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When You Die, This Mushroom Suit Will Eat Your Body

The greenest way to go. The unsustainability of modern life doesn't stop when you die. Before your body goes in a casket, it will be pumped full of formaldehyde and other toxic solvents; cremation contributes to climate change. Even if you choose a so-called green burial, chemicals in your body—like pesticides or mercury—can pollute the soil. Read Full Story

For Its Pittsburgh Outpost, Ace Hotel Taps A Booming Rust Belt Design Scene

To transform a former YMCA building in Pittsburgh, Atelier Ace sought out designers and craftspeople from Steel City. With each of its locations, the Ace Hotel Group plays a balancing act between channeling the regional culture but remaining faithful to its brand of retro-inspired hospitality. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #882

Here are some photos of Labyrinth (2015) at C-Mine in Genk, Belgium, by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, photographed by Joris D'Haese. To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

This "Simpsons" Meme Engine Is D'Oh Good

Where D'oh! and great UX meet. I want you to imagine a world, a better world, where all you need to do is type a word like "bacon" or "beer" or "butt" to see where those topics appear in any Simpsons episode. Read Full Story

A Brief History Of Streetcars In NYC

Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to announce a plan to build the city's first streetcars in almost 100 years. Why is it worth bringing back? The wind is shifting in New York, with people are travelling more between outer boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens rather than solely to and from Manhattan. Show More Summary

A Glimpse Inside Russia's Secret Cosmonaut Training Centers

London-based photographer Maria Gruzdeva documents the cosmonaut facilities, which are like relics from the Space Age. During the height of the Space Race in the 1960s, the Soviet Union built two entire cities around cosmonaut training centers, where Russian cosmonauts lived with their families while preparing to go to outer space. Show More Summary

When Graphic Design Was A Protest Weapon

America In Revolt: The Art of Protest spotlights rare posters from a guerilla group of activist artists at UC Berkeley. Shortly after Ohio National Guardsmen shot and killed four students at Kent State University in 1970, prompting demonstrations nationwide, a group of activists joined forces in Berkeley, California. Their goal: use art as a protest weapon. Read Full Story

Use A 3-D Printer? You Should Read This Study

One of the first health studies to analyze top commercial 3-D printers reveals some troubling results. Anyone who uses a 3-D printer at work or home knows the tell-tale scent of the machine at work, a slightly burnt chemical odor that fades over time. Show More Summary

The 9 Coolest Wood Buildings Of The Year

Tiiiiimber! Wood-frame construction goes back thousands of years. But as buildings gradually became taller and larger, more robust materials—like steel and concrete—came to dominate modern architecture. While steel and concrete are strong, they also come with a huge carbon footprint. Good news: timber is making a comeback. Read Full Story

A Practical Guide To Invisible Design

With examples from Dropbox, Gmail, and more, here's a no-nonsense guide to creating user experiences that are so natural, they feel invisible. When you examine the most successful interaction designs of recent years, the clear winners are those who execute fundamentals flawlessly, like Gmail's autosave function and Uber's credit card entry form. Show More Summary

The Lost History Of The U.S. Nuclear Program, As Told By Its Business Cards

What's in a rolodex? In this case, just about everything you could need to build a bomb. Hy-Test Safety Shoes. Brainpower USA. General Astrometals (a subsidiary of the Anaconda Company). Halliburton. The companies that helped build America's nuclear program range from the banal to the obscure to the ominous. Show More Summary

Can Curated Design E-Marketplaces Survive In The Amazon Era?

AHAlife's acquisition of design curation site Bezar suggests consolidations might be the best way for online marketplaces to survive the competition. After rumors surfaced last month that the curated online marketplace Bezar was struggling...Show More Summary

Gorgeous California Cabins Designed To Help Writers Push Through A Creative Block

The 280-square-foot cabins impart a monastic sensibility. Four compact, cedar-clad cabins are perched in the Santa Cruz Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Designed by Cass Calder Smith for the Djerassi Resident Artists Program—a...Show More Summary

Comic Book of the Moment

Yesterday, quite to my surprise, this new book arrived in the mail:The Life of an Architect… and what he leaves behind (note the little house at the bottom of the cover) is the print version of Mike Herman's arch., an online comic strip...Show More Summary

An Intimate Tour Of Elizabeth Taylor's Bel Air Mansion

Catherine Opie shot over 3,000 images of the late actress's home—and yes, the diamonds are flawless. Cinema siren, humanitarian, close friend of Michael Jackson, and repeat divorcee—Elizabeth Taylor (1932–2011) epitomized what it means to be a true celebrity before the age of TMZ. Show More Summary

150 Years Of Immigration In America, Visualized

An interactive map shows how waves of diasporas from all over the world arrived in the U.S., from the 1850s to today. Amid a flurry of anti-immigration rhetoric coming from certain GOP presidential candidates, a new interactive map reminds us just how much of our country's foundation was built on the backs of foreign-born citizens. Read Full Story

Bammies: $170 Jammies You Can Go To Work In

Step aside yoga pants, this new clothing line aims to elevate leisure wear to business casual. First we had hoodies. Then yoga pants. Continuing the craze for ever more comfortable work duds, now we have Bammies. As the site puts it: Bammies = business + jammies. Read Full Story

Fake Patent Illustrations Take Jabs At Silicon Valley Greed

Artist Jeremy Bailey exposes how crazy tech companies are about intellectual property. Patent drawings express innovative ideas, reveal the wildly imaginative products of the future, and are beautiful works of art in their own right....Show More Summary

What We Know About The Best Designs For The Hyperloop So Far

"That in general is good advice for people creating companies," Musk said to students. "Start with the minimally useful system." Last weekend, dozens of teams gathered at Texas A&M to present their pod designs for a Hyperloop—a new form...Show More Summary

Fitbit Makes Most Aggressive Bid Yet For Fashion Consumers

Can Fitbit's new fashion-forward fitness tracker reverse its downward momentum? Hoping to revive investors' and consumers' confidence, Fitbit has unveiled a new fitness-tracking band CEO James Park calls its "most fashionable deviceShow More Summary

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