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New Sustainability Initiative by @GROWMARK

One of the definitions of sustainable is “able to endure or continue for a long time” and that is the main characteristic that GROWMARK has chosen to focus on with a new system sustainability initiative. GROWMARK Executive Director of Agronomy Marketing Ron Milby says the initiative fits in with the cooperative’s overall goals. Show More Summary

Straight from the Nufarm Zebra’s Mouth

We’ve been telling you about Chip, the Nufarm zebra, who was at the 2016 Potato Expo last week – and if you check out the Potato Expo photo album you’ll see quite a few of Chip – but we wanted to get the story straight from the zebra’s mouth. So, I had a little chat with the striped star to... Read More

Real Interviews with Real Growers about LibertyLink

If you listen to farm radio you probably have heard spots for Bayer’s LibertyLink system. Last fall they included promotion for the RealYield game which ended December 31, 2015. Those commercials, moderated by Cindy, came from real interviews with real growers like Reid Atha from northwest Missouri. I thought you might want to hear one of the full interviews instead... Read More

Vilsack: Farmer Greatest Job on Earth

Being a farmer is the greatest job on earth noted USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack. He spent the morning back in his home state of Iowa (Vilsack is a former Iowa Governor) to kick off the 10th Annual Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit. He kicked off his speech noting that he is proud of the work the USDA has done to help... Read More

Podcast #8: Supersized

Frank and Martin get together over a cocktail to discuss ST3 options for the Eastside, woes at WSDOT, and the politics of carbon taxes.

Comedian Damian Mason at #PotatoExpo

Damian Mason is a very popular, very funny speaker for agricultural groups that we’ve heard several times at different events but he always has a serious underlying message for his audience. One topic he hit on at the Potato Expo last week was the organic trend. “I’m not anti-organic, I’m actually pro-organic because it’s a profitable niche and it gives... Read More

All About Spuds and Politics

In this week’s program we will meet the CEO’s of the National Potato Council and the United States Potato Board. I met both of these guys while covering the Potato Expo last week for my first time. Let’s start our with John Keeling, CEO of the National Potato Council. We focused on potato policy issues which as you might guess... Read More

Expanding @NufarmUS Portfolio

Nufarm is the eighth largest crop protection company in the world and just keeps getting bigger while not changing its stripes. At the 2016 Potato Expo last week, I talked with Nufarm North America‘s Vice President for Innovations and Regulatory Affairs Rob Schwehr about what’s new at Nufarm. “What we’ve done over the last couple of years is continue our... Read More

Meet New #Potato Council President

Idaho potato farmer Jim Tiede took over as the new president of the National Potato Council last week during the 2016 Potato Expo in Las Vegas. Tiede is a third generation farmer from American Falls, Idaho who is looking forward to focusing on important issues to potato growers in the coming year, including TPP, WOTUS, and transportation. “We’re looking at... Read More

Podcast #239 – Pascal Dennis, “Lean Production Simplified, 3rd Edition”

Joining me for Episode #239 is Pascal Dennis, somebody I really respect and have learned a lot from over the years… I’d gladly call him “sensei” (although he and I agree that’s not a term one should bestow upon themselves… see his blog post). I’m very happy to have him as a guest again for […]

#PotatoExpo is Big Event

Since I had never been to the Potato Expo before I had no idea what to expect so I was surprised to find out what a huge event it really is! Randy Hardy of Idaho is past chairman of the National Potato Board and was one of the co-chairs of the expo. “I was in on the initial thought process... Read More

Bee Buzz at #PotatoExpo

There was a lot of buzz about bees at the 2016 Potato Expo this week in Las Vegas. The National Potato Council announced this week that they are joining the Bayer CropScience Feed a Bee initiative as an official partner committing to enlist America’s potato farmers to help feed bees. Dr. Becky Langer, manager of the North American Bee Care... Read More

Ag Secy Vilsack Talks SOTU, Trade & Climate

USDA Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack held a press call yesterday to discuss President Obama’s last State of the Union (SOTU) address. Vilsack, who has served in the capacity of Ag Secretary throughout Obama’s Administration, was in attendance during the speech. He said he is very proud to have been part of an administration that has basically taken the country from... Read More

NuFarm Working to Tame the Zebra

Chip, the Nufarm zebra has been roaming the rows at the 2016 Potato Expo this week with a goal of educating attendees about new research into fighting zebra chip. Zebra chip is a potato disease vectored by a psyllid, according to Bob Bruss with Nufarm technical services. “This is a problem that’s been slowly growing and has become more of... Read More

Potato Nation Throwdown Competition

One of the main events at the Potato Expo in Las Vegas this week was the first SPUD NATION THROWDOWN COOK-OFF. The live competition featured the top three finalists of a nationwide recipe contest for food truck chefs and the winner was named Top Spud and with a prize of $5000. Congratulations to Bridgett Blough (pictured on the right) from... Read More

2015 Issues for National Potato Council

The outgoing President of the National Potato Council is Dan Lake, Ronan, Montana. I visited with him during Potato Expo to learn what the big issues were in 2015 for the organization. Dan says there were four main issues. One is pollinator health and he says farmers are using technology now that is designed to keep bee health in mind.... Read More

Meet the New @FarmBureau President and VP

A good crowd of ag media reporters stayed to the bitter end of the American Farm Bureau Federation convention in Orlando Tuesday evening to hear from the new president and vice president of the organization. Zippy Duvall, who served as president of Georgia Farm Bureau for nine years, is the 12th president of AFBF, chosen in the first open election... Read More

GMO Convert at #AFBF16

Anti-GMO activists turned advocate Mark Lynas shared his conversion experience during a featured workshop at the 97th American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention and IDEAg Trade Show. Lynas told an audience of farmers and ranchers how he changed his mind on GMOs when he came face-to-face with the science supporting biotechnology. Show More Summary

Farmer Fighting Government at #AFBF16

John Duarte of California is fighting the government over normal farming practices for planting wheat. Duarte planted 450 acres wheat in a field in Tehama County in November 2012. In February 2013, he received a letter from the Army Corps of Engineers to “cease and desist” those operations alleging damage to wetlands. Show More Summary

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