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We talk Farm Bill, crop insurance and more on Totally Rural Podcast

Totally Rural is a brand new podcast dedicated to increasing awareness and expanding the discussion of rural issues. The Center for Rural Affairs had the honor of appearing on its second podcast, talking about our organization, the 2018...Show More Summary

Two ways to tackle livestock’s contribution to the climate crisis

@page { margin: 2cm } We cannot address climate change without reducing the production and consumption of industrial meat and dairy. Learn more in this fact sheet drawn up by GRAIN and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.

Small businesses are the backbone of rural communities

Small scale entrepreneurship is a proven strategy to revitalize rural communities. Owning one’s own business can create genuine opportunity across rural America with the support of a modest public investment. The importance of entrepreneurship is particularly profound in the most rural areas. Show More Summary

Viva Fresh honors professor for produce consumption efforts

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas International Produce Association honored a professor who has as much or more passion for fresh produce than many in the industry.   It gave the third annual Healthy Living Award to Dr. Bhimu Patil, professor...Show More Summary

Ethanol and Earth Day

Ethanol has a seat on the ground at one of the largest Earth Day events in the country this weekend – Earth Day Texas, which last year hosted over 130,000 attendees, over 700 exhibitors and more than 250 speakers. Even bigger and better this year, the event includes the National Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Day Odyssey where Renewable Fuels Association... Read More

Bayer Bee Center Celebrates 10K Visitors

The Bee Care Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina celebrated its third anniversary this week by welcoming its 10,000th visitor. The Bee Care Program invited a group of fourth-graders from a local school to serve as the honorary “10,000th visitors” and everyone had a great time while learning about the role honey bees play in the environment through a... Read More

Farm Foundation Reschedules NAFTA Forum

A Farm Foundation Forum on the Future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that was postponed last month due to a snowstorm has been rescheduled for Wednesday, April 26. Invited to present perspectives on the issue areShow More Summary

Saudi Arabia looking for more hay imports

Saudi Arabia’s decision to phase out forage production will increase demand for imported high protein alfalfa hay. This is according to a GAIN report from the USDA.

Pig fertility project gets high acclaim

A report from the Supporters of Agricultural Research, pointed to a pig fertility project at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, as one of the most important scientific investigations being conducted in the farming industry tod...

Reduce antibiotics, keep profitability

A Chinese broiler study showed the efficiency of a feed additive to improve animal performance in antibiotic free environments.

European birds heading back outside

European countries are beginning to allow birds outdoors as the threat from avian influenza continues to recede.

Improve vaccination efficiency with macroalgae adjuvants

Adjuvants are substances which reinforce the effect of a treatment or vaccination. For their effect as auxiliary, adjuvants are added to vaccines to further stimulate the innate immune response involved in the specific immune response activation. Show More Summary

This is why broilers have hock burns

Check your usage of ammonia, in combination with poor quality litter.

Syria: More wheat produced, but still behind

Syria is expected to produce 2.17 million tonnes of local wheat in the 2017 season; this is nearly one million tonnes more than in the previous year.

FDA says Australian food safety system comparable to U.S.

The Food and Drug Administration has recognized Australia as having a food safety system comparable to that of the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration has recognized Australia as having a food safety system comparable to that of the U.S.

ALRB rules against Gerawan, for union

A long-running dispute between Fresno, Calif.-based Gerawan Farming and the United Farm Workers union has taken another twist, with the Agricultural Labor Relations Board ruling that Gerawan engaged in bad faith bargaining with the union...Show More Summary

Why does Nebraska’s current tax debate matter?

Nebraskans are left to sit upon an unbalanced three-legged tax stool. The property tax leg is too long, representing more than 35 percent of the state’s tax revenues. The income tax leg of the stool is too short, reflecting 27 percent of state revenue. Show More Summary

Earth Day Science Resources from USFRA

Earth Day is joining the March for Science this year with a rally and teach-in on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Saturday to “defend the vital public service role science plays in our communities and our world,” with support from organizations like the American Chemical Society. The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) has prepared a toolkit for farmers... Read More

Zimfo Bytes

Brownfield has welcomed DayWeather Network to the suite of agriculture networks it represents for national sales, expanding the marketing reach available for advertising partners to more than 700 affiliate radio stations in a 15-state region of prime agricultural production. Show More Summary

New NAMA App

For the National Agri-Marketing Association, there’s a new app in town. NAMA is very excited to announce our new and improved mobile app, just in time for the 2017 Agri-Marketing Conference! Make sure you download the new app – or update to the new version – so you can stay up to date while you are in Dallas next week!... Read More

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