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Nice Adaptive Reuse

Yesterday, a nice pool struck my fancy. Today it's this adaptive reuse project: a creamery in Buenos Aires.According to Hitzig Militello Arquitectos, who were inspired by precious stones and the below-zero, granite-slab preparation of...Show More Summary

Nice Pool

Earlier today I was posting a project to World-Architects – L'Accostée House by Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes – and was particularly taken with one aspect of it: the lap pool. Located on the first floor of the three-story split-level, the pool is tucked into the hillside, away from exterior windows. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #999

Here are some photos of Art Museum & Library, Ota (2017) in Gunma, Japan by akihisa hirata architecture office. (Photographs: Ken Lee) To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

Archidose[dot]org Update

Just some URL news: Yesterday was the last day for my URL. I'd had some issues with my webhost in recent years, and it got to the point where most of my blog stuff had moved to Blogger. So without much need for my own server and URL, I decided to ditch Show More Summary

Book of the Moment: Castelvecchio

One of the highlights of a semester spent in Italy nearly 25 years ago was a visit to Carlo Scarpa's Castelvecchio in Verona, Italy. With that, I'm super-excited to learn about Richard Murphy's new book, Carlo Scarpa and Castelvecchio Revisited, put out by his own (I'm guessing) Breakfast Mission Publishing. Show More Summary

Book Review: Michael Graves: Design for Life

Michael Graves: Design for Life by Ian VolnerPrinceton Architectural Press, 2017Hardcover, 240 pagesIan Volner's biography on Graves did not start out as such. As he explains at the beginning of Design for Life, and recounted at a book...Show More Summary

Today's archidose #998

Here are some photos of Città de Sole (2016) in Rome, Italy, by Labics. (Photographs: Trevor Patt) To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

Book Review: Empire, State & Building

Empire, State & Building by Kiel MoeActar, 2017Hardcover, 264 pagesExactly four weeks ago, news broke that JPMorgan Chase would be tearing down its 52-story headquarters at 270 Park Avenue in order to accommodate its 15,000 employees in a new 70-story tower on the same site providing an additional 1 million square feet of floor area. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #997

Yesterday, Balkrishna Doshi was named the 2018 laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. So today I'm posting photos of a few of his projects, all located in Ahmedabad, India, and all photographed by Nicholas Iyadurai.Amdavad Ni Gufa:...Show More Summary

Proposal: Creating musical world between real and virtual

Aim of the week: Clear the idea and content Using software to animate human perspective by using projection technology History: As for enjoyment of music, on the one hand, publicly, people tend to go to concert, big music... Read Mo...

'Other' Wins 2018 Pritkzer

"Other" being Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi and a reference to my recent poll on guessing the winner of the 2018 Pritzker Architecture Prize. Doshi was not one of the 25 architects/firms I listed in the poll, making him a surprising choice, at least to this blogger. Show More Summary

Chaos Theory for Interaction

The optical illusion by Feliks Konczakowski that has been making the rounds on social media lately. Speculating Chaos Theory The initial idea of the “sand plotter” came out of my fascination with magnets, and I thought a steel ball drawing patterns in sand would... Read More

Olfactory experience, human connections and co-operative interface

For this week, I would like to continue the cocktail machine project which I had started it from the first week ( I would like this machine to be more immersive and gives new experiences as well as bring social... Read More


The environment is one of the biggest issues in this modern world and it might seem to be a global-scaled issue, however, it is definitely affecting our health and lifestyle to a great extent. so for this week, I would... Read More

Mechanical Systems

For this week, we set out to establish a connection between the data collected from a bio-sensor (we are using a heart pulse sensor for this) and a kinetic mechanical system. The data collected will be fed as inputs for... Read More

Social Media Responsive Robot Week 4

After our tutorial last week, we came to an agreement that the projection idea may be hindering other possibilities for the environment that may suit the robot’s aesthetic better. Aims for the week: -Build physical prototypes for the robot’s environment... Read More

Machine Gesture Design

Boston Dynamics has just released a new video testing their four-legged robot SpotMini, where one helped another by opening a door. This video immediately went viral and received more than 8 million views over the course of two weeks. It also... Read More

Recreating a system of audience control using coloured paddles: Part 3

I decided to recreate Loren Carpenter’s experiment of audience control using coloured cards, enabling an audience to collaboratively play games. In this experiment, Carpenter observed his audience acting as an “amoeba”. I’m interested in the effects of this kind of... Read More

Recreating a system of audience control using coloured paddles: Part 2

Last week I set up a simple recreation of Loren Carpenter’s Pong experiment and had some friends test it. I want to do this with larger audiences and have been working on making this happen. Along with a collaborator, Min,... Read M...

The Psychology of Awe

The first time seeing Black Flags by William Forsythe, I experienced a sense of wonder and awe that I could not quite explain. It is a familiar feeling, not unlike the times when I saw a brilliant sky, visited a grand... Read More

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