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Quirky Microphones For Podcasters Of All Stripes

Podcasting has ushered in a broadcast renaissance, complete with every type of on-air personality. Here are the mics to match. Who would've thunk? Radio may be on the wane, but podcasts are thriving. Podcast personalities like Marc Maron have scored marquee guests. Now, podcast microphones are getting as much personality as their hosts. Read Full Story

These Gloriously Bizarre Planters Were Inspired By The Cosmos

Russian artist Katerina Kopytina gets intergalactic with home decor in her Kuiper Belt project. The Kuiper Belt is a far-off region of our solar system located between Neptune and the sun, but you might know it as the reason Pluto lost its status as a planet. Show More Summary

Inside Marina City with Iker Gil

BBC Culture has posted a short, four-minute video going inside Bertrand Goldberg's Marina City with Iker Gil, architect and editor of MAS Context. Gil lives in one of the corn cob towers and has documented the building and its occupants...Show More Summary

Do Neural Networks Dream Of Electric Cats? They Do Now.

The Cat Generator does what it says on the tin: infinitely generates unique cat faces out of nothing. Google's Deep Dream neural network tends to hallucinate in dog faces, because the database it trained on had a disproportionately high number of dogs pictures in it. Show More Summary


[Image: By Spiros Hadjidjanos, via Contemporary Art Daily]. Artist Spiros Hadjidjanos has been using an interesting technique in his recent work, where he scans old photographs, turns their color or shading intensity into depth information, and then 3D-prints objects extracted from this. Show More Summary

A Peek Inside Tony Oursler's Exhaustive Archive Of Occult Ephemera

A new book, Imponderable, collects various ephemera relating to all things paranormal, otherworldly, dark and spiritual. Tony Oursler is a multimedia artist best known for his hallucinatory video work and immersive installations that use new technology to explore ancient ideas. Show More Summary

Peek Inside A Top Secret Collection Of Rare Porsches

But the craziest ride was not to be photographed. Steffen Jahn may have the best job in the world. He takes photos of fast things. Jets. Classic fighter planes. And cars. Lots and lots of cars. Read Full Story

A Budget Brewery Built From Shipping Containers

After signing an uncertain lease in London, one brewery decided to keep things cheap and mobile. Starbucks has done it. Taco Bell has done it. And now it's the microbrewery's turn. The 40FT Brewery in Dalston, London, opened earlier this year. Show More Summary

Print Your Own Circuit Boards At Home

This hit Kickstarter just won a James Dyson Award for changing the way electronics are made. For all the promise of 3-D printing, most machines can only shape plastic, meaning that if you want to build even a simple electronic at home, you're going to be plugging in the bulky, premade circuits of Arduino boards. Show More Summary

Amazing App Turns Your Phone Into Picasso's 3-D Pen

Drawing 3-D sculptures with your phone is as incredible as it sounds. In 1949, Pablo Picasso teamed up with the LIFE photographer Gjon Mili to paint sculptures with a flashlight. In 2015, Disney animator Glen Keane used an HTC Vive virtual reality headset and a Tilt Brush to draw The Little Mermaid's Ariel in 3-D. Read Full Story

The Bacteria of NYC's Subway Turned Into Art

Craig Ward rode every train in New York, swabbing the subway poles and creating beautiful Petri dish art. Ever wonder what germs are really growing on those subway poles? Brooklyn-based artist Craig Ward decided to find out. After riding...Show More Summary

The TSA Is Testing A Better, Faster Way To Scan Bags

Faster lines, less racial profiling. Sign us up. The Transportation Security Administration's conveyor system looks so efficient on paper—like some assembly line designed by Henry Ford—until you elbowing for the last of the plastic trays behind someone who left a water bottle in their bag and holds up the whole line. Read Full Story

Don't Gift The Apple Watch This Year

The smartwatch may be good someday, but not today. We've been pretty critical of the Apple Watch around these parts. We stand by that criticism. In fact, as a wearer of the Apple Watch since its launch, I'm here to underline it: Don't buy an Apple Watch as a gift this holiday season. Read Full Story

A Huge Park Is Coming To Toronto, In The Forgotten Space Under A Highway

The project will reconnect many neighborhoods long divided by the highway, creating beautiful, natural space from unused parts of the city. Almost as soon as the massive Gardiner Expressway was built in downtown Toronto, the debate began about taking it down. Show More Summary


[Image: "Sinan: Study" by Matthew Simmonds]. While writing the previous post, I remembered the work of Matthew Simmonds, a British stonemason turned sculptor who carves beautifully finished, miniature architectural scenes into otherwise...Show More Summary


[Image: Originally an ad for the Cité de l'Architecture in Paris]. I originally spotted this image a while back via the Tumblr Architectural Models, but it appears actually to have been created as part of an ad campaign for the CitéShow More Summary

Soft Bodies – Masters Brief 2015-16

We’ve just released this years brief for the Masters Students of The Interactive Architecture Lab 2015-16. Each year’s theme is intended to drive early research exploration and the development of core skills. However, the studio actively encourages students to break... Read More


[Image: From Pierre Huyghe, "Les grandes ensembles" (2001)]. A short news items in New Scientist this week describes the work of University of Michigan engineers who have developed a way to, in effect, synchronize architectural structures at a distance. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #867

Here are some of my photos of Nova (2015) by SOFTlab, on display across the street from the Flatiron. To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose


[Image: Shelters by LUMO Architects; photo by Jesper Balleby]. These gorgeous timber pods are a series of "asymmetric nature shelters" designed by LUMO Architects for the Danish South Fyn islands. According to a write-up over on designboom,...Show More Summary

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