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Report: Flying Is Still Awful Despite Customer Satisfaction At A 10-Year High

Break out the champagne anyway. We could all use a drink. Nobody likes flying anymore, and you don't need a psychology degree to know why. From the TSA to the atrocious leg room to the $25 checked bags, the entire experience feels like a cramped con. Read Full Story

Inside The Design Of Google's First Smart Jacket

Google's futuristic Project Jacquard is making its commercial debut—as a jean jacket. Last year, Google announced Project Jacquard: an intriguing plan to turn all of your clothes into touchscreen controllers, partnering with Levi's to incorporate the technology into its denim products. Read Full Story

Mapping America's Shrinking Middle Class

As inequality increases, families with middle incomes are disappearing in most cities. The middle class, long a bedrock of the American economy, is contracting. In most metropolitan areas, there are now fewer people living in middle-income households compared with the year 2000, and more people living in both poorer and richer ones. Show More Summary

Computer Glitches Turned Into Sculptural Furniture

Christopher Stuart has long combatted CAD software errors to design his furniture. With his latest series, he's embracing them. When Christopher Stuart, the product designer behind the studio LUUR, was invited to exhibit at the Sight...Show More Summary

Biology Is Key To Unlocking The Future Of Design

MIT Media Lab professor Neri Oxman's design philosophy looks beyond assembly lines to a future fabricated through synthetic biology. "The world of design has been subjugated by the rigors of manufacturing and mass production," says Neri Oxman, an architect, designer, and director of the Mediated Matter research group within the MIT Media Lab. Show More Summary

The Real Story Behind Brutalism

Phaidon's new book This Brutal World is a photographic ode to one of the most polarizing modern architectural movements. "It's hard to love a brute," mused the podcast 99Percent Invisible in an episode that aired last year. The sentiment...Show More Summary

The Airbnb For Historic Landmarks Lets You Sleep In A Castle

For your next vacation, consider renting out an entire Palladio villa or a Georgian folly overlooking the Yorkshire countryside. Founded in 1965, the U.K.-based Landmark Trust finds and rescues historic buildings, restoring them to their former glory. Show More Summary

Rem Koolhaas: "Architecture Has A Serious Problem Today"

At the 2016 AIA convention, the legendary architect gave the profession an honest appraisal of its failures. Rem Koolhaas, the Pritzker Prize-winning Dutch architect, theorist, and provocateur, spoke with Mohsen Mostafavi, dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, in the closing keynote for the 2016 AIA convention. Show More Summary

New Robot-Fabricated Building Material Is 100 Times Lighter Than Brick

The Elytra Filament Pavilion is made from a glass and carbon fiber filament that mimics the shell of beetle wings, and no two elements are the same. This week, the Victoria & Albert museum in London unveiled the robot-fabricated Elytra...Show More Summary

A Giant Morphing Head Visualizes Franz Kafka's Dark Psyche

This is twisted. Currently at the center of Prague's Quadrio shopping center, an enormous mirrored bust of Franz Kafka can be seen spinning in a constant state of metamorphosis. Every few seconds, the sculptures splits into 42 layers, rotates and then converges into the Czech author's likeness, before repeating over again. Read Full Story

It's Time To Put Buildings On A Diet

"It's like buying the stuff around the perimeter of a grocery store—the bakery, the produce, the fish—and avoiding Cap'n Crunch." Fast food is delicious, easy to come by, cheap, and filling. It's also deadly. You could apply a similar analogy to building materials. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #903

Here are a couple photos of Bosco Verticale (2014) in Milan, Italy, by Stefano Boeri Architetti. (Photographs: Burçin YILDIRIM) To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

Lessons From Running A Design Studio (Way) Outside Of A Major City

The design studio Yield moved from SF to St. Augustine, Florida three years ago. Here's how being away from the city helped them grow. Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant are the designers behind Yield, a product and furniture design studio they founded in 2012 in San Francisco. Show More Summary

In This Sci-Fi Short, Our User Interfaces Rule Our Lives

Filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda imagines a future that is half reality, half high-stakes video game. Jet-packs and flying cars once dominated our shared vision of the future, but these days the predictions take a more familiar tone. Virtual...Show More Summary

The 9 Best Ideas For Tiny Spaces From New York Design Week

At NYCxDesign, we saw tons of designers who were solving the problem of living comfortably and efficiently in tiny spaces. Here are our favorites. New York's annual design festival, NYCxDesign, brings together architects, designers, and makers from around the world to showcase their latest designs. Show More Summary

Your Facebook News Feed Really Is An Echo Chamber

Facebook feeds you political news based on the political affiliation on your profile. This graphic shows you what you're missing. The discussion about Facebook's manipulation of the media reached a boiling point in recent weeks amid claims that it suppressed content from conservative sites. Read Full Story

Tiny Apartment? Check Out These Loft Beds For Adults

The college dorm staple is being reinvented by a custom furniture designer. Designer Roberto Gil has been making custom furniture with a small team of woodworkers in his studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, for over two decades. Though hisShow More Summary

How Google Designed Virtual Reality For The Rest Of Us

Google's head of VR explains how his team is designing Daydream, a virtual reality rig for everyday people. Virtual reality is broken. Oh, the feeling of VR can be amazing. But no normal human being can be expected to rearrange their furniture, and connect themselves to a surround-sound-system's worth of wires, just for the privilege of painting in midair. Read Full Story

How Photography Can Transform Social Justice In America

Harvard professor Sarah Lewis talks to Co.Design about the transformative power images have for social justice. When protests erupted in Baltimore over Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old man who died as a result of injuries sustained in police...Show More Summary

Here's A $5K Bar Cart That'll Let You Booze At Work In Stealth

Forget ping-pong tables. Buy USM's limited-edition modular bar cart instead. The Swiss furniture company USM has worked with hot-shot mixologists from around NYC to create the ultimate bar carts. Read Full Story

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