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A Lovely Furniture Collection Inspired By Origami

Aljoud Lootah's "Oru" collection, recently acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, started out as tiny paper models. The designer Aljoud Lootah has earned her star adapting ancient processes to appeal to modern consumers. Show More Summary

Tracing The Long, Controversial History Of Organic Design

A new exhibition explores conflicting ideas about what "organic" design really means. In 1941, the Museum of Modern Art in New York put on a show that is now legendary: Organic Design in Home Furnishings. Curated by Elliot Noyes, the...Show More Summary

The Massive Scale Of The Refugee Crisis, Visualized

An interactive representation of what the UN calls the worst migration crisis since World War II. Today, over 60 million people in the world have been forcibly displaced from their homes, making this the worst refugee crisis since World War II, according to the United Nations. Read Full Story

The Berkeley Art Museum Gets A Pristine New Home Inside A 1930s Printing Press

A brand-new secondhand museum courtesy of Diller Scofidio + Renfro. Old industrial buildings are blessed with many of the most desirable traits of contemporary museums: soaring ceilings, ethereal natural light, and ample unobstructed floor space. Show More Summary

Adobe Just Launched A Squarespace Competitor Called Portfolio

Instant pretty websites for everyone! For anyone looking to create a turnkey, modern, responsive website, Squarespace has been the go-to of choice. But starting today, it'll be getting some competition from Adobe's new easy website creator, Adobe Portfolio. Read Full Story

Nike's Tech Knit Gets Rid Of Ugly Mesh Panels For Seamless, Breathable Sportswear

The knitted apparel uses engineered fabric to perform like a second skin. A lot of workout gear incorporates a busy medley of fabrics in the name of "breathability." But why does buying a shirt that won't get drenched in sweat have to involve tacky mesh that makes you look like an extra from A Night at the Roxbury? There's hope. Show More Summary

These Designers Invented A New Way To 3-D Print Concrete Architecture

Their technique could radically change the way 3-D printed buildings look. While studying together at the Bartlett School of Architecture, masters students Francesca Camilleri, Nadia Doukhi, Alvaro Lopez Rodriguez and Roman Strukov all agreed that 3-D printing was the future of their chosen trade. Show More Summary

Here's What Happens When You Train A Neural Network To Design Typefaces

This neural network, developed by a former Spotify engineer, knows 50,000 fonts—and can create its own. Typography has its roots in the earliest days of machines, yet type design is deeply personal. So can a machine—a very smart one—design a font? Or even understand the basic qualifications of a typeface? Read Full Story

What Disney's Classic Animation Principles Could Teach Web Designers

Disney's 12 principles of animation are as relevant for today's interface designers as they were for yesterday's dancing-broom illustrators. Disney's 12 classic principles of animation from Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas' The Illusion of Life are mentioned in nearly every article about interface animation. Show More Summary

How Facebook Designed A More Expressive Profile Picture

Seeing marriage equality flags on all your friends' Facebook profile photos? Here's how Facebook made them dead simple to create. On Monday, March 25, 2013, the Human Rights Campaign began urging people to set their Facebook profile pictures to a pink and red equal sign in support of same-sex marriage in the United States. Millions of people took action. Read Full Story

Today's archidose #880

Here are some photos of Bunker 599 (2010) in the Netherlands by RAAAF and Atelier de Lyon, photographed by Maurice Tjon a Tham. And the making of Bunker 599 from RAAAF:To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

The Ultimate Furniture For Tiny Apartments And Nomadic Living

French designer Gilles Belley makes furnishings that pull double—and sometimes triple—duty in small spaces. The perpetual conundrum of apartment dwellers is how to shoehorn furniture into tiny spaces. But maybe we're all doing it wrong—perhaps it's about thinking of furniture as a space in and of itself, rather than something we put into a space. Show More Summary

Every State Of The Union Address Since George Washington, Visualized

How similar were the addresses of George Bush and Barack Obama? More similar than you'd think. After a while, all State of the Union addresses start to sound alike. But how alike are they really? To find out, data analysis company Civis...Show More Summary

These Mashups, Mixing Classical And Contemporary Art, Are Genius

Marina Abromovic, meet Marcel Duchamp. Davide Trabucco's Confórmi series began as a way for the Italian architect to manage his visual references. When he comes across an image that reminds him of another image or artwork, he splices them diagonally in half, fits the two halves together like puzzle pieces and archives them on Tumblr. Read Full Story

Next In Fancy Office Amenities? A Private James Turrell Sculpture

Will its employees have the best selfie game? As competition to hire the best talent heats up, companies are hoping inventive design will help lure employees to their offices. Lounges, recreation areas, and flexible workspaces have become ubiquitous. Show More Summary

Samsung Is Opening A Production Studio Just For VR

Even if it's tiny, the dedicated space may be key to Samsung's strategy with virtual reality. At Sundance—for which Samsung is a leading sponsor—the company has run a popular popup showing off their Gear VR headset, complete with the first Funny or Die sketch shot in virtual reality. Show More Summary

Microsoft's New Alarm App Is Incredibly Annoying--And That's The Whole Point

Always hit the snooze? Microsoft's new app will drag you out of the covers with a bedhead selfie. Whenever I hear someone's iPhone make a certain ring in public, I feel my spine tingle. That's not just any ring. It's The Ring. The Ring that wakes me up each morning, horrifically, and yes, necessarily. Show More Summary

This Designer's Amputee Dad Inspired Him To Redesign The Crutch

The M+D Crutch is a space-age redesign that solves the biggest problems with crutches: the pain in your armpits and wrists. When Max Younger was a kid, his dad Dan was always on crutches. A serious childhood injury meant that his father was constantly in-and-out of the hospital, getting surgeries and knee replacements. Show More Summary

5 Ideas We Need To Steal From Megacities With Great Subways

These transit systems are pioneering ideas—some big, some small—that lead to faster, safer, less stressful cities. The biggest, fastest-growing cities in the world all struggle with public transit. But necessity is the mother of invention,...Show More Summary

Book Review: Dallas Modern and Minnesota Modern

Dallas Modern: Volume 1, Residences by Dallas Architecture ForumVisual Profile Books, 2014Hardcover, 216 pagesMinnesota Modern: Architecture and Life at Midcentury by Larry MillettUniversity of Minnesota Press, 2015Hardcover, 400 pagesLast...Show More Summary

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