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Your iPhone Now Has Virtual Reality, Compliments of Google

Cardboard is the first major VR platform to arrive on the iPhone. But will it be the one that matters most? Yesterday at the Google I/O conference, Google brought the app store for Cardboard—the sub $5 cardboard adapter that turns a smartphone into a virtual reality headset—to the iPhone. Show More Summary

Culinary Air Pollution

[Image: Cooking with smog at the World Health Organization in Geneva; photo courtesy the Center for Genomic Gastronomy and Edible Geography]. If you're in NYC later today, the Center for Genomic Gastronomy and Edible Geography have teamed...Show More Summary

Beneath the Streets, Barrel Vaults

[Image: Barrel vaults beneath Warren Street, Manhattan; Instagram by BLDGBLOG]. I was walking along Warren Street in Manhattan yesterday evening when I saw what appeared to be a series of brick barrel vaults uncovered by roadworks. There...Show More Summary

Building with Waste

Below are some of my photos of the ETH Zurich Pavilion that is part of the IDEAS CITY Festival in New York City. To learn more about the pavilion, which is made from old beverage cartons, head over to World-Architects to see the piece I wrote.

Control Your Next Smartwatch With A Wave Of Your Hand

Meet Project Soli, Google's solution to Flavor Flav-sized watchfaces on wearables. We don't want big screens on our wrist, but small screens are tough to interact with unless we use a precision tool like a stylus. If smartwatches are going to be a thing, they'll need to offer users something other than a touchscreen. Show More Summary

Google I/O Was Boring This Year, And That's Okay

Why? Because it means Google's solved many of its most pressing problems. Let's admit it: Google I/O is boring this year. Read Full Story

Will Robots Take Your Job?

A librarian? Watch out. A substance abuse counselor? You're safe. Paralegals and food service workers: the robots are coming. Read Full Story

Today's archidose #840

Here are some photos of the Community Church Knarvik (2014) in Hordaland, Norway, by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, photographed by Sindre Ellingsen.To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose pool To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

A Designers' Guide To New York City's Coolest Spots

New York design studio Hyperakt is building a new kind of city guide, curated by designers. Figuring out where to eat and shop in your city should be easy in the Internet age. But anyone who has used sites like Yelp knows how frustrating the reviews and messy site designs can be. Show More Summary

Google Unveils The Gmail Of Photos We've Been Wanting For Years

Google Photos is as magical as apps get. Here's why. A couple weeks ago, Yahoo unveiled a new update to Flickr that made Flickr worth taking seriously again. But, as often happens in the world of tech, it only took two weeks for someone to release a photo service that makes Flickr's update look old hat. Show More Summary

How Google's Material Design Will Come To Cars, TVs, and VR

At Google I/O 2015, Matias Duarte unveils some of the biggest changes yet to Google's universal design language. A year ago, Android lead designer Matias Duarte announced Material Design. A system for designing apps graphically beautiful...Show More Summary

Watch the Sydney Opera House Transform Into A Hand-Drawn Animation

It's like a 1970s cartoon in the best way. Each year, the Sydney Opera House hands over its iconic sails to artists who use projectors to animate a Michael-Bay-worthy explosion of colors across its skin. The effect is the unreal combination of the world's best graphic artists wielding the world's most powerful tools in CGI. Read Full Story

The Coolest Thing About 1 World Trade Center's New Observatory Isn't The View

Up on the 100th floor of New York's tallest skyscraper, a ring of screens tells stories about the city in a new way. No tourist heading to the 100th floor of 1 World Trade Center—the 1,776-foot-tall skyscraper that stands as the spiritual successor to the Twin Towers—is going there strictly for the view, but it's nice to protect the skyline, anyway. Read Full Story

How A Small Dutch Town Made Fake Bridges On The Euro Real

Who wants to build a real-life version of the dollar bill's cyclops-capped Freemason pyramid? Just outside of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, there is a small island township called Spijkenisse that's criss-crossed with imaginary bridges. But how can bridges be imaginary when they physically exist? You steal their designs from the Euro. Read Full Story

3 Weird Optical Illusions Inspired These Lovely Home Objects

Whether you're Helmut Esslinger or Pee-Wee Herman, there's something to love about YOY's weird new mirror, vase, and lamp. Everyone loves a good optical illusion. Here are three good ones, based on shadows, motion, and perception, which Japanese design firm YOY has turned into a trio of fun, cool home furniture objects. Read Full Story

Fontstand Could Become The Netflix Of Fonts

Try fonts for free, rent them by the month and own them after 12 months. With the advent of a new service, fonts may be as easy to preview and as cheap to purchase as the newest episode of your favorite TV show. Fonts are generally expensive and difficult to license. Show More Summary

Why This Clunky Zack Morris Phone Is Taking Over Ghana

It has the one feature people need: A mega battery. It's easy to think of something like the iPhone as the epitome of industrial design: a thin bit of beauty with alien curves equally capable of pinpointing your location in space or firing an email across the globe. Show More Summary

Ross Barney Architects Studio Visit

Head on over to World-Architects to see a studio visit I made to Ross Barney Architects in Chicago. The firm opened a stretch of the Chicago Riverwalk over Memorial Day Weekend, one of the projects highlighted in the piece.[Ross Barney Architects occupies the old office of Harry Weese | Photo by John Hill]

The Latest Weapon In Defusing Bombs Is 3-D Printed

Think of it as one of those human anatomy models but for bombs. Cut the red wire or the blue wire? Unfortunately, defusing a bomb is a lot more complicated than that, often involving tiny, intricate, delicate mechanical fuses that more closely resemble the inside of a geared clock than the wick of a bottle rocket. Read Full Story

What's Next For Apple Design, From The Guy Who Hired Jonathan Ive

Robert Brunner, who gave Ive his first Apple job, discusses the designer's new C-suite role—and why it matters. Earlier this week, we reported that Apple created a new senior management position for esteemed designer Jonathan Ive, freeing him up to pursue big-picture projects while cementing his role as a leader in the Apple firmament. Show More Summary

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