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Give Your Home A Jolt of Color With HAY's Punchy Wares

The Danish brand has a new pop-up at the MoMA Design Store. One of the great frustrations with modern furniture, lighting, and accessories is that much of it is simply out of reach price-wise. The Danish brand HAY, established in 2002,...Show More Summary

Travel Around The World—In A Visual Alphabet

It's the ABCs of geography. Wanderlust flows through the veins of Rigved Sathe and Payal Jagwani. To share their passion, the Pune, India–based graphic design students paired the world's most scenic destinations to the 26 letters in the alphabet. Show More Summary

Fun, Colorful Tableware Designed For Alzheimer's Patients

After watching her grandmother fall ill, designer Sha Yao created Eatwell to help Alzheimer's patients eat with dignity. From malnutrition due to dementia to the inability to eat with dignity, patients with neurodegenerative have a lot...Show More Summary

An Illustrated Guide To U.K. Football, Mapped Out On The Park That Started It All

Back of the net! The history of soccer—err, football—is a bit hazy up until 1848. People have been getting together and kicking around a ball for hundreds of years, but it was that year in particular that students and faculty at Cambridge University drew up the rules for the game as we know it today. Show More Summary

You Don't Need A Kitty To Love This Modular Cat Cube Playground

The Catable 2.0 by Lycs Architecture is a cat playground so well designed, the cat is optional. Here at Co.Design, we've got a soft spot for design aimed at pets, but it's rare that we see anything designed for dogs and cats that even animal haters would drool over. Show More Summary

Life With The Dash Button: Good Design For Amazon, Bad Design For Everyone Else

I lived with an Amazon Dash button for every room. The future never looked so futile. On a sunny Saturday morning, seven Amazon Dash buttons arrived to my apartment. Dash is a decidedly Jetsonian future come to life. A Wi-Fi connected button for my every need! Push one in my toddler's bedroom, and Huggies diapers would appear at my doorstep. Show More Summary

You're About To Turn On Your PC Just By Talking To It

Thanks to new Intel processors and Windows 10 updates, PCs of the near future will wake to your voice, and that's a surprisingly big deal. Our computers and smartphones are getting better and better at interpreting our questions and commands. Show More Summary

RIP Blingee: Here Are The Best, Worst Blingees of All Time

Blingee, the GIF generator known for creating 130 million sparkle-vomit animated photos in less than a decade, is shutting down on August 25th due to "several events on the business and technical sides of Blingee" that have made the site no longer sustainable to run. Show More Summary

Hypercolor Helmets Could Paint A Bullseye On NFL Concussions

Researchers have developed a new material that can change color on high impact. So will we ever see it in sports? Sorry, my fellow football fans. There will never be a concussion-proof helmet. But beyond changing the rules of the game, we can do a lot more to monitor player safety. Read Full Story

Brunch Better With These Gorgeous Ceramics From Vipp

Sculptural ceramics fit for the most modern of table settings. Vipp—the Danish company known for its spendy retro trash bins and slick modular kitchen system—has brought its beautifully spartan sensibility to the dining room in the form of a six-piece tabletop ceramic collection. Read Full Story

CoverGirl Launches A Collection Of Star Wars-Themed Makeup

"Luminous beings are we" The force is fierce with this one: CoverGirl is releasing a Star Wars-themed makeup collection in September, just ahead of the premiere of The Force Awakens. Designed by legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, the...Show More Summary

Wake Wants You To Share Designs As They Happen

Think of it like Pinterest for designers. After weeks of hiding in plain site, launches today as a timeline and sharing tool aimed at designers. Think Pinterest for designers, but private and secure. Read Full Story

A Boldly Patterned Textile Reveals A Complex Cultural History

L'Aviva's latest collection draws inspiration from the intricate patterns adorning the mud huts of India's Hazaribagh tribe. In the tribal villages of Hazaribagh in Northeastern India, facades of mud huts are adorned with intricate floral and vine patterns painted by local women using a dark manganese coating and a pale kaolin clay. Show More Summary

Soft Drinks Are So Much More Honest Reconstituted As Sugary Lollipops

What happens when drinks like Coke, Powerade, and coconut water are reduced to hard candy? They become GIANT lollipops. The human palate has an incredible tolerance for super sweet drinks. It's likely a property of the liquid sliding by our tongues fast, then sitting in our stomachs without filling us up with bulk. Show More Summary

How Wayfinding Guru Lance Wyman Defined the Field of Environmental Graphics

A new tome from Unit Editions covers the iconic graphic designer's impressive oeuvre. When you visit a foreign (or not so foreign) city, maneuvering the streets can either fill you with ease or utter frustration. This is all due to wayfinding, a visual language that communicates how to navigate the terrain. Show More Summary

Watch: Legendary Designer Saul Bass Explains Why We Create

A short film from 1968 explores the history of human creativity, as well as Saul Bass's creative process. Saul Bass is best known for his amazing title sequences (The Man With A Golden Arm, North By Northwest), film posters (Vertigo, The Shining), and corporate logos (AT&T, United Airlines). Show More Summary

Pentagram Designer Spills His Blood To Visualize Hiroshima

Harry Pearce used drops of his blood to create a ghostly image of a mushroom cloud. There are plenty of (bad) ways to visualize nuclear atrocity, but when Pentagram designer Harry Pearce was asked to design a poster for a new exhibition about the legacy of Hiroshima 70 years later, he decided to give it his all: his blood. Read Full Story

Today's archidose #857

Here are some photos of the Fort York National Historic Site Visitors Centre (2015) in Toronto, Ontario, by Kearns Mancini Architects and Patkau Architects, photographed by Riley Snelling. See more photos of the project on Ryan Snelling's website. Show More Summary

This Wearable Cuff Keeps Teens Out Of Jail

We've seen a thousand fitness bands. But now, a sleek wearable anklet can keep teens awaiting trial out of the prison system. Right now, many teens who can't make bail in NYC are sent to Rikers Island to await their trial. It's essentially pre-prison incarceration, complete with armed guards, at a place that's rampant with abuse and corruption. Read Full Story

Books Received

I haven't done one of these in a long, long time... Here are twenty-seven new or recent books, ranging from true crime to science fiction, architecture to media theory, for your back-to-school or end-of-summer reading pleasure. 1) The Cartel by Don Winslow (Alfred A. Show More Summary

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