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Cool print from artist Barnaby Ward to assist the hurricane victims of Irma and Maria

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

My friend Barnaby Ward is an artist who lives in Barbados. He emailed me and said: I have a new, limited edition print for sale, with all profits going towards aiding the hurricane victims of Irma and Maria. The Caribbean is a bit of...Show More Summary

Mitch McConnell helps Trump conquer his crippling fear of stairs with handhold

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Death and Taxes

McConnell looks way more stoked to hold Trump's hand than Melania usually does.

Did Divers Just Uncover the ‘Lost City’ of Heracleion?

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Snopes

Divers did uncover the ruins of Thonis-Heracleion, but the discovery was not new in 2017 — contrary to the claims of clickbait articles.

BMD Exclusive Clip: TOTEM Definitely Doesn’t Save The Cat

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Badass Digest

The indie horror picture is looking to be chock full of weirdness. Read more...

Mississippi School Pulls To Kill a Mockingbird Because it Makes Students “Uncomfortable”

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

Banned Books Week may have passed, but recently in Biloxi, Mississippi a public school pulled To Kill a Mockingbird from an eighth-grade reading list, according to The Washington Post. The School Board vice president, Kenny Holloway,...Show More Summary

This 'storm glass' is stupid but looks neat

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

This decorative storm glass "predicts" the weather. Admiral FitzRoy says so. It seems natural, to me anyway, that there would be a storm glass on my curio packed shelves. Purported to change in advance of weather, the chemicals in solution...Show More Summary

Mayim Bialik’s Tone-Deaf Op-Ed Is a Reminder That Calling Yourself a Feminist Isn’t Enough

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

If you needed a reminder that calling yourself a feminist doesn’t automatically make you progressive, look no further than Mayim Bialik’s opinion piece in the New York Times. Titled "Being a Feminist in Harvey Weinstein’s World," Bialik...Show More Summary

Pluto's equator is covered in skyscraper-sized methane ice blades

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

As NASA continues to examine the treasure trove of data from the New Horizons project, one interesting phenomenon at Pluto's equator has been identified as massive ice blades made of methane. (more…)

New Stranger Things Clip Answers Season 1’s Most Pressing Question

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

Turn back now if you want to go into season 2 of Stranger Things with a clean slate!

Blockers Is the Kind of Sexist Garbage That Should Never Enter Your Eye Holes

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

What is frustrating about Blockers is not simply the fact that it’s premise is really dumb and dated, but that it reflects the sexist behaviors and double standards that exist towards how parents raise their daughters. As John Cena’s...Show More Summary

“Almost Like Praying” Bathroom Demo Shows Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Brilliance, but the Finished Version’s Better, Obvi

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

Demos are fascinating in that they give us a glimpse into the creative process of musicians we love. We all know what a brilliant songsmith Lin-Manuel Miranda is, and so it's really cool to hear how "Almost Like Praying," a song that...Show More Summary

Sia just announced the Christmas album we didn't know we needed

Move over, Mariah Carey—Sia is coming for your holiday throne.  While she's normally known for her emotional ballads and yearning pop songs, the Australian singer-songwriter is departing from her usual fare with the announcement that she's dropping a Christmas album in time for the holiday season. Show More Summary

California Becomes First State to Legally Recognize Nonbinary Genders On All State-Issued ID Documents

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

With the signing of the Gender Recognition Act, California officially became the first state to legally recognize nonbinary genders on all state-issued identity documents.

Gotta Love Wolfenstein II’s Strongly Anti-Nazi, Pro-Nazi-Punching Stance

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

The main thing Wolfenstein hinges on is fighting Nazis, so you'd think it wouldn't be such a surprise for the newest game in the franchise to take a strong anti-Nazi stance. Then again, you might also think that being strongly anti-Nazi would be implicit enough not to have to be a "stance" in 2017, so here we are.

Was a Woman Killed by a Frozen Shaft of Urine?

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Snopes

An image purportedly showing a woman who was pierced by a urine icicle originated on a 1990s-era British television show.

Sorry, Jimmy Fallon, You Don’t Get to Take It Easy on Trump Because You “Don’t Really Even Care That Much About Politics”

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

Asked why he hasn't gone after Trump like so many other late-night hosts have, Jimmy Fallon said, "It's just not what I do...I don’t really even care that much about politics." But unfortunately for him, he's obligated to care about politics.

Long Live the King: New Black Panther Trailer Brings Us Into Wakanda

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

"I've seen gods fly," begins the newest Black Panther trailer, "I've seen men build weapons that I couldn't even imagine. I've seen aliens drop from the sky. But I have never seen anything like this."

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