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This Clever Video App Tackles One Of The Biggest Problems Of Modern Filmmaking

Nutshell uses a clever UI trick to ditch keyframes and video timelines, and make graphic-infused videos easier to produce. I'd rather not admit how many hours I've spent in After Effects, zooming into timelines and squinting my best to drop in keyframes—to mark when a graphic should pop in or a some special effect should start. Show More Summary

Designer Table Doubles As An Extension Cord

You can be ashamed of your snake's nest of cords under your table, or you can get a Station table and own them. You don't see a lot of extension cords or power strips in furniture ads. But the clutter- and cable-free apartments of the showroom don't exist in the real world. Show More Summary

Slideshow of BIG's W57

Yesterday I walked by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group's W57, a "courtscraper" under construction on Manhattan's West Side. The slideshow has 20 photos from my short jaunt, moving in a clockwise motion from the southeast to the northeast. The building is scheduled to be completed before the end of the year.

How To Redesign An Iconic Typeface For Arabic

Zapfino is one of the most well-known cursive typefaces in English. But can its suave elegance be translated to Arabic? Hermann Zapf, the designer behind popular typefaces such as Palatino and Optima, was born in Nuremberg, Germany, almost 100 years ago. Show More Summary

Coda: A Bold Experiment In Rethinking Global News

Overwhelmed by the news? Coda uses meticulously arranged timelines to help you track and analyze the most important stories. I'll admit to feeling lost. Katrina, Ferguson, the crisis in Ukraine—in times of war, disaster, and social conflict, stories unfold over months and even years. Show More Summary

The Daily Show's Best Visual Puns

From Mess-O-Potamia to You Don't Know Dick. Jon Stewart has hosted the wildly popular satirical news show The Daily Show for seventeen years now. Last night's episode brought the revelation that he's giving up the post sometime in the next year to pursue other projects. Show More Summary

How One Knitter Makes Almost $1 Million A Year On Etsy

Alicia Shaffer's business, ThreeBirdNest, makes $80,000 a month selling handmade legwarmers, scarves, and headbands on Etsy. Here's how. Knitting socks, scarves, and headbands doesn't have much in common with performing orthopedic surgery or governing a country. Show More Summary

The Hearing Aid Of The Future Might Be A Retainer

A former NASA scientist is trying to create a cheaper and safer alternative to cochlear implants. Engineer John Williams used to work from NASA, but after successfully getting electric-propulsion to work from space, he set out in search of new adventures. Show More Summary

This Line Of Furniture Is An Erector Set For Adults. Literally!

If this infinitely reconfigurable furniture line reminds you of your childhood toys, it's because it's by the same company. Building Ikea furniture is like playing with an Erector Set that gives you splinters; is missing a random assortment of parts; can break you and your girlfriend up. Show More Summary

9 Famous Shoe Designers Recreate Cinderella's Glass Slipper

Disney has collaborated with Jimmy Choo, Stuart Weitzman, and more to create real-world versions of Cinderella's magical glass slippers. This March, Disney is releasing a live-action remake of everyone's favorite fairy tale about uncomfortable women's footwear. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #813

Here are a few photos of the addition to the Regional State Archives (addition 2012, original 1921) in Bergen, Norway, by NAV Architects with VY Arkitektur, photographed by Sindre Ellingsen.To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose pool To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

Watch The Most Adorable Intern Video Ever

Søren, you're hired! A graphic designer named Søren Danielsen wants an internship, so he made this video, and it's great. Watch it and just try not to fall in professional love. Read Full Story

The Masterful Lighting Of Architect David Adjaye

The biggest exhibition of the British architect's work is on display in Munich. David Adjaye is one of architecture's leading lights. From luxury houses to museums, master plans, and even furniture, he is a master of context who draws upon art, history, and geography for his inspiration. Read Full Story

Can Office Furniture Both Look Nice And Make You More Productive?

New furniture by Glimakra proposes a compromise between open and closed office design. It seems that no one can get office design right. Cubicles are soul crushing. Open offices are distracting. And just giving people their own offices? Well, that's just too expensive (or so say many companies). Read Full Story

How LSD Helped Shape California's Ecstatic Design Legacy

From drugs to the women's movement, Californian counterculture has generated some of the most vibrant pieces of American graphic design. From Deborah Sussman's candy-colored "supergraphics" to R. Crumb's drug-fueled comics and album art, some of the most vibrant pieces of American graphic design hail from California. Show More Summary

Is This The Most Brooklyn Branding Ever?

Aruliden's visual identity for the new restaurant Cooklyn is almost so trendy it hurts. Looking at the visual identity for Cooklyn, a Brooklyn restaurant specializing in "micro seasonal cuisine," is like wandering into a 19th-century warehouse inhabited by cowboys and cleaned by Mary Poppins. Show More Summary

Microsoft Software Recognizes Images Better Than Humans Do

And it's a foundational step in the next wave of interaction. It's not the most gorgeous photography you've ever seen. ImageNet features 1.2 million pictures of mundane items—a photocopier shoved in the corner of an office, a bowl of oatmeal on a table, a pile of logs, a giant sign shaped like an ear of corn, an elbow. Show More Summary

Weird Facts Behind 6 Famous Star Wars Costumes

The little-known stories of clothing from a galaxy far, far away, from Darth Vader's helmet to Padme's wedding dress to Han Solo's vest. From Princess Leia's cinnamon buns and white robes to Darth Vader's shiny black helmet and billowing cape, the costumes in the seven episodes of Star Wars are among the most famous in modern film. Show More Summary

Urban Outfitters Sparks Outrage For Selling Holocaust-Themed Tapestry

It's not the first time the brand has sparked scandal over offensive Holocaust-related imagery. Apparently, America can't go more than two months without some major brand debuting a product printed with offensive Holocaust-related symbolism. Show More Summary

A Minimal Wallet That's Impossible To Lose

Dutch design house Mijlo has an elegant solution for chronic wallet forgetters. When I rush out the door in the morning, I go through a basic checklist: Phone. Keys. Wallet. This is accompanied by pocket-checking dance routine that looks like the macarena performed by a zombie. Read Full Story

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