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A Tour Of A Sprawling, Abandoned Oscar Niemeyer Complex

The Brazilian architect was 12 years into construction of a modernist park inside the ancient city of Tripoli when civil war broke out. In 1963, the Lebanese government commissioned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer to build a permanent International Fair complex for the city of Tripoli. Show More Summary

Use These Stickers To Help Memorialize Victims Of Police Violence

The Say Their Name project wants to help you keep the victims in our collective memory by plastering their names everywhere. Only a few years ago, there was no guarantee that when the police killed an unarmed or law-abiding citizen in the U.S., it would even make the local news. Show More Summary

Sleep Under The Stars In This Open-Air Hotel In The Alps

At the Null Stern, you may not get a roof, but you do get stunning panoramic views—and, of course, your own butler. Although the amenities available at the world's hotel rooms vary wildly, you're usually guaranteed four walls, a roof, and a bathroom. Show More Summary

Philips Builds A Productivity-Boosting Light Canopy For Its HQ

To improve its dreary 1950s office, Philips teamed up with Lava Architects to put its products to use. The designers at Philips Lighting, maker of the multi-colored Hue smart bulbs among other glowing and shining products, know that there's a link between productivity, happiness, and workplace lighting. Show More Summary

Burn Your Desk Chair: 9 Radical Alternatives To Office Seating

Neither sitting or standing all day is good for you. These seating designs offer a third way. If there's one thing that the abundance of research on healthy workplaces makes clear, it's that there's no clear solution to the problems caused by our desk jobs. Read Full Story

6 Ways To Make Your Indoor Plants Look Like Modern Art

Give your plants the beautiful vessels they deserve. As science has shown, nature offers restorative effects on our brains and can be a visual break from our often harried and frenetic lives. The research behind houseplants and their...Show More Summary

Which Font Should I Use On My Kindle?

We ask the experts: Which font is optimal for my Kindle? Baskerville, Bookerly, Caecilia, Georgia, Helvetica, OpenDyslexic, Palatino, the mysterious "Publisher Font": According to my iPhone's Kindle app, all of these typefaces are available with a button press, and that's the problem. Show More Summary

How IBM And Disney Brainstorm In The Cloud

This collaborative whiteboarding app tries to digitize the fun, chaotic physicality of brainstorming, while making it accessible to anyone. International design firm Ideo popularized the designer brainstorming session: Just lock a team...Show More Summary

Help Get A Classic Canadian Standards Manual Republished

Love graphic standards manuals? Burton Kramer's 1974 CBC manual is the latest proposed reissue. Although it might not be as recognizable south of Windsor, the classic CBC "Gem" logo has the same funky 1970s cachet in Canada as the vintage PBS logo has in the States. Read Full Story

See What's Really Going On In Your Company's Slack With This New Visualization App

Which teams collaborate most, which users are most influential, and what's your company's favorite emoji? Depending on whom you ask, Slack has either revolutionized the way workers communicate or created just another distraction in today's always-on lifestyle. Show More Summary

This Neural Network Makes Faces From Scratch (And They're Terrifying)

Google's machine learning artist-in-residence trains a neural network to make portraits (and unleash demons on the Internet, apparently). Mario Klingemann is the Machine Learning Artist in Residence at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris (the same arm of Google behind the new Louvre-busting museum app). Show More Summary

A Manicure That Doubles As A Subway Card? Treat Yourself

Touch-and-go. Manicures feel like such a luxury mainly because they are purely decorative; they don't fulfill any sort of necessity and they're not particularly functional. But as Lucie Davis, a jewelry design student at Central St. Martins in London suggests, they very easily could be useful. Show More Summary

The Robots Are Coming For Your Unpaid Internship

For his graduate project, designer Julius Ingemann Breitenstein built a product that aims to automate busy work. If you're a designer who works with clients, here's something you're probably familiar with: the project that never ends. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #914

Here are some photos of James Corner Field Operations' ICEBERGS installation now on display at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. (Photos: Mark Andre) To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

Facebook Live Is About To Feel More Like TV

Facebook is making a series of design tweaks to Live. Here's why. This week, Facebook is quietly deploying a few major changes to a product that's becoming increasingly prevalent in the way news is reported: Facebook Live. Read Full Story

The Wildly Inventive Textiles Of Africa's Print Powerhouse

The company behind some of Africa's most popular fabrics is Dutch, but women vendors have managed to make the prints their own. With its geometric patterns, bold prints, and rich, electric pops of color, the wrap dresses on display in...Show More Summary

The Best Writing App Ever Just Came To iOS

For almost a decade, Scrivener has been helping writers tame their untameable manuscripts. Now it's been perfectly adapted to mobile. A vintage typewriter, a beautiful fountain pen, a distraction-free writing app, or a ridiculously expensive e-ink word processor. Writing is hard, which is why writers are always looking for a magic tool to make it all easier. Read Full Story

Knockoff Marble That's More Beautiful Than The Real Thing

An ancient, low-budget alternative to marble becomes a coveted material in its own right. While alchemists never succeeded in their quest to turn lead into gold, crafty builders since the Roman age have been transforming inexpensive plaster into far more luxurious materials, like faux-marble and lapis lazuli, using a process called scagliola. Show More Summary

4 Powerful Posters Capture The Tenuous State Of Our Voting System

For a new exhibition, design writer Steven Heller asks four top designers to illustrate the freedom to vote. In 1941, delivering his annual message to Congress, Franklin Delano Roosevelt named the "four essential human freedoms": freedom of speech and religion, and freedom from want and fear. Show More Summary

The New York Times's President Predictor Is A Masterclass In Information Design

Spoiler alert: Hillary Clinton currently has a huge margin of victory over Donald Trump. The New York Times's data-driven arm The Upshot has been tallying the odds behind the 2016 presidential election, and has just published the results on a page called "Who Will Be President?" authored by Josh Katz. Show More Summary

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