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Sending Turkey Season Out in Style

Midday Gobbler on a Youth Turkey Hunt in Missouri by FieldandStream Maybe I’ve had rougher Sunday mornings, but it’s been a while. I turn on the light over the hotel sink, and my eyes are a deep, rather disconcerting shade of red. I know that I have a drive to Omaha ahead of me this evening, and a flight home late tonight. Show More Summary

Recipe: Snow Goose Orange

Recipe: Snow Goose Orange by OutdoorLife The first time I had ever eaten snow goose was in a frozen field in Pennsylvania. I was hunting with Avery pro staffer Kevin Addy, and during a lull in the action he busted out a package of smoked...Show More Summary

Northern Flickers Have Found My Nest Box

As some of you may know, I have been monitoring about 35 nest boxes on three Bluebird Trails going on seven...

Aimpoint T1 vs T2: Choosing the Winner

Swedish optics manufacturer Aimpoint has long been the leading manufacturer of electronic red dot sight technology, and in fact, the company invented it. Upon its release in 2007, the Aimpoint Micro T1 red dot sight quickly shot to the...Show More Summary

Tippets: Billfish Research Project, Klamath Dam Removal, Blackfoot River Restoration, Hook to Conservation in Bhutan

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

The Billfish Research Project works to develop collaborative relationships with scientists and anglers around the world to initiate research projects that will help better inform fisheries management. A recent video highlights the work being done. American Rivers provides data on … more ?

Self-Driving Trucks Are Coming—Here’s Why They Make Sense

Today sees the un-stealthing of a new company called Otto which plans to build self-driving systems for long haul trucks. The company has been formed by a skilled team, including former members of Google’s car team and people I know well. Show More Summary

New Hook Shots: Jersey Spring Striper Slamfest

Hook Shots: Jersey Spring Striper Slamfest by FieldandStream Without question, a big part of the fun of shooting "Hook Shots" is traveling. I love meeting new people and checking out new fisheries. But I also know when to skip the plane tickets and just stay home. Show More Summary

The Fisherman's Breakfast Recipe: Crappie McMuffins

The Fisherman's Breakfast Recipe: Crappie... by OutdoorLife Here’s a different take on a classic dish: The Fisherman’s Breakfast. These breakfast sandwiches stick to the ribs, and will keep you out on the water until you fill your next...Show More Summary

How to Smoke Game Over Coals with the Snake Method

Controlling temperature is an important part of turning your charcoal grill into a smoker. Low and slow is the name of the game, especially when smoking ribs, pork butts, and other larger cuts. A single pile of charcoal can burn too hot and too fast, requiring cooks to add more coals during longer smokes. Show More Summary

Video Hatch: “That Three Seconds”

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This short film captures the fleeting moment that anglers live for: when the fish eats the fly. Via Matt Disselkoen.

Video: The Fastest Filleter in the West

The Fastest Filleter in the West by FieldandStream Meet Dillon: The Fastest Filleter in the West  

Video: How to Field-Dress an Elk

How to Field-Dress an Elk by FieldandStream There are some big bones and a bunch of guts inside a critter the size of a bull elk. But as with hunting any big game, particularly in warm weather, field-dressing is an essential first step in cooling the animal and keeping the meat in good shape. Show More Summary

These Five Exponential Trends Are Accelerating Robotics

If you've been staying on top of artificial intelligence news lately, you may know that the games of chess and Go were two of the grand challenges for AI. But do you know what the equivalent is for robotics? It's table tennis. Just think about how the game requires razor sharp perception and movement, a tall order for a machine. Show More Summary

Video Hatch: “Kamchatka LOOP Cross SX”

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This footage features great shots of fly fishing Kamchatka. Via TFF.

Mixed Reality Is How We’ll Escape the Tragic Future in Short Film ‘The Nostalgist’

Not too long ago, virtual reality was stuck in the lab, an elaborate, expensive rig that worked okay, sure, but was a far cry from anything dreamed up in the movies. Now, it’s no longer a question of when digitally immersive tech for...Show More Summary

Report from New Zealand: How Plants Survived Moa Birds, and More by Susan Harris

2 months agoHobbies / Gardening : Garden Rant

Scott Aker, head of gardens at the National Arboretum, toured New Zealand over the winter – their summer – with his teenage son, who must have been raised with a high tolerance for hort-speak because from the looks of Scott’s slide show, it was a plant-centric journey. Scott certainly put to shame my own puny […]

Tippets: How to Read Water, High vs. Low Line Speed

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

In a recent instructional video from The New Fly Fisher Tom Rosenbauer demonstrates how to identify water where trout hold and feed. Recognizing how water moves around stream structure will help increase your success on the water. John Juracek writes about … more ?

Anglers Get A Range Of Tippet Sizes with RIO’s New 3-Pack of Powerflex Tippet

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

RIO Products has announced their Powerflex Tippet is now available in a new and convenient 3-pack. Read more in the press release below. Anglers Get A Range Of Tippet Sizes with RIO’s new 3-Pack of Powerflex Tippet IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (May … more ?

Tippets: Interview with Lucas Carroll, Meat Whistle Variant, Swinging Streamers in Deep Water

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

Photographer Lucas Carroll talks about his passion for photography as well as technique tips and some of the stories behind his shots in a recent interview on Stalking the Seam. Chris Morris of Arkansas Drift demonstrates his unique take on … more ?

Tippets: Eradicating Aussie Carp, Chesapeake Bay Shows Improvement, Farmed Fish & Hearing Loss, Streams in Winter, Ocean Acidity

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

In Australia, a strain of herpes virus will be released into the Murray-Darling river system with the goal to eradicate European carp. Research from CSIRO has shown the virus to have no impact on humans. Via ABC News. Annual monitoring … more ?

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