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Tippets: Interview with April Vokey, Walking the Dog, Tying the Tungsten Torpedo

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

While she’s recently become an established “name” in fly fishing, April Vokey has been fishing since childhood. She opens up about her life and passions (and some pet peeves, too), in a recent interview with Anna Cohen on Amberjack Journal. … more ?

Electroejaculation Is an Undignified but Efficient Way to Save Endangered Species

There may be no species closer to the black brink of extinction than the largest freshwater turtle on Earth, the Yangtze giant softshell. Only four of these critically endangered reptiles are left in existence, due to habitat loss, pollution, and hunting. Show More Summary

Life's Too Short Not to Chia

Ch-ch-ch-chia!Sing it with me now! When you hear that song, which Chia Pet® pops into your head? Though it seems as if these quirky items have been in existence forever, it's really only been since 1982 that they were widely marketed. Show More Summary

Football Diplomacy

The realization that the Soviet Union hadn’t evolved as much as Mikhail Gorbachev suggested quickly dawned on Raycom Sports Chairman Rick Ray during a trip to Moscow in 1988. He was there to meet with a Soviet state sports committee, and the luggage belonging to him and Dee, his wife and business partner, got “lost” at the airport. Show More Summary

Bullseye! Watch SpaceX Rocket Fall From Space and Land on a Dime

I've been wanting to write this headline for awhile. When SpaceX first began launching, steering, and landing rockets a few years ago, the dream of reusable rockets began to seem less dreamlike.... read more The post Bullseye! Watch SpaceX Rocket Fall From Space and Land on a Dime appeared first on Singularity HUB.

Never Bet Against Bugs Bunny

Demolition Ranch's own Bugs Bunny Who’d have thought Bugs Bunny knew so much about shotguns? Remember those ’toons where Elmer Fudd (“Be vewy, vewy quiet! I’m huntin’ wabbits!”) is chasing Bugs and the rabbit calmly inserts a carrotShow More Summary

Secrets to Long Haul Creativity

About five years ago, I started thinking long and hard about a very specific type of creativity. Unlike most researchers, I was less interested in exploring the day-to-day puzzle of... read more The post Secrets to Long Haul Creativity appeared first on Singularity HUB.

Bedford and the Normalization of Deviance

The NTSB report on the Bedford G-IV crash has been released, and "pilot error" doesn't even begin to describe it. How do respected, well-trained, experienced pilots screw up so badly? And could it ever happen to us? Sadly, the answer is "yes". Show More Summary

Tippets: Making Mends, Good Stream Etiquette

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

In an instructional video from TROUT magazine Kirk Deeter demonstrates how to effectively make a mend in your cast. Watch this “Trout Tip” here. Jeffrey Harris remembers the wisdom of angler Bill Cairns regarding good stream etiquette. “In summary, behave … more ?

Dave Parker game-used material card

I've got some Parker cards in hand though not one picturing him in his prime with the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team he won the National League MVP with in 1978 - to fill a hole in my award winners collection, I picked up a Parker 2012 Panini Golden Age Museum Age Authentic Collection material card for $2. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #200 Stories Sharon only tells in bars.

Thank you, Annie Aguirre for the art and incorporating my feelings about snowy owls and my love of Pokemon. What? We are giving away something from Mincing Mockingbird? It's the third book Prolonging Revenge Through Reincarnation: The Paintings of the Mincing Mockingbird Volume III Hardcover Art Book. Show More Summary

Miracle Kitten Comes Back to Life After (Nearly) Freezing to Death

It’s easy to be cynical about most things in life, but this time of the year, it’s nice to find proof that there’s a little magic in the air. For evidence of that, look no further than the video above. In it, Branden Bingham and hisShow More Summary

How Long Until We Can Build R2-D2 and C-3PO?

The Star Wars universe is full of droids. Everywhere you turn, there are medical droids, exploration droids, labor droids, pilot droids, even battle droids. They carry out clearly defined tasks,... read more The post How Long Until We Can Build R2-D2 and C-3PO? appeared first on Singularity HUB.

Video Hatch: “VIBE$”

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

This short film highlights footage of summer fishing in Norway. Via Carl Martin Storøy.

HR-OS1 Tackles the Stairs!

Qian Wang, a student working in a group of researchers from the Institute of Media Innovation at Nanyang Technological University has done an excellent job making a set of motions that allows the HR-OS1 to climb up stairs! Keeping in mind the weight balance of each part, the movement looks both careful and acrobatic. One […]

Prophets of Thrift

When Sean Cooper, a 30-year-old Toronto resident, paid off his $255,000 mortgage in slightly more than three years, he apparently expected the universe to give him a big pat on the back. Why else allow the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation...Show More Summary

Battlefront Embraces the Dark Side

Like most boys born in the 1970s, I grew up besotted with Star Wars movies, stories, and toys. And among those treasures, just as prized as the Lobot action figure and the piece-of-pie–shaped Death Star with the foam-pit trash compactor, were video games. Show More Summary

Introducing the Steph Curry Spiciness Index

After a record-shattering start to the season, the Golden State Warriors finally lost their first game of 2015–16 on Saturday to drop to 24–1 on the year. For basketball fans, the Warriors have been appointment viewing this season, dominating opponents by more than 13 points per game with a mix of fundamentals and flair. Show More Summary

Star Wars Is a Postmodern Masterpiece

There are few faster ways to incense a movie geek than by calling Star Wars “sci-fi.” Star Wars may feature spaceships and aliens, but (pushes glasses up) its aspirations are definitely not those of science fiction. Ask what Star Wars actually is, however, and you’ll receive as many answers as there are scoundrels at the Mos Eisley Cantina. Show More Summary

Tippets: BTT’s Bonefish Genetics Program, Fishing from a Boat, Bow and Arrow Cast

2 months agoHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

In a recent video, Justin Lewis demonstrates how to take a fin clip sample from a bonefish for Bonefish and Tarpon Trust’s Bonefish Genetics Program, which studies the genetics of different populations of bonefish and their movements. From general stream … more ?

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