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Finally, A Real Floating Lightbulb

We can almost hear Tesla grumbling from the grave. Simon Morris makes floating objects. He has created everything from sneakers to speakers that hover magically above the ground, using magnets. But his ultimate dream was to create a floating light source without using batteries. Now, with Flyte, he's turned his wish into reality. Read Full Story

The Chandelier Of The Future Is Made From 1,100 Moving LEDs

A fantastic installation piece for a St. Petersburg arts center. LEDs are often discussed in technological or scientific terms, but increasingly common are experimental and artistic uses, demonstrating that the simple bulbs can be used for almost anything. Read Full Story

What If Ford Sold Sailboats And Foosball Tables?

The motor company applies the industrial design language of its GT supercar to everything from guitars to Wi-Fi speakers. Would you buy a Ford if you could put it in your game room? How about one that skims across the ocean? Read Full Story

Why The Car Industry Still Builds Life-Size Clay Models

They take months to produce, but even today, nothing beats a clay model in imagining a car. In the era of 3-D computer modeling and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets, you'd think the car industry might give up on clay modeling. But...Show More Summary

Today's archidose #832

Here are some photos of the Towada City Plaza (2015) in Aomori, Japan, by Kengo Kuma and Associates, photographed by Ken Lee.To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose pool To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

These Interior Sets Full Of Street Junk Are Nicer Than Most Living Rooms

Justin Bettman designs interiors in exterior locations, using only free supplies. Anyone who's ever lived in large city knows the feeling of discovering some amazing piece of furniture on the street, and has probably thought it wouldn't be difficult to furnish an entire room, or even apartment, only using those street finds. Show More Summary

Ikea And Ideo Tease A Kitchen For The End Of The World

Interactive cooktops and drought-friendly dishwashers.The future is bright and Doomsday-ready. There always seem to be two potential futures: In one, we have Marty McFly flying around on hoverboards like everything's wonderful. In the other, we have Katniss Evergreen slitting throats for the world's last Manwich. Which one will it be? Read Full Story

How Legendary Illustrator Maira Kalman Stays Creative

We caught up with the whimsical illustrator about productivity, creativity, and why her spirit animal is a "tiny, delusional bird." You've probably seen illustrator Maira Kalman's whimsical, wryly funny work, whether you know it or not. Show More Summary

Note to Designers: Forget Wearables, Tackle Senseables

Ravi Sawney, CEO of RKS, calls on designers to think about next stage of personal technology Let's face it: the concept behind wearables—collecting data on oneself—is something people have sought for generations. French philosopher Michel...Show More Summary

Everything Science Knows Right Now About Standing Desks

Which active desk designs are best for your body and mind? Read on. If it wasn't already clear through common sense, it's become painfully clear through science that sitting all day is terrible for your health. What's especially alarming...Show More Summary

Book Review: Lighting Design & Process

Lighting Design & Process by Office for Visual InteractionJovis, 2014Hardcover, 216 pagesI'll admit that when it comes to light, I veer toward books that focus on natural light, such as titles like Henry Plummer's Nordic Light and Mary Ann Steane's The Architecture of Light. Show More Summary

Zaha Hadid Mills Beautifully Detailed Objects From Solid Marble

The starchitect's latest Citico collaboration just how intricate you can get with a slab of stone. A new collection of vases and a tables by starchitect Zaha Hadid show the potential of automated milling technology to create beautiful,intricately designed objects from solid marble. Read Full Story

Disney's Amazing iPhone Accessories Can Hear How You Touch Them

Who needs sensors and circuit boards when you have ultrasonic waves? Even the simplest iPhone dock or gamepad is a relatively complex device, filled with complex electronics that allow you to press buttons or turn knobs to activate the right circuits and send a signal like "turn the volume up" to your iPhone. Read Full Story

The Most Beautiful Book About Weed You've Ever Seen

Buds is a new Pentagram-designed guide to different weed strains that won't look out of place alongside your Mies monographs. When weed was an entirely illicit substance, professional designers stayed far away from it—both to avoid tarnishing...Show More Summary

Bookmark All Your Favorite Websites With Just A Smile

A simple way to only save the things you like. Our lives are cluttered with things the internet thinks we'll like. Every social platform and publisher wants to give us personalized suggestions for things to read, watch and buy. But,Show More Summary

A Collection Of Gadgets, Carved Out Of Carrara Marble

What if your gadget accessories were as timeless as Michelangelo's David? Hewn out of the mountains of Northern Tuscany, Carrara marble has been used for everything from the Trajan Column to Michalengelo's David. It's one of the most timeless materials around. Show More Summary

New Poster Makes Understanding Type As Easy As Learning The ABCs

Pop Chart Lab's latest charts the ABCs of typography. Many of us learned our ABCs in elementary school from big alphabet posters tacked up by our kindergarten teachers on the walls. New from Pop Chart Lab, the Alphabet of Typography is like that poster, but for aspiring typographers instead of aspiring readers. Read Full Story

How To Make A Travel Mag As Visually Appealing As The Destinations

Most travel magazines are like clichéd old tourist postcards. Not the new Afar. If most travel magazines are like a tired "Wish You Were Here" postcard, the new Afar is like ripping a bespoke, hand-lettered sign off of some exotic city wall, then bringing it back in your luggage. It's not just typographically beautiful, but it has a life of its own. Read Full Story

Amazing Software Turns Paper Into Computers

PaperPulse is like Photoshop for interactive paper, letting you create smart birthday invitations, diet-tracking cards, and more. Imagine creating a poster, book cover or business card that lights up when you say "Hello." Think you could print that out on a regular printer without any electronics or programming know-how? You can, if you have PaperPulse. Read Full Story

MIT's Self-Assembling Table Could Change The Way You Build Ikea Furniture

Imagine never having to waste a day interpreting confusing instructions again. We've seen the remarkable programmable materials coming out of MIT's Self-Assembly Lab for years—things like magnetic chairs that could snap together in a fish tank, or textiles that could flex themselves into various shapes—but it's always been research-level work. Read Full Story

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