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Watch Toro & Moi's Chaz Bundick Design And Screen Print A T-Shirt

The chillwaver is also a talented illustrator and designer. Artist Chaz Bundick's slinky, chilled music as Toro y Moi sounds like an Instagram-filtered summer day. But anyone familiar with Bundick knows that his colorful, casual style...Show More Summary

Windows 10 Goes Full Sad Nerd With Its New Wallpaper

They literally hired the guy behind Tron, and that may have been a mistake. An operating system's default desktop wallpaper is not just a wallpaper. It's the face of a new OS, promoted in countless advertisements, and experienced by hundreds of millions of people the first time they boot it (then maybe even for months or years after). Show More Summary

From Pentagram, An Illustrated Guide To London's Wildest Architecture

The international design firm taps Japanese artist Hiromi Suzuki to illustrate each of London's fiercely experimental Serpentine Pavilions. The first Serpentine Pavilion, built in 2000 by starchitect Zaha Hadid, was supposed to last for one night only. Show More Summary

See London Through The Eyes Of A "Hallucinartist"

Parisian artist and illustrator Sandrine Boulet playfully manipulates London's urban landscape in a new exhibition. In Sandrine Boulet's version of London, skyscrapers don capes and vigilantly watch over the city while sipping their morning coffee. Show More Summary

Spoiler Alert! 9 Movie Posters That Spoil The Endings Of Hollywood Blockbusters

By the time you've glanced at these posters, the movie's already been ruined. In our spoiler-obsessed culture, giving away the end of a movie is viewed as rude at best...and a crime worthy of being drawn-and-quartered at worst. Warsaw-based...Show More Summary

America's Lost Roadside Attractions, Seen Through Postcards

An extensive vintage postcard collection reveals the architecture and design aside our nation's old highways. Is there anything more American than a road trip? The interstate highway system, which enabled our famous car culture and iconic suburbs, were a symbol of our country's prosperity in the post-war era. Show More Summary

How Many Americans Police Kill Every Year

No one knows for sure, but The Counted explores the more than 500 deaths in 2015 we do know about. How many people do American police kill every year? It's a question that should have a concrete answer, yet no one really knows: no government...Show More Summary

Designers Pay Tribute To Massimo Vignelli With 53 Original Posters

Spanish studio Husmee asked designers around the world to create a poster that commemorates the legendary designer a year after his death. Nothing unites graphic designers more like honoring the work of Massimo Vignelli, one of the most influential figures in modern design. Show More Summary

35 Books Every Designer Should Read

We asked some of the world's top design schools to share their favorite books. Here's what they recommend for your summer reading list. It doesn't matter if you're a student of design, or just someone who hears the term "design thinking" and stays quiet at meetings while noting to Google it later. Show More Summary

Toyota's Horrendous-Glorious 1970s Station Wagon That Never Was

The promise to get away that got away. In season 2 of The Simpsons, Homer's estranged brother, who happens to own an automobile company, asks him to design a car for the everyman consumer. The result is The Homer, a vehicle born from unbridled suburban id, a bubble dome station wagon sporting a toilet-bowl-like rear spoiler. Show More Summary

See Inside The Human Heart Like Never Before

This award-winning 3-D model of the heart isn't just a feat of science, it'll help you better understand your own body. Most of us envision the human heart as some 2-D illustration from a middle school science textbook, or maybe a crude animation from a Discovery Channel special. Read Full Story

Beverly Hills Wants To Build A Water-Laden Fortress During One Of The Worst Droughts In History

MAD Architects' plans for a private, walled-off oasis in Beverly Hills is as ambitious as it is tone deaf. MAD Architects, the Beijing-based firm behind George Lucas's proposed museum in Chicago, just revealed the design behind its first residential project stateside. Show More Summary

PCBC: Where are the first-time buyers?

Attending PCBC in San Diego this year?Be sure to check out a panel discussion I'll be leading on Thursday, June 25th from 2:30-3:30pm in Rooms 30A-E at the San Diego Convention Center.Panelists will include Tim Costello (CEO, BDX/BuilderHomesite),...Show More Summary

Today's archidose #845

Here are some of my photos of COSMO by Andres Jaque / Office for Political Innovation at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, Queens. COSMO is on display until September 7, 2015. To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose pool To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

BuilderBytes' MetroIntelligence Economic Update for 6/24/15

Greetings from PCBC 2015 in San Diego!Please click here to see this special Wednesday edition of BuilderBytes for 6/24/15 on the Web. In this issue of the MetroIntelligence Economic Update, I covered the following indicators: April new...Show More Summary

How Do You Become The World's Best Taxidermist?

Winning the title is no easy feat. Every year, taxidermists from around the world gather in Springfield, Missouri to compete for their industry's most vaunted title. The competition isn't shown on television or even really written about...Show More Summary

Remember, There Are Only Two Kinds Of People

Who are these people who cut sandwiches unsymmetrically?! MONSTERS! Are you the type of person who needs to be at inbox zero all the time? Do you hate people who haven't named their wifi? Portuguese art director João Rocha knows that there are passionate people on both sides of these modern divides. Show More Summary

Very Literal Tube Radio Riffs On A Classic London Underground Map

Designer Yuri Suzuki demystifies electronics in a radio that nods to the London Tube's past. A good transit map is easy to understand so it makes sense that Yuri Suzuki used one as a model for a radio he built to help people understand the complexity and inner workings of electronics. Read Full Story

Stand Aside Ikea, This Software Can Design Furniture With No Screws

Who needs glue, pegs, and screws when furniture can assemble like a puzzle? There's nothing worse than arriving home from Ikea, so excited about your new living room furniture, only to spend the rest of your weekend slaving over the assembly instructions and cursing in Swedish. Read Full Story

Why We Shouldn't Fall In Love With Our iPhones

Director Paul Trillo's latest short takes an iPhone's POV to show us the dangers of making fleeting technology the great love of your life. These days, many of us (and even maybe most of us) have a more intimate relationship with our smartphones than we do to our friends, our family, even our partners. Show More Summary

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