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Virgin America Takes Google Street View Flying With "Seat View"

Now you'll know exactly what the view from Aisle 17 looks like. Are you the type who reads the end of the book first? Actually like movie trailers that give away the plot? Needs to see the food before ordering? If so, Virgin America has just helped your air travel experience align with the rest of your no surprises lifestyle. Read Full Story

Book Review: Open City

Open City: Existential Urbanity: The Architecture of the City Studio 2001–2014 by Diane LewisCharta, 2015Hardcover, 368 pagesAs Peter Schubert states in one of his contributions to this collection of thirteen years of fourth-year "Architecture...Show More Summary

Hug This Machine To Get Hugged Right Back

Seems like a fair trade. It looks a bit like a medieval torture device—or maybe one of those infomercial exercise machines built out of 2x4s. But Mechanics of Embrace is a sculpture with a warm and noble purpose: You hug it, and it will hug you back. Read Full Story

This Plastic Becomes As Moldable As Playdoh When Dipped In Hot Water

FORMcard, created by designer Peter Marigold, can be used to repair, modify or create everyday objects. "I've always made things and it's always frustrated me that plastics are something you're given, and not something you can change easily," says London-based furniture designer Peter Marigold. Show More Summary

Where ISIS Attacks

And how the terrorist group's coordinated attacks in Paris represent a disturbing turn of events ISIS has marched across the Middle East and North Africa, recruiting fighters in what has seemed a frightening, if largely contained, threat. Show More Summary

American Design Student Killed In The Paris Attacks

Faculty at Cal State Long Beach describe industrial design student Nohemi Gonzalez as a passionate hard-working and "very gifted student." Twenty-three-year-old industrial design student Nohemi Gonzalez was the first American identified as a victim of the horrific attacks on Paris on Friday. Show More Summary

Frog Reveals Its Secret To Working With Your Competition (And Succeeding)

In a 90-minute workshop, frog design made a case for why walling your company off from the rest of the industry can be detrimental. "Most organizations are not very good at collaborating with others inside an ecosystem." Read Full S...

The Making Of An Icon: How The "Peace For Paris" Sign Spread Around The World

Following the terrorist attacks on Paris Friday, one graphic designer's raw reaction becomes a global symbol of peace and solidarity. In the wake of the horrific acts of terrorism that ripped through France on Friday, November 13, killing...Show More Summary

10 Years Of Daylight and Darkness, Visualized

Time is a flat circle. At this time of year, when the days get shorter and darkness envelops you like a warm, cozy comforter before the workday is even over, it's hard to ignore how much of our daily activity is dictated by the sun.Show More Summary

‘Conscious’ Machines and Initiating Interaction

The idea of artificial intelligence refers back to the Turing Test for machine intelligence in 1950, introduced by Alan Turing in his paper ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’, the evaluator ask a question to the computer, the answer might be from... Read More

Then we descend

[Image: Descending into Mammoth Cave, from Beneath the surface; or, the wonders of the underground world by W.H. Davenport Adams]. By way of JF Ptak Science Books, I found myself reading through an old book called Beneath the surface; or, the wonders of the underground world by W.H. Show More Summary

A Helmet That Turns Your Brainwaves Into Electronic Music

By outfitting a motorcycle helmet with an EEG device, artist Aiste Noreikaite has created a way to turn firing neurons into heady beats. From the outside, the Experience Helmet, made by Lithuanian sound artist Aiste Noreikaite, looks like any old white motorcycle helmet. Show More Summary

How A Driverless Car Sees The World (Not Always Clearly!)

A video published by the New York Times Magazine shows how autonomous vehicles understand—and occasionally misunderstand—their surroundings. Much has been made about how the driverless car of the future will look to the world. A newShow More Summary

Lighting Softness

Title Image: infinity mirror room—- yayoi kusama Architecture can been seen as composition artificially assembled to cause effects in man, for example the shape, shadow and tones of architecture. When it comes to soft architecture, it can be translated as... Read More

These Gorgeous Textiles Change With The Environment, Like High-End Hypercolor

The stunning accessories in The Unseen's Air collection are made with color-changing ink. Inside the temperature-controlled accessories department of London retailer Selfridges, the back leather bags in The Unseen's Air collection don't look much different than any of the other designer handbags on display. Show More Summary

Step Inside This Plane Fuselage To Take The Intergalactic Space Flight Of The Future

This captivating light show will take you to the stars and back in six minutes. Maybe one day a Virgin Galactic or SpaceX will take us on harrowing, intergalactic adventures worthy of Stanley Kubrick and acid flashbacks, but until then, you'll just have to step inside this old plane fuselage. Read Full Story

Kind's Clever Campaign To Thank Everyday People For Being Nice

Hold the door for someone lately? Then there may be a Kind bar coming your way. Since 2013, every employee at the snack company Kind has taken part in a somewhat secret initiative. If they spotted a random act of kindness—like a stranger holding the door to a coffee shop, or sharing directions on the subway—they could hand out a little black card. Show More Summary

Infographic: The Color Wheel Of Book And Movie Titles

Dorothy's latest prints organize the titles of colorful books and movies according to where they fall on an RGB colorwheel. Dorothy, the British makers of all things infographic, are back with a couple of new prints that explore the vast spectrum of color mentioned in book and film titles. Read Full Story

How The New Republic's Redesign Is Chasing Millenials

The American liberal magazine's readership is skewing younger than ever. That's why the new design is practically mobile-first. One hundred and one years old this month, The New Republic is probably America's oldest liberal political magazine. Show More Summary

The London Underground's New Map Encourages You To Walk Between Stops

Even the Tube knows that sometimes, you're better off getting out and walking. Trapped in a steel tube underground, it's hard to gauge how far you actually travel. If you're just going a couple stops, are you better off walking? Transport...Show More Summary

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