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MORPHs: Roaming Robot at the Park

MORPHs [MObile Reconfigurable PolyHedra] are octahedral robots which can roam around parks and interact with the public and their environments. Their intent is not only to provide a dynamic and playful environment for play areas within public parks, but also to... Read More

When Architecture goes Beyond

It has long been recognized that architects work to fulfil functional and aesthetic requirements in the production of space, as stated by Vitruvius in his “Ten Books on Architecture”. In so doing, it is widely accepted that architecture exists as a... Read More

Today's archidose #850

On the occasion of being named the director of the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, here are some photos of buildings by Alejandro Aravena/Elemental culled from the archidose Flickr pool. The Biennale will run from May 28 to November...Show More Summary

Prosthetics & Posthuman Body Futures

Not all of us can declare, with any degree of certainty, that we have been human since the beginning, nor that we are only that. Karen Barad [Barad, 2007] uses the term ‘posthumanism’ to note a denial in taking a... Read More

Positioning Participation – James George

Knowing where you are is not a problem for humans since our solutions to this problem range from relying on our basic senses of sights, sounds and smells to using sophisticated technologies, such as GPS. Nevertheless, how can robots know... Read More

Buy a Los Angeles Sidewalk Corner

[Image: A sidewalk corner in Los Angeles, albeit not the one for sale; via Google Street View]. If you've been longing for a way to satisfy your inner Gordon Matta-Clark—the artist who, among many other things, once purchased an interstitial...Show More Summary

Dazzle Prosthesis, Camouflaging from Gait Recognition

“Camouflage” as “the act of hiding anything from your enemy” first appeared in British print media on May 25, 1917, exported from the French during the First World War (Behrens, 2002). In biology, it is an adaptive coloration which is... Read More

Driving on Mars and the Theater of Machines

[Image: Self-portrait on Mars; via NASA]. Science has published a short profile of a woman named Vandi Verma. She is "one of the few people in the world who is qualified to drive a vehicle on Mars." Vera has driven a series of remote...Show More Summary

What the augmented plant thinks about its domestication

Well, nothing really. The fact that plants lack a brain means that they are unable to take part in such a dialogue. If they did, they would undoubtedly want to have control over external factors like animals do. Probably they... Read More

Lab Field Trip 2015

The IALab this year visited China beginning in the northern sub-zero temperatures of Beijing and ending almost a month later in the tropical warmth of Hong Kong. On our travels the Lab visited many cities and historical sites as well... Read More

The Rejected Covers Of "Go Set A Watchman"

How do you design the cover of a sequel to a classic novel? As many times as you have to. For a graphic designer, being asked to come up for a cover for Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman (available this week) must have been like walking into a minefield. Read Full Story

India's Great Kings Immortalized In A Deck of Cards

India's past meets graphic design present. History buffs rejoice: the Kings of India deck by Bhavesh and Reena Mistry of the Montreal-based studio Apartment 4 lends a didactic angle to playing cards. Read Full Story

Let A Famous Architect Teach You How To Build The Perfect Sandcastle

In an article for the Guardian, the renowned architect Renzo Piano lays out his four-step process. The sandcastle game is growing more competitive, and you're not getting to this guy's level with your tired shovel and bucket routine. Luckily, renowned architect Renzo Piano is here to help with a foolproof, four-step guide to building the perfect sandcastle. Read Full Story

These Geothermal Mountain Dwellings Look Like They Belong In The Shire

Built into a mountain in Japan, the Miyawaki Gurido complex is temperature controlled thanks to the mountain's geothermal properties. In Japan, a country whose territory is almost three-quarters mountainous, developing new property outside...Show More Summary

Zaha Hadid's 2020 Tokyo Olympic Stadium Is Dead

The controversial building was finally killed not for its design, but its price tag. Architect Zaha Hadid's plan for Tokyo's 2020 Olympic Stadium is officially dead. Read Full Story

How Revamping Payphones Could Put A Check On Police Brutality

On the anniversary of Eric Garner's death, WNYC and SHoP Architects turn a payphone into an on-the-ground reporting tool. On Staten Island, you might see people talking into a kitted-out pay phone, but you won't hear an ordinary conversation. Show More Summary

A Slick Watch Showcases The Cold Beauty Of Steel

It's not tricked out with smart features, but it looks damn good. Not everyone fawns over smartwatches. If you're one of those who think watch design should do one thing—and do it elegantly—cast a glance at the TID No. 2 timepiece from Form Us With Love. Read Full Story

Feeling The Heat? This Slick Table Supercharges Your A/C

The ZEF Climactic Table isn't just sleekly designed. It's a thermal sponge that can save you on your energy bills. As the weather heats up, certain furniture falls out of favor: leather couches, polyester seats, steel patio chairs left out too long in the sun. Show More Summary

A Visual Explainer Of The Greek Debt Crisis

An infographic from the Times breaks down the Greek bailout into its simplest terms. Yesterday, Greece approved the new bailout plan proposed by its European creditors on Monday that aims to resolve the country's massive debt problems. Still, the debate on whether Greece should stay in the eurozone looms large. Read Full Story

The Apple Watch Is Doing Splendidly If You Completely Lower Your Expectations For Apple

But should you? When it comes to Apple, what's a flop? I struck a nerve when I called the Apple Watch a flop. Quartz's Dan Frommer, for example, isn't having it: "It is silly to call it a massive success yet, but it is equally foolish to call it a flop. It is simply too early, and not enough is known." Read Full Story

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