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Book Review: Lessons from Modernism

Lessons from Modernism: Environmental Design Strategies in Architecture, 1925-1970 edited by Kevin Bone with Steven Hillyer and Sunnie JohMonacelli Press, 2014Hardcover, 224 pagesA common view of modernist architecture sees it as anything...Show More Summary

White House, Redux

[Image: Via Wikimedia]. The U.S. Secret Service might construct a back-up White House—or, more accurately, a "fake White House to help protect the real one," the New York Times reports. It would be an $8 million "detailed replica" of the presidential residence constructed 20 miles from the existing White House. Show More Summary

It Came From Below

Formless and ancient things from the depths of our planet move beneath Los Angeles, unexpectedly setting fire to sidewalks and burning whole businesses to the ground. Welcome to urban life atop a still-active oil field. This post was...Show More Summary

Nike Teams With Japanese Designer Sacai To Blur The Line Between Sweats And Couture

Does this mean high sportswear is now a thing? In case you haven't heard, sportswear is now acceptable to wear pretty much any time or place. Yet so many sportswear lines are still very basic in their design, barely updating on the classic sweatpants, leggings, and hoodies that active people have worn for decades. Read Full Story

Welcome To The Future, Where Robots Give You Makeovers

These robots really need to work on their smokey eye. We're one step closer to a robot world takeover with "Beautification," a new group of machines that act like beauticians, applying lipstick and other cosmetics to users' faces. Read Full Story

Ex-Apple Designer Rethinks The Bible For A Mobile World

Kory Westerhold and his cofounder, Yahoo design director Aaron Martin, give Co.Design an exclusive look at their beautiful new Bible app. Former Apple designer Kory Westerhold still remembers the messages that company executives preached from their Cupertino, California, pulpit—variations on "love your neighbor as yourself," reframed in Silicon Valley's terms. Read Full Story

Life Clock Wants To Turn Apple's Watch Into A Countdown Timer For Death

Like the Apple Watch, with more existential despair. Smart watches and wearables are touted for helping people by collecting valuable data and presenting it back to us in ways we couldn't figure out ourselves. That's exactly what the Life Clock from Rehabstudio does - it just doesn't pull any punches. Show More Summary

How A Tiny, Family-Run Headphone Maker Became A Cult Favorite Of Neil Young, Aerosmith, And Spike Jonze

Grado Labs in South Brooklyn has been hand-building headphones and other audio gear since 1953. Since 1953, the Grado family has been making headphones and phonograph cartridges by hand in a South Brooklyn brownstone converted into a factory, which they've owned for nearly a century. Show More Summary

New Players: Rising Indie Game Designers To Watch

From giant arcade consoles to video games that look like comic books, IGF's Design Award nominees are innovating tomorrow's next big games. Every year, the Independent Games Festival, which just took place in San Francisco, celebrates the strangest, most exciting and most innovative games made by independent studios around the world. Show More Summary

I Sexted A Robot (And Turned It On)

In Sext Machine, you have to trick a bot into thinking the image you just sent is pornographic, even if it's not. Algorithmically, my inner nostril is sexier than my balls. Read Full Story

European Central Bank HQ Opening.

The European Central Bank HQ (by Coop Himmelblau) inauguration. content by anArchitecture [[ This is a content summary only. Visit for content. ]]

What The Hell Do Those Three-Letter Airport Abbreviations Mean?

A simple, effectively designed new site helps you find out. It's one of those things that you've perhaps never explicitly thought about, but it may have tickled the back of your mind a few times as you make airplane reservations or stare at a departure screen. Show More Summary

Surprisingly Beautiful Album Art Is Illustrated With Human Skin

London-based artist Ghostpoet used microscopic images of own skin biopsy to create abstract art. Most music contains some piece of the artist who created it, but perhaps none so much as that from Ghostpoet, whose new album Shedding Skin is covered in microscopic images of the artist's skin. Read Full Story

The T-1000 Of 3-D Printers Is Here

Carbon3D shoots oxygen and beams of light through a pool of resin to 3-D print up to 100x faster than a Makerbot. Like a T-1000 Terminator rising out of a pool of blood-red liquid metal, Carbon3D is a radical new printing technology that can actually pull a model out of a bed of resin, up to 100 times faster than traditional 3-D printers. Show More Summary

A 'CITE' in the Desert

A few days ago, via Hyperallergic, I learned about the Center for Innovation, Testing, and Evaluation (CITE), a $1 billion project proposed in 2011 by Pegasus Global Holdings "to be the largest scale testing and evaluation center inShow More Summary

Nendo's Innovative New Suitcase Is As Versatile As It Is Beautiful

The Kame suitcase combines the best virtues of hard-shelled and soft-shelled designs. If you're a seasoned traveler who is convinced that a hard-shelled carry-on is the only one worth considering, Nendo wants to change your mind, at least partially. Show More Summary

How Starbucks Plans To Deliver Coffee To Your Door

In an early pilot, Starbucks plans to deliver coffee (and some food) to employees at the Empire State Building. The coffee run is inextricable from corporate culture. An excuse to get outside, fill up on caffeine, and gossip about coworkers. Show More Summary

Muji Reinvented The Bean Bag With Its Body Cushions

MUJI's body cushions were originally built for minuscule Tokyo apartments. Now they're coming to the States. Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI's high class bean bag, the Body Fit Cushion, is making it's way to the States. The cushion was designed to fit into the cramped apartments of Tokyo, where space is minimal and floor level seating is common. Show More Summary

You Can Now Buy The OKCupid Algorithm

At the world's first algorithm auction, code like "Hello, World" and OKCupid's algorithm go up for sale. The online art platform Artsy has partnered with the programming collective Ruse Laboratories to host the first ever auction of code. Show More Summary

Microsoft Plans To Replace Passwords With Your Body

Windows 10 users will be able to unlock, not just Windows, but all sorts of other apps just by sitting in front of their computer. Microsoft has announced a one-two punch for the upcoming release of Windows 10 in the form of WindowsShow More Summary

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