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Kobe Bryant's Retirement Poem For All His Haters

48 minutes agoHumor : Funny or Die

Kobe Bryant's Retirement Poem For All... Kobe recently told his fans via poem that he is retiring. This is the poem he wrote to let his haters know. Submitted by: Zack Poitras Regular Keywords: kobe bryant nba funny haha poem retirement laker all star michael jordan magic poetry rhyme basketball los angeles Views: 3

Can you ID these unlabeled subway maps?

49 minutes agoHumor / odd :

Using Neil Freeman's maps at Fake is the New Real, the Guardian created a quiz: Can you identify the world cities from their 'naked' metro maps? As interested as I am in both maps and subways, I did shockingly bad on this quiz. (via @daveg) Tags: maps Neil Freeman subway

Teen Girl Tells Us About Her Incest

55 minutes agoHumor : eBaum's World

I bet her parents are going to freak out when they first see this...

'Gangnam Style' Star Psy Is Back With Bizarre New Video 'Daddy'

Just when you were finally getting “Gangnam Style” out of your head. Korean pop singer Psy is back with a music video for new single “Daddy.” The song, which features K-pop star CL, is a gender-swapped tribute to’s “I Got It...Show More Summary

Trump says clips of Muslims cheering 9/11 exist because other people have seen them

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing On Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd asked Trump to back up his claim that there was news footage of Muslims cheering the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Trump says it really happened because his supporters saw the same clips he did when they aired 14 years ago. Image: MortonDevonshire/Wikipedia

American Voices: Sugar-Free Drinks Might Cause Dental Issues

1 hour agoHumor : The Onion

A new study suggests that the chemical acids in sugar-free drinks like diet soda can cause measurable harm to tooth enamel, an erosion that is just as damaging as the tooth decay caused by regular soda. What do you think?

Peter Jackson Wonders Aloud to His Daughter About Directing an Episode of ‘Doctor Who’

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Director Peter Jackson announced that he would be directing an episode of Doctor Who through a very clever sketch in which he wonders aloud to his daughter as to whether he should respond to an email from show-runner Steven Moffatt. While he was considering, however, Moffatt sent over a contract with a very special messenger […]

The Gregory Brothers Perform a Sad Cover of ‘Jingle Bells’ Just by Changing the Key of the Jolly Christmas Song

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

The Brooklyn-based band, The Gregory Brothers, recently performed a sad cover of “Jingle Bells” by simply changing the musical key of the jolly Christmas song. One way that a lot of people die is by going out in the snow to ride sleighs, partying too hard, and then getting frostbite and hypothermia. BEWARE THIS HOLIDAY […]

‘The New Yorker’ Releases a Special Animated Cover by Chris Ware in Collaboration With ‘This American Life’

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

The New Yorker has released a special animated video for the “Mirror” cover by cartoonist Chris Ware in collaboration with This American Life for the December 7, 2015 issue. The cartoon visualizes a story by Hanna Rosin that was recorded for the recent This American Life episode “Regrets, I’ve Had a Few” but did not make the final […]

The Department of Delicious Deception wants to take you all out...

The Department of Delicious Deception wants to take you all out to lunch, so we hope the only thing you want to eat is lots and lots of cake. Canadian baker Yolanda Gampp of How To Cake It (previously featured here) created this enormous...Show More Summary

An Interesting Take on Trump

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Snopes

Conservative commentator William J. Bennett did not pen an essay hypothesizing that Donald Trump would be killed before he could be elected President.

Victoria Beckham—aka Posh Spice herself—delivered the final word on Kim Kardashian's Spice Girls costume.

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

Over Thanksgiving, Kim Kardashian said via Instagram that she was thankful for the Spice Girls. And it's about time that someone finally recognized those spicy ladies for all they do for us throughout the year. Kim shared two photosShow More Summary

Wink 2015 Holiday gift guide: Gareth Branwyn’s picks

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Over at Wink (the books and fun stuff reviews site my wife Carla edits) our friend Gareth Branwyn has selected a number of cool things he recommends as holiday gifts. There are games, mind expanders, and tools. I want the Pro Studio Hobby Brushes (above).

Cyber Monday Deals From Presidential Candidates' Online Campaign Shops

1 hour agoHumor : Funny or Die

Cyber Monday Deals From Presidential... It's Cyber Monday, so if you've been putting off getting a Hillary Clinton branded unicycle, now is your chance! Submitted by: News Regular Keywords: We Check Out The Top 2016 Presidential Candidates'...Show More Summary

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