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Christmas in a Box and Christmas stamps for 2016 [1]

It’s nearly time to start keeping a Christmas journal for many of us, and the annual Christmas in a Box is boxed up and ready to help you with all your December projects! After keeping a similar format for the last several years, this year’s kit is just slightly different. Show More Summary

Using diagonal lines in scrapbook page design

With our big red challenge in full swing, it seems apt to have a bit of a London-scrapping week! I’m delighted to share this page and process video from contributing designer Meghann Andrew, who just might make you fall in love with those bold and graphic patterned papers in your scrapbooking stash. Movement is a powerful tool in visual design. Show More Summary

Weekly Challenge :: Go Big with Red!

Scrapbooking process video for this older layout can be found on YouTube if you fancy a watch. Maybe it’s the inspiration of bonfire night just this past weekend or maybe it’s the arrival of little signs of the holidays, but the colour on my mind right now is red! Time to bring it to a scrapbook page, and this week, we challenge you to do just that. Show More Summary

Scrapbooking Autumn

With autumn in a colourful force in our neighbourhood this year, it’s with a big smile that I share a beautiful Go Now Go autumn layout today, by contributing designer Meghann Andrew. Enjoy! And jump in some leaves if you can. Autumn layouts are my most favorite to create. Show More Summary

Design Decisions: A New Online Scrapbooking Class!

After six exciting scrapbooking challenges over the weekend (those remain open, by the way) I’m thrilled to share with you a new class for November. In working on this project, I’ve broken down design into smaller thoughts than I have...Show More Summary

Challenge 06 :: Scrapbook with a BIG Title [1]

Ready to make something big? Contributing designer Nicole Nowosad joins us now for our next challenge: make a big title for your page! I love her page design – it’s one I want to try myself this weekend! We are fortunate to have a lot of outdoor camping spots within close range of our city. Show More Summary

Challenge 05 :: Scrapbook the Outdoors

Hands up if you have plenty of outdoor photos you need to get into your albums! As beautiful as they are, it can be easy to fall into a rut of ruddy, dark colours and neutrals with outdoor pages, and sometimes it’s nice to remember the world outside our windows isn’t actually entirely made of kraft, evergreen, and bark. Show More Summary

Challenge 04:: Layers of Colour

For our next challenge, contributing designer Leigh-Ann Odynski, invites you to embrace colour and pattern with layers of simple shapes. It’s a great project for small scraps of paper and the end result is beautiful – I can’t wait to...Show More Summary

Challenge 03 :: Scrapbook with Autumnal Colours

Next up, please welcome guest artist Karen Lai with our third challenge. This one is all about the colours of autumn! I love the colours of autumn. I love to go on a hike to see the beautiful leaves and actually bring some of the leaves...Show More Summary

Challenge 02 :: Patterned Paper Fringe (and a free pumpkin cut file)

Ready for your second challenge this weekend? It’s from contributing designer Heather Leopard, who gives you two options for your page: try patterned paper fringe or scrap with her pumpkin cut file. Or you could be an overachiever and...Show More Summary

Challenge 01 :: Lots of Little Photos [1]

Goodness me, I have a lot of photos from those twelve days. Thank goodness I dropped my phone and not my camera! Does a giant stack of new photos make you excited or intimidated? It is actually one of my very favourite things about scrapbooking:...Show More Summary

Let's get back to this [14]

Through a combination of little mistakes that added up to bigger problems, things have been quiet here when I didn’t intend them to be. It goes something like this: find opportunity to swap three day family getaway for twelve day amazing holiday and take such opportunity. Show More Summary

Layers of a story: Creating an interactive page

With September drawing to a close and back to school turning to the countdown to half-term break in this part of the world, it seems about right for daydreaming about the summer holidays. Today contributing designer Kirsty Smith shares...Show More Summary

Back to School scrapbook ideas

Excuse my giddiness, but I scrapbooked a back to school photo! Okay, he’s two. Okay, it’s not really school. But it was pretty close and he was beyond excited for the summer break to be finished and to go back to see friends and try his favourite things. Show More Summary

Weekly Challenge :: Take Inspiration from a Travel Scrapbook Page

Thanks so much for sharing all your painted pages last week! This week, we’re thinking all things travel and autumn, but don’t worry – there is room to take this challenge to any topic you’d like to scrapbook. We’re looking back at an...Show More Summary

Scrapbook a nature walk with Go Now Go

The seasons are a-changing. One of my intentions when designing Go Now Go was that it could be used for autumn adventures, even if they were close to home, as well as travels further afield. Today contributing designer Meghann Andrew shares how she put Go Now Go to work. Show More Summary

Scrapbooking with Watercolours

Be honest with me: have you put some sort of paint on your desk this week yet? Acrylic paint, watercolour, a bottle of mist? Anything? Today we have two more ways to splash paint on your page, and we promise it isn’t really that scary at all! Lately I’m using paint for lettering more and more. Show More Summary

Stamping with Watercolours

With even more ideas for this week’s paint challenge, please welcome guest artist Emma Callagher, here to encourage you to get your stamps in on the painted action! ome is where the heart is”, they say. Whoever they are, I totally agree. Show More Summary

Using Paint to Highlight a Photo [1]

Need more inspiration for this week’s paint challenge No problem! Contributing designer Gina Lideros shares her steps for using paint to highlight the photo on your next scrapbook page. My routine every morning is to get up early and enjoy a nice cup of coffee before the rest of the house awakes. Show More Summary

Weekly Challenge :: Paint the Edge of the Page

I love colour on my scrapbook pages. So much. And usually I go to patterned papers for the start of all that colour, but then a page like this comes along and reminds me the colour can always start somewhere else, like paint: It’s aShow More Summary

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