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The L.A. River Is Now A Temporary Art Museum

UnderLA makes the hidden nature of the city's water source more visible. Ask someone in Los Angeles where the city's water comes from, and they might mention the Colorado River or the massive aqueduct that brings water hundreds of miles from the north. Show More Summary

David Adjaye: "People Are Overly Obsessed With The Visual In Architecture"

The British architect and his musician brother have a released a collaborative album. Some buildings are just four walls and a roof, but when they're the work of British-Ghanian architect David Adjaye, they're masterful compositions of light, materials, and scale that ultimately speak to "atmosphere as an emotional space for human beings," as he once said. Read Full Story

The Best New Healthcare Design Borrows An Old Healing Technique: Plants

Architecture that heals—with help from mother nature. This week, the American Institute of Architects announced seven new, stand-out structures designed to help heal patients, whether the focus is cancer treatment, reproductive health, or pediatrics. One constant than runs through these diverse buildings, though, is green space. Read Full Story

Goodbye, VHS: A Visual Ode To A Disappearing Format

How many of these tapes did you own? What memories do they bring back? These days, video barely exists as a physical medium for most Americans. It streams in ultra high-quality through the air, like magic. For decades, though, video came encased in plastic rectangles called VHS tapes, which were played on one of the first classic consumer gadgets: the VCR. Read Full Story

Disrupting Meditation: Can An App Really Teach Mindfulness?

I spent a week learning to meditate through tech. I even convinced a Buddhist priest to try a mindfulness app. Here's what happened. For over 20 years, I've considered learning meditation. Quiet spaces! Clean robes! Shaved heads that...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton's New App Gamifies The Fight Against Donald Trump

The team behind the app has an impressive mobile design pedigree. If you're not into politics, the election season—with all of its uncertainties and unpleasantness—can seem interminable. So if you're a candidate, particularly one who...Show More Summary

Where To Buy The Original Art Zara Is Accused Of Stealing

After artist Tuesday Bassen claimed that the fast fashion empire stole her designs, more than 20 others have also come forward. Last week, the Los Angeles-based artist Tuesday Bassen took to social media to accuse the brand Zara of ripping off her designs. Show More Summary

Finally, A Subway Strap Design That Eliminates Awkward Hand Touching

The Japanese firm Product Design Studio wants to improve commutes through smarter train handles. As subway offenses go, there's plenty to scoff about: overcrowding, frequent delays, odious smells, and crumbling infrastructure, to name a few. Show More Summary

Summer Break

Things have been slow on this blog as of late, so now I'm making it official by going on summer break. Posts will resume the second week of August.

A Map Of Where The Internet Doesn't Exist--And How To Get There

It's a lot closer than you think. Dutch designer Richard Vijgen has long been fascinated by the unseen structure of the Internet. His last app, Architecture of Sound, let people discover the Wi-Fi signals, overhead satellites, GPS units, and other radio waves that surround them. Read Full Story

16 Wild Research Experiments That Could Change Design

Siggraph—the year's biggest conference on computer graphics research—is going on now. Here's a look at the most compelling tech. Whether it's jaw-dropping UI, compelling use cases for 3D printing, or the most realistic computer-generated...Show More Summary

An iPhone Case To Protect Journalists, Designed By Edward Snowden

Snowden collaborated with Andrew "Bunnie" Huang on a design that would alert reporters of wireless surveillance. Ever since Edward Snowden went into hiding after leaking details of the NSA's global surveillance apparatus in 2013, he has gone without a smartphone—for fear that he could be tracked and even executed. Show More Summary

How To Find Your Design Superpower

Independent designer Jessica Hische, Dropbox's Anisha Jain, and Pinterest's Tiffani Jones Brown share tips for operating at your best. No one designer is the same, and only you can create and maintain the personal conditions that make your unique talents shine. Show More Summary

A Tour Of A Sprawling, Abandoned Oscar Niemeyer Complex

The Brazilian architect was 12 years into construction of a modernist park inside the ancient city of Tripoli when civil war broke out. In 1963, the Lebanese government commissioned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer to build a permanent International Fair complex for the city of Tripoli. Show More Summary

Use These Stickers To Help Memorialize Victims Of Police Violence

The Say Their Name project wants to help you keep the victims in our collective memory by plastering their names everywhere. Only a few years ago, there was no guarantee that when the police killed an unarmed or law-abiding citizen in the U.S., it would even make the local news. Show More Summary

Sleep Under The Stars In This Open-Air Hotel In The Alps

At the Null Stern, you may not get a roof, but you do get stunning panoramic views—and, of course, your own butler. Although the amenities available at the world's hotel rooms vary wildly, you're usually guaranteed four walls, a roof, and a bathroom. Show More Summary

Philips Builds A Productivity-Boosting Light Canopy For Its HQ

To improve its dreary 1950s office, Philips teamed up with Lava Architects to put its products to use. The designers at Philips Lighting, maker of the multi-colored Hue smart bulbs among other glowing and shining products, know that there's a link between productivity, happiness, and workplace lighting. Show More Summary

Burn Your Desk Chair: 9 Radical Alternatives To Office Seating

Neither sitting or standing all day is good for you. These seating designs offer a third way. If there's one thing that the abundance of research on healthy workplaces makes clear, it's that there's no clear solution to the problems caused by our desk jobs. Read Full Story

6 Ways To Make Your Indoor Plants Look Like Modern Art

Give your plants the beautiful vessels they deserve. As science has shown, nature offers restorative effects on our brains and can be a visual break from our often harried and frenetic lives. The research behind houseplants and their...Show More Summary

Which Font Should I Use On My Kindle?

We ask the experts: Which font is optimal for my Kindle? Baskerville, Bookerly, Caecilia, Georgia, Helvetica, OpenDyslexic, Palatino, the mysterious "Publisher Font": According to my iPhone's Kindle app, all of these typefaces are available with a button press, and that's the problem. Show More Summary

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