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Applying The Addictive Psychology Of Slot Machines To App Design

The secret to slot machine's addictiveness can be reduced to a few basic psychological principles. Slot machines were once an afterthought on casino floors, where table games were the real action, but as Andrew Thompson details in aShow More Summary

Behind The Scenes In Dhallywood, Bollywood's Cheaper, Flashier Cousin

Sarker Protick's Love Me Or Kill Me series shines a light on the cheap, frothy confections of Bangladesh's film industry. Last year, photographer Sarker Protick stumbled onto the set of a film in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi city where he has lived his whole life. Show More Summary

Nuimo: A Universal Dial For The Internet Of Things

Ever wish your Nest thermostat could control the rest of your house? Right now, the smartphone is the universal remote to the Internet of things. Whether you're flicking on your Philips Hue smartlights, queuing up a Spotify playlist on your stereo, or setting the temperature on your Nest, it's all done on an app running in the iPhone in your pocket. Read Full Story

London: The Next Great Tech And Design City?

The most recent additions to the MoMA Store celebrate the best designs London's collaborative startup scene has to offer. Forget Silicon Valley and New York. If you care about technology and design, look across the pond to London, says New York's Museum of Modern Art. Show More Summary

Paper Now Autotunes Your Whiteboard Sketches To Look Like A Million Bucks

An update to Fiftythree's preeminent iPad sketching app beautifies freehand flowcharts like no other. Fiftythree's Paper is an app that made iPad sketching great. Then it made iPad coloring great. Then it introduced a stylus that made iPad styluses great. Then it made sketching with other people great. And now? Read Full Story

4 Tips For Cultivating Design Leadership At Big Companies

When design teams are dropped into corporate environments, success hinges on creating great leaders, writes EffectiveUI's Peyton Lindley. Recognizing the impact of design on the bottom line, big companies have gotten in the habit of simply swallowing up smaller design studios. Show More Summary

Mad Men's Greatest Influence Is A Movie You've Never Seen

50 years ago, Edward Dmytryk's Mirage paved the way for Mad Men. Who is Don Draper? It's a question that drove seasons of the hit AMC show Mad Men, which comes to a close this Sunday. Read Full Story

Game Of Thrones Made Easy, With Google Maps

What would Westeros look like on your smartphone? Fantasy novelists like Game of Thrones scribe George R.R. Martin spend thousands of pages building intricately detailed worlds, but geographically, these worlds can be hard to understand. Show More Summary

The Ridiculous Jobs Of The Digital Economy, Illustrated As Children's Book Characters

The BusinessTown Tumblr takes the ridiculous jobs and workplace archetypes of Silicon Valley and makes them cute animals in the style of Richard Scarry. The white male venture capitalist, the overpaid programming intern, the corporate social responsibility specialist: if you work at a corporate or tech startup job, you probably know these people. Show More Summary

Creative Misdirection: How Designer Bill Blass And The "Ghost Army" Tricked the Nazis

A new book documents the strange creative mission that saw famous designers and artists conjure fake weapons of war. Before he became an acclaimed fashion designer, Bill Blass created deliberately bad camouflage during World War II as...Show More Summary

How Christians Against Gay Marriage Use The Bible To Excuse Their Bigotry

Eat bacon? Sorry, you don't get to be against gay marriage. Scott Bateman, a designer at The Nib, has news for Christians who use the Bible to justify their opposition to gay marriage: better lay off the bacon, too. Read Full Story

What Your Name Sounds Like As A Hip-Hop Beat

You know you're tempted. Lorde sounds like a late night movie on Cinemax. Rihanna sounds like some lost track from a Miami Vice. Drake just sounds forgettable. Read Full Story

Shigeru Ban To Bring Emergency Shelters To Nepal

The Pritzker Prize-winning architect plans to donate lightweight tents for sheltering earthquake victims. Shigeru Ban, the Japanese architect who won the Pritzker Prize last year, has announced that he will bring emergency shelters to Nepal to deal with the aftermath of the recent catastrophic earthquake. Show More Summary

Graphene-Eating Spiders Spin Silk Stronger Than Kevlar

Spiders sprayed with carbon nanotubes and graphene flakes magically produce strongest fiber ever measured. Materials science researchers have been trying to harness the power of spider silk for a long time. The substance is unbelievably strong, comparable to steel, and incredibly stretchy, as anyone who has walked into a spider web knows. Show More Summary

This Museum Explores The History Of Man And Manure

There's a lot to shit to learn at this Italian museum. You can learn a lot from shit. That, at least, is the hope of Italy's newly opened Museo della Merda, or in English, the Museum of Shit. Read Full Story

To Remind Dementia Patients To Eat, This Device Conjures The Smells Of A Delicious Meal

Ode blasts scents, from braised beef casserole to cherry tart, to encourage those suffering from dementia to eat and stay healthy. Malnutrition is a widespread symptom of dementia—one that often flies under the radar. Studies in the U.K. Show More Summary

Are You A Freelancer? Confused About Hourly Rates? Use This Calculator

You tell the calculator what you spend your money on, and it tells you how much to charge clients. Figuring out your hourly rate as a designer can be a huge pain. Worrying whether you're over or undercharging is tedious, and then there's the pressing issue of whether your rate will allow you to pay rent and eat. Show More Summary

The Most Essential Ingredient In Interaction Design? The Words

Impressive graphics and gestures are nice, but clear copy serves a vital function. Here are four things your writing should achieve. This is the first of a series of excerpts from the ebook Interaction Design Best Practices: Mastering the Tangibles by Jerry Cao, Kamil Zieba and Matt Ellis of UXPin, a UX design platform. Read Full Story

How Adidas Is Learning To Be More Like Kanye

The new Adidas doesn't care if it's polarizing. It just doesn't want to be neutral anymore. Brash. Opinionated. Egotistical. Atonal. Polarizing. Irresistible. It's how people describe Kanye West. It's also how you'd describe American culture. Read Full Story

The Cyber-Still Weather Project

  In light of the previous blog addressing the notion of The Cybernetics of Stillness, this article presents another example illustrating a cyber-still epiphany formulated when experiencing Olafur Eliasson’s Weather Project.   For sex months, from fall 2003 to spring... Read More

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