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Answers to 4 Big Questions About the Future [Video]

I give over 50 keynotes per year. My favorite part is fielding the crazy questions at the end. In fact, I love answering questions about exponentials and abundance so much that I've been encouraging my community (that's you) to tweet the questions at me using #AskPeterD. Show More Summary

How the Disruptive Power of Technology Is Redefining Work

Exponential growth in technology will disrupt entire industries and create new ones. It will revolutionize the workforce as we know it. Many experts are asking the big questions: what jobs will be destroyed? How many will be created?...Show More Summary

Watch this drone charge without landing

Researchers at Imperial College Londondemonstrated a method for charging a drone while it flies.

?Landr wants to conquer music mastering using machine learning

This Montreal company's services has attracted droves of struggling artists, but some sound engineers are not so impressed. says self-driving vehicle job listings are way up and so is interest in them

At the top job site, a variety of companies are posting positions for engineering autonomous vehicles. Visitors click on these listings much more frequently than the other 16 million jobs that are posted on the site.

Robotic process automation: A disruptive, not destructive technology

Let's face it -- many aspects of office jobs are tedious, mindless, and repetitive. Software robots can handle rule-based tasks so that employees can use their brain power for more complicated responsibilities.

This Amazing Robotic Glove Lets You Touch the Virtual World

“Seeing is believing.” While there may be some truth in the old adage, it forgets a crucial component of how we interact with the world: touch. Touch makes things real. Imagine reaching out to grab your coffee mug, and instead of feeling the smooth ceramic surface pressing against your fingertips, you get…nothing. Show More Summary

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through October 22nd)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Conscious Exotica Murray Shanahan | Aeon "In what follows I attempt to...[describe] the structure of the space of possible minds, in two dimensions: the capacity for consciousness and the human-likeness of behavior. Show More Summary

Introducing the New Singularity University

To reflect everything we have become since our founding in 2008, and more importantly, to showcase and accelerate our bold vision for our future, Singularity University has undergone an extensive company-wide rebrand. We’ve updated our website and moved to a new domain: Show More Summary

Teslas Are Teaching Each Other How to Drive Better Than You

Your Tesla can drive itself. Not just on the highway, not under strict guidance, but everywhere. Or at least, it will have all the necessary gadgets to do so soon. We are excited to announce that, as of today, all Tesla vehicles produced...Show More Summary

Can DNA Hard Drives Solve Our Looming Data Storage Crisis?

The idea of storing digital data in DNA seems like science fiction. At first glance, it might not seem obvious that a molecule can store data. The term “data storage” conjures up images of physical artifacts like CDs and data centers, not a microscopic molecule like DNA. Show More Summary

Soon We’ll All Love Robots the Way Japan Loves Robots

Here is my hypothesis: Japan has a long ongoing love affair with humanoid robots. The love seems so strong that they are willing to accept faults and imperfections that to others make the robots seem eerie, if not downright creepy. Your...Show More Summary

Agriculture Drones Are Finally Cleared for Takeoff

New U.S. rules for commercial drones will benefit farmers and the drone industry

Pittsburgh's AI Traffic Signals Will Make Driving Less Boring

AI-powered traffic light coordination would cut time spent in the car, traffic congestion, and emissions

8 Ways AI Will Profoundly Change City Life by 2030

How will AI shape the average North American city by 2030? A panel of experts assembled as part of a century-long study into the impact of AI thinks its effects will be profound. The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial IntelligenceShow More Summary

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