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This App Lets You Make Professional-Looking Fan Videos With Your Smartphone

Eyegroove, partnered with SoundCloud, turns selfie-obsessed smartphone users into music video directors. The most-watched type of content on YouTube are official music videos. And the second most popular type is the fan-made music video—typically...Show More Summary

The Classic Novella 'Flatland' Gets The Design Makeover It Deserves

Edwin Abbott's charming novella about multiple dimensions will also come with a fully interactive companion app. Flatland, a novella about talking shapes and lines exploring a multiverse of different dimensions, has long been beloved by sci-fi fans, physicists, and mathematicians, but never really had an edition worthy of the words themselves. Show More Summary

This Smart Button Helps You Remember Daily Tasks

Droplet alerts you when you've forgotten to do an important activity (take your meds on time, take out the trash) via a Smartphone app. What if you pet fish could remind you to feed them, or your trash could remind you it needs to go...Show More Summary

5 Great Ideas For The Future Of Flying (And One Really Terrible One)

The good news, there's more room to store your bag. The bad news, there may be a lot more people on your plane. Every year, the brightest minds in the airline industry assemble in Hamburg, Germany, for the Aircraft Interiors Expo. For the most part, it's a boring trade show full of talk about seat textiles and fuel economy. Show More Summary

Why Epicurious's Apple Watch App Doesn't Include Recipes

One of the world's most popular recipe platforms takes its first stab at wearables, and there's not a recipe in sight. You're cooking a 2-inch prime ribeye in a cast iron pan. The slab of raw meat cost enough that you hid the receipt from your spouse. Show More Summary

From MIT: This Shiny Nail Art Is Actually A Tiny Bluetooth Trackpad

Inspired by the decorative nail stickers popular in Asian countries, the NailO allows you to control your devices without touching them. Ever try to cook while using your laptop or your iPad to read a recipe, watch a movie, or Skype? You're probably still cleaning eggy fingerprints from the keyboard. Show More Summary

IBM's Watson Designed The Worst Burrito I've Ever Had

And I've had a lot of burritos. It's the worst burrito I've ever had. Read Full Story

4 Ideas For Redesigning The Pot Logo

The pot leaf gets a heady update. For decades, the pot leaf was a potent symbol of the counterculture, an unnuanced logo adorning everything from lighters to T-shirts and endlessly doodled in teenagers' notebooks. Brandish a pot leaf, and you conjured a world: High Times subscriptions and communes along the Russian River and Dick's Picks Volume 29. Show More Summary

Book Review: Three Mies Books

Last Is More: Mies, IBM, and the Transformation of Chicago by Robert Sharoff, photographs by William ZbarenImages Publishing, 2014Hardcover, 160 pagesMies by Detlef MertinsPhaidon, 2014Hardcover, 560 pagesMies van der Rohe: A Critical...Show More Summary

BuilderBytes' MetroIntelligence Economic Update for 4/17/15

Please click here to see the edition of BuilderBytes for 4/ 17 /15 on the Web. In this issue of the MetroIntelligence Economic Update, I covered the following indicators: Housing starts rose 2.0 percent in March to 926,000 pace Building...Show More Summary

Today's archidose #831

Here are some photos of the Can Framis Museum (2009) in Barcelona, Spain, by BAAS Arquitectura, photographed by Maciek Lulko.To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose pool To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

This Robotic Hand Is Inspired By A Chameleon's Tongue

The FlexShapeGripper is like your very own chameleon tongue, except it can pick up much more than insects. For creatures without opposable thumbs, chameleons are exceptionally good at reaching out and grabbing things. That's thanks to their very special tongues. Show More Summary

Locking Yourself In This Cage Will Lock Out Digital Spies

Your curtains may be closed, but how many devices in your home are still seeing inside? The home used to be a private escape. With the pull of a curtain, you could seal yourself off from the outside world. But now with the rise of smartphones, Nest thermostats, Kinect cameras, and Amazon Echos, we're always accessible to some extent. Read Full Story

Vincent Laforet's Aerial Shots Of Trains Look Like Abstract Art

From a helicopter, the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer captures industrial porn at its finest. When General Electric debuted a new lower-emissions locomotive, the company commissioned Pulitzer Prize-winning aerial photographer Vincent Laforet to take some glamour shots. The results are industrial porn at its most artful. Read Full Story

The Last Oil Filter You'll Ever Have To Buy

The Hubb Lifetime Oil Filter solves a problem as old as automobiles themselves, and it'll save you money, too. Strapped to the bottom of your car like a colostomy bag full of dinosaur goo, oil filters are disgusting. Worse? They're biohazards. Show More Summary

3 Ways Embracing Curiosity Can Change Your Life

Ever wonder what curiosity can do for you? Author Warren Berger looks at how the tendency to wonder is a secret to success. Brian Grazer is one of the most successful producers in Hollywood, with film credits that include Splash, A Beautiful...Show More Summary

The New York Times Invents A Conference Table That Takes Notes For You

It's called the Listening Table, and it not only transcribes meetings, but knows when they're important. Like most offices, The New York Times holds a lot of meetings. Editorial meetings, ad sales meetings, design meetings, you nameShow More Summary

Co.Design Is Hiring A Staff Writer

Do you follow Pentagram's every move? Does skeuomorphism make you want to gouge out your eyeballs? Come work with us! Fast Company's award-winning design news site is hiring a staff writer. The writer finds, pitches, and reports stories on everything from interaction design to branding to the occasional secret Chipotle burrito. Show More Summary

A War Photographer Chronicles One Of The Deadliest Battles For American Soldiers--Coming Home

David Guttenfelder joins the Mission 22 campaign to raise awareness that 22 U.S. veterans commit suicide every day. War photographer David Guttenfelder has been capturing conflict for two decades, documenting violence in Congo, Kosovo, Gaza, Liberia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Show More Summary

The Cybernetics of Stillness

When reading “The edge of stillness” by Ranulph Glanville, one might notice the irony in using a static term as part of a paper’s title written by a figure in the dynamic field of cybernetics (2007). Even more, it is primarily discussed in reference... Read More

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