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Carbon’s Bold Mission to Finally Dematerialize Manufacturing

39 minutes agoHobbies / Robotics : Singularity Hub

Technology has a funny habit: just when you think it can’t get better, it does. Take 3D printing. The ability for a machine to spit out soft material in a precise pattern that almost simultaneously hardens into an actual thing you can use is pretty incredible. But there’s room for improvement. To date, low production […]

The Next Great Computer Interface Is Emerging—But It Doesn’t Have a Name Yet

Not long ago, your parents might’ve noticed a kid staring at a smartphone in their front yard. There wasn’t anything there. The kid was just…hanging out. What they didn’t know? Said kid was gazing through a digital window and seeing a mythical beast in their well-manicured roses. This youngster was playing an augmented reality smartphone […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through May 20)

ROBOTICS San Francisco Considers Ban on Sidewalk Delivery Robots Steven Musil | CNET "San Francisco is considering legislation that would put the brakes on delivery robots rolling across the city's sidewalks. The robots, once confined to sci-fi movies, have rolled into real-world testing. But they would be banned from San Francisco streets under legislation supervisor […]

How to Stay Innovative Amid the Fastest Pace of Change in History

Everything is changing again. But this time, it’s happening faster. In his talk at Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit in Boston, Deloitte’s digital transformation leader Geoff Tuff gave the audience some greatShow More Summary

Solar Is Now the Cheapest Energy There Is in the Sunniest Parts of the World

Manufacturing is about robots and assembly lines, supply chains and finished products. It’s about the roof over your head, the car you drive to work, and the computer you stare at all day. We live in a cocoon of modern industrial products. And today, we make more than ever. But really, at its roots, manufacturing […]

How to Make VR Experiences That Actually Matter

It seems like everyone is making a VR app these days. From recording concerts in VR to designing your next kitchen, brands and individual developers around the world are expending incredible amounts of effort to make their VR app the next big thing. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t so great. VR has the potential to […]

4 Keys to Making the Robots of Our Imagination a Reality

“The robots of reality are starting to get a lot closer to the robots of our imagination,” said Sarah Bergbreiter, an image of a fast-moving, multi-jointed search and rescue robot displayed on the big screen behind her. In her talk on advanced robotics at Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit in Boston, Bergbreiter elaborated on how […]

?QUT to use SoftBank's Pepper for social robotics research

SoftBank Robotics' Pepper will take up residency at the Queensland University of Technology as it explores the future of social robotics.

ETH Zurich's Omnicopter Plays Fetch

This omnidirectional eight-rotor drone flies like no other aircraft

Watch this 3D-printed robot walk on sand

This is the first soft robot that can walk on rough surfaces.

Las Vegas to lose 65 percent of jobs to automation by 2025, says study

Based on a 2013 study conducted by Oxford University researchers, this new report is a bleak reminder of how vulnerable low-skilled jobs in the US are to automation.

Singularity Hub Is Live This Week at Exponential Manufacturing in Boston

Singularity Hub is on the ground this week at Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit in Boston. At the summit, executives, makers, entrepreneurs, and policy leaders across the manufacturing industry will come together to learn how accelerating technologies are changing manufacturing in the US and around the world. Show More Summary

3D Printed Medical Implants That Fit the Body Perfectly Are on the Way

Bioprinting new organs and tissues could make transplants available and affordable for all, but is still decades away. In the meantime, scientists have re-purposed the technology to 3D print biocompatible high-precision silicone implants instead. Show More Summary

Why Disruptive Innovation Requires Looking Beyond the Experts

Want to do something new and disruptive? Want to change the status quo? Here’s some advice — be careful before consulting “experts.” “An expert is someone who can tell you exactly how something can’t be done.” (See Peter’s Laws #21.) In a rather perverse twist, experts are generally disincentivized from promoting disruptive ideas. If someone’s […]

New Report Highlights Dangers of Hacked Factory Robots

Cybersecurity firm describes how malevolent hackers might compromise various kinds of industrial robots

Bizarre Mini Brains Offer a Fascinating New Look at the Brain

Brain balls sound like something straight out of a Tim Burton movie: starting as stem cells harvested from patients, they eventually develop into masses of living neurons, jumbled together in misshapen blobs. Just like the developing brain, these neurons stretch and grow, reaching out skinny branches that grab onto others to form synapses—junctions where one […]

Mobile Health Takes on a New Challenge: Diagnosing Cervical Cancer

Technology’s role in modern healthcare is growing. Artificial intelligence is being used for mental health, and smartphones can use add-ons to do things we never would have imagined ten years ago, like diagnose STDs and image our eyes. Now, mobile health is venturing into new and similarly amazing territory: a smartphone app that uses artificial […]

Self-driving vehicles already improve traffic flow

We don't have to wait for 100 percent autonomous vehicles to see improvements in traffic flow.

Are We About to Unlock the Secrets to Peak Performance?

“How many surf bums who can’t keep a job washing dishes will be up at 5 AM putting on a gritty, sandy wetsuit to paddle out in cold, sharky water for just one shot at a barrel? That’s motivation. If you could bottle that, then what’s possible?” Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal stood in front […]

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