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USDA Boosts Corn for Ethanol Forecast

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Ethanol is driving up demand for corn in the December supply demand estimate from USDA. The forecast for 2017-18 increases the amount of corn used to produce ethanol by 50 million bushels to 5.525 billion, based on less sorghum going to ethanol production. Corn ending stocks are lowered in turn by 50 million bushels but the impact on the season-average... Read More

Precision Ag Bytes 12/13

Valley Irrigation announced that the Valley ICON series of smart panels has been named New Product of the Year by Agri Marketing Magazine. The four smart panels in the series provide center pivot irrigation operators equipment with an intuitive, customizable graphical user interface they can utilize at the pivot point or from a tablet or smartphone. Show More Summary

AgriVisor’s Insight Program Kicks Off Eighth Year

Farmers will again have the opportunity in 2018 to commit bushels into the Insight managed bushel program through participating elevators across the Midwest. Participating farmers can choose any or all of four analysts including AgriVisor, who will then price grain out for them during a specific time period. Show More Summary

Rabobank: Fishmeal prices to stabilise

The price of fishmeal is expected to stabilise, due to improved supply. This is according the Animal Protein Outlook 2018, published by Rabobank.

Staff member featured in 2018 Farmer’s Almanac

Center for Rural Affairs project organizer, Kirstin Bailey, is featured in The 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac. Bailey was contacted to take part in their “Special Report: Faces of Farming,” a compilation of input from farmers and growersShow More Summary

Fefac to support market-oriented CAP

Fefac, the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation, fully supports the call from Copa-Cogeca for a strong, competitive, market-oriented CAP with common and simple rules across the EU.

Latest issue of Pig Progress goes back to school

For the last issue of 2017, Pig Progress went back to school. A very special school to be precise – one that teaches about pigs. This edition also contains several articles devoted to piglet health.

Scientists find genes responsible for mummified piglets

Several regions on the pig genome have been identified to be associated with early lethality, responsible for a significant fraction of the stillborn piglets (also known as mummies).

Turkey feeding time can boost growth rates

Egyptian research has found that feeding turkeys mainly or totally in the afternoon can be used as a good strategy for improving growth rate, feed utilisation, carcass and meat quality in birds reared in hot climates.

13 US states take legal action over California egg law

Legislation agreed in California 9 years ago, designed to promote bird welfare, is being challenged by 13 US states.

Tyson invests in plant-based burger

Plant based protein maker Beyond Meat has secured additional investment from the largest US poultry producer Tyson Foods, as it announces a tripling production capacity of its plant burger.

Plant Breeders Award Grad Scholarships

The National Council of Commercial Plant Breeders (NCCPB) represents member companies in the business of plant improvement. So, a perfect place for them to award their Graduate Student Plant Breeding Award was the recent American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) CSS & Seed Expo in Chicago, IL. Show More Summary

StollerUSA at #ASTACSS

The 2017 American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) CSS & Seed Expo has grown into quite the show over the years and serves as a great place for agribusinesses to communicate their works with their peers and ag media. StollerUSA took advantage of that holding a press conference to discuss their focus. “We are not growing anymore land so we have... Read More

Driving Ethanol Home for the Holidays

Last year, AAA estimated that nearly 100 million Americans took a holiday road trip and we can expect at least that many on the road this year heading home for the holidays. Growth Energy wants to let all those holiday drivers know that E15 (15% ethanol) can brighten the season even more by helping them save a little green. In... Read More

Land conflict in Côte d'Ivoire: local communities defend their rights against SIAT and the state

It all started one morning in August 2011 when three village communities in eastern-central Côte d’Ivoire learned that a Belgian corporation called SIAT was about to move onto their land. Not long afterward, an agribusiness firm started putting in a rubber monoculture on 11,000 ha that the communities had neither sold nor ceded and that SIAT was not entitled to exploit.

Delaro™ Fungicide Ready to Work for Growers in 2018

Bayer’s new Delaro™ fungicide for corn and soybeans was put to the test by growers this past season in 500 field trials across 20 states and passed with flying colors by providing broad-spectrum disease control, dual mode of action residual and improved plant health. Show More Summary

John Deere Announces New Generation 4 Display Applications

John Deere has announced four new precision applications for the Generation 4 Displays. These are being sold in a bundle activation deal for the John Deere 4600 CommandCenter™ and as bundled subscriptions for 4640 Universal Displays. I visited with John Misher, John Deere, to learn more about each of them. The image is of a display of the AutoTrac Turn... Read More

Getting water right on broiler farms

Getting water lines operating optimally is considered one of the best ways to boost performance. Here, we consider how to get the basics right.

A great, big Poultry World

I am now at the 12 month mark working with the global poultry industry. It has been an interesting 12 months and has expanded my view of the poultry industry beyond the United Kingdom. Here my impressions.

Potential shortage of poultry feed following German blaze

Supplies of poultry feed across northern Europe are being monitored closely following this autumn’s major fire at BASF’s core plant at Ludwigshafen in Germany.

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