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Ideo's Fred Dust On L.A.'s Quintessential Design Destinations

IDEO's experience design wizard takes us through the design destinations that define L.A. Welcome to Wanderlust, a weekly series on Co.Design where some of our favorite designers share their secret picks and insider tips for the best design cities on the planet. Show More Summary

This Future Archaeological Site Is Filled With Obsidian Nintendo Controllers

A new exhibition by artist Daniel Arsham renders contemporary objects in geological materials, an eerie comment on the passage of time. When ogling ancient artifacts unearthed from archaeological digs--like Iron or Bronze Age tools--it's...Show More Summary

This Elegant Contraption Is Three Lamps In One

Influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design, this simple lamp is a hanging lamp, a wall lamp, and a desk lamp in one. Most lamps can't be everything to everyone: they're either wall-mounted lamps, desk lamps, or hanging lamps. The G/01 lamp, by London-based designer Shane Goldberg, is all three in one. Show More Summary

More Chicago

Here are some more photos from my week in and around Chicago, all via my Instagram feed.IN THE CITYMansueto Library at University of Chicago by JAHN:Logan Center at University of Chicago by TWBTA:Morgan Street Station by Ross BarneyShow More Summary

An Interactive Map Of Manhattan's Mega Urban Expansion

From farmland to metropolis, all inside your browser. It's hard to believe that, just 200 years ago, Manhattan was largely farmland. Today, it's one of the densest areas in the world. Read Full Story

Photo Essay: The Forgotten Houses Of Finland's Diaspora

Martina Lindqvist's photos document the many abandoned houses that Finnish people have left behind them. Born in Finland and raised in Sweden, Martina Lindqvist never felt as if she belonged on either side of the Baltic sea. Her photography...Show More Summary

This App Turns You Into The Silver Surfer Of Subatomic Space

Matter is a new game that shrinks you down to the size of a boson to show you how vast the space between particles really is. If you were able to shrink yourself to the size of a subatomic particle, the world would look very different. Show More Summary

The Trouble With Design Thinking

In a new book, Fahrenheit 212's Mark Payne chides companies for their approach to design thinking--and suggests a different approach. In a new book out this week, Fahrenheit 212 cofounder Mark Payne exposes the perils of design thinking. Show More Summary

Microsoft Research Invents A Stylus That Can Read Your Mind

How you hold things can reveal a lot about how you will use them. This stylus can detect it. "If you see a stylus, they blew it," Steve Jobs once famously said about tablets. Yet despite Jobs's best efforts, the stylus is not dead. Designers are obsessed with them. Show More Summary

8 Of The World's Most Gorgeous Rural Cabins

A new book showcases the architects designing innovative variations on the age-old cabin structure. Here, 8 breathtaking rural getaways. 'Tis the season to start snuggling up with a pumpkin spice latte and a copy of Walden; Or, Life in the Woods, imagining that someday you, too, will retreat to nature to "live deliberately... Show More Summary

9 Serious Lessons In Being Funny From Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk is an author, actor, and director, whose resume includes SNL, Breaking Bad, and legendary sketch series, Mr. Show. As his new collection, A Load of Hooey, hits bookstores, Odenkirk offers insights on how to be funny. Of course there are several author photos in Bob Odenkirk's new book. Show More Summary

Inside The Design Of Norway's Beautiful New Banknotes

Shackled with countless constraints, Snøhetta's design for Norway's new banknotes turn cash into an abstraction of ocean winds. There are few acts of graphic design more daunting than that of creating a new face for an entire country's currency. Show More Summary

20 Chic Homes That Are Actually Made Of Mud

How can you rebrand a negative stigma around mud huts? Bring in the architects. Used properly, mud can be a free and durable building material that will stand for generations, while offering a sort of natural air conditioning. And when reinforced with sand, clay, or cement, mud can rival the hardness of concrete. Show More Summary

This Sculpture Looks Like A Pepto-Bismol Explosion

Artist Jana Winderen and architect Marc Fornes design a playground for grown-ups Most gallery shows call for whispered conversation and soft footsteps. Not this one. A new installation in downtown New York, rendered in Barbie pink, shakes...Show More Summary

A Squeezable Light Bulb That Slurps Up Color

The Colorup is a wireless lamp that can change its color to anything just by squeezing it. In the last couple of years, color detecting sensors have finally become cheap enough that we're starting to see a color detecting sensors whole host of interesting gadgets that can incorporate Pantone swatches into their functionality. Show More Summary

What The Statue Of Liberty Would Look Like As A $300M Condo

$300 million in renovations could turn Lady Liberty into a luxury complex for the city's super-rich, with a penthouse in her crown. New York City is crazy for condos. More and more, condo developers have been colonizing historical landmarks...Show More Summary

How Star Wars' Original Designer Is Still Influencing The New Stuff

Ralph McQuarrie was the artist behind the original trilogy. And his work lives on, like an unspoken code, at Disney. Since buying Lucasfilm and the rights to Star Wars in 2012, no one at Disney has been so bold as to denounce the Jar-Jar...Show More Summary

A Peek At London's New $4 Billion Train

London's New Tube train is basically one snaking, glowing, driverless car. The British studio PriestmanGoode has unveiled a design for London's new Tube train--the $4 billion centerpiece in $25 billion of upgrades planned for the London Underground in the coming decade. And it's a snaking, glowing vision of the future. Read Full Story

Designing User Interfaces Is Now As Easy As Putting Stickers On A Trapper Keeper

Two Frog alums took inspiration from Lisa Frank to create a sticker book for designers. Back in the '80s, Lisa Frank inspired an entire generation of kids to cover everything they owned with colorful, neon stickers. Now, some of those kids have grown up to be designers, and there's a new sticker book just for them. Show More Summary

Floodwatch Helps Track The Advertisers Tracking You

This free browser extension by Jer Thorp tracks every ad you see to discover how they work. Have you ever had that feeling that your browser is watching you? A product you looked at on Amazon is suddenly an advertisement on Facebook. Some cloud-based algorithm is cataloging your every move and predicting your ad preferences, but you never really see it. Read Full Story

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