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The Brutal Beauty Of The Earliest Super Computers

These early machines from Alan Turing, IBM, and more prove that even the earliest computers were still plenty sexy. To hear some people talk, computers were never even remotely sexy until Apple released the first Mac. That's a lie. Computers...Show More Summary

No 3-D Printer? Try This Compact Machine, Powered By Your Own Vacuum

Formbox brings a largely industrial process of making down to a personal scale—with a little help from your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum forming is an industrial process typically used in large factories, whereby plastic sheets are melted and then sealed against molds to create common objects. Show More Summary

10 Stunning Modernist Homes That Melt Into The Landscape

The only things more incredible than these beautifully-designed houses are their epic surroundings. Architectural photographer James Silverman has traveled all over the world to capture the most stunning examples of modern homes. InShow More Summary

8 Incredible Prototypes That Show The Future Of Human-Computer Interaction

Holographic smartphones and exoskeleton gloves for feeling in VR? Just a few of the breakthroughs presented this year at CHI 2016. Every year, the Association for Computing Machinery—the world's largest scientific and educational computing society—gathers to explore the future of computer interaction in a legendary conference called CHI. Show More Summary

Design In The Age Of The App Icon

The icon is an unlikely focal point for the new science of human computer interaction. Last night, I swiped my iPhone awake during a commercial. I had no particular destination in mind; it was an absent-minded liminal shift between two of the many screens that constantly, quietly invite me to interact. Show More Summary

A Visit to CBST

On April 3rd the Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (CBST) made its move – literally, as a procession – from its old digs at 57 Bethune Street in the West Village to the ground floor of a Cass Gilbert landmark on West 30th Street near Herald Square. Show More Summary

Google Just Fixed One Of The Biggest Pain Points In Mobile UX

The new Gboard keyboard aims to solve iOS's multitasking problem by putting Google front and center on every screen in iOS. Multitasking is a huge headache in mobile. Something as simple as texting the address of a bar to someone you're meeting can require traversing three different screens and half a dozen taps. Show More Summary

An Artist Invents A New Animation Technique, With Paint And A Tin Can

"It's not unlike a Zoetrope," says Jeff Scher about his new form of animation, which involves rotating a tin can with every brush stroke. In painter and filmmaker Jeff Scher's new video, God Knows—set to the Bob Dylan song of the same name—vibrantly colored dots, squiggles, and globs of paint dance gleefully across the frame. Show More Summary

The Urban Confessional Project Sends Volunteers To Do Nothing But Listen To Your Problems

Standing in public places with signs that say "Free Listening," the members of the project want to let you get your problems off your shoulders. Twice a week, small groups of people head out to the streets of Los Angeles, hold up "Free Listening" signs, and then listen to anyone who wants to talk. Show More Summary

The World's Most Iconic Libraries, Reduced To Their Essential Forms

If your walls aren't entirely obscured by bookshelves, then these posters are another way to get your bibliophilic fix. André Chiote, an architect an illustrator based in Portugal, has sketched museums, sports facilities, and other buildings of note from around the world, but libraries in particular get his blood pumping. Read Full Story

BioLite's Latest: A Flatpack Lantern That Doubles As A Mini Smartgrid

BioLite's BaseLantern uses clever design to avoid the pitfalls of many LED lanterns. And you can use it to set mood lighting too. Most camping lanterns seem plenty bright indoors, but outside, at your campground, they get swallowed up by the darkness of the wilderness. Show More Summary

This Digital Frame Autonomously Plugs Itself In To Charge

When the Acanvas runs out of power, it drops a magnetic power cable to the nearest outlet. Although we've all probably given one to our parents for Christmas, conventional wisdom is that digital photo frames kind of suck. They've got bad interfaces, tiny screens, and need to be plugged in all the time. Show More Summary

What I Learned Using An App To Design A House For Alzheimer's Patients

When it comes to creating better spaces for those with dementia, many basics of good design hold true. I'm standing in a ghastly living room of paisley walls, kaleidoscope carpets, and dreary accents. Everything's beige, like some kid barfed a stomach full of Silly Putty and Pudding Pops all over everything. Show More Summary

The 40 VCs That Love Backing Designer-Led Companies

A new list from Designer Fund highlights the investors you might want to pitch for your next startup. In 2008, the young designer Brian Chesky pitched seven VCs on a social room-sharing app called Airbnb. For $150,000, they could own 10% of this company. But instead of enthusiasm, he got a small pile of rejections. Read Full Story

How America's Most Iconic Design Brand Is Planning Its Next Century

With its newly minted New York flagship, Herman Miller is reincarnating itself as a lifestyle brand. This week, Herman Miller is opening a leviathan flagship store in Manhattan. This sprawling 60,000-square-foot temple to a furniture empire represents an ambitious five-year plan to change the way it approaches business. Read Full Story

Book Review: Construction Matters

Construction Matters by Georg Windeck, co-edited by Lisa Larson-Walker, Sean Gaffney & Will ShapiropowerHouse Books, 2016Hardcover, 230 pagesRight after graduating from architecture school at Kansas State University in 1996 I moved to back to Chicago, getting a job in the firm DeStefano + Partners a few months later. Show More Summary

This Flat-Pack Furniture Line Is A Frequent Mover's Best Friend

The modular system of pegboards and removable joints packs flat—and assembles and disassembles without the need for special tools. Moving is the bane of a renter's existence. Shall I count the ways? From negotiating hairpin turns on stairwells to squeezing through narrow doorways and ponying up hundreds of dollars to some man with a van, it's all pretty dreadful. Read Full Story

An Intimate Look At The World's Refugee Crisis

Five famous photographers put a face on an alarming problem that impacts some 60 million people worldwide. Thanks to the effects of war, economic instability, and climate change, the world is currently enduring the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Show More Summary

What Makes A Thriving And Interesting City? Something Called Collision Density

How often are you going to run into someone with whom you can do something creative or interesting? Who was right, Jane Jacobs or Alfred Marshall and Michael Porter? The renowened urbanist, Jacobs argued for decades of the importance of density and diversity of economic actors in cities as a primary driver of innovation. Show More Summary

Climate Change Charted As A Haunting Death Spiral

Around and around and around we go. When Earth will die, the scientists know. March of 2016 was the Earth's hottest month since 1880—the year when we started recording temperatures. And to make matters worse, it marked the 11th consecutive month in which that whole "hottest month" record was broken. Read Full Story

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