. A new technique aimed at uncovering the inner workings of language processing networks is just the latest effort to shed some light on these “black boxes.” It’s probably not surprising that we […]

Japanese robot firm makes an aggressive move in China

China will need more than half-a-million industrial robots by 2025. The race is on to see who will supply them.

Starting a Robotics Company? Sell a Service, Not a Robot

Robot company founders and investors make a case for “Robots as a Service” at HAX demo day

Why Quantum Computers Will Be Exponentially Faster Than Digital Computers

Classical computers (like the one you may be reading this on) calculate using bits, or binary digits, which can have only one of two values, either 1 or 0. Quantum computers, however, calculate using quantum bits, known as qubits. Qubits can be both 1 and 0 simultaneously—meaning they can perform two calculations at once. This […]

Interfaces Are Killing Us: It’s Time Technology Gets Out of the Way

You have superpowers; cybernetic superpowers that allow you to do all kinds of things. Think about it: at some point today you Googled a fact you didn’t know, or your calendar reminded you to be somewhere. The other day, I watched a YouTube video on how to tie a bowtie—while tying my husband’s. I felt […]

These are the new technologies Americans fear most

A survey of 500 reveals an interesting mix of hopes and fears. But the results are inconsistent across age and gender.

Robots Podcast #242: Disney Robotics, with Katsu Yamane

Katsu Yamane on robot design at Disney, a robot simulator used by Disney's animators, and becoming an “Imagineer.”

I Saw Her Face, Now I’m a Believer—Facial Recognition Tech Goes Mainstream

Apple describes the iPhone X as being “so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience, and so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice, and even a glance.” The phone boasts features like a 5.8-inch all-display OLED interface with a 1,000,000-1 contrast ratio, wireless charging, simplified navigation, and facial recognition software. The […]

Drones and AI Take On Killer Sharks Down Under

Robots are an expensive but cool solution to a very rare problem

Africa Leads the World on Drone Delivery: Flights to Begin in Tanzania in 2018

Drone delivery startup Zipline proved itself in Rwanda and is now expanding in a big way

This Year’s Awesome Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories From Around the Web (Through Sept 16)

Each week we scour the web for great articles and fascinating advances across our core topics, from robots to biotech and AI. We pay special attention to and are excited to see new ways of interfacing with the digital world. So, this week, we looked back at 2017 and selected a few of our favorite […]

AI in Space

NASA is partnering with machine-learning researchers and computer companies on planetary defense and mapping the moon

AI Helps Magicians Perform Mind-Reading Tricks

A muggle technology known as AI can help nonwizards exploit human psychology for magic tricks

Kuri Robot Brings Autonomous Video to a Home Near You

Mayfield Robotics improves its home robot, Kuri, adding track wheels, structural updates, and “Kuri Vision,” an autonomous home video program

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