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This Algorithm Can Steal Any Celebrity's Haircut

Ever bring a photo to your stylist because you want a celebrity's hair? A new algorithm could ensure your ego doesn't get snipped. We've all lusted after a celebrity's new hair style. Many of us have even been so bold as to tear a page...Show More Summary

This Artist Turns Dirty Old Mattresses Into Food Sculptures, And They Look Delicious

As the expression goes, when life gives you old stinky mattresses, make giant pizzas. The waffle looks delicious. It's golden brown with a few squiggles of chocolate, a dollop of whipped cream, and the lightest dusting of powdered sugar. Show More Summary

Mangled Moore

In architecture school the only projects by Charles Moore that I learned about were Sea Ranch and Piazza d'Italia; the former is a landmark of California regionalism, while the latter is the same for Postmodernism. So it was not until...Show More Summary

Collar Is The Love Child Of Scandinavian Design And Italian Coffee Culture

Stelton revamps Italy's popular moka pot with a restrained Danish sensibility. The stovetop moka pot is a classic method for brewing coffee. A design dating to the 1930s, it's a staple of kitchens all over Italy and, according to Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri of Something Design, it makes the best cup of coffee. Show More Summary

How Stockholm Is Creating A Second Silicon Valley In Scandinavia

Hint: It's the super-fast, government-funded Internet. The headline in the Financial Times story last year was "Stockholm: The Unicorn Factory." Such has been the Swedish capital's ability to found billion dollar startups: Skype, Spotify, King (maker of "Candy Crush"), and Mojang (creator of Minecraft) all call Stockholm home. Read Full Story

Designers Should Talk More Openly About Money

Under Consideration's Armin Vit only makes $17,000 a year in client work. Here's why you should disclose how much you earn, too. Co.Design has partnered with the Brooklyn design studio Hyperakt to bring you Lunch Talks, a video series of conversations with smart, creative people.—Eds Read Full Story

Post-Cancer Checkups Are Stressful—This Decision Aid Is Designed To Help

Follow-up decisions can be confusing and difficult for cancer survivors. Artefact thinks those choices should be as painless as possible. Even after a woman survives breast cancer—the stressful diagnosis, the painful treatment, and the slow recovery—it still isn't over. Show More Summary

Where San Francisco Residents Are Getting Evicted

Spoiler: In the exact neighborhoods where rich people want to live. In San Francisco, where the flourishing tech industry has increased demand for housing, causing real estate prices to soar, eviction numbers have also steadily risen. Show More Summary

The Man Who Made America's Magnificently Tacky Architecture Famous

Late photographer John Margolies documented America's campy, mundane buildings. He also gave them a place in architectural history. Today you're likely to see the same sanitized strip malls and generic motels along most of America's interstate system, but decades ago, highways would sport all sorts of local flavors. Show More Summary

Dieter Rams Is Finally Getting The Feature Film He Deserves

Helvetica filmmaker Gary Hustwit is training his camera on the revered German designer who influenced Apple. It's about time. Gary Hustwit isn't done making films about design just yet. The documentary filmmaker behind Helvetica, Objectified,...Show More Summary

Netflix's New Logo Is A Masterpiece In Symbolic Ambiguity

What does the red ribbon mean? Everything, if you want it to. Netflix has a new logo. The old wordmark isn't going anywhere, but this week, the streaming film and television service introduced a solitary "N"—what you might call a lettermark, or in this day and age, an app logo. Read Full Story

Giving Architects Their Due

In November 2014 I visited the just-opened Fulton Center in Lower Manhattan, snapping this photo and wondering why Grimshaw, Arup and James Carpenter weren't included on a plaque near the entrance: Sign at one of the entries to Fulton Center...plenty of room to add design team. Show More Summary

Hate Furniture Shopping? Here's An All-In-One Living Room

Made by the Hungarian brand Hannabi, the Urban Nomad series offers flexible furniture solutions for cramped quarters. Apartments aren't getting any bigger and, as a recent report from Ikea reveals, dwellings filled with space-hogging clutter are turning us into neurotic minimalists. The solution? Furnishings that let us do more with much less. Read Full Story

Coral Sculptures Show How The World's Reefs Are Dying Out

"There is still time for corals to recover even from the point of bleaching if we act quickly," says artist Courtney Mattison. With the Great Barrier Reef suffering the worst mass bleaching event in history, climate change could kill off the world's coral reefs for good by the end of the century. Show More Summary

Christo's Floating Piers Were 50 Years And $17 Million In The Making

In Italy, the legendary artist has completed a project that's been on the boards for half a century. After nearly fifty years of planning, 81-year-old Bulgarian-American artist Christo has finally realized The Floating Piers, a two-mile...Show More Summary

A Slow Cooker For A Generation Raised On The Food Network

The crock pot, a fixture of American cooking since the 1950s, gets an upgrade for today's culinary tastes. Before sous vide machines migrated from fine dining to domestic domains, before Keurigs and "The Keurig of Xs" began cluttering...Show More Summary

The Netherlands Voted A Garage Its Best Building Of The Year--Here's Why

We don't think of parking lots as bastions of innovation—but maybe we should. Schools, hospitals, houses, churches. Of the 125 projects competing for the title of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects' Best Building Of The Year, there were plenty of very visible, beautiful contestants. But you might not even notice the building that won. Read Full Story

This Neural Network's Emoji Game Is Stronger Than Yours

A new AI app can help anyone use emojis with the facility of a hyperventilating tween on Snapchat. Right now, there are 1,851 emojis supported by the Unicode Consortium, including everything from a purple eggplant to a ghost with its tongue sticking out. Show More Summary

Three Ex-Apple Engineers Want To Make You A Safer Driver In Under 15 Minutes

Your phone—not your in-car entertainment system—will soon be your copilot, according to the new company Pearl. When I was in elementary school, one of my teachers joked that she had eyes in the back of her head—a warning to us that there would be no shenanigans when she wasn't looking. Show More Summary

Lessons On Designing For Creativity From 16 Of The World's Coolest Offices

The book The Creative Workplace collects the offices of creative studios designed for individual creativity in a public space. Behind every sun-soaked, pristine architecture or design office, there's a design philosophy linking desk layout and succulent placement to employees' creativity. Show More Summary

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