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Celebrate 25 Years of Hubble With This Warp Speed Tour of the Spectacular Gum Nebula

When our ancestors looked up at night, they saw the star-studded dome of heaven. It’s easy to understand why they thought this. Even today, gazing at the sky, the stars appear fixed on... read more

What We’re Reading This Week Across the Web (Through Apr 25)

COMPUTING: HP's Audacious Idea for Reinventing Computers Tom Simonite | Technology Review "Nearly three-quarters of the people in HP’s research division are now dedicated to a single project: a powerful... read more

New Project: Browse Anonymously with a DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/TOR Router

Surf the Internet securely with your very own portable WiFi VPN/TOR router Read more on MAKE The post Browse Anonymously with a DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/TOR Router appeared first on Make:.

Amazon Wants to Put Packages in the Trunk of Your Car

Cars that take deliveries can get around the "last hundred meters" shipping problem

Will the Whill Hi-Tech Wheelchair Sell?

A Japanese startup is betting that an aging population of tech savvy first adopters will want their super-wheelchair

The Coming Problem of Our iPhones Being More Intelligent Than Us

Ray Kurzweil made a startling prediction in 1999 that appears to be coming true: that by 2023 a $1,000 laptop would have the computing power and storage capacity of a... read more

The Latest in Microcontrollers: 11 Cutting-Edge Boards That Are Driving Diversity

In the last year and a half, we’ve seen an explosion of new boards, and there doesn’t appear to be any reason to expect the trend to slow down in the near future. Read more on MAKE The post The Latest in Microcontrollers: 11 Cutting-Edge Boards That Are Driving Diversity appeared first on Make:.

Project Rhoeby is navigation capable.

Forum user and roboticist madhatter101 has just introduced his newly ROS enabled hexapod, Rhoeby! Built on a Robotis Bioloid kit, it uses a TeraRanger 2D LiDAR (from Rhoeby Dynamics, hence the name) to scan its surroundings. It supports SLAM, Navigation, and Dynamic [...]

NASA Uses Mars Rover Tech to Design the Perfect Urban Car

The Modular Robotic Vehicle can drive in any direction and doesn't even need you behind the wheel

Essential Spring Cleaning Robots

It's time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Yes, it's the time of year we dread again. Luckily we have the help you need with these essential spring cleaning robots. This is what domestic robots are for; helping you with chores that are not only long but, also not enjoyable, so you can spend more time with your friends and family. Show More Summary

Should We Arm the International Space Station With Lasers to Destroy Space Junk?

If you look closely enough, Earth has rings. NASA estimates there are some 500,000 pieces of space debris in orbit. Space junk, traveling up to ten times the speed of... read more

They’re Alive! Watch These Mini 3D Printed Organs Beat Just Like Hearts

There’s something almost alchemical going on at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Scientists there have genetically transformed skin cells into heart cells and used them to 3D print... read more

Baidu's Boffin Describes Beijing's Homegrown Self-Driving Car

China's Google also wants a wondercar, and China's regulators are opening the roads for it

KevinO’s ROS Hexapod Golem

Roboticist KevinO has been up to some really amazing stuff with his ROS Hexapod “Golem”. We’ve highlighted this robot before, but it just keeps getting better. The leap he’s made using mathematical odometry via Rviz in ROS is worth noting. Point cloud data (registered as a fake laser scan at robot height), IMU, and visual [...]

Light Blue Bean Gets Android, Node-RED Capabilities

One of the features that really made the Light Blue Bean catch our attention was the promise that it could write, and then upload, code directly from your phone over Bluetooth LE. Support for the last major platform, Android, arrived today. Read more on MAKE The post Light Blue Bean Gets Android, Node-RED Capabilities appeared first on Make:.

Why There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be an Entrepreneur

Doctor, engineer, and businessman. These were the top three career choices for the children of middle-class families in India when I was young. Doctors earned the most respect; engineers were... read more

The Internet of Everything Is a Simply Massive Opportunity: $19 Trillion in the Next Decade

This week I interviewed Padma Warrior, CTO and Chief Strategist of Cisco, to discuss the Internet of Everything (IoE). Padma is a brilliant and visionary person, one of the most important... read more

Unlucky Robot Gets Stranded Inside Fukushima Nuclear Reactor, Sends Back Critical Data

A brave little robot has given its non-life to send back critical data on the inside of the damaged reactor

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