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Podcast: the only way to get evidence-based policy is to embrace ambiguity in science

yesterdayHumor / odd : Boing Boing

In the 2015 Sense About Science lecture (MP3), Tracey Brown discusses the worst casualty of politicization of science, from fluoride to climate change -- the truth. (more…)

The RadioBastard Podcast Prepares You For The Coming Trump-pocalypse With Alternate Pulp Fiction Casting, More Batmans (Batmen?) and More

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

It’s almost like we never abandoned you for two months. Jeremy and Jason have returned, but where were they and who have they become?! Learn about their harrowing tale (busy working and playing Playstation) and also learn about their thoughts on Stephen Colbert‘s late night takeover, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s takeover of The Apprentice, Batman V. Bourne, […]

Things We Saw Today: You Know We’ve Got “Bat Blood” - Bat-aids don't fix building holes.

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, How It Should Have Ended brought together a gang of bad-ass warriors for a "Bat Blood" Taylor Swift parody.

What magicians, con-artists, and scammers can teach us about humility and humanity

2 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Before we had names for them or a science to study their impact, the people who could claim the most expertise on biases, fallacies, heuristics and all the other recently popularized quirks of human reasoning were scam artists, con artists, and magicians. Read the rest

Interview with TV show host and maker Jimmy DiResta

2 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Our guest on the Cool Tools Show podcast is Jimmy DiResta. He is a maker, toy designer, and TV show host. He’s been the host of a number of DIY shows including Dirty Money, Trash to Cash, Against the Grain, and Hammered with John and Jimmy DiResta. Show More Summary

Podcast: Ian McDonald talks about Luna: New Moon (also coming to CBS!)

2 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Science fiction titan Ian McDonald's forthcoming novel Luna: New Moon is the subject of the latest installment of the always-great Coode Street podcast (MP3). Read the rest

Why Ziya Tong likes the CocoJack

2 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The most recent guest on the Cool Tools Show (hosted by Kevin Kelly and me) is Ziya Tong, host and producer of the television program Daily Planet, Canada's daily science show, which airs on Discovery Canada. Before that, Ziya was host and field producer for Wired Science, produced in conjunction with Wired Magazine and NOVA ScienceNOW on PBS. Show More Summary

‘Easy Heaven’, A Seamless Mashup of ‘Easy’ by The Commodores and ‘Just Like Heaven’ by The Cure

2 months agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Daniel Barassi of Brat Productions has mashed together the audio from “Easy” by The Commodores with “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure – two very different songs from two very different music genres – that come together seamlessly, as if they were made for one another. The song is also available to download in MP3 […]

The RadioBastard Podcast And Bill Murray Recap San Diego Comic-Con 2015

3 months agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Surrounded by an ocean of discarded lanyards, empty hand sanitizer bottles, nerd tears, and a slowly dissipating funk cloud, it’s Bastard-Con 2015!, North America’s 4th biggest wholly audio nerd convention. This year, Jeremy and Jason offer an exclusive (ish) preview of X-Men: Apoplectic, Deadpool: Fck Your Face, Star Wars Episode 7: Practical Magic, Batman V. […]

The RadioBastard Podcast Seeks Salvation Through Judgement Of Terminator Genisys

3 months agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

by…rising a machine or something. Hey Internet, do you like movies about ineffective robots that go back in time to muddled and defective plots riddled with holes? Then do we have a movie for you. Yes, Terminator Genisys is out and it is not good so we turned on the microphones and were unnecessarily harsh on ol’Arnie’s new movie. […]

Curing kids of the notion that they suck at science

3 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Can a new computer-assisted teaching program rid us of the cognitive errors that lead to students believing they suck at math or just aren’t cut out to study science? According to Ulrik Christensen, senior fellow of digital learning at McGraw-Hill Education, yes it can. Read the rest

Andrew Mayne: magician, maker, and the author of five bestselling mystery and thriller novels

3 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Our guest on the Cool Tools Show this week is Andrew Mayne. He is a magician, maker, and the author of five bestselling mystery and thriller novels. Read the rest

The RadioBastard Podcast And A Drunk Raccoon In A Denny’s At 3am Talking About Batman And Stuff

3 months agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Abducted and probed thoroughly and lovingly by aliens or rednecks, Jeremy and Jason made their escape after a month in captivity, their only motivation to go home and podcast for you fine people. So… here’s the RadioBastard Podcast, live (taped) and in living color (it’s audio). On the show this time: Raptor Strike Force Bravo […]

When Firms Become Persons and Persons Become Firms: outstanding lecture

3 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

UC Berkeley Political Scientist Wendy Brown came to the London School of Economics last week to discuss her book Undoing the Demos, and her lecture (MP3) is literally the best discussion of how and why human rights are being taken away from humans and given to corporations. Read the rest

A History of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

3 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

G.I. Joe was the codename for America’s daring, highly trained special missions force. Its purpose was to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. From 1982 until 1994, Hasbro’s G.I. Show More Summary

Neal Stephenson on the story behind Seveneves

3 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Rick Kleffel sends his latest Bookotron podcast: "Neal Stephenson discusses (MP3) the challenges of turning orbital dynamics into pulse-pounding fiction... and his latest novel Seveneves." (Image: Bob Lee, CC-BY)

How Google uses behavioral science to make work suck less

4 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

From Dilbert to Fight Club to Joe Versus the Volcano, the world of white-collar drones and managerial ineptitude has long been a goldmine for parody. Read the rest

Poverty is a tax on cognition

4 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

In an outstanding lecture at the London School of Economics, Macarthur "genius award" recipient Sendhil Mullainathan explains his research on the psychology of scarcity, a subject that he's also written an excellent book about. Read the rest

The RadioBastard Podcast Schools Supergirl and the Warlords of YouSuckLand

4 months agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

From the harsh terrible wastelands (the internet) come two brave heroes (chubby guys with microphones) to do battle with (talk about) the evils of this world (ok, that last bit might be pretty accurate.) This week, Jeremy and Jason run through how Snoop Dogg failed grade 8 history, why Alan Thicke and his wife aced sex-ed, […]

Politics as Performance: From Obama's Luther to Huckabee's Christ

Listen to this companion podcast on SiriusXM POTUS 124. As the White House Correspondents' Dinner reliably demonstrates, performance is the new politics. By tapping comedy, drama and other forms of storytelling influencers can access...Show More Summary

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