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The London Underground's New Map Encourages You To Walk Between Stops

Even the Tube knows that sometimes, you're better off getting out and walking. Trapped in a steel tube underground, it's hard to gauge how far you actually travel. If you're just going a couple stops, are you better off walking? Transport...Show More Summary

Snoop Dogg Taps Pentagram To Brand His New Line Of Weed

Pentagram partner Emily Oberman gets high (design) with Snoop. Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, aka Snoop Doggy Dog, doesn't make any bones about it. He loves pot. The rap icon has just launched Leafs by Snoop, a brand of cannabis-based products...Show More Summary

What It's Like To Visit Jim Henson's Creature Shop (Partly Like a Muppet Morgue)

As part of Fast Company's Innovation Festival, we visited Jim Henson's Creature Shop. It was an illuminating, somewhat disturbing experience Imagine if your open office replaced its desktop computers with scissors, yarn, and needles, and you spent the day positioning eyeballs on felt faces while jamming out to 70s rock. Show More Summary

Mind-built Architecture

“Where does the mind stop and the rest of the world begin?” Clark and Chalmers put forward the question in their article “The Extended Mind” by 1998. Other than the previous answer “skin and skull”, Clark and Chalmers believe human... Read More

Manage Your Public Persona With Google's New "About Me" Tool

The tool reveals your privacy settings and lets you make quick tweaks, all on one page. Your birthday. Your email. Your photos. Your work history. We've all been oversharing this data online for a decade now, glossing over Terms & Conditions while losing track of who can see what. Read Full Story

Eerie Photo Essay Shows People Literally Getting Sucked In By Their Devices

Antoine Geigeris' "SUR-FAKE" series is one way to scare yourself into less screen time. The allure of the iPhone knows no bounds: walk around any city, and you'll see tourists posing in front of selfie sticks, businessmen checking email, commuters staring into the faint blue glow of that ever-entrancing screen. Show More Summary

Is Your State Corrupt?

Short answer: yep. The results from a State Integrity Investigation show just how corrupt it is, and how it compares to other states. It's no secret that government officials do corrupt things. Sometimes they get caught for it, and their misdeeds are splashed all over the news and hotly debated for all of a week. Show More Summary

Photographer Captures The Serene Side Of Life As A Firefighter

Photographer Chan Dick offers a stunning bird's-eye view of what firefighters do between rescue calls. In Hollywood's version of firefighting, it's all blazing infernos and one dramatic rescue after another. But what about all the behind-the-scenes work? Firefighters have to hold drills, stay fit, and make sure equipment is shipshape. Show More Summary

We're In A Global Usability Crisis. Here's How To Help Fix It

Endless airport lines. Indecipherable ATMs. Dangerous packaging. It's time to make user-centered design a global priority. Today is World Usability Day, a day dedicated to bringing together communities around the world in an effort to address how technology is being designed with a user-first mindset. Show More Summary

Is softness visible?

Image: Nobuhiro Nakanishi Soft architecture can be translated as a procedure of mediation between the physical world and the invisible space of data. Soft architecture in terms of Negroponte is investigating the new digital... Read ...

J. Crew Alum Rebrands Bill Blass To Espouse Design, Not Fashion

The legendary brand is back, and creative director Chris Benz says he's approaching it more as a design company than a fashion company. Classic American sportswear brand Bill Blass has had a rocky recent history. After its heyday inShow More Summary

How Microsoft Created A New Xbox Experience

The release of the redesigned Xbox One interface shows Microsoft's support for both the old and the new. It was a long path to get there. Click. Then another click. You swipe and button-press through menu after menu to get to your goal: creating a party so that you and your friends can chat while you play some Halo 5 together. Show More Summary

Soft architecture and Immersion experiences

For “optimal” experiences in an exhibition space, immersion experience can be considered an important element of communication between an exhibit media and visitors. I am  interested in a theory which is called ‘Flow theory’. In detail, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi(1992), an eminent... Read More

The Mental Construction of Soft Architecture

This article seeks to outline the mental construction of soft architecture and briefly illustrate why soft architecture is the architectural product of our consciousness. The purpose of a line to serve as a boundary between space, whether that be... Read More

Behavior based design

The idea of soft architecture emerges from a  need to design intelligent and living environments. Structures that are autonomous  and exhibit properties of self preservation, regeneration  and adaptation to changing ecology. Brodey’s Soft Architecture talks about the design of intelligent... Read More

Electrophysiology: In Control and Being Controlled

‘Computers will overtake humans with AI at some within the next 100 years.’ said by Stephen Hawking (2015) at the Zeitgeist conference. Artificial Intelligence may be little far away from our life at present. But another technology has been invented... Read More

Post-human Architecture

Could we believe that we actually can feel and experience emotions through the virtual reality? As Descartes phrases “When I considered that the very same thoughts which we experience when we awake may also be experienced when we are asleep,... Read More

Regarding the Soft Architecture As an Intelligent Machine

With the advent of a information age, the fusion and mutual influence between architecture and other subject, such as cybernetics and interactive technology, have been a new trend before several decades ago. According to the Soft Architecture Machine, soft architecture... Read More

Computational Romanticism and the Dream Life of Driverless Cars

[Image by ScanLAB Projects for The New York Times Magazine]. Understanding how driverless cars see the world also means understanding how they mis-see things: the duplications, glitches, and scanning errors that, precisely because of...Show More Summary

Google Puts Doodles On Its Self-Driving Cars

Local artists and designers have been invited to skin the search giant's fleet of autonomous vehicles. Google has expended a lot of energy making its self-driving cars look adorable and nonthreatening (as opposed to Christine-like motorized murder machines). Now the fleet of self-driving ladybugs is getting even friendlier, thanks to California artists. Read Full Story

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