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Episode 3 - Digiscoping Techniques

  And here is episode three which includes a last minute cameo addition of a Lawrence's Warbler! How many bird shows do you know have one of those in an episode? Clay and I...Show More Summary

Digiscoping With Clay and Sharon, Episode 2

Here is episode 2! I noticed some people figured out the clue in episode one...will they get episode two and will that clue them in to the overall theme? Hmmmm. This episode is particularly special because we get to talk a little bit...Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #167: Owl Rides A Train, Oil Spill

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.10.25 PM Yep. Another oil spill. Follow National Audubon on Facebook for the most up to date info. Here's a petition. Owl rides a train from Scotland to the UK. Eagle flirting gets out of control. Ravens to be culled in favor of spotted owls. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast: #151 Reindeer in a Tube

Sedish Breakfast When you have breakfast in Sweden you can put any number of things on your toast like honey, mountain berry jam, cheese in a tube, reindeer meat in a tube or caviar in a tube: The Spy Stork Story Facebook bands birding ad for referring to juvenile boobies. Show More Summary

Killdeers, Oh my!

I realized on Monday that since I came home from Europe, I hadn't done any birding apart from the usual mental notes of what is around me when I'm outside. We had a horrible storm that I'd been dealing with and some work that piled up. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #146: Swifts, Storms and Spiders

The national symbol causes 4th of July fireworks to be moved. Rumors abound that Australia's Night Parrot has been photographed. In Guam, spider populations explode as birds disappear. Why table sugar is ok for birds. The Thai version of Birdchick. Show More Summary

Lawrence's Warbler Around The Beehives

With all my travel, I was worried I was going to miss one of my favorite parts of spring: But thanks to the cold, wet spring, the wildflowers were late and I did have some quality time among some trillium at Mr. Neil's. I think I have...Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #169: Catching Up & Blah Blah Blah

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.44.04 PM Non Birding Bill and Greg Miller! THE APP GIVEAWAY MENTIONED IN THE PODCAST IS NOW CLOSED. WE HAVE GIVEN AWAY ALL THE APP CODES. Tree trimmer accused of putting herons in wood chipper in Oakland apparently didn't do that and is genuinely sorry for the situation. Show More Summary

ABA Bird of the Year Contest

Wow.  It's the American Birding Association Bird of the Year contest. I think they're going for Double Rainbow guy...but rather than sounding high on shrooms it sounds a bit more like dirty phone calls I've received.

Digiscoping With Clay and Sharon, Episode 1

Here is the debut of Digiscoping with Clay and Sharon! I hope you enjoy it and please share on your social medias! Be sure to check out the pages of our generous sponsors for this episode,Show More Summary

Web Series Teaser

I'm just back from some epic US travel. I've been in California, Oregon and south Texas. Some was bird festival work and the rest was filming for the web series Clay Taylor and I working on for this spring. Here's a little clip of some...Show More Summary

Hot Caracara Action!

While in the Rio Grande Valley, my friend Marci asked if there were any birds I needed. I don't really have any lifers to get there but I said, "I'd like some quality time with a caracara." She smiled slyly and said, "I think I know a way to do that." I've seen crested caracaras in Texas and Florida, but generally as they fly by or perch momentarily. Show More Summary

Win A Swarovski Scope

Guess what, gang? Once again, I have partnered up with Swarovski Optik North America to give away a spotting scope.  And this time we are producing a short eight episode web series with birding and digiscoping tips with me and my buddy Clay Taylor. Show More Summary

Owls: Birding's Troublesome Ambassador

Here's a little video I made about watching owls.  This is a compilation of some of the owls I've digiscoped over the years. It's one of those sorts of winters again: a northern owl species is heading into parts of the US in big numbers. This time it's snowy owls mostly along the east coast. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #158: Starling Poop In Rome & Hawk Owl Rescue

This is what I feel like when I go birding: Read names of people who said they loved the podcast (it's on your phone). Rome is inundated with starling poop. Kayaker rescues hawk owl in Finland--amazing photo, here's the English version. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #157: New Sibley? Toys R Us are jerks.

Brace yourselves, kids, there's a new Sibley coming. The company Toys R US has an advertising department that is full of complete and total jerks because of this ad: Funny article about rules for the 20 something birder. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #140 Rio Grande Valley Style

What? A stunt husband? Well, kinda sorta. I spend the week in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, and spent some time with all around cool chick Marci Fuller (who is the head of the Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival). We talk some news and some of the cool parts of birding in the Valley. Show More Summary

1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know Book Trailer

If you're curious about what my book is all about, my friends and neighbors helped Non Birding Bill and I make a trailer. Thank you to Duck Washington, Kelven Hatle, TJ Kudalis (and Ceilidh), Zoe Benston (and Vicious), Lili Taylor, Paul Cornell (and Tom) and Joseph Scrimshaw.

Birdchick Podcast: #153 News from the Midwest Birding Symposium

Birdchick I'm going to make fun of Birding Is Fun and their vest contest because I am adamantly opposed to birding vests and I never wear anything ridiculous ever. At all. Never. Ever. By the way, here's my picture from the Midwest Birding...Show More Summary

Strange Bacteria Dine on Electricity and Link Up to Form Biowires

All living organisms need energy. Most animals get their energy by eating other organisms. Plants manufacture energy from sunlight. Now, scientists are finding a strange form of bacterial life that dines on unadulterated electricity. But the fact the bacteria live on electricity isn’t the weird part. We all fundamentally live on […]

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