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That’s a Good Dog

7 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

The moral of this story is that if you give a dog some meatballs, he’ll do anything for you. I don’t know what that has to do with banking, but it’s a cute story from a Thai bank ad. (YouTube link) (Checks tranlastion) Oh, the moral of the story is that a small investment can pay off big in the future. Show More Summary

Chris Pine In Talks To Join Cast Of ‘Wonder Woman’

7 hours agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

Bad Robot alumni Chris Pine is rumored to be circling one of Warner Brothers most anticipated DC films, Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. The DC Cinematic Universe has just barely gotten off the ground, so this could be a great move for Pine to establish himself in the cornerstone role of Steve Trevor! More info after the jump! […]

Europe, Portugal-faced

7 hours agoHumor / odd : Strange Maps

Portugal is Europe's face? Only in a Pessoa poem. And on this map. Read More

Watch a Big Pile of Lazy Walruses on a Live Video Stream

8 hours agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

Every April, Round Island—a rugged spit of land off the coast of Southern Alaska— serves  as a sort of "man cave" for thousands of male walruses. While the females are off raising pups, up to 14,000 males gather to pretty much just lie around. Show More Summary

Really Terrible Money Saving Tips by Pleated-Jeans

8 hours agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Jeans offers some really terrible money saving tips to help you get through life.

Here’s the 22-year-old intern who wrote the #1 and #2 entries on Late Show with David Letterman’s finale Top 10

David Letterman's 33-year career in late-night television memorably gave a lot of would-be comedy writers and producers their own starts in show business as interns, receptionists and pages -- and wouldn't you know it -- even his grand finale held true to that formula. Caroline Schaper, a 22-year-old intern for Letterman who just graduated from […]

Behind-the-scenes 'Mad Max' stunt footage is almost as cool as the film.

8 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

Actually, in a lot of ways it's cooler, because you're seeing dudes pull totally real badass moves. Action movies! Boy, are they cool! But I recently found out that they are NOT DOCUMENTARIES and actually use something called "SPECIAL...Show More Summary

Fangirls Travel the World to Photograph Their Favorite TV and Movie Locations

8 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

The Walking Dead, Atlanta, Georgia The fangirls at Fangirl Quest have a mission: to screenframe their favorite TV shows and movies across the world. That means that they take iconic shots from these visual stories and frame them within photos of the locations where they were shot. Show More Summary

10 Musicians Who Have Also Written Comic Books

8 hours agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

When they're not busy rocking out, more than a few well-known musicians dabble in a different kind of art: comic books. Here are 10 crooners, rappers, and musicians who have written their own. 1. My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way Perhaps...Show More Summary

Guy creates fake pet store labels sure to disappoint kids and delight the Internet.

8 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

Little shop of horrors. We're going to need a bigger cage. (via Obvious Plant) Serial prankster Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant is back to destroy the hopes and dreams of any kid who desperately wants to raise an atomic monstrosity (or, even worse, a Guy Fieri hamster). Show More Summary

Let Rapping Big Bird Make Your Day As He Throws Down To Big Pun's 'Still Not A Player'

He's an endearing childhood character, and he's not a player -- he just crushes a lot. "He" is Big Bird, and thanks to some inspired editing by Ben Roberts, aka Animal Robot, he's also a fan of the late rapper Big Pun. If you've ever wondered what Big Bird does after he leaves Sesame Street for the day, now you have an answer. Show More Summary

Walmart settles out of court with Tracy Morgan, Ardie Fuqua and Jeffrey Millea

Just shy of the one-year anniversary of the fatal wreck on the New Jersey Turnpike that killed comedian "Jimmy Mack" and critically wounded Tracy Morgan, Ardie Fuqua and Morgan's assistant, Walmart has completed out-of-court settlements with the trio of survivors. Papers were filed in federal court, with terms of the settlements left confidential. “Walmart did […]

The Mary Sue Interview: Dark Horse’s Magical Girl Comic Zodiac Starforce Is Your New Favorite Thing - Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau prepare you to fall in love.

9 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

There's a new magical girl squad out there, so have your epic transformations and super-cute powers at the ready! Dark Horse is granting all of our greatest comic wishes with Zodiac Starforce (described as Sailor Moon meets Buffy meets Lumberjanes!), and we got the chance to speak with Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau, the co-creators and creative team behind the new title.

The Mary Sue Interview: A Trans Man on Representation, Visibility, and Aydain Dowling

9 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Aydain Dowling. He’s in competition run by Men’s Health Magazine, where one of their readers could become their next cover model; someone who has leadership, has helped their community, and exemplifies the fitness goals of the magazine. Show More Summary

We’re always on the lookout for awesome new ways to play with...

We’re always on the lookout for awesome new ways to play with our food. Barcelona-based art director and graphic designer Ingrid Picanyol worked with Spanish pastry chef Josep Maria Ribé from Callebaut to create these awesome 3D chocolate animal puzzles called the Kit Animalium. Show More Summary

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