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Wilderness compromises don't please everyone

“When you’re willing to compromise your principles you’ve given up. You abandon them. When you compromise nature, nature gets compromised.” -Conservation Pioneer Martin Litton who died on Nov. 30, 2014 While the Secretary of the Interior...Show More Summary

9th Annual “Bum Rush The Boards”

Words, Beats & Life does chess and hip-hop better than ever! Bum Rush the Boards has opened up registration and invites every chess-head and future grandmaster to show off their skills in friendly competition and some hip-hop fun. Think of all the references to chess you hear in hip-hop music. Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Z, Public […]

Henslow’s Sparrow at Jacob Riis Park, Queens, New York

We were at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in central Queens on Sunday afternoon. We being me, Daisy, and Desi, having a...

Andros South Video by Hollis Bennett

Last year we hosted professional photographer, Hollis Bennett, for a super quality photo shoot at Andros South. Hollis is an extremely talented photographer and if you have followed our blog at all over the past year, odds are you have seen some of his work. Hollis also took a fair amount of video while visiting […]

Yosemite Nature Notes 25 – Ghost Towns

Check out the latest from Yosemite Nature Notes. It's Yosemite awesome and it's right there on your screen. Related posts: Yosemite Nature Notes: #23 Birdsong (video) Yosemite Nature Notes 22 – Yosemite Nature Notes Yosemite Nature Notes 21: Snow Plants

Lake effect by Elizabeth Licata

Weather—we gardeners live and die by it. It may be a universal favorite as a water cooler topic, but when the chat is over, most can pretty much forget about it and move on. Not if you’re a gardener. Even now, when the work of the season is over, I still worry about weather. Should […]

Requiem of Ice

last monthHobbies / Fishing : Moldy Chum

The same great film makers who brought you Mending the Line have released this new thought provoking piece on the disappearing Sandy Glacier Caves. LINK (via:PetaPixel)

Upset Recovery Training: Not Just a Fad

Upset recovery training is a big industry buzzword. Is it really a worthwhile investment of a pilot's time and money, or is this just the latest safety fad? And what's the difference between "upset recovery" and "aerobatics" anyway? Related posts: Will This Thing Roll? You know you've thought about it. Show More Summary

A Ball of Blue

NATS, the British ATC entity, recently published a video modeling a day's air traffic over southern England. It's an impressive technical achievement, but it left me feeling sad about what's missing from the skies over there. Related...Show More Summary

Airlock Strike Indicators

Its safe to say that ‘thingamabobber style’ strike indicators have taken over today’s nymphing scene. Whether or not you choose to fish under an indicator, its hard to argue their effectiveness. They cast reasonably well, float virtually forever, and are a breeze to attach to any standard leader. However, a downside to many modern strike […]

Sochi ISEs: Game 6

Black to play Carlsen - Anand, World Championship (6) 2014 It’s not going to be the thing that most people remember about game 6 from Sochi, I admit, but along with all the drama, there was an ISE possibility late on Saturday afternoon. Show More Summary

Nets to Decks - Bureo Skateboards

last monthHobbies / Fishing : Moldy Chum

With the help of a seed investment from Patagonia's 2O Million and Change Fund, Bureo Design is working with the fishing industry in Chile to turn plastic ocean waste into skateboards. LINK (via:GrindTV)

Splicing a Loop in Miracle Braid (or Backing)

One of our favorite running lines for skagit style spey casting is Airflo’s Miracle Braid. It handles well in all conditions, shoots like a rocket, and better yet, it floats! Not to mention it sounds super cool as it zips through the guides. Creating a loop in Miracle Braid to attach to a skagit head or backing can be […]

Silver Kings Season 1: Episode 6 "Daisy Chaining"

last monthHobbies / Fishing : Moldy Chum

Captains Fordyce and Bosso in the last days of the 2014 Don Hawley Tarpon Tournament in Islamorada, FL. When you put the time in tarpon fishing, eventually things come together and magical moments happen. Appropriately titled, this episode exposes some unique daisy chaining footage. LINK

FIDE Youth Chess Olympiad Hosted by Hungary Already Breaks Records

FIDE Youth Chess Olympiad Hosted by Hungary Already Breaks RecordsOnly four months after the Chess Olympiad in Tromso where the greatest chess players of the world competed against each other it is already time to have a look at the best talents of the next generation. Show More Summary

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