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Drink Beers, Then Scratch Them Off This Infographic Like A Lottery Ticket

99 bottles of beer on the wall, literally. The guys at Brooklyn's Pop Chart Lab's already put out the most comprehensive beer infographic on the planet, but you'd die of alcohol poisoning if you tried to drink your way through it, even in a year. Show More Summary

19 Glamorous Graphics From The Golden Age Of Cuban Design

Commercial flights to Cuba from the U.S. are on the horizon. Take a look back at the advertisements during its heyday. In December, the U.S. State Department announced that there will soon be commercial flights between the U.S. and Cuba. Show More Summary

Disturbing Yet Humanizing Portraits Of Gun Owners At Home

Come cozy up to the fireplace with your AK-47. One evening, photographer Kyle Cassidy found himself at a dinner party, randomly seated next to a presidential campaign staffer who was lamenting the difficulty of crafting a message: how...Show More Summary

6 Tips For Shaping How Users Perceive Time

A user experience is only as time-consuming as it seems. Here's how to make it feel fast—even if it isn't. My grandfather was a watchmaker. When I was a child, I used to sit next to his huge wooden desk, watching him design and assemble clockworks made of dozens of finicky pieces. Show More Summary

These 18 Universal Symbols Will Make It Way Easier To Travel In Japan

In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the country is updating its map icons and street sign symbols to be more tourist-friendly. If you're a foreigner trying to navigate cities in Japan, you won't find street signs and map icons particularly helpful. Show More Summary

Proof You Really Will Golf Better With A "Nike" Branded Club

New research finds that the placebo effect is as strong with Nike as it is with sugar pills. Any golfer worth their snuff has, at some point in their life, spent way too much money on name-brand clubs, stepped up to the first tee feeling like a cross of Tiger Woods and Thor, and then promptly shanked their first ball into the forest. Read Full Story

Witness Life In A Small Town At The Center Of The American Opiate Epidemic

These photos document life in Portsmouth, Ohio, after the factory shut down. First came the pills. And then the heroin. Not long after a large steel mill closed in the small town of Portsmouth, Ohio in the mid-1980s, the first pill mill appeared. Show More Summary

Guns Have Human Guts In These Hyperreal Sculptures

Death to Videodrome. What if guns were as vulnerable beneath their blue steel shells as the humans or animals they're designed to kill? In his (literally) visceral Anatomy of War sculptures, artist Noah Scalin imagines firearms thatShow More Summary

MIT's New Algorithms Could Stop Catastrophic Drone Crashes

We're still in the early days of commercial drones, but MIT is already working to end crashes for good. Drones. They crash. A lot. Right now, they're only as good as their pilots, which often means "not very." As for so-called autonomous...Show More Summary

Water-Repellent Umbrella Shakes Dry In Seconds

Meet the Taylor Swift of rain gear. A handful of companies have the ever-shrinking umbrella game on lock, but what good is something small enough to stow in your bag if it's soaked? Kazuyo Koike devised a genius solution: Make the fabric so water repellent that raindrops slide off with just one shake. Read Full Story

8 Classic Novels Reduced To Their Punctuation

What can you tell about Moby Dick and other literary masterpieces after you've stripped out all the words? What's a novel without its words? Just punctuation. But when you take those lines of commas, periods, exclamation points, andShow More Summary

The Story Behind Architecture For Humanity's Surprising Rebirth

Architecture For Humanity closed last year—but a new, locally-driven design nonprofit is rising from its ashes. It's been a year since the celebrated design nonprofit Architecture For Humanity declared bankruptcy and closed, after 15 years of bringing architecture to underfunded, underserved communities around the world. Show More Summary

Microsoft Beams Grandma Into Your Living Room For A Face-To-Face Chat

It's the next best thing to being in the flesh—but could it ever come to market? Providing virtual, face-to-face communication has been the technology industry's unspoken challenge for the last decade. From Microsoft's Skype, to Google's...Show More Summary

A Glove That Helps Parkinson's Patients Do More With Their Hands

The GyroGlove controls essential hand tremors using the same technology that stabilizes the International Space Station. Two years ago, a young medical student named Faii Ong was asked to help care for a 103-year old patient who kept losing weight. Show More Summary

12 Months of Slat Happy

Recently I was reminded via some LinkedIn connections that I started my first Archidose website 17 years ago this month. (Indeed, it has been that long!) This month also marks the one-year anniversary of my Tumblr blog Slat Happy, which collects projects that prominently include slats and bring a smile to my face. Show More Summary

"Exploding Kittens," Kickstarter's Most Funded Game Of All Time, Is Now An App

Most card games ported to the App Store suck. Here's how Exploding Kittens avoided the trap. Imagine a version of Russian Roulette played with a cat that had dynamite up its butt, then add in some Uno for good measure. That's Exploding...Show More Summary

Go Inside The Work Of Salvador Dali With Surreal New Virtual Reality Experience

An early painting comes to life for The Dalí Museum's new "Disney and Dalí: Architects of the Imagination" exhibit. Salvador Dali once said, "Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our...Show More Summary

How You'll Probably Die, Visualized

Preoccupied with impending death? There's an infographic for that. We've been obsessed with our own mortality for all of history, as documented in literature, music, and works of art throughout the ages. It's simply human nature to be morbid. Nowadays, big data can take this dark preoccupations to a whole new—and more accurate—level. Read Full Story

A Shimmering Sculpture Based On Data From The 2011 Tsunami

Janet Echelman used 77 miles of twine to weave this interactive installation. The gravity-defying rope sculptures of Janet Echelman are nothing short of awe inducing. Hovering gracefully in the sky while weighing upwards of one ton, they're engineering marvels as much as artistic expressions. Show More Summary

6 Classic Nintendo Gameworlds, Redrawn As Subway Maps

Metros go Metroid. Video games and subway maps don't seem to have much in common, but for Washington, D.C.-based graphic designer Matthew Stevenson, the connection between the two is obvious: both are ways to explore other worlds. That's why, in his art, Stevenson mashes both up. Show More Summary

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