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It's been almost two years since I stopped writing stories (aka Ideabooks) for Houzz. Even though comments on my stories – like just about everything on the Internet – petered out within a few days of going online, I continue to getShow More Summary

How To Say Good-Bye To An Iconic Piece Of City History

Demolition of L.A.'s 6th street bridge just began, but residents have been saying bye for months. Here's how you send off a bridge in style. Los Angeles is losing an iconic part of the city: The crumbling 6th Street Viaduct, best known for its many appearances in Hollywood films, is being torn down this year after being deemed structurally unsafe. Show More Summary

Uber's Head Of Design Steps Down

The announcement arrives just as Uber unveils a new, widely ridiculed logo. via LinkedIn Andrew Crow, Uber's head of design, has announced that he's leaving the company. Since joining in 2014, he helped grow Uber's design team from 30...Show More Summary

Could The Green Answer To Leather Be Pineapple Leaves?

An artist and leather industry veteran has created shoes, bags, and other accessories out of environmentally friendly material. Finding a substitute for leather has long vexed those concerned about the material's effects on the environment. Show More Summary

These Gorgeous Ceramics Are Made By Blasting Music Below A 3-D Printer

Makerbot meets music. Ceramics are among the oldest handcrafts with the earliest vessels dating back to 24,000 B.C. From practical objects to aesthetic exercises (and not to mention steamy film props), pottery continues to endure. Designers...Show More Summary

Google Is Building A New VR Headset (And Possibly The First VR OS)

Stand aside Cardboard, Google appears to be building both a new VR headset and improving Android to work in VR. The fruits of Google's beefed up VR team are coming soon. Read Full Story

The Most Design-Savvy Super Bowl Commercial

Design geeks, ICYMI: Noma Bar's animated spot for cancer research was a cut above the rest. Amid a deluge of Super Bowl ads filled to the brim with animals (some of a stranger species than others) and celebrity cameos, one commercial stood out last night for its design. Show More Summary

An Honest Look At Affordable Housing In NYC

Photographer David Schalliol shows what "home" means to the residents of affordable housing in New York. Affordable housing is one of New York City's most elusive problems: How do you provide shelter for lower-income residents in a city...Show More Summary

With Millions Of New Bottle Designs, Every Diet Coke Will Soon Be Unique

A new campaign turns every bottle of Diet Coke into a custom piece of art. Get collecting. Today, you probably know Diet Coke for its silver and red branding—which is more or less how it's looked since Coca-Cola's sugar-free alternative first launched in 1982. Show More Summary

How Google Is Reimagining Books

Editions At Play sees designers and authors working simultaneously to build a new type of e-book from the ground up. The first sign that Reif Larsen's Entrances & Exits is not a typical e-book comes at the table of contents, which is...Show More Summary

Book Review: Wiel Arets-Bas Princen

Wiel Arets-Bas Princen edited by Jon BezoldHatje Cantz, 2015Hardcover, 164 pagesThe two names in this book's title indicates it is not a run-of-the-mill monograph. Instead, it is as much about artist/photographer Bas Princen as it is about architect Wiel Arets. Show More Summary

AI's Biggest Danger Is So Subtle, You Might Not Even Notice It

What happens when artificial intelligence that helps us make decisions is so commonplace, we become dependent on it? The rise of artificial intelligence has been met with reactionary fears of robots taking over. We've all seen the movies. Show More Summary

The Most Exciting (Non-Football) Reasons To Watch The Super Bowl This Year

Even if you're not a football fan, you're going to want to watch history being made this year. Fast Company associate editor KC Ifeanyi and BuzzFeed sports editor Rawan Eewshah got together to tell us what to look out for at this year's historic 50th Super Bowl. Show More Summary

This Power Plant Can Turn A Third Of Shenzhen's Trash Into Energy Every Day

A group of Danish architects is designing the largest waste-to-energy plant ever built. In December, dozens of people were killed in Shenzhen when a landslide of refuse and construction waste from the Hongao Construction Waste Dump collapsed. Show More Summary

This Chair Would Only Be Comfortable On Ecstasy

And it comes with its very own '90s house mixtape. Break out the glow sticks. If you're used to your furniture sitting silently in the corner of your living room, designer Juliette Mutzke-Felippe has an unusual proposition for you. Her iridescent French Touch chair comes with its very own mixtape. Show More Summary

This Feathered Jacket Points You Due North Like A Migrating Bird

Is there any chicer way to navigate the city? Besides their talent for flight, most birds have another enviable trait that humans lack: an unwavering sense of direction. Taking her cue from the aviary internal compass, designer Birce Ozkan created an augmented feather jacket that reacts with a twitch when the wearer is facing north. Read Full Story

How To Design For Autism

The architect behind the Center of Autism and the Developing Brain says the key is to be sensitive to light, sight, textures, and sounds. Problem: many autistic kids are super sensitive to the sight, sound, and feel of their environment. Show More Summary

Watch A Designer Build A Virtual Reality Game--Inside Virtual Reality

Designers can now craft virtual worlds while standing inside one. As of today, designing a virtual reality game consists of coding on the flat screen of a computer terminal, and then putting on a VR headset to test the results. This workflow leaves a gap—an inherent disconnect between the 2-D box of a computer monitor and the 3-D immersion of a VR headset. Read Full Story

6 Web Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

From artificial intelligence to wearables, here are some of the biggest ideas shaping web design today. Web design thrives on two things: innovation and imitation. Unfortunately, there's often a lot more of the latter. We all like to seize upon the latest trends, use them until they're ubiquitous, and then look desperately for the next big thing. Show More Summary

The New Superbowl Ad: $1 Million Emoji On Twitter

Stand aside TV ads. The kids want their emoji. In 1995, advertising history was made when a 30-second Super Bowl ad buy reached $1 million. Now, Twitter's Super Bowl has reached the $1 million mark, too...for custom emoji. Read Full Story

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