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Take A Peek At The World's Coolest Cabins

The popular Cabin Porn Tumblr is now a gorgeous coffee table book. City-dwellers have been idealizing remote cabin life since well before Thoreau penned Walden, but our current hyper-connected, productivity-obsessed lifestyles have made the quest for calm feel especially pertinent. Show More Summary

NASA Unveils Over 8,000 More Retro Photos From The Heyday Of Space Exploration

Selfies are certainly acceptable in space. Give astronauts a camera and turns out they'll document dazzling photos of the Earth, spacecrafts in orbit, the moon's deep craters, plus a few shots of mundane matters like brushing their teeth and shaving. Show More Summary

Don't You Dare Cut A Piece Out Of This Chocolate Zoetrope Cake

Alexandre Dubosc's Melting Pop turns a multi-tiered chocolate cake into an amazing animated masterpiece. Most cakes you just eat. This cake you spin. When you do, its tiers and decorations come alive, melting together into a chocolate layer zoetrope, covered in licking flames, gobbling Pac-Men, and cartoon mouths sucking up popping popcorn. Read Full Story

A Tiny Travel Fan To Help You Sleep

This portable sound machine is built like an instrument with a true, analog heart. With its spinning body, it looks a bit like an old-school thermostat. In reality, it's the Snooz, a portable white noise machine, powered by the sound of a real fan rather than a looping MP3 of static playing out of a speaker. Read Full Story

Experience The Web In All Its Horribleness With This 7-Minute Media Onslaught

Prepare to never want to go online again. Lick. Stare. Bite. Blink. Destroy. Any moment on the Internet can contain a multitude of sensations experienced by the human race. And if your Twitter or Facebook feed doesn't send enough snapshots...Show More Summary

The Landscape Architecture of Crisis

[Image: An only conceptually related photo from a volcano in Java, taken by Reuben Wu]. The invisibility of underground fires makes them particularly surreal and difficult to imagine: flames with no real room to flicker, moving slowly...Show More Summary

BuilderBytes' MetroIntelligence Economic Update for 10/8/15

Please click here to see the edition of BuilderBytes for 10/8/15 on the Web. In this issue of the MetroIntelligence Economic Update, I covered the following indicators: Mortgage applications soar in latest survey due to rate volatility...Show More Summary

Android's New Material Design Wallpapers Visualize Data About Your Phone

Why should the background image of your smartphone be useless? Wallpapers for your smartphone or tablet might help personalize your device, but they're also functionally a little bit useless. On OLED-displays like the ones most Android smartphones have, where pixels only turn on if they aren't black, they can also take up valuable battery life. Show More Summary

Facebook's Dislike Button Is, Ingeniously, Not A Dislike Button

And so Facebook can keep doing what Facebook does best—ruffle some feathers but never make you leave. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that, following a lot of user request, his team was exploring a dislike button. But according to...Show More Summary

The Story Behind The Slick Set Design For The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

"We had to find a way to contain the jokes," production designer Jim Fenhagen says. Built ninety years ago, the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York was has lived through many acts. First as a home for Broadway plays, then a nightclub, and eventually a broadcast studio for CBS. Show More Summary

Let These Tiny, Highly-Efficient Robots Transform Your Living Space

Over and over again. Imagine if walls and furniture could grow straight from the floor, transforming a studio apartment into a 2-or-3 bedroom dwelling in a matter of minutes. Now imagine that the whole operation is being conducted by an army of miniature, underground robots. Show More Summary

13 Glorious Vertical Panoramas Of New York City Cathedrals

If these don't make you believe in God, they'll at least make you believe in godly design. New Yorkers quite famously never look up. Photographer Richard Silver wanted to give them a reason to, so he started taking pictures of ceilings. Show More Summary

Twitter, Snapchat, And Instagram Are Just Making Every Human Event Feel The Same

And while it may be, shouldn't we have the privilege of feeling unique once in a while? In 2004, the Beastie Boys handed out 50 cameras to fans attending a concert at Madison Square Garden. It was touted as a democratizing media coup. Show More Summary

An iPhone App To Help You Relax, Designed Around Brainwaves And Tai Chi

Ustwo, makers of Monument Valley, have released a new app to help you relax. At the end of a long, stressful day, sometimes all you want to do is turn off your brain, but your phone is the worst escape. It's holding emails to be answers,...Show More Summary

5 Big Ideas From The Chicago Architecture Biennial

How design could heal the fractured relationship between people and police and other key takeaways from the Chicago Architecture Biennial. It's safe to say that architecture and Chicago's history are inextricably linked. The city was the stomping grounds of Bauhaus great Mies van der Rohe. Show More Summary

This Gorgeous "Layer-Lapse" Video Stitches Together Footage From Southwestern Deserts

Filmmaker Julian Tryba's technique collages time-lapse footage for an even cooler effect. The richly painted hills, jagged canyons, and huge open sky of the Southwestern desert make it one of the most epic landscapes in the U.S. Filmmaker...Show More Summary

Laurie Anderson Beams A Former Guantánamo Inmate Into The Armory

For her latest installation, Habeas Corpus, the iconic multimedia artist telecast Mohammed el Gharani at three times his normal size. In 2002, Mohammed el Gharani was captured by U.S. forces and sent to Guantánamo, where he became the prison's youngest inmate at age 15. Show More Summary

Occult Infrastructure and the "Funerary Teleportation Grid" of Greater London

Speaking of cracks in space-time, an urban legend I really love is the one about a tomb in Brompton Cemetery, London, allegedly designed by Egyptologist Joseph Bonomi and rumored to be a time machine. [Image: Via The Clerkenwell Kid]. A sadly now-defunct blog called The Clerkenwell Kid is a great resource for this. Show More Summary

A UX Legend On The Much-Rumored Death Of The Design Firm

Alan Cooper, a UX pioneer, argues that independent consultants offer one value you can never buy: Perspective. Alan Cooper is a pioneer in the software world: In 1970's, he created seminal business software for microcomputers. Then, in 1988, he invented Visual Basic, one of the world's most influential programming languages. Show More Summary

Swirl Down An Infinite Vortex Of Letters With This Fractal Font

Just try not to barf. Created by Standard Deviation, the Fractalism HTML5 web toy takes a 5-pixel font popularized on the Commodore 64, and turns it into an infinitely recursive alphabet, where every letter is made up of pixels created by the letter that preceded it. Just check it out. Read Full Story

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