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Good Friday

I was sitting in a McDonald’s with my nephew when he asked me what time it was. “What grade are you in?” I asked. “Third,” he replied. “So, you know how to read a clock, right?” “Uh uh.” I took of my watch and handed The post Good Friday appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Get Off the Fucking Plane

By now you’ve all probably heard about United Airlines’ public relations/customer service fiasco. If you didn’t here it is in a nutshell – a plane was overbooked, they had to get a flight crew of four on board, they offered $800 in vouchers for volunteers The post Get Off the Fucking Plane appeared first on Waiter Rant.

The Today Show

On Wednesday, March 22nd, I will be on The Today Show somewhere between 9:00 – 9:30 AM. We’ll be discussing how you can get good service in a restaurant, Tune in! The post The Today Show appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Rendering Judgement  

Yesterday my daughter toddled into the house after pre-school and issued her usual demand. “Peppa TV Daddy! Peppa TV!” My daughter is totally in love with Peppa Pig, a children’s cartoon from Great Britain.  Much to the amusement of her teachers she’s watched so much The post Rendering Judgement   appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Eye of the Needle

A few weeks ago, a father called me and asked if his children could volunteer at my food pantry. “I was raised with nothing,” he told me. “Then I got lucky and made a lot of money. Now I live in a big house in The post Eye of the Needle appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Happy Birthday Old Friend

“Buster” turned fourteen years old yesterday, officially surpassing his breed’s normal lifespan. Happy Birthday old friend. I owe you a great deal. The post Happy Birthday Old Friend appeared first on Waiter Rant.

It’s My Turn

It was a crisp fall morning and I was walking towards my truck when a young boy ran up to me. “There’s trouble, sir! Come quick!” I stared down at the boy. “What kind of trouble?” “Mr. Johnson’s being robbed.” I looked at the general The post It’s My Turn appeared first on Waiter Rant.


It was 2:00 AM on a hot and humid night and I was driving home after spending an evening with friends. The heavy and dank air kept fogging up my windshield and no amount of fiddling with the A/C or rolling down the windows would The post Motivation appeared first on Waiter Rant.

The Other Side of Light

I was relaxing at my parent’s house in Pennsylvania when my dog, Felix, began whinnying and pawing at the door. “You have to go out?” I said. Felix’s reply was a short bark. Hauling myself off the couch, I slipped on my shoes and opened The post The Other Side of Light appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Spinning The Trivial and Unique Away

My wife was sick as a dog on Tuesday so I had to take my daughter to day care. As we drove towards her school I noticed my daughter was very quiet. Turning down the jazz playing on the radio I looked at her in The post Spinning The Trivial and Unique Away appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Letter of Last Resort

My friend Mike was a sailor on a “boomer” – a ballistic nuclear submarine. After spending most of his youth underwater on a reactor powered vessel crammed with nuclear warheads he likes to joke that he still glows in the dark. “So what was the The post Letter of Last Resort appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Torches & Pitchforks

A few months after we moved into our new house I got a tax assessment letter from Town Hall declaring that my home had doubled in value. That was good news and bad news. The good news was the new assessment roughly equated to the The post Torches & Pitchforks appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Police Car

I work for a town government and we have rules. One of those rules is that you cannot use a personal vehicle when conducting town business. If you need to go somewhere you have to sign out a municipal vehicle. The first time I ever The post Police Car appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Man of Faith

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I decided to give Peach Dish, one of those online “dinner in a box” companies, a try. I selected two dishes from their slick website, paid with my Amazon account and within a few days a large The post Man of Faith appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Soup to go

It has been a full year since I worked either full time or part time in the service economy.. With a child in my house and demands of full time employment that are often too stressful to ignore, the restaurant world has changed from an employer to a shopper's delight. Show More Summary

Shogun of Suds

I’m forty-seven years old and I’ve never owned a washing machine. Once I moved out of my parents’ house life was one Laundromat after another. When I think of all the quarters I dropped into washing machines of dubious sanitary quality I probably could’ve bought The post Shogun of Suds appeared first on Waiter Rant.

How to Use the Starfish Story to Grow Your Business

One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?” The youth replied, throwing starfish back into the ocean. Show More Summary

Beyond Confusion

Last Saturday night my wife and I sent our daughter to her grandmother’s and went to a nice restaurant for dinner. It was the kind of place where you can drop a hundred bucks in a few bites. Now that we’re homeowners Annie and I The post Beyond Confusion appeared first on Waiter Rant.

Nature & Grace

A couple of days ago I was in a horrible mood. Overwhelmed and angry, I felt like the world was conspiring against me. It wasn’t of course, but if you had tried pointing out my delusional thinking I would’ve ripped your head off. Just as The post Nature & Grace appeared first on Waiter Rant.


When I saw that picture of the little Syrian boy lying dead on the beach I burst into tears. I wanted to write something about the Syrian refugee crisis but failed. The photo says it all. (Caution: Disturbing image) That picture is a silent scream. The post Scream appeared first on Waiter Rant.

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