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Robots: Grishin Robotics

In today's episode we speak with Dmitry Grishin about Grishin Robotics, his global investment company dedicated to helping robotics startups distribute new products to the mass market....

Signs Virtual Reality and Crowdfunding Are Going Mainstream

36 minutes agoHobbies / Robotics : Singularity Hub

Three exciting developments — that I believe you should know about — happened in technology this week. In this blog, I want to share them with you and give you context. Pebble Time... read more

Why We Need Local Economies to Balance Technological Unemployment

Exponential technologies and digitization lure our focus to global markets, dangling the potential of massive profits and dizzying scale. Entrepreneurs and investors look for opportunities to create the next platform,... read more

Robots: Digital Cultures

In today's episode we speak with Chris Chesher about how he views the emergence of robotics in every-day life.

Robots: The Wambots Team

In today’s episode, we speak with Thomas Bräunl and Calum Meiklejohn from the University of Western Australia about the MAGIC 2010 Challenge and the Wambot team....

Robots: Sphero

In today's episode we speak with Ian Bernstein about the hugely successful Sphero robot and the company he co-founded, Orbotix.

Robots: Autonomous Solutions

In today's episode we speak with Mel Torrie, CEO and President of Autonomous Solutions Inc., about their work to make a large range of vehicles autonomous....

Drone Craziness: 5 Weird And Wacky Multirotor Projects

Make: Magazine Volume 44 is all about DRONES! Don’t have the issue? Get yours today! Flying drones may be able to do many jobs in the future, or possibly deliver everything from beer to defibrillators. For now though, it seems that most (non-millitary) drones exist for the entertainment of their owners. Show More Summary

Robots: Curious & Creative

In today's episode we speak with Rob Saunders, lecturer in Design Computing, about work done at the University of Sydney in computational creativity and curiosity....

Robots: EU Robotics Week

In today's episode we cover the EU Robotics Week that took place during the last week of November and featured robotics related activities across Europe for the general public, highlighting growing importance of robotics in a wide variety of application areas. Show More Summary

New Product – Lynxmotion UAV / Drones 16mm Aluminum Clamps

At Lynxmotion UAV we were looking at the future of our UAV / Drones lineup and had to take decisions for our next models. There are many ways to make a UAV frame and we wanted to keep the Lynxmotion spirit of being modular and expandable; something you can use to build your frame design and be able [...]Show More Summary

Robots: Insect-inspired Navigation

In this episode Per talks to Michael Mangan from the University of Edinburgh about using robotics to study and replicate insect behaviour. Mangan describes his studies of desert ants, that are able to accurately navigate arduous environments despite having a very small brain (less than 400 000 neurons). Show More Summary

How Drones Can Help Save Elephants and Rhinos from Poachers

Conservation groups say drones are a powerful deterrent against wildlife poaching. So why are they grounded?

The Growing Precariat: Why We Need a Universal Basic Income

There is an adage in economics known as ‘the lump of labor fallacy’. It is that technological change is destroying jobs and generating rising unemployment. It rests on an image... read more

Robots: Giving Rights to Robots

In this episode, we talk with Kate Darling from the MIT Media Lab, about giving rights to social robots. She tells us about a recent Pleo torture session she organized at the LIFT conference and the class she taught at Harvard Law School on "Robot Rights".

Time lapse of a PhantomX Hexapod Build

Check out user Quad Fu’s PhantomX Hexapod build! This is a short time lapse video of the 6 hours spent building a PhantomX Hexapod. It’s easy to get started with an InterbotiX Hexapod Robot Kit, just follow one of our Getting Started guides, and you’ll be running on all 6 legs in no time. This [...]

Robots: International Standards

In this episode we hear from Professor Gurvinder Virk from the University of Gävl about how international standards are created in the ISO. He also tells us why he thinks they are essential for robotics and how you can participate and contribute.

Robots: Software Marketplace

In this episode we hear how the Spanish robotic startup Adele is creating a marketplace for robotics software. Through their platform, robot developers can buy software components for their robots, and software developers can sell their code, in a practical way. Show More Summary

Robots: Ethical, Social and Legal Issues

In this episode Per talks to Pericle Salvini from Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna about his work with social, ethical and legal issues in robotics today. We also hear about the Robolaw project that will provide advice to the European Union when it creates laws concerning robotics.

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