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How the Tank Got Its Name

10 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Photo: Mark Holloway) During World War I, warring nations developed large, heavily armored, self-propelled vehicles that could support infantry attacks. They called these war machines "tanks." Why? It was the British who came up with the name. Show More Summary

You Can Buy the Midcentury Furniture From the Four Seasons This Summer

10 hours agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

The landmarked interior space, established in 1959, will be getting a new restaurant, but you can take home pieces of the old one.

Charles Gatewood, photographer of fringe culture, RIP

11 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Charles Gatewood, a pioneering photographer of the underground for nearly 50 years, died today from injuries sustained in a fall from his third-floor balcony. He was 74. From documenting the Beats and the dark alleys of 1970s Mardi Gras...Show More Summary

Suit Up With Superhero Collection

11 hours agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

So… cosplayers, right? There are thousands of them out there out there all dressed up in their fanciest, and often elaborate, costumes showing off their love and support of pop cultures biggest (and oftentimes most obscure) icons. Sadly, playing dress up is beyond the capability of most fan boys and girls who’s sewing and craft […]

16 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Plastic Surgeons

11 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Unless you yourself are a plastic surgeon, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about what they do. The specialty was born to help those who were wounded in war, but is now heavily supported by people who want to look better. Not that...Show More Summary

How Irina Margareta Nistor Introduced Sylvester Stallone to Communist Romania

12 hours agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

She was the most famous woman in Romania during the 1980s, but no one had ever seen her face.

Key and Peele lose their cool eating insanely hot wings

If you've ever wanted to see Key and Peele go briefly blind due to spiciness, this is the video for you. The comedic duo took part in an interview with First We Feast, during which they ate five increasingly hotter wings.  To give you...Show More Summary

A New Watership Down Movie Is in Development

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

When Richard Adams's first novel was published in 1972, one critic wrote "I announce with trembling excitement the looks of an exceptional story." This was Watership Down, a masterfully crafted tale of adventure, courage, tyranny, and freedom. Show More Summary

20th Century Fox Pulling Out Of SDCC? Weighing The Pros And Cons

12 hours agoHumor / odd : Nerd Bastards

If you have ever attended San Diego Comic-Con, or know someone who has within the last ten years or so, you have likely heard plenty of Con stories that begin with “I remember when you could buy tickets at the door”, or “Movie studios ruined Comic-Con”, or, on the other side, “I am so glad […]

Underwater Robot Lets Researchers Virtually Explore Shipwrecks

12 hours agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

The mermaid-like droid could forever change the way we explore shipwrecks.

Interesting Late Night Facts

12 hours agoHumor : eBaum's World

Insomnia bothering you? No problem we've got you covered.

This 'Digital Scent Speaker' Releases Aromas to Fit Your Mood

13 hours agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

Different "scent playlists" pump out smells in 35-second increments.

LEGO said it was a 'mistake' not selling bricks to Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei

LEGO, ya blew it. The toy brick company has admitted that it was a "mistake" to not sell its product to Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, who requested a bulk order for an artwork last year. SEE ALSO: At long last, LEGO's first official...Show More Summary

Indiana Governor Bans Boys from Wearing Clothes with 'Gay' Colors

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed an executive order Wednesday that bans what he called "gay colors" to be worn by boys in public elementary and secondary schools in the state. Pence referred to pink, chartreuse, teal and magenta, in particular,...Show More Summary

Regular Double Date - Last Night I Dreamt Of A Cartoon Picnic In The Park

13 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Regular Double Date by Prime Premne It's hard to enjoy a day at the park with all those critters hanging around, but at least their antics are hilarious to watch. Wait- did that bluebird just say "Mordecai" and "Rigby"? What kind ofShow More Summary

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