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Netflix Has Redesigned To Pitch You Harder On "House Of Cards"

Netflix wants to promote model has changed. And the website's latest redesign supports the strategy. Starting today, Netflix is rolling out a new website design—the streaming service's first redesign in four years. And on the surface,...Show More Summary

Hallucinatory Portraits Show How Computers See Our Faces

Ever wonder what happens when facial recognition gets a little too zealous? Teaching computers how to interpret visual data is going to be essential to the development of things like self-driving cars and mood-sensing technologies? Humans assess the world around us mainly through vision, and computers are starting to do the same. Show More Summary

Your Risk Of Disease May Depend On When You Were Born

We've got some bad news for people with fall and winter birthdays. Here's a piece of health news that won't surprise astrology believers: the time of year you were born can predict the health risks you'll face later in life. Or so suggests...Show More Summary

History's Most Creative Paintings, Determined By Algorithm

What's freaky is, the computer sort of gets things right. A pair of computer scientists at Rutgers University has developed an algorithm that they claim is capable of discerning true artistic creativity from the stuff that just happens to be in a museum. Good news! It's totally fine for you to love Munch's Scream. Read Full Story

Take A Look Inside The Most Gun-Friendly Town In America

Local laws in the small town of Kennesaw, Georgia require every household to own a firearm. New school shootings and police killings stir up controversy week after week, but in some places, the idea of gun reform isn't so much as a topic for discussion. Show More Summary

Indulge In '90s Nostalgia With These Susan Kare Playing Cards

Computer solitaire, the O.G. time waster, has returned in analog. Before there was Candy Crush, Bejeweled, and Angry Birds, Solitaire was the game of choice for most non-gamers. In fact, Microsoft has included the program with every Windows operating system since 1990. Show More Summary

Book Review: Saarinen Houses

Saarinen Houses by Jari Jetsonen, Sirkkaliisa JetsonenPrinceton Architectural Press, 2014Hardcover, 224 pagesI have never been to Finland, so the only Eliel Saarinen house I've seen in person is his own residence on the campus of the Cranbrook Academy of Art outside Detroit. Show More Summary

A Practical Vision For The Hyperloop Experience

Why should high-speed tubes look all that different from high-speed flight? In 2013, Elon Musk unveiled a radical idea for high-speed transportation: a metal tube that fired passengers to their destinations in canisters traveling 760 miles an hour. The Hyperloop, as he called it, could make a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 35 minutes. Read Full Story

How Your Brain Understands Visual Language

Or, "why email is still represented by an envelope." Design professor Josiah Kahane explains. Semioticians classify signs or sign systems in relation to the way they are transmitted. To illuminate one way semioticians look at things,...Show More Summary

What Will The New Yorker's Creative Director Be Doing At Apple?

Late last month, Wyatt Mitchell left The New Yorker for Apple. The question is, why? At the end of May, word quietly slipped that New Yorker creative director Wyatt Mitchell left the publication for a job at Apple. And the man taking his place will be Nicholas Blechman, former art director at The New York Times Book Review. Read Full Story

Designers Critique Jeb Bush's New Logo, And They Kinda Like It!?

Siegel+Gale, Moving Brands, Chermayeff, Geismar, & Haviv, and Doyle Partners weigh in. Verdict: they dig it. Wait... what? On Sunday, a day before officially announcing his bid for the 2016 U.S. presidential election, former Florida governor Jeb Bush tweeted an image of his new campaign logo. Show More Summary

A Living Room For The Masses

The clever communal living room, by Dutch architects MVRDV, appears like a traditional cottage inside a larger building. Rotterdam-based architects MVRDV have unveiled a winning design for a new culture center in downtown Zaanstad in the Netherlands. Show More Summary

Matali Crasset's New Minimalist Wood Designs Benefit A Good Cause

The French design doyenne is championing the handmade. For her latest collection, the French design doyenne Matali Crasset took a hyperlocal approach with a social message. If you must get your retail fix, why not feel good about who benefits from the sale? Read Full Story

Make Things By Hand Again With This Mechanical 3-D Printer

Built like a clock, this 3-D printer is a paradoxical experiment in combining automated technology and hand-built design. 3-D printing is one of the most wondrous technologies of our time—you can bring to life virtually any design you...Show More Summary

Like A Rolex For Michelangelo, This Watch Is Made Out Of Marble

After years of being unfashionable, products like the Mason Watch are proof of marble's current resurgence. Based out of Philly, the Analog Watch Company is no stranger to making watches out of unconventional materials. After starting...Show More Summary

MIT Robotics Grad Develops Furniture That Pulls A Disappearing Act

Now you see it, now you don't. Rock Paper Robot's Ollie chair and table, by a former robotics student at MIT, fold flat in mere seconds. Designing chairs and tables isn't exactly rocket science, but Jessica Banks has the creds to make you think that's the case. Show More Summary

Why British Designer Jasper Morrison Nixed His Drawing Board 15 Years Ago

"It requires an effort to keep a grip on reality but otherwise it's a huge advance," he says of the digital design tools he now uses. Over the course of his 35-year career, the brilliant British designer Jasper Morrison has created everything...Show More Summary

Today's archidose #843

Here are some photos of Underwood Road (2015) in London by Brady Mallalieu Architects, photographed by Andrew Carr.To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose pool To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

How Email Became The Most Reviled Communication Experience Ever

Email wasn't always a source of fear and loathing. What happened? And what can we do about it—really? It wasn't until I heard that a colleague had nuked his personal email account—on purpose, for good—that it hit me: Email is the most reviled personal technology ever. Show More Summary

Why Are There So Many Calder Sculptures In Architects' Renderings?

Every building gets its own Flamingo! An architectural rendering needs to communicate what the final building will look like, but without the landscape, people and art that add character to it, the CG assets can end up looking dead.Show More Summary

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