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Today's archidose #764

Here are photos of a couple summer installations.The BIG Maze at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC, by BIG–Bjarke Ingels Group, photographed by Darren Bradley:Serpentine Gallery 2014 in London by Smiljan Radi?, photographed...Show More Summary

Historic Wrigley Field Gets Approval For A $575 Million Renovation

The Cubs' can (finally) make its legendary, 100-year-old baseball stadium feel a little less ancient. Ah, baseball, the national pastime beloved for peanuts, crackerjacks, and stadium design disputes. Read Full Story

Everyone's Going Gaga About The Mediocre Women's World Cup Poster

Does this poster really do justice to the "beautiful game?" FIFA has just unveiled its official poster for the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada--to be the biggest women's event in FIFA history--and the reaction among the sports blogosphere...Show More Summary

8 Housewares For Improbably Tiny Spaces

These pieces fold, contort, or roll up to fit houses and apartments the size of a sardine can. The tiny house movement, which prizes small--300 square feet or less--and ingeniously designed homes, isn't just about the size of the space. Show More Summary

What Nightclubs Look Like During The Day (Hint: Not Good)

In stark daylight, everything's just a little less glamourous. French nightclubs are Las-Vegas themed affairs, with just as much nudity (and, to an American, a wonderfully alluring Frenchiness) and the requisite palm trees, Grecian columns, and glitzy facades. They trade, to be sure, in juicy sex appeal--at night. In the daytime, not so much. Read Full Story

The Office Of The Future Could Be A Park

Architect Ju-Hyun Kim re-imagines the workplace as a more public social space, filled with grass and natural light. The cubicle is dead, but what's next? Will the office of the future be a self-driving car? A city in itself? A cabin in the forest? Read Full Story

Quiz: Who Designed It, Bjarke Ingels Or Julien De Smedt?

We can't tell. Architectural wunderkinds Julien De Smedt and Bjarke Ingels both got their start in Rem Koolhaas' Rotterdam-based firm OMA. Together, they formed their own practice, PLOT, in 2001. Though they've since parted ways and begun their own successful firms, JDS and BIG, they have retained a markedly similar style. Show More Summary

How Fashion Legend Issey Miyake Stays Creative

At 76, Miyake is still trying to make people think critically about design. Japanese designer Issey Miyake retired many years ago from catwalk shows and seasonal collections, leaving a team of disciples to take care of the clothes. But...Show More Summary

See Who Actually Owns The Food You Eat--And How They're Behaving

An Oxfam campaign clarifies who owns what food products, and what kind of corporate citizens they are. There are more than 38,000 products in the average American supermarket. That means tons of choice, right? In fact, the vast majority of these products are owned by just 10 companies. Show More Summary

Forensics Helped Create The World's Most Lifelike Jane Austen Waxwork

It took a team of specialists three years to make this uncanny rendition of the beloved Pride and Prejudice author. Jane Austen fans can be an obsessive bunch, with the most worshipful self-identifying as "Janeites:" they hold Austen-themed tea parties and balls in elaborate period costumes, organize conventions, and write fan fiction. Show More Summary

Watch: This Optical Illusion Will Make You Hallucinate

A neurological principle first written about by Aristotle can make you trip. Dropping a tab of acid is a surefire way to experience a hallucination, but for a less chemical-heavy trip, set aside two minutes and watch this video. Then immediately look away. Come back when you're done. Read Full Story

Death And Pizza: How Domino's Lost Its Mascot

The Noid wasn't just a terrible corporate mascot. He annoyed one man to his death. In 1986, advertising agency Group 243 was tasked with creating a mascot for Domino's Pizza. Their creation--the Noid--was one of the most inexplicably popular mascots in corporate history. Show More Summary

U.S. Bike-Sharing Programs Hit Speedbumps

Staying afloat means getting creative about drumming up cash. The number of U.S. cities with bike-sharing programs has exploded from six to 36 in the past four years, promising residents and tourists a convenient, healthy, environmentally gentle way to get around. But how robust are these programs? You've just got to hustle and just get as much money as you can. Read Full Story

Just How Powerful Is The Reaper Drone?

A data narrative visualizes how weaponized drones operate, from the Predator to the bigger, faster Reaper. By 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration estimates that 30,000 drones, both for commercial and U.S. military interests, will occupy American skies. Despite their impending ubiquity, many people still don't know much about these aircraft. Read Full Story

Vertical Living Hits Zoos

Tigers need space, too! For years, zoos have been trending from distinct exhibits to larger, safari-style setups, and the new model of overhead pathways are a major part of this transition to more flexible habitats. Read Full Story

Spin Saveur's Slot Machine To Create The Perfect Picnic

Our favorite starts with date, parsley, and sumac quiche and ends with peanut butter pie. Saveur magazine has created a slot machine-style picnic recipe generator, and all you have to do is click to spin. It's a fun twist on the standard recipe planner, and geared to bright flavors and combos that work together. Show More Summary

How Mondrian Became A Brand

Piet Mondrian's colorful geometric compositions have infiltrated American pop culture in unexpected ways. How did the work of a conceptually difficult abstract painter from the early 20th century come to be plastered on contemporaryShow More Summary

Commune With Nature In These 6 Productivity-Boosting Offices

Being in the midst of nature, even separated by a window, can help your productivity and morale. These offices bridge the outside/inside divide. We spend a third of our day, at least, in offices that aren't always conducive to productivity and mental health--some are even actively hurting us. Show More Summary

From Stunt To Substance: 4 Strategies For Powerful Marketing

Experience marketing is all the rage. Mono's Jillian Davis explains how to go beyond the buzz to meet business objectives. In the past year, the word "experience" has been all the rage in marketing and branding. The number of experiential...Show More Summary

Midtown STL Installations

After lunch in Midtown St. Louis yesterday, I ventured up Washington Street to check out a couple installations.First, there's Lots, the site-specific installation developed by Freecell Architecture for PXSTL at 3713 and 3719 Washington...Show More Summary

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