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Mapping The Stunning Complexity Of The World's Shipping Routes

Researchers from the UCL Energy Institute plot 250 million data points to show the movements of the world's commercial shipping fleet. At any given moment, the world's oceans are teeming with fleets of commercial ships—carriers packed...Show More Summary

Mapping The Disturbingly High Rates Of Food Insecurity In America

For the poor, food access is not a given—even in some of the most agriculturally rich places in the country. America continues to have a lot of hungry people. Some statistics may have improved since the recession. But the nation's level...Show More Summary

The Ultimate Party Game For Design Nerds

Dutch artist Sigrid Calon blends two signature typefaces to create her own abstract twist to the classic memory card game. The Dutch artist Sigrid Calon has applied her gradated, geometric patterns to everything from beautiful Risograph prints to hospital walls and water tanks. Show More Summary

This Architecture Firm Is Turning VR Into The Next Great Productivity Tool

NBBJ is the first major architecture firm jumping headlong into VR—by incubating its own platform. Virtual reality is steadily spilling over into the design industry and is already changing how we create. The technology's potential (and...Show More Summary

Explore The Seinfeld Universe In This Chart About Nothing

Mimbos. Anti-dentites. Close talkers. Sponge-worthy men, and women with Shiksappeal. These are the characters of Seinfeld. For a show about nothing, Seinfeld introduce us to an incredibly diverse universe of vain, weird, and colorful New Yorkers, as seen through the judgemental eyes of its four main characters: Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. Show More Summary

How Prince Got The Media To Use His Custom Symbol

???? wins. Composed of a downward-facing arrow crossed by a curlicue and crowned by a perfect halo, Prince's Love symbol is a portmanteau of Venus and Mars emblems, a rogue protest against his record label, and, when it debuted in 1993, a conundrum for the media to reproduce. Show More Summary

What Arabic Type Reveals About How Experts See The World

New research based on Arabic letterforms suggests that experts visually process the world more efficiently than novices. What makes experts so damn good at what they do? Well, there are some obvious reasons: Experts have more knowledge...Show More Summary

The Latest In Prison Education? Design Thinking

The MakeRight initiative teaches incarcerated people empathetic design with the aim of reducing recidivism. From packaging that prevents shoplifting to furniture that guards against thieves, projects originating from the Design Against...Show More Summary

Meet The Ex-Architect Building Chatbots At Microsoft (Including That Racist Jerk, Tay)

Lili Cheng, who has spent 20 years building human interfaces at Microsoft, says risk is part of her job. It was late March, and just four days before Microsoft CEO Satya Natella was due to announce the company's new focus on "conversation as a platform," Lili Cheng woke up to discover that one of her chatbots had gone rogue. Read Full Story

At This Art Gallery, The Floors Are More Important Than The Walls

Artist Peter Zimmerman poured 1,400 square feet of resin onto the floors of this museum gallery to complement the paintings on the walls. The point of going to most galleries is to look at what's hanging on the walls. Yet as part ofShow More Summary

A Radical Cartographer Visualizes Slavery In America

Bill Rankin reveals historical insights about the industry of slavery on the eve of the Civil War. American school children learn that slavery caused the American Civil War. Other historians argue that this explanation is simplistic, and there were other contributing factors. Show More Summary

10 Buildings That Prove Solar Can Be Beautiful

These structures generate their own power and incorporate photovoltaic arrays in creative ways. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recentlypassed new legislation that makes San Francisco the first major U.S. city to mandate solar...Show More Summary

Security Vs. UX: How To Reconcile One Of The Biggest Challenges In Interface Design

Data breaches can be prevented. And good design can help. Data breaches are an unfortunate reality of doing business today. But they are avoidable. A whopping eight of out 10 of enterprise data breaches can be traced to human error. That's not just a matter of careless users. That's a design problem. Read Full Story

How Dyson Invented A $399 Hairdryer With Nuclear Tech

Dyson bought 1,300 miles of hair tresses and used machines built for nuclear weapons to develop the ultimate hairdryer. Today, Dyson pulled the covers off of a new product, in a new category: a hair dryer, dubbed the Dyson Supersonic. Read Full Story

Midcentury Modernism's Unsung Power Couple

A new exhibition looks at the collaboration between Alvar and Aino Aalto, and their work for the Finnish design company Artek. "Companies are like great buildings," says Nina Stritzler-Levine, a scholar and gallery director at the Bard Graduate Center in New York. Show More Summary

A Debate Is Raging In The Museum World—And Design Is At The Center

MoMA in flux gives us a glimpse of a vast shift in how museums think about art, design, and the public. A few weeks ago, architects and art fans issued a bit of a collective freakout over a report that the Museum of Modern Art would be permanently "abolishing" its legendary architecture and design galleries. Show More Summary

BMW Redesigns The Wheelchair For High-Speed Paralympians

The goal? To remove any hardware limitations from the equation, so athletes can just be athletes. There isn't a lot of money in wheelchair racing, so racing in the Paralympic games is an exercise of carefully choreographed improvisation. Show More Summary

Ikea's First Collaboration With A Fashion Designer Is Seriously Wild

It's Fear and Loathing in Älmhult. Ikea—the flat-pack furniture company that's made a fortune selling un-flashy, democratic designs—is adding a splash of color to its collections with a new partnership with menswear designer Katie Eary. Show More Summary

See What Parts Of The World Still Run On Fossil Fuels With This Interactive Map

The bad news is that most of the world still runs on dirty fuels. But the bright spots—including 7 countries that are 100% renewable power—are growing. Despite the meteoric growth of renewable energy, it's still a small slice of the world's electricity. Show More Summary

A Good-Looking Solution To The Bike Commuter's Conundrum

The L.A. startup Jaar updates the bicycle frame bag—and it's a beaut. By now, we all know the benefits of commuting by bike. Better for your body, easier on the environment, plus it's pretty fun to fly through gridlocked streets. But there's one caveat: Carrying along everything you need for work is a logistical challenge—not to mention a stylistic conundrum. Read Full Story

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