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Visualizing The Color Palettes Of The Web's Most Beautiful Websites

Plus some useful tools to make the colors pop on your own websites. What do the best-looking sites on the internet use for color palettes? A surprising number of pastels with the occasional sprinkling of earthen tones, at least looking at this infographic from Read Full Story

How Building Information Modeling Saved One University $10 Million

Mo money, mo problems. In most architectural projects, budgets far exceed projections. The eastern span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge notoriously cost $5 billion more than projected and a new transit hub near the World Trade Center in New York is similarly billions over budget. Show More Summary

27 Apps Designers Can't Live Without

Top designers from Huge, Zappos, ustwo, OKFocus give us the A-Z of which apps they use most, and why. Maybe it's just Gmail, or maybe it's something more esoteric like Processing, but there are certain apps we rely on so much that if they suddenly went missing, we'd have a hard time getting by. Show More Summary

Unraveling the Story Behind E3's Emotional Surprise Hit

At the E3 game convention, the creator of the game Unravel and his little hero touched the hearts of tired fans and jaded professionals. Thousands of gaming fans and industry professionals grew quiet as developer Martin Sahlin shared himself and his creation on stage at E3 on Monday. Show More Summary

Book Review (sort of): Solid Wood

Solid Wood: Case Studies in Mass Timber Architecture, Technology and Design by Joseph MayoRoutledge, 2015Paperback, 346 pagesLast week I spoke with Joseph Mayo about his new book, putting together a piece over at World-Architects that highlights a few buildings featured as case studies in Mayo's book. Show More Summary

Google's Robot Artists Prove Androids Actually Dream Of Electric Dogs

Neural networks created by Google researchers dream up beautiful and terrifying hallucinations. Iridescent, multi-headed dogs on wheels roll across a pink landscape. A soldier with a chihuahua head and a dog-faced saddle sits atop a horse. Show More Summary

McDonald's Made Drive-Thru Packaging For Bikes

And I'm lovin' it. McDonald's may be best known for its suburban-friendly drive-thrus catering to minivans full of children, but in a promotion led by Tribal, the burger company has introduced a somewhat wild idea in the world of fast food: Bike-friendly packaging. Read Full Story

Why Google Maps Shouldn't Forget About Smell

Researchers find that humans can navigate through smell alone—so why are we so dependent on screens? Rats can create rich smell maps to find their way around the environment. Researchers have long known that. Less obvious: Humans, too, can navigate their world through smell alone, as a new study from UC Berkeley shows. Show More Summary

Yes, The Serpentine Pavilion Still Looks Like Rainbow Poop

Behold the Spanish architecture firm Selgascano's day-glo fever dream. From June 25 to October 18, 2015, a trippy kaleidoscopic structure will greet visitors to Kensington Gardens in London. Selgascano, the Madrid-based firm that designed...Show More Summary

We Finally Got A Taco Emoji. Why Do We Hate It?

If nothing else, the taco emoji proves no one emoji will ever make us happy again. For a long time, a taco was one of the planet's most requested emoji. And last week, the Unicode consortium—gatekeeper of all standard emoji—made our dream come true. Show More Summary

7 Years In The Making, This Documentary Reveals The Untold Stories Of High-Rise Buildings

Filmmaker Katarina Cizek's experimental project concludes with a chapter on digital lives. When Katerina Cizek started Highrise—a web-based documentary seven years in the making—she didn't know exactly what form it would take, only that she wanted to use the coolest technology out there to tell the story. Show More Summary

Hyatt's Global Marketing Head On How To Embrace Risk

Maryam Banikarim, Global CMO of Hyatt Hotels, talks about taking chances, making your own rules, and why design matters. This is the second in a series of interviews with senior-level women in design-related fields by Doreen Lorenzo, former president of frog and Quirky. Read Full Story

What 10 Dieter Rams Products Reveal About The Principles Of Good Design

Even some of the lesser known work from Dieter Rams and his studio demonstrate his famous 10 principles of good design. Here's how. The Paris gallery Espace 24b recently concluded the first retrospective in France of the venerated German designer Dieter Rams. Show More Summary

Why Offices Full Of Ping-Pong Tables And Video Games Might Be Onto Something

New research suggests that how old you feel has a bigger impact on your productivity than how old you are. Playground offices FTW! The wow-factor has faded for startup offices with playground-style amenities—slides, Ping-Pong tables, game rooms with an Alice in Wonderland theme, and so on—but these designs still spark plenty of debate. Show More Summary

How John Bell Designed The Future, And The Hoverboard

For the first time, artist John Bell shares unheard stories and unseen concepts of the hoverboard from Back to the Future 2. "The only thing they said to me was, we go 30 years into the future, and there's something called hoverboard. Put together a package. We'll get together with Bob Z and Bob Gale and see what you make." Read Full Story

X Marks the Spot

[Image: A motif index for lost mines and treasures applied to redaction of Arizona legends, and to lost mine and treasure legends exterior to Arizona by Byrd Howell Granger]. Several lifetimes ago, I worked as a summer intern at theShow More Summary

This Undulating Cabinet Is Like Joy Division's Album Cover Come To Life

If you like Unknown Pleasures, you'll enjoy looking inside Sebastian Errazuriz's Wave Cabinet. If you ever wanted to own a cabinet that channels the cover art of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures, here's your chance: the Wave Cabinet,...Show More Summary

From Anderson To Tarkovsky, Here's What The Imaginary Houses Of Famous Film Directors Look Like

For is latest series, Italian illustrator Frederico Babina designs the fictional houses of 27 famous film directors. Some directors are so defined by the aesthetic of their films that it's hard to believe they don't inhabit the fantastical worlds they create on screen. Show More Summary

Can You Find The Corporate Logos Hiding In These Faces?

What do you get when you combine the logos of Corona, Walmart, WD-40 and Amazon? A stoner with a crown. Corporate logos are designed to convey all kinds of messages, but humor is generally avoided when it comes to something that billions of people could potentially see. Show More Summary

Twitter's Biggest UX Problem: Who The Hell Is It Designed For?

Project Lightning tries to split the difference between change-resistant power users and the new users Twitter desperately needs. Yesterday, Buzzfeed broke news of Twitter's so-called Project Lightning, a long-running attempt to recast the service with a simpler, more engaging UX. Show More Summary

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