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How Stanford Researchers Mapped The Emotional Life Of Victorian London

Using Mechanical Turk, the Stanford Literary Lab maps Victorian London's fear, love, and everything in between. 19th century British novelists like Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and William Thackeray wrote about very different Londons. Depending on whose book you consulted, a given location in the city might be dreadful or delightful, pastoral or frightening. Read Full Story

This Smart Device Takes The Stress Out Of Insulin Tracking

Insulin Angel tracks the temperature and location of diabetes medication via a Smartphone app. Type 1 (and even some Type 2) diabetics rely on carefully balanced insulin doses throughout the day to keep them going. Monitoring insulin...Show More Summary

The Best New Social Network In Ages Is All About Selfies

Path's third app, Kong, plunges you into a crazy, colorful universe of animated GIF selfies. It's unrepentantly awesome. There's just nothing that looks quite like Kong, now available on Google Play and the iOS App Store. So what is Kong? It's a social network for animated selfies. Show More Summary

Welcome To The Slow Traffic Movement

With driverless cars, the slow lane is where you'll get ahead, writes argodesign's Jared Ficklin. Prediction: In only a couple of years, a robotic cab ride becomes a part of the Vegas weekend, and someone you know owns a car that parks itself— as in, he pulls up to the storefront, walks inside the shop, and lets the car drive away to find its own space. Read Full Story

Inside Moleskine's Plan To Sell You More Than Just Notebooks

Can the iconic notebook company lure more customers with lifestyle accessories? CEO Arrigo Berni is hedging his bets that it can. It's nothing more than a little black book with an elastic string. The cover is actually cardboard wrapped in soft synthetic fabric. Show More Summary

Storefront's TRANS Auction

From April 7 to April 21, Paddle8 is hosting an online benefit auction for the Storefront for Art and Architecture that leads up to the Storefront's Spring Benefit, honoring artist Do Ho Suh and architect Thom Mayne, at 432 Park Avenue on April 21. Show More Summary

Watch The American Home Get Supersized Over 40 Years

We had to store all those beanie babies somewhere. American homes have gotten bigger. From 1974 to 2013, the average American single family home ballooned from 1,560 square feet to 2,384 square feet. Read Full Story

Why Verizon And United Airlines Are Trademarking Smells

The smell of an orange, once nature's province, could soon belong to a maker of fracking fluids. As of now, the scent of an orange simply belongs to nature. But depending on the outcome of a pending decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark...Show More Summary

Book Review: Urban Literacy

Urban Literacy: Reading and Writing Architecture by Klaske Haviknai010 Publishers, 2014Paperback, 256 pagesWell known architect and author Juhani Pallasmaa supplies the foreword to this book by Klaske Havik, a professor at Delft University of Technology and contributing editor of OASE. Show More Summary

Behold, The Bright Future Of The Selfie!

Want selfies to die already? A few brilliant ECAL students may change your tune on that. The selfie is treated as a despised piece of pop culture, the manifestation of millennial self-importance playing out in our Instagram feeds. But...Show More Summary

In Photos: Life In One Of China's Most Rapidly Developing Cities

What one of the world's most rapidly urbanizing cities looks like today. Chongqing, in southwest China, is geographically the country's largest city. With a population of 36 million people, it's also China's largest direct-controlled municipality, meaning it's basically a mini-province unto itself. Show More Summary

Every Frame Of This Incredible Short Film Was 3-D Printed

From beginning to end, Chase Me is the world's first movie that was printed on a FormLabs One 3-D printer. The stats of most films read in footage shot, actors cast, and dollars budgeted. Not Chase Me, a new short by French animator Gilles-Alexander Deschaud. Show More Summary

Spring 2015 Architectural Walking Tours

It's warm again – finally! – so here is a list of the four architectural walking tours I'm doing with the 92Y in April and May. The first one is this Saturday. Click on the links below to purchase tickets.Saturday, April 18, 11am - 1:30pmColumbus...Show More Summary

AIAIAI's New Modular Headphones Can Be Customized 360 Different Ways

AIAIAI is marching to the beat of their own drummer. Apple only offers two models of white earbuds, and Beats makes just a handful of different headphones. But look into the last 40 years of audio, and sound used to be a very personal experience, where consumers mixed and matched speakers and receivers to customize their system. Read Full Story

4 Tips For Slowing Down, From Daniel Handler And Maira Kalman

In a new picture book for adults, the pair urges everyone to stop and smell the roses. Consider these your anti-productivity tips. For many of us 21st-century worker drones, the pursuit of productivity often takes precedent over the pursuit of happiness. Show More Summary

Cheap Danish Design Comes To America

"Our mission is to make high design accessible for everyone," says Tina Kanter, managing director of Flying Tiger Copenhagen. In May, Denmark is bringing its quirky, super-affordable home decor chain, Tiger, to the U.S. for the first time. Show More Summary

All Hail Hillvetica, The Hillary Clinton Typeface

Now everyone can run for president! On Sunday, Hillary Clinton announced her bid for presidency with a big blue 'H' connected by a red arrow pointing right. It's pretty obviously supposed to symbolize Clinton's ability to cross the aisles...Show More Summary

The Next Big Thing In Design? Fewer Choices

In the future, the design around us will sweat the small stuff, writes Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro. Choice is overrated. Read Full Story

How A Movie Co-branding Campaign Spawned A Brand New Color: Minion Yellow

Universal Studios and Pantone combined physics, psychology, and animation to find the iconic yellow color that best promoted the upcoming Minions movie and manufacturing's leading color system. We have the exclusive details of their unusual collaboration. Show More Summary

Take A Reverse Tour Of The Global Gadget Supply Chain With These Stunning Photos

The unmaking of a smartphone—from gleaming object of desire to a massive Chinese shipyard to a toxic mine in Mongolia. For three weeks last summer, the "nomadic design studio" Unknown Fields took a reverse tour of the global supply chain,...Show More Summary

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