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Previewing 'The Hills'

This weekend, September 26 and 27, the Trust for Governors Island and Governors Island Alliance are giving public access to the most anticipated part of the new park: The Hills. The other day I got a sneak peek and include my photos and impressions here. Show More Summary

A Fifth Design Joins New Zealand's Controversial Flag Competition

The public has been rallying for more options since the lackluster shortlist was revealed. This year, New Zealand has made it a priority to find a new flag. The current design, the nation argues, is emblematic of colonial Britain due to its prominent Union Jack. Show More Summary

The Future Of Clean Water Transport Takes Its Cues From Boxed Wine

The plastic Wat'bag pouch protects drinkable water from the bacteria and oil residue found in reused jerrycans. The bag-in-a-box packaging for wine is brilliant, with two components that serve different, but complimentary functions in transporting and protecting the liquid. Show More Summary

Ikea's New Chairs Knock Off All Of The Mid-Century Greats

The Swedish manufacturer borrows generously from the likes of Eames, Vitra, and Kartell. Eames molded chairs are a timeless classic that's experiencing a full-out renaissance. Find me one respectable startup that doesn't have them surrounding the perimeter of a walnut conference table. Show More Summary

This Unobtrusive Arm Band Will Let You Feel Virtual Reality

The UnlimitedHand looks add a new dimension to the VR experience. Virtual reality is getting more immersive and stimulating by the day, but if you try to feel something in VR, your hand will just pass right through the air. A new Japanese startup wants to change that with a VR armband that tricks your brain into thinking its touching onscreen objects Read Full Story

Yes, This GIF takes 1,000 Years To Loop

Counting from 1 to 48,140,288, this GIF needs a home for the next millenia. GIFs are designed to loop short clips—generally a couple seconds long—over and over until you close your browser window. But As Long As Possible is a different kind of GIF; one rendered on a geologic time scale. Show More Summary

The Pachinko Machine Of Your Probable Death

Nathan Yau's life expectancy simulator makes one thing clear: don't book plans after 80. Thanks to humanity's endless fascination with mortality, there's no shortage of tools out there that will predict how much longer you've got to live. Show More Summary

Designing A Better Solution For The Hearing Impaired In Botswana

Deaftronics has developed a solar powered hearing aid that's both affordable and long-lasting. Ten years ago, while visiting a school for the deaf in Botswana, Tendekayi Katsiga discovered something alarming. Although the schools were given hearing aids by NGOs, the batteries had died after about a month and were too expensive to replace. Show More Summary

If You CC This Robot, It Will Schedule Meetings For You

Clara may be the first artificial intelligence built around you and your email. Cortana. Siri. Google Now. Facebook M. This quartet of artificial intelligence platforms, made by Microsoft, Apple, and Google, and Facebook, respectively, can find you a place to eat dinner, look up the score of the football game, or even crack a decent joke. Read Full Story

BuilderBytes' MetroIntelligence Economic Update for 9/22/15

Please click here to see the edition of BuilderBytes for 9/22/15 on the Web. In this issue of the MetroIntelligence Economic Update, I covered the following indicators: Existing home sales dipped in August after three months of gains...Show More Summary

Pentagram's New Music Video Is An Ode To '90s Graphic Design

The preeminent visual branding firm's first music video plays with icons as art. To score his first solo album, Jesse Hackett fished a Yamaha PSR-110 keyboard out of a trash heap. The keyboard's low-fi, pre-canned sounds inspired his first single, Dump Run, and also the song's music video—the first music video ever produced by Pentagram London. Read Full Story

Enjoy 366 Days Of Inspiration With the 2016 Typodarium Calendar

The 2016 edition of the Typodarium wall calendar is here, ready to lead you through another year of great fonts. We're not even into October yet, and competition is already fierce when it comes to recommending the best-designed calendar for 2016. Show More Summary

Two Designers Turn Wool Into A Replacement For Plastic

SolidWool, a composite material made of Herdwick wool and bioresin, could be used for everything from chairs and table tops to car panels. For most people, "working with wool" implies a pair of knitting needles and some yarn. In theShow More Summary

Sound Installations In The Estonian Forest Amp Up Nature's Ambient Soundtrack

Forest and chill. Chirping crickets, croaking frogs, and the cracking branches compose the chorus of sounds you normally encounter in the woods. But students at the Estonian Academy think adding 10-foot-wide megaphones which amplifies the ambient hums of the forest can focus your attention and heighten the experience. Show More Summary

Today's archidose #860

Here are some photos of the Campus WU D1 & Teaching Center (2013) in Vienna, Austria, by BUSarchitektur, photographed by Wojtek Gurak. To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

Observe, Question, Reinvent: Lessons For Seeing Clearly From George Carlin

Question everything. Even this article. "I have always been willing to put myself at great personal risk for the sake of entertainment. And I've always been willing to put you at great personal risk, for the same reason." – George Carlin...Show More Summary

21 Classic Eames Elephants Reimagined By 20 Contemporary Designers

Vitra will auction off the designs for charity. Plywood is at the essence of Charles and Ray Eames' work. The pioneering designers sculpted the material into splints, shelving, and the chairs which elevated them to fame in the 1940s....Show More Summary

With The Yves Behar–Backed Startup Tylko, Customizing Furniture Is Easy As A Swipe

"What got me really excited about Tylko is the fact that it bridges the gap between tradition and technology," Yves Behar says. Mass production is out, mass customization is in, and the furniture startup Tylko is emblematic of this paradigm shift. Read Full Story

Why One Social Network Just Turned Off Followers And Hashtags

Storehouse, a mobile publishing network by ex-Apple designer, has decided that followers create pandering, and pandering ruins everything. When the iPad app Storehouse launched in early 2014—designed as a way to publish brief, uniquely...Show More Summary

The Lost Apple Logo You've Never Seen

A digital archeologist uncovers a rare prototype logo between Apple's weirdly ornate first logo and the rainbow logo we grew up with. Popularly, most people think of Apple as only ever having one logo (albeit one that has come in many shades, colors, and textures), from the Apple II to the iPad Pro. Show More Summary

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