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Disappointing Demo Shows The Tiny View Of Microsoft's Hololens

Through a scanner, partially. Microsoft's most ambitious product in recent history, the Hololens augmented reality glasses have garnered early criticism for their narrow field of view. They're said to put realistic holograms into your vision, but these holograms only appear through a tiny window which crops the 3-D illusion with a box. Read Full Story

An Austrian Company Invents a Touchscreen for the Visually Impaired

The Blitab tablet uses "smart liquids" to create a Braille readout of text files and webpages. Saunter down any city street and the impact of mobile technology is apparent: lots of folks have their nose in their iPads, phones, and tablets. Show More Summary

Check Out The World's First Airport Terminal For Pets

The $48 million terminal will be decked out with a bone-shaped swimming pool, an animal nail salon and, curiously, several flat-screen TVs. If you're one of the many travelers without access to coveted first-class airport lounges, you now have a whole host of other species to be jealous of. Show More Summary

Book Review: Building for a Changing Culture and Climate

World Atlas of Sustainable Architecture: Building for a Changing Culture and Climate by Ulrich PfammatterDOM Publishers, 2014Hardcover, 584 pagesThe back cover of this hefty book purports a total of 333 projects in its nearly 600 pages. Show More Summary

This Poor Computer Was Designed To Sing '90s Karaoke Forever

Mission accomplished, I guess? Thanks to Google's Neural Nets, we now know what computers dream of when they sleep. Next question: what do they sing when they go out for karaoke? The answer is more horrifying than you could possibly imagine: Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, and—ack!—Celine Dion. Read Full Story

Finally, Floating Flatware That Doesn't Get Your Table All Sticky

A series of spoons, knives, forks, and chopsticks have all been designed to rest on your table without getting it dirty. "Would you like to keep your fork?" It's the worst question to get from a waiter as he takes my plate. My fork is resting on my dish for a good reason. Show More Summary

Clever Wooden Watch Shows Some Of The Best Interaction Design Is Analog

The Grovemade Wood Watch offers a poetic take on classic dial timepieces. For the past six years Grovemade has built its brand making handcrafted wooden accessories for Apple products—like this walnut keyboard tray or these maple iPhone cases. Show More Summary

Inhale Your Next Vaccine, Through Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms might hold potential for better immunizations. And when they look like psychedelic candy, what's not to like? Sure they're tasty on pizza, but mushrooms also have incredible potential as a design material. Royal College of Art student Celine Park sees fungi as the future of vaccine delivery. Read Full Story

Muji's Latest Kitchen Gadgets Are An Exercise In Radical Simplicity

Revered designer Naoto Fukasawa tackles your countertop. The Japanese retailer Muji, which has earned a cult following for its unfussy brand of household products and clothing, has released three new countertop kitchen gadgets that are a master class in radical simplicity. Read Full Story

Inside The Manipulative World Of Film Color Correction

Professional colorists reveal their secrets—and a neuroscientist explains why they work. You don't always consider it when you watch movies, but you are being manipulated by color. Think about Wes Anderson's pastel films, or the vibrant tropical birds in nature documentaries. Show More Summary

3 Ideas For Curing Your Case Of The Mondays

Happy. Fking. Monday. Be honest, this morning sucked, right? Sunday night seemed so peaceful. You thought maybe the weekend would never end. And then, suddenly, the screeching alarm. Read Full Story

MORPHs: Roaming Robot at the Park

MORPHs [MObile Reconfigurable PolyHedra] are octahedral robots which can roam around parks and interact with the public and their environments. Their intent is not only to provide a dynamic and playful environment for play areas within public parks, but also to... Read More

When Architecture goes Beyond

It has long been recognized that architects work to fulfil functional and aesthetic requirements in the production of space, as stated by Vitruvius in his “Ten Books on Architecture”. In so doing, it is widely accepted that architecture exists as a... Read More

Today's archidose #850

On the occasion of being named the director of the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, here are some photos of buildings by Alejandro Aravena/Elemental culled from the archidose Flickr pool. The Biennale will run from May 28 to November...Show More Summary

Prosthetics & Posthuman Body Futures

Not all of us can declare, with any degree of certainty, that we have been human since the beginning, nor that we are only that. Karen Barad [Barad, 2007] uses the term ‘posthumanism’ to note a denial in taking a... Read More

Positioning Participation – James George

Knowing where you are is not a problem for humans since our solutions to this problem range from relying on our basic senses of sights, sounds and smells to using sophisticated technologies, such as GPS. Nevertheless, how can robots know... Read More

Buy a Los Angeles Sidewalk Corner

[Image: A sidewalk corner in Los Angeles, albeit not the one for sale; via Google Street View]. If you've been longing for a way to satisfy your inner Gordon Matta-Clark—the artist who, among many other things, once purchased an interstitial...Show More Summary

Dazzle Prosthesis, Camouflaging from Gait Recognition

“Camouflage” as “the act of hiding anything from your enemy” first appeared in British print media on May 25, 1917, exported from the French during the First World War (Behrens, 2002). In biology, it is an adaptive coloration which is... Read More

Driving on Mars and the Theater of Machines

[Image: Self-portrait on Mars; via NASA]. Science has published a short profile of a woman named Vandi Verma. She is "one of the few people in the world who is qualified to drive a vehicle on Mars." Vera has driven a series of remote...Show More Summary

What the augmented plant thinks about its domestication

Well, nothing really. The fact that plants lack a brain means that they are unable to take part in such a dialogue. If they did, they would undoubtedly want to have control over external factors like animals do. Probably they... Read More

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