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A Life-Saving Drone Takes Off In Rwanda

San Francisco's Zipline International reinvented the drone to distribute medical supplies in rural Africa. The first company to start making drone deliveries at a high volume won't be Amazon or DHL, but a startup sending medical supplies to hospitals throughout Rwanda. Read Full Story

NASA Borrows From The WPA To Recruit A Workforce For Mars

Mars needs you, intrepid space farmer! The greatest period of construction in American history was also marked by one of the greatest periods of graphic design. I'm speaking, of course, of the work that the Works Progress Administration...Show More Summary

This Algorithm Copies Your Artistic Style By Watching You Color

Plasticky 3-D renders are about to get a whole lot more life. Your average 3-D rendered scene needs a lot of love to turn the glossy geometries of computer-drawn shapes into the sorts of rough, dirty, sticky objects we have in the real world. So much of what we see—even at the highest levels of Hollywood—is still too slick to recognize the human touch. Read Full Story

10 Design Ideas For The Perk Workers Actually Want: Quiet

Millennial workers want silence (not snacks) in their offices—here's how to design for it. Do expensive amenities like great food and game rooms really attract the best employees? That's been the conventional wisdom for the past decade. Show More Summary

The Problem With Hacking Design

And why design needs more humility The concept of disruptive innovation first appeared in a 1995 article, co-authored by Joseph Bower and Clayton Christensen and published in the Harvard Business Review, that challenged the evolutionary trajectories of more classic innovation cycles. Show More Summary

Uh-Oh, Mozilla Is Open-Sourcing Its New Logo Design

The nonprofit behind Firefox wants the community to help shape the design of its new visual identity. Creative commons or creative chaos? Everyone has heard of Firefox, the world's second most popular web browser. Fewer people have heard...Show More Summary

Frog Designs A Distraction Device For Burn Patients In Pain

VR could be the ideal distraction for hospital-bound patients in pain. Less ideal? Current headset design. Frog is changing that. The biggest criticism of VR is that it removes us from the wonders of reality. But the truth is, sometimes reality sucks. Show More Summary

May housing starts dip 0.3 percent in May but up 9.5 percent year-on-year

Privately-owned housing starts in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,164,000. This is 0.3 percent below the revised April estimate of 1,167,000, but is 9.5 percent above the May 2015 rate of 1,063,000. The dip indicates builders may be struggling to keep up with demand.SEE MORE

BuilderBytes' MetroIntelligence Economic Update for 6/17/16

Please click here to see the edition of BuilderBytes for 6/17/16 on the Web. In this issue of the MetroIntelligence Economic Update, I covered the following indicators: Builder confidence rises two points to 60 in June, highest level...Show More Summary

My 18 Favorite Instagrammers

I've been meaning to compile a list of my ten favorite Instagrammers for a while, but when I finally got around to it this morning I could not limit them to ten. So here's my top-18 list, selected based on these criteria: Original photos...Show More Summary

Why Designers Should Be A Little More Shameless

Working Not Working's Justin Gignac explains how he went from selling NYC garbage online to finding designers for Google, Facebook, and Apple. Co.Design has partnered with the Brooklyn design studio Hyperakt to bring you Lunch Talks, a video series of conversations with smart, creative people.—Eds Read Full Story

May building permits up 0.7 percent from April but down 10.1 percent year-on-year

Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,138,000. This is 0.7 percent above the revised April rate of 1,130,000, but is 10.1 percent below the May 2015 estimate of 1,266,000.READ MORE

Glitch City

[Images: Via Wired UK]. Sites of urban infrastructure and other industrial facilities integral to municipal management, from fire stations to fuel depots, appear to be the target of deliberate erasure in Baidu’s street maps. As photographer...Show More Summary

Cloud Constructor

[Image: An airplane hangar in Utah, via the U.S. Library of Congress]. Another book I read while jet-lagged in London last week was Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot by Mark Vanhoenacker; its chapter “Wayfinding” is particularly fascinating and worth seeking out. [Image: Interior view of same hangar, via U.S. Show More Summary

Doctors Say It's Time To Get Serious About Light Pollution

The AMA says our streetlights are very bad for us. Seeing long-term energy efficiency benefits, many cities and towns have recently replaced their old street lights with new LED technology. But, in doing so, they may be harming sleep patterns and putting the health of humans (and other animals) at risk, says a new American Medical Association "guidance" report. Read Full Story

Inspired By Stonehenge, MIT Floats A 2,000-Pound Megalith On Water

An MIT architecture professor explores how neolithic builders might have transported Stonehenge's mysterious stones. No one knows for sure how the megaliths of Stonehenge were erected 5,000 years ago. With each stone weighing between...Show More Summary

Vaping Makes Its Way Into Public Art

"It's a space where people can contemplate the dematerialization of our world," artist Mika Tajima says. This summer, visitors to Hunter's Point South Park—a relatively new waterfront park in Queens—might spy plumes of pink and blue mist rising from a concrete cube. Show More Summary

Ikea's Quest To Think Like A Software Company

Ikea's new collaboration with top British designer Tom Dixon reveals how the company is embracing open-source thinking. Every year, Ikea introduces around 2,500 new products to customers around the world. Working under the umbrella philosophy...Show More Summary

Ideo: Is Jazz School The Next Great Innovation Incubator?

Musicians have the kind of mind-set that could fuel the creative economy, writes Ideo partner Michael Hendrix. Two musicians stood before the audience, each watching the other's eyes. With a nod of the head their performance began. They moved effortlessly through their cues, gesturing subtly to indicate who had the lead and who should follow. Show More Summary

Book Review: Log 37 and MAS Context 27

Log 37: cataLogSpring/Summer 2016Paperback, 240 pagesMAS Context 27: DebateFall 2015Paperback/PDF, 288 pagesLog 37In June 2015, the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, with curators Cynthia Davidson and Monica Ponce de Leon, were selected to organize the U.S. Show More Summary

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