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This Origami Pot Grows Along With A Plant's Roots

The twin designers at London's Studio Ayaskan have designed a flower pot that unfolds itself. We've seen expandable flower pots before, but nothing this elegant. "Growth" is a pot by London-based design house Studio Ayaskan that unfolds like origami to give the roots within plenty of space to grow. Read Full Story

This $60K Trailer is the Ultimate Glamping Accessory

It's for the design snob who appreciates the finer things in life. For some people, roughing it means a hand-me-down tent and a limp air mattress. But for the rarefied few, it could mean trailer handcrafted from fine woods with a structure inspired by geodesic domes—a veritable jewel box on wheels. Read Full Story

A Candle That Charges Your Smartphone

Thanks to climate change, power failures are on the rise. The Candle Charger will keep you connected even if the grid goes down. There was a time when keeping your cell phone charged without a working electricity grid seemed like a third-world problem. Show More Summary

These 30 Logos by A High School Senior Are The Love Children of NBA Teams Past and Present

Nostalgia meets nothing but net. Love your team but hate its logo? Thomas McLaughlin may have a fix. He spent three months merging the current and historic logos from NBA teams. A recent high school graduate and basketball superfan from South Bend, Indiana, McLaughlin says the project is all for fun. Show More Summary

The Dark Side Of Taking Credit For Your Work

Being territorial over ideas can corrupt creativity so play nice! Your professional livelihood depends on it. The battle between collaboration and credit in the workplace is an awkward one. On one hand, companies are well aware thatShow More Summary

Can More White Space Solve The Web's Readability Problems?

Asymmetrica is a new browser extension that groups sentences into segments to make reading on the web better. What separates a good reader from someone with low literacy? Everything else being equal, a good reader reads in chunks, skipping...Show More Summary

Did Scott Walker Rip Off An Eyeglass Store For His Campaign Logo?

The presidential hopeful gets caught up in #Logogate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker formally kicked off his bid for president Monday morning with an official Twitter announcement and accompanying video. By this afternoon, the eyeglasses retailer America's Best had taken to Twitter with an announcement of its own: Read Full Story

A Screen-Printing Machine That Looks Like An Old Bauhaus Poster

Inspired by vintage posters, François Chambard created a printing press that looks and works better than your average manual press. Screen-printed posters were an important part of the Bauhaus, Constructivist, and Pop Art movements.Show More Summary

This Social Network Is Like Facebook Meets 'World War Z'

It's called Plag, and it spreads like the... well, you get the picture. We talk about things going viral on social media, but what does a social network designed to literally spread like a virus look like? Look no further than Plag.Show More Summary

Why Designers Need A DJ-Style Mixing Board

The Palette allows designers and other creatives to roll their own physical deck to use with Adobe CC apps and more. Mixing boards have long been the domain of DJs and music producers, but why haven't hardware interfaces caught on with designers and creatives? If Calvin Chu gets his way, they will. Show More Summary

Learn How Hex Color-Codes Work By Playing Space Invaders

Ever been confused by the esoteric hexadecimal color codes in web programming? No more! Anyone who's built a webpage has encountered hexadecimal colors—the six-digit codes that identify one of 16,777,216 different colors you encounter on the web. It's easy enough to identify the code of any given color in Photoshop, but do you know how this logic actually works? Read Full Story

How Robin and Lucienne Day Transformed Post-War British Design

The pioneering couple believed design could make the world a better place. Don't call them Britain's answer to the Eameses—while Robin and Lucienne Day were a celebrated power couple in Britain's post-war design scene, they carved individual careers and paths in product design. Read Full Story

This Guy's Elaborate Sand Castles Make Frank Gehry Look Like An Amateur

It's a travesty that they're all fleeting designs. Building sandcastles ranks among the most summery of summertime activities (well, if you're under 10 years old), and Calvin Seibert has elevated it into nothing short of an architectural feat. His remarkably detailed castles look like ancient ziggurats and the twisted geometric works of Frank Gehry. Read Full Story

The World's Most Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Theme Parks

Photographer Seph Lawless braves alligators and cops to capture images of abandoned amusement parks around the world. Seph Lawless is obsessed with ruins and abandoned structures, making a career of documenting everything from the abandoned...Show More Summary

Turning Your iPhone Into A Super-8-Style Camera Is More Practical Than It Sounds

Proving the best cameras look like cameras for a reason. If you ever want a taste of progress, look at a camera from the previous decade. The camera in my 2015 iPhone shoots with almost seven times the resolution and four times the frame rate of the hulking, professional grade gear I used 10 years ago. But something was lost in the translation—the ergonomics. Read Full Story

How To Make Company Culture Stick

InMobi CEO Naveen Tewari prioritizes imagination, harmony, and action; here's how he made it more than a mission statement. After rumors circulated earlier this year that InMobi, the India-based mobile ad giant, was considering a sale to Google, its CEO Naveen Tewari announced firm plans to stay independent and seek an IPO. Read Full Story

Today's archidose #848

Here are some photos of Arquipélago - Centro de Artes Contemporâneas (2014) in Azores, Portugal, by Menos é Mais Arquitectos Associados and João Mendes Ribeiro Arquitecto, photographed by José Carlos Melo Dias. To contribute your Flickr...Show More Summary

This Giant Cube Can't Walk, But It Sure Does Try

Frankengeometry. Think cubes are for squares? This pneumatic, kinetic sculpture Walking Cube breaks the shape out of its rigid form. By connecting twelve computer controlled air pistons, the sculpture stumbles forward, like a newly born animal or, perhaps exactly, like a robot learning to walk. Read Full Story

You Can Wear These Incredible Couture Paintings

These outfits are true art. Imagine if an artist got into a fight with his paintings, and you'd have something approaching Viktor & Rolf's latest collection. The Dutch designers took what look like ripped-up, framed paintings and draped them over models to create extravagant couture that quite literally rises to the level fine art. Show More Summary


In addition to the Currencies of Architecture competition recently announced by the Chicago Architectural Club, there is another competition center in Chicago that is happening this summer. ChiDesign is "an open international ideas competition,...Show More Summary

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