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Video: Hilarious Fishing Fails Compilation

If you're headed for the water this weekend, we hope that you have better luck than these guys. This video puts together some of the greatest bloopers of the fishing world. Yo no soy marinero. Soy capitan! (Explicit language at the end of this video)....

Ray in Romford

Tsk. Too late! We missed the show. Still, don't miss the video!That was a bit garbled, wasn't it? Try this instead. Ah yes, the Companionate. Hurrah!But wasn't that a bunch of conmen? [Ray Keene index]

New in Chess (2014/2)

Levon Aronian is a self-described “hippie” and graces the covers of the current New in Chess. Winning the Tata Steel Chess Tournament was not exactly a surprise and the Armenian asserted his #2 status. There is a lengthy interview with Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam in which he reveals his mellow charms. With a storied career […]

Product Test: BulletSafe panel for children’s backpacks

When I initially covered BulletSafe’s children’s backpack panel, I wasn’t sure if I thought it was a good idea. TFB readers had mixed emotions as well. I had an opportunity to test a panel and filmed the results. Take a look at my findings, and let us know what you think in the comments. MSRP […] Read More …

Video: Two Young Bucks Battle it Out

The rut is at least half a year away, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a good buck fight. This great video of two young, South Texas bucks battling for dominance was recently posted on YouTube. This from the video description: "Two Texas whitetail...

Behind the Scenes: Making a Video Trailer for a Gardening Book by Evelyn Hadden

Though it’s no longer a new idea, it seems odd to me that a gardening book would have a video trailer. How can a video—a very different medium—give a taste of what readers might experience? On the other hand, videos lend drama to their subjects, and though I’d hope a book would have more than […]

“When the battle drum beats, it is too late to sharpen your sword”

glin1216, makers of my favorite Youtube video of all time, have published another video of tactical training set to music. All of thier videos of worth watching in HD (After you click play hit the Gear icon at the bottom right of the video, then select 720p or 1080p) … My favorite Youtube shooting video […] Read More …

Huge Wave Nearly Knocks Cod Fishing Crew Off Ship

Here’s living proof that your job is easy. These guys were cod potting, trapping cod in a large netted enclosure or “pot,” in Alaskan waters when a crushing wave throws the full wrath of nature upon them. The men are washed away lik...

Seeking Out Unwelcome Guests

There’s something very matter-of-fact about seeking out non-native target species. There’s very little thrill of the hunt, very little excitement....

Video: Battle Between Lions and Cape Buffalo

The Kruger Sightings YouTube channel has uploaded another great video of lions squaring off against cape buffalo. This from the video description: "Amazing video of a pride of lions hunting a buffalo, but then a fellow buffalo comes and saves the day &...

Two-Way Communication With Dolphins Begins With ‘Sargassum’

A human researcher floats near her ship recording a series of whistles from a nearby grey-skinned creature with great dark eyes. Amid the chatter, the computer recognizes a waveform and whispers a word into the researcher’s ear: sargassum. This isn’t first contact with an alien race—but it’s almost as cool […] and a Call for Photos and Videos by Susan Harris

Thanks, Rant commenters, for your great suggestions for improving videos of gardens, like the videos I showed you last week of the National Arboretum in April.  I heard you that the photos were whizzing by too fast, and that most of you prefer the techno music over Vivaldi.  Pixelation and other technical points were mentioned, […]

Racing Pigeons, Swimming Crows

My friend Ruth, who is from Northern England, has a phrase she uses when her dog bursts into fits of...

16th Dubai Open Chess Championship - Round 3

Round 3 http://www.fide.comFormer Dubai Open champion GM Abhijeet Gupta of India and five other Grandmasters share the lead with perfect scores after three rounds of the 16th Dubai Open Chess Championship at the Dubai Chess Club in Dubai,...Show More Summary

Wood Ducks! Need I say More?

There is a hidden cove in Anderson River Park in Northern California where birders know they can almost always find...

Video: A 2,500-Yard Shot with .338 Lapua

This video was uploaded to YouTube last year by 1Grizzman and is starting to catch some attention. It's a pretty cool demonstration of how the right long-range gear mixed with the proper know-how can produce impressive results. According to the video,...

First Balloons and Drones, Now Dirigibles: The Race for a Truly ‘World Wide’ Web

Facebook wants to be as cool as Google. Google wants to be the most innovative tech firm in history. Both are aiming to deliver internet access to the world’s offline billions—one with balloons, the other with drones. But what about dirigibles? Dirigibles (or airships) figure prominently in early 20th century […]

Gun Review: CMMG Mk3 LR-308 Rifle

Central Missouri Machine Guns, more commonly known as CMMG, started as a print shop in the early aughts before heading down the path to become one of the most well-known AR manufacturers in the industry.  Starting with barrels and uppers exclusively, CMMG now manufactures complete rifles under its own name, and has been doing so since 2005 […] Read More …

Texas Man Claims to Have Caught a Live Chupacabra

There have been plenty of chupacabra claims in the last few years, but now a couple from Texas thinks they've caught a live one. Jackie Stock said her husband captured the animal on their property in Ratcliffe, Texas on Sunday. "He called me to come a...

New ‘Smart’ Gel Tags Aim To Prevent Leftovers From Becoming Science Experiments

Most of us aren’t scientists, but every once in awhile, nearly everyone unintentionally runs a science experiment in their refrigerator. If left long enough, for example, milk turns into a foul smelling yogurt analog. Empirical fact. Most of us know this because, distrusting the ‘sell by’ label, we take a […]

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