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Glitter Girl Adventure 151: Faces in a Crowd

I have a photo from a wedding where there are literally 100 faces in a single 4×6 landscape print. I keep looking at embellishments, but I’m not sure what to use that won’t overwhelm the photo. Glitter Girl, can you help? Of course she...Show More Summary

Folding Circle Punches :: Two Looks on Scrapbook Pages

Contributing Designer Sheena Rowlands created this beautifully layered and folded page over the winter, and as much as I’m ready for spring to arrive, her winter crafting has me inspired! Today we’re each sharing a page we’ve made with the same technique: folding circles punched from double-sided patterned paper. Show More Summary

Scrapbooking a few more hot beverages [2]

Maybe the last episode of Glitter Girl just got me into some sort of hot beverage trend, but it turns out it’s not the only page on that topic to hit my desk recently. I’ve been inspired by Kirsty Smith, so today we each have a hot mug and a layout to share with you! Kirsty’s first! I LOVE Christmas. Show More Summary

Glitter Girl Adventure 150: Stamped in the Centre

I try to use my stamps when I scrapbook, but I find I’m just using something faded into the background and then maybe a small design scattered here and there. I would love to make my favourite stamps more of a feature on my pages, but I’m not sure how to compose the rest of the page. Show More Summary

A little old, a little new, and a bit of Harry Potter for good measure [6]

I should have planned this post for World Book Day last week if I’d thought ahead, but of course I didn’t. There’s never a bad day for Harry Potter scrapbooking, is there? I have an entire album of layouts from one day at the studioShow More Summary

Glitter Girl Adventure 149: A 6x6 Solution

I can’t be alone in loving to collect 6×6 paper pads. But they are piling up quicker than I can figure out how to use them on my scrapbook pages! I’d love some simple page formulas to work with this size. Glitter Girl, can you help? Of course she can. Show More Summary

Getting started with Little by Little

I’m delighted to share a scrapbook page from Kirsty Smith to kick off a look at what other designers are making with Little by Little. I’d love to see what you’re making too! If you’re posting pictures on social media, add the hashtag #AClittlebylittle. Show More Summary

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, I have a little something sweet for you. Sign up for any online class today, and you’ll receive a $5 credit to use toward a new class any time in 2017. There is one coming up very soon,...Show More Summary

A Little by Little B-Side Paper

B-side papers are something I think about throughout a collection but they are actually the very last thing we finalise. Sometimes we have everything laid out, ready to go, and it can only then become obvious that there isn’t enough of this colour or a smaller version of that motif. Show More Summary

Exploding Heart Scrapbook Pages with Little by Little

We love a little heart explosion across a scrapbook page around here, and there’s literally a patterned paper made with that look in mind within the Little by Little collection. It’s called Evolving Love and has a pink background with...Show More Summary

CHA 2017: On the show floor with Little by Little

Here we are at my little corner of the American Crafts booth, with Little by Little ready to welcome the buyers who attend the CHA Creativation 2017 Trade Show. We’ve wrapped books in patterned paper and framed some of the motifs from...Show More Summary

Counting Down to CHA 2017: and sometimes I get a bit emotional about stickers [6]

Sometimes something completely trivial, most likely flippant, and certainly not intended to have a bigger meaning sits in our heads for years. That’s normal, right? Maybe it’s not normal and I have some sort of diagnosable issue here that you can spot from your armchair, but if that’s the case let’s just leave it because it is what makes me tick. Show More Summary

Counting Down to CHA 2017: and then we whispered 'Go Now...Go!'

Go Now Go came out at the end of last summer, so it still feels quite new to me on my desk even if we were designing it at almost this time last year. Inspired by our big backpacking adventure (which I cannot believe was six years ago...Show More Summary

Counting Down to CHA 2017: Handmade Cards with Starshine and Go Now Go

Contributing Designer May Flaum recently shared a 1-2-3 approach to card making on her blog, with plenty of Starshine stickers to embellish. I love her take on how simple it can be to make your own cards, so I followed her steps but changed the collection. Show More Summary

Counting Down to CHA 2017: Looking out to the Starshine

Four collections in brings us to last year’s CHA show and the release of Starshine. Every collection is fun to develop but this one was extra special. It took all my childhood dreams and styles and mixed them with my current perspective. Show More Summary

Counting Down to CHA 2017: A bit of Christmas Magic

With True Stories in the spring, collection three arrived for the holiday season and brought a bit of nostalgia along for the fun. Christmas Magic was actually named after my childhood puppy! This is the most limited colour palette I’ve...Show More Summary

Counting Down to CHA 2017: And then came True Stories

With that first collection meant – if only in my mind – to be called Pretty Paper, the next one had to be True Stories. There was the idea that we could just start with Pretty Paper in collection two, but I already had ideas for what True Stories would be and I was just too stubborn far down the path to go back and change my mind. Show More Summary

Counting down to CHA 2017: Remember this collection?

With just a week until the doors open upon Creativation the CHA trade show for 2017, it feels like a perfect time to think about using (or at least earmarking) all the supplies we’ve gathered over the years. Every day for the next week, I’ll share ideas for scrapbooking with my previous collections with American Crafts. Show More Summary

Join Me for the 52 Stories Project

I always have a handful of journals going at any one time. There's my main chronological journal, where I record major life events along with insights, inspiration, life lessons, spiritual impressions and more. I also try to keep up with...

Little by Little: My New Collection with American Crafts [4]

It’s nearly time for CHA, so that means plenty of new papers and embellishments! Today I’m delighted to share my newest collection with American Crafts: Little by Little! My box of Little by Little literally arrived this afternoon, so...Show More Summary

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