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ISIS Destroys One Of Syria's Most Important Ancient Landmarks

Palmyra's 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel has been bombed. The Islamic State has reportedly destroyed another architectural landmark in Syria's ancient Palmyra city, according to the Associated Press. The Temple of Bel, which fell in an...Show More Summary

Why The New Moto 360 Is Designed To Look Even More Like A Regular Watch

The New Moto 360 abandons the modernist looks of its predecessor, but Motorola insists that it's meant to fit you better. Technology design moves so fast that it's easy to forget, when Motorola unveiled its Moto 360 smartwatch, it did the unthinkable: transforming a rectangular LCD screen into a rounded piece of jewelry. Show More Summary

An Artist Transforms Slabs Of Resin Into Moody, Translucent Furniture

The pieces in Womnin Park's ethereal "Haze" collection are part furniture, part sculpture. Stormy and translucent, the latest pieces in Wonmin Park's Haze series look almost otherworldly but are made from the most pedestrian of materials: resin. Read Full Story

A Chilling And Deeply Personal Look At Life In A Psychiatric Ward Through Self-Portraits

"My project resulted in photos about a girl, me, who is on the verge of death," photographer Laura Hospes says. After a failed suicide attempt this year, photographer Laura Hospes was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. A student atShow More Summary

10 Ways NYC's Taxi Of Tomorrow Is Designed For Today's Demands

The Nissan NV200 becomes the official New York City taxi cab as of September 1. If you hail a cab in New York, you might get an old-school Crown Vic or a compact Prius or a hybrid Explorer. But in the next few years, chances are you'll step inside the boxy Nissan NV200, the most recent addition to the fleet and, as of today, the city's official taxi. Read Full Story

The Fantastically Geeky Ads That Gave Rise To The Tech Industry

Megan Prelinger's new book, Inside The Machine, offers a fascinating visual history of technology through the lens of the commercial art that helped popularize it. In the period between the advent of the light bulb in the 19th century and the space race of the 1960s, new technology emerged at an exhilarating speed. Show More Summary

Finally! You Can Get To First Base With Your Coffee Cup

Turn your morning coffee into a make-out sesh. Jang WooSeok loves coffee. And he loves kisses. "Whenever I have coffee in the morning, I think that holding warm coffee in my mouth is like a warm kiss," he writes on Behance. The Suncheon,...Show More Summary

This Reading Nook Wraps You In A Glorious Cocoon Of Books

Bookworms, eat your hearts out. The design and branding firm Anagrama is no stranger to inventiveness. In the past it's done up a kids' shop like a giant bead maze, created ultra-slick branding for breweries, confections boxes that looks as good as the treats they hold. Show More Summary

This Bike Says "F You" To Limiting Design Standards

One governing body of biking creates the design standards that all manufacturers follow. Here's what happens when designers stop listening. We've all been had. The bikes that we all ride have been severely limited in the name of international competition. Show More Summary

Google's New Logo Is Its Biggest Update In 16 Years

Google has a new logo that ditches the old serif look, and reacts to you in all contexts. You will very soon notice that Google has a new logo that's sleeker, brighter, and for the first time, animated. And then, you probably won't notice it at all. Read Full Story

Made of Bacteria, This Living Type Morphs Into New Letterforms

Ori Elisar's project Living Language blurs the lines between designer and mad scientist with his Hebrew symbols grown in petri dishes. While most people create type on a computer, Israeli designer Ori Elisar creates his in a lab. For...Show More Summary

3 Design Trends Hiding In The New Nest Thermostat

What might appear to be a minor product update hides trends in industrial and interactive design to come. Nest has just announced its third generation thermostat. And at first glance, it's tough to see how it's different from the last generation. Show More Summary

Joseph Joseph Wants To Reinvent Microwave Cooking

Nuke your dinner better? "Make the greatest cooking discovery since fire," touts a 1970s ad for an Amana microwave. When microwaves first burst onto the market, they spoke of new technology, innovation, and efficiency. In the decades since, they've mostly become a way to reheat leftovers and to whip up popcorn or dorm-room fare. Show More Summary

Article / National World War I Memorial Stage 2 Finalists Announced

Five concepts have been selected to proceed to Stage II for the National World War 1 Memorial design competition. In the next stage of the competition, the five finalists will work in consultation with the Commission, public agencies...Show More Summary

Choose Your Own Dinner Table With Floyd's Utility Legs

Sick of your dinner table? With the Floyd Utility Set, any flat surface could be your new place to gather. Floyd's table legs were a hit immediately upon release last year, as they allowed anyone to add a bit of industrial chic to their home, using whatever flat surface they wanted as a desk or a table. Show More Summary

Every Music Video Should Feature A Light Painting Machine

Floating Points' new video, directed by Hamill Industries, takes the luminous art to a whole new level. The producer Sam Shepherd, aka Floating Points, recently released the video for his single Silhouettes. The video follows stream of light travel across landscape and sky, morphing into wire-y shapes like a light painting. Show More Summary

Revisit Everything Wonderful About Geocities With One Impeccable Website

Remember Geocities? No? Well you're about to. It's hard to believe, but at one point, Geocities was the third most visited website in the world (behind AOL and Yahoo!) before meeting its demise in 2009. Consisting of 38 million pages, everyday people built these personal sites on their desktop PCs long before the rise of blogging platforms or social networks. Read Full Story

This Electric Scooter Turns Into A Storage Cart With One Simple Move

Want a personal transport with built-in storage and the ability to fold up nice and compact? Bet your Segway doesn't do that. Let's face it: the Segway is nothing more than a punchline now considering its cameos in film and near-disastrous run-ins with elite runner Usain Bolt. Show More Summary

6 Inventions That Will Turn Your Breakfast Into A Pee-Wee Herman Fever Dream

Thanks to Dominic Wilcox, your soggy bowl of Rice Krispies will never be the same. Dominic Wilcox is like a deranged Thomas Edison, known for creating wild and whimsical inventions, ranging from giant binoculars for your ears, to wingtips that point you home, to toothbrush maracas. Show More Summary

For Naturephiles Only: A Typeface Made Of Trees

Yes, someone has translated the texts of Borges, Ursula K. Le Guin and others into dense typographic forests. Irish artist Katie Holten's new book About Trees is not just a book about trees—it's written in Trees. Read Full Story

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