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How Brexit Could Impact The Creative Industry

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. Here's how design might change as a result. Today, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a referendum known as Brexit. As a result, markets have plummeted and a general sense of uncertainty has spread across the West. Could it also negatively impact creative industries? Read Full Story

Art Under the High Line

The High Line might be known for, among other things, the seasonal artworks that spring up amongst the plantings, but this morning I noticed a couple buildings that reveal the desire to squeeze art into the spaces beneath the elevated...Show More Summary

How Ove Arup Brought Engineers Out Of The Shadows

The legendary engineer's building philosophy has never been more relevant. This summer, he's getting his first major museum retrospective. In 1956, the Danish architect Jørn Utzon's won the competition to build the Sydney Opera House with a visionary charcoal sketch of the now-iconic design. Show More Summary

This Brilliant Light Fixture Is Built From Its Own Packaging Tube

Finally, a way to assuage your Amazon Prime guilt. Anyone with a rightfully abused Amazon Prime subscription has felt the guilt. You have a pile of boxes on your doorstep, most of which contain at least one more box inside that contains the actual product. Show More Summary

These Radical Ideas Show How Nature Can Inform Sustainable Design

The latest Biomimicry Global Design Challenge winners take their inspiration from the original innovation master. Before humans ever conceived of sustainable design, nature was doing a good job. Plants and animals have evolved to use energy efficiently, to be multi-functional yet balanced, and to use information to carry out living processes. Show More Summary

Type Is The Most Important Element Of Your Company's Brand

Type designer Bruno Maag argues that type, not a logo, is the most important aspect of any great brand. "Type is your brand," says type legend Bruno Maag, founder of font studio Dalton Maag. Read Full Story

SpotMini May Be The First Robot That Actually Makes Sense In A Home

For the first time, we can picture how a robot could be agile and helpful enough to deserve scraps off our dinner table. You read stories about how robots will save Japan's aging population, tucking them into bed and doing their dishes. Show More Summary

Apple Patents A Clever UI Trick For Using Your Phone With One Hand

The patent shows an iPhone that can dynamically adjust its UI to the way it's being held. Criticizing larger, so-called "phablets," Steve Jobs once said that the iPhone was the perfect size, because you could easily use it with one hand. Show More Summary

The City Of The Future Is In Ohio

Self-driving shuttles, super-smart buses, an independent payment network, and more: Welcome to the Great Columbus Experiment. In some ways, Columbus is the every-city. It's at the very center of a state known as the "heart" of America. Show More Summary

Google Created Its Own Laws of Robotics

Building robots that don't harm humans is an incredibly complex challenge. Here are the rules guiding design at Google. In his famous Robot series of stories and novels, Isaac Asimov created the fictional Laws of Robotics, which read: Read Full Story

How Fashion Brands Are Starting To Design Like Tech Companies

A focus on R&D has a new wave of fashion companies testing designs the way developers test software. Inside Lululemon Labs, the cultish activewear brand's 11th New York City location that opened in March, there's not a single $100 yoga pant in sight. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #909

Here are some photos of Hal Ingberg Architecte's Chromazone installation inside the New Cultural Centre in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in Montreal. (Photos: Steve Montpetit – many more photos can be found in Hal Ingberg's Chromazone Flickr Set)...Show More Summary

Ivanka Trump Accused Of Copying Shoe Design

Look at these stilettos. Compare them carefully. Then plunge their heels through your eye sockets, because they're just that hideous. Gaseous orange gonad and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has a reputation for being a man designers hate to work for, which goes a long way toward explaining those hats. Show More Summary

How Good Fing Design Advice Became A Great Fing Brand

First lesson? Don't fing sell products you don't know how to make. Co.Design has partnered with the Brooklyn design studio Hyperakt to bring you Lunch Talks, a video series of conversations with smart, creative people.—Eds. Read Full Story

Rem Koolhaas Rails Against Brexit

Koolhaas joins other famous architects, including David Adjaye, Richard Rogers, and Eyal Weizman, in speaking out against Brexit. A few weeks ago, Rem Koolhaas sat at a conference table in Amsterdam, surrounded by flickering candles and the glow of an overhead projector. Show More Summary

A Rare Tour Of Masdar, The Failed Smart City In The Arabian Desert

Envisioned as Abu Dhabi's zero-carbon "ecotopia," today's Masdar is incomplete—and still far from its sustainability goals. When it was conceived over a decade ago by the Abu Dhabi government, Masdar City was envisioned as a blueprint for the sustainable city of the future. Show More Summary

Muji, Champion Of Anonymous Mass Production, Is Now Selling Handmade Goods

Muji is selling housewares that embrace the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. Muji is a master of mass production. From housewares to prefabs, the Japanese retailer's products celebrate minimalist, anonymous design. Which makes its latest collaboration—a line of home goods crafted by traditional artisans—all the more unique. Read Full Story

How One Newspaper Visualized The Orlando Massacre With Sensitivity

The Tampa Bay Times visualized the Orlando nightclub shootings without turning it into a ghoulish video game simulation. Early in the morning on June 12, just a few hours after 29-year-old Omar Mateen stood under the throbbing houselights...Show More Summary

How North Saved The Tate's Iconic Logo From Itself

After discussing whether or not to get rid of its old identity, the world famous museum decided to fix it instead. Consisting of four bold, balloon-like caps smeared together to look like they are blurring in and out of focus, the Tate logo designed by Wolff Olins in 2000 might be one of the most recognizable identities in the museum world. Show More Summary

The Dark Side Of Your Design Heroes

Le Corbusier supported fascism. Saarinen designed for the CIA. The details of the lives of many famed modernists may surprise you. We admire many midcentury heroes for their work, whether they created products that improve our lives, buildings that beautified our skylines, or furniture that made our homes more enjoyable. Show More Summary

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