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How Facebook M Will Hook Us On Shopping At Facebook

A new personal assistant called Facebook M allows you to buy things by chatting with a Faceless assistant in Messenger. In March, Facebook quietly revealed a major play. Their Messenger platform, with 700 million users, would be updated to allow you to buy things right in the chat window. Show More Summary

These Stylish Geometric Clutches Are Made From Folded Paper

Petit Fou's colorful paper purses don't come with a lifetime guarantee—but they're pretty while they last. Paper is alive and well at Paperlux, a Hamburg-based design studio that specializes in paper etchings and paper-based packaging for high end clients like Hermès, Volkswagen and Alexander Mcqueen. Show More Summary

Add 5 Million Photo Filters, Just By Swiping

A new photo app called Infltr uses clever UX to juggle near infinite color options. Instagram offers a few dozen filters that can leave you confounded, swiping and tapping back and forth in existential crisis. Infltr, a new iOS app, has more than 5 million. Yet amazingly, they're never more than a split second away. Read Full Story

A Condom Package That You'll Just Know Is The Right Size For You

A stroke of genius. The world of condoms has been ruined by gimmicks and branding. It's been invaded by ancient armies covered in tropical lubes where euphemisms like "snugger fit" and bragging rights like "magnum" are our only guidance toward better tailored latex. Read Full Story

Philips Just Made It Stupid Simple To Install Smarthome Lighting

The "smart home" is slowly becoming user friendly. A lot of intelligent people believe that a platform like Apple's HomeKit will be the way we control the smart home of the future. But I'd bet on it looking a lot more like the new wireless...Show More Summary

Waste Your Day Away With This Gold Mine Of Games Made Specifically For Designers

Whether you want to learn proper kerning or wile away time in Photoshop, a new website has the perfect game for you to try. We love video games for designers and design lovers. Like this one. And this one. Or this one. Read Full Sto...

How A 26-Year-Old Painter's Work Inspired Valentino's 2015 Winter Collection

Melbourne-based artist Esther Stewart got to live out a fashion designer's dream after her work was discovered by a Valentino designer. In January, 26-year-old painter Esther Stewart sat alongside the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild runway...Show More Summary

These Elegant Sculptures Measure Atmospheric Conditions

The Norwegian design duo Kneip harnesses the natural world in "Weathered." Based in Oslo, Kneip occupies the fertile middle ground between art and design. Like artists, Stian Korntved Ruud and Jørgen Platou Willumsen explore and interpret cultural concepts, but they often do so through the lens of functionality. Read Full Story

Modern Glasses Purpose-Designed For Beer Drinking

Knock back your suds in style. Serious wine drinkers have dozens of specially shaped glasses to choose from, each promising to tease out subtle flavors and aromas. As craft beer connoisseurship continues to build, so does demand for glasses that do the same. Show More Summary

Squeeze This Stress Ball Tourism Map To Zoom In

The Egg Map is a stress ball with a tourism map printed on it that should be on sale at every airport gift shop. Navigating through a strange city can be stressful. It can also be dangerous, especially if you don't know where you'reShow More Summary

Khoi Vinh Heads To Adobe To Build Creative Tools

After a previous collaboration with Adobe, the famed interaction designer is back for more. Khoi Vinh, perhaps best known as the former design director of, and who more recently launched the mobile news app Wildcard, is heading to Adobe to develop new products. Read Full Story

What Makes Vintage Video Game Art Great

The curators of a Twitter account dedicated to cool video game box art share some of their favorite designs over the last 30 years. Cool Box Art is a Twitter feed that dedicates itself to classic video game box art: the timeless, the surreal, and the sometimes woefully misrepresentative designs that have been used for decades to sell games. Show More Summary

The Wondrous Algorithms Of Nature Animated As 3-D Printed Zoetropes

Gorgeous science. Nature's creations are infinitely complex, but their core structural logic—the rules with which everything from our corals and our crystals grow—is often quite simple. It's just an equation played out over and over again until a lone stalk sprouts intricate branches. Read Full Story

The Tate Sensorium Invites You To Experience Paintings Through Sight, Sound, Taste, And Touch

"We want people to experience their senses, to think about what the artist experienced," Tom Pursey says. There's a set of rules for many museums. Don't touch the artwork. No talking. Stare pensively. But this isn't how the Tate wants you to think about art. Show More Summary

I'm Every Touchpad: Sensel Morph Does Anything You Want Done, Baby

An iPad-sized touchpad that senses pressure can track faint brush strokes or a hard drumbeat. Naturally. With a touch area the size of a small tablet, the Sensel Morph is a pressure-reading touchpad so sensitive it can detect anything from the wispy touch of a paintbrush to the pounding of a drumstick. Show More Summary

These Totemic Sculptures Are The Ultimate Bookends For Your Lustig Library

Dead at 40, the spirit of influential graphic designer Alvin Lustig lives on in these sculptures by Mexican artist Edgar Orlaineta. Even if you don't recognize his name, Alvin Lustig was one of the great graphic designers of the 20th century. Show More Summary

Here's What The Earth's Mammal Population Might Look Like If Humans Never Existed

Things have changed. When you want to go on a safari, you go to sub-Saharan Africa, the only place in the world outside of a zoo where you can see rhinos, elephants, hippos, and leopards all at once. According to a new study, this isn't...Show More Summary

3 Good Ideas In The Long Overdue Redesign Of Salesforce

The world's ugliest enterprise product has gotten a major revamp. Depending on your line of business, you may have never even used or heard of Salesforce. But it's actually one of the biggest enterprise apps in the world—only recently...Show More Summary

This App For Kids Makes iPhone App Programming As Easy As Lego

Tiny Bop's latest, The Everything Machine, aims to demystify iPhones for kids by letting them program any app they want. Tiny Bop founder Raul Gutierrez was frustrated. Compared to the Apple II computers he grew up programming on, the...Show More Summary

Summer Break

It's time for a summer break, so posts on this and my other two blogs will resume after Labor Day. I'll be posting to the World-Architects Daily News during break nevertheless, so check out that page via this link or the "ticker" above.[Diller Scofidio + Renfro's TRAVELOGUES at JFK Airport]

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