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In defence of developers

When architectural preservationists meet at the tedious conferences and grim councils of despair that feed oxygen to their nihilistic and… The post In defence of developers appeared first on The Spectator.

Wilful expression

‘Lounge suit’ is normally a reliable signifier of supine gentility. But there it was on the invitation to Richard Rogers’s… The post Wilful expression appeared first on The Spectator.

Another side of Le Corbusier

On the outskirts of La Chaux-de-Fonds, an industrial town in the Swiss Jura, stands one of the most beautiful houses… The post Another side of Le Corbusier appeared first on The Spectator.

Why Rubens should go

The Blow family has had its disasters. There has been madness, murder and suicides. But before those mishaps there was… The post Why Rubens should go appeared first on The Spectator.

Fact and fantasy

Britain’s country houses were constantly in the news a generation ago. In 1974 The Destruction of the Country House, an… The post Fact and fantasy appeared first on The Spectator.

Building on the past

London was an industrial city until remarkably recently. It seems extraordinary now, but Bankside Power Station was built in 1947,… The post Building on the past appeared first on The Spectator.

The art of architecture

Leighton House, studio-home of Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830–96), is one of my favourite museums, and always a treat to visit.… The post The art of architecture appeared first on The Spectator.

Studio KCA Designs A Comet For NASA

As it just smashed into Earth, Comet is a 1:1000 model to celebrate NASA's Rosetta landing. To celebrate the Rosetta landing, NASA wanted to put a comet on display, but despite its plans to someday tow a comet into orbit, the only way to get one to land on Earth is via a chance collision. Show More Summary

Why iPads And Chromebooks Won't Save the Classroom

The founder of Kano, a kid's computer, says DIY is better than off-the-shelf. Alex Klein is the co-founder and CEO of Kano, which creates computer and coding kits for all ages, all over the world. His reporting and writing has appeared in Newsweek, the New Republic, New York Magazine, the Nation, the Times of London, BuzzFeed, and other publications. Read Full Story

3 Unsung, Pre-Memphis Designs From Ettore Sottsass

The Memphis group founder's early works were marked by natural materials, bold colors, and hand-crafted designs. Best known as the founder of the experimental Memphis group (1981-1987), Ettore Sottsass was a prolific designer who produced six decades worth of work that spanned every medium from furniture to ceramics, photography and painting. Show More Summary

Animated Heat Maps Reveal The Loudest Neighborhoods

These areas either have the noisiest neighbors or the nosiest neighbors, depending on how you look at it. Noise might seem like merely a nuisance, but it's also a health risk: according to the World Health Organization, noise pollution can lead to cardiovascular diseases, sleep disturbance, and stress. Show More Summary

VW's Fraud Reveals A Troubling Future: Our Machines Can Now Lie

Volkswagen didn't make a faulty car: they programmed it to cheat intelligently. The difference isn't semantics, it's game-theoretical (and it borders on applied demonology). This piece was originally posted on Read Full St...

Explore The Terrifying Scale Of Mount Everest In This 3.2 Billion Pixel Interactive

Here's why you're probably not ready to climb Everest. Even as yet another eponymous movie) opens in theaters, Nepalese officials are making access to Mount Everest harder than ever to attain. If you're wondering why, look no further than this 3.2 billion pixel interactive tour of Mount Everest by photographer David Breashears of GlacierWorks. Show More Summary

Melt Your Brain With This Music Video That Visualizes Space-Time

Physics and hypnotic graphics converge in Luca Pozzi's new video for Sar:co's "You Are The One." In making a video for electronic artist Sar:co's song "You're The One," visual artist Luca Pozzi dives into the concept of space-time, or "a strange feeling of frozen time where past, present and future are indistinguishable." Read Full Story

This Tricked-Out Table Churns Out A Personal Passport From Your Data

Martin Hertig turns collecting information into an interactive installation with a cautionary message. While the Ashley Madison scandal certainly publicized concerns with personal data on a massive scale—who owns it, who can access it, who can disseminate it—it's far from the first time that a security breach has occurred. Show More Summary

This Minimalist Paint Set Teaches Kids Color Theory

Nameless Paints identifies the colors in each tube using CMY bullets, not names. The first lesson in color theory most of us have is mixing paints and seeing what new colors we can come up with. Nameless Paints takes this one step further. Show More Summary

4 Design Lessons From The Pixar Team

A new exhibition at Cooper Hewitt explores the design tools and principles that go into making Pixar films so damn lovable. Since 1986, when two adorable anthropomorphic lamps graced the screen in the short Luxo Jr., Pixar has become an emblem of how to run a creative and successful business. Show More Summary

Ralph Lauren Steps Down As CEO

Former Old Navy and H&M exec Stefan Larsson will take over. Ralph Lauren is stepping down as CEO of his eponymous company and Stefan Larsson, the man credited for turning around Old Navy and H&M, is stepping in according to the New York Times. Read Full Story

A Playful, Interactive Approach To Book Marketing In The Digital Age

Penguin UK brings the chapters of Seven Brief Lessons On Physics to life in this fresh take on the traditional book website. Old-school book publishers can be reticent to weave new technologies into their long-established practices, but a team of designers at Penguin UK are working to change that. Show More Summary

How To Make Fashion More Accessible For Wheelchair Users And The Disabled

Lucy Jones's Advantage Blocks patterns propose a new design language for apparel. For her graduate project from Parsons, fashion designer Lucy Jones addressed a problem her cousin Jake faced everyday. He has hemiplegia—paralysis of one side of the body—and putting on clothes each day was a challenge. Show More Summary

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