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Cutting Infographic Charts Just How White The Oscars Are

Chances are, the Best Actor will be "a white 40-something, 6' or taller, with brown hair and brown eyes." Just in case the reality check of #OscarsSoWhite has yet to fully sink in, Bloomberg has updated its incredible data visualization...Show More Summary

Building of the Year 2015

A tower with a photovoltaic facade is Building of the Year: With 20 percent of the votes, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's (AS+GG) FKI Tower in Seoul, South Korea, has won the Building of the Year 2015 on American-Architects.Visit World-Architects to learn more about the FKI Tower and see the runners-up.

Watch A Satellite's Stunning View Of An Entire Day Passing On Earth

Images from the weather satellite Himawari-8, put into motion by analyst Charlie Loyd, are like nothing you've seen before. At any given moment, right above of our atmosphere, hundreds of satellites are constantly circling Earth—collecting data on everything from climatic conditions to the aerosol levels in the atmosphere. Show More Summary

Why The Shape Of A Company's Logo Matters

Welcome to a world in which curves are a good thing. Think about the iconic brand names you know: Apple, Target, McDonald's, Gap. What images come to mind? For many of us, probably their logos. That's because whether it's an apple or big golden arches, a logo is crucial to a company's identity. Show More Summary

How Allied Works Is Rebelling In The Age Of Vapid Architecture

Brad Cloepfil tells Co.Design why models matter more than ever in our rendering-obsessed culture. Allied Works Architecture—a firm with offices in Portland and New York—has earned a reputation for remarkably evocative, poetic buildings infused with inventive materials, textures, and forms. Show More Summary

Instinct Isn't Enough: Great Design Demands Data

Data-informed design, not data-driven design, is key for delivering top-notch products, argues Robert Hoekman Jr. Executives live by the idea that data will help them understand, and predict, and plan. Data will help them see how decisions map to outcomes, and how outcomes can be influenced by this change or that. Read Full Story

GE Lighting Plans To Stop CFL Bulb Production By Year's End

The company is making a big push for LED bulb adoption because of advancements in design and cost—and as a pathway to connected lighting. Since the United States adopted new lighting efficiency standards in 2012, light bulb manufacturers have been racing to develop products that use less energy but perform as well as power-hogging incandescents. Show More Summary

A Budget Exoskeleton Allows Parapalegics To Walk--For The Price Of A Car

The Phoenix lets paraplegic people sit, stand, and walk. It costs just $40,000. Here's how the designers pulled it off. In 2005, Steven Sanchez was trying to do a flip off a BMX dirt ramp when he was paralyzed from the belly button down. 11 years later, with no miracle surgery to speak of, he stands like anyone other tourist in line at the Vatican. Read Full Story

Each Of These Ghostly Statues Recreates An Artifact Destroyed By ISIS

Like resin time capsules, these statues contain flash drives loaded with information about their history. In the last year alone, members of ISIS have destroyed hundreds of ancient artifacts in museums and heritage sites across Iraq and Syria. Show More Summary

From The Dutch, A Pedestrian Underpass You'll Actually Want To Walk Through

Quiet, well-lit, easy to maintain. Plus an enormous tile mural designed by Irma Boom. As far as public spaces go, pedestrian underpasses don't have a stellar reputation. What in theory is a convenient passageway under highways or buildings can quickly become a dark and crime-ridden trash tunnel if not thoughtfully designed or properly maintained. Show More Summary

The New York Times Has Already Published The Best Graphic Of 2016

So graphic it doesn't even need graphics. See the complete list here The Upshot/The New York Times The data visualization community breaks its back transforming information into beautiful graphics: interactive maps, timelines, and more. Show More Summary

This Coat Doubles As A Shelter For Syrian Refugees

RCA students have developed an affordable, all-in-one coat, tent, and sleeping bag to help deal with Syria's humanitarian crisis. The European Union has a refugee crisis on its hands. As upwards of half a million displaced Syrians flee...Show More Summary

This Oculus App Makes Programming Tangible To Non-Coders

Reach out, touch a flock of birds, and change how they behave. That's just one thing you can do in Loop. For those of us who can't, the ability to code well enough to create entire virtual worlds almost feels god-like. In Loop, a new...Show More Summary

The History Of Kimono Design In 15 Beautiful Images

The new book Kimono: The Art And Evolution Of Japanese Fashion takes us on a visual tour through centuries of design tradition. The design of the kimono itself—the T-shape, the straight-seams, the wrap-around style—has changed very little over the centuries. Show More Summary

How NYC Is Subtly Redesigning The Subway Car For City Dwellers Of 2050

A prototype train car reveals how New York is planning for the future. This week, New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced an order of 10 experimental "open gangway" trains that contain a single long, continuous passage. Read Full Story

Vote for Building of the Year 2015

Sunday is the lat day to vote for the Building of the Year 2015 at American-Architects. The Building of the Week is a feature I curate for the platform, and for 2015 the theme was overseas buildings by US architects with some of the inverse: buildings in North America by foreign firms. Show More Summary

10 Things You Didn't Know About Designing That New Car Smell

A Ford materials engineer tells us everything we ever wanted to know about designing the fragrance of your car. There are more than 100 different materials inside your average car. And they all smell like something. Read Full Story

This Infinity Room Traps You Inside A Prison Of Pixels

Fun times! Most infinity rooms, like the starlit and polka dotted universes of Yayoi Kusama, are constructed like a funhouse filled with mirrors. They simulate an endless universe through infinite reflection. But a new project by Refik...Show More Summary

There's Now A Rube Goldberg Machine For Blowing Bubbles

And it's every bit as magical as you'd think. Remember plastic swimming pools full of soapy water, flimsy plastic handles, and running streams of bubbles across the lawn? Then you must be ancient. Nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find a bubble-blower without a motor and battery compartment, save for a few old-school blowers left over at the dollar store. Read Full Story

Hasbro Sued Over "My Little Pony" Font Piracy

Friendship may be magic for Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise, but font licensing shouldn't be. The Font Brothers may be bros, but they definitely aren't Font Bronies. The Minneapolis-based type foundry is suing Hasbro for unauthorized usage of one of its typefaces in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic materials. Read Full Story

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