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Clever Table Grows Or Shrinks With Your Needs

Meant to survive as long as the wood its built with. Wooden Cloth is a simple wood table that's designed to grow or shrink with your needs. Designed by Swedish carpentry student Nathalie Dackelid, the ash table uses a twist on traditional table leaves to allow not just one or two alternate sizes, but as many as you need. Read Full Story

The Predictably Insane Industrial Design Of The Gold Apple Watch

Jony Ive Explains How Placing Gold Molecules Closer To Each Other Will Make The Apple Watch Twice As Tough Ahead of the imminent launch of the Apple Watch, the notoriously press-shy Jonathan Ive has recently let a few reporters intoShow More Summary

How Much Money Your Limbs Are Worth, State By State

Whatever you do, don't move to Alabama. How much money is your leg worth? How about your ear or your ring finger? Most people would say these vital body parts are invaluable. But state legislatures have to assign monetary value to individual body parts when determining worker compensation benefits. Show More Summary

Film Noir Bob Dylan, Masked Cillian Murphy: The Week's Best Music Videos

Plus, everyone's morphing into cartoons for some reason. In this week's best music videos, Bob Dylan plays our a film noir murder drama, Lykke Li models Gucci, and Cillian Murphy challenges us all to give up our daily 9-5 grind. Also, two videos feature singer-songwriters morphing into cartoons… do we spy a trend? Read Full Story

Every Frame Of This Computer Animated Short Was 3-D Printed Into Real LIfe

It's part of a clever exhibition that explains the principles of animation without being animated at all. No matter how realistic a computer animated movie like Toy Story 3 might seem to you, it's still just a bunch of numbers inside a computer. Show More Summary

Coke Experiments With New Universal Branding

As global sales dwindle, Coca-Cola may soon release every type of Coke under its iconic red branding. Coca-Cola Spain is launching a new look that unites Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero Zero (caffeine-free Coke Zero) under one unifying design based upon Coca-Cola's iconic red packaging. Show More Summary

MoMA Recognizes Susan Kare, The Designer Of The Macintosh's Original Icons

Kare's success proves that not only is great design universal, it often happens in spite of things like credentials and direct experience. Susan Kare — the pioneering graphic designer whose pixel art icons for the original MacintoshShow More Summary

God Is in the (Dime-Store) Details

I've never been a big fan of Bruce Goff's architecture, but I couldn't resist watching an old BBC documentary on Goff that the AA School of Architecture uploaded to YouTube a couple days ago. One particular project that stands out is...Show More Summary

Antique Books Turned Into Exquisite Paper Sculptures

South African artist Barbara Wildenboer specializes in turning old books into elaborate papercraft sculptures. South African artist Barbara Wildenboer thinks of books as living things. In her art, she operates on them, cutting apart old books to reveal the sprawling yet delicate central nervous systems trapped within the pages. Read Full Story

California Modernism Looks Even Better Under The Stars

Australian photographer Tom Blachford captures midcentury modern architecture through long exposure, and it is lovely. Palm Springs, California, bills itself as a Mecca of midcentury modernism, boasting one of the world's largest concentrations of architecture from the likes of John Lautner, Richard Neutra, and more. Show More Summary

The Teapot, Reinvented

Paul Loebach's science-inspired design is a serious upgrade from traditional options. Most teapots are big and bulky and fit so awkwardly in your cabinet, you're resigned to just leaving them on the counter. Paul Loebach's Ora Teapot, on the other hand, looks like something you might find in a chemistry lab. Show More Summary

This Throwable Computer Teaches Kids How To Code

Hackaball gives kids the power to program their own games, and takes coding outside. Coding is a great skill for kids to learn but it can be a lonely, sedentary endeavor. Hackaball, a new toy created from a partnership between the design...Show More Summary

The Beauty Of Failure: 12 Rejected Designs That Actually Don't Suck

Recently Rejected, an online graveyard for unpublished, rejected, or unfinished design work, illuminates the creative process. All creative people know that only a tiny percentage of the work they do ever sees the light of day. More often than not, work either ends up in the trash, gets brutally revised, or rejected by finicky clients. Show More Summary

Dubai's Museum Of The Future Looks Like A Giant Promise Ring Covered In Poetry

Apparently the museum is a 13-year-old girl? Dubai, center of some of the world's flashiest architecture, is getting a high-tech new museum that looks straight out of the Jetsons. Plans for the Museum of the Future, unveiled by the government...Show More Summary

For Sale: A Cartoon Guest House Designed By Frank Gehry

But if you want to buy it, there's a catch. You can't keep it where it is. An opportunity to buy a building designed by Frank Gehry—whether you like him or horf him—doesn't come around very often. If you've been looking to invest in Gehry's particular brand of starchitecture, here's your opportunity: the University of St. Show More Summary

A Lamp That Uses Steel Marbles As A Light Switch

The hand-blown Mercure Lamp fills a room with a delicate light based upon the direction it is inclined. Light switches are boring, so we're always on the lookout for a more novel way to turn on our lamps. And the Mercure Lamp certainly has that going for it: the bulb is filled with steel marbles which function as the switch. Show More Summary

Reebok To Reintroduce Inflatable "Pump" Sneakers

26 years after it was introduced, the inflatable Pump sneaker is back, redesigned for a new generation of fitness freaks. Reebok is bringing back the Pump, the inflatable sneaker that became one of the company's most popular products after it was first designed in 1989. Show More Summary

This Coatrack Is Also A Llama

#LLAMADRAMA Last week, untold millions had their eyes glued to their screens as two llamas ran wild in Arizona, managing to evade capture for over an hour. Defying the status quo of the internet, at that moment, almost everyone seemed to agree on one point: llamas are pretty damn cute. Show More Summary

This Eerie Virtual Flood Will Scare You Into Giving A Damn About Climate Change

Studio Roosegaarde explores the beauty and threat inherent to living below sea level. The Netherlands has a long and complicated history with water. Centuries of calamitous floods have forced the country to become one of the world's foremost authorities in water management. Show More Summary

The Best Of MoMA Curator Paola Antonelli's Reddit AMA

The MoMA Curator of Architecture and Design reveals favorite books and video games and thoughts on skeumorphism and the future of design. Yesterday, Paola Antonelli, senior curator of architecture and design at New York City's Museum of Modern Art, let the masses pick her brain in a Reddit AMA. Show More Summary

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