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Ikea Acknowledges It Forgot The Internet

As growth slows, Ikea's executives admit it's time to go online. If you've ever found Ikea's website too clunky, or its $99 truck delivery highway robbery next to Overstock or Amazon Prime, you aren't alone. Once a retail revolution,...Show More Summary

Finally! A Video Game About Building Ikea Furniture!

Because why pay Ikea to torture yourself when you can simulate the experience for free? Is building Ikea furniture your idea of a good time? Well, hold onto your Napoleon hat, because there's now a game for Mac and Windows that willShow More Summary

MIT Students Redesign The How-To Video, In 4 Easy Steps

MIT researchers aim to use crowd feedback to build better step-by-step menus for online how-to videos. Whether you want to learn how to make scrambled eggs like Gordon Ramsay, drive a stick shift without stalling out or just wax the tips of your mustache, you can find plenty of videos online offering step-by-step instructions. Read Full Story

A Disney MagicBand For Hospitals

A new concept from some of the minds behind Disney's MagicBands could revolutionize the way hospitals operate. Disney MagicBands allow visitors to walk around Disney World and simply wave their hand to pay for meals, skip through lines, and unlock their hotel rooms. They also allow Disney to track customers throughout its parks, scoring valuable data. Read Full Story

Coming Soon To Queens? An Awesome Swing That Dangles From A Hot Air Balloon

If this design concept wins the Folly 2015 awards, even adults might be waiting in line for their turn on the swings again. Every child on a swing has pumped his legs frantically, wishing he could go higher. Well, how's this for "higher,"...Show More Summary

This Short Film Features A World Made Entirely Of Cardboard

The Sundance-nominated Me + Her tells a heartbreaking story though an inanimate medium. Me + Her, a Sundance-nominated short film, tells a devastating story of love, loss and rebirth, set entirely in a world of cardboard. At first glance, the film appears animated, but the reality is much more impressive. Show More Summary

How Smiling Changes Your Brain

Putting on a happy face doesn't just make you more likeable; it makes you healthier, both good for your career. Few people would argue that smiling is bad for you, but new research is showing just how many ways smiling is beneficial to your career and well-being. Read Full Story

This Stunning Vacation House Was Built From A Ruin

This cozy house on Pico Island gorgeously merges past and present architecture. A stony ruin on the volcanic island of Pico, in the North Atlantic Ocean's Portuguese Azores, was turned into a cozy vacation home that gorgeously combines the old with the new. Read Full Story

Why Apple Selling Fewer iPads Is Actually A Huge Achievement

Why do we critique Apple for building a product with longevity? iPad sales are down, technically. Apple still sold 20 million of them last quarter, but Wall Street says a company like Apple is never supposed to sell less of anything....Show More Summary

Rare Louis Kahn House Up For Sale

Grab a piece of architectural history for less than $300,000. A rare home designed by the celebrated architect Louis Kahn in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is up for sale. The architect designed and built the Clever House between 1957 and 1962 for Fred and Elaine Cox Clever, at the height of his career. Read Full Story

Sophisticated Accessories For Design-Minded Drinkers

Areaware's 2015 collection makes for stylish sipping. A great drink should be accompanied by great drinking gear. When it comes to making imbibing chic, the Brooklyn-based product designers at Areaware have got you covered. Read Full Story

Never See An Ad Again With This Hacked Oculus

Hackers create an Adblock for IRL. We see hundreds, maybe even thousands of advertisements every day. Amid this sea of marketing, we may forget that branded products are advertisements in and of themselves. The more times we see a brand,...Show More Summary

Vote for 2014 Building of the Year

The work I do with World-Architects includes the Building of the Week feature on the American-Architects platform. For 2014 there were 49 such buildings, and voting is open to determine the Building of the Year. The screenshot below gives a peek of the buildings in the running, but head over to American-Architects to vote. Show More Summary

How To Design A Costume For Porn

Hot tips: use bright colors, and buy cheap lingerie (H&M is fine). Porn stars might not wear much on camera, but there's an art to choosing what little clothing they do put on. Over at Fashionista, Tyler McCall breaks down the process of designing costumes for pornography. Show More Summary

Now On Airbnb: An Alpine Cable Car That Dangles 9,000 Feet In The Air

Dangling precipitously from a creaking cable in the French Alps: relaxing getaway? A cable car suspended in the air near the icy town of Courcheval in the French Alps has been transformed into a luxurious apartment, and it's now on Airbnb. But not just anyone can rent it: It's only available as the grand prize in Airbnb's latest competition. Read Full Story

This Doctor In A Box Is A House Call For The Modern Age

In a feasible healthcare concept, Teague presents a vision for teleconferenced healthcare at home. For Body Week, Co.Design asked a select group of design firms: What one thing in the healthcare industry desperately needs to be redesigned, and how would you redesign it? Here, Teague imagines a healthcare system for your home.—Eds Read Full Story

22 Movies Every Designer Should Watch On Netflix

In search of some inspiration? Then we have the movies for you! Sometimes you take a look at your Netflix queue and think there's nothing decent on the service. That's not entirely true! Netflix has certainly lost its library of mainstream Hollywood films over the past few years. Show More Summary

The Medieval Roots Of The Tree Diagram

Data viz isn't just a modern-day craze. Designer Manuel Lima, author of The Book of Trees, discusses the origins of the tree diagram. Co.Design has partnered with the Brooklyn design studio Hyperakt to bring you Lunch Talks, a video series of conversations with smart, creative people. Here's the latest installment.—Eds Read Full Story

These Sculptures Turn Your Lightbulbs Into Skyscrapers

Part stalactites, part skyscraper. Meet the Stalaclight. Is that dingy light bulb hanging from a wire in your living room getting you down? Make it a surrealist art piece by turning it into an upside down skyscraper! Read Full Story

A Coffee Maker That Looks Like The Eiffel Tower

Make your slow-drip coffee a little more cultured with an architectural cold brew tower. Coffee-loving South Korean design studio Dutch Lab takes an elaborate approach to your favorite morning ritual. The studio's slow-drip, cold-brew coffee towers are intricate pieces of sculpture inspired by architectural landmarks across the globe. Read Full Story

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