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Who Ever Asks “Let’s Plus/Delta That Visit / Stay”?

It’s a pretty common facilitation technique to do a “plus / delta” discussion at the end of a meeting, exercise, etc. In the plus column go the things that went well, were enjoyable, were helpful, and should repeated. The “deltas” (which is meant to seem more positive than saying “minuses,” I guess) are the things […]

New Holland Celebrates 120 Years

2015 is a year of anniversaries for New Holland. Last week’s National Farm Machinery Show provided them a platform to share their 120 years of success and Chuck spoke with New Holland’s Dawn Pelon to learn more about their milestones. “In 1895, Abe Zimmerman founded New Holland right in New Holland, PA. That brings us to 120 years today. Luckily... Read More

USDA approves GM apples developed in Canada - AgMinute for February 16, 2015

The USDA has deregulated two genetically modified apples, saying they are unlikely to pose any risk, but the Canadian company developing them may have a hard time finding growers. Click here for the full story

FMC Infographic on Stewardship and Weed Management

FMC Corporation has designed a new infographic to help answer some of the FAQs about how pre-emergence herbicides fit in with best stewardship practices. “Basically what we’re trying to do is educate farmers on the use of some of the older tools we’ve had in our tool box and not used for a long time,” said FMC Technical Business Manger... Read More

John Deere ExactEmerge Update

The big deal at the Farm Machinery Show last year was the big reveal of the ExactEmerge planter by John Deere and the revolutionary seed delivery system that allows for accurate planting at speeds up to 10 mph was still an attention-getter at the exhibit this year. “Last year was an exciting time,” said Deere’s ExactEmerge expert Kelby Krueger. “We... Read More

When Will The Federal Government & VA Learn? On Suggestion Boxes & Incentives

This article caught my attention the other day: “Philly VA employees ask for golf shirts in suggestion box for improving veteran care.” I hesitate to throw stones, but there are some very predictable dynamics involved here… and I will provide some ideas about a better approach and not just criticize. Do you remember a few […]

University of Tulsa Threatens Student Newspaper for Its Report on Facebook Harassment Case

Officials at the University of Tulsa sent a chilling message earlier this week to its student journalists: Stop investigating news we don't want you to cover or you will be punished. Happy Friday, folks. The word of the day: censorship. Show More Summary

CIRB Wrap Up

Before the Crop Insurance and Reinsurance (CIRB) annual meeting was a wrap, Chuck sat down with Sarah Hubbert with CIRB to get her perspective on how the event went and a glimpse into what they have planned for the future. “As CIRB staff, it has been really exciting to see how much this annual meeting has really grown over the... Read More

Federal lawsuit filed against USDA's Wildlife Services Program - AgMinute for February 13, 2015

A federal lawsuit filed Feb. 11 by conservation groups alleges USDA's Wildlife Services Program in Idaho has routinely killed predators without conducting the necessary environmental reviews. For more information visit

Learn More About RCIS

Attending the Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau annual meeting was a first for us and we would like to thank Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS) for sponsoring our coverage of the event. While there, Chuck spoke with Mike Day, President//CEO of RCIS. Show More Summary

ALOT Class XVI Unites

Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT) is a two year adult leadership training program that targets rural leaders and agricultural producers who have a passion to promote Missouri agriculture and strengthen their rural communities.Show More Summary

New Boomers from New Holland

New Holland usually has “new” on the lot at the National Farm Machinery Show and this year is no exception. My model in the picture is Todd DeBock, Pro Work Tools lead, New Holland, next to a Boomer 54D compact utility tractor. This is the first public showing of this new tractor. Todd enthusiastically describes all the newness of the... Read More

FMC Demos 3RIVE 3D at NFMS

You may remember us telling you about FMC’s 3RIVE 3D™ back in November at the NAFB convention. Here at the 2015 National Farm Machinery Show we got to learn a lot more about this revolutionary system that integrates formulation technology,...Show More Summary

Loss of ocean carrier ‘devastating blow’ to ag exporters - AgMinute for February 12, 2015

Experts say some Oregon ag exporters won't be able to afford the cost of shipping products to ports in Washington or California if the Port of Portland loses its largest container shipper. Click here for the full story

The Changing Climate from CIRB

Evelyn Browning-Gariss, The Browning Newsletter, is a historical climatologist who advices the masses about what the coming season will bring. She has spent over 30 years explaining the impact of changing climate on economic and social trends. Show More Summary

Late Governor’s Daughter Celebrates with NFMS

She was just a little girl 50 years ago, but Linda Breathitt knows how much it meant to her father Governor Ned Breathitt to kick off what has now become the largest indoor farm show in the country. “It was important to my dad as he knew how important agriculture is to the economy of our state,” said Linda Breathitt,... Read More

Podcast #215 – John Ervin, Lean & Patient Safety in the Operating Room

MP3 File (run time 46:37) Today’s guest is my friend John Ervin and we were able to sit down together here in San Antonio to record this episode. John has about 20 years of healthcare leadership experience, including military medicine and the civilian sector. He’s been a manager and director of operating rooms in many types […]

Kentucky Proud of Farm Machinery Show

No other state can boast having the largest indoor farm show in the country and Kentucky is pretty proud that their little National Farm Machinery Show is celebrating its 50th anniversary. “The National Farm Machinery Show is a point of great pride for Kentucky,” said Lt. Governor Crit Luallen, who took part in the ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday marking the... Read More

Biotech critics claim GMO loophole will backfire - AgMinute for February 11, 2015

GMO critics say a loophole in federal biotech regulations will backfire against major developers of transgenic seed. Click here for the full story

Ag leaders fear food safety restructuring would hinder FSMA - AgMinute for February 10, 2015

Agricultural industry sources are wary of a proposal by President Obama to consolidate FDA and USDA food safety regulatory authority into a single agency under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Click here for the full story

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