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This Shop Is A Walk-In Optical Illusion

i29 Architects' clever, elegant design for FRAME Magazine's new Amsterdam shop appears to invert when viewed from different perspectives. The Dutch publication FRAME Magazine bills itself as the "world's leading interior design publication."...Show More Summary

Could Redesigned Subway Platforms Save Lives?

Yes, but it's going to cost a lot. Last Sunday, in an apparently random attack, an unknown assailant pushed 61-year-old New Yorker Wai Kuen Kwok in front of an oncoming subway train. This is the stuff of straphanger nightmares: New Yorkers...Show More Summary

Everyday Architecture Turned Into Stunning Abstract Compositions

Photographer Julian Faulhaber's work celebrates the colors, lines, and shapes of the commonplace structures around us. German artist Julian Faulhaber's photographs turn everyday architecture into eye-popping abstract compositions. In...Show More Summary

History’s Not What It Used to Be

The quarter to quarter U.S. “real” (i.e., inflation-adjusted) gross domestic product (GDP) increase in this year’s Q3 was 3.5% annualized, after an even greater expansion of 4.6% in Q2, but a contraction of 2.1% in Q1.

Nonresidential Construction Materials Inflation Slows a Bit in March (Part 2)

With the harsh winter slowly receding, prices for inputs used in nonresidential construction in March increased at a slightly slower rate than in February. Among items with large price increases were energy products (especially natural gas), insulation materials, and plastics pipe. Show More Summary

November column for Builder & Developer magazine now online

My column for the November 2014 issue of Builder and Developer magazine is now posted online.For this issue, entitled "Where are the First-Tme Homebuyers?" I was struck by the decline in first-time homebuyers in recent months and wanted to investigate further. Show More Summary

Twenty major upcoming residential and transportation terminal construction projects-U.S.-April 2014

The accompanying table shows 20 of the largest upcoming residential and transportation terminal construction projects in the U.S. They are all in the planning stage and are mainly new projects, but may also involve additions and/or alterations.

Nonresidential Construction Materials Prices Continue to Move Higher in February (Part 2)

Prices for inputs used in nonresidential construction in February rose a bit faster than in January. Among items with large price increases were energy products (notably natural gas and diesel fuel); ready mix concrete (although cement prices fell); and extruded aluminum rod, bar and other shapes. Show More Summary

This Parody App Deletes Itself After 24 Hours

And man, we wish it were real. Alex Cornell doesn't design apps. Not really. As the founder of the San Francisco-based creative studio Moonbase, Cornell designs app concepts that use mischief, subterfuge, and parody to critique the weird mobile age we live in. Read Full Story

Apple Releases Its Most Important Typeface In 20 Years

It's called San Francisco, and you can download it now. Yesterday, Apple released a new bundle of developer tools called WatchKit to help make third-party Apple Watch apps a reality. But for type lovers, WatchKit contained a nice little...Show More Summary

App Shows You What 200 Calories Look Like

Gulp. For the 200 calories in half of that blueberry muffin, you could eat more than a pint of blueberries. That's a lot of blueberries! And that's entirely the point of Calorific, an iOS app by interaction designer Nic Mulvaney and photographer Tim Diacon. It shows you what 200 calories looks like in 144 properly portioned food and drink photographs. Read Full Story

The Evolution Of The Virgin Logo

Although it seems like a timeless design, Virgin has had many different logos throughout the years. We all know the Virgin logo: a blobby diagonal scrawl in scarlet that looks like a hot girl's phone number written in lipstick on the back of a napkin. Show More Summary

Inside Pizza Hut's Saucy Rebranding

New logo, new branding, new menu items: Is this just a middle-aged pizza company trying desperately to adapt to the times? Pizza Hut needs to appeal to the new generation of pizza-buying Millennials, and they have a new weapon to do so: It's a smear of sauce ladled onto a spinning pizza crust. Show More Summary

A Visual Guide To How Earth's Natural Resources Become Household Goods

Hey, you got potatoes in my cosmetics! There's a time in every potato's life when it reaches a crossroads. In one direction, it becomes a french fry or mashed potato. In the other, it goes to a factory, where it's ground and divided into starch, fiber, and protein (the latter of which can be further broken down into amino acids). Show More Summary

The Oral History Of The Poop Emoji (Or, How Google Brought Poop To America)

Everyone's favorite emoji began in Japan. But without Google, it may have stayed there. If the story of the poop emoji's rise were told in emojis, it would look like this: Read Full Story

This Wonderful Web Toy Turns Your Browser Into Magic Liquid

It's a fluid dynamics simulator, and it's the best way to waste five minutes this morning over coffee. If you've ever spent a few minutes tracing your fingers through soapy water just to watch the iridescence swirl, this web toy is for you. Read Full Story

Japanese Flip Books Tell Strange, Whimsical Tales In Unexpectedly Lovely Ways

"It is the video playback tool that can be enjoyed easily in [any] desired location." Japanese animator Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo's flip books beautifully expand the simple medium, using the paper to create depth as well as form. These...Show More Summary

The Best Criticism Of 1 WTC, The Tallest Tower In The U.S., Comes From A Novel

"The building seems... not without nationalistic embarrassment, dumb—a meathead tower." Even before it opened earlier this month, One World Trade Center, formerly the Freedom Tower, drew tepid reviews from the architecture commentariat. Show More Summary

Beautiful New App Shows Kids How People Around The World Live

This new app is like a Sesame Street sketch come to life. When Tinybop founder Raul Gutierrez was a kid, he used to press his ear to the walls of his house, listening to the mysterious sound of the pipes creaking behind the drywall and imagining the worlds hidden inside. Show More Summary

How World Building Will Shape The Future Of Media And Business

Acclaimed production designer Alex McDowell and USC have joined forces on an interdisciplinary event and curriculum in world building, designed to inform the next generation of storytelling, urban planning, and business culture. On an...Show More Summary

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