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The Prison Coding Class That Might Have Inmates Making Six Figures On Their Release

At California's San Quentin prison, inmates who never even used a computer before are learning software development and planning their apps. Like everyone else in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jason Jones has an idea for a new app. Called...Show More Summary

Why Wearables Should Be Free

Companies shouldn't just give out wearables for free; they should pay users for data, argues Frog's chief creative officer. Owners of wearable technology, like the upcoming Apple Watch or Microsoft Band, are the most vital part of the product ecosystem because they generate valuable information each time they wear their devices. Show More Summary

Tales of the Crash: An Interview with Nick Arvin

Screenshot from a sample 3D car crash animation created by Kineticorp; visit their website for the video. (Note: An earlier version of this interview previously appeared on Venue). Ellis Barstow, the protagonist in Nick Arvin's mostShow More Summary

Spatial Basics

[Image: Red Bull New York offices by INABA; photo by Greg Irikura]. I got a handful of preview shots from the new Red Bull New York offices the other night, with interiors designed by INABA, and I thought I'd post them here. [Image:Show More Summary

"We don't have an algorithm for this"

[Image: Comet 67P, via ESA]. In the story of how European Space Agency researchers are scrambling to locate—and possibly move—the Philae probe, which they successfully landed on Comet 67P two days ago, there's an interesting commentShow More Summary

Preservation, Infrastructure, and the Museology of Crime

[Image: David Gissen, "Cross-Bronx Expressway," with Victor Hadjikyriacou; from Landscape Futures]. In case you're reading this near Ithaca, New York, I thought I'd mention that I'll be speaking at a conference this weekend at Cornell, called Spolia: Histories, Spaces, and Processes of Adaptive Reuse. Show More Summary

Goldberg Robotics

[Image: From Science Daily/University of Oslo]. Robots emitting robots emitting robots: this is one way that machines will learn to navigate extreme spatial environments. "In the future," we read in a press release courtesy of Science...Show More Summary

Today's archidose #797

Here are some photos of the Departments Of Law And Central Administration, Vienna University of Economics and Business (2014) in Vienna, Austria, by Crab Studio (Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau), photographed by Sebastian Deptula.To...Show More Summary

Book Review: Nordic Light

Nordic Light: Modern Scandinavian Architecture by Henry PlummerThames & Hudson, 2014Paperback, 256 pagesLast year I included Henry Plummer's Cosmos of Light, a record of three religious buildings designed by Le Corbusier, in my list of notable books of 2013 at Designers & Books. Show More Summary

As Americans Get Fatter, Crash Test Dummies Have To Get Fatter, Too

Safety first, depressing reality check second. When auto manufacturers send a car flying into a wall for a safety test, the typical crash test dummy strapped inside weighs 169 pounds. Not so long ago, that was the average size of an adult man. Now, however, Americans have gotten so fat that the old crash test dummies aren't accurate enough. Read Full Story

Nomenclature For Relatives Is Super Confusing, Here's A Chart To Fix That

Finally find out how you're related to your second cousin once removed. Most of us have had a few moments of doubt when trying to decipher just how we're related to that daughter of our mother's cousin or our grandpa's brother's son. Are they second cousins? Third cousins? What does "removed" even mean? Well, now there's a handy chart. Read Full Story

The iPhone Now Has T9 Predictive Texting

Children of the 2000s, rejoice! If you're of a certain age—somewhere between 25 and 40—the thought of typing with T9 predictive text evokes a kind of physical nostalgia for the pre-4G days. But now, for a dollar, you can purchase a T9 emulator for iPhone called Type 9, which lets you relive the glory days before autocorrect destroyed your ability to make sense. Read Full Story

Monument Valley's New Levels Would Give Even M.C. Escher A Hard Time

The first level pack for one of iOS's best-designed games is here, and it's enough to give even M.C. Escher a hard time. A mobile game that debuted earlier this year (and was a finalist in Fast Company's 2014 Innovation By Design Awards), Monument Valley has always aspired to be a living M.C. Show More Summary

How Big Is Philae's Comet Compared To Major Cities?

The space rock could take out sizable chunks of Paris and Madrid. Yesterday, humans landed a probe on a comet for the first time in history. The European Space Agency's fantastic landing of the Rosetta spacecraft's Philae probe got us...Show More Summary

Photos: The Faces Of America's Debt Crisis

San Francisco photographer Brittany M. Powell makes the invisible visible with the Debt Project. Brittany M. Powell, a photographer and filmmaker, filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after several years of unemployment. But that didn't discourage her from her art. Show More Summary

By Turning Minutes Into Money, This Chrome Extension Helps You Save

Time is money. Here's a Chrome extension that will prevent you from making bad financial decisions. All of us have spent money we shouldn't have on a purchase. Whether as the result of calculation or whim, we've all looked at something we wanted, done some dodgy mental math, and decided it is somehow within our budgets. Show More Summary

Can You Put An Urban Farm There? This App Will Tell You

Data viz guru Ben Fry releases, an app that distills labyrinthine rules for urban farming into a simple map. Urban farms are a great idea, theory. People in cities need food, and shipping food over short distances (or not at all) saves fossil fuels. Show More Summary

Pantone's iOS Keyboard Is Here. It Is Colorful

There are a million ideas that could make a Pantone keyboard great. Unfortunately, this has none of them. When Pantone announced it was teaming up with Brightkey to release its own custom iPhone keyboard, I got excited. BrightKey isShow More Summary

How A Murder Led To "The World's Most Advanced" Body-Scanning Technology

The technology could have important applications in fashion design. In three to five years, we might all have highly accurate 3-D digital avatars of our own bodies, with potential uses ranging from plopping our digital selves into a videogame to shopping online for bespoke suits to visualizing what we'll look like in 30 years. Show More Summary

Relive Today's Comet Landing With This Awesome Simulation

One small step for a probe, one giant leap for probekind. Today, humans successfully landed a probe on the surface of a comet 300 million miles from Earth, a scientific journey more than 10 years in the making. Read Full Story

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