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Nike and Serena Williams Mastermind the Ultimate Tennis Shoe

Now anyone with $200 can buy the expertly engineered sneakers. Elite athletes always look for an edge on their competition and sometimes that comes in the form of gear. A couple of years ago, Serena Williams and Nike began a conversation...Show More Summary

The Story Of Nukes, Visualized

The world's backed away from nuclear war, even as we prove we no longer need nukes to destroy ourselves. With fireworks set to fly this coming July 4th weekend, maybe it's time to reflect upon another kind of rocket's red glare that—seemingly against all odds—haven't exploded in the sky over the last 70 years: nukes. Show More Summary

From MIT's Neri Oxman, The (Far-Flung) Future Of Wearables

Oxman use microorganisms and 3-D printed vessels to create food, energy, oxygen, and light for interplanetary travelers. Fitness trackers, email-alert rings, bracelets that tell you how much sun you've gotten: your average wearable is good at conveying information and not much more. Show More Summary

How To Master Summer

Through ingenious design, of course! From coping with seasonal swelter to keeping drinks cold, these 10 products have you covered. The warmer months are prime for BBQs, beach trips, and outdoor revelry. But they're also full of annoyances,...Show More Summary

What Is Zero UI? (And Why Is It Crucial To The Future Of Design?)

What does UI design look like after screens go away? Fjord Madrid's Andy Goodman explains. For better or worse, a large amount of design work these days is visual. That makes sense, since the most essential products we interact with have screens. Show More Summary

Why Lego Is Spending Millions To Ditch Oil-Based Plastic

The toy company wants to find an alternative material for the 60 billion bricks it makes a year. But it's not going to be easy. Lego's 57-year-old toy empire was built on plastic. But now the giant Danish toy company is investing millions into getting rid of it. Show More Summary

BuilderBytes' MetroIntelligence Economic Update for 6/26/15

Please click here to see the edition of BuilderBytes for 6/ 26 /15 on the Web. In this issue of the MetroIntelligence Economic Update, I covered the following indicators: Initial unemployment claims rise by 3,000 in latest report Personal...Show More Summary

BuilderBytes' MetroIntelligence Economic Update for 6/25/15

Greetings from PCBC 2015 in San Diego!Please click here to see this special Thursday edition of BuilderBytes for 6/25/15 on the Web. In this issue of the MetroIntelligence Economic Update, I covered the following indicator: First quarter...Show More Summary

Slingshots of the Oceanic

[Image: A diagram of the elaborate loops and ribbons of self-intersecting movement allowed by gravity-assisted travel, in this case heading toward a comet; original artist unknown]. Gravity-assisted space travel is when you use the gravitational...Show More Summary

Love MS Paint? Here's VR Paint

Microsoft Research Labs has invented a virtual crayon that allows you to color in the real world. Microsoft Research Labs, the creators of real-life holodecks and mind-reading stylii alike, have just unveiled their latest augmented reality project, dubbed Semantic Paint. Show More Summary

New York City Bans "Poor Doors"

But it still has a long ways to go on affordable housing. New York City has banned "poor doors," a controversial practice in which real estate developers build separate entrances for poor and wealthy tenants. Read Full Story

How Computers Could Make You Funnier

Not funny? This robot can help. With the rise of workplace chat services like Slack, more people than ever are spending time in chat rooms. Being able to find a witty, topical photo online is no longer just the purview of lonely gamers—now it's a necessary job skill. But what if you aren't funny? Computers to the rescue. Read Full Story

Book Review: Out of the Loop

Out of the Loop: Vernacular Architecture Forum Chicago edited by Virginia B. Price, David A. Spatz, and D. Bradford HuntMidway Books, 2015Paperback, 204 pagesIn early June the Vernacular Architecture Forum, "the premier organizationShow More Summary

Let This 48-Foot Virtual Waterfall You About The Environment

And no one gets wet. "Environmental impact." It's one of those terms that you've heard so often that it's grown more or less meaningless. Yet the cause and effect relationships between what we do, and how it affects our environment, are extremely important! Read Full Story

A Must-Watch Fast Fashion Documentary Is Now On Netflix

The cost of a $10 H&M sweater is greater than advertised. In the era of social media, the fashion industry has gotten faster. Trends go viral, and manufacturers like Zara, Uniqlo, and H&M have responded by transforming from seasonal lines, often planned a year in advance, to clothing that goes from factory to store shelves in a matter of weeks. Read Full Story

5 Things You Didn't Know About M.C. Escher

A new exhibition sheds light on an artist who, despite producing some of the most popular images in modern art, remains an enigma. Even if you don't know much about the man, you know M.C. Escher's work. References to his mind-bending imagery can be spotted in films like Interstellar and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Show More Summary

GoPro's Guide To Great UX

For the GoPro UX design team, understanding how software and hardware intersect is the key to a product's success. Clair Byrd's interviews with design teams are part of the "Inside Design" series for Invision. Read them first at Co.Design! Here she interviews UX designers Hilary Nemen and David Lee of the breakout camera company GoPro. Read Full Story

Meet Nava, A Startup That Wants To Fix The Government's Crappy Design

A team of engineers and designers who refined is on a mission to tame the government's unruly digital presence. After the disastrous launch of, a website promising easy sign-ups for health insurance, President...Show More Summary

Here's A Look At What The New Female-Fronted $10 Might Look Like (And There's A Big Problem A Redesign Won't Fix)

The American Association of University Women says fixing the gender wage gap should be a bigger priority than a portrait. Recently, the U.S. Treasury announced that it would replace founding father Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill with a portrait of a woman. Show More Summary

Book and Exhibition Review: Making and Provocations

Provocations: The Architecture and Design of Heatherwick StudioCooper HewittJune 24, 2015 - January 6, 2016Thomas Heatherwick: Making by Thomas Heatherwick and Maisie RoweMonacelli Press, 2015 (Revised and expanded edition)Paperback,...Show More Summary

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