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Vaccine protocol developed against Campylobacter jejuni

French scientists have been working to develop a DNA prime/protein boost vaccine protocol against Campylobacter jejuni for poultry with some success.

Farmers and ranchers lose by repeal of Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices standards

The Center for Rural Affairs stands for rural communities, and we, too, believe that an essential foundation for vital rural communities consists of a healthy economy and diverse farming models. Many of the policies we support – organic...Show More Summary

The World Bank’s land program in the State of Piauí, Brazil, is a license for land grabbing

15 hours agoIndustries / Agriculture : Grain

The World Bank is financing a land titling, or “regularization” program in the Brazilian State of Piauí, where large areas of land have been grabbed from local communities and illegally occupied by agribusiness. Local communities, including...Show More Summary

Bringing Together Soy Food Stakeholders in Southeast Asia

The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) hosted its 13th Annual Southeast Asia Soy Food Symposium in Indonesia, bringing together all stakeholders in the soy food industry in that region. “Soy food is one of the most important sources of diet for our region, so it has become one of the most important food sources for many of us here. So... Read More

Customization Sets KEENAN Apart

Since Alltech‘s acquisition of iconic Irish brand KEENAN Systems, the company has expanded into new markets and reignited the innovation side of the business. KEENAN Systems CEO Robbie Walker explained that the company’s philosophy is different than most industries where everything is outsourced. Show More Summary

A once-in-a-generation opportunity for tax reform and education funding 

By Dave Welsch, farmer and president of the Milford School Board LB 1084, Sen. Tom Briese’s combined property tax relief and school funding bill, is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Let me explain this bold statement. In the mid-1960s, two generations ago, the state of Nebraska ended statewide property tax. Show More Summary

Precision Ag Bytes 3/21

Corn farmers and Midwest landowners who want to help honey bees and Monarch butterflies have a unique opportunity to do this in a strategic fashion through The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund’s SEED A LEGACY Pollinator Habitat Program, which is being supported by the National Corn Growers Association. Show More Summary

Administration Shows Support for Ag Day

The Trump administration went out of its way to show appreciation for the nation’s farmers and ranchers on National Agriculture Day Tuesday, with proclamation at USDA featuring the vice president, and an address by Sec. Sonny Perdue during a Ag Day at the National Press Club. Introducing Vice President Mike Pence, Perdue commented that he was happy to be able... Read More

Ban on palm oil to profit rapeseed and soy

A potential ban on palm oil in EU biodiesel would mean Indonesia and Malaysia need to find alternative crude palm oil export markets for up to 2.6m tonnes. This is according to specialists from Rabobank.

February issue of All About Feed now available online

The February issue (issue 2) of All About Feed has been published online. In this issue we delve into co-products for cow diets, the process of gelatinisation during extrusion and we analyse the latest global feed production data.

5 keys to colostrum success in baby goats

Colostrum, the first milk a doe produces after she gives birth, is key to giving baby goats a strong, healthy start. US company Milk Products developed a list of 5 things to consider.

A shortage of experts

The Sunday Express once named me as one of the five hundred most influential people in Britain because I was the only person who understood the Common Agricultural Policy. This was wrong on two counts. First, I have never fully understood the CAP: I am always making new discoveries about its complexities. Show More Summary

Feed restriction in broiler production

Although early feed restriction in broilers reduces growth performance, compensatory growth in the refeeding period will be attained to accelerate growth so as to reach the target weight of birds at the time of marketing.

Mixing feed for more tailored layer rations

More egg producers are switching from bought-in feed to tailored, home-mixed rations which can offer a greater level of flexibility, improved layer productivity and cost management.

EU must help to protect the food chain

Having the job of protecting the food chain from disease is like being an air traffic controller: no one notices when you do it right, but as soon as something goes wrong, and there is an outbreak of food poisoning or airplane crash, everyone is aware.

Carrefour launches Europe’s first food blockchain

Leading French-based retailer Carrefour has launched Europe’s first food blockchain through its free-range Auvergne chicken, one million of which are sold every year.

EU - SA dumping row intensified

European Union defends poultry imports into South Africa and criticises hostile attacks.

South African listeriosis outbreak source identified

There have been calls for an overhaul of South Africa’s food safety legislation in light of a listeriosis outbreak in the country that has claimed the lives of 183 people to date.

Global egg customers back soy manifesto

Global egg customers are coming together to back an initiative which aims to remove soy produced in the Amazon, Cerrado and other areas of environmental sensitivity from the global food chain by 2020.

Health Canada approves GM “Golden Rice” not intended for sale in Canada

March 20, 2018. Ottawa – Health Canada has announced its approval of the genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) Vitamin A enhanced “Golden Rice” even though it is not intended for sale in Canada and has not yet been approved by regulators in the intended markets.

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