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Mouth Call Master: Champion Turkey Calling Tips from Hunter Wallis

Hunter Wallis, Teenage Champion Turkey Caller by FieldandStream   Hunter Wallis knows a little something about turkey calling. At only 18 years old, he’s a six-time National Wild Turkey Federation Grand National champion, the highest honor in competitive turkey calling. Show More Summary

Video: Cutting on a Mouth Call

Turkey Calling Tip: How to Cutt on a Mouth Call by FieldandStream Hard, loud cutting is a surefire way to make a reluctant gobbler give away his location. Hunter Wallis, six-time Grand National Calling champion, uses cutts whenever he’s...Show More Summary

Video: How to Purr on a Mouth Call

Turkey Calling Tip: How to Purr on a Mouth Call by FieldandStream Purring is perhaps the most difficult sound to master on a mouth call. To do it right, you hae to first pick the right call. Hunter Wallis, the 18-year-old turkey calling champ with six Grand National wins, uses a stiff, triple-reed batwing cut. Show More Summary

Video: Finishing Calls for Hung-Up Gobblers

Turkey Calling Tip: How to Finish A Hung-Up... by FieldandStream When a gobbler won’t commit, Hunter Wallis, six-time Grand National turkey calling champ, switches to a series of soft clucks, purrs, and yelps. “We’ve all been in that...Show More Summary

GummiArm keeps getting better

We’ve covered the GummiArm before, but it’s an ongoing project, and it just keeps getting better! This time we have a video of the GummiArm taking a hit from a full 2 liter bottle and living to tell the tale! This is quite a feat, and well executed. As before, the project files are available […]

Video: The Backcountry Beast Survival Kit

Super Survival Kit: The Backcountry Beast by FieldandStream Go off the grid, and things can get ugly pronto. You need a kit that’s easy to carry and packed with everything you need to weather a three-day blow or a busted femur.  See a photo gallery of all the items. 

Noisy, but nice

Blogging is a peculiar activity. It initiates an internal monologue when one is alone in the field and keeps up...

Tippets: 2016 Breaking Barriers Award, World’s Best Blood Knot

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

Nelli Williams is the recipient of the 2016 Breaking Barriers Award from Orvis. Williams is Director for Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program and has played a critical role in conservation campaigns directed towards protecting Bristol Bay. “Her work is helping break down … more ?

Shed Hunting Dogs: 4 Training Drills to Turn Your Retriever into an Antler Finder

 Photographs and video by Stephen Maturen If shed hunting is modern deer hunting’s Hot Ticket, then the shed dog is the sport’s Next Big Thing. One well-trained dog will cover five times more ground than the leanest, meanest, shed hunter around. Show More Summary

Choosing the Best Red Dot Sight: Reviews for 2016

This is it, the moment of truth. The moment you have been waiting for all season. You have tracked down this beast of an animal and now’s your chance to harvest. Your weapon is in perfect position and your aim is steady. When you’reShow More Summary

Turkey Decoy Tips and Hacks: 4 Ways to Increase Realism Without Breaking the Bank

I've had a love/hate relationship with turkey decoys for some time. In the beginning—when turkey hunting was a fairly new phenomenon here in southern Michigan, when the birds were naive, when the spring season was filled with hard-gobbling...Show More Summary

How You Can Improve Your Accuracy by Adding a Wrist Sling to Your Hunting Bow

/ Why You Should Add a Wrist Sling to Your... by OutdoorLife Whether you are a compound or traditional shooter, making good, consistent shots requires that many factors be executed correctly. One of those key factors is how you grip your bow. Show More Summary

Handgun Skills: What I Learned at the NSSF Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp

I don't practice with my handgun much. This is partly because it's locked in a safe back in the Midwest. And because I live in New York City, where such a proposal is laughable (and illegal, if you don't have all your paperwork in order). But...Show More Summary

Video Hatch: “Super Salmon”

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This trailer outlines the threats posed by a hydroelectric dam on Alaska’s Sustina River. Short film coming January, 2016. Via Ryan Peterson.

Weekly Challenge :: Put a Book in your Scrapbook

After beautiful sunshine this weekend, there is a sky filled with clouds over my house this morning and it feels just about perfect to make some coffee, put on some music and do one of two things: read a good book… or scrapbook. Of course. Show More Summary

The Coming Robot War Is Our Fault in Short Film ‘Rise’

Speculating what will cause our ultimate demise has been the stuff of science fiction for years—if it’s not aliens wiping out the human race, it’s probably robots. This is a proven trope that keeps moviegoers flocking to the likes of Independence Day, Ender’s Game, The Terminator, or The Matrix. Show More Summary

Video: Bowhunt for a 413-Inch Bull Elk

Bowhunt for a Giant 413-Inch Bull Elk by FieldandStream My wife says I've been a little obsessive about turkeys lately.  "That's all he's talked about for the last damn month," Michelle Brantley said in an interview Friday. "Turkeys for work. Show More Summary

Tippets: Angling Author Pseudonyms, Tips for Tying Efficiency, Thailand’s Walking Cavefish

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

Angling authors have often used pseudonyms when publishing their works. An interesting new page via Wikipedia highlights the people behind the writing. Read more here. Bob Reece offers great tips for preparations that will make your time at the vise … more ?

New Hook Shots: Giant NH White Perch On The Ice

Hook Shots: Giant New Hampshire White Perch by FieldandStream You know, where I'm from, nobody gives white perch the time of day. They're small, they live in brackish water, and for the most part, they're nothing but by-catch. It wasn't...Show More Summary

The Stuck-Safety Gobbler

The Stuck-Safety Gobbler by FieldandStream When you're filming hunts, there is a fine line between allowing the animal to "do his thing" on camera and letting him get away. Down in South Florida, I almost let this turkey get away. My buddy Tony Hansen and I had been hunting hard that day, from before daylight until almost fly-up time. Show More Summary

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