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Ikea's New Desk Goes From Sitting To Standing With The Push Of A Button

Sit. Swoosh. Stand. Anyone who's priced a convertible desk that they can both sit and stand at knows it's an expensive proposition that can quickly reach into four digits. If only Ikea made one in birchwood veneer...or something. Read Full Story

Can A Bike Be Both Cheap And Beautiful?

The Epo hopes to bring bike manufacturing back to the Netherlands by using the same techniques car makers use to keep costs down. You'd be hard pressed to find a more bike crazy country than the Netherlands. Not only are bicycle paths ubiquitous, but there's more than one bicycle for every single person in the country. Read Full Story

What Your Zip Code Says About You

Is your neighborhood full of laptops and lattes? Pleasantville-style domesticity? City strivers? This map will tell you. How much can where you live say about who you are? According to a new interactive map by geographic information firm Esri, a whole hell of a lot. Show More Summary

Let Ideo's Top Brass Show You How To Solve Problems Like A Designer's new Design Kit aims to teach everyone, from CEOs to activists to ministers, the principles of human-centered design. Last month, nonprofit spinoff of global design and innovation firm Ideo--launched an online guide to the practice of human-centered design. Show More Summary

I Can't Believe This Trippy Hologram Statue Isn't CGI

Whoa. You see this weird revolving object? It looks like a liquid-metal Terminator on bugging out on an acid trip. Your first instinct was probably to think it was CGI. But no, this is a real object. Read Full Story

Oversharing Toys Let Your Baby Post On Facebook

Ingenious design or sickening sign of the times? That's for you to decide. Every new set of parents must have The Talk, and no, I don't mean something related how babies are made. I mean, you have to decide with your partner just what images and stories you can share of your child on social media. Show More Summary

How Do These Curtains Make You Feel? The Science Of Therapists' Offices

Tell me about your relationship to this couch. Tell me, how does this therapist's office make you feel? Read Full Story

Map: How San Franciscans See New York City

Rikers Island: It's like Alcatraz but REAL. In the battle for cultural dominance between America's coastal elite, two cities reign supreme: San Francisco and New York. Both have walkable streets, cultural zest, and rich (really, really rich) residents. Show More Summary

The Electric Tea Kettle Gets A Makeover

Tea kettles are loud, slow, ugly, and wasteful. The Miito solves all of those problems. Electric tea kettles, and tea kettles in general, are wasteful. Since most people thoughtlessly fill the kettle up to the top, even if they only need a single cup, energy is spent heating unused water. Show More Summary

Ikea Recreates "The Shining" In New TV Ad

R?DRÜM. R?DRÜM To celebrate Halloween, Ikea's Singapore branch has used the dark corridors of the furniture superstore to seamlessly recreate the famous hallway scene from Stanley Kubrick's horror movie masterpiece, The Shining. Read Full Story

The Future College Bookstore: Leave The Books, Take The Panini

The campus bookstore is no longer the place you go to buy textbooks once a semester. Its new incarnation is part of the changing landscape of what higher education offers students. Imagine that the campus store you remember from college--the place where you went to buy text books and maybe a school sweatshirt--could be so much more. Show More Summary

Isaac Asimov's Advice To Creatives? Waste Other People's Time And Money

The sci-fi legend explains that good ideas come from a willingness to get paid for doing nothing. With tens of thousands of books, short stories, articles, and reviews to his credit, science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov may have been one of the most prolific creatives of the 20th century. Show More Summary

Hundreds Of Uncharted Cities Will Get Maps Thanks To Crowdsourcing

A huge number of cities around the world remain unmapped. The Missing Maps Project wants to crowdsource digital maps of the entire globe. Despite massive advances in cartographic technology over the past decade, a huge number of large cities around the world remain digitally uncharted territories. Show More Summary

An Interchangeable Shoe That Adapts To Every Season

A design student imagines what it take to use the same shoe sole year-round. Unless you live somewhere with a perfect 85-degree temperature year-round, every change in the season requires a rotation of shoes. The weather warms up, and out go the canvas sneakers, in come the strappy sandals. Show More Summary

This Amazing Furniture Turns A Closet Into An Apartment

Living in a glorified closet might not be so bad after all. In the Netherlands, you can legally rent an apartment that's just 54 square feet. In Hong Kong, if you're willing to go outside the law, you can live in something even smaller. But how do you furnish a space that can't hold much more than a cot? Read Full Story

Cloning W57

It was just a matter of time before other architects started taking the leaning-pyramid form of Bjarke Ingels Group's W57 development under construction on Manhattan's west side...[W57 under construction | Photo by Rasmus Hjortshøj]...and creating inferior versions of it. Show More Summary

Guggenheim Helsinki's 1,715 Submissions

Stage One Gallery of the open, anonymous international, two-stage competition for the design of a proposed Guggenheim museum in the Finnish capital of Helsinki:

This Laser-Cut Fashion Line Is Like Graphic Design In 3-D

Martijn van Strien's laser-cut fashion is on display during Dutch Design Week. If graphic design were a dress, this is what it would look like. For Contradictions, a fashion line recently shown at Dutch Design Week, Rotterdam-based designer...Show More Summary

Book Review: Three Books for Kids

Sunrise to High-Rise: A wallbook of architecture through the ages by Lucy DalzellCicada Books, 2014Hardcover, 24 pagesWho Built That? Modern Houses by Didier Cornille Princeton Architectural Press, 2014Paperback, 84 pagesWho Built That?...Show More Summary

50 Years Of Eating Patterns Around The World

How much meat, fat, sugar, vegetables, and grain do we eat compared to the rest of the world? You might not want to know. In Hong Kong, a third of what citizens eat is meat. Across China, half the total intake is fruits and vegetables. Show More Summary

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