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Head over to World-Architects to read my write-up of the exhibition GARDEN CITY | MEGA CITY on display at the Skyscraper Museum in New York until September 4, 2016. The exhibition presents a number of built and unbuilt projects by Singapore's WOHA.

Ikea Plans To Sell $800 Bikes

Swedish furniture giant Ikea is extending its product line beyond furniture and home accessories. In March, the company released an indoor gardening kit that uses hydroponics to produce home-grown food. Now, it has announced the release...Show More Summary

This Beautiful Mirror Is Really An Incredibly Accurate Scale

Farhad Farahbakhshian's broad shoulders barely fit inside the Skype window. He's running me through a product demo for his new body-scanning scale on Skype. And to leave nothing to the imagination, he pulls out his iPhone, and begins swiping over a liquid metal rendering of his own physique. Show More Summary

Cards Against Humanity Designer: "Graphic Design Doesn't Have A Critical Dialogue"

Amy Nicole Schwartz is design director of Cards Against Humanity and Blackbox, a company that lets independent makers sell and ship packages on the cheap. She spoke to Doreen Lorenzo as part of Designing Women, a series of interviews...Show More Summary

The Real Reason Microsoft Is Building So Many Computer Vision Apps

For the past few years, Microsoft has been steadily releasing goofy little apps that use neural networks to perform tricks ranging from guessing your age and rating your mustache to describing photographs (often comically) and even telling...Show More Summary

How Mark Zuckerberg Is Making His Weird Video Future Happen

"In the future, you'll be able to snap your fingers and pull out a photo and make it as big as you want." "A lot of things that we think about as physical objects today... will actually just be $1 apps in an AR app store." "In a decade,...Show More Summary

Want To Add Value To Your Home? Decorate Like A Farmer

Just when you thought the trend of channeling rotting farmhouses in tiny urban apartments was on its way out, Zillow proves you wrong: According to a study by the online real estate database, listings mentioning keywords like "barn door,"...Show More Summary

One Of Apple's Top Industrial Designers Leaves For GoPro

Daniel Coster, known for his work on the iPhone 4, has left Richard Howarth's group to lead hardware design at GoPro. via Massey University/College of Creative Arts Toi Rauwharangi Richard Howarth's tight knit group of industrial designers...Show More Summary

Van Alen Bidding

Between now and April 27, the Van Alen Institute is taking bids for a variety of unique experiences – a jaunt through Madrid with Rafael Moneo, dinner at the Libeskinds', "tripping in the Netherlands" with Winy Maas, etc. – to raiseShow More Summary

A Stylish, Compact Handbag Perfect For Obsessive Minimalists

Created by an architect and graphic designer who know the type. There's a case to be made for the vacuous oversized sack bag and the convenience of lugging around half your worldly possessions. But for a certain personality type (A),...Show More Summary

Interaction-Design Students Imagine A Parallel Universe For Everyday Objects

ECAL students ask, "What do objects dream about?" for an exhibit at Milan Design Week. We often dream about souped-up techy products and think about all of the ways they can improve our lives. In a role-reversal exercise, students at...Show More Summary

What Happens When You Apply Machine Learning To Logo Design

This web bot will generate millions of logos until you find the perfect one. The rise of neural networks and generative design have created new opportunities for designers. But what if it went the other way, and robots created a Skynet that kills off human designers (or at least their careers) once and for all? Read Full Story

The Human Experience, According To What Neural Networks Have Learned

Jazz, YouTube, and impersonating Donald Trump. We're standing at the brink of a machine-learning revolution—one in which artificial intelligence will not just mimic human thought, but truly adopt its neurological mechanisms. As computers begin to operate their own neurological architectures to learn and make inferences, amazing things are happening. Read Full Story

Alphabet's Other Robotics Company

After two years of secrecy, what is the Alphabet-owned robotics company up to? You've heard of Boston Dynamics, the Alphabet-owned company behind America's coolest and weirdest robots. But have you heard of Schaft? As part of X, Alphabet's moonshot division, it's Alphabet's other robotic company—and it's far more secretive than Boston Dynamics. Read Full Story

10 Parks the Changed America

Last night PBS aired the second of three new episodes in the "10 that Changed America" series by Chicago's Geoffrey Baer. Watch 10 Parks that Changed America below.Previously: 10 Homes that Changed America

Why We're Still Obsessed With Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh left us with countless questions when he died in 1890. Can exploring his paintings from the inside answer them? I'm eating froyo in a van Gogh painting. Read Full Story

How Facebook's Big Bet On Chatbots Might Remake The UX Of The Web

With chatbots, Facebook wants to turn Messenger into a one-stop shop for everything from booking flights to reading news. The UX is key. At F8, Facebook's massive annual developer conference, the big news is bots—specifically bots on Messenger, Facebook's messaging app. Read Full Story

Can't Program? Now There's A WYSIWYG For Designing With Code

A new tool from Framer makes it easy to design with Javascript—even if you don't know a lick of code. Gone are the days when designers did all their UI/UX concepts in Photoshop. Now, they're being called on to code their mockups. Read Full Story

Ford's 10-Year Plan To Transform Its Headquarters Into A High-Tech Campus

The auto-industry behemoth is hard at work reframing itself as a technology company. Now it's getting new digs to match. As self-driving cars and ride-sharing define the future of transportation, Ford has been making efforts to recast itself as a technology company. Show More Summary

Designing Beautiful Android Wear Watch Faces Just Got Much Easier

Ustwo brings its design ethos to an app for creating beautiful, custom smart watch faces. For the past two years, Ustwo—the London-based design company behind projects like the Escher-esque blockbuster iOS game Monument Valley to an app to save London from its parking nightmare—has been dabbling in Android Wear watch faces. Show More Summary

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