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This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Nov 22)

We’re getting closer to the end of 2014 and it’s natural for writers to start reflecting on what this year has brought. Technology has advanced further than ever before, and... read more

Summit Europe: Robots Are Still Toddlers—But They’re Growing Up Fast

You’ve probably read somewhere recently that robots are coming to take your job. It’s true, they probably are. But they’ve got some growing up to do first, says Rob Nail,... read more

Summit Europe: Art Meets Tech in Glowing Roads and a Smog Eating Machine

There’s a stretch of Dutch highway that glows like Tron; a path of radiant tiles swirling like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”; a lotus dome of a hundred unfurling smart flowers;... read more

Video Friday: Robots at Sea, Humanoids at RoboCup, and D-RHex on Sand

It's vacation week for robots, with videos of ABB arms on a cruise and RHex hitting the sand

Robotic Taxis Could Slash Fares in Austin, Texas

A computer model finds that few would wait long or pay much for a ride—though sometimes they'd have to share it

Summit Europe: Artificial Intelligence Evolving From Disappointing to Disruptive

Neil Jacobstein, Singularity University’s co-chair in AI and Robotics, has been thinking about artificial intelligence for a long time, and at a recent talk at Summit Europe, he wanted to... read more

YES! PR2 Very Close to Completing Laundry Cycle

PR2 can now pick up dirty clothes, put them in a basket, and load a washing mahcine

Summit Europe: When Will We Let Go and Let Google Drive Us?

What technology has the most world-changing potential in the next decade or two? Brad Templeton, Singularity University’s networks and computing chair, thinks its driverless cars. Then again, he would. Templeton... read more

The Unknown Start-up That Built Google’s First Self-Driving Car

Two of Google’s signature innovations, Street View cameras and self-driving cars, were actually developed by 510 Systems, a small start-up that the tech giant quietly bought in 2011

Robo-Surgeon Takes on Baldness

Restoration Robotics' ARTAS system harvests hair follicles for later implantation

Summit Europe 2014: Tech’s Pace Is Like a Dozen Gutenberg Moments Happening at the Same Time

From sunny San Diego last week for the Exponential Medicine conference to the rainy and overcast Netherlands for Summit Europe this week—I’m on the road with Singularity University. At the... read more

Does humankind’s progress depend upon the even distribution of technology?

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” This quote, credited to sci-fi writer William Gibson, is popular among futurists and technologists because it dismantles the notion that... read more

Aeromobil’s Flying Car Is a Sci-fi Dream Getting Closer to Reality

Since the invention of the automobile and powered flight in the early 1900s, the idea of a flying car has inspired dreams in tech enthusiasts, gear heads, and those who... read more

Exponential Medicine: Data Deluge to Disrupt Healthcare This Decade

You can’t really boil down four days, 59 speakers, and a few lovely musical interludes into a single word—but here goes. If there was an overriding theme to this year’s... read more

Short Film “SYNC” Imagines Robot Couriers As the Defense Against Cyberterrorism

Hacking and cyberterrorism are modern-day realities, and the more connected we become, the more vulnerable we are. While this is true for individuals, it’s much more grim for corporations who have millions... read more

Optics Matter: New Vision Research Suggests Peak Performance Is Only A Jump To Warp Speed Away

Scientists from Scripps Research Institute just discovered that optic flow—the technical term for the temporal rate at which objects move past the eye—helps us map our world. And their discovery... read more

Exponential Medicine: Braingear Moves Beyond Electrode Swim Caps

If the last few decades in information technology have been characterized by cheaper, faster, and smaller computer chips, the next few decades will add cheaper, faster, and smaller sensors. Chips... read more

What We’re Reading This Week Across the Web (Through Nov. 15)

It was a busy week on Hub as we profiled Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine conference in detail in the midst of historical landing of a spacecraft on a comet. But the... read more

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