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What's About to Happen in Architecture and Design Book Publishing

Although I'm not sure if the title is a statement or a question, here's a heads up on an event taking place on May 14 at Cooper Union. Details on the free event are below and at Eventbrite.WHAT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN...Show More Summary

Sony's Clever Trick For Taking A Photo Without Touching The Camera

No hands. No timers. No remotes. Just wave your hand for the perfect way to take a lowlight shot. Anyone who has taken a photo in low light knows that it's very easy to take a blurry shot. That's because your camera's shutter needs to remain open for a long time to suck in all of the photons it can. Show More Summary

The New Whitney in 99 Photos

My write-up of the new Whitney Museum of American Art, opening May 1 in the Meatpacking District, is still to come. For now, here is a slideshow of the building with photos I took during yesterday's press preview. (If you don't see the slideshow below, click here to see it on Flickr.)

Infographic: How To Choose A Typeface

A flowchart of font choices, all in one $20 poster. Once you really understand them, typefaces can be powerful. A properly chosen font can either give your words authority, or totally undermine them. Even a typeface as openly reviled...Show More Summary

Designers Build Karl Lagerfeld A Giant Paper Castle

In a new exhibit, Lagerfeld's iconic fashions are sheltered by a canopy of delicate paper foliage. No one could call fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld indecisive: he is known for burning any drawing he doesn't end up making into a garment. Show More Summary

Beautiful App Makes Cartoons Out Of Classical Music

It's part "Follow the Bouncing Ball," part Fantasia. Unless you're a musician — and sometimes, not even then — you're probably not very comfortable with reading musical notation. Sure, we might be taught in grade school music class. We might be able to plod along, but we hardly find it intuitive. Read Full Story

Clone Any Website And Create Your Own Hoaxes With This Tool

Clone Zone blurs the line between art and misinformation with their easy to use website editing tool. Have you ever seen something online that you knew was too crazy to be real? Internet hoaxes, one of the oldest forms of trolling, have...Show More Summary

The Exclusive Inside Story Behind Times New Ramen, 2015's Best New Font

Ryder Ripps on the font's noodly genesis, its surprise endorsement by Kendrick Lamar, and why it will change the type world forever. Times New Ramen is a new font by the perpetually tongue-in-cheek designer Ryder Ripps, creative director...Show More Summary

How Video Games Crept Into Professional Sports

Video games have changed the way we watch sports forever. How many times have you heard about a new movie that "is like a video game"? Sure, video games have influenced film and TV. But you'll see even more crossover in sports. Read Full Story

Famous Logos Look Better Lettered By Hand

Burger King has never looked so classy. In the age of Adobe Illustrator, a sincere, hand-lettered sign or logo is a rare artifact of the past. Read Full Story

Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Factories Chart Industrialization's Demise

"At night, the things that we want to boast about emit light, whereas darkness covers that which we don't," says photographer Taewon Jang. Korean photographer Taewon Jang grew up intimately familiar with the world of industrialization. Show More Summary

Renzo Piano on the Whitney

Today was the press preview for the Whitney Museum of American Art, opening on May 1 in its new location at the southern end of the High Line. I'll have photos and words on the building before the opening, but for now I'd recommend watching a short video from Architectural Record with Renzo Piano explaining how the building works. Show More Summary

How The New York Times Magazine Made That Awesome "Walking New York" Cover

Oblivious New Yorkers and a whole lot of wheatpaste make for one of the most compelling magazine covers of recent memory. Earlier this month, workers with the French street artist JR covered a plaza in Manhattan's Flatiron district with a giant, wheatpasted photograph of a guy walking. Show More Summary

Projection Mapping Turns These Wood Block Prints Into Modern Magic

Two Belgian artists find a distinctive style in meshing two unlikely mediums. Long before the advent of the printing press, woodblocks were used to reproduced detailed images onto paper. The tradition began in China as early as 220 A.D., and eventually spread to Europe, where woodcuts were a popular addition to 16th century manuscripts. Show More Summary

This Modern Stained Glass Window Doubles As A Solar Panel

Current Window uses a similar process to photosynthesis to produce energy. What if the vast, beautiful stained glass windows of cathedrals could be used to generate energy? Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel explored this idea with her project Current Window, a modern, sustainable update on stained glass. Show More Summary

The Perfect Luxury Furniture For Gym Rats

Atelier Biagetti's Body Building series translates gym equipment into furniture. For those who feel their gym time is close to religious, the furniture of your dreams has arrived. Designer couple Laura Baldassari and Alberto Biagetti,...Show More Summary

These Role Playing Adults Reimagine The Middle Ages, Minus The Suffering

The Society for Creative Anachronism is comprised of 60,000 people who like to dress up and battle. The Society for Creative Anachronism is an organization comprised of 60,000 adults who want to experience Medieval times, in their own idealized way. Show More Summary

Masterful Italian Design Now Available To The Masses

The MoMA Design Store is selling tabletop objects from Italy's design greats for between $10 and $100 each. If you've ever wanted your apartment to look like the set of a Fellini film, the MoMA Design Store has you covered. On May 1,...Show More Summary

Hate Needles? This 3-D Printed Device Makes Injections Pain-Free

Three college freshmen invent a disposable, 3-D printed device that numbs the skin around an injection site. No one likes being jabbed with a needle. Some people can't stand it at all. According to research in the Journal of Family Practice,...Show More Summary

Microsoft Invents A Better Way To Sense Hand Gestures

Handpose promises the holy grail of motion detection: fast, accurate hand recognition. Imagine strapping on a virtual reality headset, then using your hands to pick up a sword and swing it around your head. Imagine a hazard team able to defuse a complicated bomb from a mile away, just by controlling a robot's hand as effortlessly as your own. Show More Summary

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