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Negotiating Real and Unreal Experiences of Light

Because of the charming, interesting and colorful effects that can be generated by light, there has been a long history of developing research on light, trying to find ways to first define it and explore it further. Reflection, refraction, and... Read More

New IALab Tutor: Choreographer Alexander Whitely

We’re announcing a number of new tutors joining our Masters in Design for Performance and Interaction this week. First up, Choreographer Alexander Whitely is not only an internationally recognised performance artist, but also a passionately anti-disciplinary practitioner. He often collaborates with digital artists,... Read More

A wearable soft robot with variable material distribution

As the development of robotics continues to expand beyond manufacturing and industrial automation and into the domain of cooperative human assistance and healthcare, traditional rigid-body robots are limited through their inadequacies in interacting with humans and their capability to adapt... Read More

Giving character to space generated by redirected Walking

Virtual Reality, as an emerging medium, has been explored in a variety of ways. Researchers have come up with their own interpretations of Virtual Realities that include the Mixed Reality, Unreality, Virtual Reality, etc. Nevertheless, neither differentiating... Read More

Skin Colouration in Silicone Wearables

Key Words:   Biomimetic, colour change, soft robotics, wearable technology, face transformation. 1. INTRODUCTION According to Witzany (Witzany, 2014) communication between organisms in all domains, from bacteria and fungi, to mammals, including humans, is necessary in... Read More

The rhythms of Light and The Visualization of time

 The Time Dimension of Space Architecture is history written in stone. The history of architecture reflects the development and progress of human civilization. In his novel THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, the French writer Victor Marie Hugo (1865) states, “From... Read More

Changing Spatial Boundaries.

“Augmented reality will not only change the way architects work but also how we use the space,” says architect Greg Lynn (2016). The physical space can be transformed by overlaying digital information provided by a Head Mounted Display... Read More

Kinetic Feedback between Performing User and Performing Machine

In interactive architecture, kinetic performance and actuators play an important role. The first consideration is how to propel the kinetic structure and subsequently evaluate the movement once it is in motion. The aim of this thesis is to... Read More

An investigation of bio-sensing technologies to infer states of affect

The business world has increasing interest in expanding biosensing technical knowledge for self-monitoring and self-tracking, leaving research firmly within the domain of wearable computer, wearable sensors and biometrics. Moreover, an increasing number of people use wearable devices and... Read More

Transformable structure in a responsive performing machine

The design project initiated with an interest in finding how the built environment affects human’s emotion and an idea of opening a conversation between the built surrounding and the state of mind of the person who inhabits in... Read More

Aposema: Identity Altering Face Prosthesis

Technology is playing a growing role in extending our physical senses and abilities, constantly modifying and deforming our bodies. One of the oldest examples of body extensions is clothing. An ancient technology developed for protection, that with time... Read More

Running Late

Last week I was in Chicago for a preview of the Chicago Architecture Biennial and for part of this week I'm attending a conference. So posts will resume later this week or early next week once things have gotten back to normal.

The Reciprocal Relation of Semiotic Architectural Space and Semiotic Filmic Space

This paper explores the semiotic link between architectural spaces and film spaces in order to find new methods of designing in the real world.  There are many elements in which architecture and film overlap such as space, movement, visuals, etc.... Read More

Economic Impact from Hurricanes: Short-Term Pain and Long-Term Lessons Abound

Just before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma landed on the shores of Texas and Florida, the U.S. economy had been gradually picking up steam, with estimates of third-quarter GDP growth rising to nearly 3.0 percent. However, given the destruction...Show More Summary

Business inventories up 0.2 percent in July

U.S. business inventories rose 0.2% in July, manufacturing inventories were up 0.2% and wholesaler inventories increased 0.6% from a month earlier. Retailers decreased stockpiles by 0.1% in July from June.READ MORE

Consumer sentiment dips in early September due to twin hurricanes, but impact likely short-lived

Consumer confidence edged downward in early September due to concerns over the outlook for the national economy. Consumers' assessments of current economic conditions improved, however, with the Current Conditions Index reaching theShow More Summary

Industrial production reported August dip, partially due to Hurricane Harvey

Industrial production declined 0.9 percent in August following six consecutive monthly gains. Hurricane Harvey, which hit the Gulf Coast of Texas in late August, is estimated to have reduced the rate of change in total output by roughly 3/4 percentage point.READ MORE

August retail sales post largest decline in six months, partly due to Hurricane Harvey

Retail sales dropped 0.2 percent in August, the biggest decline in six months as motor vehicle sales tumbled 1.6 percent. Sales of building materials, electronics and appliances as well as clothing also fell.READ MORE www.metrointel...

Initial unemployment claims dip 14,000 in latest survey, but 4-week average up 13,000

In the week ending September 9, initial unemployment claims were 284,000, a decrease of 14,000 from the previous week. The 4-week moving average was 263,250, an increase of 13,000 from the previous week. This is the highest level for this average since August 13, 2016 when it was 263,250. READ MORE

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