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Rendering The Complexity Of Tokyo By Hand

Just navigating Tokyo's dizzying Shinjuku Station is a challenge. Drawing it is even harder. For as long as rendering software like AutoCAD has existed, architects have debated the merits of computer-aided design over the tradition of drawing by hand. Read Full Story

Now That We All Have Standing Desks, Will Walking Meetings Actually Catch On?

Scientists show that the walking meeting can have some very positive effects—as long as you don't run into anything. What could be more conducive to good health and good business than a group of suits striding through the corridors of...Show More Summary

Gadgets To Cure Your Information Addiction

Remember life before smartphones? Neither do we. News read in tweets. Social lives lived through push notifications. Debates settled by Googling rather than arguing. There's rarely a moment when we're truly disconnected, with our smartphone...Show More Summary

The Future Of Biotech In Design? Spiders, Slime, And Fungus

At the Biodesign Summit, students paired with scientists to develop projects that merged biotech and design. A jacket grown from microbes. A chair made of the fungus mycelium. Perfume concocted from "designer" baker's yeast. As one-offs, these projects may seem far flung and wildly experimental, but together they point to a new movement within the design world. Read Full Story

After Brexit, A Haunting Reminder Of The Perils Of Isolationism

For her graduate project, RCA master's student Jelka Kretzschmar built a broken wall embedded with the audio recordings of migrants. On Tuesday, June 23, the day that U.K. citizens cast their votes on the Brexit referendum, German designer Jelka Kretzschmar presented her project, Pick up the Pieces as a part of the Royal College of Art graduate show. Show More Summary

App UIs Are All Starting To Look The Same. That's Not A Bad Thing

Welcome to digital Pleasantville. Over the past several months, some innovative design leaders have taken minimal design to the next level. Facebook, Airbnb, and Apple have followed a similar blueprint to simplify prominent productsShow More Summary

Lego's New Headquarters Is Inspired By You Know What

An expansion to Lego's headquarters will turn it into a small city, with coworking areas, rooms for visitors to sleep, and maker spaces. Any child you know probably dreams of living inside a world built by Lego. Now, that's a possibility—at...Show More Summary

The Making Of N.Y.C.'s First Great 21st Century Park

The Hills are an engineering marvel built for resiliency and recreation. New York has some of the most beautiful parks in the world, but when you're in them you're always aware of the urban thrum. Even in the great Olmstedian masterpiece of Central Park, you can't quite escape the feeling of towering buildings flanking the perimeter. Read Full Story

A Guide To Rio's Legendary Architecture

As the world gears up for a turbulent Olympics, Rio's rich architectural history is worth revisiting. Rio de Janeiro is in full construction mode as it enters the homestretch before the 2016 Summer Olympics—racing to finish up the venue renovations and infrastructure necessary to support the 500,000 visitors expected to arrive next month. Show More Summary

Report: NYC's Google-Backed Wi-Fi Kiosks Are A Privacy Nightmare

The kiosks rolling out this month will let Google and others do unprecedented snooping on New Yorkers, says The Village Voice. Earlier this year, The Village Voice's business department got a bright idea: why not put Bluetooth beacons...Show More Summary

These Smart Building Blocks Let Kids Build Worlds--Then Explore Them

Want to build a labyrinth of pylons that grow trees and spout waterfalls? In the mixed-reality game Koski, it's simple. We all loved growing up with Lego and Lincoln Logs, but it can be easy to see why a child raised on iPad screens might crave more animation and interactivity—all of the magic of pixels, along with the fun of physical constructs. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #912

Here are some photos of a lesser known Scarpa building: Casa Borgo (1974) in Vicenza, Italy. (Photos: August Fischer) To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

This Map Shows The Most Unequal Counties In America

The most unequal county isn't where you might expect: It's in Wyoming. The most unequal county in the U.S. isn't near Wall Street or Silicon Valley, but Yellowstone National Park. In Teton County, Wyoming, the richest 1% earns 233 times more than everyone else, with average incomes of $28,163,786. Read Full Story

This Designer Invented The Ultimate Font Finder

Spector is a pocket-sized gadget that takes the detective work out of identifying fonts and colors. There are certain celebrity fonts that get so much play, they're instantly recognizable. (Looking at you, Helvetica, Comic Sans, andShow More Summary

This Is Your Brain On The Internet

Any questions? Google them. Tess Dumon's installation Take Shelter, her final project for a masters in information experience design at the Royal College of Art in London, looks like a '70s bedroom through the lens of a bad acid trip. Show More Summary

Tough Mudder Wants Fans To Design Its Next Terrifying Obstacle

Just no bugs, okay? Freezing water. Electricity. Barbed wire. Exhaustion. Tough Mudder has built what's estimated to be a $70 million to $100 million business by leveraging your "fear of death" across their tortuous course. Read Full Story

How Music Could Help Solve Architecture's Diversity Problem

Michael Ford's "hip-hop architecture" aims to make better buildings and rectify the profession's abysmal track record on diversity. Over the years, Michael Ford—a designer based in Wisconsin—has written, lectured, and theorized about Modernism as a catalyst for hip-hop. Show More Summary

The UX Secret That Will Ruin Apps For You

Facebook servers crunch your data in milliseconds, but the UX takes longer to load. That's by design. A friendly robot greets me on Facebook. He's dressed like a doctor, stethoscope and all, here to do a security checkup. So for the next 5 to 10 seconds, I wait as he pokes and prods my account. Show More Summary

Some Thoughts on Tod and Billie and the OPC

Last week Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects was selected, with local architecture firm IDEA, to design the Obama Presidential Center (OPC) on Chicago's South Side. The project will be located in either Jackson Park or Washington Park...Show More Summary

The Building Museum Transforms Itself Into A Glacial Ice Field

James Corner Field Operations designed the frosty summer installation for the D.C. museum. While the summer temps in D.C. climb into the 80s and 90s, the Great Hall in the National Building Museum is channeling a chilly arctic vibe—thanks to ICEBERGS, a new installation by James Corner Field Operations which is now open to the public. Read Full Story

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