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Project Rhoeby is navigation capable.

Forum user and roboticist madhatter101 has just introduced his newly ROS enabled hexapod, Rhoeby! Built on a Robotis Bioloid kit, it uses a TeraRanger 2D LiDAR (from Rhoeby Dynamics, hence the name) to scan its surroundings. It supports SLAM, Navigation, and Dynamic [...]

National Ad: Would You Give to a Humane Society that Doesn’t Run Any Pet Shelters?

Humane Society of the United States Called Out for Lack of Support for Pet Shelters Washington, D.C.–Today, a project of the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom, announced a new ad running on national cable targeting the deceptively named Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Show More Summary

Left Hook Grand Prix Videos

Matt Pullin put together a great two-part series on what I like to call the Left Hook Grand Prix against the Sicilian. I think he pinpoints some of the critical Black defenses, though he says he has played it from both sides. Since my...Show More Summary

Der Spiegel Interviews Magnus Carlsen

"I am Chaotic and Lazy" is Magnus Carlsen's headlining self-description in a recent Der Spiegel interview reprinted by ChessBase. It is a remarkable interview, most for the self-deprecating comments of the World Number One and for the insight into his own quite level-headed attitude toward the game. Show More Summary

KevinO’s ROS Hexapod Golem

Roboticist KevinO has been up to some really amazing stuff with his ROS Hexapod “Golem”. We’ve highlighted this robot before, but it just keeps getting better. The leap he’s made using mathematical odometry via Rviz in ROS is worth noting. Point cloud data (registered as a fake laser scan at robot height), IMU, and visual [...]

The Theosophic Turtle by Allen Bush

Adam Turtle may have been restless at times, but I doubt he has ever struggled much with boredom. The résumé of the Tennessee nurseryman and farmer is not a record of a dull life. Turtle has been “a boy scout, cowboy, fisherman, truck driver, chef, homeless bum, woodworker, sculptor, preacher, theosopher, and general trouble maker.” […]

SCDNR Inaugural Sporting Clays Shoot Draws Crowds to Edgefield

  EDGEFIELD, S.C. — The Palmetto Shooting Complex at the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and the town of Edgefield welcomed nearly 1,200 visitors to the area for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ (SCDNR) Inaugural Youth Sporting Clays Open. Show More Summary

Conservation Hawks Releases Cold Waters Film

CH shares new Cold Waters film with America’s anglers. BIGFORK, Mont. – Conservation Hawks, Inc., a group of hunters and anglers working to defend America’s sporting heritage, will release an important new film to the public on April 21. Show More Summary

Nigel Short's World of Science

Good Lord, Nigel's on the telly. And in the Telegraph. And the Independent. And the Guardian. And the Vile. And Time. Twice. And the Standard. Nigel does not think this is wholly fair. To some extent he's right - it's not hard to pick...Show More Summary

Disney World Paper Chain Countdown

Our family is heading to Disney World in just a couple weeks for the Disney Social Media Celebration conference, eeeeek! We are all beyond excited! We’ve visited Disneyland a few times as a family, but never Disney World in Florida. We... Continue Reading ? The post Disney World Paper Chain Countdown appeared first on Make and Takes.

Finally a Frustration-Free Lighted Nock For Crossbows Introducing the Clean Shot ® Nock Out ® Crossbow Nock

Kent, Washington- Clean-Shot Archery, a company who made a huge splash in 2014 with the NOCK OUT® Lighted Nock, is pleased to release the NOCK OUT® for Crossbows. Featuring the same great benefits as their vertical bow version – Practice...Show More Summary

Video Hatch: “The Warm Up”

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

While the wait for warmer weather might take a while in northern climates, the folks at FRENZY brave the cold to get out on the water.

Bop ‘em Pop ‘em Robots

These soft robots, developed by Otherlab, are one of the results of research into lighter, softer robotics. As a point, these biologically inspired robots are soft, but strong as their hard bodied cousins. Due to the less precise nature of building with soft materials, these robots have more sensors than a traditionally hard robot would [...]

Andy Mill joins Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition

last monthHobbies / Fishing : MidCurrent

The Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition offers anglers an opportunity to help participate in field work that will advance tarpon research, while also enjoying fishing opportunities in Belize. The 2015 expedition will be led in part by Andy Mill. Read more … more ?

Anand Interviewed

With the ash from Iceland's volcano disrupting air travel and grounding Vishy Anand's flight, there is still some question whether or not he will make it to Sofia in time to play the World Championship match. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera has posted a very informative interview with Anand in two parts.

Caro-Kann Defense, Fantasy Variation

There has been a lot of interest of late in the Caro-Kann Fantasy Variation (1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.f3!?), which is looking more and more like one of the more viable alternative to the mainstream Advance Variation (3.e5), Classical (3.Nd2 or 3.Nc3) and Exchange / Panov Attack (3.exd5). Show More Summary

Philadelphia Open Starts Strong

The Philadelphia Open is going strong, with a great turn out from titled players, including GMs Kamsky, Stripunsky, Robson, Ehlvest, Shabalov, Friedel, Akobian, Kudrin, Perelshteyn, and DeFirmian (to name just a few!) It's looking like Easter's answer to the World Open, with practically the same level of fireworks for chess fans. Show More Summary

Marshall's 1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nf6!?

Rick Kennedy's well-researched Alekhine vs. Marshall's 1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nf6!? at ChessCafe (originally in Kaissiber #27) would almost lead you to believe that Frank James Marshall's center-surrendering experiment against the Queen's Gambit might be fully playable. Show More Summary

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