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This Fund Will Invest In Startups That Aren't Run By White Men In Big Cities

Between 2011 and 2013, companies with a female CEO got only 3% of the total venture capital dollars available. That's $1.5 billion out of the total $50.8 billion invested in that two year period—a tiny slice of the pie. This year's Crunchies, the Oscars for the tech community, had a new award category: the Diversity Include Award. Show More Summary

From An Ex-North Face Designer, A Backpack for Aggressive Biking

Motorcyclists love backpacks, but the average, stylish bag isn't always built for riding. Two-strap bags slide off shoulders when buffeted by wind. Extra lengths of strap that are innocuous when walking around becoming ass-smacking annoyances at speed. Show More Summary

8 Gadgets Designed To Rebalance Our Relationship With Technology

Cult Swiss consumer electronics maker Punkt has been trying to elevate the standard of design in home gadgetry since its inception. As part of that mission, the Lugano-based firm has regularly teamed up with design schools and universities, such as the Royal College of Art in the U.K. Show More Summary

It Turns Out It's Almost Impossible To Draw A Bicycle

Quick. Draw a bike. Don't look at one first, just draw one. Done? Okay, now step back and look at your bike. It's total garbage, isn't it? It's not just you. Turns out that basically no human being on the planet can accurately draw a bicycle. Show More Summary

A Look Back At The Process Of Building One World Trade Center

Author and architecture writer Judith Dupré has been writing about the World Trade Center since the early 1990s. She researched the Twin Towers for her 2013 book Skyscrapers and covered the 9/11 memorial in her subsequent book Monuments. Show More Summary

What Would The Starbucks Of Weed Look Like?

Snoop has his own weed brand. So does Whoopi Goldberg. Considering the loosening regulations on recreational marijuana use—and growing popularity—some experts predict that the cannabis industry is poised to grow faster than the smartphone...Show More Summary

The True Story Of Milton Glaser's Best Client

In 1986, Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy was on the hunt for the right designer to create an identity for his startup brewery. He interviewed dozens of firms, but none of them clicked—until he met Milton Glaser, the impresario behind...Show More Summary

The 6 Brands That Got It Right At Milan Design Week

The Milan Furniture Fair, Salone del Mobile, started 55 years ago as an industry trade show. It has since morphed into a citywide design festival about consumer products and experimental design. It is also a place for companies to flaunt their design cred—sometimes to their own peril. Show More Summary

Here's Why You Should Never Go On A Reality Home Renovation Show

Home improvement reality shows like HGTV's Love It Or List It sell homeowners a dream. By putting their home in the hands of a fix-'er-up dream team, they can avoid the headache and expense of renovating their homes themselves. But as...Show More Summary

The Ultimate Responsive Logo Reacts To The Sound Of Your Voice

The Brazilian telecom giant Oi has been a client of Wolff Olins since 2001, when the global branding agency created its bright, shape-shifting "blobble" logo, one of the first examples of a flexible design system. Now, 15 years later,...Show More Summary

5 Transformable Furnishings For Small Spaces

At the Milan Furniture Fair, perennial Co.Design favorite Campeggi unveiled five new designs that transform or pack flat—a trend that responds to swelling numbers of urban residents who demand multi-functional pieces for smaller abodes. The Slalom by Giulio Manzoni can be used as a sofa and quickly rearranged to become a bed. Show More Summary

Book of the Moment: Toilets: A Spotter's Guide

Yes, the title of a brand new book from Lonely Planet is Toilets: A Spotter's Guide, which appends the phrase: "Nature's call has never been so beautifully answered."Although it's been a while since I've posted about toilets (or 23-foot-high...Show More Summary

Coca-Cola Unifies Its Brand Worldwide With New Design Language

Last night in Mexico City, Coca-Cola revealed the final act in a year long "One Brand" unification strategy. It's Coke's new packaging. Now Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Life will share a single branded aesthetic around the world, unified by a red disc, and advertised together in a new wave of shared commercials. Show More Summary

The Problem With "Innovation"

Perhaps more than any other word, "innovation" holds the curious position of being consistently eye-rolled and yet completely ubiquitous. The term gained traction during the post-Sputnik, progress-hungry 1960s, but today its appearance...Show More Summary

From Ammunition, A Radically Redesigned Guitar That Anyone Can Pick Up And Play

The reason music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band work is because they make it so easy to pick up an axe and shred. But as Internet spoilsports are quick to point out, there's a huge gulf between playing a video game guitar and actually being proficient on a real one. Show More Summary

This Bike Frame Can Be Made In Just One Hour—By Bike-Building Robots

When Schwinn and other American bike manufacturers started to move production to Taiwan and China a few decades ago, the simple motivation was the cost of labor: Bikes take a long time to make by hand. Now, most bicycles sold in the U.S. Show More Summary

Making Hortum Machina B

This post shares the narrative behind the development of the reEarth project as an agenda, technical investigation, art project, and speculative architectural proposal. First to give you a summary of the processes here’s the making of film. Largely architecture is understood... Read More

Ideo: The 7 Most Important Hires For Creating A Culture Of Innovation

We all fear the job that looks great on paper and is a nightmare in practice. What makes some companies great to work for and others a disaster? The answer: good workplace culture. It's the difference between Google and Yahoo, Costco, and the Department of Corrections. Show More Summary

Is The Broken Culture Of Design Competitions Finally Changing?

Working for free has been a reality for architects for decades. The hallmark of the practice is the open competition—a scourge on the financial and cultural health of the profession. But the argument against them has always seemed moot: as long as clients keep launching them, architects will keep entering them. Show More Summary

In Milan, A Tantalizing Glimpse At The Future Of Your Living Room

Gorgeous furniture is only half of Milan Design Week, the largest, most prestigious design fair of the year. The other half? Head-scratching conceptual projects and design experiments that push the field into the future. Think aboutShow More Summary

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