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Should Stick To 2D Printing

(Home|Home | CA, USA) Home|Home | CA, USA Categories: Friendly Tags: home Home|Home | CA, USA(I’m sitting on my computer talking to several friends over a group chat about the RPG we’re going to be soon playing, when as usual, the conversation derails when my best friend eerily knows exactly what I’m looking at on my computer. Show More Summary

Pound For Pound

(Middle School | KY, USA) Middle School | KY, USA Categories: Learning Tags: Middle School Middle School | KY, USA(We’re back in school after the summer break, and our teacher is one that we’ve had from a class the year before. I had a major growth spurt over the summer, and I’m now slightly taller than he is. Show More Summary

They’re Both In The Wrong, Make No Bones About It

(Restaurant | Chicago, IL, USA) Restaurant | Chicago, IL, USA Categories: Working Tags: Restaurant Restaurant | Chicago, IL, USA(I work part time at a to-go buffet where you weigh the customer’s plate.) Customer: whips the StyrofoamShow More Summary

Over-Scored Against The Teacher

Categories: Learning Tags: Comics (Read more...) The post Over-Scored Against The Teacher appeared first on Funny & True Stories - Not Always Right.

Snow Denying That They’re Awesome

Categories: Hopeless Tags: Adorable Children, Colorado, Sandwich Shop, USA Boy: "Hey, miss, are you stuck?" Me: trying to laugh, embarrassed "Yeah, I think so. It's okay, though." Boy: "We can help!" (Read more...) The post Snow Denying That They’re Awesome appeared first on Funny & True Stories - Not Always Right.

That’s Not The Signature Response

(Retail | MO, USA) Retail | MO, USA Categories: Right Tags: Retail Retail | MO, USA(I work as a cashier at a local retail store. While not often, every now and again the cash registers prompt employees to compare the signatures on credit cards to the customer’s driver’s license. Show More Summary

Parenting Is A Vicious Merry-Go-Round

(Museum | MI, USA) Museum | MI, USA Categories: Right Tags: Museum Museum | MI, USA(My local museum has a refurbished antique carousel patrons can ride on, which is manned by volunteers. Before admitting any riders, the volunteer has...Show More Summary

That’s A No To Option Number One And Option Number Two

(Choir | USA) Choir | USA Categories: Learning Tags: Choir Choir | USA(Our choir director has lost most of her accent, but English isn’t her first language and sometimes it shows. We have an “Earth Day”-themed concert coming up.) Director: “I still haven’t decided on the name for next month’s concert yet. Show More Summary

Offering Some Charitable Advice

Categories: Working Tags: Employees, home, USA Me: “Okay, so next time, try starting with your name and organization; that’s basic phone etiquette. Also, use a title of address, such as ‘Ms.’ or ‘Miss’ and my last name. I don’t knowShow More Summary

Three ‘Noes’ Could Be A Yes

Categories: Romantic Tags: Harassment, New York, Retail, USA Me: "I have a boyfriend." Guy's Friend: "But not a husband, so I still have a shot." (Read more...) The post Three ‘Noes’ Could Be A Yes appeared first on Funny & True Stories - Not Always Right.

Old Age Is No Reason

(Florist | Oslo, Norway) Florist | Oslo, Norway Categories: Right Tags: Florist Florist | Oslo, NorwayCustomer: “I want to return this plant. It suddenly died for no reason. I want my money back.” Manager: “I’m sorry about that. Do you...Show More Summary

Mommed To Death

(Outside | MN, USA) Outside | MN, USA Categories: Related Tags: Outside Outside | MN, USA(Every year, my family spends a weekend at a cabin with my parents’ college roommates and their families. My mom’s roommate married my dad’s roommate, so everyone is close. Show More Summary

Tall Order With A Fat Chance

(Fast Food | Denmark) Fast Food | Denmark Categories: Working Tags: Fast Food Fast Food | Denmark(I have worked at a fast food joint for over a year consecutively and I’ve been trying to get more hours unsuccessfully since the beginning. Show More Summary

Fast Pass Holders And Hypocrites This Way

(Theme Park|Theme Park | Orlando, FL, USA) Theme Park|Theme Park | Orlando, FL, USA Categories: Friendly Tags: Theme Park Theme Park|Theme Park | Orlando, FL, USA(I am at a big theme park with my family. We go every once in a while and are waiting in line for a kiddie coaster to relive some nostalgia. Show More Summary

I Hate Mundays

(Insurance | Salt Lake City, UT, USA) Insurance | Salt Lake City, UT, USA Categories: Right Tags: Insurance Insurance | Salt Lake City, UT, USA(I receive a call from a member to see if a doctor is participating on her policy.) Member: “Is Dr. Show More Summary

Turning Your Tears Into Wine

(Church, Youth Group | Boulder, CO, USA) Church, Youth Group | Boulder, CO, USA Categories: Learning Tags: Church, Youth Group Church, Youth Group | Boulder, CO, USA(I have just turned 70. We’re having a birthday celebration, and the...Show More Summary


(School|School | NM, USA) School|School | NM, USA Categories: Friendly Tags: School School|School | NM, USA(Today is Cinco de Mayo. My friend is known for having some… special moments.) Friend: “Happy Cinco de Marco!” Me: “Uh… CincoShow More Summary

Drive It Forward

Categories: Hopeless Tags: California, Fast Food, Pay It Forward, USA We get to pay when the cashier tells us that the lady who cut us off felt bad as she was in a hurry so she bought my smoothie. We decided to continue the chain and bought the order for the person behind us. (Read more...) The post Drive It Forward appeared first on Funny & True Stories - Not Always Right.

It’s Blue, Not Green, But Making You See Red

(Retail | AK, USA) Retail | AK, USA Categories: Right Tags: Retail Retail | AK, USA(I am ringing out a customer. Everything has gone normally until we reach the end of the transaction, where the customer has swiped her card and thenShow More Summary

Wish You Could Be Three Of Them

(Grocery Store | OR, USA) Grocery Store | OR, USA Categories: Right Tags: Grocery Store Grocery Store | OR, USACustomer: “It looks like you rang up three of [product].” Me: “I accidentally double scanned it, but then I took one off.”...Show More Summary

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