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Architecture as Subject for Art

Head over to World-Architects to check out Architecture As Subject for Art, a short Q&A feature I just posted on some artists using architecture and building as subjects for their artwork. The feature includes a number of artists that...Show More Summary

Colorful X-ray Photos Illuminate The Beauty Of Vintage Industrial Design

Roy Livingston's X-ray art peels the skin back on old alarm clocks, radios, and toy robots, and turns them into a candy factory. Everything looks cooler when you blast it with X-rays. The photography of Roy Livingston makes electromagnetic...Show More Summary

Catapult to Safety With This CO2-Fueled Pool Parachute

The floatee gets a makeover, thanks to Kingii. If you abide by the mantra of safety first, consider the Kingii, a gadget that will rocket a struggling swimmer above water, courtesy of a CO2-filled balloon. Read Full Story

Q&A: Sagmeister & Walsh Announces It's Moving By Getting Naked And Lying In Cockroaches

The New York design duo talks to Co.Design about why they finally decided to upgrade their digs. When most design firms change offices, they set up an address forward. But when Stefan Sagmeister & Jessica Walsh of the eponymous Sagmeister...Show More Summary

"Muji Is Not A Trend": How Design Fuels Muji's Growth

The pioneering "no brand" brand views design as a solution for problems we encounter daily. With around 400 stores in Japan alone, and another 300 operating internationally, housewares brand Muji shows no signs of slowing its rapid clip of expansion. Show More Summary

By the Mile

[Images: I've been enjoying a new Instagram feed called The Jefferson Grid, which describes itself as "everything that fits in a square mile." These images are just screen grabs from the feed, which is well worth scrolling back through in its entirety (and which will hopefully stick around for many more square-mile images to come].

Alt Erlaa

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REX Honcho in Esquire

Most of the posts in my ongoing "architecture advertising" series focus on architects and/or buildings used in print ads, commercials, and other forms of advertising. As most people probably know, often advertising takes less obtrusive means, such as being embedded into editorial content. Show More Summary

When Plant Pots Get Too Expensive, Consider A Tote Bag

You have a tote for everything else in your life, so why not have one for your plants? Ceramic pots for larger plants tend to be bulky, expensive, or not so attractive. And if they do appeal to the eye, then, naturally, they're really expensive. Show More Summary

Ma Yansong Creates A Meat Rug For Dogs

One of the world's most avant garde architects pays homage to man's best friend. You know Ma Yansong's firm MAD Architects for bold, environmentally-inspired architecture: its icy mountains on the Harbin Cultural Island; the modern pyramid of the Lucas Museum; the funnel clouds of the Absolute Towers. Show More Summary

Inside BIG Ideas, the Incubator Where Architects Become Inventors

How do you turn dreams into reality? Make it your business, say Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange of the architecture firm BIG. A common complaint with architecture today is that the experimental, exciting design presented at the beginning rarely finds itself expressed in the final building. Show More Summary

Reflect Sunlight To Dark Corners Of Your Home With This Solar Mirror

It could be the next best thing to knocking out a wall and adding another window. There's no artificial light in existence that rivals the beauty of sunshine glowing through your windows. But if you don't have windows consuming every...Show More Summary

Cartoon Reminder: You're Overdesigning Your Product

Nobody wants all that crap. Buttons. Widgets. Features. Social integration. Push. Hamburger menus. Pop-ups. Gesture interface. Custom animations. It can all begin to add up. Read Full Story

Take An Abstract, Virtual Road Trip With This Music-Video-Turned-App

An ode to the last days of summer. Tumbling down the highway at full speed, the landscape out the window becomes a blur and passing objects are reduced to just their shapes and colors. This is the scene interactive designer Jono Brandel transports you into with his charming and colorful music video for Kimbra's single "Carolina." Read Full Story

You Can Buy Glasses Inspired By Famous Typefaces

Eurostile. Optima. Serif Gothic. Claim your typographic allegiance with your face. Any competent print designer can name a typeface at a glance. But can they name a typeface hidden in a pair of eyewear? That's the question. Read Full Story

How Do You Make Projection Mapping Even Trippier? Just Add 3-D Glasses

Barcelona-based Onionlab uses 3-D projection mapping to blow a building in Spain apart, and it's incredible. We've seen many, many, many times before how projection mapping can be used to create mind-blowing optical illusions. But what happens when you add 3-D glasses to the mix? Read Full Story

The World's Most Beautiful Train Ride: A Tale In 13 Photographs

Photographer Rolf Sachs immortalizes a train ride through the Swiss / Italian alps along the famous Rhaetian Railway. Staring out a train window as the countryside blurs by is one of the quintessential pleasures of continental travel. Show More Summary

Does Your Dog Really Need This Excessive, Techy Collar?

Short answer: No. File the Buddy—a souped-up dog collar—under egregiously excessive design. Chances are your dog doesn't need an activity monitor, GPS tracker, temperature and light sensors, and OLED display around its neck. But if you want your pooch to "express its unique character through light," as the designers tout, perhaps this Kickstarter is for you. Read Full Story

How London's New Night Tube Map Was Made

Updating the world's most iconic transportation map... after dark. The London Underground, or "the Tube" as it's colloquially known, is the oldest metro system in the world. It began its life in January 1863 with a single underground line running between Paddington and Farringdon—about four miles—in central London. Show More Summary

"It's almost like he wanted to collect every map ever made"

Alec Earnest recently made an interesting documentary about a house in Los Angeles whose owner died, leaving behind a personal map collection so massive that, upon being acquisitioned by the city's public library, "it doubled the LAPL’s...Show More Summary

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