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Layers of a story: Creating an interactive page

With September drawing to a close and back to school turning to the countdown to half-term break in this part of the world, it seems about right for daydreaming about the summer holidays. Today contributing designer Kirsty Smith shares...Show More Summary

Back to School scrapbook ideas

Excuse my giddiness, but I scrapbooked a back to school photo! Okay, he’s two. Okay, it’s not really school. But it was pretty close and he was beyond excited for the summer break to be finished and to go back to see friends and try his favourite things. Show More Summary

Weekly Challenge :: Take Inspiration from a Travel Scrapbook Page

Thanks so much for sharing all your painted pages last week! This week, we’re thinking all things travel and autumn, but don’t worry – there is room to take this challenge to any topic you’d like to scrapbook. We’re looking back at an...Show More Summary

Scrapbook a nature walk with Go Now Go

The seasons are a-changing. One of my intentions when designing Go Now Go was that it could be used for autumn adventures, even if they were close to home, as well as travels further afield. Today contributing designer Meghann Andrew shares how she put Go Now Go to work. Show More Summary

Scrapbooking with Watercolours

Be honest with me: have you put some sort of paint on your desk this week yet? Acrylic paint, watercolour, a bottle of mist? Anything? Today we have two more ways to splash paint on your page, and we promise it isn’t really that scary at all! Lately I’m using paint for lettering more and more. Show More Summary

Stamping with Watercolours

With even more ideas for this week’s paint challenge, please welcome guest artist Emma Callagher, here to encourage you to get your stamps in on the painted action! ome is where the heart is”, they say. Whoever they are, I totally agree. Show More Summary

Using Paint to Highlight a Photo [1]

Need more inspiration for this week’s paint challenge No problem! Contributing designer Gina Lideros shares her steps for using paint to highlight the photo on your next scrapbook page. My routine every morning is to get up early and enjoy a nice cup of coffee before the rest of the house awakes. Show More Summary

Weekly Challenge :: Paint the Edge of the Page

I love colour on my scrapbook pages. So much. And usually I go to patterned papers for the start of all that colour, but then a page like this comes along and reminds me the colour can always start somewhere else, like paint: It’s aShow More Summary

Weekly Challenge :: Embellish with leaf motifs

It wouldn’t be September without a leaf challenge, right? Southern hemisphere friends, please tell me you can take some leafy inspiration for springtime and use an entirely different colour scheme than we are up here, okay? Leaves, leaves aplenty! This week I challenge you this week to scrapbook with leaves. Show More Summary

Scrapbooking Back to School with comparison photos

It’s not just back to school time for many of us, it’s also back to school scrapping time! Contributing designer Nicole Nowosad is here to share a fabulous idea for just that! It’s that time of year where all the kids are heading back to school, if not already there! Like alot of other parents, I like to take back to school photos each year. Show More Summary

Weekly Challenge :: Use floral motifs

It was so lovely to see all your paper layering in last week’s challenge! Today I write from a window with a gloomy, grey sky, and plenty of raindrops. Is this the end of summer and the start of all things autumnal? Well, let’s haveShow More Summary

A Scrapbook Page with Lots of Layers and Vehicles

In celebration of a lovely layered challenge to start September, contributing designer Leigh Ann Odynski joins us to share her take on scrapbook layering. Enjoy! I love this week’s challenge! I’ll be honest. It struck me that vehicles are really not something that I’ve scrapbooked. Show More Summary

Weekly Challenge :: Use lots and lots of layers

I’ve been doing a bit of organising of files on computer drives. That’s always ridiculously exciting, right? Trying to sort through some of my earliest videos and see how much of that older content is still useful and how much of it was so trend-based it would probably be best ignored today, and one of the earliest Glitter Girl videos made me sigh. Show More Summary

Weekly Challenge :: Stitch on Your Page

Just in case a weekend of challenges from the contributing designers is not enough to keep your fingers cutting and pasting this week, we have a weekly challenge for you as well! Time to dust off your sewing machine or your needle and thread: this week, I challenge you this week to stitch on your page. Show More Summary

Leigh Ann, Meghann, and a love of circles

To bring our weekend to the full team, we have one more new project from Leigh Ann Odynski, and then it’s my turn! Next weekend, while the challenges are still open, you’ll see my take on all the fun. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves:...Show More Summary

Heather, Laureen, and diagonal lines

_Next up in our weekend of inspiration, Heather Leopard takes her inspiration from this page created by Laureen Wagener and shared via Scrapbook Like a Superhero! I’m a huge fan on Laureen’s work. She’s a woman after my own heart – mixing and matching paper patterns in fun and unique ways. Show More Summary

Nicole, Cathy, and bold patterned papers

Hope you’re ready to put some bold papers to work with a striking design! Nicole Nowosad found her inspiration in this page when Cathy Martin posted it to Scrapbook like a Superhero. I hope both takes on this page design inspire you! I was really drawn to this page by Cathy Martin. Show More Summary

Sheena, Zinia, and getting scrapbook-artsy

Good morning and happy Sunday! Welcome to another day of inspiration, kicked off by contributing designer Sheena Rowlands, who is trying something out of her box and hopes you will too. I love looking at all the layouts that are uploaded daily onto the Scrapbook like a Superhero Facebook page. Show More Summary

Meghann, Nancy, and horizontal composition

Hello there, and welcome back to Inspiration Weekend at! It’s Meghann Andrew with you, and I am honoured to be a contributing designer here! Today I’d like to share a layout that truly inspired me to want to pull out myShow More Summary

May's trick for washi tape embellishment

The next challenge is one that is minimal on supplies and time – perfect for getting something done right now. You can probably do this without clearing your desk! May Flaum and I both heartily endorse that particular artistic technique! For...Show More Summary

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