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10 Charming 8-Bit GIFs Depicting Every Day Life In Japan

Toyoi Yuuta's subtly immersive animations perfectly capture the dichotomy of Japanese culture. Part of the beauty of Japanese culture is the integration of the modern with the traditional. Bullet trains, robotics, and some of the most cutting-edge technology being developed in the world exist alongside feudal architecture and age-old customs. Show More Summary

A Space-Saving Bed That Lowers From The Ceiling

The Murphy bed gets an upgrade. In apartments where the square footage is measly but the ceilings are tall, maximizing vertical space is key. Streamlined shelves, attic storage and hanging bike hooks all save space by employing the same basic concept: when living space seems limited, look up. Read Full Story

Evolutionary Robotic Prototype

Supported through the technological advances and the relative fields of expertise, robotics, computation and engineering; architecture is considered to be at a transition stage engaged with time and mobility. Kinetic architecture aims at the development of timely dynamically adaptable systems... Read More

Pinterest Hires Mac Design Legend Susan Kare

The creator of the Macintosh's early typefaces and icons will join Pinterest as product design lead. Susan Kare, the legendary designer behind the original Mac's icons and fonts (and, more recently, a killer set of pixel art tits for Cards Against Humanity), is hoisting her pirate flag at a new Silicon Valley company: Pinterest Read Full Story

A Slimey Typeface Modeled After Insects And Undersea Creatures

NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE Somewhere, a mad scientist is growing a menagerie of slimy alien creatures by splicing together the genes of squids and insects. But it's not in some lab below Area 51—it's on the Mac Pro of Ari Weinkle,...Show More Summary

Nendo's New Modular Chair Lets You Switch Up Your Home Decor On A Whim

With the Twig, you could have a different chair for every day of the week. Dropping a small fortune on a set of shiny new chairs is a great way to add some style to your home, but if you find yourself on the wrong side of a trend a few years later, repeating the process can be costly. Show More Summary

When To Use Material Design On iOS (And When Not To)

Use it, but don't abuse it. Since its first appearance in 2014, Google's Material Design has been a source of inspiration and debate for designers. More than just a visual design language for Google's products, Material Design also incorporates an entire philosophy for how digital elements should behave on (and off) a screen. Show More Summary

Aerial Photographs Reveal The Gorgeous Geometry Of L.A. And NYC

Seeking order from above chaotic cities. When he was a teenager, photographer Jeffrey Milstein swept out hangars at the Santa Monica airport in exchange for the chance to fly a Cessna 150 around Los Angeles. Today, he rents helicopters to capture aerial shots of the urban landscape. Show More Summary

Embarrassing Foreign Language Snafus, Illustrated

You Say "Hair." I Heard "Hat." If you're a novice Italian speaker, I'd avoid making any disparaging comments about people's roofs. In Italian, the word for roof is tetto, which happens to be very close to the Italian word tetta, meaning tit. One misplaced vowel and you could find yourself in a world of trouble. Read Full Story

Voting Needs A Serious Overhaul And L.A. Might Have The Solution

One way to untangle the mess that is voting in America. If abysmal election participation is any indication, voter experience in the United States desperately demands an overhaul. In 2014, turnout hovered around just 36 percent. Federal...Show More Summary

New York Activist Group Calls For Apple To Ditch The Gun Emoji

It's a brilliant marketing stunt, and also a tease of how complicated freedom of expression can be when corporations get involved. New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV), a nonprofit whose mission is pretty much in the name, has aimed the barrel of its latest campaign right at Apple. Show More Summary

This Sensor Will Tell You How Busy The Gym Is Before You Even Leave The House

Density is a simple new IoT sensor that broadcasts how busy public places around town are at any given time. No one likes a bar that's too crowded, or for that matter, one that's too dead. But what if you could pull out your smartphone...Show More Summary

Is Space About To Experience A Design Renaissance?

Will SpaceX and Virgin Galactic push the boundaries of space exploration? Two aerospace experts weigh in. Getting human beings off the planet is the hardest design challenge mankind has ever undertaken. Yet it's also a solved problem: we've been sending people into space since 1961. Read Full Story

Today's archidose #853

Here are some photos of Quinta de Lemos in Viseu, Portugal, by Carvalho Araújo Arquitectos, photographed by José Carlos Melo Dias. To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose pool To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

Burglary & Rabies

People of Denver! If you are around next week, MCA Denver's legendary Mixed Taste series roars along with a new installment on Thursday, August 6, dedicated to "Burglary & Rabies." I'm proud to be representing the burglary part of the...Show More Summary

This Tower Gobbles Up Air Pollution, Turns It Into Jewelry

Trash fashion, anyone? Smog is downright nasty. In some cities, it's an occasional nuisance. In others—ahem, Beijing—it's a severe public health hazard. Many a designer has grappled with ways to abate air pollution—like the smog-eating...Show More Summary

This Roll-Up Map Highlights Parks And Pools When It's Hot Out

Just like Waze directs you around traffic, this physical map shows you the best parts of a city to visit according to the weather. We're used to digital maps that can automatically adapt themselves to road conditions, traffic, and time of day, but paper maps are usually a different story. Show More Summary

Michael Graves's Famous PoMo Kettle Turns 30—With A Dragon

From the flames, a classic form renewed. The great humanist architect Michael Graves died this year, but before he passed away he revisited one of his most recognizable designs: the 9093 "whistling bird" kettle. Read Full Story

Netflix Designed A Symphony From Random Brainwaves

For the theme song to their new sci-fi show, 'Sense 8', showrunner J. Michael Straczynski used eight people's brains as instruments. Netflix's new sci-fi show by Babylon 5 alum J. Michael Straczynski, Sense 8, is all about eight characters around the world who can suddenly communicate with each other telepathically. Show More Summary

How A Group Of Bloomberg Radio Reporters Improved The MTA Announcements

As told by the "stand clear of the closing doors" guy. "Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the unavoidable delay." Read Full Story

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