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MIT Made A Game To Figure Out How Our Brains Work In The Dark

To study spatial awareness, Darkball asks you to catch a ball you can't see as many times in a row as possible. Famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is so good at what he does, he can score a goal even when he is plunged into darkness. Show More Summary

Could Airbnb Help Solve The Problem Of Vacant Housing?

A group of tactical urbanists wants to revive empty homes and offer them as a place to stay. Six years after the foreclosure crisis started, nearly 18 million houses are sitting vacant in the U.S. Could some find new life as Airbnb businesses? Read Full Story

Today's archidose #837

Here are some photos of the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library (1963) at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, photographed by Hassan Bagheri.To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose pool To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

How To Design A Safe Intersection For Cyclists

Salt Lake City will be the first American city to build a protected intersection for bikes. Bike lanes are great, but they can't protect cyclists riding through busy intersections, where 38% of all cyclist fatalities occurred in 2013, according to the US Department of Transportation. Show More Summary

How The Goosebumps Novels Got Their Trippy Style

If you grew up in the 90's, you probably remember children's horror books better by their covers than their content. Whether you read it or not, Goosebumps, the children's horror book series by R.L. Stine, was everywhere in the '90s....Show More Summary

This Mechanical Lung Blows

And it could be a wearable someday. To help them better understand their own breathing patterns, third year Interaction Design Students at the ArtEZ Academy of the Arts Amy Whittle and Willem Kempers created Lung, a strange machine that blows large bubbles to simulate breath. Read Full Story

This Sculpture Points To The Nearest Costco, Monument, Or Satellite

The art piece lampoons how modern technology helps us navigate the world. Arrows instantly arouse curiosity. What is it pointing to, and who is doing the pointing? Artist Daniel Jolliffe's networked sculpture Nearest Costco, Monument...Show More Summary

MVRDV's Seoul Skygarden Is Like The High Line On Steroids

The Seoul Skygarden will transform a disused highway into a planted paradise the size of two football fields. Move over, High Line: Rotterdam-based design firm MVRDV has developed a winning concept for a skygarden in Seoul that might just become the new gold standard for public parks that repurpose old infrastructure. Read Full Story

Crazy Way To Paint Patterns On 3-D Objects Is Like A Cartoon Come To Life

Thanks to new technology, even the most elaborate object can be precisely painted just by dipping it in a swirling vat of rainbow colors. In old Warner Bros. cartoons, one common gag is a single can of paint that contains an elaborate pattern, like plaid, which can be applied to a surface with a single brush stroke. Show More Summary

This Wool Cardigan Doubles As A Physical Therapist

Vigour, a sweater that uses aural feedback to motivate patients, teases the soft, cozy future of wearables. Physical therapy can be a debilitating experience for the body and psyche. There's the discomfort from the exercises, as well as anxiety about whether you are doing them correctly. Show More Summary

Do You Have An Elastic Mind? 3 Traits Of Designers Who Do

Designers have gotten what they asked for: a seat at the corporate boardroom table. Now they have to adapt to a new working reality. Walking around my studio, I see small teams collaborating at temporary, flexible workstations. There's...Show More Summary

McKinsey & Company Acquires Lunar, One Of Silicon Valley's Oldest Design Firms

The award-winning design consultancy is the latest independent agency to jump into the corporate maw. Lunar, a design firm that has spent 30 years creating everything from game controllers to genetic sequencers to ice cream scoops, has been acquired by McKinsey & Company, the mammoth business consultancy that did $8 billion in revenue in 2014. Show More Summary

Disappear In The Concrete Jungle With This Urban Camouflage

How to really blend in. A new line of clothing called Architectural Camouflage, by the Brooklyn-based studio Snarkitecture, rethinks camouflage patterns for urban environments. Its prints are available in hex tiles, for you to blendShow More Summary

Could Slimmer Streets Help Solve San Francisco's Housing Crisis?

One writer's quest to narrow the streets and improve quality of life in a city where the median housing price has spiked to $1.1 million San Francisco's housing crisis is legendary. The median housing price in San Francisco is now $1.1 million, more than the California and U.S. Show More Summary

Hey, Designers! Test Your Eye By Guessing These Colors As Fast As You Can

DO IT NOW! If you have 15 minutes to kill, try Kolor, a quick online game that asks you to identify a specific color as fast as you can from a palette that becomes increasingly similar. The objective is straightforward and simple, but trust us, you won't want to stop until you've gotten a perfect score. Read Full Story

This Smart Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers Promises To Get You Out Of Bed Fast

Hyperalarm uses high frequency tones and location awareness to get you moving in the morning. There are copious gadgets today that purportedly help with every sleep-related problem out there. Yet those of us who are heavy sleepers know that waking up can still be a challenge. Show More Summary

Artefact Designs A Backpack To Save Cyclists' Lives

With built-in LEDs, the BrakePack can automatically signal when a cyclist is turning or braking, and even given directions. The offices of Seattle-based design consultancy Artefact is located near a corner on Second Avenue where two white bicycles are perpetually chained. Show More Summary

Book Review: Extrastatecraft

Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space by Keller EasterlingVerso Books, 2014Hardcover, 252 pagesRecently, the Center for Architecture hosted two book talks organized by the AIANY Oculus Committee that I attended: one on Keller Easterling's Extrastatecraft, and on on Justin McGuirk's Radical Cities. Show More Summary

How Facebook Just Became The World's Largest Publisher

With Instant Articles, Facebook has created a rich, multimedia platform to host publishers' stories, and ensure that you never leave. As social networking has taken over the web, and users no longer visit publishers' homepages to find news, Facebook has become a primary funnel for readers, pointing you, your friends, and your family to articles like this one. Read Full Story

If Velveeta Packaging Were More Honest, It Would Look Like This

Designers imagine a more chemically earnest box of Velveeta. Would you partake? Squeezing that Velveeta packet over a bowl of steaming pasta shells, you know the convenience is too good to be true. But after a few quick stirs and delicious bites, any lingering doubt dissipates into a happy orange glow. Read Full Story

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