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The Cities of the Future Are Smart, Green, Connected Innovation Hubs

Humanity has come a long way since the very first cities began to emerge about ten thousand years ago. Today, places like New York, Tokyo and Dubai are centers of innovation and human progress.Urban projects globally are pushing the limits of engineering, design and architecture. Exponential technologies are being integrated into the very skeleton of […]

Bill Gates: 'Robots that take jobs should be taxed just like the people they replace'

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates thinks governments should impose something akin to an income tax on each robot that replaces a human.

This One-Cent Lab-on-a-Chip Can Diagnose Cancer and Infections

  Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. —Arthur C Clarke Medical diagnostics often feels like magic to me. With just a few drops of blood, doctors can quickly decipher a patient’s general health status—are biomarker levels in range? Are there telltale signs of infection? Are the patient’s cells healthy, or have some quietly […]

Robots Podcast #228: RoboUniverse Conference – Drones, AI, and 3D printing (Part 2 of 2), with Dr. Douglas Stow, Dr. Eugene Izhikevich and Cullen Hilkene

Drones for terrain mapping, converting manually driven equipment into autonomous robots, and developing marketplaces for 3D print vendors. Continue reading ?

Intuition Robotics Raises $6 Million

Intuition Robotics is a Jerusalem based company that make a robot called ElliQ and has just raised $6 million from iRobot and OurCrowd. The robot is an assistant for elderly people that Intuition Robotics says is an  “autonomous active aging … Continue reading ?

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through February 18th)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Earthquakes? Annie Sneed | Scientific American "Along with more sophisticated computing, he [Johnson] and his team are trying something in the lab no one else has done before:...Show More Summary

AT&T completes its first "flying COW" test flight

During several short test flights in a "dead zone" about an hour outside of Atlanta, the drones successfully transmitted and received LTE signals.

SRI's Pioneer Mobile Robot Shakey Honored as IEEE Milestone

Shakey the Robot was honored as the world's first mobile, intelligent robot

Just Stand Inside this Room and it Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

Go to any airport and you’ll see wearied travelers huddled around outlets leeching out precious electricity to feed their devices. They aren’t alone in their need for power. With more than 3 billion smartphones alone in circulation in 2016, more people are experiencing the frustration of a phone dying when you’re using maps in an […]

Europe’s TREASURE Will Be the King of All GPSs

Today, most of us carry the world in our pockets. Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)—what most people typically just call GPS—aren’t simply about sending geo-located tweets from our favorite restaurants. Countless industries rely on high-precision navigation, from agriculture to construction. Show More Summary

Wagging Tails Help Robots Communicate With Humans

Giving a Roomba a tail makes it easy for humans to understand its "feelings"

Our Health Data Can Save Lives, But We Have to Be Willing to Share

Organ donation has saved countless lives, but could donating our personal data have an even more transformative impact on healthcare? The potential impact of Big Data and machine learning on healthcare is only just beginning to become apparent. Barely a month goes by without researchers unveiling algorithms giving human doctors a run for their money […]

Verizon acquires Skyward, aims to manage drone operations, connections

Verizon's purchase of Skyward signals how the telecom giant sees drones as a key part of its fast-growing Internet of things business unit.

Magnetic Control Could Help Robots Navigate Inside Your Body

Clever use of magnetic fields can selectively actuate individual microbots

How the World Has Changed From 1917 to 2017

Over the last 100 years, the world has changed tremendously. For perspective, this year at Abundance 360, I gave a few fun examples of what the world looked like in 1917. This blog is a look at what the world looked like a century ago and what it looks like today. Let’s dive in. In […]

Here’s How to Make the Best of Virtual Reality—and Avoid the Worst

From time to time, the Singularity Hub editorial team unearths a gem from the archives and wants to share it all over again. It's usually a piece that was popular back then and we think is still relevant now. This is one of those articles. It was originally published May 19, 2016. We hope you enjoy […]

Holograms Aren’t The Stuff of Science Fiction Anymore

The world seems to be full of illusions—and we’re not talking about fake news from Macedonia. Holograms appear to be all around us now. Long-dead rapper Tupac Shakur showed up at the 2012 edition of the Coachella music festival. Microsoft’s HoloLens seems akin to a wearables version of Star Trek’s holodeck, allowing its user to […]

Talking to a Computer May Soon Be Enough to Diagnose Illness

In recent years, technology has been producing more and more novel ways to diagnose and treat illness. Urine tests will soon be able to detect cancer. Smartphone apps can diagnose STIs. Chatbots can provide quality mental healthcare. Joining this list is a minimally-invasive technique that’s been getting increasing buzz across various sectors of healthcare: disease […]

These tiny drones pollinate like bees

UAVs could help alleviate the pollination shortage that we face as bee populations decline.

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