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Hilarious Ghost In The Car Prank Clip From Japanese Variety Show

1 minute agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Prank videos aren't everyone's cup of tea, but those who enjoy watching people scared half to death in silly ways know that Japanese pranks are about as silly as they come. For the Japanese love to get all theatrical with their pranking, taking the production well past scary and into the realm of the ridiculous. Show More Summary

Adele singing 'Hello' with kazoo and xylophone accompaniment will still make you cry.

23 minutes agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

Only Adele, when she's not busy saving your family's Thanksgiving, can make you cry while being accompanied by the kazoo. The raw power of her vocals transcends the annoying twee-ness of the xylophone, and make you forget all about the banana shaker. Show More Summary

Adele Performs 'Hello' With Classroom Instruments On 'The Tonight Show'

On "The Tonight Show" Tuesday, Adele, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots took us to church school with this rendition of "Hello." Using only classroom instruments, Adele and the gang brought a little bit of silliness to the soulful ballad. At...Show More Summary

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Proves He Belongs In The Rhythm Nation

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt puts together a routine for Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation he remains in CONTROL the entire time, crushing it with both costume and performance while demanding the nasty call him Mr. Levitt. This episode of Lip...Show More Summary

Just You And Your Cat

2 hours agoHumor / odd : The Presurfer

Nestle Japan is now offering a catering service to prepare food for you and your cat. A professional chef will come to your home and cook for you and your feline friend. YouTube link (thanks Cora) The Presurfer

The Cigar Connoisseur

2 hours agoHumor / odd : The Presurfer

A New York man explaining why he smokes cigars and what he enjoys most about them. Vimeo link (thanks Cora) The Presurfer

Every Lightsaber Amputation in Star Wars

4 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Video Link) Over the course of the Star Wars story, Darth Vader lost 6 of his 4 limbs. Luke Skywalker famously lost his now highly collectible right hand. That injury earned him a kiss from resident hottie Leia. Advantage: Luke. Other characters in Star Wars got off less well. Show More Summary

Artist Cayce Zavaglia Creates Embroidery Like No Other

5 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Vimeo Link St. Louis, Missouri-based artist Cayce Zavaglia (featured previously at Neatorama), working out of her home studio, creates these unique and intricate embroideries that from a distance look like fine art paintings. That Zavaglia...Show More Summary

90-Year Old Great-Grandmother Has Better Soccer Skills Than You

7 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Video Link) Ase Marie Nordhagen, 90, of Norway loves soccer, especially the task of "keep ups." This is keeping a ball in the air by bouncing it off one foot continuously. She's been practicing since she was a little girl, once performing 1,000 without dropping it. Show More Summary

'Jurassic World' fan's marriage proposal is more cute than scary

Alright, we'll admit it. We're suckers for unique marriage proposals — and this one is pretty sweet. Actor and Jurassic Park fan EJ Cantu from Rochester, New York proposed to his girlfriend of five years, Katelyn Machnica, by re-enacting...Show More Summary

Man writes 100 love notes to his late wife and hands them to strangers. Now everyone's doing it.

14 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

In November of 2014, Catherine Zanga died of cancer. For fifteen years before that, she was married to Hyong Yi. To honor her memory, Yi wrote 100 love notes to her and formatted them as if the two were having a conversation. Yi andShow More Summary

'Wizard Cops' Will Cuff You Up

"Wizard Cops" rule over their supernatural beat, taking down all manner of magically powered baddies. And don't even think about "hexting" while flying. But in this spell-casting send-up of the reality show "Cops," a fateful visit to a tough neighborhood may prove to be the partners' undoing. Show More Summary

Porn stars weighed in on the most controversial female secretion.

17 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

The YouTube series Ask a Porn Star always reveals a lot about the lives of porn stars, but the particular question of "Is squirt pee?" seems better suited to the medical community. Right now, the consensus is that when a woman secrets anything during sex, especially a projectile secretion, it is probably urine. Show More Summary

The Missing Links: Finding New Places for Parks

17 hours agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

The areas below highway underpasses have long been known as hangout spots for juvenile delinquents and the subject of Red Hot Chili Pepper songs. Now big cities are starting to strategically use these spaces as parks. The Sistine Chapel...Show More Summary

Usher posts shirtless Instagram photo to remind you about his torso.

17 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

You remember Usher, right? Crooner of hits like "DJ Got Us Fallin in Love" and "Yeah"? He is not only a singer, dancer, songwriter and actor, but is also the proud owner of a torso. Specifically, he's the owner of the torso seen below, which is impeccably crafted and features some suggestive veins. Show More Summary

This gorilla taught a little girl a very important life skill: how to give the finger.

17 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

There are so many important things our animal cousin the gorilla can teach us: how primate brains develop, how social hierarchies form, and how to give the silent "fck you" known as "the finger." At least, that's what the mother of human girl Riley Madison discovered on a trip to the Columbus Zoo. Show More Summary

The Emotional Journey Of Watching 'Star Wars' With Your Kid For The First Time

For a "Star Wars"-loving parent, the first time you watch the original movie with your kid is a very big deal.  In this new video from How To Be A Dad, Andy Herald introduces his 6-year-old son to "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" and films his adorable reaction throughout the viewing. Show More Summary

The Democratic Party's Immigration Platform If They Were As Ridiculous as Republicans

The Democratic Party prides itself as a "big tent" party, a champion of diversity and a bastion of disenfranchised voters seeking representation in Washington. The Democratic Party is proud of its growing trend of representing Americans...Show More Summary

Finally, An Anthem About The Stress Of Hosting Your In-Laws For The Holidays

The holiday season can be a stressful time for parents. Between the decorating and the cooking and the gift-wrapping, to-do lists just keep getting longer. And then there are your in-laws... Funny parenting duo Laughing Moms teamed up with SheKnows Media to create a music video that sums up the stress of hosting your in-laws during the holidays. Show More Summary

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